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NEW BKB.......2nd April (Page 3)

ketaki_ry IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 June 2005
Posts: 6508

Posted: 03 April 2006 at 10:10am | IP Logged

ChatterBox aka Meena Di aka My sweet Chatty!

questions now:

1) u got harry potter's wand and u know only one spell to cast which one wud that be?

I would use an it for a noble couse for a change. The spell is imparious. I would use it on all politicions at once to make India a better place. 

tho' I wouldn't say no to a lucky-potion! Tongue 

2) what wud be the best ending u can give to jjkn?

Aaah... that will involve using a time machine!Tongue

..and if thats not allowed, then I will end it ASAP (e.g. today! ) with a whole original gang + Raj Sir back and J saying sorry for all funny things she did 'around her Neha Shastri Mode'

3)  r u strict disciplanarian or a naughty gal?

I can be a naughty girl and I like being one!Evil Smile. Though being a capricorn and stuff, I unknowingly tilt towards a disiplanarian!Confused  

4) why dont u come so much on jjkn forum now a days like before?Confused

areey yaar! Its the university and Engineering! Its keeping me busy all the time! The battle is always ON by default - Me Vs Deadlines! Ouch

actually its lucky, my term just ended few days ago amd I hv more time for IF!  ... in other words to get roasted!

5) wud u be meeting ur fellow uk residents like hansa lashy and sheena and moni if i m not mistaken about these two?

Yes!. I really really want to! And whatever happens , I am going to acheive this one day! ...just exactly when - we need to decide! Smile

6) when r u comin to india?

Ooooh ! My favourate Question! I ask that to myself whenever I am free - Its 95% in December - christmas! Big smile 

7) why havent u changed ur avataar for so long time?

I Donno! I sort of like that flower - its Lily aka Ketaki -- so suits my name. ... but yeah.. now that u mention it .. I have feeling that its getting a bit dusty Confused...(I know thats not possible) but hey!! Tongue


  Dont forget spy photographer is on ur trail now

hunter is hunted

Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!! How could u do that to me, chatty! Ouch- u kidnapper!!Angry its been just half a day.. and I am missing my only employee!!! Cry Cry... All I have now as is the gift he gave me a few days ago :

Bosss Day 2


ya one more question

who was ur first crush?Wink

Hehe.... u know... I donnt really know!Confused I mean there must hv been crushes - but they were really minor ones here and there which lasted like 1 day! LOL

Me liked Armaan Suri's Charactor a lot tho'! Embarrassed

have fun

I Did! Big smile


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ketaki_ry IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 June 2005
Posts: 6508

Posted: 03 April 2006 at 10:48am | IP Logged


Kettttttttttttttttt..CONGRATULATIONS.... Clap am sure you are excited to answer all the questions by jassi gang Wink I usually don't like to bother people with questions but you are soooooooooo sweet i got to ask you some... Tongue

awwww.. SOMI, Hug U even sweeter than the doll in your Avtaar! and that says somethning!!

1. how long have you been away from India?

I hv been away from India for er.. nearly 5 years now.. but thats like technically. I have visit India regularly and also hv spent a big part of my gap year in there - learning further music.

so.. as u can see I am pretty much indian still..

2. do you get time to cook while you are studying?

Um... yes. But its a different story that I dont cook much! My mom does that normally. Me helps though! Tongue

3. are you plannig to defence thesis or have a project for ur graduation?

Oh dear, thesis?Shocked Graduation? ShockedShocked .. I am currently in 2nd year Somyie, I dont do these kinda things much... just the notmal deadlines are enough to freak me out.

But I was involved in project of developing and building a robot which takes part in olympics - and WE WON! Big smile

4. do you have sibling? if yes, are you oldest or youngest one?

Nope. Me is the only child! Smile thought my mom is more than a sister to me. A younger one, If i hv to be specific! Tongue

5. do you like to cook?

I Do! I like cooking ALL the dishes I like! erm.. western as well as indian dishes, Nearly ALL spicy things.

6. are you momy's girl or dady's girl or dada, dadis? 

dady's girl.   

7. do you like to drive? or you like to have a chauffer?


After all thaat..... Tongue

I think all ppl on road will prefer me getting a chuffer. Just kidding I am responsible driver - when it comes to car. 

But lemmer tell u, I am a Pune girl and used to drive there. and pune-ian traffic is not famous for it .. umm.. what u can say ... goodness.. I loved driving scooty (motorbike kinda thing) there!

Mauritian Goldie

Joined: 28 February 2005
Posts: 1872

Posted: 03 April 2006 at 12:35pm | IP Logged

for the bakri of this week:


hi ket, congo gal LOL


that's you


Electric Chair

your chair for the week...


and your hat.....



Steak House


and that's me after youTongue

hope the grill is not too hot just yet....

enjoy yourself and i am keeping an eye on you capturing your every mood.

yes the spy camera has turned on you


don't forget to smile even when the going gets hot


and have fun

Big Hug

take careEmbarrassed

Mauritian Goldie

Joined: 28 February 2005
Posts: 1872

Posted: 03 April 2006 at 12:39pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by ketaki_ry


Me is still in shock! I opened this topic in morning ... just to u know... get a bit evil! and i was like - Shocked

ok... gimme sone time....

Snappyspy camera on the bakri:


initial reaction

ketaki_ry IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 June 2005
Posts: 6508

Posted: 03 April 2006 at 12:52pm | IP Logged

NKSUDHIR aka Neelam!

thanks Neelam, and roller coaster ride is going all right! I hv got to update today , and by the looks of it just Nomi has decided to bakari-fy me as well! No video yet! Ouch

I am very soft in terms of questions, so i will not bother you much:
1. Since you are a student. Are you living with your parents or at the CAMPUS?

I am living with my parents as the university is in same town. But I will be going on a placement in summer at cambridge. and there I will be living on campus.

2.I heard you loved the old Jassi but you don't like her anymore. But you know what Jassi went through when she was,'Chashamish'.

yes you are right. I adored old J. and I do know what she went through when she was 'chashmish'!

Why don't you believe in 'Makeover'. Don't you thing life always require a CHANGE. Jassi chaged for GOOD? Your views on new Jassi, Please???

I didnt like J after the makeover. That does NOT mean I didnt like her BEACUSE she had a makeover.

You misunderstood me. I have absolutely NO problem J getting a makeover. Its a nice sight. and everygirl wants to look beautiful! I like makeovers!!

Its the way she behaved after it which annoyed me. and by 'she' I mean the makers. I totally beleive that the whole model thing then all that kinda Jessica- jassi murder thing , the *ahem ahem* thing AND whole big bhashan tamasha in front of court was nothing like old JJKN. the one I loved.

then she ran away from mandup just b'coz of own her ego and lack of communication tacties with her husband-to-be!!

And even after thaaat, she calls herselft 'Simple-middle-class-girl' behaves like Mahaan person whoo does nothing wrong! and many more things... which annoyed me to the height of irritation. Angry

and in doing that somehow.. She was far away from a normal sweet girl. lol. I should seriously stop here. I hv already posted a lot in past relating to this....

So, NO I don't think ms walia changed for Good.

3.Meaning of LOVE in your words?

As I said in prachi's post , Its a Need. I just can't imagine life without it. Maybe because its not possible!Tongue

4. Is FRIENDSHIP possible between a Man and a Woman without LOVE in it?

Friendship is not possible without love in it!  and if u mean *that*Tongue LOVE .. then I guess it will be possible. Its just rare! Tongue

5.Your likes and dislikes about Arman?

I think Armaan is a nice charactor. I liked him a LOT. (that is off-course b'fore makers decided to bucher each n evry charactor! )

umm.. Likes - everything nearly!

Dislikes - umm... I donno.. the way he gets jelous..or he sometimes is SO stupid. (but then again, I liked him b'coz he was so stupid! Embarrassed )

Thats it for now. keep smiling and have fun. God bless you with all the success in you career.

Thanks a LOT Neelam!

Lowwee You too!  Smile

Mauritian Goldie

Joined: 28 February 2005
Posts: 1872

Posted: 03 April 2006 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ketaki_ry

  ok me starts - *takes a deep breath*


awwww lashy thanks for all those sweet notes about me! Blushy 2
  ok your Qs -

1) Which part of the UK do you live in?

I live in North England - Loughborough near leics (hence the reason not been able to meet you till now Ouch....addh bee kad't beleive u shouted on bee for that ... sob sob.. Blowing Nose


Crying 1

oh dear

2) What do you plan to do after your education?

  I .... er... I think ... er... I plan to start my career! - or go for management. but one thing sure! I m definitly NOT doing more Electronics!! Approve 

kets the manager


Reports ASAP


Next Project


3)Who/What would your ideal man be like?

In theory :

ok lets go for 'what' 1st -

My ideal man will be 1st thing mature, understanding, fun, romantic, caring, shd shd have sence of humer and shd laugh at all my jokes, supporting, obedient, ambitious, not too emotional (me is scared of emotions...Ouch) , good looking, and shd be as much Indian as I am!

I may have missed something here... but u got the message!..

now a 'who' -

well... whatever my IQ is , I am not stupid enough to beleive that this   all is possible!  so ..*duh*! Tongue

now in real life - Tongue

  I havent met him yet! Big smile



the blushing bride



ideal man Embarrassed

4) A per son from IF that you really admire!!!!

Now now... apart from all ppl, You shd ask me thaat?? Confused wel... I LOWE all you guys... I hv met sweeetest ppl here!.

  but admire as in 'regard with respect' is shd be Lashy! coz u are so   sweet even when doing zadoopocha, u never loose your temper and have tremendous patience! Thumbs Up

Snappykodak momentLOL

Best Friends 1

awww lashy and ket??? under the big ben!!!

5) What you used to like about JJKN the most. Does it appeal to you as much these days?

1 thing I liked most in JJKN was Jassi! A charactor I really really loved. she was a bit dumb sometimes Tongue- all right- but I liked the way she faced situations - she totally loved Armaan knowing that she will never ever have him. and still was very practicle.  .. then also there was this magic about JandA. which I beleive was most sparkling in those days.

Now a Days Tongue - nope. Me is not at all a fan of JJKN anymore - for the sole reason that 'I beleive Jassi was kidnapped in mauritious and is still starving in there somewhere!'  Approve

oh dear, my love, it is MAURITIUS. at least for my sakeCry.

we would not let her starve if she is around here. we took the best care of her. she returned a beauty.Cry

  and nobody would kidnap her in this paradiseEmbarrassed.

lastly,we definitely put her on that plane back Ouch

The imposter never quite managed to get like Jassi!

we have to get poirot on this case.or maybe shelock.


Mauritian Goldie

Joined: 28 February 2005
Posts: 1872

Posted: 03 April 2006 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ketaki_ry

Dearest little Prachiii ...for All those things in red u said - Hug

1.Love To U means -

  um... um... something as vital as oxygen is to breath, water is for bath, 0 is for maths, bytes are for computer, ,voice is for a singer, holidays   are for a student and bhashans are for.. *who-know-who*! Tongue

Snappykodak moment:


ket graduates in loveClap

2.Which type of Humor Apeals to ya da most - Cynical,or Slapstick ?

umm... if I have to choose only one of them - Cynical.

3.Given a chance to do da Most wildest antic,what wud it be ? Embarrassed

good question!Big smile

    Ermm... thinking  ....

umm.... still thinking! Confused

Snappycandid shot:


4.Tell me,How MUCH do u LOVE,ADORE,RESPECT,And IDOLISE JassiTongue now THAT -i don't think-  is allowed on a forum like this... Tongue 

Snappycandid shot:


5.Do U LIKE her AS MUCH AS I do ? Tongue

Evil Smile

Snappycandid shot:


6.Last but no way da least,what do u think of my sense of humor ? LOL

    LOL  Prach, I simply love it! Smile seriously. no fingres crossed!



thank god that's doneClap

P.S : and about that wild question, ...

... still thinking... Tongue

Snappycloser shot


Mauritian Goldie

Joined: 28 February 2005
Posts: 1872

Posted: 03 April 2006 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ketaki_ry

Originally posted by lashforever

Originally posted by sowmyaa

7. do you like to drive? or you like to have a chauffer? 


LOL bindi she was an imaginary prince for the valentine's -

a chauffeur in loughborough Tongue ahem ahem.. tell me nehu do you have one? if so.. i would surely would like to meet you - prince or no prince..


  yup lashy guessed right! Nehu lives in loughborough , she is a student , hence no current job!! Ouch and is quite pessimistic - so doesn't dream much abt having a chauffer as well .. at least in near future! Tongue 

  All I currently have is an imaginary employee who calls himself a 'spy photographer' who I just heard was merciless-ly kidnapped by Chatty! Ouch 



 my boss is partial to the idea of   kidnapping.Rolling Eyes

first jassi, then me.....

i just got a better offer while my boss is being grilled..... can do with some extra pocket money, you know . it is difficult to make ends meet on a minimum wage. i am not complaining but the kidnap theory is gone too far....

so here i am ma'am on my own will....

until you are ready to avail my services again....


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