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~The Incomplete Love Story~Pg76 10/3 End (Page 76)

blah_blah IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2006 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
awesome part!!

im sure Yash knws that he is angad!! thats y he felt guilty!!! Ouch

Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 30 September 2006 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
hey i just read ur whole fan-fic and its fabulous!!! i loved it and i am pretty sure that yash singhania is feeling guilty cuz he knows zaib is angad but maybe he is after the money angad is making or sumthing..newzya keep up the good work and continue soon! Clap
simply_thebest Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2006 at 7:33am | IP Logged
great part!!!
continue soon
is ZAib angad???
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2006 at 8:22pm | IP Logged

Kripa let go as soon as she heard Aryan's voice in shock call her name. How could she forget he was sleeping in the same room and now to make matters worse he woke up.
Zaib also turned around to see the face of the shocked voice.

Aryan- Mom
K- uh, umm....Aryan,.....
Aryan- You don't have to explain mom, i never asked for an explanation.
Aryan's dissapointed voice picked up Esha and left the room.

K- This is all your fault!
Z- I love you Kripa
Kripa looked into his brown eyes, they were full of love, love which she wanted to be lost in, but she couldn't, she couldn't betray Angad.
K- Look Zaib, we're not meant to be, just go back to London and....and pretend we never met.
Kripa saw obsession reach Zaib's face.
Z- Can you forget me?
Kripa turned around to avoid his gaze, knowing if she looked into his eyes she would want to kiss him again.
Z- Now I'm assured you love me too Kripa, look, I'll give Esha and Aryan the love of a father, everything will be okay----
K- No! Everything wont' be okay because you can't ever be Angad!
Kripa had tears in her eyes, she ran out of the room.
Yash heard everything by the door. He went in the room to give Zaib support. Zaib saw his dad and hugged him.
Y- Be strong Zaib--
Z- Dad, I love her, I really love her
Y- Come on, lets go
Z- where?
Y- London
Z- I don't want to leave her, I can't live without her
Y- You could forget about her
Z- How could you say that dad? Did you ever forget mom?
Yash was hurt. No, he never did forget his wife. In fact, that was the reason he never remarried after she died.
Y- I'm not taking no for an answer, lets go
Yash led Zaib to the living room.
Kripa was sitting on the couch, she had tears streaming from her eyes.
Z- Kripa, if i leave I'm never coming back again
Y- Let's go son
Aryan- Wait
Zaib turned to see Aryan with watery eyes himself.
Aryan- Don't go, I know my mom, she loves you, she needs you
Zaib kneeled down and hugged Aryan and held Esha who was in Aryan's arms. He kissed Esha and then Aryan.
Z- I love you both, if I ever have my own kids I know I won't be able to love them as much as I love you guys. But I can't stay here if Kripa doesn't want me to, but thanks. And take care of your mom and sister, your the man of the house.
Zaib handed Esha back to Aryan. And got on his legs. When he turned around his leg hit a sharp part of a wooden chair.
Z- OUCH!!!
Y- Zaib!
Yash carried Zaib to the couch.
K- Zaib, are you okay?
Z- Yeah I'll be---Ouch!!!---
Kripa got up and brought the first aid kit, she had to bandage his leg, he probably cut it against the sharp part of the chair. Kripa pulled up his jeans. She was shocked to see a large scar on Zaib's leg, in the same place Angad had gotten his surgery. Kripa didn't say anything, instead she quickly bandaged his cut.
Z- Thanks Kripa
Yash- Yes, thank you, are you okay now Zaib
Z- Yeah, I don't know, it just the cut was on the scar and---
K- How'd you get that scar?
Z- I don't recall
K- Mr. Singhania, you must know how Zaib got it
Yash- umm, actually, yeah, umm----
K- You don't know?
Yash- Oh wait I remember, Zaib.....he..he got.....Zaib got in a car accident last year----
Z- I don't remember that dad
Yash- Of coarse you do, it must have slipped out of your mind
Z- but I really don't remember
Aryan- My dad had a scar on his leg just like the one you have
Everyone looked at Yash who looked away. He gulped hard knowing he would have to answer many questions.
Z- Dad, this would be a good time to start talking
Yash- Okay, I guess its time I tell the truth.......Zaib your........Angad
Z- What?!
Y- Yes, I guess from when you had your accident and you fell in the ocean, I was at the beach that day with my 23 year old son, we found you unconscious by the coast, since I was a doctor I had your case. You were in a coma for three months. During that time my son, Zaib, died in war.........when you woke up you didn't know who you were, but to me I got my son back when you thought I was your father, so I told you you were Zaib, my son.
K- How could you? Knowing Angad wasn't your son you lied to him, you kept him away from his real family!
Y- No, that's not true, I wanted Zai---, I mean Angad to find his real family, but when he did I didn't want to lose my son, my Zaib. I figured if he were to get his memory back I would tell him the truth, but he didn't, don't hate me Zaib.
Angad- My names Angad, not Zaib.
Angad went to Aryan and hugged him. Everything felt so right now. He then picked up Esha, his daughter. He couldn't believe everything he wanted when he was "Zaib" he had all along.
Aryan- It's good having you back dad
Angad smiled. He then went to Kripa, who had tears in her eyes. Kripa hugged Angad. Angad hugged her back never wanting to let go.
K- I love you Angad, I really missed you
A- I love you too, I'll never leave again, I promise
Yash- Umm Zai, I'm sorry Angad, please try to forgive me, I was blinded by a father's love, I'm sorry
Yash started to walk towards the door.
K- Angad, forgive him, he loves you.
Angad nodded.

A- Dad
Yash instantly turned around.
A- Your still a father figure to me, you loved me and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be alive today, thank you.
Yash- No problem, I love you son
A- You can stay with us if you want---
Yash- No, London is my home, but I'll visit, after all I have a whole family now.
Aryan- Bye......grandpa
Yash smiled and hugged him. He kissed Esha and approached Kripa.
Yash- You've held this family together, I'm proud of you, I hope you can forgive me too--
K- Of coarse
Yash smiled and a little bit after he left.

That evening Angad spent as much time with Aryan, Esha, and Kripa as imaginable. Angad and Kripa tucked in Aryan to go to sleep.
Aryan- I missed both of you tucking me in a lot
A- I love you kiddo
Aryan- I'm sorry about all the stuff I said to you when I thought you were Zaib
A- I dont' blame you, thanks for loving me so much that you couldn't accept anyone else as your father
Aryan- That's because your simply irreplaceable
A- Good night
Aryan- Good night
Kripa and Angad left to their own rooms. Kripa put Esha in her cradle, she was fast asleep. She then went to bed beside Angad.
K- Angad I missed you and so did this bed
Angad smiled. Kripa saw that he was a bit distracted.
K- What's the matter Angad, anything wrong?
A- I don't remember anything about my past..........I want my memory back
K- It's okay Angad, I'll tell you about your past, and I'm sure one day you'll get your memory back, we'll even see a doctor
A- It's been two years, don't you think I would have gotten it back if I were to by now?
K- Don't worry about the past Angad, just think about the future, more importantly the present.
A- Your right Kripa, I love you,
Angad hugged Kripa and they went to sleep, having the best sleep they had in two years.


                25 Years Later

Angad- And that was our story
Five kids are sitting around Kripa and Angad, all of the kids are eight years old and younger: Jasmine, Kali, Sahil, Farhan, and Adi.
Jasmine- Grandma
Kripa- Yes honey
J- So did mom and dad have a love marriage too?
K- Yes honey, Aryan married Diya( Prithvi's daughter). They grew up together and their friendship turned into love, and then they had you, Adi, and Sahil.
Kali- What about my mom and dad?
Angad- Yes, your mom and dad had a love marriage too, Esha married Kunal, after all they were high school sweethearts.
K- And then they had you and Farhan.
Sahil- Grandpa, you really played basketball!
Angad- Yep
Farhan- Awesome
Adi- That's why my dad is a basketball player too!
Kali- But grandpa, you left something out
Angad- And what is that?
Kali- Did you ever get your memory back?
Angad- Yes, fortunately I did, your grandma told me stories of my past everyday, and I slowly started to remember everything

The door opened and in walked Aryan(Eijaz Khan) with Diya. Behind them were Esha( Esha Deol) and Kunal.

K- You kids are home
Esha- Yes, how are you mom
Esha hugged her mom and dad.
K- Good, how was your trip to Australia?
Kunal- Good, but your daughter is mad at me.
K- Why? Esha what did you do?
E- Mama, why do you think I'm the one that did something?
A- Yeah, I'm sure Kunal pissed my daughter off
K- No, my Kunal can't ever hurt anyone's feelings, but I don't care whose at fault, forgive each other.
E- Fine, I forgive you
Kunal- Sweetheart, it should be the other way around, I forgive you
Everyone laughed.
Aryan- Did you two take your medicine?
Jasmine- Yes daddy, I gave it to them
Kali- I helped too!
Aryan+Esha+Kunal+Diya- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!
AK- Thank you!
Diya- The party is tonight, so you two be ready by 6, okay?
Angad and Kripa nodded.
Esha- Okay, now for you kids, wouldn't you like to see what we brought you guys from Australia?
Everyone- Yay Presents!!!

The kids followed Aryan, Diya, Esha, and Kunal to the other living room to get their presents.

Angad- Happy Anniversary Kripa
He took out of a bag and handed it to Kripa.
K- My present, why aren't you going to give it to me tonight?
A- I will, but for this present this is the perfect time
Kripa slowly unwrapped the present. It was a snowball. Flakes of snow were sitting on the bottom of the snowball. It was so serene and peaceful.
K- It's beautiful
A- Shake it sweetheart
K- okay
Kripa shook it lightly. As the snow flakes lifted off from the bottom, Kripa read the words engraved in it. She then looked at Angad with tears in her eyes. Angad said the words which never got old for neither of them "I love you Kripa." Kripa kissed him. The passionate kiss still had the same sparks and magic in it as it did when they first kissed. Kripa set the crystal snow ball down. Now you get to look at what it had written in it which told Angad and Kripa's life story:
          One look
           One smile
           One touch
           One embrace
           One kiss
           One love
           Two people
           Two minds
           Two souls
           Two destinies
           One road
           One journey
           One ending

Thank you for your comments, they were awesome! This is been my favorite fan fic that I wrote, I hope you liked it as much as I did. I will be writing new fan fics and I'll introduce those soon. Most of you know I ended all three of my fan fics today, I'm sad. Do leave me LOTZ of comments, did you like this ending? I love you guys, bye!

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~Angel~ Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2006 at 8:55pm | IP Logged
aawww! Tongue
that was an excellent(spelling)ending
i happy angad finally got his memory back!
Mehandikhan Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2006 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
awesome ending. Clap
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2006 at 9:16pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by ~Angel~

aawww! Tongue
that was an excellent(spelling)ending
i happy angad finally got his memory back!

im glad you liked it. I worked really hard on this ending, thanks!

amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2006 at 9:17pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Mehandikhan

awesome ending. Clap

Thanks a lot!

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