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aditi_gadiyar Groupbie

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Posted: 01 May 2006 at 9:17am | IP Logged
hey ppl !!! im here to update on the show (which was just tooooooooooooooo cute ) for those of u who missed it ( u really missed something toooooo good , just try n get the video somehow )
well the show world chart express started with abhi standing in the kitchen of some restaurant ( i couldn quite get the name ) wearing grey t-shirt n torn jeans..speking in marathi... well today is supposed to b maharashtra day along with labour day so hez preparing a special dinner for his punjabi friend.....that is.... VJ Ranvijay ...

the show was just too good..ranvijay was a pathetic host..will give a detailed update but it ll take some time cos my comp is giving slight prob..meanwhile if someone can update ,it would b good..

simple320 Goldie

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Posted: 01 May 2006 at 9:26am | IP Logged
OMG OMG...aditi...i know i missed something really good..anything and everything relating to Abhijeet is good..but kya karoo?..i don't have MTV Cry ...MAN!!!! i can't belive i missed it..i really hope someone can upload the video...but thank you sooooooo much for giving us the update...make it detailed and looooong..hehehe..thank you thank you thank you....
aditi_gadiyar Groupbie

Joined: 16 October 2005
Posts: 89

Posted: 01 May 2006 at 11:50am | IP Logged
sorry for the delay....

hey ppl !!! im here to update on the show (which was just tooooooooooooooo cute ) for those of u who missed it ( u really missed something toooooo good , just try n get the video somehow )
well the show world chart express started with abhi standing in the kitchen of some restaurant ( i couldn quite get the name ) wearing grey t-shirt n torn jeans..speking in marathi... well today is supposed to b maharashtra day along with labour day so hez preparing a special dinner for his punjabi friend.....that is.... VJ Ranvijay ...
   Abhi still in the kitchen asks the chef ,wat they r preparing so they reply, PITLA, CHICKEN SOUP n some baingan curry.... also some chutney which happens to b his fav... so he leaves the kitchen with few words in marati ...
songs 10 n 9 ,10-meet bros , 9 -shezad roy

he welcomes ranvijay n they both sit down to chat... (all the while i was under the imp hez hosting the show,but it turned out to b his interview again )
R weairng yellow t-shirt with some no. writen on it was a pretty stupid host..but our sweetie is always there to compensate for his stupidity... he started off about maharashtra n its ppl..abhi spoke of maha food,fish ,typical maha fisher-women folk n men, he pointed at R yellow t-shirt n said ' this is exactly wat those fishermen wear,with a typical cap, have u seen it ?? u must have !! LOL R is totally embarrased n says 'ya with same type earrings n all ' n points at abhi's gold stud. both start laughing..
LOL   R then talks about maha ppl , their community n the support they gave abhi during II , abhi says thats true n he does have some responsibility towards them...he ought to b a good guys. display only positive attitude n not give any negative vibes towards ppl ....
Smile then comes a dish called bombill bhaji , which is basically a fish pakoda. as they eat R asks abhi if hez always wanted to b a singer since childhood ??? wat was ur family's reaction ?? wat did ur relatives say ?? did they gossip about u ??
   abhi says that hez always wanted to b a singer , his family said ki first studies baad mein gaana-vaana, relatives used to gossip about him..telling that hez jobless.koi kaam-vaam nahi karta ...used to tell his mom ki tell ur son to work...
   songs 8 -mika
                  7 -bombay vikings
then the waiter brings on more food- thalipeeth (which abhi explains saying its has lot of spices. he has tremendous knowledge about food i must say ) Embarrassed . R asks him ki when he became II the whole mahar community must have been very proud of him , abh keeps eating so R saya 'abey khaana bandh karo yaar,baat karo ' so he smiles n says 'ya ,along with personal victory ,it was the the whole comm's vic. even now ppl come n tell me in my ears that v have voted for u cos u r 'amchi mulga'...he saya that in his native also ,ppl burst crackers for more than 2 hrs so it was indeed a big victory for all of them ...

therz more food .R asks how much more so abhi's like 'abhi tho shuruvaat hai.abhi bahut baaki hai ' they get clamps ( oyesters i guess they r also known as ). R takes out fork n spoon so abhi says "vo side me rakho.iska asli swaad haath se khaane se aata hai " so they both gooble down the clamps with relish..
R asks him wat does he want to do..wat does he feel like doing ?? abhi very sweetly saya 'main achha ladka hoon , koi buri aadat nahi karna chahta " R asks no smoking no drinking ?? he replies no ..nothing a good boy Embarrassed (cho chweet !! ) so R asks him " abey yaar ,tho phir jo tum dance bar jaaya karte they ??' Confused abhi just grins at him, puts his head down n very coyly says "abhi uss baare me baat karne ki kya zaroorat thi !! vo bhi sabke saamne " ( hez just beyond adorable )they both start laughing....
LOL LOL R says .so herez a nice sweet decent bot..this is for all u moms who have good looking daughters..abhi raises his eyebrows n starts smiling ,totally shy n embarrased....he says " i know mere shaadi ki umar hai lekin therez still time for that..abhi mujhe apne career pe conc. karna hai "
songs 6-shaan
                5-ahmad feat shubha mudgal

then they talk about his career , they bring in more food ( some coconut sabji ) n R says 'ye sab khaana..lagta hai main Hawaii aaya hoon " Confused . he says"khaana bahut achha hai, isse pehle tum khaana shuru karo , koi gaana gao" he insists on marati gaana so abhi starts some devotional song ,full of sur n all ,R gives some weird expression , abi sees this ,looks beneath the table n saya" main kahin chup jaata hoon ,ye mujhe aise kyun dekh raha hai !!" LOL R says pls sing some peppy no. so abhi says u also have to join me in singing, R says for wat ?? so that ppl laugh at u ,abhi says n sings KISHORE DA's some peppy marati no.. full of josh..shaking his head (like hez possessed or something,) both start shaking their heads violently (looking like nut-cases ) Confused n they start laughing..R compliments him on his singing...

on a more serious note ,he says hez been doing shows all over india n abroad, working on his second album , so not been getting time for playback..thry talk about hos sec album n he says its a mixture of all types of somgs..romantic,fast nos. itys a yaadgaar album which will depict his journey froM HIS VICTORY TILL NOW-WAT all HEZ ACHIEVED so far...
    R then says 'suna hai tum america ja rahe ho, aise hi ?? kya karne ?? ' so he says'haan aise hi ,dekhta hoon abhi ..' n then starts eating something
   songs 4- jal
                  3- abhijeet pohankar
        he says 'mehnat karne ja raha hoon,shows karne,('for which R says ,"shows ?? achha , log ye shows dekhne aate hai ??? " (bozo!! wat does he think of himself ) ) for one n half months(wow cool !!!) . he keeps a sad face n says 'aisa khaana naho milega, roz roz thodi milta hain' R asks wat will u miss about mumbai the most ?? me ??? he asks.... abhi just looks at him n says..ghar,yahaan ke log, R says dont worry shows achhe chalenge..abhi says haan touch wood..n looks below the table cloth n touches the wood..R asks'ye wood ka hi hai ya plastic ka ' abhi saya 'wood ka hi hai 'n smiles....
then they get R fav -chicken ,he gives a big ,broad smile ..they also get some cocnut juice (which abhi says is good for digestion) so R asks the waiter to get 2 more glasses of the juice (thaki hame aur doosron ko prob na ho ). then R says v ll take a break so that 'ye mahashay ,apne america ke khayaloan se vaapas aa jaye'..

then they some masala baat ,abhi saya is very similar to pulav ,R again asks him to sing his fav song, n again makes fun saying i know aapke bahut saare gaane hai,konsa select karenge,vo jo grammy me select hua tha n crap, then abhi decently says 'mera fav vo hai jo maine jassi ke liye gaaya tha" n he sings THAM JA...R starts clapping,abhi joins him n R says 'sab log tali bajao' n saya"lekin yahaan to sirf hum dono hai '..(PJ!!!) between abhi cracks a joke so R says(thank god hez a singer n not a stand -up comic) ...

then R asks him wats his game plan ?? wat does he plan to do ,so he repies ki now hez doing too many shows n not getting time for playback..but he ll do that very soon..
R asks him that post II he has changed a lot ( i dont think so )..his hair style, his clothes,' pehle tho achhe ,sile hua kapde pehenta that,magar abhi ya lambe baal, ye phate hua kapde??? ' 'ye kya style hai " so abhi says 'ki mujhe bachpan se hi style karne ka showk tha, jab mein school me tha tab apni jeans pe paint kiya kartha jeans always used to b rang-birangi, jo main khud karta tha,lekin mera style itna bhi zyaada nahi hai..." points to R pierced eyebrows,he looked visibly emb so he says, v r talking about abhi's style statements which is not happening..!! (stupid !!)
songs 2-kailash kher
             1 - himesh r
then they get the bowls to wash their hands , R says that it was a gr888 dinner n the food was good , so abhi says "thank u bolo thank u bolo " very sweetly, n R says thanks a lot...
he then asks him ki wat does he do during his free time. it seems he plays a lot of video games, so abhi says 'ya playstation games,soccer n..' (i dunno wat else )n cricket.. abhi says ki agar ball used to hit a car then it was declared one run, if it hit any balcony on either sides then out, so R asks ki if it goes to a ladki standing in the balcony, abhi replies"phir tho colony se out " LOL LOL   ...then R points to a huge silver with some stone studded bracelet in abhi's hand ,for which abhi says ,its to keep me in control to give me mental peace 'thaki main behek na jaoon '.. then R asks him about his new car n asks ki while driving how many girls come with him,in his car..abhi says 'ladkiyaan........ ek bhi nahi ' keeps a sad face..(y sweetie hum hain na!!)
so R says for all the mothers with their good looking daughters, herez abhi's no. for 5000 Rs. just call me n they both start laughing..
   therz more food,sweets , karanji n shrikand which they eat with puris (by this time R is fed up ,but abhi is still eating . my god he must have been really hungry !!! )abhi says puris r generally large 'lekin yahaan choti banayi gayee hai,thaki tum zyaada na kaho (look whose talking ) n laughs at R ..
R looks at him n says 'tum zyaada khate ho' n abhi just grins ...
int no 1 song - crazy frog
then R signs off saying abhi's a real nice guy,very sweet n humble (the usual ).meanwhile the waiter gets the bill. abhi takes it ,looks at it (eyes wide n shocked ), looks at R n says i got an imp call, will come in a while ,takes hiss cell ,says HELLO HELLO n runs off from there.... LOL Wink the waiter shows the bill to R ,who is totally clueless , emb n says ,mera dost abhijeet sawant aayege,he ll pay the bill,waits ,shouts..... but no abhi Wink ..R is totally fooled (puts his head down on the table ) .... the end.. LOL LOL

i do hope u dint get bored with this hugggeeeee update.. but do try n watch was very very funny..

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Me_Abhi Goldie

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Posted: 01 May 2006 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
wow, thank u so much ADITI...i loved it! Smile it was very nice! Smile ABHIIIIIII u r soooo sweeet!
aditi_gadiyar Groupbie

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Posted: 01 May 2006 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
hey i thought u watched the show.. u get mtv dont u ??? wasnt it cute..esp abhi's sense of humor .. Embarrassed Embarrassed
~Sanam~ Senior Member

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Posted: 01 May 2006 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
hey aditi thank u sooooo much for the interview!! it was great!!! i loved it. abhi was so funny and cute...thanks so much yaar. i really wanna watch it so badly...plz someone upload the vid..plz plz plz!!!

Edited by ~Sanam~ - 01 May 2006 at 4:48pm
Amryn Goldie

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Posted: 01 May 2006 at 4:48pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by aditi_gadiyar

no sanam ,its the same interview with cyrus... n im not exactly scared of my mom,, but she gets really bugged the way im obsessed with abhi Wink Wink ..she freaked when i bought his book n since i ve already seen that episode twice ,i ll b testing her patience, n she might ban me from watching abhi anymore.. LOL LOL ..thats about it..

lol! LOL Aditi same here my mom is also like tat oh u got up early in da morning 2 wutch Abhi Embarrasseden then after I met Rahul vaidya on march 31 '06' today is my 1 month anniversy may 1 '06'. It was like my unexpected dream cum true where I was dreamin 2 meet Abhi onli. But after I met Rahul I became a fan of him too so I also have sum pics of him stored in comp en my mom said Oh now u started 2 go back of him EmbarrassedI said Mom kno ya but I am still da biggest fan of Abhi only no one can take his place.

Hey which vdo r u talkin about I used 2 have mtv but now I don't haveCry

Is it tat vdo where Abhi's frns rahul, Amit talk bout Abhi based on Mtv youth icon? sum of my frns saw tat but am not sure if this vdo ur talkin bout. plzzzzzzzzzz upload the vdo 4 us. I'll be grateful 2 u.

craZEEinlove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 May 2006 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
i loove the 1st page!! Abhiii is sooooo cuute!!!! but gotta sayy they gave betta clothes 2 SAndeep when he

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