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Updates for March 2006

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Update of 1 march by leo saadia and lucky

hello everyoneee.... well very much today......
1) jeevan is helpless about mukti and tells everyone that may she will do sumthing to her... anurag say to him dont think like this u r muktis himmat . and jeevan tells that he himself is broken how can he be muktiss himmaat...anurag says to bajaj that we have to do sumthing... bajaj tells that he have told police about all this... sharad ask bajaj that did he tell to that police that someone raped her...bajaj say No..
2) muktii comes home... prena ask her where she was we were so tensed about you... mukti says that she went to find out that ho raped her. prena aske who did all this... she goes near SHARRADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and move him and behind him prem is standing and she slapps prem. and says that he (prem) raped her.... everyone is shocked... mukti ask him why he did this to her??? kya bigara that mainay tumhara??????prem say oh jsut shut up mukti.i dint raped you....she says i have proof that u mixed drug in my drink. she calls the waiter and aks him to tell the truth infront of everyone,... the waiter tells yes prem gave him 500 ruppess to mix the drink...and prem get tensed. prena comes near prem and ask angrly did he do all this... he says i willl tell u the truthh and the truth is that he dint rape. herr..... mukti says he is lieing... then prem says oh really did u rememeber premashwar..... she remebers all that... and prem says that on valentines she proposed me and i dint accept and we did that together(heheheh) ... and is u dont belive me ask sharad i told him. and shard also told yeas they both did it...mukti suddenly shout yes did it but she did a biggggggggggggggggg mistake...... and jeevan goes frm there. mukti says papa and run from thier everyone leaves...
3) prena comes to prem and ask him was that true what he said down.. prem says mom ramyan katham hogyee aur app sita kaun hai mujh say pooch rahee hain ( ) .. yes we did it. prena says if you guyzz love each other and prem cuts the statement and tells no dont love her and will not marry her... and prena say that what has hhappend to this generation in our generation prem again cuts the statement and in your generation also used to happen( anu prena ) prena is shocked and prem leaves
4) anurag says to sampita i dont think that prem can do that ... sampita says apnay bacchay pay tho koi khoot nazar naheen athiii...and says jahan thak woh mukti ko janthee hai mukti asay naheen karsakthii ek larkee apnii izat par uhd dag naheen laga saktiii....mohini says what are u saying sampita .. prem is changed and her heart says he can never do that... and anu also agrees with mohini...
5) bajaj prena sitiing on bed thinking that really prem can do that or not and bajaj sya but what ever they did on valentines day that was their on decision own life...but now we ahve to think who did all that carp with muktiii.. episodes ends on prena/prem/bajaj(there picture came)
i think this was quite detail one....
KZK update for 3 March- by Ronitfan
Rishabh reads the headlines of the paper which is all about Rishabh's new foray into politics and Mukti's rape in his house. Rishabh is upset and so is Prerna.Kookie looks on scornfully. Anurag calls Rishabh and tells him that the news is all over the place. Rishabh tells him that he's aware that the media has made a ruckus out of the whole thing and he really does not know as to who's behind all this.Kookie interrupts and tells Rishabh that obviously the person who planned all this leaked the very news to the media. Rishabh tells Anurag to hold on and tells Kookie to think before saying anything. Kookie tells him that she never named anybody. Rishabh is angry and tells her to shut up.Rishabh talks to Anurag and tells him that whatever happened is very bad. Kookie leaves the table in anger.

Jeevan and Mukti read the papers and they are shocked. Jeevan is in shambles. Prerna comes to them and Mukti looks at her helplessly and then to the papers. Prerna understands her pain and hugs her.

At the Gupta House,
Shailendra is upset with the headlines and tells Kamini that all that they never wanted to happen is finally happening. Kamini and Shailendra leave. Kamini sits in the car and asks Shailendra where they're going. Shailendra tells her that they are going over to Rishabh's place. Kamini's confused and tells Shailendra that they have the least involvement in this case and they dont need to go over to the Bajajs'.Shailendra reminds Kamini that Rishabh's standing for the elections from his constituency and if he's disgraced, it's going to directly affect his party and the votes they will get. Shailendra tells her that he does not want Rishabh to say anything that will land the party in trouble and she can go home if she's not interested. Kamini's angry and goes with him.

The Basus and the Guptas reach the Bajaj house. Everybody's tensed. The media people are trying to get inside but the security people stop them. A police van enters the residence and a police0inspector comes inside and tells them all that he's here to take Mukti's statement. Shailendar asks him why he's here and that all the news is false and it's just a conspiracy to disgrace Rishabh and his family. Shailendra tells him to leave and assures him that there was no rape in the house.The Inspector wishes to talk to Rishabh but Shailendra tells him that there's no use and he's telling the truth. Rishabh stops Shailendra in his tracks. Everybody's shocked.

Rishabh goes to the Inspector and tells him that there indeed was a rape in the party and that Mukti's the victim.Shailendra's shocked and tells Rishabh to think about what he's doing. Rishabh tells him that he's very well aware of what he's doing. Rishabh tells him that Mukti's been living with them all these years and she's like a daughter to him. He cannot do injustice to his daughter and he wants the guilty to be punished. Rishabh tells the Inspector that Mukti will surely give her statement. Prerna's happy and goes to get Mukti. Kamini goes with her.

Prerna and Kamini reach Mukti's house when Prerna looks at the media people trying to get in.Kamini tells Prerna that all these people are just trying to know what's going on inside and if they get a sniff of what's happening, the matter will be blown out of proportion. Kamini tells Prerna that she must tell Mukti not to give her statement. Prerna asks her if she wants to sideline Mukti's pain.Kamini tells her that Mukti's problem will not be neglected but she need not give the statement to the police. Kamini reminds her that Mukti will witness against Prem and her son will be arrested. The rest is up to her. Kamini leaves. Prerna's confused.

Prerna goes to Mukti and tells her that she mis-understood her last night and even today-she's misunderstading her. Prerna tells her that she is not here to tell her to change her statement but she's here to tell her to do what she thinks is right. Prerna tells her that she's been with her since years and she's like a daughter to her and she'll never let anything bad happen to her. Prerna assures her justice and support in whatever she does.

Mukti goes and gives her statement. She tells the Inspector all that happened that night and also that she does not know who did all that to her. She tells the cop that she suspects that Prem may be the one behind all this. The cop enquires and Rishabh tells him that Prem's at the office. The cop tells Mukti to come to the Police Station to complete some formalities and leaves. Kamini's mad at Prerna and tells her to wait and watch what a huge controversy this is going to become. Everybody leaves.

The cop goes to Prem's office and tells him that he's arrested on grounds of suspicion for raping Mukti and she's witnessed against him in her statement. Prem's shocked. The employees are shocked as they see Prem being taken away by the police. When Prem reaches the police station, Mukti and Prerna are completing the formalities. Jeevan and Tusshar are also present. Prem tells Mukti that she's disgusting and that he's already told her the truth that he's not guilty but she did not beleive him. Prem looks at Prerna and tells her that this was not expected out of her. Prerna tells him that she's not against him and will not let anytihng happen to him if he's indeed innocent. Prem's disgusted and the police lock him up.
Prerna's worried.

Mukti goes outside. A man tries walking up to her but hides behind a car when he sees Prerna coming. Mukti tells Prerna that she does not want her to go into any dillema because of this case and she does not want to hurt her anymore. Prerna tells her to stop the drama and that she's with her throughout. Prerna looks at the man behind the car and is totally shocked.

That's it!

KZK update for 6 March- by Ronitfan

Prerna sees a speeding car and pushes Mukti out of the way and runs away. The both of them manage to get away from the car. The car speeds off and Prerna's unable to have a good look at the driver. Tushar and Jeevan come running and ask them if they are alright. All of them go home.

What follows is a torrid scene in the Bajaj hallway. Everybody's calliing up Rishabh and asking him about Prem and are curious to know as to what actually happened and Rishabh is just telling them to mmind their own business and that he does not have any comments on the issue. Rishabh is totally frustrated and tells Prerna that the news about Prem has spread like a wild fire and now everybody wants to meddle into their affairs and get their scoop of gossip. Shailendra, Kamini,Sharad and Sneha are worried. Rishabh throws the phone away in his anger and switches on the TV where all the news channels are flashing the same news about Mukti and Prem and the Rishabh Bajaj angle to it. Interestingly, the news says that Prem is now Rishabh's son- Prem Bajaj. Rishabh is furious. Prerna keeps a hand on his shoulder and tries to calm him down.

Shailendra breaks his silence and tells Rishabh that they have to get Prem out of the lock-up as soon as possible. Rishabh looks on unconvinced. Shailendra tells him that the things are getting worse and if they do not take the right step then they will land up in a huge mess. Kamini turns to Prerna and tells her that she is a witness to what turn the events have taken and she never listened to her when she was telling her the right thing. Kamini tells her that she's always wished good for them but they never listen to her. Kamini tells her to act, and act wise. Kamini reminds her that now they have a bond between them and Prerna's daughter is now her daughter-in-law and if they disgraced, they are going to disgrace the Guptas as well. Prerna's concerned. Kamini tells her that Mukti's a driver's daughter afterall. Prerna's shocked.

Shailendra continues and tells Rishabh that it has happened before that they doubted Prem for no rhyme or reason and each and every time he's come out unscathed and innocent. Shailendra tells Rishabh not to do the same mistake again and free Prem from this mess as soon as possible before things get out of their control. Rishabh is thinking.Prerna butts in and tells them that she's with Mukti because she has no other family than them. Prerna tells them that she's not alone and even Rishabh wants justice for Mukti and they wont back out until they do so.Prerna also tells them that she's not against Prem as well and this time she's with both her kids and will not them lose at any cost.A message is delivered to Prerna that she has an appointment with the attorney at 4. Kamini and Shailendra are shocked. Rishabh stares at Prerna.

Anurag returns from the Bajaj house. Sam comes out to meet him. Anurag tells Sam that he's unable to comprehend what all is happening to them all of a sudden and most of all- he can not deduce who gave the news to the media. A voice booms saying that he has leaked the news to the media. It's Shravan. Anurag is furious.Shravan repeats that he has given this news to the media. Anurag goes to hit him but Shravan tells him to stop and save his son first. Shravan tells him now that his real blood is behind bars, he will be able to get a whiff of the pain he's been going through all these days, separated from his mom. Shravan tells him that he knows Anurag's too helpless to decide between Mukti and Prem and he's enjoying Anurag's helplessness to the core. Shravan wishes him luck and leaves.

While leaving,Shravan bumps into Indro. Anurag is puzzled and wonders how Shravan got to know about mukti's rape in the first place. Indro tells Anurag that he'd seen Shravan at the party as well. Anurag is totally shocked.

Mukti's in her room thinking about all that she just heard when she gets a telephone call. Mukti picks it up and a harsh voice threatens her to take her case back otherwise she'll have to pay with her life. Mukti's shocked and tells the person that she's not going to take her case back at any cost. Prerna witnesses all this and tells Mukti not to get worried and tells her about the appointment with the attorney at 4.

Prerna goes to the lockup and questions Prem about the threatening calls to Mukti. Prem tells her that he does not beleive that Prerna thinks that Prem's doing all this. Prem asks Prerna what will he get if he does such petty things. Prem reminds her that whatever happened at Panchameshwar was solely out of Mukti's will and he's already confessed that he's not raped her. Prem's frustrated and tells her that it's no use talking to her as Mukti's already got her dancing to her tunes. Prerna tells him that it's not the case and he's mis-understanding her. Prem tells her to leave. Just then, Rishabh comes there and places a hand on Prem's shoulder telling him not to worry and he will not let anything happen to him if he's innocent and that he'll be out of jail soon. Rishabh leaves.

Mukti gets a phone call asking her to come over to the attorney. Mukti tells Jeevan that Prerna's called her over to the attorney and asks him if he shall accompany her. Jeevan goes away and is very sad. Mukti leaves for the attorney's place. As soon as Mukti leaves, Prerna comes home. Jeevan is shocked to see Prerna and tells her that Mukti told him that she was going to the attorney. Prerna realises that it's the same goons who are trying to trap Mukti and they rush to the attorney's place.

Prerna sees Mukti being pushed into a lift and screams for help. All the people run upstairs, following the lift. Inside the lift, a goon points a knife at Mukti's neck and tells her to take her case back, or she's going to be dead. He tells her that if anything happens to Prem 'saab', then she will be left crying and will lose everything. Mukti's shocked. Mukti somehow manages to press the stop button and runs out of the lift.The goon runs away. Prerna runs up to her and thanks God that Mukti's alright. They go home.

At Gupta house,
Shailendra calls over the police officer in charge of Mukti's place and keeps a huge bag of money in front of him.The Officer is surprised and asks what the money is for. Shailendra tells him that money has a lot of power and weight and he wants Mukti's case to be burdened by that weight.Shailendra elaborates and tells the Officer that he wants Prem's name out of the case as soon as possible and that is the sole reason why he's giving this much money. The Officer asks him what profit will it be to him if Prem, who's Rishabh's son is bailed out of the case. Shailendra tells him to mind his business and to do only what is told. The Officer's very happy and leaves.

Kamini witnesses all this and is shocked. She asks him what all this was. Shailendra tells her that this was all a part of his game. Shailendra reveals his entire plan-

He tells her that he got Sharad married to Sneha, such a petty girl who was born to one man and brought up by another, only so that he could have a firm footing with Rishabh. He wanted Rishabh in his party so that he could avail and make use of his wealth, his glam factor and his name to reach the dazzling heights of political success that he has never seen. Shailendra tells her that all the 'pawns' in his game have been well trained and nobody goes against him and that's the reason why he does not want his plan to be ruined by a idiotic girl like Mukti and wants Rishabh to win the election - anyhow! Shailendra gives an evil smile.

In the morning,
Mukti meets the (bribed) inspector and he fools her into beleiving that her case is very strong but they need one more evidence against Prem. Mukti leaves and just then,Rishabh and Gupta enter with their attorney. Mukti hides and eavesdrops on them. The Inspector tells Shailendra that Mukti's case is very weak and he was just doing all this so that nobody can doubt him later on.Rishabh bails Prem out. Mukti's shocked!!

That's it!
KZK update for 7 March- by Ronitfan

Prem is bailed out and Rishabh is happy to see him. Rishabh asks him how he is. Prem tells him that he's fine and just wants to go home. Rishabh thanks the Inspector and the Inspector tells him that he's always there for help. Rishabh and Prem leave. They stop when they see Mukti at the door. Mukti stands there, all hurt with tears in her eyes. Rishabh and Prem stare at Mukti and leave. Shailendra tells the inspector to carry on doing his work and he will get his due rewards (money) as well.

Prerna is at the Basu house with Anurag and Sam.Anurag tells her about Shravan's presence at the party and that he's the one who leaked the news to the media. Sam questions whether Shravan has raped Mukti and they all start thinking about it.Just then, Indro comes and tells all of them that Prem has been bailed out. Prerna is very happy and all of them go to the Bajaj house.

Mukti and Jeevan are talking. Mukti's upset. Jeevan tells her that she has to accept the truth about the situation and they just cannot fight against rich and powerful people like Rishabh and Shailendra. He says that now that Rishabh's bailed out Prem,it's proved that she means nothing to them at all and they care least what happens to her. Jeevan tells her that he no longer has the strength or the courage to fight against the weak judiciary system and such powerful people. Jeevan tells her that he has lost everything in this fight and does not wish to lose her because she is all that he has. Jeevan declares that they are leaving the place tomorrow, never to come back. Mukti tells Jeevan that she's not going to accept defeat before the battle starts. Jeevan tells her that he's not here for her opinion, but he's here to tell her his decision. Mukti's shocked.

Shailendra and Kamini are seated at the Bajaj house when Prerna comes in. Prerna is very happy to see Prem and asks him how he is. Prem excuses himself and tells her that he's tired and needs some rest. He leaves the place. Prerna wonders what's wrong. Prerna asks Rishabh as to how Prem got bailed out so easily. Shailendra butts in and tells her that the Police cant keep people in custody for so long only on the grounds of suspicion. Rishabh assures Prerna not to worry and not to think that they have used any unfair means to free Prem (Rishabh's unaware that Shailendra's bribed the Police)

Just then, Jeevan enters the house sadly and makes his way to Prerna and Rishabh. Jeevan tells them about his decision to leave the place the next day- never to come back. Both Rishabh and Prerna are shocked and ask him the reason behind such a decision. Jeevan tells them that he knows Mukti will have to carry the blot of being a rape victim all her life and she feels strangulated in such an atmosphere and as a father he cannot bear it and thus they are leaving. Prerna tells him that he cannot lose hope in such times of despair and he should be the one standing with Mukti through thick and thin. Jeevan yells at her and tells her that he's realised the crux of the situation and that tomorrow if they have to choose between an innocent Mukti and a guilty Prem, they will choose Prem because afterall he is their son and Mukti's a driver's daughter. Prerna is shocked. Jeevan turns to Rishabh and tells him that he knows that his job will be over the moment anything against Prem is found and he does not want to be humiliated .Everyone is taken aback.

Prerna tells Jeevan that though he's been there with them for 20 years, he has not been able to comprehend them. Rishabh asks him how could he think that he could kick him out of the house just like that? Prerna tells Jeevan that they will be the first people to punish Prem if he's guilty. Jeevan tells Prerna and Rishabh that he spoke a bit too much in his anger but this is all a father's frustration. He requests Prerna and Rishabh not to try to stop him and Mukti. Jeevan leaves. All of them are dumbfounded.

Prem goes out of the house to meet someone. It's the same goon who cornered Mukti in the lift and told her to take the case back. Prem holds the goon violently and tells him that he'd been promised that Mukti will take her case back and he shall be freed...but nothing of that sort happened and he's just out on bail. The goon reminds him that he'd instructed them not to touch Mukti and that's all they could have done. Prem gives him the money and tells him to get lost. Prem turns around and is shocked.

It's Mukti who's witness to whatever happened. She walks towards him and tells him that she'd never thought that he'd droop to such a low level that he'd surpass the last level he drooped to . Mukti tells him not to be under the wrong impression that she'll take her case back if she's threatened like this. Mukti tells him that she'll fight to the end. Mukti tells Prem that she knows he's the rapist and will make sure that he suffers for what he's done. Prem's least interested in whatever she's talking.

Sharad goes to office where he meets Sneha and tells her about Jeevan's decision to leave the place. Sneha is shocked and tells Sharad that they have to meet Mukti and convince her. They are leaving when Sneha feels weak but agrees to carry on.

Mukti goes to office where all the employees stare at her rudely and pass comments about her. Mukti goes to her cabin and takes all her belongings and retuns the keys to the manager. Prem comes there applauding the act and tells Mukti that she should not have expected that he let her continue with work.Mukti tells him that she was here to resign only. Prem applauds her once again that finally she has taken a right step in her life. Mukti's hurt and leaves. A sad song plays for her.

Mukti comes home to see Sharad and Sneha. Sneha blasts her for giving into the situation without any spine and tells her to convince Jeevan. Prem's listening to all this and wonders why sneha's stopping Mukti and she should just let her go if she wants to. Mukti sees a letter in her bag which is from a person saying that he knows the rapist and the photo of the rapist could be hers if she paid him 20 lakhs. Sharad promises Mukti the money. They are happy when Sneha faints.

The doc declares that Sneha's pregnant. Sharad and Sneha and Prerna are present along with Mukti. They are overjoyed.Sneha says she wants to be a great mom, just like Prerna.

Prem goes to the place where the person who wrote the letter to Mukti. He has a bag in his hand. He goes to the man and hits him hard accusing him of clicking pics of his family and then selling them. The man's shocked.

That's it!

KZK update for 8 March-by Ronitfan
The man turns around to see Prem and is shocked. Prem accuses him of clicking pics of his family and then selling them. Prem gives him a tight slap and he falls down on the ground. Prem bends down and lowers his hood. He tells the man that he's here to buy the pics and the negatives. The man's scared and gives them to him. Prem hands him a bag telling him that it has 2 lakh ruppess (2,00,000) in it and he should leave the sity as soon as possible and no-one should know that he was there. The man runs off .Prem stands up and looks at the pics, smiling at himself. Then he takes a lighter and sets the whole packet along with the negatives on fire. As the fire's burning, Prem smirks and says-"No pics, no truth!" Prem goes away.

Back at home,Rishabh and Prerna are sitting with Sneha and Rishabh congratulates Sneha and tells her that he's finding it difficult to beleive that his daughter will now be a mother. Anurag too congratulates Sneha and tells her that time has certainly flown by fast and none of them realised.

Mukti is waiting near the gate for Sharad so that they can go to the place where the man mentioned. As she's waiting, Prem comes home. Prem gets out of his car slowly and stares a bit at Mukti and leaves. Sharad comes there and tells Mukti that he knows how bad it feels when the person who you love,betrays you. Mukti's quiet. They both leave for the place.

On their way to the place, Sharad's smiling to himself. Mukti notices that and tells him that fatherhood must certainly be a very nice feeling.Sharad agrees and tells her that it feels great to have such an amazing new responsibilty on oneself.Mukti grows sad again.Sharad tells her that he knows she's thinking of Prem again but she needs to realise that Prem's her past and she needs to move on with life.

They reach the place where the man called him but it's totally deserted. There's nobody to be seen.Mukti and Sharad go to opposite directions to search but they fail in doing so.Mukti passes the ashes of the pics burnt by Prem but does not realise anything. They wait for the man for a lot of time but then finally leave,disheartened.

Prem is in his room and mixes some drug with his water and drinks it all. Prem comments that drugs can totally change anybody's life and then says that everything's finished for Mukti. He gives an evil smile.

It's morning,
Rishabh,Prerna, Prem and Tusshar are at the breakfast table. Rishabh reads the headlines and is upset. He throws the paper away in his anger and tells Prerna that he has to get even with these media-people. He tells Tusshar to call up his lawyer. Prerna is concerned for him and tells him to keep his cool and this is no time to meddle with people who are up to no good. Prerna tells Rishabh that the day the truth comes out -he will be a hero and everybody's mouth will be shut and they will praise him for giving justice to Mukti Deshmukh.Tusshar seconds Prerna. Just then,Prerna gets a call telling her that her mom's unwell. Prerna and Rishabh leave at once.

Rishabh sits in the car. Prerna's sitting in the car when she looks at Mukti. Prerna goes to Mukti and tells her that she needs to go to her mother but Mukti should not think that she's all alone because they are always with her. Rishabh tells Jeevan to stay back with Mukti and he will do the driving. Rishabh and Prerna leave. Mukti is sad and a song plays on her.

Evening comes and Sneha and Sharad stay back at the Bajaj house. Sneha's watching news of a policeman raping a girl and getting out scot-free. Sneha condemns the state of affairs and then tells Sharad that the same thing has happened at their very house and they have been able to do nothing for Mukti. Shard agrees. Suddenly they hear some loud music. Sharad finds out that Prem has kept another party for his pals. Sneha's upset.

Prem's welcoming all his friends.Mukti looks on from a distance and is sad as Prem flirts with all the girls. The manager of his company tries to talk to Prem but he tells him to wait. The manager goes to Mukti and asks her how she is. The manager tells her that she's not alone and the whole office is with her and they all are aware of who she doubts. The manager tells her that he feels like killing Prem this very instant but cannot. Prem calls the manager and the manager tells him that Prerna wanted some papers to be signed by him. Prem cribs and signs. The manager leaves.

The party's on full swing and everybody's enjoying.A group of raunchy girls dance for Prem on a vulgar song. Prem too joins in. Mukti's looking at all this and thinks of something with a determined look. She vows to get to the bottom of this mystery.

That's it!
KZK short update for 9 March-

The party's going on and Sneha,Tusshar and Sharad get irritated. Tusshar tells Prem to stop the party but he does not listen to him. Tusshar and Prem get into a brawl and Sneha stops them. Tusshar goes away and Prem continues the party.

Mukti makes up a plan and tells everybody, including Prem, that the man has called her up again and she needs 2 lakhs. Sharad tells her that they'd gone yesterday too but they had failed. Sneha tells him that it's important. They give her the money. Prem leaves the house before Mukti and Mukti's sure of trapping him this time around.

As soon as she reaches the venue. a masked man runs up the stairs. Mukti's installed a camera and goes to check the rcording when the man steals the tape and runs. Mukti tries to stop him but the recording gets ruined in the process. Mukti's sad.

KZK update for 13 March in brief- by Ronitfan

Sneha's shocked to hear Mukti's allegation on Sharad telling her that he raped her. Sneha breaks down. Mukti tells her that she did not want to hurt her because she's her best friend but she just could not hide such a big truth from her. Mukti tries consoling her and telling her that it IS difficult to digest. Sneha grows wild at her and Mukti tells her that she has got proof but when she puts on the tape it turns out to be a blank one. Sneha slaps Mukti and tells her that only Prem knows her well enough and is aware of her intentions to get into this house and be a part of the rich and the famous. sneha tells Mukti that she is always there with Sharad and will not allow her to cause any harm to her family. Mukti's hurt. Sneha breaks her friendship with her and storms away.

Anurag is upset and is thinking about Mukti. He is upset and ignores his food.Sam tells him that they need a solution quick but this is no way to get there and he has to take care of himself. Anurag agrees. just then, Sneha comes there crying and tells Anurag all about Mukti's allegation on Sharad. Anurag tells her that everything will be alright and Sneha leaves. Anurag's anxious and calls up Rishabh and tells him everything. Rishabh and Prerna leave.

Rishabh, Prerna, Anurag,Sam, Sharad,Sneha, Prem and Jeevan are present, waiting for Mukti. Everybody's tensed. Mukti comes and tells them everything all over again. Nobody gives her a positive reaction and she's disheartened but she tells them that she will not give up on the truth.

That's it!

KZK update for 14 March- by ronitfan

The episode continues with yesterday's last scene when Mukti tells the whole family that Shravan himself confessed in front of her that he is the rapist and she cannot hide the truth and will stand up for her justice. Everyone is confused and worried. Sneha is very angry. She goes to Mukti and asks her what she wants. Sneha tells her that nobody here is going to beleive her when she says that Sharad is the rapist because everyone knows what a gem of a person Sharad is and he will never think of doing such a thing.

Sneha tells Prerna that when Kamini was saying things against Mukti, it was Sharad who fought with his parents and maintained that Mukti's a nice girl and she will never do such a thing. Prem also joins in and Prem and Sneha agree that Mukti is doing this only so that she can get all the good things in life without having to do anything for it. Sneha reminds Prerna that afterall Mukti's a driver's daughter and such people can stoop to any level to attain the riches that they want.

Prerna is shocked and confused. Mukti tells them all to beleive her. Mukti tells her that she had the entire conversation with Sharad on tape but..just then Prem interrupts and tells her that she must have lost the thing as usual. Mukti's shocked. Prem tells her that he really has his own doubts whether Mukti goes to search for evidence..or 'buy' it..Prem tells her that she bought the waiter because of whom he had to go to jail and now all this ruckus. Prem tells her that he doubts whether she has even been raped! Sneha seconds him whole-heartedly.

Sharad, who was keeping quiet all along speaks up. She goes to Mukti and tells her that he is very well aware that whatever has happened with her is extremely bad but that does not mean she will put the blame on whoever she wants. Sharad reminds her that he and Sneha had been with her all along and he was the one who gave her the 2 lakhs when she asked for them. Sharad asks her why the hell will he give her the money so that she gets evidence against him? Mukti is shocked and moves back in fear of Sharad. Prem seconds Sharad and tells everyone that there's no guarantee of whatever Mukti's saying and that the very next day- she will blame Tusshar as well.

Sneha starts taunting Mukti when Anurag tells her to stop.Anurag tells Mukti that he may be right in judging Sharad and he may be wrong as well- but she should not make hasty decisions which will land her in a mess as she does not have any proof. Rishabh joins in and tells Mukti to trust them and they will get to the real rapist and they are always there with her..but they cannot doubt Sharad for no rhyme or reason. Mukti tells them that she has come to them only because she has sole belief in them and that they will never let her down.

Mukti turns to Prerna and tells her that she can bear everything if she is there by her side. Mukti asks Prerna if she is with her in this war for the truth. Prerna tells her that this time around she cannot help her. Mukti's shocked. Prerna tells her that it is not possible for her to trust her. Because of her, she doubted her son and he came out unscathed but now Sharad? What is she to do if Sharad turned out to be innocent as well? Prerna tells that she will never be able to face Sneha if such a thing happens. Prerna tells her that this time, she is NOT with her.

Mukti leaves. Everyone is confused. Sam goes to Prerna and tells her that it's a difficult for her to choose between two daughters- Sneha and Mukti but she has to decide with a cool head and think and that they will have to find out the real culprit as soon as possible. Prem is shocked to hear all this and asks Prerna if she still doubts Sharad. Sharad is pissed off and leaves. Sneha is angry and leaves as well.

At the Gupta house,
Sneha tells everyone about all that happened and everyone's totally shocked. Kamini tells Shailendra that she always knew that Mukti's up to no good but after what she has done today- they cannot keep quiet otherwise they will be disgraced in public. Shailendra agrees. Kamini & Shailendra leave for the Bajaj house.

Rishabh,Prerna and the kids are sitting in the hall, thinking, when the Guptas barge in and demand an explanation from Rishabh and tells him that all this will not be tolerated by them and they have to do something. Rishabh tells him to keep his cool and not to fly off the handle as everyone has their thinking caps on and everyone wants a solution to the problem. Kamini blames Prerna for always encouraging Mukti when she has been wrong. Kamini tells her that she encouraged Mukti to go against Prem and now Mukti has dared to go against Sharad as well. Prerna has no answer and is dumbfounded. Shailendra and Kamini demand that Rishabh throws Mukti and Jeevan out of their house.

That's it!

KZK update for 15 March-by ronitfan

The episode continues with the last scene when Kamini and Shailendra demand that Mukti and Jeevan are kicked out of the house. everyone is shocked by the suggestion. Tusshar tells them that it is just a plain mistake on Mukti's part and they should all stnad by her and not abandon her when she needs them the most. Kamini's least affected. Prerna tells Kamini that they really cant blame Mukti in such a condition and they cannot give her such a big punishment for something which she is not totally aware of. Prerna reminds her that Mukti has no family other than them. Kamini tells her not to support Mukti especially when she is pitted against Sharad. Kamini tells Prerna that they all know Sharad and he will never do such a thing. Prerna assures Kamini that she will handle the situation and persuade Mukti to change her mind.

Kamini tells her that she's granting her one last chance on her insistence but if Mukti continued with her foolishness then she will not bear anything against her son and she will surely take some drastic step. Prerna tells her that Mukti has been with them ever since she was a kid and she also has some responsibilites towards her and she just cannot throw her outta the house. Kamini tells her that she is not concerned because of all that and tells her that due to her 'responsibilty' towards Mukti, she has now become 'responsible' of creating this huge mess where everybody is at a loss. Kamini and Shailendra walk out.

When Kamini and Shailendra along with Sharad-Sneha are walking towards their car, they see Mukti and Jeevan standing outside the house, staring at them. Sneha gives Mukti a snide look and they all go away. Mukti is disheartened.

Meanwhile, Anurag and Sam are discussing the whole matter and Anurag tells Sam that he is unable to come to any conclusion regarding Mukti. Sam tells him to keep his cool and they have to think hard about what has been happening over the last few days. Sam tells Anurag that it is possible that someone's misleading Mukti to accuse Sharad by some fake evidence. Anurag tells her again that he is no state to comprehend. Anurag goes into a self-pity mode and wonders why all this happens to them when they are looking forward to some happiness. Sam tells him that he should not act weak at such a time.Sam gets a call telling them about a financial crisis at their London branch and that they will have to leave immediately.

Anurag calls up Prerna and tells him that he needs to go to London and will not come back for a few days due to work constraints. Anurag tells Prerna not to accept defeat to the ongoing conditions and that she needs to be courageous enough. Prerna agrees and Anurag hangs up.

Prerna goes to meet Mukti. Mukti is sad and looks on from her window. She turns around when Prerna comes from behind to meet her. Prerna tells Mukti not to think that she is alone and that they all are with her all the time. Mukti asks her why the Guptas were here. Prerna tells Mukti that she's constantly adding to her woes. Prerna reminds her that the last time when she doubted Prem and it turned out to be a farce, there was a big mess and now if the same thing is repeated, she will not be able to face Sneha. Prerna tells Mukti not to put her into a dillema when she will have to choose from her two daughters- Sneha and Mukti. Prerna assures her that they will fast find out who the real culprit is and she does not need to get worried and most importantly- she should not take any hasty decisions. Mukti is sad.

Mukti tells Prerna that she has never wanted Prerna to go through any dillema in her life because of her. Mukti tells her that this is the most difficult time of her life when she is losing her family - the Bajajs, and also losing her mom- Prerna. Mukti tells Prerna that she has her upbringing and that Prerna's always taught her to stick to the truth and everything will be clear. Mukti tells her that she will not leave the truth for anything in the world.Prerna gives up on Mukti and leaves.

The next day,
Mukti and Jeevan go to the Police station to file a complaint against Sharad. The Inspector, Sawant, is the same one who Shailendra had bribred the last time. Sawant sends Mukti and Jeevan to the constable to record their statement. When they leave, Sawant calls up Shailendra and tells him all that is happeneing. Shailendra tells him not to file any complaint against Sharad and that he will receive the money soon. Sawant thanks him and hangs up. Sawant goes to the constable and yells on Mukti and Jeevan. He insults them and tells them that he is not recording or filing any complaint any complaint against Sharad as they have no proof of Mukti's character. Mukti and Jeevan are shocked and forced to leave the police station.

When they reach home, they see the Bajajs & the Guptas standing outside the house. Jeevan and Mukti are confused and walk up to them, in the garden. Kamini tells Prerna that she had agreed to give Mukti one last chance on her saying but after what Mukti has done today she will not take it any more and today a decision has to be taken. Prerna and Rishabh are shocked. Kamini tells her that Mukti was on her way to very well lodge a complaint against Sharad and only because they had power with them, they could prevent her from doing so otherwise they would have been in a real fix. Kamini tells Prerna that she can no longer take anything against her son and his character.

Prerna goes to Mukti and asks her why she had to do all this? Prerna reminds her that she'd assured her that she will take care of everything and she need not take such hasty decisions that will cause harm to anyone. Mukti is quiet. Sneha is shocked and asks Prerna why she's still supporting Mukti after all that has happened. Prerna tries to defend Mukti but Rishabh stops her. Rishabh tells her that he was quiet on the entire matter up till now but they cant go on Mukti's doubt this time because if it is proved wrong, they will not be able to compensate for the injustice they will be doing to Sharad. Prerna is shocked as Sneha tells her to choose between her birth- Sneha and her upbrining- Mukti. Prerna is in a big-time dillema.

That's it!
KZK update for 16 March-by Ronitfan
The episode begins with the continuation with yesterday's last scene with everything heating up between the Bajajs and Guptas because of the matter of Mukti. Prerna is in a dillema and wonders what to do. Prerna tries to explain the matter to Sneha but she is no mood to listen to her. Sneha tells her that she's had enough and is now not going to listen to anything that Prerna has to say. Sneha tells her that today her relations will have to go through the test and she has to decide today. Prerna is shocked.Kamini seconds Sneha and tells Prerna that if she continues to shelter Mukti in her house then the Gupta family will break all ties with the Bajajs. Prerna and Rishabh are totally taken aback.

Rishabh turns to Jeevan and tells him that he needs to understand the situation which is going on right now. Rishabh tells Jeevan that they all are very sorry for whatever happened to Mukti but now Jeevan needs to take Mukti out of this suffocating environment so that Mukti can think better about what she has to do with her life. Prerna looks at Rishabh with utter disbelief and asks him as to how he can say such a thing. Jeevan interrupts and tells Prerna that Rishabh's right and it's better to get rid of the problem before it becomes a headache. Mukti agrees with Jeevan and tells Prerna that she has never wanted Prerna to suffer because of her and she will not bear it if Prerna has to choose between two of her daughters just because of herself. Mukti tells her that she is leaving the house and does not want more problems for them.

Mukti and Jeevan leave to pack their bags. Prerna is at a loss of words and goes inside. Rishabh and Tusshar follow her. Mukti and Jeevan pack their bags and are leaving. Sharad,Sneha, Shailendra,Kamini and Prem look at her sternly and all of them leave. Meanwhile, Rishabh tries to talk to Prerna but he is unable to. Prerna just looks at him tearily and Rishabh feels guilty. Prerna remembers the rainy night many years ago when Jeevan had come to their door with a very small Mukti. Rishabh had told Jeevan to resume the job from the next day onwards and to take his daughter inside. Prerna had bent down, asked Mukti her name and kissed her.

Prerna snaps back to reality and is very sad as she recalls all the time she spent with Mukti. When Mukti and Jeevan are leaving the house, Mukti turns around to look at the house for one last time. Mukti remembers the time when she was small- Prerna was playing old man's bluff with lil Sneha and Kasak. When they had finished their game, Prerna had noticed Mukti standing there, sad and forlorn. Soon enough, Prerna asked her to join in and introduced Mukti as Sneha's younger sis and Kasak's elder sister. Then all of them played together. Mukti snaps back to reality and tears fill her eyes. Mukti runs to the Bajaj house and raps on a window, calling out for Prerna. Rishabh stops Prerna from going to her just as Sneha enters the room. Rishabh leaves the room and Sneha stares at her in disbelief.

Mukti and Jeevan leave the house and are sitting on a lonely road, all by themselves. Jeevan is sad and tells Mukti that he always knew that the moment they started to fight for the truth nobody will give them company because afterall everything is forgiven for one's own blood- no matter how dirty it is.Jeevan tells her that the people who they trusted the most turned their back on them.Jeevan tells Mukti that they are going to leave the place immediately. Mukti disagrees and tells Jeevan that even earlier when he'd decided to leave town, she was not with him and this time along she has taken it upon her to tread on the path that will give her justice because she cannot let the thing that happened to her, happen to others as well and she cannot let Sharad go scotfree. Jeevan tells Mukti that her pop is always there with her.

Jeevan and Mukti go to a chawl (a building which has one-room flats to accomodate large number of people). Jeevan buys a room on rent and hands the keys to Mukti. When they are going towards their room, Shravan comes over there and tells Mukti that now she must have deciphered the reality of people like Rishabh,Prerna and Anurag. Shravan tells her that the same thing happened to him and his family abandoned him when he needed them the most. Shravan tells her that he's willing to be with her on this path of her justice if she joins forces with him. Shravan puts his hand forward and Mukti shakes it - only to wish Shravan all the best for his life. Mukti tells Shravan that she's aware of what happened to Aparna and she firmly beleives that whatever happened to Aparna was totally justified as she was treading on a wrong path. Mukti tells him that she cannot cross the limits of right and wrong that she has set for herself. Mukti tells Shravan to leave siding with the wrong and return to Anurag. Shravan is dissed off and leaves.

Jeevan and Mukti go to several attorneys to fight their case against Sharad but everyone backs off as soon as they hear that they will have to fight against Rishabh and Shailendra. Mukti and Jeevan lose hope and wait for a bus at the bus-stop. Prerna and Rishabh stop at the traffic light and Prerna notices Mukti just when the lights turn green. She tries to call out for her but it is too late.

Prerna is upset. Prem comes to her with some food and butters Prerna up and tells her that he fully understands the phase that she's going through and blah blah. Prerna tells him that she's glad he understands her. Prem tells her that he's glad she trusts him this time around. Prem leaves and Prerna takes consolation from the fact that Prem's growing closer to her.

At the Gupta house,
Sneha is upset and thinking about Mukti. Kamini tells her that she need not worry about Mukti as now nobody will take up her case. Sneha is wondering how Mukti can ever think that Sharad will rape her. Sharad tells her to trust him and their love and leaves for office.

When he reaches office,
He sees the same tape (where he'd confessed his crime to Mukti) playing in his cabin. Sharad takes out the tape from the player and breaks it. Prem calls him from behind and asks him why he's so worried and that he has more copies of the tape. Prem and Sharad go to each other, laugh and then hug.

That's it!

March 17 by Bunts(Khizer)

The episode starts with Prem telling Sharad how his attempt to create a double life created such a huge problem. Sharad then goes and reminds Prem how great it is to have a friend like him. There is a flashback to a scene where Sharad is asking Prem to help him get out of the trouble he had got into with another girl in Panmeshwar Sharad reminds Prem of what had happened with him and another girl when Prem came and saved him. The scene recalls where Sharad is asking Prem to help him get out of this mess because Mukti has seen him with another girl. Sharad goes on saying "Chal woh toh handle kar leta lekin meri gari[watch] andhar reh gayi" Prem tells him "Yaar Sharad I swear, how can you be so careless! Tu itna irresponsible kaise ho saktha hai?" Prem suddenly asks him what about his sister and if he still loves Sneha. Sharad tells him he married her because he loved Sneha and still does. Sharad ask Prem to please get him out of the mess and Prem tells him to just wait and watch and Mukti is the one who will be saying sorry and not Sharad. The scene returns and Sharad thanks prem. Then a scene starts where Sharad is asking Prem again to get him out of the rape situation. Prem then goes on asking Sharad why he had to go rape Mukti saying she was a nice girl and he really liked her. Sharad tells him he had no intentions to rape her. He said he thought because she slept with Prem one night that she was an easy-go girl that anyone could do anything with. The scene returns to them two again. Prem tells Sharad that if he had not raped Mukti that day Prem could have got his property. Sharad asks him why he made so many copies of his confession video tape and Prem tells him he wants something else as well. He tells Sharad he wants 20% of his company. Sharad tells him not to worry.



The Scene ends. In the next scene Prerna is seated and Mr. Bajaj is about to leave to go somewhere.



Bajaj notices Prerna is worried and tells her that he knows the relation she had with Mukti and what it meant to her. He tells her he knows how much it hurt her when Mukti left the house. Bajaj tells her that just because someone leaves the house does not mean that life stops. He tells her that "Iss ghar ko, muhje, Humari bacho ko tumhari zaroorat hai." Prerna tells him that she is not worried because of Mukti, she is worried because she was not able to understand a girl who she brought up and gave her own "sanskar" to. She was not able to understand her mission by all this. Prerna tells Bajaj that she will always be on Mukti's side but Mukti does not believe her because no one trusted her. She says Mukti left without thinking about us so I won't be worried about her either. Bajaj tells her lets go bring Mukti back. He says he sees the love for Mukti that Prerna has in her eyes and that Prerna has always thought of Mukti as her daughter and never done any segregation between her own and Mukti. He says he knows how much Prerna needs Mukti because he can see the pain for her in her eyes. Bajaj tells Prerna it is their duty as parents to help their child find the right path and guide them. Prerna becomes all cheered up from her gloomy mood and says "Aap theek ke rahe hai Mr. Bajaj, agar hum Prem ko teek kar sakte hai toh Mukti koh kyun nahi?" Prem is listened to their entire conversation from where Bajaj started.



Bajaj and Prerna come downstairs to leave to get Mukti while Prem is sitting on the couch and asks them if they were going on a date even after knowing where they are going. Prerna tells him they are going to get Mukti. Prem tells them that one day she will suspect Tushar as he is the only male left in the house besides the servants but then goes saying they are too old to do such an act. He tells her who knows how many girls she has slept with and what not. Prerna gets furious and gives him a big slap. Prerna reminds Prem what he was before and that he was the one who slept with girls all night and was always drunk. She tells him that he became "good" because they were there to support him and help him become "good."  Prem says that Mukti will not come back. Prerna tells him that he is no one to make such a decision because it's Prerna and Bajaj's house. Prem says that he also lives in the house and has a right to decide otherwise…. Prerna cuts him off and says he has forgotten he only lives in the house and that it is their house. Prerna says that she will bring Mukti home no matter what and if anyone has any problems they can leave the house.



Mukti and her father (forgot his name) are at the police station requesting the officer to write their report but he does not pay attention. Her father goes to say that "Meri behti keh rahi hai ke Sharad ne…" and stops. The police officer is astonished and ridicules with him saying "Teri behti keh saath kya? Teri behti keh saath kya? Apni behti ko toh samhjata nahi hai aur muhje sahmjane ayaa hai" The police man goes on saying to teach your daughter first "yaha waha moo nahi marne ka toh yeh din dehkna nahi parta." Her father gets furious by what he is saying and grabs the police man's collar. The police man gets furious and tells his men to lock him up. Mukti begs the police officer to forgive her father and promises they wont ever come back again. He lets them go but warns them not to return.



Prerna and Bajaj are at where Mukti and her father are staying and are going to their room while Shavan is trying to persuade Mukti to join him and together they will break Prerna and Bajaj and make them punish for what they have done. After a while Prerna and Bajaj reach their room and are listening from the door. Mukti continuously tells him that she does not want revenge and does not want to go on the wrong path as he and his mother have. She only wants justice. The episode ends.



Precap: It's holi and Prem is asking Sharad if he wants a beer. Sharad says he has to participate in the family events and that he is the "shareef" dhamad of the house. They both laugh and it ends.


KZK update for 20 March-by Ronitfan

Prerna and Rishabh are standing outside Mukti's room in the building and having heard everything between Mukti and Sharad, Rishabh tells Prerna that they have to leave the place now. Prerna disagrees and looks at the door angrily. She pushes it open and Prerna and Rishabh enter the room. Mukti, Shravan and Jeevan are shocked to see them both. Prerna stares angrily at Mukti and walks towards her slowly. She is very livid-

Prerna- Look Mr.Bajaj,this is our daughter- Mukti. The very daughter which I loved right from the time she was so small. The same girl for whom I willingly agreed to become a mother all over again. I never differentiated between my kids and her..and look at what she does today. She's joining hands with our enemy- Shravan! and...this is our son Shravan- the kid who Anurag raised with all his heart for 20 years and still he does not get the value of it. I dont know why both of these are hell bent on going against people who love them the most.

Prerna looks on angrily at both of them and then tells Mukti that all this was least expected from her and she had never ever dreamt that she would have to see this day in her life. Prerna tells her that she's broken her trust today and also the relationship that they used to share uptil now. Prerna tells Mukti never to call her Chotti Maa again and from now on, she's "Maam" for Mukti. Prerna severs all ties with Mukti and tells her that now she has only bitterness towards her and this bitterness will never fade from her heart. Mukti tries to explain but Prerna is in no mood to listen. Prerna moves her face away from Mukti and Rishabh sternly tells Mukti that they do not want to continue any relationship with her and they are leaving.

Prerna and Rishabh leave. Mukti runs behind them to make them stop but they dont listen to her. They go and sit in their car. Prerna looks up to find Mukti looking on sadly from the door of her room. Prerna looks at her and remembers a past incident when Mukti was small and she'd stood first in the class and came to her calling her 'maam' and then, Prerna had told her that she need not call her maam and from that day she was Mukti's Chotti Maa. Prerna gets tears in her eyes and looks at her angrily and then leaves.

Shravan taunts Mukti and tells her that if she had listened to her she would not have to hear such things from Rishabh and Prerna and that she can still be on his side and she WILL get justice. Mukti looks at him angrily and tells him that because of him, she's lost her mother again and she does not wish to talk to him and asks him to leave. After Shravan leaves,Mukti grows sad thinking about the whole thing.

Rishabh is at home and walking around the hall amidst some tension. Anurag enters and asks Rishabh as to why he called him here. Rishabh tells Anurag that he knows how much Shravan means to him and that he's raised Shravan like his own kid and that is why they have been throughout overlooking his mistakes but this time the matter is serious and they need to do something. Rishabh tells Anurag that Shravan is trying to pair up with Mukti in order to get her justice by filing a case against Sharad and they all think that Sharad can never do such a thing. Rishabh tells Anurag that because Shravan is related to him that's why...Anurag cuts him and tells him that he is free to do anything with Shravan with least regards to himself and assures that this time he will set things straight.

Prem is listening to the entire conversation and laughs to himself.

Shravan is sitting at a bar and holding his drink when Indro passes from there and stops when he sees him. Indro sits there and asks Shravan what he's doing in a battered state like this. Indro passes comments on him and Shravan grows angry. Shravan tries to hit Indro but Anurag holds his hand. Shravan is shocked to see him. Anurag tells him that he's had enough of his nonsense and he'd never thought that Shravan would use a girl for his own business, and that too someone who is a victim of such a horrible incident. Anurag tells him that last time around he was fighting with his father, but this time he's locked horns with Rishabh Bajaj and he will suffer if he tries to act smart. Anurag tells Shravan that if he continues to behave like this, he will soon be in jail.Anurag tells Shravan to take this seriously and that this is no joke and he should stop misleading Mukti into beleiving false things.

Shravan tells him that he's hardly affected by his blabber because he is more helpless than angry. Shravan tells him that this time around he's very sure of what he is doing and will stand by Mukti in each and every step till she gets justice. Anurag tells Shravan that he is only manipulating her and he will not let this happen. Shravan tells Anurag that they (Rishabh,Prerna & Anurag) always claimed to follow the truth but when Mukti told them the truth, they kicked her out of the house. Anurag tells him that whatever they have done may be wrong but whatever he is doing IS definitely wrong and he gives him a final warning. Anurag and Indro leave. Shravan is furious.

Shravan is driving his car when he's stopped by a car in the middle of the road and somebody sleeping on it. Shravan honks loudly and the person wakes up. It's none other than Prem. Shravan gets outta his car and walks towards his car. Shravan asks Prem what was his intention for making him stop like this. Prem asks him where he's going.Shravan tells him that it's none of his business to know. Prem tells Shravan that he knows everything about how desperately he's trying to get Mukti's faith and use her as a weapon. Prem adds that Shravan is just wasting his time in this case as there is just no proof on the basis of which he will fight. Shravan asks Prem why he's talking like this to him. Shravan tells him that he knows Prem in and out and Prem will never do anything for anybody unless the outcome is in his favour. Shravan taunts him and tells him that he could not be of his biological mom, he could not be faithful to Aparna and now whatever he's talking to him surely has a motive.

Shravan deduces and tells Prem that surely there's something between Prem and Sharad and that is why he's so desperate on making Mutki's case weaker and weaker. Prem grabs his collar and tells him not to talk rubbish. Shravan asks him to move the car but Prem refuses. Prem and Shravan have a minor scuffle when a police van comes and they both leave the place.

Mukti's in her room when a neighbour comes to invite her for the pooja  taking place downstairs at the moment. Mukti goes and tries to call up Prerna but she does not answer the call. Mukti's upset and performs the pooja. While doing the rites,Mukti recalls the rape and how Prerna left her side. At the end of the thing, Mukti sports a determined look and wipes her tears away.

That's it!

KZK update for 21 March- Ronitfan
Sharad is flirting with a girl inside his car and the girl tells him that she has loads of fun with him and wishes to meet up with him again. Sharad tells her that he had the same fun with her and they'll meet very soon. The girl leaves and Sharad gets a call from a person who tells him that he cannot do so much with Mukti and get away scotfree. When Sharad asks him what he means, the man tells him that he's the same photographer he'd met up with earlier. Sharad asks him why he's called when he got all his money. The photographer tells him that he has more photographs which he can hand over for another 5 lakh ruppees. Sharad is anxious and asks the man where to meet him.

Rishabh is waiting at some secluded place when a car comes and out of it comes Anurag. Both of them are surprised to see each other. They both find out that they have been called to this place by a common person. Mukti comes and tells them both that it was her who called them here. Rishabh and Anurag are furious. Rishabh tells Mukti that first the fact that Mukti's playing with Sneha's life shocked him and now he's just not able to beleive that she'd make them come here by all the wrong reasons just so that they can be persuaded to beleive all the accusations she has lined up against Sharad. Rishabh tells her that he is no mood to listen to her and comprehend whatever she is saying. Rishabh and Anurag are leaving the place when Mukti stops them both. Mukti agrees that she called them by cheating but that was the only way they'd agree to come.

Mukti continues and tells Rishabh that he has always considered her his daughter and asks him to stay for that sake. Rishabh tells her that he raised her as his own kid but the last few days have completely shocked him and now this is just too much to take. Mukti tells Anurag and Rishabh to give her one more chance and if she fails they can give her any punishment that they want. Rishabh and Anurag agree and Mukti tells them to come and hide behind some bushes as Sharad will be here anytime to destroy the evidence against him.Rishabh and Anurag reluctantly follow her.

At the Bajaj house,
Sharad is waiting by his car. Prem comes to him and asks him what's the problem. Sharad tells him all about the photographer and the phone call. Prem and Sharad sit in the car and go for the place.

They reach the place and the photographer's waiting for them. Rishabh and Anurag are shocked to see Prem and sharad. The photographer hands them a packet telling them that this is the evidence. Sharad takes the packet and throws it away. He punches the man hard and tells him that he knows he's lying and it's just another trick of Mukti's. Rishabh and Anurag come out of the bushes. Prem tells them that he just cannot beleive that they are actually siding up with Mukti again. Sharad fakes sadness and tells Rishabh that he's very hurt by the fact that he still doubts him.

Rishabh and anurag scold Mukti and tell her that they can never think of trusting her with anything again.Prem too leaves and Sharad is left alone with Mukti. Sharad taunts her bitterly and tells her not to use her brains as she does not have any and she should stop her lame efforts in trying to trap him over and over again because now nobody is going to beleive whatever she has to say. Mukti is sad and starts crying.Sharad touches her and tells her to take care of herself (mockingly) and advises her not to be unconscious again or she'll have to pay a price for it again.Sharad leaves and Mukti loses all her courage.

Kamini and Mohini are at the Bajaj house and tell Prem and Tushar that they have come to ask about the Holi celebrations. Tusshar tells them both that they are aware of the conditions at home and they cannot possibly talk about celebrating Holi in such a time. Kamini tells them that it's ridiculous that they cant celebrate because of a driver's daughter who has gone out of her head. Prem tells Kamini not to say such things about Mukti in front of Prerna otherwise she'd end up having a slap on her face,just like he did when he tried to say things like these in front of Prerna. Kamini is least amused. Mohini assures her that she will herself talk to Prerna about the whole thing.

Just then, Prerna enters and Rishabh follows. Prerna tells them that there shall be no Holi in their house because of such a huge incident which has taken place. Prem asks her about Mukti and Prerna tells him that from now on, Mukti's dead for her. Mohini suggests that they all play Holi at the Basu house so that Sneha can enjoy the first Holi after her marriage. Everyone agrees.

The next day, on Holi..Rishabh goes to the Basu house sans Prerna and everyone welcomes him. Rishabh and Anurag hug each other. The Guptas also come there and everybody is ushered in. Sneha asks Anurag about Sam and he tells her that she'll be back in a couple of days. Anurag asks Rishabh why Prerna did not come. Rishabh tells anurag that she wont come today. Anurag's worried.

That's it!
KZK summary for 22 March-

1) sneha is not happy that prena is not there for her first wedding holi . anurag hears this

2) anurag goes to prena and tells her to come but she says she doesnt wanna come but agrees

3) mukti is sad and deciddes to meet prena

4) sneha is happy that prena came and wishes each other holi

5)mukti goes to bajaj house but doesnt find anyone and someone tells they are gone to anurag hosue

6) mutki goes there but prena sees her and leaves frm there.

precap- sharad tells sneha he has an important work so he will go and come from office


KZK update for 23 March-by ronitfan
Sharad spots a pretty girl at the party and gestures to her through his eyes to meet him outside the place.The girl leaves.Sharad turns back only to see Sneha.He's shocked to see her there. But Sneha has not noticed anything and asks Sharad what's wrong. Sharad puts his hand to the neck and tells her that it was paining a bit and he was searching for her only as he wanted to tell her that he's going to office for some very important work. Sneha and him are arguing when Prerna comes & asks what the matter is. Sneha tells her that Sharad wants to go to office even on Holi. Prerna tells Sneha that it is a good thing to work on festivals and asks Sharad to go but come back soon. Sharad assures Sneha that he'll be right back and he just wants to send an important mail to his client.

Then there's a funny scene of Yamini who's searching for sweets. She goes to her room only to find Prem and a girl kissing. Yamini is extremely shocked and immediately leaves. Prem looks up to find no-one at the door and tells the girl that there is absolutely NO privacy in the Basu and Bajaj household. They both go back to kissing. Geeta wonders where Yamini is and finds her praying to God asking him to make Prem mend his ways.Yamini tells the whole thing to Geeta and then they have a hearty laugh.

Sharad takes the girl to a hotel and makes her sit on a couch.Sharad closes the door and tells her that he has always wanted to tell her something. He sits near the girl and takes her hand in his, telling her that she is extremely beautiful. The girl asks him to tell her something she does not know and that she gets this compliment from everyone she meets.The girl asks Sharad if he is the same person who is the main accused in the rape of Mukti. Sharad is shocked and asks her how does she know about it. The girl tells her that she's a page-3 daily and she goes to each and every party and gets all the gossip. Sharad tells her that it's nonsense and there was no rape- he and Mukti had loads of fun. Sharad tells her that if Mukti was available for Prem, she was very much available for him as well. Sharad unbuttons his shirt and is going close to the girl when there's heavy wind and the window opens.

Sharad stops and goes to the window. He closes the window only to find prerna's reflection on it. Sharad is thoroughly shocked and shaken. He just turns around and stays rooted to the spot. Prerna looks at him with all her anger.She thanks the girl and she leaves. Sharad and Prerna are left in the room. Prerna tells Sharad that she had seen Sharad take the girl along with him in the car and she had followed them to the hotel. At the hotel, when Sharad had gone somewhere, Prerna had approached the girl and told her to do all this in exchange of loads of money- just so that she could get to the bottom of this entire thing and so that her doubt'd be cleared.Sharad's shocked. He moves back slowly and his back collides with the wall and he stops. Prerna walks up to him and slaps him tight. She continues to slap him and hit him atleast 10 more times. With the last slap, Sharad falls down on the floor. Prerna is crying, she remembers the time she married sneha off to Sharad and Mukti's reaction when she was raped. She just quivers and asks Sharad-"Why?" and leaves.

Sharad is dumb-struck. He gets to his feet and flees the place. He rushes to the Basu house.

Prerna is still in the hotel., thinking over what all happened.She stumbles as she walks to the stairs and thinks about Sneha and then, Mukti. She breaks down on the hotel stairs and thinks that she has done a grave mistake by not beleiving Mukti and she has ruined both Sneha and Mukti's life. A man comes and asks her what happened but she's in no state to reply. She just keeps on crying.

Sharad reaches the Basu house and rushes to Prem. Prem is intoxicated by the bhaang and is joking around with Indro- not understanding a word of what he is saying. Sharad pulls him aside and tells him that Prerna knows. Prem is still under the effect of bhaang and tells him that just like the climax of the film Mother India,Prerna is going to kill him first, then Sharad and then all the people here. Prem hands Sharad the bhaang and jokes it all off. Sharad is very tense and wonders what to do.

Mukti comes back home and Jeevan guesses she was not able to meet Prerna. Jeevan tells Mukti that he had fallen weak at the moment when Mukti was weak, but promises Mukti that they will not give up the fight and they WILL get justice for themselves. Mukti tells Jeevan that it is of no use and they cannot stand against the likes of Rishabh, Anurag and Shailendra. Mukti tells Jeevan that it's best they leave. There's a knock at the door. Jeevan opens the door and is shocked to find Prerna.
That's it!


March 24 by Bunty(Khizer)


The episode begins with Prerna and Mukti sitting on the floor together. Mukti questions her why she has come here and tells her not to be worried for her sake because she is leaving forever and will never ever return and never see Choti maa or the rest of the parivaar ever again. (Mukti and Prerna are both crying immensely) Mukti tells Prerna how weak Mukti and her father are against Prerna and family and that they can do nothing to get justice. She tells Prerna that "Aaj hum apni kamsori se dhoor ja rahe hai. Kabhi nahi aaoongi apke paas." Prerna suddenly says to Mukti "Muhje maaf karde." She says she didn't understand how wrong she was doing by thinking that Mukti was lying. She tells Mukti that she has found out Sharad raped her. They all are shocked. Mukti cries of relief. Prerna tells her that she heard it for herself and now the life's of both her daughters have been ruined. Prerna then says while touching Mukti's feet "Mein tere pher parti hoon muhje maaf karde." Mukti stops her and holds her hand. Prerna starts saying to Mukti how wrong she is has done by not recognizing Sharad's true face and gave Sneha's hand to Sharad. THEN Prerna goes bolistic looking towards the ceiling and says "Kyun nahi diya meine saath !!! Aisa kyuun kiya !!! Meri bachiyon ne kya kiya beghara that era !!! Ghalti koi aur karega barengi mere bachiya !!!" Then she breaks down again. Mukti consoles Prerna. Prerna abruptly gets angry and tells Mukti not to worry and that she will get justice and no one will stop her.

The scene comes back to the Holi festival and Prem is terribly drunk and goes to Sharad and tells him to eat because he won't find food like this in jail.

Sharad imagines Prerna coming to the Holi festival with Mukti and the police. Prerna comes and tells everyone what she had seen and heard. Then Sneha comes up to Sharad and slaps him followed by Bajaj and just as Anurag is about to slap him he comes back to his senses. This lady ask Sharad if he has seen Prem around and he says no he han't. Then the lady finds Prem and Indronel laying on a bed together doing who knows what and freaks out. They both were drunk. Lolzzz

Shavan comes and talks with Sharad and does his normal trash talking and wanrs him and tells him that he knows everything about what he has done. Sharad tells him not to give Mukti's side and not to go against the parivaar. Anurag, Bajaj, and Sneha come and Anurag ask's him why he has come here and what he wants. Shavan tells him he came to wish him holi sarcastically. Anurag grabs Shavan and takes him out of the house. Shavan tells him that one day one of his own will bite him some day. Sneha tells Anurag and Bajaj how lucky she is to have two great fathers.

Finally Prerna really comes back to the festival and encounters Sharad at the door. Sharad does not let her through and tells her that what he did was a mistake and that he was drunk and raped her in the hype of the moment. He tells her he couldn't control himself. He then says that he will do anything to repay Mukti. He will give her as much money as she wants. He says he will even get her married into a good home and parivaar. He says he does not want to loose Sneha and is willing to do all this for her. Prerna tells him that he has ruined her life because he cannot give back the "izaaat" that she has lost. She tells him that thank god you are my son-in-law otherwise I would have already killed you and been in jail for killing you. She tells him that " aab teri assliyaat mein saab ko bataoongiii." Sharad suddenly has a change of character assumingly and yells "Hey Prerna!!!!!"

The episode ends.


KZK update for 27 March (in short) by ronitfan

Sharad threatens Prerna that she will NOT tell anybody about the truth otherwise Sneha's life would be ruined. He tells her that Sneha is pregnant and if he leaves her at such a time, her whole life will go waste and she should not take such a big risk for a driver's daughter. Sharad tells her that Sneha is very weak at the heart and she might ending up doing something drastic like comitting suicide and then she willl not be able to do anything. Sharad points out that everyone is happy and she has no need to invite trouble onto herself and should keep her mouth shut. Prerna is in a dillema and does not tell the news to anybody.

On the other hand,
Mukti and Jeevan are optimistic about getting justice and Mukti tells him that everything will be alright because Prerna is with them.

Prerna is in a dillema and leaves the Basu house celebrations without telling anyone where she's going. She starts walking on a road  and then she imagines that she is cornered by Mukti and Sneha who are forcing them to choose between the two of them. Finally Prerna's conscience comes and tells her that she should support Mukti because there are lots of people to take care of Sneha but nobody with Mukti.

Sharad sends a driver to Mukti's place and tells him to introduce himself as Prerna's new driver. Mukti falls into the trap and Sharad nabs her into the car and takes her away.Prerna who comes just minutes later, witnesses the scene and follows the car.

Rishabh is worried as Prerna has not come home.
That's it!
KZK update for 28 March by Saadia-

1) jeevan is sad aboutt all what happend with mukti. (actullay he was telling all this to other nokars)

2) prena goes to mukti... mutki is sleeping and see what happend with her .she gets up and start balmaing herself for all thing... prena sasy remember who did this alll???mukti says she cant remeber anything.

3 )perna cries in another room and bajaj comes and tell to control her slef and we will hepl out mukti...

4 )mutki is sad and is standing near window....prem in his own room comes near window and sad version is palyed behimd muktii... mukti remebers the party scense and closes the window...prem is sad...

5) sharad mumy dady are sad about what happend are saying this mukti thing should not come (newz) shard says what ever will happen me and snhea will be always with mukti...

6) anurag callls prem and sharad in the morning.. they come and anu ask them did thay had any fight with u guyzz or mukti ..they say no... sampita comes and brings the lsit of people who visited the party some from bajaj side aand some prem frndsss..

7) sneha calls shard and tell him that mukti is not seen since morning and he tells everyone and they are shockes... episode ends on PREM<<<<<



Short Update for 29th march....by Saadia

bajaj disagrees with prena and says thay u r worng sharad cannot do that may be u have galat fehmee prena thats she has full yakken that sharad raped mukti.. then they show a bakwas scena that sneha tells why he is not interseted in work . hey says that the day when mukti blamed him he always tensed. bajaj calls sharad mumy dady ,sharad and sneha. then they show pren tells jeevan that mukti has slpet now and u have to be with her what ever happened today with her she got reall scared due to that than a voice comes that bajaj sahab inta bara inzalam prena see sharads car and goes inside. and sharads mumy dady tell that sharad cannot do this .ur wifw is beliving on drivers beti and all bakwas bajaj says that my wife has full yakeen. sharad tels enuf he cannot handle this anymore if everyone think that i did this so call the police. acctullay it was my miustake that i helped mukti and i never knewd that she will do this to me. prena says" stop this nonsense and stop doing drama and all" i know ur shaitans face and i will brng that face out.sneha asuauall cries that why are u doing this mama ? u r beliving someone else why u r doing this? prena says i am doing rite .sharad is a bad boy . he is bigra howa becuz of his dad rajnithi . he thinks he can do anything becuz is dad is in rajnithii.but i will put him behind the bars.shards mummy says stop it prena dont say anything about my son. he can necer do this(sumthing like that) and sharads dady says lets go they are about to leave with sneha when prean catches snehas hand say that i can not let u live with a rapist i will not let u go with this kind of a man who has raped someone."sneha shouts and tells her to leave her and tells dont interfare in my life" episode ends on prena

precap---- sneha says that sharad meri zindagi barbad nahene abad kar raha hay uss nay mujhay sarree khusian daee hain jo ek aurat kay pass honee chayee. barbad to app kar rahee hain mama.



By Saadia-

Short Update for 30th march...

well that episode start with sneha .she tells to prena that sharad abad my life and u r trying to make my life barbad.he has givien me all the happiness which a girl need and say why dont u understand this? bajaj sneha tammez say baat karoo kya asay baat karthya hain apnii maa say. sneha tells papa ap smajhya na inahy kay yeh mery zindagi koin barabad karnay pay tele howi hain. ek driver ki beti aky liya prena intupts and say yeh ky driver ki beti laga rakhii hai woh bhi kisi ki beti hai.aur main usay insaaf dila kar rahoon gi. sneha says agar app ko mukti ko insaaf dilwana hai tu ap dilya kisi bhi had tak jayee liken plz mere aur sharad ki zindagi barabad maat kijiyee.sharad says if ur mom doesnt want you to come with me then dont come stay over here prena says dont do acting infront of me i will not let u destroy my daughters life she is going to slap shrad when sneha catches her hand and stops it and saya where my husbands izaar is not done i would not like live in that house and i will never come back to this home agian and they all leave.prena is sad and song is played . prena goes to bajaj and tells him that why he dint he took her side it is her farz to save snehas life i will break snehas and sharad realtionship bajaj tum asa kuch nahene karoo gi. tumhay andaza hai kay tum kya karnay ja rahee ho.kasa farz hay yeh tumhrara jis say tumhrare apni he beti ki zindagi barbad horahee ho. prena shouts and say " what ever i do with my daughter life is not ur probelm she is my daughter ans stops" bajaj says yeh jo sach tumnay kaha woh sach anheen hai main snhea ko apni beti mantha ho aur manoon ga aur yeh sach man kay hi is dunya say jaon ga prena is sad and sad version is played.prena falls down and suddenly anurag gets up and calls prena and ask is she okay or not i saw a bad dream that u got hurt are u oaky? she is i am trying to be okay.he says bye to her. SAM comes and anu ask her why she dint sleep ? she ask him the same. he answer that he got bad dream and sam tells u called prena .and start joking with him that u consider me as ur friend not love and u still remeber prena and anu says i dint mean that . and she fooled him and anu gets relaxed she only joked.bajaj coems to sneha and takes her to a car outside Chevelort Aveo . and he says this is a gift for u as u gave me the gift of becoming nana and he takes her to drive the car.prena sleepiing on ground and sharad calls " ay prena" ans she gets up and sees him episdoe ends

precap---- sharad if he wanted he can throw sneha out. aur woh asi halat main kahan jayee gi and prena looks at him angrily.


Update for 31st March By Khizer

The episode begins with Sharad telling Prerna if Bajaj leaves Prerna then "tuhj jaisiii saat bacho ki maa ko tho tera purana ashiq Anurag Basu bhi nahi apnayega." ( basically no one would be willing to give Perna a home if Baja kicks her out) Sharad tells her that she told him that everyone would kick him out of the house and the whole parivaar would be with her but forget the family, not even your husband listened to you Sharad tells her. Sharad then starts to compare females to several thins such as horses and says that they should always be under the control of the male but then says "Bajaj ke paas toh lagami hai" He says that a man who gives his wife equality between him and her makes the wife think that the man appreciates and admires what the wife can do. Sharad then tells her that men only do it to keep their wives busy so they can do whatever they want behind their backs He keeps going on about how to control women and how to control women. He then tells her how Mukti felt when he was raping her and tells her that he heard her cry a lot. He then compares himself to bagwan and says Perna should look down when she talks to him. He tells her he can kick Sneha out anytime if he wants. He just keep blabbing and become repetitive. He tells Prerna that he can control Sneha any way he wants and she will obey. Sharad challenges Prerna that he will get Mukti, her dad, and Prerna kicked out of the house. He also promises that he will make Bajaj slap her as well. Prerna in return promises him that someday he will beg Mukti for foregiveness and neal down against her.

Bajaj is sitting in the lounge and thinks about what Prerna said and says that she is Sneha's mother and knows what is best for her and would never put her daughter in danger. Bajaj says he should give her one more chance.

The next scene starts at the Police Station with Saawan talking to his assistant and suddenly sees Mukti and her father come in. He tells her "tu phir aa gayii, tuhje yaad nahi ayaa ke meine tere baap ke saath kya kiya tha?" then suddenly Prerna walks in with them and Saawan is shocked. He tells Prerna not to listen to Mukti as she is just a girl who wants to ruin men of rich family and wealth. Prerna tells him that they are here to report an FIR and tells him to file one. He thinks their has been a robbery and tells her not to worry. Prerna tells him she is worried because of them. Prerna tells him that they are here to file an FIR for Mukti's rape case that he had once burned. Saawan starts making fun of Mukti and tells Prerna that she is just a playgirl. Prerna tells him if he says one more thing about her daughter[Mukti] then she won't stay quite and will take action. He tells Perna there is no evidence so how can they file the case> Prerna tells him that it is not his business to ask if there is any evidence or not. And tells him that is it the job of lawyers. Saawam tells Prerna to get out of  his office and then calls Mr. Gupta.

Next scene Bajaj house. Prem comes downstairs and starts talking tou Bajaj. Prem then tells her that Prerna and Mukti went somewhere in the morning and he did not dare to ask where ever since that slap he got from her. A while later Sharad's father comes in and tells Bajaj that Prerna went to file an FIR against Sharad. He tells him to control Prerna. Sharad's father then starts telling Bajaj today is the first day of the elections and they must not let this affect it. Everyone but Prem and Sharad leave and Prem congratulations Sharad and praises his acting.

The assistant of Saawan tells Saawan that he has lost a bet they placed on whether Prerna would return to the police station to write up an FIR or not. He tells Saawan you have lost and that she has brought an immensge amount of people with her. Saawan takes a look through the window and is shocked.

The episode ends.


Hope you all liked it !







P.S. please do tell me if i have given the wrong person credit for the update, for some i wasnt 100% sureSmile

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~aashka~rocks~ IF-Dazzler

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Thank you sooo much!
maybe you hsoul dput all the update in one sticky topic!
indiangirl07 IF-Sizzlerz

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oh, yea its there, check the announcement video archive and when you open the wondow, it has a link to this topic Smile
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gr8 i want bajaj to help prerna so dat she doesn't ask fr anu's help n degrade mr.bajaj as mr.bajaj is gr8!!!! WHAT SAY?????

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