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~The Incomplete Love Story~Pg76 10/3 End (Page 21)

Sour Skittles IF-Dazzler
Sour Skittles
Sour Skittles

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Posted: 30 April 2006 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
tht waz sooooooo cute!!!!!!!plzzz cont ssssssssssooooon

amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 April 2006 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
The Incomplete Love Story( Last part page 18)

Kripa picked up her plate and left for the kitchen.

Angad heard the doorbell ring and opened it. He looked straight across but didn't see anyone, then he heard a voice.
Aryan- Down here dad!
A- Sorry.(Angads tall so he looked straight when opening the door, Aryans still short so he was down under Angad's gaze, hopefully that makes sense, if not its okay b/c its not important)
A- So how was the sleepover?
Ary- It was cool, we played a lot video games.
A- That's kewl.

Kripa heard Aryan's voice and went to the living room.
K- Hey Aryan!
Ary- Hey mom!
He ran and gave her a hug.
A- Oh yeah todays your basketball game.
Ary- Today, I thought it was Friday
A- Yeah they preponed it.
K- So are you ready for the game?
Ary- Yeah, I think I'll have a pretty good chance at winning!
K- Even if you dont win, it'll be enough if you try your best.
Ary- thanks
K- Oh yeah, we have to pack
Ary- Why?
K- Well, we'll be going back to India tonight.
Ary- Okay!!! I can't wait to see grandpa and Prithvi.
K- Okay well go start packing, and I'll come up and help you in a minute.
Ary- Okay

Aryan ran upstairs and Angad and Kripa were left alone in the room.
A- .....You dont have to leave so soon.
K- The sooner the better.

Kripa left to go upstairs.

Aryan's basketball game:

Angad and Kripa were sitting on the bleachers. The game would start in a little while.
A lady started talking to Kripa.
Lady- That's my son over there. (Pointing at a boy)
K- That's nice, mines that one!(Kripa pointed towards Aryan.
Lady- What team is he playing on?
K- The Red team
Lady- Mines on the blue. My son is really good!
K- Thats nice.
Lady- Since he's on the blue team they're probably going to win
Kripa was getting annoyed of the lady.
K- Well my sons really good too and he's definitely going to win!
Lady- I'm sure he's good, but not as good as my son.
K- Your right, because he's better than your son!
Lady-mad- Fine! We'll see who will win!
K- Bring it on grandma!
The lady got up and left to another spot.

Angad who heard the whole conversation because he's sitting next to Kripa was cracking up!
K- What's so funny?
A- I thought you said it didn't matter who won.
K- It doesn't............tell me Aryans going to win.
A- I think he is
K- Good! I cant wait to rub it in her face.
Aryan scored a basket and Kripa turned around and gave the lady a "I win, you lose" look.

Later in the game, Aryan's team was losing.
Kripa stood up and started yelling- You can do it! Come on!
A-What are you doing?
K- It's called support.
Angad pulled Kripa down.
Aryan gave Angad a thanks stare.
K- Fine!

It ended up Aryan's team did win. Angad and Kripa were really happy. Before leaving Kripa bumped into the lady. The lady looked annoyed.
K- Theres always next year.
Lady- Whatever
The lady walked off and left.

A- Okay so now how will we celebrate?
Aryan and Kripa- Ice Cream!!!
A- Okay

The three went to the ice cream parlor.
A lady came to take their order.
Lady- What would you guys like today? May I suggest you to try our biggest ice cream sundae?
K- Sounds big is it?
Lady- One glass has 12 pounds of ice cream.
Aryan- Wow!
A- Yeah we'll take one.
When the lady brought it they were shocked. it was huge.
Ary- Wow!
Angad, Kripa, and Aryan shared the huge sundae. It had hot fudge, strawberries, cherries, and a lot of other things on it.( Im hungry). Even though all three were eating they weren't able to finish even half of it.
K- Im stuffed.
Ary- Me too.
A- Me three.
The lady came and said: Please finish the ice cream, its a waste.
A- But Ill pay for it, so I could throw it away.
Lady- But u shouldn't, it would be a waste.
Angad looked freaked out.
Aryan was giggling.
A- Okay......we're not really that hungry anymore.
L- Fine, pay up!
Angad was about to take his wallet out but he didn't find it. He figured he left it at home.
The lady was standing there and getting mad.
Angad whispered to Kripa- I left my wallet at home, do you have any money?
Kripa whispered back- I didn't bring my purse.
They both swallowed hard and looked back at the lady innocently.
Lady- Well? Wheres the money?
AK- We don't have any right now....sorry.
Lady- You mean you just ate ice cream for which you don't have money for!!!
Lady- I want my money, and I want it now!!!
Aryan- Take a chill pill lady!
Angad quickly covered Aryan's mouth so he couldn't talk anymore.
Lady- I want my money!
K- Try to understand, we dont have any right now.
A- I'll give u my name and number, you can call and get my credit card number and take the money from there.
Lady- I dont trust you, I want cash now!
Lady- Fine you dont have cash then you have to finish the ice cream, I dont want you to waste ice cream which you didn't pay for!
Angad Aryan and Kripa looked stunned. They couldnt eat another bite, but they had to.

They were all taking small bites.
Ary- We're never going to get done at this rate.
A- Take bigger bites guys
K- Im eating as much as I could! I wish I could just shove all this ice cream up that ladies-----
Ary- Wow mom! I never saw this side of you.
K- Sorry, its just that lady!!! Uggggggh
A- Okay I got a plan
K- What?
A- Let's just run out.
K- We cant do that!
A- Come on, I really cant eat another bite, If you can then I'll stay.
K- at a time. aryan you go first.
Ary- Okay, I'll wait for you guys by the car.
Aryan walked out and the lady didn't see.
A- Okay both of us have to run together now.
K- Im ready when you are.
A- Okay 3....2....1...and go!
Angad and Kripa were both running out when the lady stood in front of the door.

AK stopped in their tracks.
Lady-sweetly- Going anywhere?
A- Umm....yeah...the bathroom
Lady- Together?
AK- Yes
Lady- We'll the bathroom is over there(pointing to another door)
K- Oh...all the doors just look alike these days you know.
Lady-sarcastic- I understand completely
AK were about to go back to their seats when they heard the lady talk.

Lady- You guys can go. home.
AK- What?
Lady- Yes. go ahead.
AK- Thanks
Lady- By the way, you have a nice family.
Angad and Kripa looked at each other blankly.
K- Thanks......
Lady- How long have you guys been married.
A- 8 years
Lady- I would have never guessed
A- I just found out yesterday too
Lady- What?
A- Nothing
Lady- That boy was your son right?
K- Yeah
Lady- All you need now is a daughter and your family will be complete
Angad and Kripa once again looked at each other. They wanted to know what the other was thinking.

K- Thanks bye
Lady- Bye

They both went to the car.

Kripa looked at her watch and was shocked.
K- Oh no! Our flights in two hours, I still have to pack!
A-sad- Oh it is?
K- Yeah, can we go home now?
A- Yeah sure.

They went home.
Kripa was finishing packing when she heard a knock on the door.
K- Come in!
It was Angad.
K- Hey
A- Hey, so r u almost done?
K- Yeah I just have to pack a couple of more things
A- Oh
K- Is Aryan done packing?
A- Yeah
Kripa noticed Angad was upset. She knew he was sad about Aryan leaving.
K- It's only a couple of months.
A- I know....but time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love.
K- I know what you mean... Well, Im done packing.
Angad wanted Kripa to stay and Kripa wanted Angad to tell her to stay, but none of them did so. Instead they quietly went along with everything.

It was time to go and Angad was going to drop them at the airport. No one talked the whole way there.
They went inside the airport and checked in.
Angad to Aryan- I'm going to miss you.
Ary- Me too dad.
Aryan started to cry and so did Angad. They both hugged.
A- Call me everyday okay.
Ary- Okay...and you take care of yourself.
A-smiled- I will.

K- Well I guess we'll be going now.......Bye
A- Why is it we only part to meet again
K- I wish I knew.....I wish I knew.
Kripa turned around and started leaving with Aryan. She had tears coming out of her eyes.
Angad without knowing had tears in his eyes too. He felt as if he was losing everything all over again.

Kripa felt a hand tug to hers and she turned around to see Angad. He had tears in his eyes. She wiped them.
Angad cupped her face in his hands and said:
A- I love you
They both kissed. The kiss made up for all the kisses they missed out on. Finally their lips parted.
K- I love you too. But what made you come back to me?
A- I'm ready to forget everything Kripa. Im ready to move on. I can forgive your mistake. I just want to forget about it. I wont let both of our lives be ruined because of a mistake. I know your sorry about it. All that matters is we love each other and......
Angad stopped when Kripa moved Angad's hands off of her waist. She let go of him.
A- What's the matter?
K-crying- You got it all wrong. I dont want you to come back to me because your ready to forgive and forget about it. I want you to come back to me because you believe me. Angad nothing happened that night......and unless you believe that, I cant allow myself to be close to you...Im sorry.
A- What ever happened...happened! I dont care anymore.
K- But whatever happened did happen. I want you to trust me, but you don't. I'm sorry.
A- want me to trust you then I trust you!
K- No! I really want you to trust me and right now I don't see that trust in your eyes. I'll always love you Angad.

An announcement over the intercom came on: The flight No. 346 to India passengers, please come to the gate now.
K- Bye
Kripa kissed Angad on the cheek and started walking away. Kripa waved goodbye to him and he waved back. Both of them with tears falling from their eyes nonstop. Aryan watched his parents lives once again ruined. He watched their Love Story continue to be an Incomplete Love Story.

Well thats it for now, leave lots of comments!
Fazzu Groupbie

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Posted: 30 April 2006 at 6:19pm | IP Logged
was this last part?

why did yous saidThe Incomplete Love Story( Last part page 18)
if this part was last then i dopn't think it was good ending
if this is or not plz tell us
Fazzu Groupbie

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Posted: 30 April 2006 at 6:20pm | IP Logged
is this the last part plz tell me
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 April 2006 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
No its not, I mean to say the part before this is on page 18. Sorry for the confusion!
iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 April 2006 at 6:24pm | IP Logged
dats so sad Cry awesome part cont soon Clap
kneeduh2000 Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2006 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
tat was so sad Cry, r u planning to update another part today? PLZ say yes!

                           Nida Smile
angadlover<3 Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2006 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
awwwww tht was a really sad part!!!...awesome job!!! i wonder when AK going to meet and be together!!!...and i want tht sundea!!!..haha..plzz continue soon!!

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