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Sidlum Goldie

Joined: 15 April 2005
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Posted: 03 April 2006 at 1:09am | IP Logged

Alllrighty loves..this one's gonna be long b.c it's a combined commentary for Wednesday & Thursday..sorrie so late but I thought better late than never..something to read before Monday's episode. Wink

1) PENDING PARENTHOOD: Sooo..our dear Wallie has been hinting left & right that she wants a child like my babie Chinky..ONE: when she tells her parents that herself..TWO: when Amrit from Amritsar tells Wallie how much she hearts Chinky as well AND tells Wallie to go to the OB.GYN ASAP..& THREE: when my Dimpie calls from Paris (wow, man, phone calls are so cheap, huh? Tongue) & says not to wurrie, they'll have a babie like her weryyy soon. Plus, they're stressing SO much on how Bootieful Bebe is going to have a hard job pretty soon, how my Chinky called A from A "dadi" & "nani", ANDDD by the way that they show Wallie & my Chinky getting along, it's just a natural assumption that Shrieky will die (hopefullie sooner than Pinstriped Pops & his D. Wally deadline!) & JandA will adopt my babie. Ugh..but WHY did it have to be Shrieky's babie? Way to ruin the Aashish fantasy. Ouch 

2) DEAR DIMPS: Okie so first of alll, this nuttie man is making calls from Paris like he's the owner of Reliance..sorrie dude, your last name is NOT Ambani! Confused Second, it's reallie queet that you miss your wife so much..but too bad you don't know what you're getting into when you come home..your off-screen wife is about to turn your on-screen wife's life upside down..just praying to G-d that it doesn't happen in real life! Ermm Dear Dimpie, I wish you weren't so stoopid. Dear Dimpie, I wish you weren't so naive. Dear Dimpie..I wish your character hadn't become a whipped hubbie. Ouch

3) BLOOOPS: OMG, okie so I don't understand why every single episode is so FULL of blooops latelie!?! It's like one scene after another is a mistake! One, how can Wallie say that my Dimps has been gone for 3 days when in fact, it's only been 1. JJKN usuallie always goes according to real time so why all of a sudden did they fast-forward by 2 days? Hmmm..perhaps they don't want to extend the storie unnecessarily..for the unit's peace of mind AND the audience's! Embarrassed Lol..this one's the funniest..for Nand Kishore's prospective bride pictures, each one had a pair of glasses that was DRAWN ON!!! LOL And I swearrr to G-d, I swear I think one of them was of Amrit from Amritsar! LOL C'mon now, it doesn't cost too much to just take pix of women who reallie wear glasses or @ least PRETEND for the time being..the marker drawn ones looked more ridiculous than my Dimps in a turquoise & orange shurt! Wink Embarrassed Thennn, how could Dimples have heard my Chinks' voice when he called Wallie?!? She had already stopped speaking by the time Walls picked up the phone..nowww..that's some 6th sense! Uhhh..orrr..they just need to do the phone cuts better. Confused

4) Sooo, Wednesday's episode had MaSS cheat shoots galore..neither of them were in the same shot, like, ever! One of my fave cheat shoots however was when Wonderous Wallie told Shrieky that she didn't make the (scarily hideous) creche for her..she was quite adamant in the fact that she did it for my Li'l Munchkin..lol..just the li'l things, dears, just the li'l things. Tongue

5) Speaking of the creche, I'm sorrie, but that is the scariest, most fearsome thing I have seen in a long time! Shocked There were random creatures all over the place! If I was a child, I'd run out screaming thinking it was either a haunted house or a Home For Rejected Looney Tunes! Cry And the Hum Tum on the front doors are from Mona's dressing room. Smile

6) Random note: I secretly am in love w.the fact that in-character, Wallie addresses Shrieky as "tum" & Shrieky addresses her as "aap"..again..the little things. Wink

7) Lol..the funniest thing to me is when A from A recited "Jack and Jill" in Punjabi! LOL She was so cuteee..but it was even funnier to see the look on the faces of the li'l ones! Embarrassed

8) I wonder how Wallie's running GM..half the time, she's w.Shrieky & the other half w.Li'l Munchkin..no WONDER Shrieky's (in-character) designs were so hideous!!! PLEASE tell me who in their right MIND would buy those atrocious pink & brown creations!? Then..take a picture of the person in them & then MAYBE I'll believe you! Dead Tongue

9) Yay for the unexpected cameo of Mrs. Verma..she was always humorous & a pleasant addition to the cast..she played G's mommie in Neal 'n' Nikki too. Smile

10) I'm reallie not a fan of all of these Bebe hints..I'm getting slightlie concerned but I'm hoping for her return next week since they mentioned that it's her burday. Stern Smile

11) NOBS (CC) NOTE: I'm sorrie but Shrieky's red/green Christmas outfit was so ewww. She looked like she was wearing a rustie coat of armor stolen out of Conan the Barbarian's closet! Dead

12) The EMMY Award of both Wednesday & Thursday goes to my Li'l Munchkin. Honestly, I feel that Chinky Jaiswal has a lot of talent for such a tiny package! Embarrassed Not to mention, her resume's even brighter than manyyy teewee stars..I mean, in her short time on the planet, she's already been on 4 top shows: Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, Kkusum, & Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi AND bagged awards for her work in KSBKBT multiple times! Clap I think my li'l babie needs to give a lot of her seniors some lessons in acting naturallie! Big smile Hug

13) Random note: Anyone else feel that the editing has gone haywire lately? I feel like I'm watching a B-grade horror movie the way the scenes are cut into each other sometimes..all that's missing is the scarie screaming monster..ummm..I'll leave that one alone..it's almost too easy. LOL Wink

14) NOBS (CC) Award for Wednesday goes to my Dimps..his black shurt & red tie made him look delectable. Tongue Nowww, just waiting for Monday's episode for the return of my D.A.T. (yis, yis, despite his SPA disaster). Smile

15) The IOTE goes to Shrieky for not opening her mouth to Wonderous Wallie when she could have..I mean, seriously, give us allll & yourself a break..go back to being Ganga & leave JandA to us. Thankkkuuuuu. Embarrassed

16) WHATTT is w.the previews for the past 2 episodes? It's like, dude, remember that it's a preeeeview..you're not supposed to show us the whole entire episode in that li'l box! Dead If you're running out of things to air, add more Marvelous Maddy, kill Shrieky off faster, & stop sending my Dimples on random unnecessary business trips! Thumbs Down

17) As for Thursday, I liked when Wallie called my Li'l Munch "Chhotu"..it just suited their chemistry so perfectly. Big smile

18) The MaSS discussion scene on the bench was alright..I mean..I did feel like they were almost on each other's laps, but aside from that, it was whatev..it was like the return of "The Shrieky Show" from last week. Confused Another thing was the MaSS touch on the shoulder..lol..again,  I'll leave that to all of your own personal perspectives. Wink

19) NOBS (CC) NOTE: Did I MISS the memo when everyone else was told that BEIGE lipstick was the next hott trend??? CHLIPS are NOT CUTE, PEOPLE! I'm SURE this isn't too difficult a concept when you're staring @ someone delivering a dialogue & it eerily looks like their CHIN is SPEAKING to you! Disapprove  It's reallie more terrifying than anything else! Shocked It's like when little kids used to draw a face on their hand & make a moving thumb look like a mouth..I'm sure some of you remember what I'm talking about..& that was NEVER funnie or creative to me..just horrendous through & through. Confused

20) Random note: I think Mona looks so cute recently..especiallie in scenes w.my Li'l Munch..she looks almost childlike & her eyes just light up..just like the scenes where she's excited that my Dimps is returning from Paris..yay for her..I like it that way. Thumbs Up

21) Uhhh..what's w.the random cymbal sounds during the MaSS discussion? It's so out of place you'd think that their next door neighbors were some garage band practicing for a non-existent gig..ease UPPP on the percussion instruments as background music, pleaseee! Ouch

22) Apparentlyyy, it seems as though Goa's THE place for JJKN's PMS (if you excluse the infamous 30-second clip). Still, something I MIGHT understand..but w.the same dude? Ewww..Dead

23) Note to Shrieky (in-character): You do NOT get wasted enough in ONE drink to go & sleep w.a dude. Not EVEN if you've never had a drink before in your life. Either you reallie were drugged..ORRR..you knew who you were doing what with. Either way..it's not the alcohol's fault. Smile

24) WHATTT was w.the wannabe Dil To Pagal Hai scene by the window w.the flimsy white curtains & the wind blowing through Shrieky's hair!?!? I'm sorrie, in NO possible angle are you Madhuri Dixit..not even to a drunk blind man..Angry Dead

25) I do, however, have to reluctantly agree on a slight improvement in Shrieky's acting during the MaSS scene & the BEGINNING of the Mama Rodericks scene..until..HOLIE SHRIEKING BEGAN!!! I swear, I almost went deaf..a lower tone of voice would've worked JUST as well, dear, IF not better!My poor, poor auditory system! Cry And I'm not sure who mentioned it, but Shrieky reallie splits sentences a LOTTT..every sentence is broken down w.the last word of the 1st sentence as the first word of the last sentence. I'm from New York..something that slow drives me insane. Wacko

26) The EMMY/IOTE for Thursday go to no one b.c I totallie agree w.buffie that the episode was so boring..not enough ANYTHING for me..except my Li'l Munch. Stern Smile

27) Lol..I think that Shrieks was very convincing in the "pati cheen"ing dialogue..methinks it came straight from the Heart. Embarrassed

28) I reallie heart Wise Wallie..she's not like my Dimpie who unfortunately, never catches on to anything quite as quickly. Thank G-d that odd Sandhya designer person showed up..@ least Wise Wallie picked up on the "gadbar". Thumbs Up

29) NOBS (CC) NOTE: I'm a fan of Mona's & the Sandhya person's earrings. Clap

30) NOBS (CC) AWARD: Mama Rodericks wins this one for both days..lol..those shurts she wears are realllllie stunning..one looked like she was a mobile piece of abstract art while the other one looked like it was designed by a human being on an acid trip in a tropical garden somewhere. LOL And she wins for saying that "Jeejus" would be taking care of SS's health. LOL

31) I agree w.Shrieky's dialogue that she should leave JandA ALONEEE & GO AWAYYY b.c her "baby daddy" loves his wife ANDDD b.c she doesn't want to be a homewrecker. Follow your Heart honey..don't go the D.Wally deadline way..kick the bucket ASAP! (in the nicest way possible). Embarrassed As for your babie, don't wurrie! Leave that Li'l Munch to me! Wink

32) Okie and finallieee..I repeat..dude, relaxxx w.the extended previews please..especially if all they involve is Shrieky & her quest to bombard my Dimples & live a few days longer!!! Angry

Sorrie so long..but hope it's okay..til tomorrow.




ZOOR Goldie

Joined: 26 February 2006
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Posted: 03 April 2006 at 1:31am | IP Logged
sorry will u ppls explain us very briefly.....
prachi4AJ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 July 2005
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Posted: 03 April 2006 at 1:41am | IP Logged

Originally posted by SIDS

2) DEAR DIMPS: Okie so first of alll, this nuttie man is making calls from Paris like he's the owner of Reliance..sorrie dude, your last name is NOT Ambani! Confused Second, it's reallie queet that you miss your wife so much..but too bad you don't know what you're getting into when you come home..your off-screen wife is about to turn your on-screen wife's life upside down..just praying to G-d that it doesn't happen in real life! Ermm Dear Dimpie, I wish you weren't so stoopid. Dear Dimpie, I wish you weren't so naive. Dear Dimpie..I wish your character hadn't become a whipped hubbie. Ouch

My Favourite Part !! LOL

Thanks for da dose Sids ol'pal ! Embarrassed I wasn't having a very good day today Ouch thanks for da cheer up Embarrassed

chatterbox IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 May 2005
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Posted: 03 April 2006 at 2:28am | IP Logged
hahahah sid ur commentaries r back
missed those two days
ya not much happening
wait till nish reads this commentary as it happens ambani is her boss
hehehehhe he owns the reliance company

wud tell her u mentioned her boss
awesome commentary dear
priyaaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 December 2005
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Posted: 03 April 2006 at 4:45am | IP Logged
gahhh..how much longerrrr until today's eppy?????! Embarrassed
Clana_621 Goldie

Joined: 23 May 2005
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Posted: 03 April 2006 at 4:50am | IP Logged
lolz Sid!! i love ur commentaries!!
mermaid_QT IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 September 2005
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Posted: 03 April 2006 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Clap Clap & Clap Clap

nice commentary as always sid! loved it..

Hansa-Tapori IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2006 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Thanks Sid. Even I was like - how the hell did Armaan hear kids' voices???? Confused I guess the reason why there have been so many bloopers lately is due to the fact that everybody on the jjkn set is on edge. Now the reason for THAT, i'm not going to speculate Wink I'm a good girl, you know Wink

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