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~The Incomplete Love Story~Pg76 10/3 End (Page 59)

Chandini Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2006 at 6:41pm | IP Logged

plz make Angad come back - dont make it a KyavaAnjali Story!! Please please please!!!!

I love ur story though.... continue soon!

Vinny143 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 September 2006 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
this series sounds greatSmileSmileSmile
Chotii Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2006 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
hey plz plz plz continu!! u hav 2!! its briliant so far!
xx Saz xx
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 September 2006 at 8:47pm | IP Logged

~The Incomplete Love Story~

Aryan's teachers were shocked to see him talking and walking. Kripa told them it was a miracle along with telling Aryan not to tell anyone Angad was back. Aryan questioned her about it, but she told him it was only temporary.

Doctor- Nice to meet you again Kripa
K- Same to you
Doctor- So you wanted to meet me?
K- Yes, I had to tell you something--
Doc- Where's Aryan?
K- At school, I wanted to meet you alone today
Doc- Okay, so what did you have to tell me?
K- Aryan can talk and walk now
The doctor was shocked.
Doc- Are you serious?
K- Yes, he's like he was before
Doc- How?
K- Because I met this man, Zaib, who is Angad's exact copy. They're exactly the same like twins or something, so I brought him in front of Aryan last night, then the miracle happened.
Doc- Oh my god, that's amazing
K- I know
Doc- But Zaib, will he be staying with you guys
K- For a little bit, but I'm afraid what will happen when he leaves
Doc- I understand, but since he's gotten this shock before, I doubt he'll go back into his previous stages.
K- So your saying most likely he'll take the news well
Doc- Yes, most likely
K- Thanks,
Doc- But Kripa, you shouldn't let him get used to Zaib for too long, otherwise---
K- Don't worry, I'll tell him soon
Doc- Good, and we can do his check ups on the weekend, I'll have my secretary tell you the times
K- Thanks

Kripa left. She picked up Aryan from school and went home. Zaib was looking after Esha, when she went home he had her in his lap while watching tv.
K- Hey
Z- Hey, your back?
K- Yeah
Aryan- Hey dad
Z- Hey, did you learn anything new?
Ary- Yeah I'm sure I did, I just don't remember
Zaib laughed as Aryan plopped down next to him.
Ary- What r u watching?
Z- nothing much, just a basketball game
Ary- Awesome! Remember when you played against the Broncos,
Z- Umm......yeah....of coarse
Aryan- It was awesome, you kicked their butt!
Z- I'm sure I did.....
Aryan- Those were the days....
Z- You like basketball?
Ary- Like you don't know, I love it
Z- cool
Aryan- Dad, dad, dad!
Zaib wasn't used to being called dad, but when Aryan yelled it it hit him, he was his "Dad" and for some reason he liked it.
Z- Sorry, what were you saying?
Aryan- I need your signature on this field trip paper
Z- oh.....go get it done from mom
Aryan- Moms cooking, why can't you do it?
Z- I don't know.....
Ary- Please
Z- Fine, hand it over
Zaib had no idea what Angad's signature looked like, he scratched his forged signature on the piece of paper and quickly handed it back to Aryan. Aryan looked down at it.
Ary- This isn't your signature
Z- Yeah it just saw me sign it
Ary- Weird, you never signed like this before
Z- know so many people are forging signatures these its safe to change it every once in a while.....
Ary- Oh...okay
He put the paper back into his backpack.
Ary- Dad, you know Josh uncle and Ria aunty had a baby a couple of months ago
Z-thinking- Who the hell are they?
Z- really?
Ary- Yeah, they had a girl, Vidya
Z- That's cool
Aryan- Dad
Z- Yeah
Aryan- You seem a little different
Z- How?
Ary- I don't know, it's just....never mind
Z- no tell me
Aryan- When did you get your ear pierced?
Z-thinking- ****
Aryan- Because its funny thinking you were in a coma for two years and right after you got out of your coma you went and got your ear pierced
Z- No actually I always had my ear pierced, I just never wore an earring in it around you, to set a good example
Aryan- If you say so, then....then I believe you
Z- Good.....KRipa!
Kripa came into the living room
K- What is it?
Z- Are you done cooking, I'm hungry
K- It'll be ready in ten minutes, be patient
Z- Fine, what are you making?
K- Chinese
Z- okay, smells good
K- Thanks, umm Aryan honey come sit at the table, I'll give you your sandwhich
Z- Why isn't ARyan eating Chinese?
Aryan- You forgot?
Z- What, are you allergic to chinese or something
Zaib managed a small laugh
Aryan- No, but I don't like don't remember do you?
Z- oh sorry.......
Aryan got up and left to the table.
Z- Sorry
Kripa gave forced a small smile to him, hoping he wouldn't feel to bad, then she went after Aryan.
Z- Esha you like Chinese right?
Esha- Gu ka na
Z- No? Oh cause your still a baby, okay
Z- But Esha your not going to allowed to date until your......until you get married, you don't know these boys these days, they only got one thing in their mind
Esha- shu mi
Z- I know it's pathetic, anyways can you say daddy?
Esha- duku
Z- Nice try, but its actually da-dy
Esha- da ku
Z- daddy
esha- naku
Z- daddy
Esha- da..ady
Z- daddy...wait you just said it, omg!!! KRIPA! KRIPA!
Kripa ran to the living room.
K- What happened!!!
Z- She said daddy! She called me daddy! She said her first word!
K- Actually Zaib, her first word was mama
Z- oh well, she called me daddy!
Kripa got tearful, she picked Esha up out of Zaib's arms
K- umm...dinners ready, I set it out for you, you could go eat now
She took Esha and went upstairs
Zaib followed Kripa to her room.

He went in and sat down next to her. Kripa looked over at him.
K- Why aren't you eating?
Z- Why aren't you?
K- oh...i....had...i had to change Esha's clothes
Z- Don't lie to me Kripa, look....did I say something wrong?
K- no
Z- Then why did you start crying?
K- Look Zaib, I don't want my kids to get used to having a father, I don't want you to be their Angad, you helped my kids and me, thank you. But now I want to tell Aryan the truth, before he gets too attached to you.....
Zaib was hurt. He didn't know why, he knew he had to leave one day, but for some reason he wasn't prepared for it.
K- I hope you understand
Z- oh yeah of coarse, come on lets eat
K- im not hungry...
Z- I wont' eat until you do
K- Zaib
Z- Fine I guess we wont be eating dinner tonight
K- Fine lets go
Zaib smiled and followed her to the kitchen. After dinner Aryan was watching tv in his room. Kripa sat on the sofa feeding a bottle of milk to Esha. Zaib plopped down next to her.

Kripa smiled at him. Zaib's phone started ringing, but he didn't pick it up.
K- Your phones ringing.
Z- I know....
Zaib disconnected it.
K- Who was it?
Z- It was....never mind
K- Come on, you can tell me
Z- No, its not important
K- ...okay

Zaib sat there lost in his own thoughts.
K- Okay Zaib
Zaib shook out of his thoughts when he heard his name being called by Kripa
Z- huh?
K- Your obviously bothered by something, either tell me what it is or pretend not be bothered because its really annoying me
Z- dad called
K- Your dad called, then why didn't you pick up?
Z- Because I already know what he's going to say
K- Oh really, what?
Z- "Come back home this instant or I'll come get you"
Kripa laughed at his mocking voice
Z- I mean I just don't get it, I'm always leaving home to do shows in other countries, but when I told him your situation and about Angad he freaked out. I told him it was only temporary, but he got stressed and really worried, he told me not to come here, forget here, he told me never to step foot in America again.
K- Why?
Z- That's what I want to know, whats the problem if I help you?
K- Maybe he's just worried about you, maybe he thinks I might keep you here with me forever
Kripa said that hoping to better Zaib's mood and get rid of his worry.
Z- I don't know
K- Don't worry, he's a father after all, fathers always worry
Z- ......maybe your right, what about your dad, does he always flip out like mine?
K- My dad, no, my dad is more like a friend, I miss him
Z- Where is he?
K- He's in Australia, with my brother
Z- That's cool, have you-------
Zaib was interrupted by the doorbell.
K- I wonder who that could be
Z- Here
Zaib took Esha out of Kripa's lap. Kripa got up to go open the door. She went there and saw a man in a business suit, perhaps in his mid forties.
K- Yes?
Man- I'm Zaib's father, Yash Singhania
K- Oh, I mean come in, please

Yash Singhania walked in and went to the living room, where he spotted Zaib holding a child.
When Zaib looked up he saw his father standing and looking back at him in anger. He instantly stood up.
Z- Dad....what are you doing here?
Y- Zaib, I think the question is what are you doing here?
Z- Dad we've talked about this already
Y- Shut up!
Hearing the loud noise Esha started crying.
Z- Shh honey, it's okay
Kripa went up to Zaib and took Esha from his arms, she left to her room with giving him a reassuring smile everything would be okay.

Z- Dad---
Y- I told you Zaib, I told you not to come here, then why did you disobey me?
Z- Dad, she needed help, her kids needed help, how could I turn away knowing if I don't help them three lives would be ruined
Y- Your an emotional fool is what you are Zaib, any women will come to you and say you look like her dead husband and you'll believe her---
Z- Dad she's not lying, I trust her, besides take a look around dad, maybe you'll believe me
Yash angrily looked around, he spotted the several pictures on the wall which had Zaib in them, but Zaib was right it wasn't him, it had to be someone else
Z- That's Angad dad, Kripa's husband
Y- that boy, whats his face, better now
Z- Yeah dad, Aryan can walk, he's normal again, its amazing
Y- Then I guess your work is done, pack your things and lets go back to London
Z- I have to break the news I'm not his dad first, I can't just leave, what will Kripa tell them, that their father left to go to London----
Y- Your not their father Zaib
Z- ......I know dad, I know
Y- Fine, but right after you break the news to them we're leaving instantly back to London, understand?
Z- Yes, thanks dad
Zaib went up to his dad and hugged him. Yash hugged him back.
Z- When did you come from London?
Y- Actually I just came from the airport
Z- oh
Y- I should go to my hotel now
Z- But dad----

Zaib froze when he saw Aryan looking at them.
Aryan came out in front of Zaib.
Aryan- Who are you?
Z- Aryan, I'm.....I'm your dad
Aryan- WHO ARE YOU!!!
Kripa came out of her room hearing Aryan yelling. She had put Esha in the crib.

K- Aryan honey, why are you yelling?
Zaib bended down to meet eye level to Aryan. Aryan looked straight in his eyes with angry tears filling them up.

Aryan- The questions not that hard, who are you?
K- Aryan honey, this is Angad.......your dad.....
Aryan- No he's not mom, he's....he's Zaib
Kripa and Zaib were both shocked.
Aryan- Your not my dad, you can't be my dad, because your Zaib
K- Aryan----
Aryan- You lied to me Zaib, you played with my feelings, I've never seen anyone so hard hearted as you!
K- Look Aryan, calm down honey, we'll explain everything to you---
Aryan looked at him mom.
A- So you were in on this too mom?
K- We did it for you, Zaib isn't at fault, I'm the one that told him to act like Angad, only so you get better, so you can have a better future----
Aryan- But lying won't bring dad back now will it?
K- Hurting yourself, losing the will to live won't bring him back either Aryan
Aryan hugged his mom crying.
Kripa picked up Aryan.

K- Mr. Singhania, Zaib, I'm sorry for this
Z- No Kripa----
K- Zaib please show Mr. Singhania a guest room, I'll talk to you tomorrow

Kripa took Aryan to her room and laid him on her bed. She didn't want to stop him, she wanted for him to let him exhale all his emotions, she wanted to let him cry in her arms today. Along with him crying Kripa got to do the same, she always stopped herself from crying, but today she also cried in memory of Angad.

Aryan slowly fell asleep. Kripa couldn't. Why? Why did her kids have to live like this? Why did Aryan have to live like this, he never got a chance to be happy. First he had to live with the fact his parents lived separately, knowing his parents hated each other, shifting from one house to the other, then when his parents got back together, they were all happy, Angad died, his whole world collapsed. He then got his father back, his happiness back, his family seemed complete to him, then a couple of days later he finds out it was all a lie, nothing was real, he was living a dream, that man wasn't his father, he was Zaib, some rock star playing the role of Angad Khanna for a couple of days.

Okay I really want to know your thoughts so far, do you like it? I'll continue soon, please comment!
Mehandikhan Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2006 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
awesome part plz cont soon. Clap
dhabi_84 Groupbie

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Posted: 19 September 2006 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
dat was a great part continue soon......
hawoo Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2006 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
i had a tear in my eye!!!! ! Cry i feel really bad 4 aryan Cry
insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 September 2006 at 4:17am | IP Logged
awwwwwwww pooor aryann Cry Cry Cry ...that was a fab part...i wonder wat will happen next!!

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