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April 3, 2006

By: VIDYA0906

The judge has announced his decision to all present.  He has sentenced DK and Mallik to 7 years imprisonment.  He is about to enter it in his books, when Ajay and Johnny make an entry.  They appear as if they were in a fight, their clothes are all scruffy.  Ajay requests for an hearing but the judge refuses and says it is not possible.  Ajay says but I have brought a prime suspect related to this case.  The judge was about to say something, when the prosecution lawyer butts in and says to the judge, you cannot grant him an hearing.  Once the sentence has been announced you cannot go back on it.  The judge gets angry with her and tells her not to teach him how to practice law.   He then asks Ajay to proceed.

Ajay asks for Ali to come forward.  Seeing Ali all are surprised.  Ali comes to the witness box.  Ajay says, he and Johnny were on their way to the court when Johnny spotted Ali in a car and told Ajay about his involvement in this case and how he was supposedly to be out of the country now, but he was present here.  So they both gave him a chase and finally captured him.  That is why he was late in coming to the court.  The judge is convinced by Ajay.  Ajay then says with the presence of Ali, this case has taken a new turn and so he requests the judge to adjourn the court for a couple of days more.  The judge grants his request.

All leave the court.  DK is taken by the police to his cell.  The 2Ds look at each other longingly.  Later Disha comes out with Ajay.  She thanks him for fighting for DK.  Just then the prosecution lawyer comes there.  She tells Ajay even though you have asked for time, you cannot prove that DK is innocent.  He himself has accepted his crime, then how are you going to fight for him?  Ajay says leave it to me, I will get DK freed from here.  She says that is impossible.  She then questions Disha that you are a person who is always fighting for the truth then how are you siding with the criminal this time?  Disha says I am fighting for my husband.  The lawyer says well you are fighting a losing battle and goes away from there.

DK in his cell and Disha in her bedroom.  The song "toota, toota ek parinda aise toota, ke phir jud na paaya, loota, loota kisne usko aise loota, ke phir ud na paaya."   They both are thinking of happier times.  The time they got married and some romantic scenes.  By the time the song is over, it is court time again.

Ajay calls for Ali to come to the witness box.  Ali takes his place.  Ajay questions him, when prosecution interrupts and says, Ali's case is a different one altogether, that case can be fought on a different level.  Ajay objects and says, Ali is relevant to this case and must be questioned.  The judge sustains his objection.  Ali agrees to having committed the smuggling of diamonds along with Malik, but DK is not involved in this.  Whatever involvement was there was only as a last resort.  The prosecution has no questions.  Ali leaves from there.  Malik is called.  He also says something to the same effect.  He too says that DK is innocent.   Then Satya takes the stand.  The prosecution questions him and says had you suspected your father all along.  Satya says no.  At first I had suspected Ali and DK.  But later on it became clear to me that the main suspects were Ali and my father Mr. Mallik.  DK was used by them for their benefit.  DK looks surprisingly at Satya.  Ajay asks the judge to note this point.

The prosecution says she has one witness Vasudha Vasisht.  All look surprised.  Vasudha comes and takes her place at the stand.  Prosecution asks her how was she involved in this diamond smuggling?  She tells, she and Mallik are old-timers in this business.  They have been dealing with each other for many years.  She then asks so you must have also come across some of Mallik's partners while dealing with him.  Vasudha says yes I have met many of his accomplices.  She then asks, so you also must've have come across DK while dealing with him.  Vasudha says no, I had not even once crossed paths with DK during my dealings with Mallik.  The lawyer gets angry and says why are you lying now?  She says I am not lying, I am telling you the truth.  The prosecution tells the judge, this woman is the m-in-law of DK Sehgal, so now to save his skin she is lying.  Vasudha says I am not lying.   Gargi's face changes to so many expressions Wink all the time these people were supporting DK.  She cannot understand how overnight DK has got so many supporters.

Finally, the prosecution calls upon Disha to come to the witness stand.  She asks her only one question and that is "Kya DK gunehagar hai ya nahin?"  She keeps repeating it and Disha is hesitating.  Finally she can stand it no more and says YES HE IS.    All look shocked, angry, sad and confusedConfused.  Disha is mad, if she was going to tell DK is a criminal all the time, then why go to such lengths of getting a lawyer and wasting everybody's time.

Tomm:  The 2Ds are outside the court holding each other's hands.  DK says he is proud of her.  Disha says each moment spent away from you will be spent in your thoughts only.  I will wait for the day when you come out.

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April 4, 2006

Well, yesterday there wasn't much. Ali and Mallik are sentenced to a longer stint in the prison, whereas DK is given 6 months of imprisonment. All are happy that his sentence has been reduced. Disha is crying. DK and the others are being taken out, Disha runs after him. Once they come out, she calls out and runs to him. DK stops and takes her hands in his. She tells I am very sorry DK that I testified against you. He kisses her hands and says no problem. I am proud to be your husband. She tells no, I am because of you. Today I am having an identity only because of you. I have been, I am and I always will be your Disha. I just cannot imagine how I am going to spend these days without you. DK again kisses her hand and tells her, these days will pass away in no time. Disha tells I will come to meet you everyday, but DK forbids her from even coming anywhere near the prison. He says I don't want you to come, promise me that. Disha cries and says ok.   He is then taken away. The song "toota toota ek parinda" is going on.

Satya comes to meet DK. Both are very friendly now and both ask for forgiveness from each other. DK for having misunderstood Satya and Satya for interfering in their lives. Then DK tells him, whatever happens do not leave the path of truth. Satya says I got that inspiration from your wife itself. DK smiles and then tells him, Disha is very much alone. I want you to take care of her in my absence. Give her moral support. Satya promises to do so.

Disha is getting ready to go somewhere, when Ajay comes there. She says i was coming to meet you only. He also praises her for being truthful and also for bringing him out of alcoholism and for making him realize his self-worth and for restoring his confidence. Disha is feeling embarassed. She then removes a cover from her purse and says this is your balance payment. He refuses to take and tells her you have already given me so much. this you can distribute among some poor people. They then wish each other good luck and Ajay takes his leave.

Satya has come to Disha's house. Gargi is sitting in the hall. On seeing him, she comments now that DK is not there people will keep coming on the pretext of helping Disha but with all hidden intentions. Satya just keeps quiet and glares at her. Disha hears all this. Gargi tells him to sit and goes inside. Satya is about to leave, when Disha says stop Satya. On seeing her he asks how are you? She tells I am fine. She then tells him I have one request to make. Until DK comes home, please Satya you don't come to meet me. Satya says but I promised DK that I would check on you regarding your welfare. She says even then I would not like it. People will not understand our pavitra rishta and I don't anyone commenting on it. So please. He says okay and goes from there feeling dejected.

Disha is moving about aimlessly in the house and DK is sitting in his cell. The song "Hai Nai Lagda Tere Bina Dil Mera Sajna Aa Bhi Jaa Sajna Aa Hi Jaa" is playing. Time is passing. Disha is marking the days in the calendar. DK is shown eating rookhi sookhi roti and drinking only water. Time flies and 6 months are over. Time for DK to come home. All preparations are being made. Disha is ready to go and bring DK home.

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April 5, 2006
By: Vidya0906

She is standing outside the prison and it is nearly an hour but no news of DK. Finally she asks the guard that DK Sehgal was supposed to be released today, he says he was released long back and he has gone. Dish is shocked and on the way home she is thinking why is happiness eluding me? Will I never be happy? She comes home with a crying face. All are asking where is DK and she says I don't know. They then burst out laughing and DK is shown coming from behind.

DK opens his arms to her and she runs to him and both hug each other. Disha cries and says where were you I was waiting so long for you. He tells I am sorry Disha, I got released early and I came home imm, but on coming here came to know you had gone to fetch me. All are pulling their legs and Disha can stand it no longer and she pulls DK to their bedroom and closes the door and then hugs him tightly. He also hugs her back but tells her what are you doing Disha what will they all think? She tells let them think anything, but you don't know how i have spent these days apart from you. Each hour was like a year, and blah, blah, (then why did she testify against him, the dumbo). They are like inseparable and are talking sweet nothings to each other.

It is the next day. Shyla comes to meet Disha. She tells I am leaving this city for good. Disha asks but why? She tells there is nothing left for me here now. I had come with some dreams in my eyes but they didn't come true. I am going with still some hope left. Disha asks her what is her dream, that she will help her, but Shyla just smiles and she gives a gift to Disha and goes from there. Disha opens the gift and sees that it is a statue of Bappa.

As expected the next shot is of Satya and Disha in a restaurant. Satya asks Disha why has she called him here? She tells I had something important to discuss with you. She then tells him will you promise to give me something? He readily agrees but she says to think properly and then agree. He says whatever she asks he will give it readily. She then tells Shyla is leaving this city forever. I want you to stop her. Satya's face changes color. He says no. She tells, Satya she loves you so much. Satya stubbornly looks the other side. Disha then tells him, listen Satya I know that you have feelings for me, but you must understand that there is only one man in my life and that is my husband. We both are happy with each other and I want us to remain that way forever. You and me are friends and we will always be friends but nothing more than that. For you, your whole life is there in front of you. You need to spend it with someone who loves you and whom you love in return and I know that you care for Shyla. So please it is my request to you to get married to her. Satya looks shocked but does not say anything. Then Disha goes from there.

Here DK is looking for Disha and Johnny says I had dropped her to some place. DK says to take him there and Johnny brings him there. It is a beautiful house and on entering it DK sees Disha there. Johnny closes the door from the outside. DK is surprised and asks her what is this? She tells this is our new home. Again some lovey-dovey scenes are there. Then she excitedly takes him to each room (in fact it is one very big hall and furniture is set randomly in each corners and here and there). He says this has been decorated so beautifully. He then looks at her mischievously and tells her I want to see how you have decorated that room. Disha and asks bedroom? They both laugh (but they did not show).

Disha has come to the temple. She is praying that lord from now on I don't want myself and DK to be apart from one another. Let our lives be filled with happiness only. After praying she comes out and that same fakir is there. She tells him that the problem which had come in my life has passed now. The fakir blesses her and she goes from there. After she leaves he looks up and shouts, "Parvardigaar, why have you written only sadness in this child's life?"

Tomm: Vasudha is being shifted to another prison. The van is being shown going on a remote road. It is speeding and finally dashes against a big rock and suddenly there is a big blast like a bomb blast.

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April 6, 2006
By: Vidya0906

Vas is sitting in a corner thinking of Disha. She is crying and recalling all the past scenes when Disha in anger is pulling her out of her house, etc., etc. Just then a lady constable comes and tells her you are going to be shifted from here to Nasik and your case will be fought from there. Vasudha cries and says please dont take me far away from my daughter. She tells it is decided by the higher authorities as to where to keep you and the stuff, so there is no use telling me anything.

Disha is getting ready to leave for the honeymoon. she is packing their bags. She looks ravishing in a dark red transparent saree with silver sequins in it. Just then Suhas comes there with a tiffin carrier and says I have cooked your manpasand food, eat while you journey. She then tells don't fight with DK and don't make him lose his temper. Always be loving to him. Disha says well I cannot say about DK, if he fights then I am not going to leave him and then when Suhas looks worried, she bursts out laughing. She then asks where is DK?

DK is coming to meet Vasudha. On seeing him, she runs to him and cries again and asks how is Disha? He tells she is fine and today we are leaving for a short holiday. She is happy to know that. He then thanks her for her help in his case. She says that is nothing. It is duty to see that you both are always happy. She then tells him that today they informed me that they are going to shift me to Nasik, please I would like to see Disha once before I go. He promises her that he will tell Disha to come and meet her.

DK comes home and on seeing him Dish says where were you, aai was asking for you. He tells I had gone to meet Vasudha to thank her for her help regarding my case. It was because of her statement that my sentence was reduced to 6 months. Disha makes an intense face and looks the other way. DK convinces her that Vasudha is repentant for whatever she has done, so please forget everything and go and meet her.

The constable comes and tells Vasudha you have got a call. She is so happy and runs to the phone. But it is Suhas and on listening to her voice her face falls. Suhas tells DK said that you are going to be shifted, so I called up to speak to you. Vas says please can you ask Disha to come and meet me, I would like to see her once before I go. Suhas says don't worry, even if she cannot come before you go, I will surely bring her to Nasik to meet you. Vas is convinced and says I will only be living on this hope. She then tells her please look after Disha the same way you had done uptil now. Please see that she is always happy and difficulties and bad times don't come near her and then she keeps the phone.

Here Disha is thinking whether she should go or not to meet Vas. She finally decides to go but it is too late, they have already shifted her. She comes back disappointed.

DK and Disha have come to a hotel. To their pleasant surprise the manager is the same one who along with Johnny had helped them during their difficult times. They have a small chat and then the manager asks one of the boys to take them to their room. The room is beautiful and Disha is happy on seeing it. she says wow, what a lovely room!!!!! the attendant says this is no ordinary room, so many big stars have come here to celebrate their honeymoon. He then goes on and on about the room and DK gets bugged with him and send him packing. Disha is in a lovely transparent saree. He comes near her and says so and they both hug each other tightly. Just then there is another knock and DK is like and goes to see who it is. It is the same chap and he has come to say just give a ring if you need anything and DK gets so angry he literally pushes him out and closes the door. He then goes near Disha and says what an irritant, spoilt the mood. She then again holds on to his shoulders and he to hers and both are lost in each other's eyes. Finally, he edges her near to the bed and goes to remove her saree and then a lamp is shown.

A fully decked bride is sitting in a fully decorated bed waiting for the dulha. Satya comes and sits near her. He removes the ghunghat and sees Disha. He keeps looking and finally says Disha and Shyla says Jeet you have married me and not Disha.   Satya realizes his mistake and says I am sorry Shyla. But please you have to give me some time. I will never give you cause for complaint. I will take good care of you. Now that you are my wife, I will be faithful to you. But I need time. Shyla smiles and says, Jeet i have written my whole life in your name, so can I not spare a little time from it? I can understand your predicament and I am not complaining and she hugs him.

It is next day, Disha is reading something when the phone rings. It is Shyla and she thanks Disha for everything. Dish is surprised and says what have I done? She tells it is only because of you that Satya agreed to marry me and today we are a couple. disha is happy and surprised and says what, you both got married and didn't even inform us, you just wait. Shyla says everything was done in a hurry and says, see Jeet is come, you talk to him. Satya says Disha I am sorry I couldn't inform you. She says it is okay but i will not leave without a party from you. He laughs and asks how is your holiday going on? She says just wonderful. She then tells him, keep visiting your dad. He will be happy. He says okay, and you too keep in touch with your mom.

Vas is being taken in van, when it starts to go helter skelter. Finally it dashes against a big rock and there is a big blast. Disha who was sleeping gets up shouting Maaaaaaaaa.
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April 10, 2006
By: Vidya0906

Disha wakes up with a cry. She is in a lovely red nightgown. DK also gets up and asks her what happened? She cries and says I got a bad dream about Vasudha. DK consoles her and tells, if you want we will leave tomm itself to see her. You don't worry she will be fine. He then tells her aao so jaao and he puts her to sleep caressing her head. He then sleeps, but Disha cannot sleep. She recollects the dream about the van and it getting blown up. She sits and prays to Bappa to protect her mother.

The next day morning the police have come to the Bhosale House. They are telling Suhas about the accident and she is shocked. After they go, a phone call comes. She imagines it must be Disha's and tells her about the accident in which Vas is killed. Disha is shattered and the phone falls from her hand. Suhas can still hear the phone ringing and picks up the phone. It is Disha and she asks how are you? She then goes to ask about Vas, but stops herself and says never mind. Suhas guesses it and asks Disha what is it? Disha says yest night I had a bad dream regarding Vasudha. She is fine, isn't it? Suhas says yes she is, you don't worry. Disha asks her to go and meet her once. Suhas says okay and keeps the phone down and cries a lot.

PK is passing by DK's cabin when he sees the door is open of it, and on entering it is surprized to see Gargi sitting on DK's chair. He tells her to get up from there. Gargi as usual doesn't care and says mind your tongue. PK says I don't know, but Dushyant babu had specifically asked that until he comes back, nobody should enter his cabin. Gargi says oh shut up and Ved who was also passing hears voices and comes inside and asks PK what happened. PK tells him and Ved says you don't worry I will make her understand, you can go. PK goes and Ved tells Gargi please can't you understand brother's instructions. Gargi tells the time is good, both the Ds are out of town, we can take control of Kanaka. Ved says, haven't you learned from your past mistakes. Please can't you at least now lead an honest life? Gargi gets angry and looks at him as if he has gone mad and leaves the room.

At the hotel where the 2Ds are staying, a new fellow comes. He is shown to be a big flirt. He is coming down the stairs and each girl he meets on the way down, he makes a pass at her. Finally he spots Disha at the reception counter and tries to make a pass at her too. Disha is in a denim skirt and a red top. DK is with her and on seeing DK this fellow shouts Dushyant and both hug each other. They are college friends and DK introduces Disha as his wife. Just then a girl comes there and he pulls her and kisses her and tells them she is Ruby, his love. He then excuses himself from there. Disha didn't like this chap and says something to that effect to DK. He just laughs and tells Disha tum bhi na, nahin sudhrogi.

Ved is in the office testing some diamonds, which are to be made into a necklace. Rano comes there and on seeing him says, Vedant it is so late and you are still working. Everybody have gone home. He says please Rano you also go from here, I have this important work to do. I want to prove to brother and Disha that Ved can live up to their expectations. Rano makes some nakhra and says but you are forgetting your wife in this chakkar. He says please Rano let me finish this. She pulls him from there and then they both leave the office. The diamonds are left just like that in the open, (vedant will be in trouble now, the diamonds are surely going to get lost).

At the hotel near the poolside, the new chap is busy flirting with another girl. Disha is watching all this from far. The hotel manager is also there. This new fellow tells him, whoever comes asking for him to tell them he is not there at the hotel. The manager agrees. A little later Ruby comes to the hotel and the manager tells her that her friend has gone out now, he has left message that he will meet Ruby at her house. She calls him but his phone is switched off. Disha who has been watching all this comes near her and tells her, come we both will have breakfast together and takes her to the poolside. There she sees her boyfriend cozying up with another girl. She goes near him and gives him a tight slap. Disha is pleased with this. He looks at her evilly.

Tomm: Disha is tearful and is thinking, where has DK gone for so long? I hope he is not angry with me.
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April 11, 2006
By: Vidya0906

Ruby slaps Abhinav right and left and says you are a creep of the worst kind and goes from there. Another girl, Pearl who was there with him at the time also twists her face at him and goes from there. Disha is having a hearty laugh at his plight. Seeing her he joins in and says OMG I have never met a girl like you. You are an original. Disha gets irritated and says why can't you be steady with one girl? Why do you need to flaunt about with a 100 girls? He just laughs. They both leave to go in to the hotel. DK joins them and asks what's the joke? Just then another one of Abhi's girls come searching for him. He hugs her and introduces her to the 2Ds.

Then Abhi says hey Dushyant lets go and have some fun. Lets go to the beach and do some parasailing. DK laughs and says ok I am game anytime. Disha cautions him and tells no DK please you do not indulge in such sports. Abhi says Disha don't tie him to your pallu, let him free. Disha gets angry and looks at him as if to say MYOB. She tells please DK because of your leg, you cannot do this. At that Abhi's GF looks at DK and asks are you handicapped? DK gets so angry, he just leaves from there. Disha is feeling sad and goes behind him. Abhi looks at the girl and says now just get away from here. If you see me in your dreams think that as your luck, but don't you dare to cross my path again. He also goes to see what DK is up to?

DK has gone into the room and locked himself. Disha is pleading from outside to open the door. She tells I am really very sorry DK, please forgive me. He just doesn't say anything. Just then Abhi comes there. On seeing him Disha says just what type of friends you have. They don't even have manners as to what to say to whom. Abhi says okay I am sorry. Now stop worrying, I have come, I will do every thing alright. He starts knocking on the door and tells DK don't be such a spoilsport. Come and open the door. He says why are you being so sensitive now? In college days you were not like that. You used to take every criticism in your stride. DK if you don't open the door your wife is sure to kill me. Disha is looking daggers at him. Just then DK opens the door and comes out. Disha goes behind him. He tells her to leave him alone for sometime and goes from there.

Here at Sehgal House, Disha's bua is doing puja and after doing aarti when she goes to keep the aarthi ka thali on the stand it falls down. She is worried something bad is going to happen. Ved and Rano come running and ask what happened. She tells I am scared for all of you (2Ds and Ved-Rano). They comfort her and say kuch nahin hoga and both pray to god and go to the office.

It is quite late and DK has not yet come to the hotel. Abhi comes to see if DK has come and on seeing he is not there, he tells Disha I will go and look for him. Dish says I too will come and they both go. They reach the parasailing club and ask the guard there if he has seen any man with a crutch come there. The guard says yes, he had come and he is there inside. Both are walking in the beach looking for him. On coming further Abhi looks up and lo behold, DK is up there in the sky, parasailing. He tells Disha to look up and she is shocked. She shouts DK and he looks at her. He waves from there. Attached to his parachute is a big banner saying, "I love you Disha". Disha's eyes are filled with tears. Just then DK loses control but no harm is done.
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April 12, 2006
By: Vidya0906

He is safe.  Abhi says enough Dush, come down now.  You have had a lot of fun, come now.  He then shoots from his cell camera.  Disha is smilingEmbarrassed.


Both are back at the hotel room.  DK is still a little bit piqued with Dish.  She comes dressed in a gorgeous black saree and is bejewelled to the hilt.  On seeing her DK says what is this?  You look like a heroine from the 70s.  If you go out dressed like this people will say yeh kaun ajooba has come?  Disha is so angry she is about to box him.  He then tells I have to go for a dinner and I am sorry I cannot take you there.  If you come like this people will laugh at me.  Now Disha cannot take it anymore.  She goes from there and DK says kaha ja rahi ho?  She comes back soon dressed in a red dress and black tights, a big hat on her head and dances to the tune of "Main kya karoo ram mujhe DK mil gaya, etc, etc."  She then puts the hat on DK's head and he is laughing and Disha is dancing, she then sings, "khud ko samajta hai bada kamaal ka, lekin hai bada anadi".  DK is laughing.  She then comes wrapped in a blanket and when she unwraps she is in a very short red dress and hair left over.  DK is like wow, and when the song gets over, Disha gives a small bow.  DK applauds.

DK and Abhi are boozing away. Abhi says you are a lucky man Dushyant. You have got such a loving wife who is so concerned about you. Where did you meet her man? DK says I met her accidentally and she has become my life now. He recalls some nice tender moments of theirs. He says yeah, I have got everything, if only we had a child to complete our happiness, then I would not ask for anything else. Abhi says, you already have one child na, then why do you need another one? DK looks at him as if he has grown horns and says what are you saying? Abhi says arrey baba teri patni Disha who bhi toh ek bachchi hai na and they both burst out laughing. Just then Dish comes there and again the two friends look at each other and laugh. Dish gets angry and says are you both laughing at me? DK says Abhi is calling you a bachchi. Abhi says no and this way they both carry on with their banter. DK goes to have another drink and Disha stops him and says enough DK already you have drunk a lot now lets go and sleep. Abhi tells DK you get ready by 10 tomm. Disha asks why and DK says we are going rock climbing, (DK is fulltime into adventure sports). Disha gets another jatka and was about to protest but then keeps quiet. DK understands that Disha is worried and tells her if you don't want I will not go. Disha says no, no, it is ok DK. I know you can take care of yourself.

All those who are going for rock climbing have gathered at the lawns of the hotel. Disha is instructing Abhi to be with DK always and not to leave him alone. Abhi says you don't worry I am there na. You go now, we will leave in a while. Disha goes from there. Just then a hotel boy comes and tells Abhi there is a call for you. Abhi who was with a girl takes her away from there. DK is left alone with another guy. All are ready to go and the guy with DK asks so are you ready. Will you wait for your friend to come? DK says no, lets go and so DK is going alone.

After quite some time, Disha comes there and she sees that many are coming back. She asks one of them have anyone of you seen my husband, he is a man with a crutch. One of them tells yes I did see him; he is still climbing the mountain. Disha runs towards that place.

Here Abhi and his GF are at the poolside. He is doing palm reading of the girl. The girl says you had said that you will go with your friend for rock climbing. He says that I just said to set his wife's mind at rest. Otherwise she would've have not let him go. Don't worry he will be fine.

Disha has come to the place and is shocked to see DK struggling with the climbing. Her heart is in her mouth watching his antics. She shouts out his name. He sees her and gives her a High five. He finally makes it to the top and lets out a whoppeeeeeeee. He says I have done it!!!!!!!!! I am the king of the world. Disha is smiling from down. Just then DK loses a step and loses balance. Poor chap comes down and down and down dashing against the rocks. He lands down with blood all over.

Tomm: DK is wheeled to the emergency room. All the Bhosales and the Sehgals are standing outside the ER. Disha is praying to Bappa. Just then the doc comes out of the room. Suki asks jaan ko koi khatra nahin hai na doctor? The doc looks at Disha and says I am sorry.

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April 13, 2006

By: Vidya0906


Disha runs to where DK has fallen unconscious.  She cries and looks around for help.  A lot of people gather and DK is taken to the hospital.  Many doctors are working on him.  His wounds are being cleaned and dressed.  He is bandaged all over.  Disha makes a call to her aai.  She cannot speak from grief.  Suhas asks what happened, she tells DK ka accident hua.  Suhas says, as soon as the docs allow, catch the first flight and bring him back to Bombay. 

Here at the hotel, Abhi is still flirting around with his GF, when a couple of guys come and sit at a nearby table and are discussing DK.  They are saying he shouldn't have gone for this climb.  I don't think he is going to come alive out of this.  Abhi on hearing this comes near them and asks them about whom are you both talking of?  They tell the chap who was with you yesterday and today morning, one with a crutch, we are talking of him.  He has met with a very bad accident.  Abhi is shocked and runs out when the manager comes and tells him, DK ka accident hua.  He gives him the number of the hospital where Disha has taken him.  Abhi calls there and comes to know that Disha has already taken DK to Bombay by the first flight available.  He feels guilty and sad.

DK has been brought to Lilavati Hospital (the one where Amitabh Bachchanji was recently operated upon).  The Bhosales and Sehgals are all standing outside the ER.  Just then a doctor comes from the other side and all these gherao him.  He gets bugged and says the patient is dying there and if you people delay me he will lose his life.  Disha is shocked to hear the doctor's rude words.  He goes in to the ER.  The doctors are frantically trying to revive DK.  Finally he makes it, but still they are testing his lower body impulses and strength.

The doctor comes outside and looks at all of them.  Suki asks whether he is out of danger now.  The doctor says I am sorry, I was rude earlier.  But I was so tensed because of the patient's condition.  He is still critical.  Disha on hearing this breaks down and moves away from there.  Ved follows her and asks here where are you going.  She does not reply.  He stops her by pulling her hand and says I am asking you something, give me a reply.  She does not say anything.  He cries and says my brother is fighting for his life there and you are running away.  You are responsible for his condition today.  Couldnt you have stopped him from indulging in such a dangerous sport, despite knowing his condition.  If you would've insisted on him not doing it, he wouldn't have done that.  Now today he is lying there oblivious to the world.  All the while he is crying (but how much ever he cries, I feel he is still the wicked Ved).  Again he asks her where are you going.  She tells where else do I have to go except to the temple.  He gets bugged and tells her to stop this habit of running to god for each and everything.  She cries and tells what more can I do and leans on to his shoulder.  He also pats her head.  Just then Rano comes in search of them and sees them in that position.  After sometime, Dish says let me go, I will come soon and she goes from there.  Ved turns to go back and sees Rano watching.  She just gives a small smile.

Abhi has come to the hospital and is searching for DK.  Disha is on her way out and on the way she meets Abhi.  On seeing her, he asks how DK is?  She just goes on.  He pulls her hand and stops her.  He again asks how is DK?  She looks at him angrily and then starts her slapping session.  He just bears it and when she finally stops, she cries all this has happened because of you.  If you wouldn't have removed this topic of adventure sports, today DK wouldn't have been in this position.  She even forbids him from meeting DK.  He says please disha don't be so heartless and she just doesn't say anything and goes from there.  Abhi goes in search of the ER.

Disha has come to the temple and is talking with her Bappa.  She is telling today, either I will win or I will lose.  Whatever happens, I will accept your decision and I won't go from here until I get to hear what your decision is for me and mine.  And she starts to ring the bell.  Here DK is being pumped and being given electric impulses, but to no avail.  Disha is continuing with the bell.  Blood has also started coming from her hand.  Finally she falls and leans against a pillar.

Here the doctor has come out and is telling them, Mr. Sehgal has gained consciousness.  But we are sad to say that he has been paralyzed from waist down.  He can never become a father nowCryCryCry.

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