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~The Incomplete Love Story~Pg76 10/3 End (Page 17)

amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2006 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
~The Incomplete Love Story~

Kripa was shocked to see Mishty. Somewhere, Kripa blamed Mishty for the divorce as well as Angad. If Mishty hadn't said so much and provoked Angad to leave the house then maybe they would have still been married. Maybe Kripa could have made Angad understand the truth, but Mishty had persuaded Anagd to leave Kripa, and unfortunately that's exactly what he did.

Angad was beside Kripa and Aryan was holding her hand.
K- Mishty?
M- Long time no see Kripa.
Angad- Hi Mishty, how are you?
M- Great like always.
Ary- Hi Mishty aunty.
M- Aryan, OMG you've grown at least one inch since the last time I saw you.
Ary- The last time you saw me was a week ago.
M- Then I guess your a fast grower.

Aryan- Dad I'll be right back.
A- Where are you going?
Aryan- Im going to buy gum from the gumball machine.
A- Okay

M- Anyways, Kripa you must be here to pick up Aryan for the summer.
M- Angad gets really lonely during this time. But Angad don't worry, I'll be here with you.
M- Kripa, havn't you got remarried yet?
K- Excuse me?
M- Well I just figured you must have married Prithvi by now.
Kripa got angry at Mishty's remark. She knew Mishty was purposely trying to get on her nerves.

K- Yeah and I figured you must have married a dog or something, I mean since you'll never get an actual guy.
M- Kripa! How could you say that to me?!
K- It's easy actually, all I do is open my mouth and words just flow out on their own. Some say its a gift from god.
A- Kripa! Anyways, I apologize on her behalf Mishty.
M-trying to act innocent- Oh don't Angad, Im really not offended from Kripa's words, afterall shes like a sister to me. Right Kripa?
K- No, I cant be related to a gorilla.
M-fake laughs- Very funny Kripa, you always had great humor in you.
K- Whatever.

M- Anyways I have to go. Bye Angad.
A- Bye
M- Oh yeah, I'll c u 2night at Aryan's graduation right?
A- Umm yeah...your coming?
M- Of coarse, Aryan is like a son to me.
K- A son? How can that be? Aryan is mine and Angad's son. He could be like a nephew to you since your like a sister to Angad, right Mishty?
M- No, I'm not a sister to Angad, me and him are friends, not siblings. Don't scare me like that Kripa.
A- Okay lets not start again.
K- Oh yeah Mishty, I forgot to tell you, the teacher said only parents and guardians could come to the graduation, and unfortunately you don't fall under either category.
A- It doesn't say-----
Kripa stepped on Angad's foot to make him quite.

M- Really?
K- Yep, sorry.
M- Whatever, bye.

Mishty left off.

A- They never said that.
K- Sorry I lied, but if I had to spend another evening with her then I swear, I would die!
A- Yep, lie your way out of things, why do you always chose to lie Kripa?
K- Over time, I've learned that no one believes the truth Angad, just like you didn't.

Aryan came back.
Aryan- I got a blue one.
K- Thats kewl.
A- So shall we go now?
Ary- Yeah

That evening it was time to go to Aryan's graduation. Angad and Aryan wore suits and Kripa wore a beautiful black sari. She had her hair curled and she looked lovely.
When Kripa went downstairs Angad couldnt help but stare. He knew she was beautiful but it was moments like these that reminded him she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.

K- Shall we go?
A- Yeah, lets go.

Three left to go to the graduation. As they entered a lady greeted them.
Lady- Hello what are your names?
Angad- Mr. and Mrs. Angad Khaana
Lady- Table 13
Angad- Thanks

As they walked to the table:
K- Why'd u tell her I'm Mrs. Angad Khaana?
A- Well it was last minute booking so it must have slipped out.
K- Oh okay.

They took a seat at their table.
A man, woman, and child walked up to their table.
Aryan- This is Jacob, my best friend, and his parents.
Woman- Hello, I'm Mrs. Mary Dubose
Man- I'm Charles Dubose
Angad and Kripa- Hello
Mary- Mr. Khaana I know you, but who is this lady?
Aryan- Shes' my mom!!!
Mary- It's nice to meet you--
K- Kripa
M- Kripa, thats a lovely name.
K- Thank you

Jacob- You have a mom?
Ary- Yes, I told you.
Jacob- Well I didn't believe you because I never saw her, sorry
Ary- Its okay

M- Where have you been Mrs. Khaana?
K- Actually I live in India, thats why...
M- Oh okay. Well nice meeting you both.
Charles- I guess we'll be going to our table now, bye.
AK- Bye

After they left the ceremony started.

Principal- It's been a great year for our first graders. We've enjoyed each and everyone of them. As I call your names please come to the stage and take your first grade diplomas.
The principal called off names and finally Aryan's turn came.
Principal- Aryan Khaana
Aryan walked to the stage and took his award.
Angad looked towards Kripa and she had tears in her eyes.
A- You okay Kripa?
K- ....yeah....I just can't believe he's growing up so fast.
A-laughs- Yeah I know, if only he could stay our little boy forever.
K- Yeah...."our little boy", its sounds so perfect.
A- I guess because it is perfect.

Aryan got off the stage and came back to his parents.
K- Congrads your a second grader now.
Ary- I hate school.
K- Then you definitely went on Angad's side, because he never liked school either!
Ary- Really?
K- Really
A- Hey he's gotten some traits from you too
K- Like?
A- Like getting up late, talking too much,....and, and
K- And my brains
A- Yeah! Wait....what?
Kripa and Aryan laughed.

The three ate dinner and had a few laughs.
After the graduation Jacob came up to Aryan.
Jacob- Do you want to sleepover at my house tonight Aryan?
Aryan looked at his parents for permission.
A- Is it okay with your parents Jacob?
J- Yes
K- Do you want to go Aryan?
Ary- If its okay with you guys
AK- Yeah, sure.

Aryan went to Jacob's house for the night, which left Angad and Kripa by themselves.

Angad and Kripa were driving home, the streets were busy though, since it was the city.

Kripa got a call on her cell phone and she picked it up.
K- Hello?
It was Raj, her dad.
R- Hello honey how are you?
K- I'm good dad, how are you? R u taking care of yourself? Have you taken your pills?
R- Calm down, I'm taking care of myself and my health, don't worry.
K- Good
R- So when are you coming back?
K- Umm in a couple of days dad, Aryan wants to stay for a basketball game.
R- Okay. Oh yeah, give Prithvi a call later, he was trying to reach you.
K- Oh yeah, I forgot to call him back, thanks for reminding me, I'll call him later.
R- Well is Aryan there?
K- No he went to a friend's house for the night. I'll tell him to call u tomorrow.
R- Thanks, hows Angad.
K- Umm....good.
R- Let me talk to him.
K- R u sure?
R- Yes, Kripa if your my daughter, then he's like my son. I don't blame either of you for the divorce, now let me talk to him.
K- Okay

Kripa handed the phone to Angad.
R- Hello Angad, how are you?
A- Hi dad, I'm good.
R- That's good, hows basketball going?
A- Great! I've won all my games this season
R- That's great, I knew you would be the #1 basketball player one day.
A- Thanks dad, but dad I'm mad at you
R- Why?
A- You never call me, you only call Kripa, Am I not your son?
R- No its not that, you know you've been more than a son to me, I promise I'll call more.
A- Okay well take care of yourself dad.
R- Okay, I will, you and Kripa are exactly the same, always worrying about my health, Let me tell you I'm still as healthy as I used to be.
A- Okay dad
R- Well bye son, take care.
A- Bye

After Angad put the phone off the car halted to a stop.
K- What happened?
A- I don't know, let me check

Angad went out of the car and opened the hood to see what was wrong.
Kripa came out after a bit.

K- What is it?
A- I think the engine just got really hot, it should be fine in about half an hour.
K- Oh, then should we take a taxi home?
A- I'm not leaving my Mercedes here by itself all night, lets wait
K- Okay

After a couple of minutes Kripa got thirsty.
K- Angad I'm thirsty

Angad looked around and saw a club.
A- Let's go in there and get something to drink

They went across the street and went inside the club, It was really crowded with loud music.

Angad led Kripa through the crowd to the drink place.

A- Can we have 2 cokes
Guy- Sure

A- Kripa I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom, you stay here.
K- Ok

The bar guy accidentally mixed one of the cokes with wine.
Kripa liked the first glass, and got more.
She gulped each glass down. She had drunk 8 glasses, by that time she was completely drunk.

Angad came back from the bathroom and noticed Kripa wasn't at the drink place. He looked around and saw her on top of a table dancing.

Angad went up to her.
A- What the **** r u doing up there?
K-drunk- It's really nice up here, you can see the sky!
Angad noticed Kripa was drunk. She was so drunk she fell off the table right into Angad's arms.

Angad was trying to carry her out of the club when a couple of guys surrounded him.

Guy1- Wow man, you got lucky tonight!
Guy2- After your done with her, let us enjoy a little.
Angad- Shut the **** up!
Guy3- Why, u dont want to share?
Angad- I said cut the ****!
Guy2- Why, you dont own her! If u bought her, then we'll pay double the money.
Angad- shes my wife!!! Understand? Now u waana say anymore?
Guy1- **** your one lucky guy, you get lucky every night, eh?
The guys started laughing.

Angads blood had boiled the limit. He tried to keep his cool but couldn't any longer.
He put Kripa on a chair and started bashing up the guys.
Kripa from the chair was yelling- Good job!!! Punch him! Kick him!

Angad was hitting a guy, when another was about to come up behind him.

K- Watch out! Behind you!

Angad quickly turned around and punched the dude.
He had hit all the guys and they were lying on the ground.

K-drunk- That's my man!!! Great job!!!

Angad picked up Kripa right into his arms again. Kripa could see behind him and saw a guy coming.
She whispered in his ear- Angad, one of the guys are coming.
Angad swung Kripa around, and used her legs to hit the guy. The guy fell to the ground again.
K- Wow!!! You rock!
A- Thank you. Now why'd u get drunk?
K-drunk and innocent- I'm not drunk

They got out of the club and Kripa got out of Angad's arms. She walked to a bridge and Angad had no other option then to follow her. She sat down on the edge of the bridge.
A- You'll fall
K- So?
A- So If you fall, then you'll fall right in the water, and then I'll have to jump in and save you.
K- You'll save me?
A- Yeah
K- Why?
A- Because I love-------
K- You love me?
A- I never said that.
K-drunk- Then I'll say it, I love you Angad
Kripa started screaming it.
Angad put his hand on Kripa's back so she wouldn't fall back.

K-drunk- You were right I am Mrs. Angad Khaana
A- No you were Mrs. Angad your not.
K- I am!
A- Your not, your Kripa Sharma again remember?
K- No I still am Kripa Angad Khaana!!!
A- We're divorced remember?
K- Do you want me to tell you a secret? But u cant tell anyone okay
A- .What?....Okay
K-drunk- Well I never submitted the divorce papers, so we're still MARRIED!!!
kripa smiled and Angad couldnt believe his ears.

He didn't know if he should be happy that the women he loves is his, or upset that Kripa did such a thing.

I hope you guys like the part. I really had fun writing it, so I hope you have fun reading it.Do comment!

nabz8888 Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2006 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
i had sooo much fun reading the part esp. the last few paragraphs, wow what a twist!!she never submitted the papers!! i love the fanfic n ur writing style! do cont. soon!!!
sweetchick786 Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2006 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
omg that waz fantastic!! i cant believe kripa actually used her brains for the first time lolz! LOL ! n*e wayz cant wait until i find out angads reaction dont keep us waitin too long continue soon! Wink Big smile !
angadkripafan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2006 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
i just read the entire fan fic n it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon Clap IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 4:10am | IP Logged
wow this story is going fab....continue soon
i wonder how angad will react
blah_blah IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 10:13am | IP Logged
damn good part!!! Clap
KripAngad4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
it was gr88    i luved it plz continue!!!
angadlover<3 Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2006 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
OMGG!!..i LOVE kripa's attitudeWinkTongue!!...its brilliant!!..and they are stil married (AK)..omgg i cant beleive..i am sooo happi now and getting excited..hahaLOLLOL!!...plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooon!!!!...cant wait for the part!!!!! Clap Clap

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