Pyaar Ke Do Naam - Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam


Pyaar Ke Do Naam - Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam
Pyaar Ke Do Naam - Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam

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hey all the info about the serial

Pyaar Ke Do Naam - Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam

so we can get ourselves a forum for this serial n hve all info on it under one post...soo we can show the modz tht we hve quite few info on this show so yea...




Miss.Supriya IF-Sizzlerz

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thankz to

STAR Plus presents Pyaar Ke Do Naam - Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam, with the concept of rebirth and love. Rebirth, in itself, has various shades of religious beliefs while Love has been there since the origin of mankind. And this is what Pyaar Ke Do Naam..., a Rajshri Production, is all about.

What is Rebirth?
A widespread feature of classical Hinduism is the belief in transmigration of souls, the passage of a soul from one body to another as determined by the force of one's actions, or karma. Karma specifies that one's origin, length of life and kinds of experiences are determined by one's previous deeds.

What is Love?
Be it the famous stories or poems by renowned poets, love connects everyone. Whether it is sexual, familial or between friends, it's a feeling that creates bonds between two or more people. While there is no restriction in defining love, assessing the depth of one's love is complicated.

About Pyaar Ke Do Naam - Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam
This love story talks about eternal love that never dies... The girl and the boy are destined to fall in love with each other in every birth they take. But, unfortunately, in every birth, destiny comes to a screeching halt and the two end their lives?

The story begins with the present life of the girl, Raadha and the boy, Shyaam who are two different ends of a spectrum. One day, their paths cross and eventually, they fall in love. They realize they were unable to unite in their past life. Shyaam realizes that he has met this girl who he loves deeply, in the past. But where has he met her?

Shyaam accidentally lands up at the village where he lived in his past life. Kisna, as he was known in his past life and Shyaama, (Raadha in her past life) were lovers and they both loved each other dearly till one day, things fell apart due to treachery by the evil Kunwar, the village head and betrayal by Kisna's best friend Ballu.

Kisna and Shyaama could not unite. In the present life too, as Shyaam and Raadha realize their eternal love and longing for each other, fate has something else in store for them.

Before they can reunite in the present life, they once again are separated by the cruel ways of destiny... but only to be reborn yet again. Will the society intervene and separate the two lovers again?

Watch all the drama, love, longing, revenge and sacrifice well packaged in this Barjatya show!

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Present Birth

Shyaam (played by Indranil Sengupta)
Shyaam, is the son of Mr. Sahaay, a rich businessman. Being the only son and heir to the Sahaay Empire, Shyaam's attitude towards life is casual. Mr. Sahaay wishes to give his son the best his money can buy. Shyaam is not responsible and pretends to work in his father's office, only to get his allowance on time! But Shyaam repects his dad and is scared of him. He loves to have a great social life and wishes to be flirtatious with the girls, although he does not mean any harm.

Raadha (Barkha Bisht)
Raadha is a beautiful girl who likes to be self-dependent. Raadha comes from a middle class family comprising of her father, elder sister and younger brother. Raadha is an aspiring doctor. She is very bright and calls herself papa ki pari. Raadha has a very strong and determined personality. But she has deep-rooted values. Raadha's aim in life is to become a doctor and serve people, as she lost her mother due to an illness. A non-believer in love and rebirth, she begins to believe in it after she falls in love with Shyaam.

Sam (Chirag Channa)
Sam is Shyaam's best friend. He is always Shyaam's partner in crime, although he is very reluctant to what Shyaam does. He respects their friendship and makes it a point to support Shyaam in any situation. Sam can easily get frightened and scared.

Tanisha (Shweta Dadhich)
Tanisha is Raadha's best friend. She studies medicine with Raadha. Tanisha is very conservative and strongly believes in horoscope. For Tanisha, everything should happen at the right mohurat. She is exactly opposite to what Raadha is and yet, they are the best of friends.

Mr. Sahaay (Satyajeet)
He is Shyaam's father and is a business tycoon. He hates middle class people and anything that is middle class. He has pampered Shyaam but is also strict with his son. He wishes Shyaam to enjoy those moments of his life, which he missed out in his younger days due to hectic work schedules.

Mrs. Mamta Sahaay (Sadhna Singh)
She is Shyaam's mother. She is a typical Indian housewife and is extremely loving and caring. She always protects Shyaam from his father.

Brijkishore (Rakesh Pandey)
Brijkishore is Raadha's father. He is a man of principals and moral values. He wishes good to his daughter and wants her to achieve everything she dreams of, in her life.

Kaveri (Sonali Khare)
Kaveri is Raadha's elder sister who is separated from her husband. She is a very caring, loving and takes care of her family well.

Sonu (Ridraksh)
Sonu is Raadha's younger brother. He is a 15 year old and is very intelligent.

Past Birth

Kisna (Indranil Sengupta)
Kisna is the name of Shyaam in his past janam.

Kisna is a responsible young man who is ambitious. He sticks to rules and regulations. He is the only one from the village (besides dada Thakur's san, Kunwar) who has studied in the city and returned back to the village. He follows moral values, village customs and traditions and always thinks for the betterment and the economic development of the village and its people. Kisna lives with his dadi who raised him. Kisna is a good learner, observer and good teacher. He also teaches in the village school. Kisna is loved by all in the village and he is very close to Dada Thakur, the village head.

Shyaama (Barkha Bisht)
Shyaama is the past janam of Raadha.

Shyaama is young, beautiful and naughty! Shyaama is not very educated. Her father is a tongawala. Shyaama loves Kisna. She loved him since they were kids, but refuses to admit it in front of Kisna. Shyaama is suggested by her best friend Ginno to confess her love to Kisna.

Ballu (Santosh Juekar)
Ballu is Kisna's best friend. He is a tongawala. Ballu is very proud of Kisna. He does not spare a minute praising Kisna and feeling proud that he and Kisna are best friends. Ballu had counted days till Kisna returned. He can give his life for Kisna as Kisna means the world to him.

Ginno (Amprapali)
Ginno is Shyaama'a best friend. Ginno too is a typical village belle and is equally talkative like Shyaama. Ginno is good at imitating Shyaama and always guides Shyaama.

Dadi (Tabassum)
Kisna's dadi is a very lovable woman. She is very attached to the village. Dadi had mortgaged her land, house etc. to finance Kisna's education. She has high hopes from Kisna and knows that when he comes back from the city, he will work for the betterment and development of the village.

Dada Thakur (Ramesh Deo)
Dada Thakur is the village head. For the villagers, dada Thakur is like a father figure. He is the most compassionate and generous man. The villagers look up to Thakur. Dada Thakur has hopes from Kisna and his own son Kunwar that they will carry his legacy and work for the betterment of the village.

Kunwarji (Sandeep Bhansali)
Kunwar is Dada Thakur's only son. He has just returned to the village after completing his studies abroad. Though he, Kisna and Ballu had been childhood friends, today Kunwar considers them nothing more than mere servants who live on his father's mercy. Kunwar has all the bad vices which make Dada Thakur feel embarrassed, guilty and humiliated in front of everyone. Dada Thakur himself cannot believe the way Kunwar has grown up to be, a totally selfish and inconsiderate human being. Kunwar is not only selfish but also has bad intentions on women.

Jagat (Sushil Parashar)
Jagat is Shyaama's father. He is a tongawala in the village and not an educated man. He likes Kisna, and is very impressed with his thoughts. He is also a very gullible man.

Tillu (Kashish)
Tillu is Shyaama's younger brother. He is a very sweet boy and often gets bullied by Shyaama. But he loves Shyaama and cares for her.

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Miss.Supriya IF-Sizzlerz

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will update the first epi soon...
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Bisht prepares for rebirth

Barkha Bisht with Indraneil

Barkha Bisht is nervous and excited about the launch of her new show, Pyar Ke Do Naam ā€” Ek Raadha, Ek Shyaam, on Star Plus tonight.

We quizzed the actress on her spooky experiencesā€¦

Do you believe in rebirth? 
Yes, I am a firm believer that everyone has seven lives

Have you ever experienced the paranormal?
Unfortunately, I haven't come across anything of that sort

What do you think you were in you were in your last birth?
I must have been a dog. I love dogs and can totally connect with them.

Tell us something about your new show.
It has a backdrop of reincarnation. I play two roles, Raadha in the present age and Shyama in my previous birth. Radha is from a middle class family and very high on values. Shyama is full of masti. She loves Kisan and their relationship is pure.

How was it working with model Indraneil?
Initially, I thought he was a complete snob. But I decided to break the ice since we had to work together. Then on, he's been fun to work with.

Any spooky incidents during the shoot?
For one scene, I was supposed to move around in a dilapidated house. I was scared, it looked haunted. Otherwise, I am quite brave.

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Meet the real-life Raadha, Shyaam

Srabanti Chakraborty spoke to the lead pair, Indraneil and Barkha, about their new show. Excerpts: 

On how they got the offer

Indraneil: I never watched television earlier, and always waited for the right Bollywood project. But since nothing materialised, I went for the audition for this serial and got selected. I am very happy with this offer. A double role from the house of Rajshri is not a small thing. I am giving this my best shot. I am on a contract with Rajshri for which I have to work 25 days a month for them.

Barkha: I have been into television for some time now, and have done serials like Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Kitni Mast hain Zindegi, Kavyanjali and Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai.

Rajshri had my portfolio for a long time. I got a call from them for the audition and got the role.

On life before showbiz

Indraneil: I was always interested in showbiz and thus enrolled for an acting course in the Kishor Namit Kapoor Acting Institute. After that, I was into modelling, and endorsed brands like Tata Indigo Marina, Toyota Qualis, Idea Cellular and McDowell's No 1.

I have also acted in a number of music videos including those of Jagjit Singh and Kumar Sanu.

Barkha: I did a lot of modelling. I was a Gladrags finalist in 2000 and won the Miss Beautiful Body title. I have also modelled for brands like Dominos Pizza, Yamaha and Pepsi.

Being the daughter of an army man, I have travelled all over the country. Initially, my family was apprehensive about my decision to enter acting, but now they are happy and supportive. I will never forget how happy my mom was when she saw me on the billboards in Mumbai.

On their dream role

Indraneil: A lead role with grey shades in it.

Barkha: I am not keen on developing a particular image for me; it has to be a performance-oriented role.

On their love life

Indraneil: I don't want to discuss this.

Barkha: I am very lucky to have Karan Singh (Sharad in Kasauti Zindige Ki) in my life. Right now, marriage is not a priority. I want to concentrate on my career.

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First Look: Pyar Ke Do Naam

A press conference for a television serial is usually associated with a five star hotel or a channel's plush office. But the launch of Pyar Ke Do Naam: Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam was different.

In sync with the name of the serial, it was held at the ISKCON temple in Mumbai.

Produced by one of the big names of the silver screen, Rajshri Productions, Pyar Ke Do Naam is based on the concept of reincarnation.

The story is about Raadha and Shyaam, who after meeting each other unearth their past feelings for one another. They realise that life has given them one more chance -- since they could not unite in their previous birth. But even in this birth they have to face challenges.

Directed by Kaushik Ghatak (of Kyunki, Sanjeevani fame), this serial will travel through the 1960s to the 21st century when the lovers try to unite in their second birth.

Newcomers Indraneil Sen Gupta and Barkha Bisht play the lead roles of Shyaam and Raadha as well as their previous births ā€“ Kisna and Shyaama.

"Today's generation does not realise the depth of love," says Kavita Barjatya, creative head of the television wing of Rajshri. "We are trying to portray the depth of love spanning across births in the serial. Apart from the love story, this serial also carries a social message."

The serial, which will see veteran actors like Tabassum and Ramesh Deo making a comeback on Indian television, is being shot at Wahi, Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra.

Pyaar Ke Do Naam will be on air at 8 pm between Monday and Thursday, from April 3

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