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May 30, 2006

Disha is shocked. She confronts DK. DK denies any such thing. He wants to be happy and her presence makes him feel handicapped. DK goes out and gets drunk. Satya gets him to his house and makes him sleep. He then gats dishaq there to show dK's state and makes her realize that she needs to leave dK if she wants to see him happy. Disha is shaken completely and decides trhat if she leaving the house will make DK happy then be it. She decides to leave.

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May 31, 2006

Disha makes a decision of leaving home if its gonna make DK happy. Dr. calls Disha to asks about DK's surgery. Disha refuses. Dk takes the phone from the other side and fires the doctor that he will take decisions concerning himself. Disha storms to Dk's room tells him I'm leaving home since this is what u want but there's one request – don't go for that operation. Disha tells Bua that tough she is leaving this house, her soul will always be here – in every thing – every brick – every wall will guard her DK. DK hears this from a distance and breaks down. Satya gets Suhas to meet DK. She comes to Dk's room - sees a mini party going on at Dk's room - Music, Dance, drinks – Dk, a girl, Gargi giggling laughing. Suhas is shocked to see this tamasha.

June 1, 2006 By Silk Opal

Suhas and Satya standing outside DK's bedroom, watching Gargi, DK and one girl partying. Music is on. The girl is feeding DK (I think its grapes) Suhas and Satya shocked.



Gargi: Aren't you worried for Disha?



DK: Look at my face. Do I look worried for Disha?



Gargi: Look at these 2 girls (Disha and the girl). How different they are?



An angry Suhas enters the room and interrupts



Suhas: Don't compare Disha with this girl. There are a lot of differences between them.



Gargi: (in natak tone) We tried to stop Disha from leaving. But you know how stubborn she is. She refused to listen to us and left.



Suhas: Now I understand everything. Thank God I arrived at the correct time. I saw everything with my own eyes. I was going to scold Disha. But she did the right thing (I don't what right thing Disha did…I did not watch the previous episode). DK, you have not changed at all. You are still the old DK. You are arrogant and a flirt. So this is why you wanted Disha to leave you.



On the road



Disha in car, going to Bhonsle house. Flashback…Satya telling Disha about DK getting drank. Flashback…doctor saying there is a 50-50 chance in the operation. She tells driver to stop the car. She alights in the middle of the road. Driver stops her from going anywhere. She tells the driver not to follow her. Driver is worried.



DK's bedroom



Suhas: (pulls DK's collar) Where is Disha? If anything happens to her, I will not let you off (kill him).



Satya: (stop Suhas) Disha must have gone to Bhonsle house. She is alright. (Bua had whispered to him when Suhas was talking to DK earlier)



Suhas is leaving when….



DK: Don't come here again. Neither should Disha come here again.



Suhas: After all this, I will never come here again nor allow Disha to come here. I curse the moment both of you got married.



DK: Why curse the moment? Disha married me for money. You all want my money.



Suhas: You are a cheap man, DK.



Suhas is disgusted and leaves. Satya follows her but DK stops him.



Satya: You should not have spoken to aunty (Suhas) in that manner.



DK: I know. If I did not behave rudely, if I did not do all that, they would not hate me. They would not leave me. They would not be hurt. I know they are all very good people. Do me one last favour. Unite Ahbinav and Disha.



Suhas is driving home. She sees Disha's car and stop there. She alights. Driver sees Suhas.



Driver: Stop Disha. Disha walked towards that direction. It leads to a cliff.



Suhas worried. She goes after Disha. Disha is climbing the stairs. Suhas sees Disha.



Suhas: Stop Disha. Stop this pagalpan.



Disha does not stop nor did she hear Suhas. Disha reaches the cliff. She "hears" Satya telling her about DK getting drunk. She "hears" doctor saying DK's operation has a 50-50 chance. Disha feels giddy and faints. Suhas saves her.



DK's bedroom



Satya: You want Disha to live a good life. But why put your life at risk? Think positive about your operation.



DK: I will go for the operation. I am little happy Disha has left me. I will be very very happy when Abhinav and Disha become one. I have done some research. Only 2% people survive such operation. I know no one can take good care of me as much as Disha can. Don't know why that silly girl loves me so much. Do me one last favour. Make Abhinav agree.



Satya: Abhinav will not agree.



DK: He will agree. I know he has a soft corner for Disha.



Satya: I will try.



Satya leaves.



Disha in Bhonsle house. She is in bed. Suhas and Sukanya are with her. Disha opens her eyes.



Disha: How did I come here? Where's DK?



Suhas: Don't' talk about DK. Forget DK.



Sukanya: After what Suhas saw (referring to the party)…



Suhas looks at Sukanya. Sukanya stops talking and leaves the bedroom.



Disha: What happened?



Suhas: Don't talk about DK….



(I am sorry I got distracted here. I missed the scene. But very sure Suhas did not tell Disha about the party.)



In the morning Satya calls Bhonsle house. Suhas answer the call.



Satya: I am ashamed of myself. I could not stop DK last night…



Suhas: You did not do anything wrong. In fact you did the right thing by taking me there. By seeing all that now I know, DK ke maan mein hamare liye kiya zeher hai.



Disha over hears this.



DK's bedroom



DK is sleeping. The girl wakes him up. DK awakes and shout at the girl. Tells her to get lost. Gargi comes in.



Gargi: What happened?



Girl: I did what you told me to do.



Gargi is pist off with the girl.



DK: So all this was your plan. Stop playing game with me.



Gargi: (starts her natak) I am not playing any game, my son.



DK: I am not your son.



Gargi: Ok. You are not my son. But right now I am your sympathizer…your wife has left you.



DK: Now you leave me, Gargi.



DK says to him "what have you done to me Disha? I can't live alone…"



Bhonsle House



Disha: DK ke maan mein hamare liye kiya zeher hai?



Suhas decline to say. She says it will hurt her. For her well being, she should forget DK.



Disha: I love DK…I know he can't live without me. He will be here anytime to take me home…



Door bell rings. Disha is happy. She thinks it is DK. She walks happily to the door. As she opens the door, she says "mujhe yakin tha…" Disha is shock to see Abhinav. The end.

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June 5, 2006

Disha sees Abhi at the door and snaps at him and closes the door on his face. DK asks Satya to meet him urgently. Suhas shouts at Disha for misbehaving with Abhi. As Abhi walks out, we reveal Satya DK in a car at a distance... DK is happy that his plan is working and on the other side Suhasini ji will do what I want her to do... Intercut with Suhas in the house with Disha, telling her that Dk is such a cheapster... Suhas is full of hatred for Dk... Disha says I am not angry with Dk - Suhas screams at Disha telling her what she saw at DK's house. Disha still thinks of DK as God. Just then she receives the divorce papers. Disha and Suhas stunned. DK is feeling bad for doing this. Disha is devastated and walks out on the road like a zombie.. DK i9s watching all this as Disha falls into Abhi's arms and faints.
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June 6, 2006

Disha falls unconscious. As she wakes up, abhi tells her that Dk asked him if I would like to marry you... Disha is shocked... Abhi says I have no such intentions. Disha thanks him. Vedant tries to talk DK out of this madness and DK convinces to support him as he is doing this for Disha's better future. Rano informs Disha that DK is going for the operation. Suhas comes and pleads with Abhi to marry Disha, as that's the only way to stop dK from getting operated. Disha rushes to DK literally falls at his feet. Dk leaves his hand and hands over the pen to her saying sign - Disha is blank - amidst tears Disha looks at the paper ... Disha says our relationship had begun with signing of a contract - we finish our relationship today with a paper - Disha signs
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June 7, 2006

Disha signs the paper - Intercut with her first meeting with Dk - Disha leaving the house - Intercut with her entering the house as a bride - Various moments from the past and Finally Disha leaves. Dk lonely - he asks the servant to put Disha's pictures back on the frame - Disha walking on deserted road, heavy wind blowing ... she sees a temple, walks into the temple thinking when did things go wrong - and prays to Bappa saying probably the biggest mistake of mine was to distance you. She cries - Dk drinks and gets drunk - Gargi sees him and smiles - now nothing can stop Dk from destroying himself to death - Suhas tells Kaki I am getting worried for Disha. Amidst rains we see Disha driving - The bell rings - The door opens - Disha with water dripping stands - we see Abhi shocked to find her at his doorstep. Disha says Marry me Abhi.
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June 8, 2006

Abhi shocked. Disha just keeps saying marry me. Dk sees a bad dream wakes up scared. Disha convinces Abhi to do it for a friend's life, as the operation may prove fatal. DK is tensed and calls Bhonsle house and realizes that Disha is not home. Abhi agrees to Disha's request. DK worried for Disha just then Disha comes to him dressed as a bride and says she is ready to marry but want u there, I will only marry in ur presence. Cut to next day Dk watching as disha is about to sign the marriage papers she goes pale - dk wonders what's wrong - Disha bids alvida to DK - DK shocked. Close on Disha's eyes.
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June 12, 2006

By: Vidya0906

Disha is lying in DK's arms on the floor.  She is dressed in full bridal glory and DK is also dressed in a white sherwani.  He is crying and is asking Dish why she did this?  How could she do it?  Didn't she even think once of DK while taking this extreme step?  She cries and says DK, Disha hamesha se tumhari thi, tumhari hai aur tumhari hi rahegi.  DK kisses her and cries.  All those who have gathered are also crying.  Ved, aai, jharna, etc., etc.  Rano and Gargi are watching the proceedings as if stunned.  Abhi just cannot understand what has happened.

Some nice scenes of the 2Ds are being shown and then that's it.  Straight away the story has progressed by 20 years.

A lady is shown doing puja to the tulsi and is also singing a bhajan.   A servant girl who is very smart is shown going from room to room.  First she goes to a young girl's room.  The girl is getting irritated by the bhajan and is stuffing the pillow to her ears to block out the noise.  The servant comes and places a glass of juice on her table and tells her to get up.  The girl tells her to get lost.  From there she goes to the son's room.  He is walking on the treadmill and is also listening to music on his walkman.  The servant girl places his drink on the table and leaves.  From there she goes to another room.

The room is empty and she is surprised.  But just then DK comes in from the balcony and he is already having a cup of coffee with him.  He looks the same.  There is absolutely no change in him.  In fact he looks all the more better with his original beard back and the wheel chair gone, (his crutch is still there). 

He comes out of his room and has come near the place where a large photo of Disha's has been kept.  On seeing it, he screams, KAAMNA, KAAAAAAAAAAAMNA.  Kamna who was busy with her puja comes running.  He shouts at her and says who has been tinkering with Disha's photo?  Kamna looks very pretty and serene.  She says, Sehgal saab today I have kept a puja and I thought firstly I must take Didi's blessings, so I just put tika on her photo.  DK gets angry and says don't you dare to touch her photo, understand?  She just nods meekly and the kids look on.

The kids Veer and Dhruvi (she is named after DK's father Dhruv) are in Dhruvi's room. Both are discussing about their friends, when their mom comes there to tell them today both of you must stay at home as I have kept a puja.  They just do not listen to her, (what rude kidsOuch).  She is asking her brother what dress she should wear and she removes one short skirt and blouse and asks him whether she should wear this?  He tells such dresses do not suit you, you should wear more of Indian dresses.  Mom is pleased on hearing this and tells her yeah, you wear a salwar kameez.  Just then DK comes from behind and shouts at Kaamna, don't impose your wishes on the kids.  Let them wear what they like.  The girl is happy and smiles at DK.  There is no response from him.

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June 13, 2006

DK shuts at Kaaman and leaves. Kaamna is left alone. Kaamna talks to Disha's picture thinking why can't she do anything right. Siddhi comes in with a call from aai. Dhan was out of house the entire night. He loves Surily. Kaamna tries to tell Dhan to attend the puja but he is too occupied talking to his girlfriend Surily. Kaamna requests DK to drop her to the market. Kaamna tries to tell DK about the kids taking her for granted. DK gets angry to hear this and leaves her behind and goes off. Kaamna is left standing alone with moist eyes.

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