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~The Incomplete Love Story~Pg76 10/3 End (Page 10)

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Embarrassed fantastic parts continue soon
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Embarrassed nice part!
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Embarrassed THEYR GETTIN BACK 2GETHE Clap Clap Clap


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awesome story....continue soon
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amneet!!! plz please please continue...that was an amazing!!! i mean amazing part!!! ur a fabulous writer...continue sooooooooonnnnn
angadlover<3 Goldie

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omggg!!... i need noe why they got a divorce??...ur fanifc is sooo cute and sad..plzzzz continue...
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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The Incomplete Love Story:

When they both realized that they had just kissed, they quickly broke apart.

A- Umm, I'm sorry
K- I'm sorry too
K- I...think....Im going to sleep now.
A- Yeah,, I'm going to sleep too.

They both went their separate ways.
Angad was thinking why he kissed her. It wasn't that they had never kissed before, matter of fact, they had kissed a million more passionate kisses before, but he knew it was different this time. This time they weren't together, this time it seemed as if they had broken some boundary. Angad wished he didnt kiss her.

Meanwhile Kripa was thinking the same thing. Why did she kiss him? She knew she still loved him, but she didnt want to. She wanted to hate him. She wanted to have no relation with him at all. Or at least, thats what she told herself.

--------------------------Flashback------------------------- -
Angad's Point of View

Kripa was gone to Pune for a couple of days with Prithvi.
On the phone:
A- Hey, when are you coming back, I cant stay without u!
K- I know, I should be back in two days.
A- Two days!!! Kripa cant u come back sooner?
K- I'll try, I promise.
A- Okay
K- So hows my son doing?
A- Aryan, he's finally sleeping. He kept crying and crying, I think he missed you.
K- Well, I miss you guys too.
A- So how are things going, did you and Prithvi get the contract?
K- I dont know yet, their going to let us know later today.
A- Dont' worry, Im sure you'll get it
K- Thanks, well take care I have to go now.
A- Okay bye, love you.
K- Give Aryan a kiss for me Bye
A- Okay, Bye

After that, someone called Angad. It was raining outside so Angad couldnt hear the person that well.
Peron-Is this Angad Khaana
A-Yes, may I ask whose calling?
Person-Just your well wisher.
Person- I just wanted to let you know that your wife is cheating on you with Prithvi Bose
A- What rubbish!
Person- If you don't believe me, then call your wife's hotel and ask the receptionist if Prithvi and Kripa are in separate rooms or one room?
A- No way! I trust my wife, now dont ever call me again!
Person- If you don't believe me, then I'll SMS you some pictures of your wife with Mr. Bose right now.
Angad hung up.
A few minutes later he got an SMS of Prithvi and Kripa kissing. Angad's blood started to boil. He didnt want to believe the person. Angad called Kripa's hotel room in Pune.
Receptionist- Royal Hotel, how may I help you?
A- Hi, I just wanted to know what room Kripa Khaana is in?
Receptionist- One second, let me check......Mrs. Khaana is in Room 101 with Mr. Prithvi Bose

Angad dropped the phone. He couldnt believe Kripa had cheated on him. What did he not give her for what she went to Prithvi for. Angad was never jealous of Prithvi being close to Kripa, because he thought they were just friends, he trusted her, but today he felt betrayed, she had broken his trust.

Kripa's Point of View

The business Kripa and Prithvi were trying to sign the contract with was responsible for booking their rooms. It was thundering outside. Prithvi and Kripa went to the reception.
P- Hello, I'm Prithvi Bose and this is Kripa Sharma we have two rooms booked here.
Receptionist- Let me check........I'm sorry theres only one room booked.
K- What?
Receptionist- Yes theres only one room booked underneath both of your names
K-Okay, can we just get one more room?
Receptionist- I'm sorry, we don't have any more rooms available.
P- Don't worry Kripa you go to the room I'll stay in the lobby for the night, then tomorrow we'll switch hotels.
K- R u sure Prithvi?
P- Yeah, dont worry about me, I'll sleep on the coach in the lobby.
K- Thanks so much, Im really sorry too.
P- Don't worry about it.
After that Angad had called Kripa. After talking to Angad, Kripa got another call from the business she wanted to sign the contract with.
Secretary- Is this Kripa Sharma?
K- Yes
Secretary- I was just calling to inform you guys have gotten the contract. Congratulations
K- Thank You So much

Kripa ran downstairs and woke up Prithvi
P- What is it Kripa?
K- We got the contract. Congrads
Prithvi hugged Kripa, when they were separating it seemed as if they saw a flash, but they ignored it.( The person who was Angad's well wisher took the picture right now, so when they were separating from the hug at an angle it looked as if they were kissing).
P- Well I guess we can go back tomorrow then.

Kripa's dad, Raj, had thrown a party for Angad and Kripa's second Wedding Anniversary. The party would be held right when Kripa got there.

Kripa went home and went to her room to change. Angad wasn't home. She tried calling him, but his cell was switched off. Kripa greeted all the guests and then she greeted Prithvi and his wife Priya.
Prithvi and Priya- Happy Anniversary Kripa!!! They handed Kripa a bouquet of flowers and an anniversery present.
K- Thanks so much!
Prithvi-So wheres Angad?
K- Umm...i dont know, i havnent seen him since I came back, but I'm sure he'll be here pretty soon.
Priya- Okay.

Angad's Point Of View
Angad knew it was his and Kripa's anniversary. He had a million questions for Kripa, he didnt know where to begin. Somewhere inside though, he just wanted to runaway from her, from the world, but the one person he couldnt run away from was himself. He hated himself for trusting her, for loving her. But he knew as much as he denied it, he loved her more than anyone and anything. Angad went to a hotel and started drinking. He didnt stop. He wanted to drink away all his sorrows. A little later he felt a tap on his shoulder.
He turned around to see who it was.
A- Mishty?
M- Hey Angad!
Mishty noticed Angad was upset. She saw the tears in his eyes.
M- What's wrong Angad? Why are you crying?
A- Nothing, please just leave me alone.
M- Angad, I'm your friend, we've known eachother since we were kids, please tell me.
A- ----------
M- Please Angad, If i've ever had any importance in your life, then tell me. And if you don't then I'll just think that I've never meant anything to you.....
Angad told Mishty everything. Mishty was buring in anger. How could Kripa do this to Angad. To tell the truth, Mishty loved Angad for as long as she could remember, even after Angad's wedding. with Kripa, but after they had Aryan, she knew Angad could never be hers. But today, she couldnt' believe the very girl Angad never loved Mishty for, had betrayed him.
M- I can't believe she did this!
Angad tried getting up, but failed.
M- Here I'll help you.
A- I have to go home.
M- How can you go to that house Angad?
A- I have to go.
M- Come to my house, but dont go to that *****!
A- My son.......I need Aryan.
Mishty was helpless, she drove Angad to his house. As they entered she remembered it was their anniversary.
Kripa saw Angad and ran up to him.
K- Angad where were you? Everyone was asking about you!
Mishty than started talking- Angad doesn't have to answer any of YOUR questions!
K- What?
Kripa knew Mishty had been Angad's friend since childhood. She had lived in New York too. Kripa never understood why Mishty moved to India when Angad decided to stay in India. To tell the truth she never understood most of the things Mishty would say or do, just like today.
By now everyone at the party was looking at Mishty, Kripa, and Angad.
M- Yes, Kripa your nothing but a ***** who sleeps with any man that comes her way!
Kripa smacked Mishty! K- Just shut up!!! Do you even know what your saying?
Angad- Don't you dare touch her! She knows exactly what she's saying and all of it is TRUE!
K- Angad.......I dont understand anything your saying.
A- Really! Kripa what did I not give you, I gave you my love and life! But you still wern't satisfied so you went to Prithvi to fulfull you needs?
Kripa was speechless. She couldn't belive the one man she loved had accused her of betrayal.
Kripa had tears running down her eyes and when she looked at Angad he did too.
K- Angad thats not true.....I only love me.
Mishty- Trust? Do you even know what the word trust means?
K- Just shut up Mishty!!!!
A- U shut up Kripa! I hate you!!!
Prithvi than spoke up- Angad you have some misunderstanding, me and kripa are only friends, nothing more, nothing less.
Angad grabbed Prithvi by the collar and punched him.
Kripa- STOP IT! Just stop it Angad!
Angad continued to beat up Prithvi. Before Kripa could realize what she was doing she smacked Angad.
Angad couldnt believe Kripa smacked him for Prithvi.

Mishty- how dare you hit Angad? You know what Kripa Angad doesn't need you! All Angad wants is a divorce.
K- You out of all people won't tell me to give my husband a divorce!
A- Fine, Mishty wont tell you to give me a divorce, but I will. I want a divorce, I cant live with u anymore, if I do......
Kripa now broke down, she couldnt stop crying.
Raj, Kripas dad than tried to help the matter.
R- Angad, I'm sure u have some type of misunderstanding, this can't be true.
A- Dad, it is. Look.
Angad showed Raj the SMS of Kripa and Prithvi hugging and kissing.
Raj was speechless.
A- Not only that dad, but she......she.....
K- What else did I do Angad?
A- U didnt go to Pune for the business deal, u went to be with Prithvi! You and Prithvi shared a room!

Priya, Prithvi's wife, who was pregnant, couldnt believe her ears. Priya had always been a bit unsecure of Kripa and Prithvi's friendship, but she would assure herself by saying Kripas married, but now it seemed to her that all this was true. Priya was broken.
Priya- I hate u Prithvi, I hate you!
Prithvi- Priya just listen to me!
Priya- What more is there to hear? Everything has been told Prithvi, everything.
Kripa - Priya, believe me nothing happened or is happening between me and Prithvi.
Priya- I'm sorry Kripa, but I can't.

Priya left from there in tears. Prithvi went after her.
Kripa than looked over at her dad, who had a disgraceful face on.
K- Dad, its not true, I swear dad.
A- At least dont lie to your own father Kripa, I never thought you would fall this much.
Mishty- Forget this Angad, shes not worth it. Mishty than turned to Kripa.
M- ANgad's going to my house, away from u. We'll send the divorce papers to your house. All you have to do is sign them and my lawyer will come pick them up.
K- Don't leave Angad.........please
A- There's nothing left Kripa, nothing. I didn't come her to meet you, I just came here to get whats mine. My son.
K- You cant take Aryan from me Angad.
A- I can, Im his father. Besides, my son doesn't need a mother like you!
K- I'm his mother Angad, if u want a divorce then fine! I'll give you that, but I won't give up Aryan so easily.
A- We'll see about that.

------------------------------------------------Flashback ends---------------------------------------------------

Kripa had tears remembering everything. After that day everything had changed. Priya had got an abortion and disappeared, leaving a devastated Prithvi. Kripa had gotten custody of Aryan for summers and Angad school year. Angad and Mishty both moved to New York after the divorce. Kripa put her full attention into work. She thought she had gotten over Angad, but the kiss proved her wrong.

Angad hated Kripa even more every time he remembered that night. He had got adjusted to his life, everything was stable, but since Kripa came he was attracted towards her again. He wanted to be close to her again. Perhaps thats why he kissed her.

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