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Updates for Feburary 2006

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Febuary updates were done by Ronitfan

KZK update for 1 Feb-
Prerna shows Anurag the contents of the tape and they both are very hurt by seeing Prem hugging Aparna and telling her that he's not told anyone that she was behind all this. Anurag is furious. Prerna breaks into tears and tells Anurag that Prem has completely let down and she has lost today. Anurag is too angry. He turns to Prerna and tells her that it is not her loss, it is 'their' loss, it is not only her feelings which UD has killed, but he has betrayed his whole family and his father also. He was never good Prerna, he was always fooling us. We were naive enough to beleive on his false intentions and take him for granted.

Anurag turns to Prerna and goes towards her.He grabs her hand and tells her to come somewhere. Prerna asks him where they are going. Anurag tells him that it is high time they broke their silence. Anurag tells her that they have been forgiving Prem all the time but they will fight back this time around. Prerna is in tears as they leave for some place.

Prem is sitting in a pub, drinking.His friends are partying and ask him to join in. Prem tells them that he is no mood for party. His friends leave him alone. Suddenly the lights in the disco go off. Prem leaves his drink half-way and is leaving the place when the bartender switches on something on the plasma screen on the wall. Everyone is shocked to see it and everyone instantly recognises Prem. They are showing the same footage of Prem going to Aparna and hugging him. Prem is shocked to see all this and yells out asking who is palying all this. He turns around to see Anurag and Prerna.

Prem is shocked to see them and tells them that what they are thinking is totally wrong and asks them to listen out to him and beleive him. Anurag is too angry to listen and asks Prem if he'd really gone to Aparna's house. Prem hesitantly agrees.Anurag slaps him right away. Prem tries to tell him something but Anurag tells him to shut up. Anurag tells him that a person goes to the house of only that person with whom he has some relation and Prem would never have gone there if he cared a bit for their feelings. Prem tells them that they are wrong and he has done nothing wrong. Anurag slaps him again and Prem is pushed back with the force. Anurag tells him that today he has really hurt them and caused both of them immense pain.Prem turns to Prerna and calls out for her- "Ma.." Prerna warns him and tells him never to call her his mother again because it seems all too fake. Prerna tells him that he's caused her more pain than all the 20 years she waited for him.

Prerna tells him that from today, he is not her son and he's not Prem Prerna Sharma anymore. Prerna tells him that from now on, he does not mean anything to her. Prem keeps on telling her that he has not done anything wrong but Prerna does not beleive him. Prerna and Anurag leave and Prem is left whining. Prem shouts back at them telling them that he has not done anything.

Prerna and Anurag go to the poilce station and tell the Police that it was Aparna and UD behind all this. They hand over the tape to the Inspector and leave. The Inspector goes to the pub and they take Prem to the Police station. Anurag and Prerna watch as they take Prem away. Prerna cries again.

Anurag goes home and tells the whole family what happened and all of them are shell-shocked. Prerna also returns home. She goes to Prem's room and she is reminded of happy moments with Prem. She looks into the mirror and she imagines Prem laughing at her and making fun of her. She takes his baseball stick and breaks the mirror and goes on to break everything in the room until Birju comes and stops her.

Prerna starts walking on the road and breaks down, sitting on the road. Aparna comes and tells her that Prem was fooling them all the while and now she has lost everything. Prerna cries. Aparna goes away.

That's it!

__________________________________________________________ _

KZK update for 2 February-

Prem is taken inside a cell in the jail and he is being interrogated by the Inspector and his constable. The constable asks him to tell them everything about Aparna and her wherabouts. Prem remains quiet.The Inspector tells Prem that he should be ashamed of his behaviour and asks him why he did not think of his parents even once before doing such a heinous act. Prem is hurt by this statement of his and still remains quiet.He remembers all the time he spent with Prerna and how he was really happy with her. The constable tells him that they will have to hit him to get the information they want. The Inspector stops him and calls Anurag. The Inspector tells Anurag that they have interrogate Prem a lot but they cannot resort to violence as Prem remains his son. Anurag tells the Inspector that Prem is no longer his son and he can take any methoed he wants to get information from Prem.


Mohini hears all this and is sad. She goes to Anurag. He has tears in his eyes. Mohini and Anurag hug. At the police station, the inspector starts hitting Prem and slapping him, telling him continuously to reveal everything about Aparna. Prem still doesn't utter a word and remembers the time when Amurag yelled on him and told him that he has been UD throughout. Prem does not tell anything to the inpector. Prerna is still walking on the road, upset. A sad song plays on Anurag, Prerna and Prem.


Anurag is standing at his window when Subroto comes and tells him that Indro has come back to his self. Anurag is happy and tells him that he will go immediately with Prerna to the hospital. He leaves for the Bajaj house.


Prerna retruns home and stands alone- sad and upset. Suddenly a voice booms from behind her. It's Rishabh!!! (Woooohoooo!!!) Rishabh looks at her happily and tells her that this time he is very upset with her. Rishabh tells her that she knows that she's too happy as she has got Prem but that does not mean that she'll not call him a single day on his whole trip. Rishabh tells her that this is the first time she didn't talk to him when he went for such a long trip. Prerna starts crying and runs to him and hugs him. Rishabh is surprised by her reaction and tells her that he was just joking. Rishabh realizes that Prerna is crying. Rishabh is concerned and asks her what happened. Prerna tells him all that happened. Rishabh is shocked and puts on the tape. He sees the part when Prem hugs Aparna. Rishabh sees something fishy in the whole thing and plays the thing again and again. Rishabh is about to say something to Prerna when Anurag comes in. He's surprised to see Rishabh and tells him that it's good that he came back. Rishabh tells Anurag that he has come to know everything from Prerna. All three of them leave for the hospital.


At the police station, the police is still interrogating Prem, but in vain. The Inspector comes to know that Aparna herself has come to the police station. The police immediately arrest her. Aparna warns them and tells them that they will not be able to keep her in for long because they need proof against her from Indro. The police also reach the hospital.


At the hospital, Prerna, Rishabh, Anurag and the police are recording Indro's statement. Indro tells them all that Aparna was not the one behind the attacks on him but they were some goons which he did not know of. Anurag is furious and demands and explanation from Indro to tell him why he's lying. Indro tells them all that he is not lying. Indro tells him that the car was too fast and he really does not know who was behind all these attacks. Anurag is really pissed off. Indro gets unwell and faints. The Doc comes and tells them not to stress Indro like this or they can land into trouble. Anurag and Prerna leave. Rishabh stays back and calls up a detective and assigns some work to him. After all of them leave, Indro recalls how Aparna has come into his ward the night before and had told him that if he wanted to live, he should keep his mouth shut otherwise- he will pay with his life. Indro is really worried.


Inside jail, Prem turns around to find Aparna inside his cell. Prem is shocked and  asks Aparna what she wants and why she is after him. Prem asks her to leave her alone. Aparna tries to instigate him against Anurag and Prerna but he tells her to shut up. Aparna again tells Prem the numerous incidents when Anurag and Prerna have forgiven their kids but not him .Aparna tells him that Anurag-Prerna never loved him and always wanted to get rid of him. Aparna tells him that she still repents the day she shouted on him and he left her. Aparna assures him that she will never leave him again. Aparna tells him again and again on how Anurag-Prerna could not trust him and how much they claimed to love him. Finally, Aparna tells Prem that it is all because he is an illicit kid and nothing else. Prem is instigated and very angry. That's it!


KZK update for 3 February-

Shravan comes to jail with his lawyer. He walks up to the Inspector and reminds him that they have already taken Indronil's statement which has been of no help of them. Shravan tells them to free Aparna and Prem as they have no proof against her. The lawyer tells him that since there is no proof, no case is formed against Aparna and thus she cannot be put in police remand for no rhyme or reason. The Inspector is dejected and he asks the constable to free both of them.

Aparna and Prem are freed.Prem goes towards the door and waits.Aparna goes to the Inspector and gives him a wicked smile.Aparna reminds him that she'd already told him that she would not have to stay inside for long. Aparna laughs and bids him goodbye.Prem looks on disgruntled.She starts walking and calls UD to come behind her. UD hesitantly follows her out of the police station.

All three of them stand together near their car.Shravan tells Prem that it's nice to ha

KZK update for 6 February-

Rishabh confronts Aparna and tells her that he has come to know
everything about her plan. Rishabh tells her that she played a real
smart game by getting them to beleive that Komolika is out and is
seeking revenge- whearas in reality, she had talked to Komolika's
mother and told her to get Komolika shifted to another hospital as
Anurag was a threat to her life. Aparna is totally shocked-

Rishabh- You must be wondering how I came to know all this..Uma ji!

Uma, Komo's mother comes there. Aparna is shocked. Rishabh goes on and
calls his detective- Mr.Mehra. Rishabh tells Aparna that he should not
have expected him to be so naive especially since he has been managing
a business empire for the last so many years. Rishabh gives Aparna
proof about Komolika being in another mental asylum and also shows her
pictures of Komolika clicked at that place. Rishabh tells her that he
knows that she did all this just so that they could throw Prem out of
their lives. Rishabh reveals that it was not Komolika, but Shravan who
had freed her from jail and even then, she has fooled them all into
beleiving that Komolika had joined forces with Aparna-

Rishabh- What did you obtain by doing all this? You introduced this
angle of Komolika so that we get misleaded and you continue with your
attacks in the dark without us ever realising. You just could not stand
Prerna's happiness because Prem being with his mother meant your power
decreasing dramatically...

Aparna- You are mistaken. More than the sadness I have for Prem not
being with me, I have the happiness that he is not with you, not in
your life. You should now get used to living without Prem!

Rishabh- If that is so, then you must get used to living without Shravan..

Rishabh looks at her dangerously. Aparna is shocked and asks him what
he means. Rishabh tells that he will soon proceed legally with
Shravan's case and it will lead him to a punishment of a minimum of 7
years.Aparna smirks and tells Rishabh that she will get him out of jail
in a jiffy. Rishabh looks at her wryly and tells her that this time she
may not be so successful.

Aparna is confused-

Rishabh- I have noticed Aparna, that you possess a mighty interest in
making video films, and even more- in EDITING them.This time, I have
made a film which I would like to show it to you..

Rishabh brings a mini-video player and plays the film where Shravan is
driving the car with the same girl (who lied for him to go to jail).
Shravan takes a sharp turn and the girl is pushed on to him. She
apologises and goes back to her seat. Rishabh tells her that this was
the original film.Rishabh tells her that this time he has done some
editting. Rishabh shows her the editted film which features Shravan
mis-behaving with the girl after taking the sharp turn. Aparna is
totally freaked out. She tells Rishabh not to do anything like this.
Rishabh tells her that he can mighty well do this if she can do such
things with Prem. Aparna tells him that she is really sorry and is
ready to tell the truth.

Aparna reveals what all happened. When Indro had spied her to the
hotel, the person inside the room along with her was none other than
Prem. Aparna had called Prem to convince him and make him forgive her
and come back to her. Aparna tells Rishabh that she had tried to
convince Prem but he did not listen to her. Then, she found out that
Indro was spying on her-

Aparna- I knew Indro was following me..and that is just what I wanted.
After I saw him, I knew he would immediately call up Anurag. I
deliberately sent goons behind Indro so that all of you are convinced
that me and Prem could go to any limits to hide our secret. I took full
advantage of the situation and made my final attack when he came to
meet me after Indro slipped into coma. He had actually come to tell me
that I'd be in a big mess if I interfered in the life of his family
members. Mr.Bajaj, I am ready to tell this truth to everyone and anyone
whom you want me to..

Rishabh- There is no need for that now Aparna. The ears I wanted to give the truth to,I have given.

Rishabh turns to a side. Aparna turns around and is shocked to see
Prerna and Anurag, standing there in all their fury. Prerna and Anurag
slowly make their way to Aparna. Prerna and Anurag recall all the
things they said to Prem because of their mis-understanding. Anurag
recalls how he slapped him and humiliated him in public and told him
that he will always remain UD.Prerna recalls how she had mercilessly
broken all bonds with him and did not care to listen to his side of the
tale. They walk towards Aparna. Prerna moves ahead and slaps Aparna
tight. Aparna is pushed by the force. Prerna turns violent. She grabs
Aparna by her hair and bangs her head continuously on the car bonnet,
injuring her.Prerna pulls her back again and slaps her. She then pushes
her so hard that she falls down on the ground.Prerna slaps her again.
Aparna is lying on the ground. Prerna sees a boulder lying in front of
her. She lifts it in her hands and is about to throw it on Aparna when
Rishabh comes and stops her.

The Police free Shravan and arrest Aparna. Shravan tells Aparna that
he'll come with her.When Aparna is leaving,she turns back to Prerna and
tells her that she should not suppose that this is the end of Aparna,
because she has lost- she is a lost mother. Prerna is furious and yells
back at her-

Prerna- What do you think!! A mother who can improve her kid can not
get him back in his own house?You are totally mistaken! I will get my
son back. Wait and watch. It was my foolishness that I got into your
silly talks and doubted my son. But this is the biggest lesson for
me.From now, no matter what you tell me- I will never ever doubt my
kid. Never..my prem..

Prerna grows sad and hugs Rishabh. Aparna smirks at her and the Police
take her away. Rishabh comforts Prerna. They all leave for the hotel
where Prem was living but they cant find him there. They go to Karan's
place but he's not to be found there as well. Rishabh tries calling
many places but there's no place he can be found. Prerna tells Rishabh
that she knows one place where they will definitely find her. They all

The three of them reach Prem-I's grave where Prem is sitting in front
of his tombstone and crying bitterly. Prerna is releived to see him and
Anurag and Prerna go to him. Rishabh stands away from all of them.
Prerna goes to Prem. Prerna tells him that she is here to apologise.
She tells him that she knows that whatever she has done is not worth
any sympathy but still she wants him to forgive her and come back to
her. Prerna holds him but Prem shakes her hand off and tells Prerna
angrily not to touch him. Prem moves his face away from Prerna. Prerna
tells him that he does not need to hide his face from her, because her
eyes are full of shame and lowered with disgust. Prerna tells Prem to
give her one last chance. Prerna again holds him and he grows extremely

Prem- Look! Please go away from here.I am not your Prem.I am UD.Why did
I even try to become Prem? What did I get out of all this? When I was
UD, nobody dared to touch me, and now that I am Prem- what do I get? I
get thrashed by the police, humiliated by my parents,kicked out of my
own house!! Why should I forgive you? I am not going to forgive you.I
have nothing to do with all of you.You all have destroyed me.You told
me to call you Ma..and when I called out-"Maa"- for the first time,
where were you?? For the first time in my life, I tried changing
myself.I gave away that 12 crore contract for Mukti because I thought
she meant something to you. But what did I get?? You people ditched me
when I needed you the most. You did not care to trust me one bit. I am
least interested in my relationship with all of you.I dont have
anything to do with all of you. Please leave!!

Anurag comes there and tells Prem that he can punish them in whatever manner he wants-

Anurag-You can kick us, hit us,swear at us. You can also do the very
things that we did with you- but please Prem, dont leave us.We will not
be able to live without you.Our world starts with you..and ends with
you Prem! Please dont go...

Prem- That's it! I dont want to listen anything. And you guys quit
crying. I am sick of seeing all this crying and wailing.I dont care for
all of you. Please GO!

Prerna drops at his feet and holds his leg, crying.Prem tries to shake
her off. He is irritated and tells them to leave.Prem bends down and
pulls Prerna away. He tells Prerna that he's not her Prem. He keeps on
saying that very thing and breaks down. The both of them hug. Anurag
bends down and Prem hugs the both of them.Rishabh, who is standing away
from all this- wipes off a golden tear from his eyes and is extremely

Prerna,Rishabh and Prem come home.Prem tells them that he will freshen
up and come back.Rishabh stops him and tells him that his room is not
in good condition as Prerna had messed it up in her anger. Prem smiles
at her and tells her that he will use another room. Prerna holds him
and again apologises to him.Prem tells her it's ok and leaves.

Rishabh moves to Prerna and fondles her hair.He holds her shoulder
re-assuringly and asks her if she's happy.Prerna holds his hand and
looks at him lovingly.She smiles and tells him that he's given him the
biggest gift of her life.Prerna tells him that she had thought she'd
lost Prem forever. She tells him that her life is back on track again.
Rishabh looks at her lovingly and tells her that he shares a deep bond
with her life too.They both look at each other and hug warmly.

Prem goes to his room and opens his fridge. He grabs a beer can and
drinks it.Prem looks around evil-ly. He apologises to Rishabh and
Prerna and tells them that he is not Prem now and he will make them
realise how wrong they were when they doubted him.Prem vows to use
their trust and convert their trust into tatters and to ruin them

That's it!


KZK update for 7 February-
Prerna is sitting on the couch reading a magazine.Rishabh comes to her and tells her that Kasak just called from USA and she's given a very good news that the docs have said that Tushar is going to be totally alright in a matter of some days. Prerna is very happy.Rishabh further tells her that Kookie and Vishaka are also having loads of fun there.Prerna prays that Tushar gets well soon. Just then, Mukti comes in and shouts out for her. Rishabh welcomes her back.. Mukti goes and kneels down besides Prerna. Prerna asks her how everyone is in Satara (the place which she'd gone to).Mukti tells her not to worry and that everything is fine now. Mukti asks Prerna where Prem is.Prerna grows tense.

Meanwhile, Prem is in office and he's swinging his chair round and round in anger. Prem repeatedly thinks of the things Anurag and Prerna said to him when they were angry with him. He recalls Anurag slapping him and Prerna taking her name away from him and leaving him in the pits totally. Prem is furious. He stops the chair. Prem thinks that it was his biggest mistake to even try and improve-

Prem- I left everything for them. And what did I get? All this humiliation and unijustified anger? Where were they when I needed them the most? No…I have learnt my lesson. Now I am not going to leave anything. I will not leave the company which I brought up with all my hardwork. I will not only take back what was mine,but I will also take away what is NOT mine..by hook or by crook!

Prem gives an evil smile. Just then, there's a knock on his door. Prem sits hurriedly on his chair and grabs his laptop near pretending to work.Mukti comes in. Prem is surprised to see her and welcomes her by the nick-name which he kept- "Basanti". Mukti goes to him and tells him she's not Basanti. Prem argues that she is. After a mild adrgument, Mukti tells Prem that she's come to know of everything that happened with him when she was not there and that Prerna has told her everything. Mukti is about to continue when Prem tells her that it's ok. Prem says he's forgotten everything and even she should not think of what happened-

Prem- You have to think of what you have lost, and what you are going to gain! (referring to destroying his parents)

Sharad comes in. Both of them are surprised. Sharad tells Prem that he had called at home earlier in the morning when Prerna told him that he was at office-

Sharad- I thought I'd dialed a wrong number! You..and office..and that too early morning!! There just HAS to be a hot secretary in your office…show her to me! Cmon!

Prem- I am sure you haven't come here to see my hot secy, have u?
Sharad tells the both of them that today he wants to celebrate the completion of 1 month after his and Sneha's wedding and it's a surprise for Sneha and they both are invited to the beach resort. They both agree to come. Sharad leaves.

Shravan takes the lawyer to Aparna's cell. The lawyer tells them that he does not want to lie to them.He tells them that the case against Aparna is really strong and there's an almost null chance of her being saved in this case. The lawyer tells them that something can be done if Indro takes back his statement. Aparna tells him that Indro never gave any statement against her.The lawyer tells her that she's mistaken and Indro changed his statement once he came to know that she's in jail.Aparna is frustrated. Shravan looks on with a determined look.

Indro is in his hospital bed. He flirts with a nurse who comes for his check up.As soon as the nurse leaves, Shravan enters. Indro hides underneath his blanket. Shravan pulls it off angrily and asks Indro how dare he go against him when they have supported him and given him help all the while.Shravan hands him a paper and tells him to sign. Shravan tells him that the paper states that Indro is taking back his statement against Aparna.Indro refuses to sign.Shravan tries threatening him, but in vain.Finally, Anurag enters and takes the paper away from Shravan and tears it into pieces. Anurag tells Shravan that Indro is not going to sign on any papers.

Anurag drags Shravan outside to talk to him.Sam is also present. Anurag is furious and asks Shravan why is he still siding up with Aparna-

Anurag- Shravan! Can you not see what type of a woman Aparna is?? Or is it that you don't want to see!! Aparna was with Prem for 20 years..he brought him up, but see what she did to him!! See how she ditched him when he needed her the most. Prem is with his family, he is very happy. Why don't you follow suit? Aparna is upto no good Shravan. You will not obtain anything by giving her company!

Shravan just looks on at Anurag but does not react.Anurag tells him that Prem is with his family, with people who he can share his joys and sorrows with- but he's alone-

Anurag- You are alone Shravan. Who will you share your happiness with? I don't want you to be a loner like me. I stayed away from my family for 20 long years. And those 20 years were the hardest of my life. But I don't want you to be another Anurag Basu….return to your family Shravan..return back…

Shravan still does not react. Anurag grows very angry and tells Shravan that whenever he will try to save Aparna he will have to face Anurag Basu- and not his father. Anurag tells him that he has nurtured his dreams for 20 long years and he does not want him to break them. Shravan simply leaves. Sam tells Anurag that this time Shravan is helpless in this situation and he should not expect him to side with him at the very moment. Anurag is worried for him.

It's evening and all her friends including Prem, Mukti and Sharad surprise Sneha with the surprise bash at the beach.Sharad tells Sneha that he wants to celebrate 30 beautiful days of their marriage and he gives her 30 red roses. Everybody cheers for them.Mutki congratulates the duo and so does Prem.Mukti tells Sharad that he has been a wonderful husband and that marriage is all about loving each other, keeping a look-out for each other's likes and dislikes and caring for each other. Sneha and Mukti turn dreamy. Mukti tells them that thanks to their example, she has started believing in love again. Prem and Sharad have a hearty laugh but Mukti and Sneha are least amused.Prem points out a couple who's arguing and fighting. Prem tells them that the couple has been married for the last 1 year and now see what they are doing. Sneha is irritated and leaves. Sharad runs behind her. Prem laughs at Sharad.Mukti tells him that there's nothing to laugh as Sharad's going to cheer up his wife. Prem declares that he will never listen to anybody – not even his wife.Mukti scorns and tells him that nobody will marry him in the first place!!
They turn away from each other and storm off.

Sharad uncorks a bottle of champagne and pours out some for all of them.All of them are having a good time but Mukti is just interested in Prem.The music is started and Sharad and Sneha dance. Mukti's invited by Prem to have a dance. Mukti agrees and they move on to dance.

The couples are having a special dance where the partners are swapped after every 2 minutes, in a circle.Prem starts the dance with Mukti but then the partners change. Prem dances with a pretty girl and Mukti is with Sharad but keeping her eyes on Prem. When the circle is complete, and Mukti is back to Prem, she decides to have fun and goes over to Sharad instead. Prem dances with another girl. Mukti wants to go to him now..when Prem's not looking- Mukti gestures the girl to go and takes her place. Prem is surprised to see her and they have a close dance. They end the dance staring at each other romantically.

The announcer of the Pune contract (who Prem had slapped) is also at the party. He tells his man that Prem is the same person who cost him his job. He looks at them angrily. That's it!

PRECAP- Prerna is worried for Prem and Mukti as the weather's growing worse and tells them to come back.Prem tells her not to worry and that they will be home in half an hour. On the way, some goons confront Prem and start hitting him…

The first scene between Rishabh and Prerna when Mukti comes and asks about Prem.

Prem (UD) recalling all the insults made to him due to Anurag and Prerna and growing angry.

A small tiff between Mukti and Prem when Shravan comes and invites them for the party at the beach:)

The lawyer telling Aparna that she has very less chances of getting away this time.

Shravan forcing Indro to sign on the changed witness statement....Anurag coming and tearing the statement.

Anurag trying to explain things to Shravan and asking him to come back.

Sharad giving roses to Sneha at the bash and Mukti praising Sharad as a husband. All four of them having a good time.

Prem and Mukti enjoying a close dance at Sharad's bash.


A worried Prerna calling up Prem and telling him to come back soon.Prem having a fight with the goons.

KZK update for 8 February (credit to Nigam)

it starts with mukti falling in love with prem and constantly looking and thinkign about him at the party.. he of course doesnt realiz she is looking at him dreamily half the time... then they show some sharad covering sneha with his jacket for her and mukti watching prem dreamily as if he'll do that too but he doesnt... then they both sit in the car and while they're driving they see a mother and a child lying on the road and the baby is cryign really loudly. mukti tells prem she has to go see wats happened... prem says no we're not going lets turn back but mukti insists so prem gets off and gunde attack him hes being beaten and so mukti comes and tries to protect him but she gets hit as well. and then mukti sees that guy who prem slapped when he was signing that 50 crore contract so basically he got the hamla done.. then shes fallen on the floor and so has prem and hes bleeding.. she somehow drags him to the car where she puts him in the seat and goes lookign for help because a tree has fallen on the car. she sees so many people pass by but no one stops (its raining heavily) and somehow bajaj and prerna are driving back home and they pass mukti and prem but dont see them... mukti then runs to the police station and gets prem to the hospital and then calls up prerna.. prerna gets to the hospital and it ends with prem still being in critical condition...

the preview shows shravan talking to the guy who got the hamla done asking whther prem has been killed yet or not and how badly he had been hurt. indronil hears this and informs anurag...Tongue thats the end! i hope u enjoyed it!
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KZK update for 9 February-
Prerna is shocked to get the news from Mukti. She immediately tells Rishabh about the whole thing and they leave for the hospital. At the hospital, Mukti is crying badly. She just wanders in front of the operation theatre when Prerna and Rishabh come over there quickly.They see Prem  being taken out of the Operation Theatre. Prerna asks the doc how Prem is. The doc tells him that the next 24 hours are very important for Prem and that his condition is extremely critical. All of them are shocked. Prerna asks Mukti what happened. Mukti just keeps on saying that this is all her fault. Prerna tells her to calm down and tell the whole thing. Mukti tells her everythng about their journey back home and their encounter with the goons. Rishabh and Prerna are absolutely shocked.Mukti reveals that the same announcer of that Pune contract was involved. Rishabh tells Police to take immediate action. The Police assures him that all the Police Force is on his lookout and he will be soon caught.Mukti is unconsolable. Prerna hugs her and asks her to be quiet.

Indro goes to a discotheque. Shravan is also present there but Indro does not see him.On the other hand,Shravan notices Indro and purposely goes and sits with the same announcer (responsible for attack on Prem) on the table in front of Indro's. The announcer tells Shravan that his job has been done and even he has taken his revenge. Indro is listening to all this. Shravan asks him whether he hit Prem so much that he died.The announcer tells Shravan that he  did not die but even if he had,it would not have mattered.They laugh.Shravan tells the announcer to flee the city as the Police is hunting for him. The man agrees and leaves. Shravan thinks to himself-"I know Indro- that now you will immediately call Anurag Uncle and tell him everything about what you have heard..and that is exactly what I want.." Shravan laughs and leaves.

Anurag,Mohini and Sam reach the hospital. Prerna tells them everything about Prem. They are sad.Indro calls Anurag and asks him if Prem is alright.Anurag tells him what happened to Prem. Indro tells him everything about Shravan's involvment in the whole thing. Anurag is furious and leaves the hospital wthout telling anyone. He searches for Shravan everywhere but he is not to be found. Anurag is frustrated. The Police, meanwhile, chase the announcer but his car collides with a truck and catches the fire.The announcer dies in the flames.

Mukti is in the hospital and is very sad. She sees a woman talking to the nurse and telling her that she's going to the temple as God will take away all her pains. Mukti also follows suit and walks barefooted to the temple. Her feet start bleeding but she thinks she's solely responsible for Prem being in the hospital. As soon as she reaches the hospital and bows down in front of the deity, Prem opens his eyes in the hospital. Prerna is sitting with Prem and is extremely happy to see him back to his consciousness. Everyone comes inside to meet Prem.

Mukti returns to the hospital where Jeevan tells her that Prem is alright now. Mukti is ecstatic and runs all the way to Prem's room. She has tears in  her eyes but hides them.Prerna,Mohini and Sam leave and tell Prem that they'll be back in some time. Prerna tells Mukti to take care of Prem.
They leave. Mukti is very happy and just looks at Prem happily. He smiles back at her weakly.

Anurag is on the lookout for Shravan but he is not to be found anywhere. Prerna calls Anurag and asks him where he went to so abruptly. Anurag asks her about Prem. Prerna tells him that Prem is out of danger now. Anurag is happy and looks up to find Shravan in his house (Basu house). Anurag is furious and tells Prerna that he will talk to her later. Anurag disconnects the phone and walks towards Shravan who is callously sitting with his legs up on the table.

Shravan gets up and tells Anurag that this is just the beginning of his war with Anurag. Shravan tells him that he never wanted to kill Prem off because he wants Anurag to realise the pain one gets when his loved ones are hurt. Shravan tells them that he will not give all of them instant death but he's going to make them weaker by the day through his attacks and they will not be able to stop him.Shravan declares that he's come to avenge the things done with Aparna. Anurag tells Shravan to wait for a minute. Anurag brings all the toys and belongings of Shravan which reminded him of the days spent with him. Anurag holds them in his hand and tells Shravan to take all these things with him. Shravan looks on with least interest. Anurag tells him that by giving all these things to him, he is in true sense taking him out of life. Anurag warns him not to come back into his life again.

Shravan takes the things in his hand and then drops all of them on the floor, shocking Anurag. Shravan brings a can of kerosene and pours it onto the things and sets them ablaze. Shravan tells him that this is the end of their relationship and just like this, he's going to set his life on fire.
Mohini, Sam return from the hospital. Shravan just storms off. Mohini tries stopping him bu the goes.Anurag is sad and goes to the window and looks at the moon. He apologises to Debu for not being able to keep care of his son.

That's it!


KZK update for 10 February-

Mukti goes to Prem's ward and looks at him tearily. Mukti asks him how he is. Prem smirks and asks her how he's looking in the bandages. He asks her if he's looking cool.Mukti sits down besides him and starts crying.She hugs Prem.Prem is totally taken aback.Mukti cries on his shoulder and asks him to forgive him because this is all because of her-

Mukti- All this is happening because of my insistence that you get off the car..If something would have happened to you, then...

Suddenly Mukti realises that she's spoken too much.Mukti gets up and starts leaving when Prem holds her hand and asks her what she meant to say.Prem asks her what would have happened if he was affected.Mukti tells him that Prerna would have cried a lot.Prem tells her that he knows Prerna would have grown tried due to her tears and then finally moved on..Prem asks her again what would have happened-Mukti hesitates and tells him that the entire family would have been plunged into sadness. Prem tells her that he knows that too and tells Mukti to tell him the truth. Prem pulls Mukti very close to himself and their faces are really near each other.Mukti shyly tells Prem that there's no other truth and leaves. Prem sighs and goes to sleep.

It's morning and Rishabh and Prerna are at the breakfast table.Rishabh asks Prerna about Prem and Prerna tells him that Mukti's taking care of him. Rishabh tells her that he's happy that Prem is getting along fine and that there's nothing to worry. Anurag calls Rishabh and asks him whether he's coming to the court along with Prerna and that their statements are crucial for today's court case pertaining to Aparna.Prerna tells Rishabh that she has to get some medicines for Prem and she'll come to the court from there. Rishabh informs Anurag that they both will be there on time. Rishabh tells Prerna to have her breakfast but Prerna leaves to get the medicines.Rishabh tells her to reach the court on time.

Jeevan is driving Prerna to the medicine shop when 4 cars surround their car. Jeevan reverses the car but they are again blocked by another car. Jeevan and Prenra are confused. Goons come out of the cars and try to get hold of Prerna. Jeevan tries putting up a fight but he's outnumbered.The goons get hold of Prerna and take her away in a car. Jeevan tries to follow but loses track. Jeevan turns panicky.

Rishabh,Indro and Anurag reach the court. The Police bring Aparna. Aparna gives the trio bad looks as the Police take her into the court.Rishabh tells Anurag that Shravan is not present here and there's bound to be something wrong. Anurag tells him not to worry because Shravan does not have the guts to face them. Anurag gets a call on his cellphone. It's Shravan. Shravan tells Anurag that he knows he must be wondering where he is since it's his mother's case. Shravan tells him that it's not because he lacks courage, but he has stayed away to break their courage into peices. Shravan tells Anurag that all three of them have to give their witness in Aparna's favour in the court and then only will he leave Prerna.Anurag is dumbstruck.Rishabh takes the phone from him. Shravan tells Rishabh that he knows he is the more intelligent of the lot and tells him to change his statement and if Aparna went to jail, then his wife will never come home. Shravan hangs up.

Anurag tells Rishabh that they will have to act as Shravan is instructing and they have no choice.Rishabh tells him that is not the case and they can still save Prerna and also give their statements against Aparna. Rishabh's lawyer tells them that they have an hour before the case starts and he will get another half an hour from the judge through which they will get ample time.Rishabh agrees. The both of them leave to search for Prerna. Indro is left behind.

Rishabh and Anurag first go to the place where Jeevan tells them that the goons had surrounded them but nothing is to be found there. Rishabh and Anurag check out some other probable places but they are let down each and every time.Rishabh takes a look at the watch and tells Anurag that one hour is up and they need to act quick.

The court proceedings start. Aparna's lawyer provides his arguments for Aparna. Rishabh's lawyer tells the court that the trio could not be here due to some special circumstances and will be here any time. The judge adjourns the court for 20 minutes. Shravan enters the court and tells Aparna in gestures that their job is well done.Aparna looks evil-ly at Indro. Indro is scared.

Meanwhile, Anurag and Rishabh try out every possible places but are left disheartened. Rishabh tells Anurag to take them back to court because they dont have much time and cant afford to lose Prerna. Anurag recalls that he'd heard the sound of a train passing when Shravan called him. Anurag tells Rishabh that maybe he knows where Prerna is.He takes them to Basu Publications Office.Rishabh is amazed and asks Anurag how Prerna can be kept here.Anurag reminds him that there's a railway crossing behind their office and Shravan is likely to have kept her here as he knew we would never think of this office.Rishabh and Anurag rush inside.

The 20 minutes given by the court are finished and the court proceedings are resumed. Aparna and Shravan seem to be very smug.Aparna's lawyer calls on Indro to question him.He asks him whether Aparna tried to kill him. Indro is scared due to Aparna and Shravan and is unable to speak.Suddenly a sound booms, telling Indro not to be scared and to tell the truth. It's Anurag! Anurag enters followed by Rishabh and Prerna.
Aparna is shocked and looks dissapointedly at Shravan who's scared. Rishabh looks furiously at Shravan and then goes to his lawyer with Prerna and tells him what happened. 

A small recap is shown- Prerna was gagged up and tied to a chair in a closed room in Basu Publications' Office. Rishabh and Anurag were leaving the place when Prerna kicked a bucket lying nearby. Rishabh heard the voice and came runnin to her. He kicked the door open and helped Prerna out of the mess. Prerna was really scared.She hugged Rishabh tight. Rishabh kissed her and told her there's nothing to worry.Rishabh looked at her and asked her lovingly if she's ok. They all left for the court.

In the court, Rishabh,Anurag and Prerna give their witness statement against Aparna and she's in the pits.

That's it!

KZK update for 13 February-
Rishabh,Prerna,Anurag and Indro give their statements in court against Aparna. Aparna loses the case and the judge sentences her to three years of Rigoruos Imprisonment. aparna is shocked and so is Shravan. The Police take Aparna away.Shravan looks on. Anurag and the others go to Shravan and tell him that he should have learnt his lesson now.Anurag stresses again on the point that bad never triumphs on the good and he should leave Aparna for good.Shravan stops him in between and tells him that he does not need to teach him anything.Anurag agrees and tells him that this time he will learn from life. Shravan tells him that he will not learn from life, but from his destiny.Shravan wanrs them that this time they had their luck with them, but the next time- they will not be spared. Rishabh tells Shravan to understand the gravity of the situation.Rishabh tells him that Anurag has brought him up for the last 20 years, he has made innumerable sacrifices just to keep him happy. Rishabh tells him that Anurag had promised his Dad that he will always take care of him and that is why Anurag still cares for his well-being.Rishabh continues and tells Shravan to respect the upbringing Anurag has given him. Rishabh tells him that he takes Anurag's good qualities to be a farce and Aparna's tricks to be her greatness and that he needs to get out of that mess.

Shravan turns rude and lashes out at Rishabh and tells him that he will obviously praise Anurag because what he wanted (Prerna) was given to him because Anurag turned sacrificing in an instant. Rishabh is aghast by Shravan's reply.Anurag is furious and slaps Shravan telling him that enough is enough.Anurag tells Prerna not to tell this thing to anyone and if his family members come to know of this aspect of Shravan, they will not be able to take it.Anurag tells Shravan that he might have forgotten his family but his family always keeps on yearning for him. Rishabh tells Anurag that there's no use of telling anything to Shravan.Rishabh and Prerna are leaving when Rishabh turns back to Shravan and warns him not to cause his family any harm otherwise he shall forget his relations with Anurag Basu.They all leave. Shravan is sad and hurt.He sits in the court alone.

Prerna, Rishabh and Mukti go to the hospital to meet Prem.The doc performs the check-up and removes some plaster from his body.Everybody is happy. Sam and Mohini also come there. Mohini and Prerna help Prem get back to his feet and walk, but with their support. Prerna and Muki take Prem to the garden and help him walk around. Prem starts walking with his crutch alone. Prerna is happy. Prerna tells Prem that she's leaving byt tells Mukti to be with Prem all the time. Prerna leaves.Prem and Mukti are sitting on a bench when Mukti starts leaving. Prem holds her back by her hand. Mukti is taken aback.Prem gets to his feet and moves closer to Mukti.Prem asks her what happened. He tells her that she still has not answered her question. Prem asks her again-"What would have happened if I was in trouble?"

Mukti still does not answer. Prem moves yet closer to her and tells her softly that he knows why she's quiet and he also knows what she wants to say.Prem tells her that he knows she loves him very much. Mukti is shocked. Prem tells her that he loves her too. Mukti is too taken aback for words.Suddenly,Prem breaks into peals of laughter and asks Mukti why she's so serious and that he was just joking!! Mukti pushes him and he falls on the bench. Mukti leaves and goes to her room where she starts thinking of Prem.She opens  her book and looks at the photograph of them together clicked at Sharad's bash. Mukti smiles.

Shravan goes to jail to meet Aparna.Shravan apologises to Aparna for not being able to do anything.Shravan assures her that he'd tried his very best to save her from any type of punishment.Aparna consoles him and tells him that this is none of his fault and the only people to blame are Rishabh,Prerna and Anurag. Shravan tells her that Anurag has always been at fault- first he separated him from his mother for 20 long years and now 3 years more.Shravan tells Aparna that Anurag will have to return these 20 years of his life back to him.Aparna tells Shravan that Anurag is in a misconception that his life is now devoid of any troubles. Aparna asks Shravan to take away each and every happiness from their lives so that they forget how to laugh and make merry.Aparna tells him that she will be happy only when those people are sad.Shravan vows that from now on- Rishabh Bajaj, Anurag Basu and Prerna Bajaj will not be spared and that's a son's promise to his mother.

At Bajaj house,
Prerna gets a call from Panchameshwar telling her that their property lease there has expired and they need to renew it.Prerna tells it to Rishabh and he tells her that he will go.Prerna tells him that he cant go because he will have to stay back for the election campaigns. Prerna is about to say something else when Prem tells them all that he will go. They are surprised.Sneha and Sharad are also present. Rishabh tells him to go ahead but asks him not to go alone in such a condition. Sharad and Sneha decide to accompany him.Prem tells Mukti to pack her bags too.They all disperse when Rishabh tells Prerna that he's sure Prem will make a good job of his business dealings and that one day he will assume his power. Rishabh and Prerna are happy. Prem overhears and looks on evil-ly.

Prem,Mukti,Sneha and Sharad reach Panchameshwar.Prem completes the lease renewal in his hotel room and picks up his camera. Mukti stops at his room door and keeps on staring at him dreamily. Prem stops his camera at Mukti and gestures her to come to him. Prem holds her face and kisses her...woah! It's a dream. Mukti comes out of the dream as soon as Prem shoots a photograph of her leaning on the wall. Prem asks Mukti what happened and tells her that she's been leaning on that wall for the last 5 minutes.Mukti shrugs it off and tells Prem to get ready as all of them are going out.Prem tells them to go on and he's not interested.Mukti asks him whether he's going to photograph his hotel room all day long and tells him not to be a wet blanket.Prem tells her that it's his camera and his room and she should not force him into things. Mukti tells Prem that he has a bit too many issues. Prem moves to Mukti and asks her slyly if she's sure. Mukti blushes.Just then,Sneha comes there and tells them to get ready quickly as they are going. Prem tells them that he's not coming.Sneha and Mukti decide to go by themselves.

Sneha and Mukti are leaving when Mukti forgets something in her room.Sneha asks her to go to her room and get her watch as well.Mukti is unable to find Sneha's watch.Sharad enters the room and mistakes Mukti for Sneha. He hugs her from behind and they both fall on the bed.Both of them are awkward.Prem captures the scene in his camera.Sharad starts flirting with Mukti and tells her that he's not afraid of Sneha and she cant do anything to him.Prem enters. Both of them are surprised.Prem shows them the pic of them which he captured.Sneha enters and asks them what they are doing here.Prem again threatens to show the pic but Sharad takes Sneha away.Prem and Mukti look at each other.

It's evening and Mukti and Sneha are getting ready.In the hotel lobby,Prem and Sharad are waiting for them.Prem tells Sharad that if men change like he has after marriage then he will surely not marry. Sharad tells him to stop joking.Prem sees a pretty girl and follows her.Sharad is amused.

At the Basu house,
Rishabh and Prerna come over for tea. Mohini and Anurag tell Rishabh that it was a great decision on his part to enter politics.Rishabh thanks them.Anurag's lawyer comes and hands him some papers. Anurag reads them and is shocked. Anurag tells them all that Shravan wants a share from his property. Everybody is shocked!

That's it!

Anurag and Rishabh try explaining the situation to Shravan.

Shravan crosses all limits of shamelessness and insults Rishabh.Anurag is furious and slaps him tight.

Prerna and Rishabh go to the hospital and are happy to see his fast recovery.Mukti is also present.

Prem fools Mukti into beleiving that he loves her too.

Prerna and Rishabh agree to send Prem to Panchameshwar. Prem is upto his scheming against them.

Mukti's Panchameshwar dream that Prem is kissing her with love.


KZK update for 14 February (Happy Valentine's Day to all readers)

The episode beings with all four - Sharad,Sneha,Prem and Mukti going to a restaurant with a discotheque. Sneha dresses up Mukti for the night and Prem is bowled over by her looks.Prem invites her for a dance.Sneha and Sharad enjoy their dinner. Whilst they are dancing,Prem and Mukti come real close to each other.Prem tells her that she's looking beautiful.Mukti initially smiles at him but then feels sad.Mukti tells him that tomorrow when she will become the same old Mukti,he will forget her.Mukti starts going away but Prem holds her back and tells her that he will not forget her tomorrow even when she's back to her normal self because when he said-beautiful, he meant that Mukti was a beautiful person deep inside.Prem tells her that it's all that matters and looks are of no use if you arent a good human being. Mukti smiles  at him.

They finish their dance and go over to the table to join Prem and Sharad.Prem and Sharad have a lot of drinks and they are completely out of their senses.Prem and Sharad decide on having yet another drink.Prem calls the waitress over and starts flirting with her on the pretext of having another drink.Mukti is pissed off and tells Sneha that she's going to her room but instead of going to her room, Mukti walks over to a couple of guys standing nearby. Prem is surprised. Mukti starts flirting with the guys.The guys tell her that she's real pretty and she should have been a film actress.Mukti looks teasingly at Prem.Very soon,the guys start misbehvaing with Mukti.Prem stands up,walks up to them, and slaps Mukti! Mukti is totally shocked.Prem looks at her meanly and walks away.
Sharad goes behind Prem and Sneha takes Mukti to her room.

In Sneha's room,
Mukti is crying. Sneha tells her not to cry.Mukti tells her to think about what Prem just did to her.Sneha tells her that it was not totally his fault too.Sneha tells her that people get angry only on those people who they care for, who they want to be happy and people take such steps for only those people who they think they have a right over.Mukti is still crying.Sneha tells her to stop crying and asks her to tell Prem whatever she feels about him.Mukti is taken aback and tells Sneha that there's nothing going on between them.Mukti tells Sneha to go to sleep and goes away from her room.

Mukti starts dreaming of Prem again and thinks that she knows why Sneha was saying all those things to her. Mukti thinks about her feelings about Prem and her mood brightens up.She is humming her way back to her room when she sees Sharad talking to a girl outside her room.Mukti does not pay attention to them and goes on to her room.

It's morning time and Sneha is still sleeping but Sharad's not there.Mukti comes to her and wakes her up for breakfast.Mukti asks her where Sharad is.Sneha tells her that Sharad and Prem were very drunk the last night and Sharad must be with Prem. Mukti tells her to come down for breakfast soon and that she will be waiting. Mukti walks down the stairs to see Sharad coming out of the same girl's room, all sleepy.Mukti is shocked to see him!

Sharad returns to his room where he meets Sneha.Sneha asks him where he had been the whole night.Sharad tells her that he was with Prem and giving him company in finishing the beer bottles.They both have a hearty laugh. Mukti arrives and tells Sharad not to lie.Sharad jokes and tries to forget Mukti's question.Mukti tells him not to ignore her question but to answer it.Sneha is confused and asks Mukti what the matter is.Mukti tells Sneha that she just saw Sharad coming out of the same girl's room with who he was talking late the earlier night.Sneha is totally shocked and is reduced to tears.Sharad tells her that this is not the truth and he was with Prem all the time.Sharad tells Sneha that Mukti is trying to trap him and show him in bad light. Mukti tells him not to lie.

There's a knock on the door and a waiter comes and tells Sharad that the madame in room number 207 has sent his wristwatch which he forgot the last night in her room.The waiter leaves.Sneha is devastated and asks Sharad why he lied to her.Sharad does not reply.Sneha asks him to give her a reason as to why he did all this.Sharad tells her that she can think whatever she wants to but he is not going to give her any clarification. Sneha is furious. She goes over to Sharad and demands an explanation from him. Sharad is irritated and tells Sneha to leave him alone and he will not talk. Sneha is shocked.Mukti tells Sharad that Sneha's his wife and it's he is answerable to her. Sneha is in tears and reminds Sharad that dring their marriage, they had promised to be happy forever and never to hide things from the other.Sneha tells him that she was supposed to spend her entire life with him but he has broken her trust in a matter of few months.

Sharad is still not answering. Sneha is too upset.She leaves the room in a flurry.Mukti looks on at Sharad angrily and she too goes behind Sneha. Sneha is crying and thinks of the good times spent with Sharad.Sneha is going away when Mukti comes from behind and stops her.Mukti tells her that she did not intend to hurt her but she could not afford to let her live in such a big betrayal and that she just had to know about what Sharad was doing.Mukti tells Sneha that she understands what she's going thorugh at this time. Sneha yells on Mukti and tells her that she does not understand what she's going through.Sneha continues and tells her that she had vowed her life to Sharad, his family and his relations.She had made his house hers and she had embraced all of his relations but Sharad has totally broken her apart. Sneha tells Mukti that she has to talk to Prerna. Mukti tries to stop her but Sneha calls Prerna and tells her all that happened.

That's it!

KZK update for 15 February-
Shailendra, Gupta and Rishabh are discussing about the publicity campaign that they are going to undertake for Rishabh's entry into the political arena. Rishabh tells them that he's not sure if he will be able to do it. Shailendra tells him not to worry and he will surely excel in whatever he takes up. Shailendra tells him just to keep the promises he's made to the people and never to let them down. Rishabh agrees. Prerna comes there. She's worried. Rishabh is a bit worried on her sight and gets up to ask her what happened. Prerna hesitates at the beginning but then tells all of them what has happened between Sharad and Sneha. Rishabh is shocked. Rishabh says that there surely has to be some mis-understanding. Shailendra seconds Rishabh and assures Prerna that Sharad is not that type of a person who will indulge in something so wrong.Prerna is worried and tells Rishabh that whatever the matter is, Sneha is very worried and they should be with her in this time of distress. Rishabh agrees.

At Panchameshwar,
Prem tries to convince Sneha to give Sharad another chance because he is not wrong at all. Sneha tells him not to defend Sharad and that he has himself declined to give any type of clarification to her and now she cannot trust her.Prem again tries to make her understand but Mukti shuts him up.Mukti yells on him and tells him not to cover up for Sharad's mistake. Mukti tells him that even she wants Sharad and Sneha's relation to be saved but she will not side up with such a liar.Mukti tells Prem to go to Sharad and ask him why he betrayed Sneha. Prem is frustrated and leaves the room.

Prem goes out and calls Prerna. Prerna and Rishabh are talking when she gets his call.Prem tells Prerna that there is nothing to worry and things here are under control.Prem tells her that there was a mis-understanding between Sharad and Sneha which has now been sorted and that she should not get stressed up.Prerna asks him if he's sure and also asks him about Sneha. Prem tells her that Sneha's alright as well.Prerna thanks him for clarifying things otherwise they all were going to come over.Prem tells them to relax and there's absolutely no need for them to come over here and he will manage everything.Prerna is happy and hangs up.

Prem turns around to find Mukti standing behind him.Mukti comes up to him angrily and stares at him.Prem asks her what she wants.Mukti snatches the cellphone from his hand and dials a number.Prem asks her who she's calling.Mukti tells her that she's calling Prerna. Prem tells her to stop but she does not listen to him. Prerna is telling Rishabh and Shailendra about Sneha when she gets this call from Mukti. As soon as Prerna picks it up,Prem snatches the phone from Mukti. The phone is still on. Prem yells on Mukti and asks her what she thinks of herself.Prem tells her that he's trying his level best to get things back in order and she's hellbent on making things worse for all of them.Prerna is listening to everything. Prem tells her that the only reason he did not tell Prerna about the truth was because he did not want to hurt her and give her un-necessary tension.Prem tells Mukti that since so much of time, he has been trying to tell her the truth but they are not giving him a single chance to speak!

Prem tells Mukti what actually happened the last night- Recap-
Prem and Sharad were drinking in the pub late at night when this girl came up to Prem and started harrasing him,asking him to dance with her. The girl was apparentlty very drunk.Prem agreed to dance with her but she started clinging to him. Prem left her but some goons started troubling her. Sharad went up to the boys and sent them away politely and escorted the girl to her room and that was the time Mukti saw him talking to her. After that, Sharad went to Prem's room and was with him for the remainig night and the only reason why he went up to the girl again was that he wanted to ask her how she was doing because she was really drunk at night.

Mukti is shocked to hear all this.Prerna also hears it. Prem tells Mukti that he's sure she still does not beleive him.Prem pulls Mukti and takes her to that girl's room where the girl confirms whatever Prem had been saying.Prem looks rudely at Mukti and asks her if she wants to know something else as well. Prerna cuts the phone and calls him again.She tells Prem that his phone was on and she heard everything. Prerna tells him that she's prioud that Prem is such a nice brother. Prem tells her that he is always there with Sneha and will manage  everything here.Prerna hangs up and is very happy.Mukti apologises to Prem.Prem tells her that it's now her responsibility to remove this misunderstanding that she has cropped up between Sharad and Sneha. Mukti asks help from him but Prem refuses and tells her that it's her sole responsibility now and he is not going to help.

Mukti goes to Sneha who's packing her bags. Mukti tells Sneha everything and Sneha is reduced to tears. Mukti apoligises to her and tells her that she never meant to hurt her. Sneha is furious and tells Mukti that because of her she doubted Sharad who loves her so much.Sneha yells on her a bit more and goes away to Sharad's room.Sharad is talking to Prem and thanks him for clearing up this mess otherwise he'd be in a big mess. Sneha comes to the room and goes up to Sharad. Sneha apologises to Sharad and asks him if he's angry with her.Sharad tells her he's not angry but he's very hurt that Sneha could trust Mukti but not him. Sneha promises Sharad that from now on, nobody will come between them.The both of them hug. Prem and Sneha hug.Mukti is crying and goes away when Prem tells her to stop.Prem asks her not to go anywhere as all the things are over now.Mukti apologises to Sharad but he tells her that she will have to undertake a punishment. Sharad tells her not to peep into the rooms he goes in ever again.All of them laugh and everything's forgiven.

Prem and Mukti leave the room.Mukti thanks Prem for everything. Prem tells her it's ok and tells her not to meddle into people's personal affairs.
Prem leaves and Mukti dreams of him.

Back to Mumbai,
Anurag is praying in a temple when Prerna also comes there to pray and tells Anurag that everything's alright and it was just a misunderstanding between Sneha and Sharad. Anurag is happy.Prerna tells Anurag that Sneha's their kid and has their upbringing and she will never discard relationships just like that. Prerna tells Anurag that many a times there are misunderstandings in a relationship but it depends on a person to decide which is bigger- a misunderstanding or the relationship . Anurag grows nostalgic and diverts to his relationship with her. Prerna grows uneasy and leaves.Anurag also leaves.

At Basu house,
Prerna and Rishabh come over for tea when a attorney comes.Anurag tells them all that he and Rishabh have called him over for something very important. The attorney tells Anurag that he has made papers for his property divisions for Prem and Sneha with an added clause to give Shravan his property if he comes back to them.The attorney tells Rishabh that he has consolidated a part of his property for Prem too.Prernal beams at Rishabh and is very happy. Prerna tells the attorney to make papers to give Prem's company back to him as well. The attorney agrees and leaves.

Outside the house,
The attorney calls up Prem and tells him that things are shaping up just as he wanted and Rishabh and Anurag have fixed a chunk of their property to him and also Prem will now get his company back.Prem is thrilled and gives a evil smile.

That's it!
________________________________________________________ __
KZK update for 16 February-

The episode begins with yesterday's last scene where Rishabh and Prerna go over to the Basu house and the attorney comes and tells them that he has prepared the property divisions as proposed by Rishabh and Anurag. The attorney,Mr.Suri tells them that he has divided Anurag's property for Sneha and Prem and also added a clause that Shravan will get his part of the property if he comes back and leaves Aparna for good. Mr.Suri tells Rishabh that he has also prepared required papers for a division of his property meant for Prem.Prerna is very happy and beams at Rishabh. Prerna tells Mr.Suri to prepare the needful papers so that she may be able to give Prem's company back to him.Prerna tells Rishabh that the objective for which they took Prem's company away from him has been completed and now they need to give it back to him.Rishabh nods and agrees. Mr.Suri leaves.

Mr.Suri goes outside and calls Prem. He tells Prem all that happened right now. Prem is thrilled by the news and tells the attorney to treat himself.Prem laughs evilly and starts talking to himself-
Prem- The world is indeed round.Whatever goes has to come back to you.
When I tried to improve for the better,what did I get? I got beaten up, driven out of the house..and when I am pretending to be good- I get more than expected! This is just so hilarious.I am getting more than what I have ever wanted.

Prem laughs hard and looks on evil-ly.

Mohini,Sam and Anurag go to the Bajaj house.Rishabh is surprised to see them.Mohini tells Rishabh that Prerna suddenly called them over. They all have a seat and Prerna comes.Prerna comes and tells them that she wants to host a surprise party for Prem on the occasion of him getting his company back and for which she needs some help, especially from Anurag. She tells him what to do and Anurag tells her not to worry and that her job will be done.Rishabh asks Prerna as to how it will be possible because Prem and Mukti are coming back tommorow and they do not have any time for the preparation. Anurag calls up Prem and tells him to go pay a visit to their deity in Panchameshwar and if he did so- they all will be very happy. Prem tells him that he's very busy and politely declines. Rishabh tells Prerna that now there's no chance they can delay them.

Prerna tells Rishabh that she knows one person who can do this job for them.She calls up Mukti who goes to Prem and insists they go to the temple.Prem tells her that he's least interested in going to any temple. Mukti tells him that this temple is very important to them and this is where Prerna had done the ceremonies for him once he was born and also prayed for Sneha.Prem tells her that he's NOT coming. And only the next scene, Prem is standing grumpily outside the temple. Prem sees a lot of couples there. Prem tells Mukti that he does'nt understand why couples have come to a temple on Valentine's Day. Mukti tells him that all of them have come to seek God's blessings so that they can live together for the rest of their lives.

Prem and Mukti offer their prayers together and leave.While going back,Mukti asks Prem if he's coming to the Valentine's Day party at the night. Prem tells her that he does not beleive in love even one bit and he is not at all game for Valentine's Day.Mukti is discouraged.

They reach the hotel.Sharad and Sneha tell Mukti to come with them to that party but Mukti declines and tells them that if she comes with them, everybody will think that she's coming between them.Somehow they make her agree to come with them.They go away but Mukti's not too happy.

Mukti goes to the Valentine's Day party along with Sneha and Sharad. Sneha and Sharad go to the dance floor and all the couples dance. Mukti spots Prem there as well, dancing with some other girl.Mukti is sad.Mukti dreams about Prem dancing with her. After the dance, Mukti calls Prem on his cell but the girl dancing with him answers it.Prem asks the girl who's on the line.The girl tells Prem that it's Mukti.Prem tells the girl to tell Mukti that he's not there. Mukti hears it all and is very hurt.

That's it!

KZK update for 20 February-
Mukti is still too shocked to move. She starts thinking about all the times she had fun with Prem and mocked him and all the times he had close encounters with her. Mukti is very sad and tears fill her eyes. She starts moving around slowly in sheer disbelief of what she's done. Sneha comes to the window above her and watches Mukti in the garden. Sneha calls for Mukti and asks her what happened and why she's standing there all alone and tells her to come back to the party. Mukti wipes her tears while Sneha goes away and then slowly and sadly returns to the party.

While Mukti is going to the party, she sees many young couples romancing with each other in the hallway. That makes her feel even worse about herself. People are kissing each other and giving gifts- Mukti feels real sad. Mukti comes back to the party to see Sneha and Sharad cozying up to each other. Mukti tries to smile. Sneha and Sharad call her to themselves and ask her what she was doing all alone in the garden. Sneha asks her if she found her love (referring indirectly to Prem) and then clears up her throat and asks her to stay here in the party and she's sure to find someone. Sharad joins in and agrees. Mukti tells them that she'll be back in some time and leaves. Sneha wonders what's wrong with her.

Mukti again thinks of Prem and cries out as she walks in the hallway. She thinks about what just happened and how she told Prem that she loves him. Mukti curses herself for not being able to control herself and for blurting it all out to Prem.Mukti wonders what Prem'll think of her and how she's going to face him. Just then, he sees Prem flirting with the same girl, Sandhya,with whom Prem won the Valentine's Contest. Mukti is aghast. Prem romances with her.Mukti looks at him and waves out to him but Prem does not look at her.Sandhya looks at Mukti waving to them but ignores her. Prem pushes Sandhya into the room. Mukti is shocked.

Prem pushes Sandhya on to the bed and decides to spend the night with her.Mukti tries to go in but the door's closed on her door. She leans against the door. Sandhya tells Prem that Mukti was waving to her but he did not see her.Sandhya asks Prem if there's something going on between them. Prem tells her to relax and that Mukti is just a manager at his office and works for her. Mukti is shocked to hear this. Prem tells Sandhya that she knows how such people are- they start assuming things if people pay them a bit of attention. Sandhya laughs. Prem tells her that the girl should have some class if Prem has to flirt with her and not otherwise and that Mukti is useless. Mukti is even more shocked to hear all this.

Mukti's anger knows no bounds and she starts banging on the door. Prem and Sandhya are really closing on each other when they hear the banging.Prem is irritated and goes to open the door.Mukti enters and stares angrily at Prem.Prem asks her what she wants and why she's interfering.Mukti barks at Sandhya and asks her to get out.Sandhya does not listen. Mukti goes to her and pushes her out of the room. Prem is utterly frustrated and leans on the wall. Mukti comes back to the room.
Prem asks her what her problem is. Mukti goes out of her head-

Mukti- What's MY problem? What's MY problem!! You are asking me what my problem is!! I waved out to you right now and you didnt even look at me! I confessed my feelings to you and you did not even listen to me- you just went away without giving me any answer...and you ask me what MY problem is!! I know what you were talking about me in here- I work for you is it!! I dont have any class! You know what? My biggest mistake was that I told you that I love you.I was out of my mind that I loved you but I forgot- I was not thinking at all- no girl in her complete senses would ever love you because you are just not worth it! You dont know the meaning of your own name!! You cant give love to anyone- you are not man enough!

Prem has had enough and he slaps Mukti. Mukti slaps him in return. Prem and Mukti get into a catfight and Prem pushes Mukti on the bed and holds her hand besides her with all her might. Prem pushes her down and then tells her to shut up! Prem tells Mukti that it's not his problem that she loves him. Prem is furious and asks her whether he ever told her to love him, whether he ever asked her to confess her feelings. Prem is extremely angry.Prem tells her that he can do anything with her right now and she will not be able to do anything. Prem tells her that he will not do anything to her because she is too nice and he does not want to hurt her. Mukti has tears in her eyes and she moves her hand to Prem's face but he tells her not to touch him. Mukti goes on to touch his face. Mukti tells him softly that she knows she's hurt him a lot and she's really sorry about that...Prem tries to move away but Mukti pulls him back.Prem kisses Mukti and they spend the night together.

It's morning...
At the Bajaj house, Prerna is sitting on a couch and looking at Prem's photos. Rishabh comes to her and tells her that she seems to be extremelt happy today. Rishabh sits down besides her. Prerna turns to him and tells him that a mother is bound to be happy when her son exceeds her expectations and takes all responsibilites on his young shoulders. Rishabh looks at her and smiles. Prenra tells him that she plane to hand over all her responsibilities to Prem and wants to spend all her time with him (Rishabh). Rishabh is happy and puts her arm around Prerna and tells her that he has to go out of station for his election campaign and he was just about to ask her to come with him as he's not used to living without her anymore. Rishabh again looks at Prerna and  tells her that he feels extremely happy when he sees her in such a happy mood. Prerna tells him that this happiness will increase manifold if Prem is to get married. Rishabh tells Prerna that he will look for a bride for Prem. Prerna tells him that there's no need for that. Rishabh asks her whether she's not sure of her choice and reminds her that she was his choice and his choice is the best;)) Rishabh and Prerna have a hearty laugh.

Birju comes and tells Prerna to come down. Prerna tells Rishabh that the manager's here to meet her and leaves. Prerna asks the manager if they have the house meant for Prem all ready. Prerna tells them that Prem will be returning today and she wants the party to take place in that house and they should take care of all responsibilites. The manager agrees and leaves.

Mukti opens her eyes and turns around and moves her hand around but there's no Prem there. She shies to herself and blushes thinking of everything that happened last night.Mukti is happy and pulls the bedsheets over herself. Sneha and Sharad are having breakfast when Prem comes and joins them.Sharad is having a massive hangover and Prem makes fun of them.Mukti comes and joins them. She looks at Prem but Prem looks at her as if nothing's happened. Sneha tells Prem that she knows who he's spent the night with. Mukti is a bit embarrased. Just then,Prerna calls Sneha and asks them when they are coming back. Sneha tells her that they are coming today. Prerna tells her that she'll wait for them. Sneha and Sharad go off to pack their bags. Sneha takes Mukti along and she's unable to talk to Prem.

Prem,Sharad, Sneha n Mukti are driving to the airport.Everybody's happy. Mukti just keeps on staring at Prem and thinking about him. They take the flight and reach home.

Prerna and Rishabh are waiting for them and welcome Prem and Mukti.Prerna asks him how his trip was. Prem tells her that it was a real good trip and the work went good as well. Prem tells them that he'll just change and come back. Prenra tells him not to go home but to office as there's some important work. Rishabh doesnt understand what's going on and asks Prerna why she's telling Prem to go and he's just come back. Prerna looks at him angrily and he gets the message. Rishabh also tells him to go. Prem goes to office and tells Mukti not to come with him. Prenra looks at Rishabh and tells him naughtily that he never understands and then lovingly drags him inside.

Jeevan comes and asks her about her trip. Mukti hesitates a bit and tells her that the trip was good. Prem goes and sits on the car and talks to herself. He says that he knows about the house and the surprise party and he's going to get more than expected and soon he's going to destroy them all. He looks evil-ly.

That's it!


KZK update for 21 February-
The episode starts with Prem's surprise bash. Prem comes home and is surprised to see everything dark. He looks around for a while and then the lights are turned on. Rishabh,Prerna, the Basus and loads of other important people are there to surprise him. Prem is totally taken aback. Prerna takes him inside and tells him that this was meant to be a surprise, only for him.Prem smiles at her. Prerna tells everyone that some months ago,she'd named Prem as Prem Prerna Sharma and that today-she's glad that Prem has lived to his name and made all of them proud by his good deeds. Prerna tells Prem that she's proud he's understood the meaning of his name. Prerna tells him that in return of all the happiness that he's given them in such a short time, she is now returning his company back to him. Prem is ecstatic and hugs her. Prerna announces that today Rishabh and Anurag are giving him the share in their property which was always earmarked for him.

Prem is happy and looks at both of them.Rishabh smiles and gives him a thumbs-up.Anurag goes to Prem and tells him that he's proud of him. Prem and Anurag hug. Prem goes to Rishabh and hugs him as well. Prerna announces that she's called over all his friends and there's separate party for all the youngsters in his new house and tells him to go and enjoy.Prem is toally thrilled and goes for the party. Everybody's happy.

In her room, Mukti's sitting in front of her mirror and tells herself that she will not go to the party.She thinks that when Prem wont see her at the party,he'll come to invite her himself.She's blabbering to herself when Jeevan enters with his clothes. Jeevan asks her what's happened.Jeevan tells her to come to the party with him. Jeevan shows him the suit in his hand and tells her that Rishabh has invited his driver to the party, and not only that- Rishabh has also given him a wonderful suit. Jeevan praises the Bajajs and tells Mukti that they are such good people. Jeevan tells her that he's going for sure-

Mukti- You go on Dad.I wont be coming to the party.
Jeevan- So what are you going to do? Wait for an invitation?
Jeevan goes to change and leaves telling Mukti to come to the party as soon as possible. Mukti thinks for a while and then dresses up for the party.

On the other hand, Prem is enjoying the party and welcoming his friends telling them to enjoy along with him. Mukti's dressing up. The bell rings on the door and Mukti dreams that Prem's come to invite her over. But it's a dream. Mukti opens the door to find Birju who's come to invite her.Mukti tells her that she's coming soon.Mukti laughs at herself.

Mukti goes to the party and spots Prem along with some people. Sneha comes to her and asks her where she was. Mukti tries to give her an excuse but Sneha leaves for somewhere telling her she'll be right back. Mukti goes to Prem ad tries to call him but cant. Prem spots a beautiful girl and kisses her. Prem starts flirting with her. Mukti is hurt.

At the main section of the house, Gupta asks Rishabh why they've got two separate parties. Rishabh tells him that it was Prerna's idea. Prerna tells them that the kids have their own way to party and that's why she thought of a way so that they could have it their way without all of them meddling. Indro starts going to the party. Anurag tries to stop him but he tells them that he wants a companion and might find her in the party.
everyone has a hearty laugh and Indro leaves.

Mukti spots Prem flirting with the girl and Mukti is real hurt. Mukti just stares at them both. Sharad spots Mukti and pulls Prem aside and asks him what happened between him and Mukti . Prem just brushes it aside and then tells him what happened. Sharad asks him now it was- Prem smirks and tells him that it wasnt bad. Prem laughs and tells Sharad that he should not expect him to marry Mukti and all that crap. Sharad tries talking but Prem jokes it away. Mukti listens to everything and becomes sad and leaves.

Mukti's walking outside the party in the garden and a sad song plays on her. Jeevan spots her and asks her what happened. Jeevan tells her that the party's really grand and he wishes to throw such a party once in his lifetime for her.Jeevan tells her he wishes she'd get married in a place with people like Rishabh and Prerna. Mukti tells her that all that glitters is not gold and people do not realise the truth unless they come close to it. Jeevan asks her what's wrong and Mukti tells him that she missed him loads at Panchameshwar. They both hug. Prerna comse and tells Mukti to come to the party soon.Mukti tells her that she'll come soon.

Indro is enjoying the party when he spots Shravan at the party. Indro is shocked and pities Shravan;s condition. Shravan looks at the party angtily and moves somewhere. Mukti comse back to the party and is sad. Prem goes to a room and talking to the atrorney telling him that he just needs to get signs on these papers and then he'll kick Rishabh,Anurag and Prerna out of their house. Prem tells him that these people made a grave mistake by trusting him. The attorney leaves. Prem turns around to find Mukti.

That's it!


KZK update for 22 February-
The episode begins with half the part of the previous episode-
Mukti's walking outside the party in the garden and a sad song plays on her. Jeevan spots her and asks her what happened. Jeevan tells her that the party's really grand and he wishes to throw such a party once in his lifetime for her.Jeevan tells her he wishes she'd get married in a place with people like Rishabh and Prerna. Mukti tells her that all that glitters is not gold and people do not realise the truth unless they come close to it. Jeevan asks her what's wrong and Mukti tells him that she missed him loads at Panchameshwar. They both hug. Prerna comse and tells Mukti to come to the party soon.Mukti tells her that she'll come soon.

Indro is enjoying the party when he spots Shravan at the party. Indro is shocked and pities Shravan;s condition. Shravan looks at the party angtily and moves somewhere. Mukti comse back to the party and is sad. Prem goes to a room and talking to the atrorney telling him that he just needs to get signs on these papers and then he'll kick Rishabh,Anurag and Prerna out of their house. Prem tells him that these people made a grave mistake by trusting him. The attorney leaves. Prem turns around to find Mukti. Prem's shocked and so is Mukti.

Mukti stares at him disgustedly and tells him that she never knew that he'd stoop so low-

Mukti- So this is what you are upto? And what happened last night..does that mean nothing to you? You are betraying Prerna maa, Anurag Uncle..ME! I loved you dammit!
Prem- Did I tell you to? I never told you to love me and it's not my problem that you love me. I never told you to confess your love.And by the way, saying "I Love you" to people is an old habit of yours!

Mukti- I am going and telling Choti Maa everything that has happened to me and what I have heard right now.She may kick me out of her house and her life but I will reveal your bad side to everyone and tell them what a bad person you are!

Prem holds Mukti and closes the door. He pulls her inside and pushes her against the wall and strangulates her neck. Prem tells her that it's her old habit to meddle into affairs of other people that dont concern her. Prem tells her that if she did anything against him, she will not imagine what he's gonna do to her. Mukti recalls what Prem and Karan had done to her. Prem looks at her angrily. Mukti winces in the pain.A young couple comes to spend their time alone when they spot Prem and Mukti and leave. Prem goes away. Mukti's shocked.

At the main section of the house,the music is switched on.Shailendra takes Kamini to dance- Rishabh and Anurag follow suit with Prerna and Sam. Rishabh and Prerna are enjoying their dance when something catches their eye and they stop immediately. They both are shocked and have tears in their eyes. Tusshar comes back to the house with Kookie, walking on his own. Rishabh and Prerna just go numb. Tushki comes and hugs Rishabh and then emotionally Prerna hugs him. Rishabh and Prerna look at him proudly and then tell Tushki and Cookie to go and enjoy the party. Tusshar leaves. Rishabh and Prerna keep looking at him. Rishabh pulls Prerna near, fondles her hair and then gives a long kiss on her forehead. Rishabh tells her that today's indeed a very happy day for them- one son has got all his happiness and the other has come home to bring them all the happiness. Rishabh tells her that today his sons have returned all his strength. Prerna is very happy and they both hug.

Tushar goes to the party where Prem is shocked to see him as well and tells him that it's really great to have him back. Tusshar hugs Sneha and Sharad and they all enjoy the party. Mukti's sad. she keeps ob wandering in the party and dreams of Prem dancing with her.Mukti then thinks of all the times Prem's let her down and betrayed her. Mukti's disgusted and thinks about the night she spent with Prem.She runs back home and stands under a cold shower- as if trying to wipe all the sins she has commited with Prem. Mukti's all broken down and cries.

That's it!

KZK update (short) for 23 February-
Mukti returns to the party and seems determined to do something drastic. She stares at Prem angrily. Prem leaves the girl he's flirting with and decides to check up what Mukti is up to.Mukti's standing at the window and she has a look at the main section of the house which has Rishabh,Prerna,Anurag and others having a really happy time. Mukti appears to be in a dillema about what to do and her mind continues to question and puzzle her. Prem looks at her and asks himself what's happening. Mukti takes a hard drink.

Sharad comes to Prem and asks him as to what's happening to Mukti. Prem tells her that what's happening, should never have happened. Sharad is confused but Prem does not reveal anything else. Mukti leaves the party and starts walking towards the main section of the house via the lawn. Prem looks at her through the window. Mukti's walking hurriedly when she stumbles. Mukti tries to walk but she feels giddy and her head swirls. Mukti starts feeling un-conscious and falls on the couch nearby.

Mukti comes back to consciousness and everybody's standing besides her. Rishabh tells Jeevan not to worry and that everything will be alright. Rishabh tells Mukti that something nasty happened with her and her drink was spiked with such a powerful drug at the party that she lay unconscious for 48 hours. Rishabh tells her to relax and not to worry as he'll find out the culprit and punish him too.Rishabh and Prerna leave. Tusshar tells Mukti to call for him if she needed anything. Prem gives Mukti a strange stare and leaves.

Mukti gets up but is unable to recall what happened to her in the last 48 hours. She just gets glimpses from her memory but does not recall the entire thing what happened. Mukti recalls her falling down on the couch. She also recalls that she had her chain on at that time. Mukti notices that she's lost the chain and has a mark on her neck,about which she has no clue.

Mukti goes to Prerna and tries telling her about Prem in the most mildest manner possible but Prerna does not grasp what she's trying to say and tells hetr that property and money dont matter to Prem as he's a real good human being now and she's very proud of him.Prerna goes on and on about Prem and then tells her to relax and leaves.Prem comes to the room and tells Mukti not to try revealing his truth because nobody will beleive her if she did. Mukti again recalls whatever happened between her and Prem and is saddened.

She goes back to the couch on which she fell but the chain's not there. Mukti searces but to no avail.Mukti thinks really hard but is unable to recall anything.Mukti goes to the doc who did her check-up and tells her that somethins's bad happened to her for sure. The doc tells her that the drug was so powerful that it may happen that she may never be able to recall what happened to her in the last 48 hours. Mukti tells her about the mark on her neck and asks the doc to do a internal check-up of hers. The doc agrees.

That's it!

KZK update for 24 February-
Mukti tells the doc that she wants her internal check up to be done. The doctor agrees and performs her internal check up is over. When the thing is done, the doctor confirms the fact that nothing wrong has happened to her. Mukti is still tense.The doc tells her to relax and go home and take care of herself. Mukti leaves and goes home.

Mukti goes straight to Prerna's room.Prerna asks her what's wrong and ever since she's regained consciousness, she seems to be very hassled and is always roaming around aimlessly.Prerna asks her where she'd gone. Mukti asks Prerna why she didnt have her internal check-up done when they found her lying on the couch that day.Prerna tells her that they really did not have to do that because when they took Mukti to the doc, there was no injury mark on her body and when they performed the drug test they found samples of the drug in her drink and there was no other evidence pointing towards any other thing. Mukti tells her that she still thinks something bad has happened with her.Prerna assures her that nothing's wrong but Mukti keeps on cribbing.

Prerna tells her to come to the doctor along with her but Mukti tells her that she has just come from the doctor and has got her internal check up done but still there's nothing. Mukti tells her that she senses something wrong, she can see some blurred images but is unable to recall anything in totality.Prerna hugs her and tells her that whatever happened to her was wrong and promises her that she'll find out who did it and the person will be punished.Prerna tells Mukti to relax and have rest and that everything will be alright.

Mukti is still worried. As she's returning home, she passes the garage where all the cars are kept and she keeps getting nostalgic about it. Mukti enters the garage. Mukti starts hearing some music and the sound of a girl whining in pain. She looks around continuously but she's not able to remember anything. She grabs her head in pain and shouts aloud.Mukti stumbles on a can and falls down. Almost immediately, she recalls herself falling on the back that day.She starts walking again and remembers her chain being flung away. She finds the chain near a car.She's shocked to find the chain. She grabs it and starts running.

Mukti runs to Prerna again. Prerna is shocked to see her in such a state. Mukti tells her that now she's sure that something's happened to her in the 48 hours that she was unconscious. Prerna tells her that nothing's happened to her and asks her to relax. Mukti tells her that she cannot relax unless she gets the answers to her questions. Prerna grabs her and tells her that NOTHING has happened to her and she's just unwell and when a person starts thinking too much, he imagines bad things. Mukti holds up her chain and asks Prerna if that too is a figment of her imagination. Mukti tells her that they'd found her unconscious in the garden but this chain was in the garage and it was pulled from her neck. Mukti shows her the mark on her neck. Prerna is shocked. Mukti starts crying for help. Prerna hugs her and they leave for the hospital.

At the Gupta House, everybody sits down for dinner.Kamini tells everybody that Mukti's a strange girl.After being unconscious for a full two days, she still has so much of will left.Kamini tells them that she never knew that Mukti was into drugs and all that and would dare to take drugs at their party.Kamini asks Sneha if Mukti takes drugs frequently. Sharad tells her that Mukti's a simple girl and not that type. Kamini tells her that he does not know what these poor people do to get into these high-class parties and doubts if Mukti's a drug-addict. sharad tells her that it's common for people to mix drugs into drinks into such parties. Shailendra tells her that they have known Mukti for so long and they are sure of her and she should not doubt Mukti for no rhyme or reason.

At the doctors's place,
The doc tells Mukti that she has done her checkup and all physical tests and there are absolutely no signs of anything being happened to her. The doc tells her that she's thinking so much that she's imagining things. Mukti gets furious and tells that she tries to remember but can only get blurred images of what happened, she can hear the bustle of the party but she cant see anything. Mukti tells the doc to understand the woman instinct in her that something's wrong. The doctor tells her that she did not leave the party and was drugged and that is why she cant remember anything.
The doc asks her what possibly can happen to her in her own house.The doc tells Prerna to take care of Mukti. Mukti warns the doc that she isnt leaving the hospital until she gets the answers to her questions. Mukti goes away.The doc suggests a counsellor for Mukti.

Mukti's sitting sadly when Prerna tells her to relax and not to think so much and that she's spoken to the doc. Mukti tells her that it's of no use because the doc does not beleive that something's wrong. Prerna tells her that she's there with her and the key to this problem lies with her alone and she needs to remember what happened.Mukti tries to recall but is unable to.Mukti breaks down and Prerna tries to console her.Mukti tells her that she's not coming. Anurag calls and Prerna tells him what happened. Anurag and Sam leave for the hospital.

Prerna calls Rishabh and tells him that she's in the hospital and all that happened. Rishabh tells her not to worry and that he's coming soon. Prerna tells him that she'll wait for him. Rishabh tells Birju to inform Jeevan that Prerna has taken Mukti to the city hospital. Prem grows worried.Tushki and Kookie agree to come with him. Prem tells them that he has some important work. Rishabh tells him that there can be nothing more important than this and tells him to come along. Prem comes.

Everybody tries to convince Mukti to come home. Jeevan comes along and Rishabh tells him what happened and also that Mukti will be allright when she comes to know that nothing's happened to her. The doc comes and tells them that there's a way out and that if they take Mukti to a hypnotist she'll be able to remember distinctly what happened.

That's it!

KZK update for 27 February-
The doctor comes and tells everyone that the only person who can help them out right now is a hypnotist. The doc tells them that she has made all the arrangements and they just need Mukti's consent for going ahead with the process.Everybody is concerned for her when Mukti tells them that she really wants to know what happened to her and willl go for the hypnotism. She follows the doc to the room and everyone's worried.Rishabh goes to Jeevan and tells him that there's nothing to worry and when Mukti will come to know that there's nothing wrong, everything will come back on track.

Sneha is very worried for Mukti and tells Sharad about her anxiety. Sharad tells Sneha to get ready and they will leave for the hospital right away. Sneha is happy Sharad understands her. Sharad calls up and tells them that they are coming to the hospital too.

The doc takes Mukti in a closed room and introduces her to the hypnotist. The hypnotist tells her that she does not need to worry and what they are doing is very safe and will help her out.The hypnotist tells her to clear her mind and relax. He swings a crystal and hypnotises Mukti to make her tell everything that happened in those 48 hours.Mukti finally remembers what happened. When she fainted on the couch, someone touched her, picked her up and took her to the garage where he raped her and flung away her chain.

The doc tells everyone about mukti and that she does not remember what she told during the hypnosis and someone has to break the news to her. Everyone is shocked. Prerna goes and tells Mukti and she's shocked.

That's it!

KZK update for 28 Feb (short)-
Mukti falls unconscious when she comes to know that she's raped and everyone takes her home. The doc tells them that she'll come around soon and they all really need to take care of her. Rishabh wonders what they will do and Prerna tells him that she does not have the courage to face Mukti and  answer her questions. Suddenly Prerna grows angry and tells Rishabh that they cannot sit around like this and have to get into action. Anurag and Rishabh agree and tell her that even they want to get hold of the culprit. Rishabh tells her that their main problem is getting a start and they cannot point fingers at anybody because all the people at the party were those who they were familiar with and were their guests.

Anurag suggests reporting to the police. Shailendra immediately thinks of his political campaign with Rishabh and tells Anurag to wait until Mukti comes around and they all will be disgraced for no rhyme or reason. Rishabh is frustrated. Prerna's worried. Everybody thinks about what to do.

Jeevan sits besides Mukti and looks at her lovingly. He recalls all the time he spent with Mukti. He takes a photograph of hers in his arms and starts crying bitterly. Prerna comes there. Jeevan wipes his tears and leaves.Jeevan goes outside and cries. All the other servants come and tell him not to lose hope and that everything will be fine soon. Jeevan tells them that whatever happened to Mukti was very wrong and all his dreams for his daughter have been broken by this nasty incident. Jeevan tells them all that he'd repeatedly told Mukti to stay away from the glamour of the rich people but she did not pay heed and is now suffering. Jeevan tells them that he knows that the rich and the poor can never be treated alike. Prerna's listening to all this and is very hurt.

Mukti dreams of her being raped and wakes up, screaming. Prerna tells her to relax and that nothing's happened to her and she's fine. Mukti starts yelling and getting hysterical. Prerna stops her and tells her that she will not cry and lose hope as she's her daughter. Prerna tells her to recall the rapist's face but in vain.Prerna promises Mukti that they will find out who did this and he will not be spared. Prerna's choked by tears and leaves.

Prerna goes to her room and cries.Rishabh comes and hugs her, telling her to be strong and not to worry.Rishabh assures her that he'll use all his power to get justice for Mukti. Prerna tells him that she was unable to console Mukti and they have to do something before Mukti takes any drastic step.Rishabh assures her that they'll get to the person soon. Prerna's sad-Rishabh hugs her more.Prem is eavesdropping and grows scared.

Mukti's out of bed and thinks about the rape. She's very sad. She goes to the window to see Prem standing on the opposite window. Mukti recalls what ever happened between her and Prem at the party and slams the window. Mukti leaves for somewhere.

Shailendra and Kamini are discussing the rape and Shailendra thinks that this was a very bad time for such a thing to happen and this could have direct effect on Rishabh's elections.Kamini tells him that it's just a driver's daughter and they are least concerned about her. Shailendra explains that Rishabh also has a special bond with her and that the incident took place at his house only.Sharad and Sneha come there and tell them that they are shocked that they take politics to be above somebody's self-respect and dignity.Sharad tells them that he and Sneha will always be with Mukti and leave.

Anurag calls Shravan and Prem and enquires about the party. Prem tells him that he does not know what all happened with Mukti and he was with his friends. Sharad echoes his thoughts. Anurag tells them that this time it's a real challenge to find out who did it.Sam gets the guest list and tells Anurag that most people were Rishabh's friends and business associates wheras some were Prem's friends. Anurag grows suspicious. Sneha calls Sharad and tells him that Mukti's missing. Everyone's shocked!

That's it!

psawyer IF-Stunnerz

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why? Confused its april....
indiangirl07 IF-Sizzlerz

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we didnt have them and i made it for those who are behind and need them Smile
~aashka~rocks~ IF-Dazzler

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Thank you soo much!
I kinda needed them!
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thanks yaar
smartypant IF-Dazzler

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Thanks.. You put a lot of effort on this. Wink
psawyer IF-Stunnerz

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aaah, thanks. Clap
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thxxxxxxxxx a lot

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