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indian888 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 October 2005
Posts: 14850

Posted: 13 April 2006 at 9:32am | IP Logged
still no idea

but i feel they should come first Smile

indian888 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 October 2005
Posts: 14850

Posted: 13 April 2006 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Hey makaveli313

u dint post any question on the chat Confused

she answered All question

I hv posted the Chat

u can Read it Clap
indian888 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 October 2005
Posts: 14850

Posted: 13 April 2006 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Only 30 min more

we will Know

the position of Our TV Smile

I m keeping My finger crossed Smile
surfincandy93 Senior Member

Joined: 13 October 2005
Posts: 248

Posted: 13 April 2006 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Does anyone no if they came first again??? cuz there is no update only thing is that rv got out
surfincandy93 Senior Member

Joined: 13 October 2005
Posts: 248

Posted: 13 April 2006 at 10:11am | IP Logged

Originally posted by sumesh

I wish to introduce all memebrs active here...

Nw I know Bitu & Iron only....I know surfcandy..I think her name is ash....

Wish to amke new freindships though !!!


Lol my name isnt ash its Zaara but its okay if u want u can call me that idc

surfincandy93 Senior Member

Joined: 13 October 2005
Posts: 248

Posted: 13 April 2006 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Here is the Sify Chat

vinontop asks Hello Vishwas ,how r u ? I'm a big big fan of u . Please tell me something about u.
Vishwas says Hi :-)... Am 25 years old and from Allahabad.

vinontop asks Please sing Swades's 'dekho na' once in this show.please.
Vishwas says Sure :-)

kabirhere asks have u sung in any film and had sharib sung with lata ji in ismails film as he promise i m big fan of urs and sharib
Twinkle says Yes, I have sung for four movies, so far. And, yes, Sharib will soon be siniging for Ismailji.

guest06 asks Hey guys. wuz up? i liek u guys so much twinkle my 1st choice was sharib with u when u guys didn't came i was about to cry it's like that i don't like vishawas his my 2nd choice but now i like your jodi and sharib but i don't like sharib patner will we ca
EMETJodi says Thanks :-)

guest06 asks twinkle if paresh was here then i think u should be jodi with him then u guys would rock but he wrote me e-mail and he told me that his doing some shows in london. i hope both of u rich at the top world wish u guys all the best onceagain. and u guys have
Twinkle says Thanks a lot for your wishes :-)

neepursahi asks Do you'll share a good chemistry off-stage too or is it something you work on for the show
Twinkle says We share an ordinary chemistry. He's more like an elder brother for me :-)

neepursahi asks Did you'll know each other before the show?
EMETJodi says No, we met at the Challenge 2005

neepursahi asks To Twinkle: You guys are definitely going to win. When you pair so well with Vishwas, why did you choose Sharib?
Twinkle says Thanks :-). I chose Sharib becoz we both sing the same genre & thought we would make a good pair.

neepursahi asks Would you'll sing 'Piya Tu sometime, I think you'll would be great....All the best, you'll are definitely the winning pair.
Twinkle says Thank you, I'll surely try to sing "Piya tu..."

sofiya asks hello vishwas I am ur big fan. I want to know were u angry at vishwanat for that poem?
Vishwas says I was not angry, but yes, it was offensive. He's an innocent guy, so this issue should be ignored.

sweet..priyanka asks Hii vishwas,I'm priyanka from holland,And I wanna tell you something.Aap bahot zyada mere bhaai ki tarah dikhte ho,by the way,what's your age?You sing very well,best of luck.!
Vishwas says I am 25, Priyanaka

milaad asks Hello Vishwas. my name is Khushi iam from Belgium. I watch emet just because of you.
Vishwas says Thanks a lot Khushi

rajeshwaril asks why was your jodi not made with sharib ???
Twinkle says I really dont know. It was judges' choice.

milaad asks Are you happy to be paired with Twinkle?
Vishwas says Oh yes I am. Every guy wanted to be paired with her, am glad I got the girl :-))

jaseena_here asks hai 'TV', jaseena here.i wanna ask you that who is your best friend among the contestants? why? dont wanna a answer that all are our friends. tell the truth .hmm hm.. twinkle, who was your best friend among the contestants of challenge 20
Vishwas says Rajeev is my good friend now. Vinit used to be my best friend in the Chanllenge.

milaad asks I like ur style. U say very good (shaires)poems. U rock man. U r the best.
Vishwas says Thanks

milaad asks who do u think is the 2nd best jodi? U and twinkle are the jodi number one ofcours.
Vishwas says I really don't want to comment on that :-)

priya_kumar06 asks Hi, how are you?
EMETJodi says We are fine, How're you?

sweet_sadaf asks Twinkle and Vishwas, who do u both think will win this EMET contest except for urselves? :)
Twinkle says Hahaha... I don't think we can comment on that. But, we'll give our best.

sweet_sadaf asks Twinkle and Vishwaas, whats your fav. song?
Vishwas says My favourite song is Jiya Dhak Dhak. Twinkle has many favourites, but "Tu hi re..." tops the list.

sweet_sadaf asks Vishwas, who is the best male singer according to u in this contest?
Vishwas says Neeladri

sweet_sadaf asks Vishwas, how will u rate sharib banjo's jodi?
Vishwas says Not a bad jodi. Sharib is excellent but Banjo is not taht good.

sweet_sadaf asks Vishwas, who is ur fav. female singer from the contest?
Vushwas says My favourite is Raktima

sweet_sadaf asks Vishwas, what do u think about twinkle as a singer?
Vishwas says She's pretty good herself :-)

pooja_18d asks hii twinkle n vishwas.... u sing really well... n ur performances r awesome.. i just want to know both of urs birthdates.. goodluck n all the best.. i m votin for u...
Twinkle says My birthday is on May 23rd and Vishwas' on Aug 25th

sweet_sadaf asks Twinkle, what do u think about vishwas's poetry?
Twinkle says It's pretty good, that's his X-factor.

asks to twinkle hi i like u but i want to see you with sharib because i am big fan of sharib singing. how you feel to make jodi with vishvas i hate vishvas. pls reply otherwise i will not vote for you
Twinkle says Initially I wanted to be paired with Sharib but am happy with Vishwas now.

truptirm asks Hi Twinkle, This is Trupti from USA. I truely liked your voice, your performance in SRGMP2005. I send you emails. My husband and son are great fans of yours. We think during this EMAET you are not focussed on singing. You are a very good singer. Pleas
Twinkle says Thanks a lot Trupti

truptirm asks Vishwas, I do not like your 'sher' at all. You are lucky to et Twinkle- heartthrobe of millions as your partner. Make sure you sing well and have her win this time. Of Course u will also be the winner with her.
Vishwas says Haha Ok. I'll surely try my best :-)

sweet_sadaf asks Twinkle, who do u prefer more? Vishwas or Sharib? :)
Twinkle says Now Vishwas

sweet_sadaf asks Twinkle whats ur date of birth?
Twinkle says May 23rd

sweet_sadaf asks Vishwas, whats ur date of birth?
Vishwas says August 25th

hitank_13 asks why u don't marry
EMETJodi says :-)) Why should I?

hiral_92 asks Hi! I'm from canada and I watch SRGMP whenever it comes! Out of all the guy singers, Vishwas is the best!! I really want you two to win! Good luck! BTW, Twinkle, you remind me of Rani Mukherji!!! Also Twinkle please improve your singing, you can sing much
EMETJodi says Thank You, So much!

SRGMP_fan asks You ppl rock! I hope you win! In you old gharanas, who were your good friends???
Twinkle says No... we weren't good friends. We just knew each other.

SRGMP_fan asks Hi! What are your favourite songs,movies, actors and actresses?
Vishwas says My favourite movie is Black, actor is Big B and actress Madhuri. And, Twinkle also likes Black & Iqbal. her favourite actor is Abhishek & actress Rani.

SRGMP_fan asks Hi! Have both of you sang any songs in movies or have singing offers??? :)
Twinkle says I have already sung in four movies and getting more offers. But, am being choosy. Meanwhile, Vishwas will sing for a movie in another one month's time.

Kungloa asks Vishwas, what is your most favorite song ?
Vishwas says Jiya Dhak Dhak

prince_coolguy91 asks hi twinkle and vishwas i m prince from canada u both sing very well i always vote for u keep it up
EMETJodi says Thanks for voting for us :-)

vaishu_d asks how r u????
EMETJodi says We are great, how are you?

srituraj17 asks Hi vishwas n twinkle this is raj How are u guys?
EMETJodi says We are good Raj, how are you?

srituraj17 asks I know you guys will rock. best wishes..
Vishwas says Thank You

alisha_sweet2 asks hi twinkle n vishwas.i am alisha 4m lko wanting 2 ask that y u both chose each other as ur respectives partners.
Twinkle says Becoz we thought we would make a great jodi!

asks Hi Twinkle, I m from Assam. What a sexy voice u have, I really love it. pls sing well for me. Twinkle I want to ask u that who inspired u when u singing?
Twinkle says Thanks for your compliments. My biggest inspirations are Ashaji, Jaspinder Narulaji and my mommy.

beauty_queen asks Twinkle,Were u happy when ur jodi was made with Vishwas instead of Sharib coz u mentioned that u did not have a second choice???
Twinkle says Am okay with it now :-)

sawan_chouhan asks hi, twinkle
Twinkle says Hi :-)

charuvyas asks Guys u rock
EMETJodi says Thank you!

sweet_sadaf asks Twinkle & Vishwas, how will u both describe urself in just 3 words? :)
Twinkle says Am Talented, Hot-tempered & fun-loving. Vishwas says: I am creative, a music lover & innocent!

anshulamit2 asks there is a fan club for u At india forum pls do Visit http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=247785
EMETJodi says Sure... Thank you :)

anshulamit2 asks Pls guys ur the best so concentrate hard i want u to be jodi no 1
EMETJodi says We'll surely give our best.

anshulamit2 asks Pls do sing song of Sonu & sunidhi it will really suit u
EMETJodi says Ok :-)

anshulamit2 asks Best of Luck for Ur Furture Keep Rocking
EMETJodi says Thanks a lot

priyazinta asks Hi Twinkle, Are you friends with Ujjaini?
Twinkle says Yes, of course :-)

funkipal asks hi twinkle n vishwas bhaiya.main pallavi allahabad se .aapki neighbour (gaur sahab)remember!and SEEMA's frnd.how r u bhaiya.hi to TWINKLE TOO.both of u are singing very nicely.bhaiya aap vote ki chinta mat karo.main aapke ghar gayee thi to aunti se bhi ba
Vishwas says Hi Pallavi... How are you?

funkipal asks hi bhaiya pallavi again.main abhi college mein hoon .if i reach home timely then main aapki baat seema se bhi kara doongi.bye.
Vishwas says :-)

sofiya asks Hello Vishwas Iam from Belgium Iam uf big fan.
EMETJodi says Hello!

sweet_sadaf asks Vishwas, what do u think, was it right to eliminate Niladri and Vineeta last week? they were better than some other pairs over there
Vishwas says I don't think I can comment on that...

npil_sil asks Both of you have to concentrate more on your landing notes. Keep dancing to a minimum level - during interludes only. Based on the husky nature of Twinkle, choose suitable and not try classical ones. Keep the flag high if Ismail gharana. You get good chas
EMETJodi says Thank You for ur advice...

bbscima_cm asks hi, twinkle wht u think about vineet? still friend or ......
Twinkle says We were always friends & still are.

khan_sarah asks i like both of you very much.when both of you perform on the stage all get thrilled.i live in lucknow.i am sure you two wiil get maximum number of votes.
EMETJodi says Thank You so much for your kind words :-)

sanj_shuk asks hw much ur confident of winning this title
EMETJodi says We are giving our best, let's wait n watch!

sminu_4evermasti asks Are u both comfortable with each other
EMETJodi says Yes, we are quite comfortable togther.

sweet_sadaf asks Twinkle whats ur date of birth?
Twinkle says May 23rd

sweet_sadaf asks Vishwas, whats ur date of birth?
Vishwas says August 25th

Kungloa asks Vishwas..Thank for answering my question. I hope you win the contest and that you may be succesful in all that you do. You have a very touching voice and I know you will go far.
Vishwas says Thank You for ur kind words...

twishabanerjee asks Hii Twinkle , u have sung for which films ? If u can't name them plz. tell the name of the actress for whom u have sung ? i'm eager to know for i'll be the first one to buy the cds coz i'm the biggest fan of urs . love u . twisha .
Twinkle says I have sung in four films -- Inshallah, Katha and Udado Hosh mere. The fourth film is yet to be named.

sweet_sadaf asks Vishwas, do u feel urself lucky to be paired with Twinkle? :)
Vishwas says Yes, Of course!

Kungloa Groupbie

Joined: 27 March 2006
Posts: 90

Posted: 13 April 2006 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Above the chat register of today with Twinkle and Vishwas you see both their names and you can click on them to listen to the chat transscript. But why doesn't Vishwas's link work ? And Twinkle's does ?
surfincandy93 Senior Member

Joined: 13 October 2005
Posts: 248

Posted: 13 April 2006 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Idk i didnt check that today but did they get the most votes again this week??? im just really curious. please someone tell me

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