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~The Incomplete Love Story~Pg76 10/3 End (Page 57)

geeri Groupbie

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Posted: 12 August 2006 at 4:15am | IP Logged
can u please just right the next part cause i love your fan fictions

Rim_ Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2006 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
heya cool fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clap
shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2006 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
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amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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~The Incomplete Love Story~(Sorry for delay, please don't hate me)

Kripa decided to go alone to the hospital to bring Aryan home since Angad had to go submit an article to the New York Times. They told her she could pick him up at noon, Kripa looked at the time it was 11:35, she decided to pick up a coffee at Starbucks real fast.
Kripa drove to Starbucks, while driving she analyzed that she got used to America. It was as if she had always lived here now. Though she did have to admit she missed India, but what was left there now? Her dad moved to Australia with her brother, her business was shut down in India and transferred to America, the only thing left there was Prithvi. She felt bad for Prithvi, he was all alone. When she lived in India, with Raj, she realized Prithvi would visit her house 3-4 times a day, he would always celebrate his happy times and share his bad times with them. She hoped Prithvi met someone, someone who would give him the love he deserved.

Honk Honk

Kripa was distracted on her thoughts by another car honking the horn, she realized the light was green and she was holding up traffic, she quickly put her foot on the accelerator and turned into the Starbucks parking lot. She got out of her car and entered through the doorway, she heard a familiar voice when she was waiting for her coffee, a little too familiar. Kripa saw the man ordering, she smiled and hugged him.

K- Prithvi!!! What a pleasant surprise!
P- Hey Kripa!
K- What are you doing here?
P- I had a case here in New York, I'm just here for a few days---
K- Why didn't you tell me you were coming, I would have come pick you up from the airport, by the way when did you come?
P- I came two days ago, and I didn't tell you I came because I knew you would insist on me staying longer, which I can't and---
K- Okay, I promise I won't do that, but you are staying at my house and I don't want to here anything but a yes from you!
P- Fine, but my stuff is still at Holiday Inn and ---
K- Don't worry, we'll pick it up---
Kripa's eyes went towards her watch which said 12:48, how did time pass by so fast she thought. She quickly grabbed her coffee and Prithvi's,
K- Let's go
P- Where
K- I have to go pick up Aryan from the hospital today--
P- What! Why is he in the hospital?
K- Did you bring a car?
P- No cab, but why is he in the hospital?
K- I'll tell you on the way, for now come on

On the way Kripa indeed did tell Prithvi why Aryan was in the hospital.
P- Kripa I'm mad at you
K- Why
P- You didn't even call me and tell me all this...Am I really that much of a stranger now
K- Prithvi, your my best friend, I just didn't want you to worry...sorry
P- I forgive you, like always
Kripa smiled.

Kripa and Prithvi went inside the hospital and signed his discharge papers.
P- Hey Aryan
Ary- Hey Prithvi Uncle
P- So how are you feeling now
Ary- Better
P- Good, I missed you
Ary- Now you have to stay for a long time at our house
P- I can't promise a long time, but a couple of days for sure
Ary- Good enough

They than went to Holiday Inn and picked up Prithvi's luggage and drove home.

At home:
Ary- Mom, I'm going to watch t'v in my room okay?
K- Sure, let me help you up
Ary- Mom, I'll be fine
K- Are you sure?
Ary- Yes
K- I'll come to check on you
Ary- Sure

Afterwards Kripa showed Prithvi his room.
P- Thanks
K- No Prithvi have you been dating lately?
P- Kripa, you know me, I don't have time to date yet.
K- Prithvi, put work aside and concentrate on your personal life for a while too
P- I'll try to get time out, happy?
K- Very!
P- So wheres Angad?
K- He went to go submit an article in, he should be back any minute

Kripa heard the door open
K- I'll be right back, you stay here, we'll surprise him!
P- Okay

Kripa went downstairs.
A- Hey Kripa
K- Hey
They both gave each other a quick kiss.
A- Aryan's back?
K- Yes, in his room
A- Good
K- Angad I have a surpise for you!!!
A- Really? What/
K- Come with me
Kripa led Angad to Prithvi's room
A- In the guest room?
K- Yes
Kripa opened the door
A- OMG Prithvi!
P- Hey
A- What's up dude?
P- Nothing much
A- When did you come?
P- Well I've been in New York for 2 days, but Kripa and I met today
A- That's great
The three talked for some time, than Prithvi had to go meet his client so he left.

A- OMG I haven't seen Aryan yet!
K- Don't worry, he's watching tv, go see him now
A- Yeah

Angad went to Aryan's room.
A- Hey bud, whats up?
Ary- Nothing much
A- Does your head hurt?
Ary- It did, but not anymore.
Kripa brought in a snack for Aryan. She set it down on the table.
K- I bet it was scary when the accident happened
Ary- Yeah...this may sound funny but...I actually thought I was going to die
Kripa and Angad both hugged Aryan tightly.
K- As long as you have us, we won't ever let you leave us
A- Yeah Kripas right, God can't separate us from you, he's not that cruel
Ary- I love you guys
A- And we love you, more than anything in this whole wide world
Kripa too the plate off the table and fed Aryan the sandwich.
Ary- I'm full now mom
K- No, just one more bite
Ary- No
A- Please for me
Ary- Okay fine
With that Kripa fed him the last bite.
Ary- Mom, I'm sleepy
K- It's probably from the medicines, go to sleep
Angad switched the light off as he and Kripa left the room.

As Kripa was about to go downstairs Angad grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her body against his and held her by the wrist.
A- Kripa thank you
K- What for?
A- For loving me, for marrying me, for giving me Aryan, for giving me a family.
K- In that case I should thank you for all the same things too
A- Kripa, you and Aryan are the two best things that ever happened to me, I don't know what I would do if I had to be separated from both of you
K- Angad I love you, and I'll make sure we're not separated, okay?
A- Okay
Angad kissed Kripa. Kripa put her hands around his neck and returned the kiss. The moment felt so right to both of them. They felt like staying there in that one moment they're entire life. After a couple of minutes they both released from the kiss when the door bell rang. Kripa blushed.
K- I'll get that, it's probably Prithvi
A- Yeah

When Kripa opened the door, she was surprised by seeing Josh and Ria instead of Prithvi.
K- Hey, how are you guys?
J- Great, you?
K- Good...come in

Josh and Ria entered and sat on the coach, Angad also joined them. Kripa got everyone coffee and joined their conversation.
J- Angad told me about Aryan, how is he now?
K- Better, he's sleeping right now
Ria- We'll we have good news for both of you, Josh you tell them
J- Okay, well I proposed to Ria and of coarse she said yes because she couldn't resist by good lucks and----
R- Shut up, anyways what Josh is trying to say is, we're getting married next week
K- Wow! Congratulations!!!
Kripa and Ria hugged, while Josh and Angad did too.
A- But aren't you guys having an engagement ceremony or anything
R- I told Josh to, but he said he couldn't wait any longer, in fact he wanted to get married tomorrow, but I made him agree for next week
J- And you guys are coming, got it?
K- Of coarse
Josh handed them a wedding card.
R- Well we better go now, we still have to distribute like a thousand more cards
A- Well c ya
K- Bye

Kripa got a call after they left.
K- Hello....What?.....Fine, I'll be there....okay...bye

A- What happened
K- I have to go to work
A- Why?
K- Put the news on Angad, fast
Without further question, Angad took the remote and put the news on
Kripa went and let in Prithvi who was home now too.

Hello this is Jennifer Lee with KBC news, we just got information that a train carrying material for the well known "Aryan Enterprise" left the train track and crashed. Due to the accident the train has blown up, fortunately the driver made it off the train in time and has minor cuts. We will keep you informed about this event.

Angad was shocked. Kripa got dizzy and fainted.
P-yell- Kripa!
Angad picked her up into his arms.
P- Let's take her to the hospital
A- I will, can you stay with Aryan?
P- uhh yeah no problem, you go.

Angad quickly drove the hospital and admitted her. He was worried about her. God knows how she too the news.
Doctor- Mr. Khanna
A- yes, hows she? Is she okay?
Doc- Nothing to worry about at all Mr. Khanna, actually your wife is pregnant, Congratulations
A- What! Wow! Can I go see her?
Doc.- Of coarse

Angad quickly went in the room. He instantly kissed Kripa on the lips.
A- Kripa, just when I thought my life couldn't get any better, you gave me another gift. Thank You
Kripa gave him a small smile.
A- What's the matter?
K- Angad, the train...the material...everythings over. The material was worth billions Angad, I needed it for the next launch, I..I.. didn't even have unsurance on it.
A- What! You didn't have insurance on it?
K- I had a disagreement with my previous insurance company, so we ended that contract. I was supposed to go and sign one with the other insurance company, but that day Aryan had his accident. I told them I would come in a week, little did I know this would happen.
A- Kripa...don't worry we'll figure something out.
Kripa cried. Angad held her close to him.
A- Don't cry today Kripa, you know your pregnant, thats the best news ever. Your going to be a mom again.
K- I know, I'm happy about that, but everything is over
A- No Kripa, we're about to start a newer, better life, with you, me, Aryan, and the new guest coming into our life.
K- Your right, Angad lets go to Aryan Enterprise
A- Kripa your just going to get sadder and---
K- Please
A- Fine

Angad and Kripa drove there. All the workers were leaving.
A- Where are they going?
K- I don't know

Kripa stopped someone.
K- Where are you all going?
Girl- Ma'am, Aryan Enterprise has been sold to someone
K- What?
Girl- The new owner told us to go home, I don't know anything more than that.
A- Whose the new owner
Girl- He's inside, in Kripa's office

Angad and Kripa rushed inside.
The chair was turned the other way, but Kripa could tell it was a man.
K- Excuse Me
Man- So you finally made it huh
Kripa and Angad knew the voice. It was of coarse Kripa's best friend Prithvi.
K- Prithvi

Prithvi turned around in his chair facing both of them.
A- What's going on Prithvi?
P- Angad my friend, its a long story, why don't you both sit down
A- Wait wheres Aryan? You were supposed to be with him
P- Don't worry, he's getting a pop out of the vending machine, he'll be back any second, and here he is.
Ary- Hey mom
Kripa went to Aryan and hugged him. Aryan saw the bags by her eyes.
Ary- Are you okay?
K- Aryan why don't you go sit down outside, we have to talk to Prithvi, then we'll go home, okay?
Ary- Okay

Aryan sat outside the door on the chairs, waiting for his parents.

Angad- Prithvi, now tell us, what the **** is going on?
P- Angad, don't loose your cool already, sit down,
Angad and Kripa sat down, but the patience in them was dying.
K- Prithvi, whats going on?
P- It's really simple Kripa, you had made me your lawyer in India. I made a couple of changes to some papers, Bara Beem, Bara boom, you signed them without reading them b4 you left because your trusted me so much. Today the train got off the tracks. You still have to pay for the millions the material was worth, which you were supposed to pay for after you launched the clothes and material, getting the money from the launch. The launch never took place because there is no material, so now you are in debt. You owe the Material Houses millions, you had no insurance, so YOU have to cover it from your own POCKET! I on the other hand am safe and sound, because I got you to sign papers which made me a share holder of the company, but according to the signed documents no financial loss would affect me, meaning I am now the owner of Aryan Enterprise, YOU owe me millions.

A- What the **** has gotten into you? Why the **** are you doing this to us?
P- Well Angad it all started when I split you two up for seven years.
K- What? You did that?
P- Like duh! I loved you Kripa, but you were too stupid to know that, you thought we were "only friends." So when this Angad Khanna came into your life you instantly fell in love and married him. I got married to Priya. But my love for you never died, and Priya knew that. That's when my plan was successful and Angad you were cheating on him with me, Priya instantly believed it. Which caused Priya to leave me and Angad to leave you! I loved you more than my life, that's why I didn't mind you had a son, I would have accepted Aryan too, but even years after he left you, you still loved him.
Kripa saw tears in Prithvi's eyes.
P- When you asked for help on getting angad back I helped you, only because I knew you would never love me more than a friend. But you both wanted me and Priya to get back together, I lied she never got married, but I don't want to be with her, she's not my type. Kripa is though. But my heart would burn every time I saw you happy with him. That's why I want to see you suffer. Anyways, forget all this and lets talk about business.
A- You *******!
Angad held Prithvi by the collar and was about to punch him.
P- UH UH UH, don't even try to touch or hurt me, because your destiny is in my hands.
Kripa pulled Angad away from Prithvi.
P- At least one of you has some smarts, now Kripa Khanna you owe me 87 Million Dollars. Aryan Enterprise is worth 58 Million, your house in India is worth around 3 million, meaning you still owe me 26 Million Dollars. Any idea on where your going to get that from?
K- I can't believe I ever thought of you as my friend!
A- He's not worth our time Kripa, lets go

P- If you guys want some smart advice, then sell Angad's house.
K- What!
P- It would automatically be mine, but it's on Angad's name, not yours, so Angad needs to sell it. That house is around 20 million, and I'm sure you guys have 6 million in bank accounts or sell your cars, so everything will work out great! But take your time, I mean don't do anything in a hurry, you guys have about 1 or 2 days to think things over..
Angad wrapped his arm around Kripa's shoulder and went towards the door.
P- Oh you guys are leaving so soon, I enjoyed your company, do come again soon!

A- Let's go Aryan
Aryan got up from the chair. Angad could tell he was weak still from the accident, so he picked him up into his arms. Kripa gave him a small smile.
They soon reached home.
Everyone was tired. It was 9. Kripa and Angad laid Aryan in bed. There was a storm outside. Kripa and Angad went to their own room. They both were tired.
K- I'm sorry Angad, this's all my fault.
A- No it's not Kripa, I love you, and we're both in this together, okay?
K- Yeah
Aryan came into their room.
A- What's the matter champ?
Ary- I don't know why, but I'm scared of the storm today
K- Then come sleep with us
Aryan jumped into the middle of both of them and got inside the covers.
Ary- Now tell me whats going on?
K- What do you mean honey?
Ary- I heard everything Prithvi Uncle said at the office outside the door, are we going to okay?
K- Yeah, we'll figure something out, you don't worry about it okay
Ary- Yeah
A- Well you know the bad news, you waana hear some good news?
Kripa slightly blushed.
Ary- Sure
A- Well pretty soon your going to have a younger brother or sister
Ary- Really!!! That's awesome! Dad I'll take care of my brother or sister so well, I'll share all my toys with him or her. And I'll tell them a lot of stories, I can't wait! How long do I have to wait?
K- Umm like 9 months or so
Ary- Woah, that's a long time.
Angad laughed at his comment.
A- Well I want a daughter now
K- I don't know, I liked having a boy, but yeah I want a daughter now too.
Ary- I want a brother and a sister.
K- Woah!
Ary- It's possible, I mean you can have twins.
A- Yes I guess we'll see, go to sleep now
K- Good night
A- Good night

What will happen to them because of Prithvi? Keep reading to find out.

I hope you liked it. Theres a lot I felt like editing out of this part, but I didn't. Do comment on it. Sorry for the long delay I gave you guys. I will probably update more often now.

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 August 2006 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Great Part and shocking twist
lovefaz Senior Member

Joined: 14 May 2006
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Posted: 20 August 2006 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
mean prithvi Angry Angry Angry
plz continue soon
xyounngLOVE IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2006 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
i agree thats pretty shocking! Shocked but at least kripa and angad are together
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2006 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
shocking twist.. but to tell u the truth.. somewhere in a corner of my heart.. i knew prithvi was a evil, conniving lil Censored ..... sry for taht language...

well.. continue soon cuz i wana know how they pay up.. hopefully kripa will accept help from mishti.. pelase dont make mishti evil also!!!

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