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~The Incomplete Love Story~Pg76 10/3 End (Page 50)

Divjot_10 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2006 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by amneetkaur_24

Originally posted by Divjot_10

omg that was sad... awwwwww...... don't make him stop playing Basketball..... Cry , I'm sure he'll be fine soon................. Anyways... about priya how about Aliyaa from KYPH the old one. let me know if u satisfied.... Good Lucka nd contninue soon.....

I know it was sad..forgive me! And the old Aliyaa girl sounds GREAT! Thanks so much! Glad you liked it! Bye Divjot!

Hey,       I'm glad that you liked my suggestion. Smile Continue soon.


simply_thebest Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2006 at 6:48am | IP Logged
i just read ur ff it's fantastic
continus sooon
can't wait more
badgal4eva Groupbie

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Posted: 27 June 2006 at 6:28pm | IP Logged
i just read ur entire fanfic n one word only excellant Clap
And pliz don't make angad suffer too much
Krishana Tulsi Senior Member
Krishana Tulsi
Krishana Tulsi

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Posted: 04 July 2006 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
omg this is sooo gud plz continue soon...hope u end it along these lines! Tongue even though angad could not play basketball again he started helping and working along side kripa in the business and made it an international success! offence or anythin just a suggestion!!!!

anyways plz continue! Clap
geeri Groupbie

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Posted: 04 July 2006 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
please make angad play basketball again and don't make hime suffer and do something that will amke all of them happy and by the way can you pleaseeee update i love your fan fiction so much
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 July 2006 at 10:14pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Krishana Tulsi

omg this is sooo gud plz continue soon...hope u end it along these lines! Tongue even though angad could not play basketball again he started helping and working along side kripa in the business and made it an international success! offence or anythin just a suggestion!!!!

anyways plz continue! Clap

thanks glad you liked it. And thank you for the suggestion, I'll think I could fit that in, thanks. And keep reading.

amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 July 2006 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
~~Incomplete Love Story~~

K- Angad, by gods grace you can walk again, but you can't ever play basketball again.....
Angad froze and he was speechless. But tears did in fact flow down out of his eyes. Kripa hugged him tighter. She wished she could take all his pain away.

Todays Update:

A couple of weeks passed. Angad was still upset that he couldn't play basketball anymore. He talked a lot less these days too. He was still on cretches. Kripa would take care of him daily along with managing her business from home. Aryan went to a basketball summer camp with some friends, he would be back in two weeks. Josh would often visit them and try to brighten Angad's mood, but it was to no use. Kripa knew Angad just needed some time so she didn't bother him much about his behavior.
Angad was sitting on the bed watching t'v. Kripa was on the phone. After she shut the phone she threw the file she had in her hand on the ground. She was mumbling something to herself. Angad shut the t'v off.
A- What happened?
K- the stupid owner of the stupid company rejected by stupid offer!
A- that's .........stupid.
Kripa sighed.
K- Anyways forget it, are you hungry?
A- No
K- Ok I'll be right back.
Angad turned the tv back on.

A couple of minutes later Kripa came back into the bedroom with the bucket of chocolate ice cream and two spoons. When she came in she saw an angry look on Angad's face. She went and laid besides him on the bed watching t'v. He was watching a basketball game.
A- Stupid idiots don't know how to play basketball, the other teams creaming them. If I was there we would so be winning.

The game ended and Angad's team lost. Angad then threw the remote control on the carpet.

Kripa took her spoon and dug it in the ice cream and ate it.
K- Mmmmmmmmm this is so good
K- Here eat some
A- No thanks
K- Come on, it'll take all your anger away
Kripa took another spoon full and ate it.
K- Mmmm this is so freakin good!
A- Fine give me some
Kripa gave ANgad the other spoon
Angad took the spoon and dug it in the ice cream and ate it.

A- Your right this is good

Kripa cursed out the company which rejected her offer and as Angad cursed out the basketball team for losing as they ate the ice cream. Before they knew it the bucket was empty.

A- That made me feel a lot better
K- Works every time
A- Kripa
K- Yeah
A- I know I haven't told you this for a while but I love you
K- I love you too
Kripa kissed Angad on the lips and he returned it, before they knew it they were making out. They were interrupted by the door bell.
A- Who the **** is that?
K- I'll go check

Kripa left Angad and went downstairs. She opened the door. It was no other than Josh.
K- Hey
J- Hey whatz up?
K- Nothing much come in
Josh came in and they went to Angad's room.

J- Hey Angad
A- Hey man, saw you guys lose
J- I know, but didn't you see I was the only one even scoring. I'm serious dude the team really needs you and---
Josh stopped when Kripa stepped on his foot. He understood he should shut up now.
K- Anyways Josh what brings you here?
J- Oh yeah, well I was wondering if you guys want to go to Canada with me.
K- Canada? Why?
J- For vacation. I'm going with my girlfriend Riya. It'll be really fun.
A- Ria?
J- Long story short, we met at a game of mine and were going out now. So anyways you guys want to go, its only for the weekend
A- I don't know---]
J- Come on Angad, you've been trapped in this house for like weeks, don't you want to get out.
K- I think hes right, we should go.
A- Okay fine
J- Great we'll leave tomorrow
K- Ok
J- Well c ya tomorrow, bye
AK- Bye
The next morning Kripa finished packing their clothes.
K- Okay I think I got everything packed
A- Okay lets go, Josh must be waiting at the airport
K- Your right, okay lets go...did you pack your medicine
A- Oh shoot I forgot it
K- Angad! Your so careless
Kripa quickly grabbed the medicine and they left.
At the airport.
J- Meet Ria, Ria this Angad and this is KRipa
AK- Hi
R- Hi, nice to meet you guys

Ria and Kripa became fast friends. They reached Canada. They were staying in a cottage hotel.
R- We should go skiing, its great up here
J- Yeah
K- I love skiing!!!
Kripa remembered Angad's foot was broken.
K- I love skiing but I don't feel like it, you guys go
A- Kripa
K- Yeah
A- Please don't
K- Don't what?
A- Don't feel sorry or sympathy for me
K- I don't Angad, the thing is I really don't want to ski
A- I know you do
K- No I don't
J- Actually skiing was a bad idea, lets do something else
R- I agree
A- OMG! Please go guys, I don't want to get in the way of anything--
K- Angad your not in the way of anything, we simply just don't want to do anything without you--
A- Please guys go, after u guys go skiing we'll do something else
R- It's okay Angad
Angad looked at Josh for some help
J- Okay lets go skiing, well be back soon
A- Thanks
K- Ok but take care
A- Don't worry about me
K- Love you bye
JR- Bi

The three of them went skiing. Angad decided to go to the hotel lobby. Many people were there sitting, watching tv, and, playing games. Angad decided to read a sports magazine. He rested his broken leg on a separate chair across from there. He was very comfortable. Angad moved his head away from the magazine when he heard his name. He was suprised to see Mishty.
A- Mishty, what are you doing here?
M- I followed you here
A- What?
M- Yeah, I found out you were in Canada, so I had to see you.
A- Why?
M- I'm leaving Angad, forever.
Angad was confused. Mishty sat by him. He could tell she was cold from the snow.
M- I got a job offer in Australia. It's a really good offer.
A- Congratulations
M- I won't be coming back Angad, I'm getting settled there. I wanted to say bye to you, for the last time. I have to tell you something Angad.
A- What
M- Ever since I remember, I've known you. I knew you before you knew Kripa. We used to be best friends. You used to share everything with me. Then you decided to finish your collage in India. I was crushed. But I decided when you would come back I would tell you that I love you. But then one day you told me you met a girl, Kripa. You said she was everything you were looking for, and more. You were in love. You invited me to your wedding. I swear Angad, I always wanted your happiness, and thats why I never told you how much I love you.
A- Mishty--
M- No Angad, let me finish, If I don't say this now, then maybe I won't be able to say it ever....You got married. I decided to stay in India, just to be with you. I thought your marriage wouldn't affect our friendship, but it did, only for the worse. You eventually stopped sharing everything with me. You didn't have time for our friendship. It was as if only Kripa was everything for you. As if Kripa was your new best friend. Then that night came, when you said Kripa betrayed you. I instantly wanted you out of your marriage, I was being selfish. I thought maybe if you and Kripa weren't meant to be, then maybe we were. But I was wrong, Kripa and you did get back together. And today I'm nothing but happy for you guys. Angad you were never mine. And maybe one day I'll look back and laugh that I loved you.
A- Mishty you'll get a good guy, that's way better than me.
M- I hope
Mishty got her face close to Angads. She closed her eyes and let her lips touch his. It was the most passionate moment in her life. Angad pushed back away.
M- That was my first and last kiss with you Angad, I promise.
She smiled at Angad. Tears ran down her eyes.
M- Bye
A- ...Bye

With that she left. Angad put the magazine away. He took his cretches in his hands and went to his room. He laid down on the bed and shut his eyes. He eventually fell into sleep.
Kripa came back later. She was tired and cold. She changed into her pajamas and snuggled in bed with Angad. She put her close hands around him. Angad was shirtless and instantly felt her cold hands on him.
A-mumbling- Kripa
K- I'm cold
A-mumbling- your making me cold
K- make me warm
Angad hugged Kripa. Kripa buried her head in his chest.
A-mumbling- I love you
K- how much
A- more than you can ever imagine, now go to sleep
K- sure....Angad
A-mumbling- now what
K- I love you too
A- how much
K- more than you can ever imagine
Angad smiled. He hugged her tighter and they went to sleep. Angad decided not to tell Kripa about Mishty. Mishty was a part of their lives which now went away. Angad thought it was good she left, she would start afresh somewhere else.
Preview: Fight???

Thanks for all your comments and I'm terribly sorry for the delay. It's just I have a summer job and I get busy. Sorry. But I will defniately update this some time this week.
lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2006 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
awesome part

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