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~The Incomplete Love Story~Pg76 10/3 End (Page 63)

Pooja922 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 August 2006 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
omgggggggggg hope they find angad..poor kids...continue soon Cry Cry Cry

Krishana Tulsi Senior Member
Krishana Tulsi
Krishana Tulsi

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Posted: 30 August 2006 at 11:51am | IP Logged
wow i lov the leap! ..cant wait plz continue soon ...this is exciting! Big smile
blah_blah IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 August 2006 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
awesome part!!!!!! Clap

im sure that is Angad Cry Clap
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 August 2006 at 4:41pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by dhabi_84

great part and continue soon.........i think it is angad.......but a bit confused why did he leave them


Well Angad got a car accident and from there is where the twist starts. Things will clear up for you soon.

amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2006 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
~The Incomplete Love Story~

Kripa was on the highway. She was speeding, she couldn't wait to get to La Rochelle, to know if Zaib was her Angad.
K- Damn, just my luck
Kripa heard sirens behind her. She pulled over, hoping this wouldn't take long.

She rolled down her window when the man reached her car.
Police- Hello
K- uh hi
PO- You know the speed on this highway?
K- 65
PO- Good, your intelligent, you know you were going on 85?
K- I'm sorry actually what happened sister is in the hospital, she just went into labor.
PO- Oh okay, I guess I understand, you know my sister just gave birth to a daughter a couple of days ago.
Kripa gave him a fake smile.
K- Then you know how important it is for me to be there with her, right?
PO- I guess, but please don't speed
K- I won't, sorry
PO- Okay, you could go, but just be careful, okay?
K- Thank you

Kripa gave herself props for her lie. But this only wasted her time, she had to get to La Rochelle before Zaib leaves. On top of this, she got stuck in traffic. She looked at the time he would be there for 15 some more minutes, she cursed herself for not leaving earlier. After she got out of traffic she finally reached the place, but she had to park blocks down due to no available parking. Kripa wore a light jacket, it was a cool day, as she ran down the sidewalk she had tears forming from the cool air hitting her eyes. She reached La Rochelle, people were leaving as she came in.

Man- Excuse Me Ma'am, where do you think your going?
K- To meet Zaib
Man- I'm sorry, he left a couple of minutes ago
K- ****, umm I really have to meet him, do you know what hotel he's currently in?
Man- Nice try, your just another crazy fan, I've seen plenty of you
K- Look I really really need to meet him, this depends on everything, look I can't explain it, but I need to meet him!
Man- Okay okay, but no one knows where he's staying, plus he's leaving tomorrow night to go back to London.
K- London?
Man- Yes
K- Thanks

Kripa left. What would she do now? Maybe he wasn't her Angad, if he were God wouldn't be so cruel to not let her meet him. Aryan kept running through her head, if there was anyone she wanted Angad back then it was him. Tears formed in her eyes, and this time she couldn't stop them. She crossed the road thinking about Aryan. When suddenly a car hit Kripa.

The driver of the car came out. He signaled the man in the back seat to come out. It was Zaib.
Z- ****
Zaib felt the girls pulse, she was unconscious.
Z- Let's take her to the hospital
Driver- But sir, everyone will recognize you and this can become a big media issue
Z- Your right, then lets take her to my place
D- ...Okay
Zaib picked up the girl and put her in the back seat with him. Her head was in his lap.
Zaib closely looked at the girl's face. She was beautiful. She had light brown eyes with a fair completion, she was Indian just like him. She looked innocent. Something instantly attracted him towards her. Zaib's thoughts were interrupted when the car stopped at his house. He had a gigantic house. He decided to buy one, even though he rarely ever comes to New York, after all he had all the money in the world.

Zaib picked up the girl and put her in a guest room.
Z- Maria, I believe I can trust on you to take care of her.
Maria- Of coarse, sir.
Z- I called the doctor, he should be coming any moment
M- Okay

Zaib came back in the room after the doctor checked on her.
Doc- Well theres nothing serious and she should wake up in the next 48 hours, but I'll give you some pills to give her, but only give them to her if her condition worsens.
Z- Thanks Doc
Doc- I'll take my leave now
Maria showed the doctor out. Zaib sat next to the girl, she didn't have a purse or anything, he didn't know who to call to inform she was with him.
Z- Oh well, what's it to me

Zaib went to his room to pack his stuff for his flight the next day. After he was done with that he went back into the girl's room. He wanted her to wake up, he wanted to talk to her. His glance laid on the girl's hand, she had a ring on her marriage finger.
"Damn" he thought. There goes his chance with her. He laughed at himself, girls would always run after him and here he was today obsessing over a fact this girl whom he doesn't even know is married.

Zaib sat there for some more time and then left.

Kripa woke up the next morning. Her head spun at first, but then the dizziness went away. She slowly sat up.
Maria- Hello ma'am, how are you feeling now
K- Who are you and.. and where am I, what am I doing here?
M- I'm Maria, Sir's car hit you accidentally, you fell unconscious so Sir brought you here.
K- oh, who's Sir?
M- Zaib is Sir, and I'm Maria, I work for him
K- Oh okay,....wait did you say Zaib!
M- So your a fan too?
K- oh umm actually---
Zaib walked into the room and said
Z- Who wouldn't be a fan of mine.
M- Sir I'll be right back with something for her to eat
Z- Sure

When Kripa saw his face she froze. She tried to talk but couldn't. She didn't know what to say. Tears strolled down her eyes, yes it was Angad.
K- ...Angad
Zaib was confused and decided to let that comment go over his head.
K- Where were you?
Z- In London
K- never remembered us?
Z-thinking- My fans?
Z- Of coarse I did, that's why I'm here to see you guys
K- I...I thought you would never come back
Z- Well yeah after I left last time, I didn't know if I should, but everyone loves me here so I had to
K- Well at least your back, you don't know what happened to us after you left Angad, everything went downhill, everything was ruined---
Z- Okay one second, whose Angad and why do you keep calling me that? My names Zaib
K- Your Angad
Z- No I'm Z A I B, Zaib
K- But.....
K-thinking-What was happening? Everything was going wrong.

K- Your Angad, I know you are, then why are you doing this?
Z- Look babe, I think when the car hit you it did something to your head or brain, but I'm sure it'll wear off in a couple of hours.
K- Prove it, prove your not Angad!
Z- The whole world knows I'm the famous Zaib the rock star!
Kripa felt like crying. She felt ridiculous for forcing a man to accept an identity.

Kripa saw Zaib answer his cell phone.a
Z- Hello....hey I can't go for dinner tonight.....yeah maybe another time......okay....bye

Kripa fell back into the bed. She started believing he wasn't Angad, he Zaib. She wanted to hide. Hide from the world. Before she knew it she went back to sleep.

     "Wake up Kripa, wake up"
Kripa opened her eyes.
K- Maria?
M- After you woke up you went to sleep for 3 hours, long nap if you ask me.
K- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to---
M- Please Kripa, I was joking,
Zaib walked back into the room.
Z- I thought I heard your voice
K- How long have I been here?
Z- Two days
K- What!
Z- Yep, 2 days with a hot dude like me
Kripa got up.
K- I need to make a call
Z- To who? Angad?
K- Shut up
Maria- I'll go get a phone
Z- You have to call your parents?
K- No, I'm I have to call your parents!

Kripa was annoyed of him. She didn't know what got her ticked off at him, but right now she felt like strangling him. Perhaps she was disappointed because he wasn't her Angad. and even if he was, he wasn't acting like it.

Z- Wow someone has an attitude
K- Whatever, hey Maria don't worry she'll use my cell phone.
M- Sure

Kripa dialed Prithvi's number.
K- Hello Prithvi
P- Hey Kripa, where are you? We've been so worried about you!
K- I know Prithvi, actually what happened was....umm........

Zaib whispered- Your car broke down and stuff happened

K- My car broke down and stuff happened
P- Oh well are you okay?
K- Yeah I'm fine, I'll be home soon, how are Aryan and Esha doing?
P- Good, Priya took care of Esha and know isn't a handful
K- Yeah, well can I talk to Aryan?
P- Sure

Prithvi put the phone upto Aryan's ear.
K- Hello Aryan, I'm sorry I didn't come back yet, I'll be back soon, and then we'll go see our movie, I love you, bye.
Kripa hung up the phone.

M- Do you need anything ma'am
K- No thank you, I'm fine
M- Then I'll come back shortly to check on you

Z- So whose Prithvi? Does Angad know your having an affair with Prithvi?
K-Sarcastically -No, but why don't you tell him!
Z- So you are having an affair with Prithvi?
K- No! Prithvi and I are only friends okay! Prithvi's even married, he even has a kid, but why am I telling you all this, it's not like you should care!
Z- Calm down, I'm sorry
K- whatever
Z- So your married to Angad
K- Was, I was married to Angad. He...died in a car wreck
Z- I'm sorry
K- Me too
Z- Who are Aryan and...whats her name...
Kripa smiled.- Esha.
Z- Yeah, who are Aryan and Esha, your siblings?
K- I'm not that young, they're my kids
Z- What! You have kids?
K- yeah, Aryan's 9 and Esha is 2.

For some reason this hurt Zaib's heart. Why did she have to have kids kids? She was an attractive woman he admitted, Angad was lucky to have her, but why did they have to have kids? Her having kids ruined his shot with her.

K- Zaib, Zaib, ZAIB
Z- huh
K- What thoughts were you lost in?
Z- Oh nothing
K- Thanks for taking care of me, I have to go now
Z- You don't have to go yet, stay longer
K- No I can't, Aryan needs me
Z- Don't you mean Esha, I mean isn't she younger?
K- You wouldn't understand, anyways bye
Z- Hey I'll drop you off
K- Where are we?
Z- A couple of blocks away from La Rochelle
K- Well my house is like a 45 minute drive from here, I'm sure I'll manage, I wouldn't want to waste your time.
Zaib knew he could have sent one of his drivers to drop her off, but for some reason he wanted to spend more time with her.
Z- No your my guest and I insist on dropping you off
K- If you say so.

In the car:
Z- Okay so why were you calling me Angad?
K- You don't want to know
Z- Come on tell me, please
K- As bizarre as this may sound, but I called you Angad because you and Angad look exactly like each other, only difference is you have brownish hair, but everything else, it's the same...
Kripa said that to herself more than to him.
Z- Wow! Do you have a picture of him
K- You don't believe me do you?
Z- No I do...but I just, I---
K- I don't have a picture with me, I don't have my purse with me, sorry
Z- It's okay
K- So who were you talking on the phone with? A girlfriend?
Z- Zaib doesn't have girlfriends he just has girls, she was one of the many
K- So your a player
Z- No, players not the right word....... I'm just trying to find Ms. Perfect
K- Oh okay...take a left from here
Z- Ok

K- You know the first time I heard about you on the news, I wanted to meet you, without seeing your face
Z- Why? How did you know I "looked" like Angad?
K- Because of your name Zaib, when Angad couldn't play basketball anymore, his leg got fractured, so he wrote sports articles for New York Times, and coincidentally his pen name was.....Zaib
Z- That's really coincidental
K- Yeah that's exactly what I thought
Z- So you hoped I would be your Angad so you could get your lost love back?
K- No, I hoped you would be my Angad for my kids....for Esha, but more than her...for Aryan.
Z- Why Aryan?
K- Well he's---
Kripa was interrupted by a car honking behind them.

Z- God I hate these stupid Americans that don't know how to drive
K- But Zaib it was your fault, you didn't go when the light turned green
Z- Honey I'm Zaib and Zaib doesn't follow the rules, he breaks them and when he breaks them others are supposed to accept that.
K- Sure, Hey can you stop
Z- Why?
K- Just stop, please

Zaib pulled over to the side of the street.
K- I don't want anyone to see you, I'll catch a cab back home, thanks
Z- Will we meet again
K- I hope we don't...
Z- Why, am I that bad?
K- No, it's just I don't want to live under a lie, that your my Angad
Z- oh....okay
K- Bye, your going back to London aren't you?
Z- Yeah I think I'm just going to go tonight
K- Oh okay, well bye and good luck finding Ms. Perfect
Z- Thanks and good luck with Aryan and Esha
K- Thanks, bye
As Kripa was walking away Zaib called out to her
Z- Kripa
Kripa turned around- What?
Z- I wish I was your Angad
Kripa didn't know what to think of that. She walked away.

Kripa walked away feeling empty, Zaib watched her leave feeling she took something away from him, his heart. Zaib watched Kripa catch a cab and leave. He guessed these were on of those times you meet someone you'll never forget.

I will continue in two days. Keep reading! Hope you liked this.

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xyounngLOVE IF-Dazzler

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great part i hope zaib is angad Cry
Mehandikhan Goldie

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awesome part plz cont soon. Clap
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amazing part hun

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