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~The Incomplete Love Story~Pg76 10/3 End (Page 67)

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2006 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by amneetkaur_24

Originally posted by kripa_angad=luv

Originally posted by hawoo

awe...this reminds me of kaho na pyaar hai Embarrassed
i agree continue soon Clap

really, now that I think about it it does, doesn't it.thanks for reading!

it does but pleaseeeeee dont make it like that.. let it be angad and not really zaib!!!!!

i beg of u!!!!

AK FOREVER NOT AZ!!(sry for caps but wanted my steatement to stand out!!)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 September 2006 at 5:33pm | IP Logged
Great Part
lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2006 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
great part
Chotii Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2006 at 7:02am | IP Logged
dis ff is 2 gud!! i cant empahsise on how gud u rite.. i mean d last part woz absolutly mind blowing!! i red sum of it ystrday n finishd it 2day n wow!! im absolutly speechless, i dunno but dis ff is jus amazin!! i reeeeeeeely hope Zaib is Angad n he's jus lost his memry or sumin plz bring kripa, aryan n lil esha's hapines bak.. plz plz plz ur a phenomenal writer!!
xx Saz xx
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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~The Incomplete Love Story~

K- Thanks for babysitting them, I won't be out too long Rupa
Rupa- No problem ma'am, you take your time
K- Okay, well i think i explained everything, remember Esha's bottles are in the third cabin on the left and---
Rupa- Don't worry, I have everything under control
K- Okay

Kripa kissed Esha on the cheek and then Aryan. She looked at Aryan, he was sad, his sadness reflected in his eyes. Kripa knew it was only a matter of a day and all his happiness would return.
K- Bye kids, love you!

Kripa then drove to the airport to pick up Zaib. She reached the airport remembering Zaib told her he didn't want to make an appearance to anyone so he would be in the Star Ward, where she would park. Kripa got out of her car and went in.

Man- Who are you here to pick up?
K- Actually I'm here to pick up Zaib.
Man- Who are you, his girlfriend?
Kripa rolled her eyes.
K- Actually I'm---
Just then Zaib came.
Z- Yes she's my girlfriend, any problem?
Man- No sir, not at all.
Z- Good

The man took Zaib's luggage and helped him put it in Kripa's trunk. Zaib tipped the guy and he left. Kripa and Zaib got in the car.
K- You didn't have to tell him I'm your girlfriend
Z- Why? Did it bother you?
K- Yes
Z- Then I'm sorry Kripa
K- It's okay, anyways how was your flight
Z- I know this isn't what you really want to talk about, you want to talk about Aryan don't you?
K- ....yeah. For today you have to stay at a hotel, but tonight when I call you, when everyones sleeping, you come to my house.
Z- why?
K- Because then you can stay in the guest room, but you can't come out until the party is over. Then you'll make your appearance in front of Aryan and he'll---
Z- And he'll start to improve, right?
K- Right
Z- Okay
K- Thanks once again, you barely know me and your doing so much for me and my kids, I---
Z- Look Kripa, we're friends and in friendship theres no thank you or sorry
Kripa smiled.
Z- Has anyone ever told you, you look really cute when you smile.
K- ...Thanks, oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you
Z- What?
K- This french look of yours has to go
Z- What!
K- Yeah you have to look like Angad when you go in front of Aryan
Z- But my face already looks like him
K- You can keep your brown hair, because it looks good on you, but you have to shave your beard, change your clothing style, and put in brown contacts.
Z- There's no need for that, my eyes are really brown, I just wear green contacts
K- Oh, okay.
K- So you were born in London?
Z- Yeah
K- What's your father's name?
Z- Mahesh Malhotra.........your not trying to check if I'm really Zaib or not are you?
K- Sorry, it's just sometimes I think maybe you are Angad and......but your not, because dead people don't come back.
Kripa said that more to herself then Zaib.
Z- Your right, anyways what hotel are you taking me to?
K- Actually we own this small cottage, you can stay there until night, and it's close to my house too
Z- Cool, this way no one will c me
K- Yeah

Kripa took Zaib to the small cottage.
Z- Wow its tight
K- ..Thanks

Kripa led him in. Zaib put his things down.
Z- You guys come here often?
K- No, we bought it a month or two b4 Angad died, I never felt the need to come back here.
Z- oh
K- Okay well now shaving time
Z- But I love my beard
K- If you don't do it then I will!
Z-thinking- Not a bad offer
Z- No Kripa I won't
K- Zaib! You will, come on!
Kripa took his hand and led him to the bathroom. She looked around and found a shaving kit.
K- Okay, now are you going to do it yourself or will I have?
Z- I'm not!
K- Fine I will
Kripa started. Zaib stared at her beauty. He knew she had a lot of pain, but he was here to get rid of it, to bring back happiness in not only her kid's lives, but hers as well.

K- Zaib, Zaib, Zaib!
Zaib snapped out of his thoughts.
Z- huh?
K- We're done!
Z- oh, already?
K- What do you mean already, that took me like half an hour
Z-thinking- Time flies with her
K- Anyways I have to go, there's a car outside, you can use it while your here, and I'll call you in a couple of hours to let you know when to come, I know I'm forgetting something...but what?
Z- I think you covered everything sweetheart
K- No I know I'm forgetting something, but......wait did you just call me sweetheart?
Z- No, of coarse not
K- Oh, I must be hearing things, anyways it'll come to me, okay well bye
Z- Bye

Before Kripa steeped out the door she remembered what she was forgetting.
K- Oh yeah if your hungry order something, sorry I didn't have time to buy stuff
Z- Don't worry about me, you go home unworried okay
K- Okay bye
Z- bye

Zaib was glad Kripa cared about him. It was the first time someone looked past his looks and money and thought about him. It was the first time someone spoke to "Zaib" not "The Zaib or The Rock star Zaib"

Kripa sent Rupa home and later that night after she put Esha and Aryan to sleep, she gave Zaib the directions to come to her house. Kripa heard the doorbell and opened it knowing it was Zaib.

K- Hey
Z- Hey
K- Come in

Zaib stepped in. Kripa led him to the living room.
K- Coffee or tea?
Z- Coffee would be nice
K- Coming right up

After Kripa left, Zaib's glance went to the pictures scattered on the walls. It was unbelievable. Kripa was right, Angad looked exactly like Zaib. Zaib couldn't tell the difference between both of them. It was as if he himself were in the pictures with them.

He looked at one picture, it was of Angad and Kripa hugging. They looked perfect for each other, their love for each other reflected in their eyes. He then saw a picture of both of them with a boy. The boy was holding a trophy, he were a basketball jersey, Kripa and Angad were behind him looking proud. The boy must have in Aryan. He found it hard to believe this boy couldn't walk nor talk today. He was a cute kid, no doubt about it, he obviously got his good looks from both his parents. He looked at a picture next to it, it was of Aryan sitting in a wheelchair, with no facial expression, and Kripa sitting next to him with a baby in her arms, obviously Esha. They were all there, except Angad, it was an incomplete family he concluded.

He heard footsteps coming his ways so he sat back down. Kripa came with two cups of coffee.
K- Here you go
Z- Thanks
Kripa sat down.
Z- Nice pictures
K-..oh thanks, you weren't too shocked seeing yourself in them were you?
Zaib smiled.- I think "I" look good.
Kripa laughed. They both heard a baby crying.
Kripa rushed to her room and took Esha out of her carriage.
K- What's the matter honey?
Esha continued to cry.
Zaib knocked on the door.
Z- Can I come in?
K- Yeah

Zaib came and sat next to her on the bed. He watched her trying to quite down the baby.
Z- Can I try?
K- Are you sure?
Z- Yeah
Kripa handed Esha to him. He picked her up and rocked her.
He sang Esha a song.
Z- Hush little baby, don't you say a word, daddies going to buy you a-...
Kripa coughed. She couldn't believe he just said "daddies going to buy---"
Zaib finished his song. Esha went back to sleep.
Z- Wow, it worked
K- yeah, thanks
Z- You know this is the first baby I've ever held
K- Really?
Z- Yeah, she's adorable
K- Thanks, you'll make a great father one day

Kripa took Esha from his lap and put her back in the carriage.
K- I'll show you your room now
Z- Cool

Kripa led him into the hallway following into his room.
Z- Cool
K- I'll bring your breakfast in here tomorrow and remember please now to come out until I tell you to, otherwise everything will go wrong.
Z- I won't, why do you always worry all the time?
K- I don't always worry
Z- Sure you don't, you could lie to me but not yourself
K- I'll stop worrying after Aryan gets better, then the worst of my problems will be gone.
Z- Good
K- How do you do it
Z- Do what?
K- Be so carefree you know, your always so....calm
Z- My formula for living is quite simple, I get up in the morning and go to sleep at night, in between I occupy myself as best as I can.
K- I've heard that b4, anyways good night
Z- Good night

Kripa yawned and walked out the room. She checked on Aryan before she went in her own room. Then she went to bed herself.

--------------------NEXT PART-------------------

Kripa woke up the next morning and got ready. She got Aryan and Esha ready like every morning. She fed them, put Esha in the play pen, and Aryan watched tv. She then made breakfast and quickly took it to Zaib's room.

She went in the room and shut the door behind her.
K- Good morn----
When she looked inside she saw Zaib was still sleeping.
She went up to his bed, hoping not to make too much noise.
K- Zaib wake up
She shook him a bit but it was no use.
K- Hey Mr. Zaib wake up!
As she was shaking him he grabbed her hand, she fell right next to him onto the bed.
K- Zaib let my hand go
Z-mumbling- Kripa, five more minutes
K-thinking- Your so much like Angad, but your not him, your Zaib. Sometimes I even forget your Zaib, hoping your my Angad.
Kripa realized she was on the same bed as Zaib, she got rid of his grip on her hand and got up. She fixed her hair and called out his name, but he didn't wake up. So she opened all the curtains in the room, allowing full sun shine to come in.
K- Wake up Zaib!
Zaib was disturbed by the sunlight so he opened his eyes and sat up.
Z- Gosh, why are you yelling?
K- I've been trying to wake you up for God knows how long, and your here not listening to a word I'm saying.
Z- Sorry...but what time is it?
K- 11:am
Z- Wow I've never slept in that long, you have one confy bed here
K- Whatever, get ready, your breakfast is on the counter
Zaib yawned and said "thanks"
K- You know your worse then Aryan, Aryan gets up b4 you
Z- The kids are awake?
K- They've been awake, anyways I have to go, Priya should be here any moment to pick up Esha and Aryan
Z- Why?
K- So I can prepare for Aryan's birthday party, I have so much to do
Z- In that case I can come out of the room right?
K- Yeah, I guess
Z- Great then I'll help you with the preparations!
K- That's awfully nice of you
Z- Hey, I'm a nice guy
K- Yes you are, now bye
Z- C ya

A little later Priya came over and picked up Aryan and Esha. Kripa called the bakery and made sure everything was going okay with the cake, they would deliver it around 4:30. She called Aryan's friends parents and checked of the count of people coming. The doorbell rang and the party decorators brought the decorations.
People- Should we put up the decorations for you?
K- Umm no I think I'll just do it myself, thanks though.
People- No problem
Kripa wrote a check out and handed it to them.

She was looking through the decorations when Zaib came and sat down next to her.
Kripa looked at him. "Wow" she thought, he looked just like Angad, today he even dressed like him. He had his contacts taken out, it was as if she were looking into Angad's eyes, she didn't want to move her gaze.
Zaib snapped his fingers in front of her.
K- oh sorry
Z- It's not your fault, I know I'm sexy
K- Whatever
Kripa continued to look through the decorations. She took the balloons out and got the pump and starting filling air in them.
Z- How about I fill them with air and you tie?
K- Deal

As they did that, they talked.
K- So whose in your family?
Z- My mom and dad
K- Your an only child?
Z- Yep and it rocks! Whose in your family, besides your kids?
K- My dad, but he lives with my brother in Australia, and then theres always Angad's family who live in Canada
Z- Angad's family, why don't you go live with them, that way you'll have support and help with your kids
K- They offered a million times after Angad's death, but I was the one that never wanted to go there
Z- Why?
K- I don't know, I never wanted to show I was weak I guess
Z- Your not weak Kripa, you've just been stranded around bad circumstances
K- Glad you think so

Kripa and Zaib finished with the balloons and set up all the decorations. The cake came early so Kripa put it in the kitchen. They got done with everything around noon.
K- Zaib everyone should be coming any time now, so---
Z- I know Kripa, I'll go in the room and not come out until everyone is gone
K- Thanks

All the guests came, Kripa welcomed everyone in. Priya called and informed Kripa she'd bring Aryan any moment, they were a block or two away from the house. Everyone hid and turned off the lights, the door opened and everyone yelled, "SURPRISE!"

Diya- Happy Birthday Aryan!!!
Aryan remained in his wheel chair, his eyes moved and observed what was going on around him, but uninterested he made his gaze turn away.
K- Happy Birthday Aryan, your ten now!
Prithvi- Yeah happy birthday Aryan
Priya- Kripa lets start playing games then well cut the cake
K- Sure

Everyone played games, all the kids were having fun. After playing games Prithvi brought the came out from the kitchen and set it on a table.
The kids gathered around it.

Kripa took Aryan's hand and cut the cake while everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. She took a piece and fed him. Priya cut the cake and gave it out to the kids. The kids ate snacks and played more games, then went home.

Priya- Kripa I'll help clean up
K- No, I'll get it later, you guys must be tired, go home and rest
Prithv- Are you sure?
K- Positive, thanks for helping out
Prith- No problem, bye
K- Bye

K- Okay Aryan, howd you like your party? From the look of it, you got a lot of presents, but you didn't get mine yet. I'm sure you'll love my present Aryan, I'm positive it'll bring a smile to your face.
Esha- Gu ka
K- See even Esha agrees with me
Kripa with Esha in her arms went to Zaib's room and gestured him to come out.

Zaib went in front of Aryan. Aryan's eyes were set on the ground, by seeing a man's shoes, his eyes slowly trailed up the man and his eyes froze on his face. Zaib for the first time was seeing Aryan in person, he couldn't believe at such a young age he was wheel chaired. He saw hope and tears in his eyes. Aryan opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. He tried again, "D--A-D" Zaib instantly hugged him. "I'm back Aryan, I'm back!" Aryan repeated, "D-ad" Zaib had tears in his own eyes, he didn't know why. Zaib let go of Aryan and looked at him and smiled. Zaib looked into his eyes and said, "Sorry it took me so long to come back, but now I'll never leave you." Aryan looked up at his mother, who had tears of happiness running down her own face. Aryan managed a small "Mom" Kripa kneeled down besides Zaib. " I told you I would give you a present you'd love, one you'll never forget, so I did. I brought back Angad, I brought back your dad." Aryan smiled.

Aryan put all his strength into is right arm and lifted it. He put his small hand on his father's face and felt it.
Zaib- Don't worry, I am.
Aryan- Every--one,, ...they were...dead
Zaib- That's because they thought I was dead after the accident, I...I went into a deep coma, but now I'm back.
Aryan- Did you meet Esha yet? Mom gave birth to her after you left.
Zaib looked over at Esha and back at Aryan.
Z- Yeah I have, I wish I could have been there to see her grow up.
Aryan- But...but now your back, can stay with us forever now....and you won't miss out on anything...
Zaib- Yeah I won't, but I have a complaint against you
Zaib- What did you do to yourself Aryan? Even if I was dead do you think I would be happy seeing you like that?
Aryan- I'm sorry, but, but I thought you died because
Zaib- Why?
Aryan- Because you were coming to pick me up from school, if you wouldn't have ever came to pick me up you wouldn't have gotten into the car wreck......
Z- No Aryan, it wasn't your fault, it was written in my destiny, it wasn't your fault.
Zaib hugged Aryan once more.
Ary- Say sorry to my mom, she cried a lot because of you
Zaib smiled. He looked at Kripa who was crying. He took a finger and wiped her tears.
Z- Sorry Kripa

Aryan hugged both Kripa and Zaib. He started to believe they didn't have such an incomplete love story after all.

I posten an extra long part because of all the great comments you guys left me!!! They were truely awesome!!! I hope you enjoy this part.
sgokli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2006 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
very good
Krishana Tulsi Senior Member
Krishana Tulsi
Krishana Tulsi

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Posted: 05 September 2006 at 5:51pm | IP Logged
awww wow ...thats sooo touching it ...plz continue soon n let there be lovely n funny incidents while zaib does manage to stay there!
bhumishah Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2006 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
thanx for the long part
it wuz wonderful i luved it n sad in the endin
n plz make zaib angad not zaib or maybe u will make zaib stay zaib n kripa with him so the title says incomplete love story meanin her luv story incomplete with angad but complete with zaib but we all want a n k not z n k
continue soon

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