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Main hoon na-Arjun,Bhoomi,Suraj,Manasvi (Page 2)

*Piku* IF-Sizzlerz

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keep up the great work Tongue

jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Part-2...arjun gives bhumika her photoes taken by
                                                          him.B refuses 2 take
                             it.Arjun keeps it on the
                                                          table & goes.he was sad.but
                             when B was made sure
                                                          that he has gone,she goes &
                             takes it.Suraj sees it &
                                                          tells this 2 arjun.he becomes
                             happy. arjun rings up
                                                          bhumika:u took those photoes in
                             my absense? B was
                                                          embarrased. she:which
                             photoes?stop bluffing ok. arjun
                                                          laughs:don't 4get 2 see 2day's
                             PH in prog on zee.
                                                          B:that i'll decide.u shut
                             up. A laughs:she'll
                                                          see it.    B keeps the
                             channel. the glamorous
                                                          anchor asks:welcome 2 the zee
                             music ph in show.who is
                                                          speaking? "arjun" B was
                             anxious:so this is why he
                                                          told me 2 watch it.whats he
                             going 2 tell?
                                                          anchor :arjun,its a nice
                             name.what r u doing? A:i'm a
                                                          photographer . anchor:wow,so u
                             may be taking beautiful
                                                          ladies's photographs...can u
                             take mine too. A:sure
                                                          sine u r beautiful & sexy.
                             B becomes angry:go 2
                                                          her.i'll slap u.   anchor:du u
                             luv any1? A:ya...
                                                          anchor :who is that lucky
                             girl? B was anxious &
                                                          tensed. A:she is a model
                             in our advertising company.
                                                          anchor :wow,whats her name?
                             A:4 that the correct time
                                                          is yet 2 come. anchor:is it a
                             1 way affair?
A:no...but she is shy 2
                             tell that she luves me.
                                                          B:shy?me?never! the anchor
                             laughs:u want 2
                                                          dedicate any song 4 her?
                             A:sure.hum ko sirf tumse
                                                          pyar hai..from bARSAAT. both
                             A & B dream
                                                          singing & romancing this song
                             while this was played on
                                                          the channel. after the
                             programme,B phones & fires
                                                          A:what nonsense did u say
                             in that programme?    
                                                          A:did i tell anything
                             wrong? B:what wud've
                                                          been my parents'& brothers'
                             thots when they saw the
                                                          programme?what wud've been our
                             staffs's thots?they might
                                                          hav misunderstood us.   A
                             laughs:impossible. i told
                                                          that i luv a model in our
                             company.i did'nt tell the name
                                                          too.u r not the only model in
                             our company can
                                                          be another model.why r u so
                             sure that its u? B's
                                                          face becomes dull hearing the
                             thing which she never
                                                          expected from A.A
                             understands that. A:don't
                                                          get upset bhumika.i no that u
                             luv me.then why can't u
                                                          agree that?   B becomes
                             active:so,that girl is me
                                                          myself?ok,but arjun,i don't
                             luv u.she keeps the phone
                                                          down. A:i no that u luv me
                             bhumi.B   ; tells in
                                                          her mind:i luv u arjun.but i
                             don't want 2 cheat u.thats
                                                          why i'm avoiding u.

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jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Only-Mariyam IF-Dazzler

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nice one
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Part-3....a grand ad shoot.Arjun is the
                                                      videographer.Bhoomika is the
                          main heroine.a supermodel
                                                      CJ{JJKN} is her was
                          the ad of the sari
                                                      textiles.B was beautiful
                          in the yellow decorated
                          B did'nt like the way he looks at her.they
                                                      shoot her romantic sequence
                          with him.he was touching her
                                                      in an uncomfortable
                          manner.Arjun notices it.due 2 CJ's
                                                      behaviour B cud'nt act
                          the director scolded
                                                      her 4 that.
                          A supports her:1st of all this model has
                                                      2 hear scoldings.not only that
                          nice beatings too.
                          CJ:mind ur words.
                          A:u can do anything,i can't
                                                      question it. Cj leaves
                          refusing 2 do the ad.
                          A:if he
                                                      is having that much headweight
                          let him go.this is an
                                                      sari ad,only bhoomi is
                          the ad will become a hit.
                                                      finally they shoot the ad only
                          with bhoomi.but every1
                                                      has nice opinion.
                          A goes 2 the temple 2 see B.
                                                      he:bhoomi,du u think i was
                          wrong in my behaviour during
                                                      the ad shoot.
                          she did;nt tell anything.
                                                      r the only woman i care
                          4.thats why i becme irritated.
                                                      it touched her mind.
                          she:i did'nt feel bad.but i felt
                          A smiles.
                          she:arjun,i've sum problems.i
                                                      don't want 2 involve in
                          it.thats why i avoided u.
                          A:bhoomi,every1 has got problems.i'll share ur
                                             this temple,b4 the
                          god i'm asking u :will u
                                                      marry me?
                          Bsmiles. both of them become gr8
                                                      luvers. they both go 2 an
                          icecream parlour.
                                                      bhoomi,my parents r not
                          allowing me 2 marry u.
                                                      becomes upset.
                          he:but i decided 2 dsert my family 4 u.
                                                      B was shocked:4 me,u r
                          leaving ur family.u don't
                                                      no the value of a
                          family.papa,mumma...bhay,bahan..dada ,dadi...its so
                          A becomes dull:ya...but i want u bhoomi.thats
                                                      why.what did ur parents say?
                          she becomes dull:the same
                          A:what will u do?u'll neglect me 4 ur
                                                      parents? she thinks 4 a while
                          .A gets tensed.
                                                      she:no,i also need u arjun.
                          he becomes relieved.they
                                                      share the icecream from the
                          same cup.
                          both of them get
                                                      married in the register
                          officer with the help of
                                                      suraj-manasvi A-B take
                          a house near by 2
                                                      stay.the happy married life
                          crossed 6 months.
                                                      colony's anniversary party was
                          going 2 get arranged. The
                                                      president of the colony
                          tells:in every anniversary,each
                                                      of us' parents come as
                          guests.our parents hav already
                                                      come.this time,either arjun's
                          or bhoomi's parents must
                          both of them got shocked.
                          A:but our parents dare
                                                      2 see us now.
                          president:thats not an excuse.this is a
                                                      chance 2 make the things
                 putting an end 2 the
                                                      quarrel with the parents.
                          B:it'll not happen.our
                                                      parents hate us now.
                          presi:parents can't hate their
                                                      children,they can only
                          luv.their anger will soon go.i no
                                                      it bcoz i'm also a parent.if u
                          ppl r tensed 2 go 2 ur
                                                      houses,we'll go 2 invite them.
                                                      try our level best.
B was relieved hearing arjun's
                          A goes to suraj-manasvi s house without
                                                      B .
                          S:what will u do arjun?will u tell bhoomi
                                                      the truth?
                          A:no,i can't.she'll hate me.she is from a
                                                      nice family.
                          M:then what r u planning to do?
                                                      A:bhoomi's parents must
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Cry Cry
Only-Mariyam IF-Dazzler

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jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Part-4....Bhumika refuses 2 bring her parents.
                                                      she: Arjun,u've 2 bring ur
                                             argument takes
                          A shouts:no...i
                                                      can't bring my parents.thats
                          the final decision.

                                                      B:arjun,u r shouting at
                          me.even i'm having my owmn
                                                      decisions.why r u like this?
                          A screams at her:bcoz i
                                                      don't hav parents.
                          B:what did u tell?r u
                                                      neglecting ur parents bcoz of
                          ur anger 4 them.this is
                                                      too much.u don't no the value
                          of parents.
                          A:i no
                                                      their value more than u.bcoz i
                          don't hav parents.i was
                                                      always longing 4 parents...yes
bhumi.i'm an orphan.i
                                                      dunno who my parents r.i'vent
                          seen them till now.i
                                                      brought up in an orphanage.
                          A was shocked.
                          A:i'm sorry bhumi.i hid this from u fearing that
                                                      i'll lose u.i no that now u
                          hate me.bcoz i cheated a
                                                      girl like u who is from a big
                                                      cries:no,arjun.i don't hate
                 can i hate u?bcoz i'm
                                                      also a cheater.arjun,like u
                          i'm also an orphan who was
                                                      brought up in an orphanage.
                          A was shocked. both of
                                                      them shed tears & share their
                          they tell this 2
                          A:we dunno what 2 do.
                          M:there is an
                          B:what ?
                          M:my uncle runs an old age
                                                      home.u can try 4 an old cuple
                          4 1 day.
                          all these 4 ppl
                                                      go there.
                          uncle: how long u want them?
                          M:only 4 1
                                                      day.its just 4 a func.
                          B:not 4 1 day
                                                      alone.through out our life we
                          want them.its our request.
                          su-M were shocked.
                          uncle: ok...but any guarentee
                                                      that u won't feel them as a
                                                      treat them as gods.
                          uncle: like childless cuple
                                                      adopt kids,u ppl r adopting
                          parents.let me ask if any of
                                                      the old cuples is willing.i
                          can't be sure.
                          B was seen reading a book
                          A:du u hav exam 2 tomorrow 2 read like
                          B:this is a book about how 2 treat our
                                                      parents.orphans like us don't
                          no anything about that no.
A smiles & he also joins B 2 read. they get a
                                                      PH call fromm the uncle that 1
                          cuple is willing 2
                          they'll reach 4 the func straight 2 the place where
                                                      the party will take place.
                          Arjun-bhumi become
                                                      happy.they buy many dresses 4
                          the parents since they
                                                      dunno how they look like.

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