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July 18, 2006

By: Mona05

DK walks back...kaamna gives him one look as if to say what have you done in your anger?...she starts picking up the broken glass...cuts her hand...OucH!!!DK promptly taks her hand and sucks her fingerTongueTongue

Kaamna keeps looking at him as if trying to make sense of this enigma of a husband...rude one moment...instinctively caring the next moment..

DK looks up slightly embarrassed..tells her to put some medicine and walks off..Kaamna keeps looking at him with a smile on her lips and in her eyes. 

A lady with a squash like face is shown climbing the steps ...she collides with the goldsmith at Surily's home...the jewellery falls on the floor ...this lady hides one piece..Bubbles seeind all this comes to her and warns her not to steal in a thief's houseLOLthe lady promises she will do excellent acting as the granny..

Kaamna is standing in front of Disha's photo...saying she is worried for Sehgal saheb but he refuses to understand her...and kids also misunderstand..suhas tells her not to worry and then a beautiful dialogue from suhas...asking Kaamna to realise her own identity and lead her own life instead of replacing someone..Kaamna tells suhas she will go to temple..

DK is remembering disha ...old scenes flashback...Suhas come there and asks  him how long will he live in teh past...he should forget teh past...DK syas he can not forget his beautiful past...

suhas: Life is to move on ..not to stand still at one point...look at me ..I have gathered courage and moved on....By remembering teh pain of teh past ...you are denying teh happiness of your present life...Disha was your past.,Kaamna is your present, she is your wife, she deserves your love.

DK: How can I give Disha's place to someone else..beautifully said ...his helplessness at not being able to do what he actually knows is right.

suhas tells him at least you can try..

One of the most emotional scenes in TD after leap...fantastic acting by Ashish and Zareenaji..

Preetha is praying at a temple ...she rings the bell ...Kaamna is hown coming there...Preetha falls down ..kaamna holds her...Dk is worried Kaamna has not come home...she rings him ..he again scolds her..she tells him that she has to taka Preetha to hospital...Dk is concerned and tells her he will send Veer to pick her up.

Preetah is unconscious..DOc. tells Kaamna she is pregnant...veer come sthere ..looking very handsome ina black suit...misse kaamna...opens Preetha;s door...just then Kaamna arrives ...Veer whisks her off from there...kaamna wants to talk to preetha...veer hurries her away..Preetha's brother comes looking for her at the hospital..

Next day...weddingAngry

Dk and family are ready...samarth giev sa briefcase of money to dK...dk goes to put it in the cupboard...thre is a note again threatening dK written in blood ...looked like red inkBig smile

DK angrily throws it away...comes down....Kaamna is worried at seeing blood on dK's hand ...DK tells her not to worry , he is fine ..she is almost reday to burst into tears..DK scolds her as if she is a kid.."kaamna , control yourself"

Preview for tomorrow: Brace yourselves guys...DK is wearing pagdiLOL

But it is not a P.C.Sircar pagdi...thank god...a noraml pink Pagdi that groom's side wears...he is in dark sherwani. Veer in cream also wearing pink pagdi...they look cute..Preetha's brother has come to meet Veer.

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July 19, 2006

By: Mona05

Preetha is in hospital ...wondering what to do..wkere to go?

PKji comes to meet her...says that the lady who saved you testerday has sent me to take care of you...he was refering to Kaamna...Preetha says she does not have any family...PKji asks her to come with him ...he will looks after her..

a girl comes to meet Preetha's brother...he remembers somethiongs that Preetha had told him and thinks it is this girl whose BF has jilted her and she is pregnant...he expresses sympathy...the girl gets mad at him and tells him this is all a lie and leaves...the scene was so funny...Preetha's brother realises it is Preetha who is pregnant...

He comes to disha Mansion to look for Veer..teh servant informs him about dhan's wedding....veer is at teh wedding...no one will be allowed to enter without a card....the servant refuses to let him in saying kaamna has given strict instructions not to let any stranger in...Preetha's brother asks for water...grabs a card from teh table and goes off.

Here at teh wedding hall...everyone is happy and DK is in dark sherwani with pink Pagdi...veer in cream sherwani again wearing pagdi...kaamna looking very pretty in a pink and silver saree...

DK , Veer look rather cute.Smile

Preetha's brother comes in and asks Veer about Preetha...he refuses to say anything...brother threatens Veer..DK come sther angry with brother and shakes him off..asks him wehat is teh problem...brother still keeps asking veer about Preetha..veer says he is mad ...and calls security to take him away...


DK is very upset with Veer and demands to know the truth..he is really angry with Veer and says that I know you have been hiding something from me for many days ...Veer says Calm down...Dk shouts "No calming down ...tell me what is teh matter.."veer promisse to tell him everything after dhan's wedding...DK warns him that this time he wants no lies ...only the truth..

DK is picking up a photo of Disha ...Kaamna on seeing that ...comes forward anf tells him that she will put didi's photo on teh mandap...DK looks very happy and gives the photo to her...a lovely swwet staring session bet' the two...Kaamna looking at Dk with asmile and bright eyes as if to say "I know how you feel and what you want"..DK looking at kaamna with deeply grateful eyes as if thanking her for understanding disha's importance in his life....lovely moment...both look very goodBig smile

surily is brought to the mandap...cribbing about D's heavy shaadi ka joda and complains that it irritates her...bubbles pacifies her..

Shaadi starts ..Dk is looking very happily at Surily wearing D's clothes ...Angry

pheras begin...Surily the she-cat while taking the pheras purposely puts D's odhni in the fire ...DK rushed for forward, pulls  the odhni away from from surily's head and puts off teh fire ...he looks thoroughly heartbroken...Kaamna looks at DK with concern ...DK walks away...Kaamna tries to take the odhni saying she will look after it..DK snatches it away from her ...walks off..Kaamna looks very hurt...DK leaves the mandap and walks off...a female hand touches DK on teh shoulder...he looks back...eyes widen in recognition and shock....episode ends ...Confused

Preview for tomorrow: Samarth brings DK's scarf...Kaamna recognises it and asks where did he find it..Samarth says someone left it here..kaamna is worried and prays to god to protect her Suhaag ...

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July 20 2006
By: Mona05

HI!!!short update today...

anyway NO DK

Dhan surily got married

episode starts with repeat of yesterday's last scene...that hand could be male hand...not sure...dk looks back in shock...that is it ...No DK for the rest of the episode

bubbles asks for another odhni ...Kaamna still looking very upset ..asks siddhi to get one...Pandit asks for DK...veer rings Dk's cell...they show the hand reaching into DK's sherwani pocket to remove the phone and switch it off..veer is surprised...everyone is worried where dK is?

two girls start taunting surily...saying may be Mr. sehgal did not like surily so he left the wedding....bride has completed just 2 pheras..and father -in-law is missing...after saath pheras god knows what will happen?

surily gets very angry and asks Dhan to complete the wedding...Kaamna is worried and confused...Samarth tells her not to carry on with the wedding..suhas says people are talking all sorts of rubbish...finish teh ceremony now..kaamna asks the girls not to make an issue of this...sehgal Saheb will be back...but after lot of persuassion..Kaamna agrees to carry on and says Samarth will do all teh rituals on behalf of DK..Samarth looks very upset .

afetr the shaadi..they are waiting to do vidaai...Kaamna asks everyone to wait for DK...a cell rings ...samarth goes into teh adjoining room...finds DK's pagdi...he tries to hurry out..but stupid PK holds him back...Samarth says Jija jas been kidnapped ..we must stop this wedding now..Pk pits him off...Kaamna comes there ...extremely upset...Kaamna says how can he leave dhan's wedding..it meant a lot to him.....PK saus to dK .disha is most important...everything else comes after that...disha's odhni got burnt...it was her aakhri nishaani...so he si upset ..and left...you complete all the rituals ..take your bahu home..I am sure dk is at home....

wanted to hit Pk hard on his old grey head today...what was wrong with him? ...promoting the wedding? satthiya gaya hei buddha..he has really gone senile now

kaamna turns to go but recognises DK's pagdi and is upset...PK again says things to her ...does not allow Samarth to explain...

Kaamna come sout ..trying to hide her tears...dhan s asks about dk...suhas says how can he miss Dhan's wedding?

kaamna tells everyone dk is at home....we will do all the rutiuals ..and go home.

We see a man in a dark room...talking on the phone ...saying : yes wedding is over...no police has not come...switches off ...says to himself...police will come ..there will be a case...I must hurry ..I have got lot of unfinished jobs to take care of ...they show his back only...

surily puts her left foot out to push the shagun ki rice pot befoer enetring...when siddhi brings in teh thali with red colour for her to soak her feet and step onto teh new house..surily refuses point blank...to dirty her feet...dhan loos displeased with surily...surily comments on teh tamasha...suhas angrily repies ..it is not tamasha ..it is tradition..

kaama stops Aai...says this is old tradition,,,surily is a modern girl ...she does not believe in all this ...so what is the use of doing it? Loved the way kaamna said it with the right mix of sarcasm and dignity...she smile and aska surily to come in...

funniest scene today..

bubbles advising Surily that today she must celebrate suhaag raat with Dhan...she must make him belong to her tonight otherwise He will never belong to her

Surily asks How can she celebrate suhaag raat with all thistension becuase dk is missing.

bubbles says it is her problem to find a way out...

Haila!!!!the way Dhan-surily were behaving before marriage...I thought they must have celebrated suhaag raat long back...shaadi is only a ritual..

Kaamna come sto the romm which has disha's photo....she thought DK will at least be here....is very worried at not finding him there...prays that wherever he may be ...he should be safe....

Felt very sad for Kaamna today...she acted very well...bringing out her inner anguish while trying to smile through the rituals..

preview for Monday: surily trying to act cosy with Dhan...dhan witha strict slightly annoyed face puts her off saying since he is the eldest son ,,,in absence of DK...he must take care of his family...

hoping and praying dK is alive and will come home safe ....and Surily's suhaag raat will be ruined.

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July 24, 2006
By: Mona05

the episode starts with Kaamna calling the servants to enquire whether dk had called ....they say No..Kammna then informs the police...

bubbles comes in ...makes a big drama about how everyone will call her daughter unfortunate, unlucky for the house, as Mr. sehgal is missing...kammna looks very irritated with her acting..but when Bubbles goes on and on..Kaamna tells her that Surily is now bahu of Sehgal house..so no one will say anything bad about her. 

surily is trying to get cosy with Dhan in their bedroom...dhan is simply not interested..surily reminds him that Suhaag raat comes only once in the life...Dhan says he understands...but he is worried about Dad and is waiting for him to come home...

Police come and they want to question everyonw...Kamna says that Dhan may not be able to come down as it is his wedding night..police inspector issists on talking to everyone..

siddhi knocks on dhan's bedroom and asks him to come down...surily is maha angry...one desperate woman is this surilyLOL

inspector questions everybody...it is shown in mute...they ask about anyone else staying in the house...Kammna informs about veer, her youngest son....she tries to call him on his cell ...but veer cuts it off...saying he will call back later..after they leave...Kaamna tells dhan that this is the reason why she wanted to inform the police about the threats..no one listened to her...if the police had been informed earlier DK would not be missing today...dhan looks sufficiently guilty..then Kaamna notices surily standing at a corner, making faces....Kaamna asks dhan to got to his room to rest..dhan says he wants to stay with his mum at this time...bacchu ko ab apni mum ki fikar ho rahi hei...too lateConfused.

Kaamna sends him off...dhruvi is worried and needs reassurance from dhan...dhruvi looked very pretty ....dhan goes off with surily..

Here in old age home,,Preetha is worried ...PKji brings haldi dudh for her...she makes aface,,,PK tells her you have to drink it all up nehi to pitai hogi..PK was very sweetSmile..Preetha asks kim why he stays here...what about his kids..PK gets emotional and says somethings are best frogotten..Preetha agrees and says things that hurt you...should be forgotten..she enquires about the wedding that Pk had been to...but before PK can tell her about DK...someone comes and says the trustee wants to see PK...

this scene bet Pk and Preetha was very good...Preetha acted very well...now I hear she is going to play the lead in a new Ekta showBig smile

Kaamna is standing in front of disha's photo asking her forgiveness because she could not take care of DK...she says :I should not have listened to Sehgal saheb..I should have gone to the police and told them everything about the threats...then sehgal saheb would have been safe...she breaks down saying she has not fulfilled her duties and if anything happens to DK...she will never be able to forgive herself...Samarth is watching all this from the door and feels very upset..

On TV...there is news flash...about DK sehgal missing...theyshow scenes of the wedding....in one scene there is Samarth talking to some rough looking guys...samarth is frightened that this has been captured on video..Confused

the trustee at the old age home...scolds Pk for bringing a young girl in...and says if Preetha does not leave soon then Pk will also have to go elsewhere...

Samarth is worried and he rings someone....then they show a man in dark suit and black shoes waiting...we do not see his face...a car comes ..he gets in ....the car brings him to a place....then they show DK lying in the floor of a shabby warehouse or workshop....Poor DKCryCry..he si unconscious

the same  man in dark suit is shown climbing down steps to come into that place where DK is....he stands beside DK...then puts his glasses on and it is none other than SamarthConfused...end

Preview..Veeris threatening Preetha's brother that he must have kidnapped DK to take revenge on veer...veer is ready to hit him...hope we have good fightWink

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July 25, 2006
BY: Mona05

Samarth is shown talking to himself...apologising to DK for creating all the threat drama...but he says he did it to prevent the marriage of surily and dhan ...but DK was adamant ..and he refused to give in...and now even after staging the kidnapping ..the marriage has taken place ..and now the family will suffer and specially his sister...but he has caused alot of pain to his sister anyway by doing all this drama...he never seems to be able to do anything good for his sister..

He asks the two goondas to drop DK home safely ...but the goondas refuse to let go of this blank cheque ..meaning dk and demands 50 lakhs from samarth to release DK..goondas seem as foolish as Samarth...DK Sehgal..the tycoon should be worth much more than 50 lakhs..Big smileSamarth is in a fix...as he does not have that much money..

In dhan's bedroom...again Surily is doing her seduction act...but Dhan is worried and leaves the room saying Surily should not expect love and romance from him tonight...WOW!!!surily's suhaag raat goes down the drainClapClap

veer threatens Akshay..Preetha's brother..Akshay taunts him saying now you know how it feels when your loved one goes missing...I am worried about mysister Preetha...I have no inclination to do anything to your Dad...Veer leaves from there.

Kaamna calls Samarth on his cell..he asks her to keep calm...kaamna gets very  upset and angry with him saying she can not be calm when her husband has been missing for the whole night...she wants her hubby back and then she will be alright...she just needs to see him...while saying that she faints...siddhi who has just walked in screams, frightened to see Kaamna in that state...Samarth feels very guilty.

the doc attends to kaamna...saying she is weak and in shock but will get better...kids are all around her and suhas...suhas prays to Bappa to make her alright...kaamna wakes up and promptly tries to get up and go saying she needs to go to DK..suhas calms her down and they both hug each other and cry..

kids plan to call all dK's friends and also check every hospital for DK...Surily comes there and says your father is not a kid that he will get lost...Kids look angrily at her..then she says what is up with your mum?...instead of supporting you ...she has fallen ill?.

dhan is really angry with her and tells her Mum did not fall ill on purpose...she is worried about Dad ...go and look after her..Surily makes  a face...leaves..

next day...Kammna questions Veer about the man who argued with dK at the wedding....she meant Akshay....kaamna has her hair in a plait...no make up...she looks reallly like someone who has not slept a wink...veer gets all defensive and says he does not know anything and why should Kaamna target him only...He tries to go off...Kaamna now comes into her own...without DK overprotecting the kids or scolding her...Kaamna gives a piece of her mind to Veer...she says aai and siddhi saw you arguing with someone and after that your dad argued with him...I want to know everything....do not try to evade the issue...this concerns my hubby and I will do anything to get him back home safe...was really great to see Kaamna being assertive and scolding Veer...the kids are shell shocked at seeing this avatar of their Mum..

DK's lawyer comes there...he says that dK had instructed him to give an envelope and locker keys to kaamna incase something happened to him,,Kaamna should open the locker and get his will out to have it read..kaamna gets really angry and says DK will come back and she does not need to see his will...asks the lawyer to leave...he leaves but keeps the envelope and keys on a side table...all the 3 kids are eyeing the keys...episode ends..


Preview....A man walks into a dark room...opens a wardrobe...it is Kaamna's wardrove...lights come on...it is Samarth trying to search something in the wardrobe.

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Julu 26, 2006
By: Mona05

Veer, Dhruvi and Dhan are surprised and talking about Kaamna saying they have never seen their Mum so angry before...

Samarth comes there and says confidently that DK will be back soon...the kids are suspicious how Samarth can be so confident?

Kaamna comes to the police station and hands over all the threat notes and the cassette ...inspector asks her if DK had any business rivals who could have done the kidnapping...Kaamna replies she does not know anything about that...and is also confused that there has not been any demands from the kidnappers as yet....kaamna says she just wants her hubby back home safe...inspector reassures her..

At Surily's house...bubbles and hubby are fed up because Surily has not been able to lay her hands on DK's wealth as yet...Surily comes in and says the situation is getting out of hand....and tells her parents that kaamna mum is not as simple as we thought her to be...I was surprised at the way she scolded Veer...and she also refused to read Dad's will and sent the lawyer packing...Surily is much better dressed after marriage...in churidaar -kameez....looks a lot better.

Kaamna is sitting an a sofa ...eyes closed..Siddhi comes in...thinks she is sleeping....is upset for the state of the fanmily and prays to God to bring back smile on her Maaji's face...Siddhi leaves..

Kaamna opens her eyes...and wonders if her love for DK is not strong enough to bring him back...she emotes very well in this scene...longing for her hubby...desperately wanting him to come back...

Samarth enters kaamna's room ...opens her wardrobe to look for something..I think he is looking for cash...suddenly lights come on...Kaamna asks him what is he doing there?...Samarth says the kidnappers had called ...they want 50 lakhs to release Jijaji...Kaamna gets angry and demands to know why Samarth did not inform Kaamna earlier...Samarth stammers ...Kaamna tells him that she knows him since child hood...he is hiding something...Samarth still stammers ...Kaamna gives him one tight slap....well deserved..Clap

Samarth falls at her feet...crying ...and begging her to forgive him...episode ends...

Preview : Samarth confessing about kidnapping to Kaamna...kids and Surily are around...giving surprised and angry looks at Samarth....one more slap from Kaamna..Clap

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July 31, 2006
By: Mona05

PK tells kaamna about Preetha, kaamna is concerned , wants to know more, just then Pk gets a call and leaves.

He comes to the old age home, the residents are nearly throwing Preetha on the streets, they ask PK to make other arrangements for Preetha or leave the home. PK tells Preetha she is like his daughter and he will take care of her. He again asks her about her baby's father. Preetha refuses to tell him anything. He enquires about her filks at home, learns that she does has lost both her parents. Preetha remembers her meetings with Veer.

buubbles and bharat come to disha mansion, bubbles is worried that surily has still not been able to celebrate suhaag raat

this suhaag Raat has become a big issue for Surily's family..

Dhan comes there, bubbles sheds crocodile tears on her Surily's bad luck, dhan consoles them . Bubbles asks for Surily and is told she is in thekitchen. bubbles and bharat are shocked. Dhan leaves and says he will call surily. Bubbles laments over the fact that surily should have been ruling Sehgal House , instead she is slogging in the kitchen. Bubbles says something must be done, DK Sehgal needs to come back. his kidnapping is ruining her daughter's life

surily is in the kitchen , taunting poor Siddhi about how lazy she is. Dhan comes there. Surily promptly changes tune and acts all helpfull saying I made the tea. Siddhi is shocked , then on seeing Dhan realises that surily is playing a game with dhan. Dumb Dhan acts all soppy saying New bride Surily is doing chores in the kitchen.

wish the hot tea had spilled on Surily's hands and burnt her...would have served her right...most irritating character

In the living room, Bharat enquires about who is running the business..veer informs that neither he nor dhan has gone to office...Bharat is shocked and tells Kaamna ..Kanaka must be suffering heavy loss because there is no one to take care of the business...he asks Kaamna to read DK's will so that everyone can get to know who is the person to be given kanaka's responsibility in DK's absence...Kaamna states that no one will open DK's will..

Preview: Preetha 's brother assuring her that he knows everything and wants to help her.

want to bash Rupu very badly...Td is ending and Rupu is doing her miserly act and hiding Dk for 5 episodes....
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Posted: 01 August 2006 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
August 1, 2006
By: Monar05

Episode starts in disha mansion living room, everybody trying to convince Kaamna to read Dk's will. Dhan tells her that it is month end and someone should take over the running of kananka , otherwise workers will not get salary , they will suffer, Dk's kidnapping is their personal problem , for that Kanaka should not suffer. Kaamna must read his will to find out who has to run kanaka. Kaamna is still unsure.

Preetha comes home along with PK. PK tries to tell her brother to take more care of Preetha in this condition. brother is confused...Preetha stops Pk from disclosing her pregnancy. Pk takes leave. Preetha refuses to let him leave, saying He has no place to go, and tells him to saty with them since he calls her his beti. PK agrres some persuassion. He tells them to call him Babuji and not Uncle. A very emotional sweet scene , liked Pkji very much.

Kaamna opens her wardrobe , takes out the locker keys, the letter falls on the ground, she picks it up and opens the envelope , it is a letter to Kaamna from DK...finally we kear dK's voice after more than a week..reading what he has written

DK has written :


I have never loved you, never given you the rightful place of a wife. Disha still resides in my heart, I can not give her place to anyone else.

I know you have tried your best to come close to me , but everytime you tried to come close, I pushed you away.

Itne saalon se tumne mera saath nibhaya , but I have failed in my duties towards you. I do not deserve your forgiveness, but I am still asking you to forgive me. what I have done to you is wrong, I am trying to set it right. In my will , I have written..

dumb Dhan along with rest of the gang come in..Angry

kaamna is intears...dhan takes the letter ...reads it...DK has written :

My property is to be distributed amongst my 3 children...they are all happy...but for 5 years Kaamna is to remain trustee of all my property..Smile

kids are surprised..

Kaamna breaks down saying I want my husband..I do not want all this...I just want my husband back..everyone shocked at her condition.

kaamna is sitting ina dimly lit room...DK arrives at the door...calls her name ...she gets up all happy runs to him and asks him where he was all thsi time...she has been so worried for him...

DK: You are worried for an person who has never loved you , never accepted you as his wife..What have you got from this relationship?

Kaamna: I never enterd this relationship with preconceived hopes.

DK: Disha's memories are deeply engraved in my heart and mind ...I can not let go of her memories.

Kaamna: when did I ever ask you to forget Disha didi? I only want "apnaaapan " from you. You have given me status, wealth. But all that is nothing compared to your love. I have tried my best to attain your love and your acceptance.

kaamna takes dK's hand , holds it close to her and asks : What have I lacked Sehgal saheb , tell me?

kaamna comes out of her dreamConfused

this was a must watch scene for DK fans...he was simply superb...doing what he does best...express a complex set of emotions in just a few minutes...guilt, remorse, helplessness, feelings for Kaamna, fondness for his memories...fantastic scene...very well enacted by both dK and kaamna.

siddhi comes to Kaamna and tells her not to lose hope ...God is taking a test from her ...Siddhi tells her maaji ,,,you have faced so much in the past years..now why are you scared from this test..your devotion and belief will bring back Saheb.

kaamna says that the will has made her uneasy..yet she is ready to face any test to get DK...but she will never accept it that DK is no more..Cry

preview: dhan asking a lawyer on the phone if he can challenge Dk's will...bewakufi dekho iski....Dhan gets what he deserves ...one tight slap from Kaaman...YEY!!!!!ClapClap

By the way...I forgot to mention last week...Azuba is very ill in kolhapur...so aai has gone to kolhapur...wonder if we will see sweet Azuba with DK and kaamna.

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