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Posted: 03 August 2006 at 11:41am | IP Logged
August 2, 2006
By: Monar06

Sorry friends, was caught in horrendous traffic, so missed half of TD.

Here is what happened today..

Preetha has a conversation with brother....she refuses to abort her baby....is not bothered about what society may call her...if she becomes an unwed mother.

Kaamna and Siddhi go to police station to enquire about DK. kaamna is angry that they have not been able to find DK as yet. She warns the inspector to find DK within 48 hours.

here at disha mansion ..Surily's parents instigate Dhan to challenege the will...since he is the eldest son and must have rights on the property..Dhan calls up the lawyer to find out if he can challenge the will...Kaamna enters and hears him and gives him one slap ....

everyone shocked...Kaaman scolds the kids that they are interested only in getting their hands on their Dad's wealth....their Dad loves them so much ...they are not concerned about what he wants...Dhan says it is fine for her to say all that because she owns everything now..

Kaamna is very sad and says that all her life she has longed for DK's love...since she has not got that...she has no use for his property....she is only trustee...she will give everything to the children ....but asks them to wait for 48 hrs...their Dad will be surely back..

Dhan the utter stupid and naalayak , worthless son...shouts ...you keep saying Dad will be back...he has not come back since many days...we should assume he is no more...AngryCryConfused

wanted to strangle Dhan right thereAngry

kaamna is absolutely furious and delivers a few tight slaps across Dhan's cheek..Surily the she-cat screams that Kaamna can not insult her hubby so much in front of her..

Kaamna sternly tells Surily to shut her mouth or else she will deliver the same insult to Surily also.ClapClapClaploved this scene

Kaamna says that no one should dare to speak ill of dK..or else it will not be good for them.

Next day...Kaamna along with Siddhi goes to a lawyer and signs some papers...they do not show us what paper those are...afterwards siddhi asks her what does she plan to do now...Kaamna replies I have done my duties as a mother..Now I shall do my duties as a wife..

Kaamna and siddhi go to various places of prayer...gurdwara, church, temple...at last they come to the Ganapati temple where Kaamna had found Preetha...Kaamna prays to Ganapati ...while walking back...she faints on the floor..

Preview: kaamna has brought Preetha and her brother home...Veer is shocked and scared

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 August 2006 at 11:42am | IP Logged
August 3, 2006
By: Monar05

Siddhi tries to wake up Kaamna, Akshay , Preetha's brother is there . he helps them ...siddhi asks if there is any hospital nearby...Akshay tells her to come home with him as his home is near and he will call teh doctor home.

Disha mansion:

Surily's parents are showering sympathy on Dhan saying how could your mother slap you in front of everyone? We are all concerned for you and our daughter.

Dhan says just wait till I get my hands on the property and then I shall give a fitting reply to Mum...

Bharat instigates him sayinmg may be your Mum's nature jhas changed after getting teh property ...she may keep everything for herself..dhan says No , No mum is not llike that...

dhan is so spineless and brainless...he just can not think for himselfAngryAngry...he should be sent to a mental asylum to set his brains right

bharat says all this wealth has changed your Mum...she was so docile and look at her now!!!..

He asks dhan to do beimaani and challenge Dad's will...that is the only path left..

Preetha's house:

Kaamna wakes up and wonders whre she is ..Siddhi informs her about akshay and Akshay comes in...Kaamna thanks him...then PKji comes in..kaamna is surprised..PK explains that akshay and his sister are his kids..Kaamna is perplexed ..Pkji explains that you have heard of children being adopted but here these children have adopted me as their father....PKji says that sometimes blood relations are weak compared to relations build on trust and faith....kaamna thinks to herself...PKji is very fortunate...strangers have made him their own and my own people ,,my kids have become strangers to me..

disha mansion:

Surily compalining about Kaamna to dhan....Dhan decides to leave home...Promptly surily changes colours ....loved this scene ..pacifies dhan saying No, no ,,,hold on ..may be your mum will give the property to you...she is your Mum....she will not do any injustice to you..and you know what to do after you get the property right?...

dhan replies ..I shall throw her out of the houseAngryAngryAngry..

I think dhan and surily will be thrown out of the house

Preetha's house:

Kaamna enquires about Akshay's sister...PK says she will be here soon

Disha mansion:

Veer pacing the floor ...Dhruvi asks him to sit down or else ...her head will spin..veer laments that he has no money...he has forgotten what money looks like ...when Dad was here ..H eused to put 1000s in my pocket...niw hor 5 rupees i have to answer 500 questions from Mum...I have not had any party...dhruvi laments that she has not bought a single new dress since dhan's wedding..

she says ..Dad should not have done this...if he had to go ...he should have left money in our accounts...this is not fair...AngryAngrydhan comes in..assures them that he will challenge Dad's will...and will take over the office ...then their troubles will end....in the meantime they will get money from Dad's insurance...and will not give any thing to mum.

DK is just missing ...kids are thinking of cashing in his insurance...they assume that either he has met with accident or someone has killed him..these kids have forgotten their Dad after hearing about the property

akshay's house

Kaamna takes their leave...akshay offers to drop her home...just then Preetha comes in...kaamna remembers meeting her at temple..Siddhi remembers meeting her when she had come home and also her argument with veer...Pkji explains that Kaamna had only saved Preetha...becuase of Kaamna he has got a family now...Preetha touches kaamna's feet..Kaam,na blesses her and then tells her that life is a gift from God...Preetha should take care and now there is another life involved with her's....Preetha is surprised...kaamna aks her when will you introduce me to the baby's father?...preetha is rellay troubled..Pkji says this is waht we have been trying to find out but preetha refuses to tell us about him...Siddhi asks : Preetha ji is it ? ...meaning Veer...Kaamna is surprised and asks siddhi :do you know anything?...siddhi is hesitating..

Surily is crying over her fate in the kitchen cutting vegetables...dhan come s in ...akss her why is she in the kitchen..Surily says Kaamna told her to handle the kitchen...dhan is mad ..says servants should work in the kitchen ...not you..Surily says now your mum is the owner here ..we have to do what she asks...Dhan says let her come back today...I shall show her...

Just then they hear Kaamna calling out Veer's name angrily...they all come out...Kaamna walks in with Pkji...veer asks hesitantly what is wrong , Mum?...then Preetha and Akshay walk in..Veer shocked , scared...Preetha angry..

Preview: Kaamna is very upset...says I do not want to be trustee...this is your property ...you can have all of it...she keeps some papers on the table and walks off..kids are greedily , happily advancing towards the property papers.


A hand covers the papers...we hear DK's twirling music...and then DK turns to face the camera...with a steely look in his eyesTongueBig smileTongue

Friends, I was literally jumping with joy at the preview...Listening to that beloved music...seeing that beloved face and those honey brown eyes...at last after 2 weeks DK will be back next week , Monday...and hopefully kids will face some really sweet music now.

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Posted: 08 August 2006 at 10:40am | IP Logged
August 7, 2006
By: Monar05

kaamna asks Veer whether he recognises Preetha..Veer does not answer. Kaamna says that this girl is carrying your baby with whom the entire Sehgal family has a blood relation.

She says that I have always forgiven your misdeeds , hoping that one day you will learn to be responsible but you have crossed your limits . You are playing with this girl's life and also the life of the child. Preetha is a decent girl , any one else in her position would have gone to the newspapers , Tvstations and defamed our family in public. Now I understand why you have been so disturbed the past few days.

Veer gets angey and challenges Kaamna : How do you know that this girl is carrying my child ?

Preetha warns him crying out his name angrily.

Kaamna gives tight slap to Veer and then says a superb dialogue: "Only a mother knows whose baby she is carrying in her womb. You have to marry this girl. "

Veer fingers his hurt cheek and says :" after this no way will I marry her ."

This was totally Kaamna and Veer's scene. They were very good.

Kaamna apologises to Preetha on Veer's behalf. Akshay stops her and says :" I knew Veer would react this way. For me it is enough that you believe my sister. I can take care of my sis and her baby".

Kaamna says to akshay:" Preetha is my responsibility. She is going to be the mother to the heir of Sehgal family. I will bring her home as soon as Sehgal Saheb comes back. " she asks Preetha to take care of herself and the baby.

Akshay and Preetha leave..Pkji assures Kaamna that her belief and her trust will surely bring back DK..

Kaamna is in her room remembering her past moments with DK, their wedding, the silent communication bet' them at Dhan's wedding.

Dhan comes there and takes her to policestation. Dhan , bharat and inspector take her to the morgue. Kaamna refuses to come near the bodyShe keeps saying this is nonsense, why have brought me here?why are you showing me a dead body? your father is alive .She gets really upset and breaks down asking Dhan to take her home, she wants to go to Sehgal Saheb.

They come out. Dhan and bharat exchange glances as if playing a game, and getting utterly frustrated on not winning. Dhan asks Kaamna to sign some papers saying Dad is dead , we have to claim his body.

Kaamna says he is not dead. " Agar Sehgal saheb ko kuch ho jata, toh meri saansein ruk jaati...per meri saansein abhi bhi chal rahi hei...iska matlab hei ke Sehgal Saheb jindaa hein".

Loved the way Kamna said this with total conviction and devotion.

She takes the pen , puts it to the paper but then breaks it and runs out.

Siddhi come sto see Samarth. Samarth wants to beg forgiveness from Kaamna. Siddhi tells him that kaamna is unhappy with Samarth's behaviour , but she does not hate him. you are not only a brother but also a son to her.

she informs him that the kids are torturing Kaamna for the property and also that Dhan has asked her to believe that DK is dead.

Samarth says that his didi has only known unhappiness and loneliness in her life.

They show the gates of Sehgal house opening.

Kaamna runs up the stairs looking for dK. she comes to his room. Her expression changes...a bright glow comes on her face and in her eyes. she looks around as if trying to find someone. She tells Siddhi:" He is back. I can feel him. Sehgal saheb is back . He has come home. "

Surily says to Dhan your mother is going mad , why can she not accept that Dad is no more.

Dhna angrily replies she is not mad , she is just acting.

In the living room, Dhan tells kaamna to stop her drama and accept the truth. He tries to convince Kaamna that her acting will not work. Kaamna calmy says your words will not shake my belief. I know Sehgal Saheb is alive. Veer insults Kaamna by talking about how poor she was before marriage, and now she does not want to part with dK's wealth and hence is not allowing them to claim his insurance money.

Kaamna now shouts at them saying you want only the money. fine have it, I resign from the post of trustee. She puts the property papers on the table and says this is all yours , you can do whatever you want with it.

the kids greedily advance and three hands stretch out for the paper.

Another hand covers the paper...kids look up shocked..scared...DK turns towards them ..with a cold anger in his eyes also mixed with hurt.

~LiNa~ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2006 at 5:04am | IP Logged
August 8, 2006
By: Monar06

DK snatches the papers....looks at the kids in anger ...very hurt as well...says ...I am still alive...and no one is allowed to read the will of a person who is alive.

Kaamna who was leaving the room...turns back at his voice...very happy and elated..and comes towards DK.

DK looks at Kaamna...oh!!what a look!!!TongueI have been waiting to see DK look this way at Kaamna ever since Td took a leap.DK looks at Kaamna with tender love, affection, as she comes near him he seems to be saying sorry just with his eyes.

Kaamna says I knew you would be back. she bends to touch his feet. DK holds her up. She says I shall get Puja thali. DK keeps looking at her with wonder, gratitude .

Kids now go and hug DK. DK is unmoved. HE stands still. Kids try to say how worried they were for him and their mum was in a hurry to distribute the property and they were trying to put her off. What big liars!!!!Angry

DK tells them to shut up. He says he had come straight home after getting free from the kidnappers. ...wanting to see his children...but here his kids were planning to take over the property..

there is a flashback...when the 3 kids are in their room discussing how to get DK's money...DK is standing behind the door listening....Veer catches sight of his crutch and shouts that Dad was here...the others tell him he is dreaming.

Back to the present,,,DK tells the kids he is ashamed of them ...they were troubling his wife, their mother for money!!!He says instead of having such children it would be better to be childless.

Dhan tries to hug him and say sorry..DK pushes him off...DK says his misunderstandings have all been cleared now.

Kaamna comes and does aarti ...the song Man se Man ka rishta plays ..as DK looks at Kaamna with such a priceless expression...I can not even describe it. ...Only DK can come up with such an expression...He seems to be saying everything to Kaamna just with his eyes.

Kaamna takes him to the Mandir at home ...she prays to God thanking him for saving her suhaag and asks him to protect her suhaag always..

DK with his hand on his chest ...keeps staring at kaamna..Tongue...

Kaamna looks back to find siddhi ...she asks her to call the kids...they should thank God as well for keeping their father safe.

DK stops Siddhi....says I do not want kids to come here. Kaamna tries to defend the kids saying they were worried for him.Confused

DK smiles ...a sad and knowing smile and says Kaamna I know everything.

He asks siddhi to leave because he wishes to spend sometime alone with Kaamna. Soooo sweetBig smile

DK asks her forgivenes...he says: you have doen tapasya all your life  and I never valued it. your belief and love brought me back. I should be grateful for all your devotion. I am now but may be it is too late.

Kaamna: why are you embarrassing me , Sehgal Saheb ?

DK: No, I am the one who is wrong. I have loved a photograph for all these years. The love that I was searching for was always by my side..it was always near me.

He touches kaamna's cheeks ...wipes her tears.

DK: I have realised my mistake. May be you will not forgive me now

kaamna: do not say such things.

DK: agar tum mujhey maaf kar sakti ho ..toh eik baar mere gale lag jaao..in a pleading way..sirf eik baar, Kaamna.

He stretches his arm towards her ..looking at her with slight apprehension,,,not sure whether she will do as he asks .

Kaamna sweetly comes into his arms ...laying her face against his chest..facing him ...her hand on his shoulder..DK hugs her close...relieved and at peace now...

The scene was so emotional ...so beautiful...so well enacted...just loved it.Tongue

kids are worried about Dad's reaction....they realise that Dad does love their Mum...plan to ask him to forgive them in the morning once his anger cools down.

Next Morning:

at breakfast table ..veer complaining to siddhi about having same orange juice everyday...sends her off to get something else.

DK looking fantastic in deep red jumper and dark trousers is watching all this as he comes down the steps ..He stops siddhi and tells her:

koi zarroorat nehii hei kisike nakhrein sehene ki.Clap

He tells the kids after today you will not get one morsel of food from this house. Make you own arrangements.and leave

Druvi says where shall we go?

DK: That is not my problem. It is for you to figure out. every month , on the first day , collect your check from Kanaka to meet your expenses.

He looks with total disgust at them and says I knew it...the only thing you are bothered about is money.

DK was super -duper here....He shouts at them : Now get out of this house...get out!!!!ClapClap

kids leave...and then DK's expression changes..he looks so sad and heartbroken ...wipes his eyes...kids have hurt him so muchCry

Surily is packing her bags..bubbles come there to enquire ..

Surily says that now Dad knows about our intentions...how we misbehaved with Mum.

Surily says she and Dhan will live with Bubbles now..Bubbles is shocked and says this can not happen ...Sanket is getting married and it does not look nice to have beti and damaad living with them...Surily is surprised and says I am your daughter ..where shall we go now..

bubbles says: After marriage ..Maa-beti relationship is over...you are not our own now....do not become a burden on us..

Kaamna who was coming there ...listens to all this

Bubbles complains that anyway now surily can not get any money from DK.

Surily gets very angry and demands Disha's jewellery from Bubbles .

Bubbles says : We have sold all that and the money has all been spent..now do not expect any help from us.

She turns to leave and is shocked to see Kaamna looking at her with surprise and anger.

tomorrow: DK is angry and tells Kaamna :these kids will not stay in the house.

Kaamna the mahaan says: IF kids leave home, I shall go with them.Confused

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August 9, 2006

surily explains to Kaamna that dK has asked them to get out of the house..Kaamna says DK can not do this ...she will stop him ..

Bubbles ...very happy reassures surily that all will be fine now ..DK will not throw them out of the house..

Surily turns on her mother and says she will throw Bubbles out of teh house...Bubbles tells her that she  still has disha's jewellwery..

Surily drags her out and shuts the door on her face..dhan is shocked.

kids are leaving hime..kaamna stops them..

DK comes there and says that he does not want children who have no respect/love for their parents..

Kaamna pleads with DK ...she says that we are ina way responsible for the way they have turned out to be.

DK accepts that he has spoilt them with excess love...but he refuses to let them stay..

Kaamna says she will leave home along with them..

DK is angry and shocked ...he tells the kids this is teh mum you were planning to throw out..

Hw tries to convince kaamna to let teh kids leave..

Kaamna says till today she has never asked anything from him as a wife...but now a mother asks him not to part her from her children...whatever they may have done...a mother can not hate her kids..and DK should give them a chance to change for the better..

DK is extremely moved by her words but does not say anything and leaves..

Kaamna tells kids to go their rooms ..

Kids are all ashamed and surprised that the Mum whom they have never loved , loves them so much that she was pleading with dad on their behalf.

DK is in front of disha's pic..Kaamna watches him from teh door and thinks that th eway sehgal saheb loved Didi...may be he will never love me that way..she looks a little hurt..she tries to go..DK sensing her presence stops her...

HER again apologises for his past behaviour ans says that he wants to make amends...HE says : today I wish to give you whatever you wish for...you never ask anything for yourself...today tell me waht you would wish for from me..I shall ful fill all your wishes ..

DK is in such amellow, loving, giving mood ,..i just loved him

Kaamna : for my first wish..I want to get veer married to a girl of my cjoice.

DK, hurt: you have already chosen a girl for Veer?

Kaamna explains ...DK agrres ..then says I know what you want for your second wish..you want to bring Samarth home

Kaamna says no he must be punished for his sins..

DK: Our kids have committed greater sin..yet you want me to forgive them..I shall forgive kids if you for give Samarth.

Kaamna smiles knowing that he is doing all this because he cares for her

Now DK says : now tell me your second wish...Believe me I will do as you ask.

Kamna looks at him with eyes whish are like deep pools full of desire, hope, a little uncertainty, alittle determination..she thinks: Iwant your love...more than what you have ever given anyone.

episode ends..a fantastic dK-Kaamna episode...their connection, their feelings so beautifully expressed.

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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August 10, 2006

Next day:

dhruvi dressed in salwar suit..arents are very happy...for give her.

dhan going to office....promises his Dad I will be DK Sehgal ..Dhan Kumar Sehgal...not just Dhan..

DK remembers dihs talking about their son..his eyes are moist...hugs dhan..

Surily goe sto bubbles ..and brings back disha 's jewellery..give sthem to Kaamna saying she does not deserve them...she will divorce dhan and go away forever..

DK forgives her..kaamna puts disha's bangles on Surily...DK looks on lovingly at Kaamna..

DK-kaamna go to police station and fre Smarth...siddhi and samarth smile at each otther..DK -Kaamna look suspiciously at them thinking Daal mein kuch kaala heiLOL

Veer goes to teh temple and fills preetha's maang with sindoor...apologises and asks her to be his life-partner.

2 months later:

Samarth , teh bridegroom comes in ..siddhi is sitting on bed with a big ghunghat.

Samarth tries to remoev ghunghat

Siddhi calls him Mamaji..Samarth gets angry..tells her to call him only Samarth..siddhi asks what should she get for breakfast in the morning?

now comes the best scene...enjoy ...friends.

DK looking at disha's pic ina reminiscent mood.

HE is wearing offwhite with silver embroidery sherwani and has agold /silver dupatta around his neck

DK is so gorgeous, delicious , so heartbreakingly handsome..I was crying because this gorgeous dK will not come on our screen againCry 

DK remembers scens with disha  and Kaamna..his past blending with his present...he then puts a garland around disha's photo..

kaamna looking absolutely pretty in red saree..comes in and is surprised

Kaamna: waht are you doing ? you had said not to do anyhing to didi's photo which would show that she is no more?

DK: I had said that ..but Disha IS no more..yet her soul lives on in you.

In life people try to run away from the truth..i have donethat for last 25 years..but I accept truth now..Disha was my past...you are my present and mu future..you are my wife...only you have the right on my love.

DK hold kaamna's face..his thumb carressing her cheek softly..

Kaamna assurd now asks : May I ask for my second wish

DK: so loving, caring: yes ,,kaamna Ask.I will giev you everything

Kaamna , pouring her longing, her love , her hope: I want you to love me, more than you have ever loved anyone.

DK's face...so warm, tender...Man se Man ka plays in male voice

kaamna holding dK's hand in her own..Man se Man ka in female voice

DK pulls kaamna gently into a warm embrace..kaamna melts into his embrace..Man Se Man Ka plays in duet..

Frame freezes and TD ends on this sweet loving picture of gorgeous dK and beautiful Kaamna finding love and peace in each otehr's arms..

today AN and Poonam have shown how actors should do their farewell scenes for the show...their expressions so eloquently brought out....both of them in such sync with each other..that when they hug..I wished the show would start now...with dK _Kaamna living and loving together.

AN..kabhi alvidaa Na kehna...jaldi hi laut aanna. I miss you already.

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