Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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~StarEpisode 60Star~


Scene 1:


Geet looks pale, all life sucked out of her. But, for not even one moment she thought that her husband was cheating on her. She only thought how someone could send such preposterous pictures of her husband with another woman. Maan was hugging her, but the face of the woman was not clear. Geet was worried for Maan, she sensed something wrong was gonna happen to him. All of a sudden their lives were again being clouded with problems.

Geet wiped her tears. She picked up the phone and kept it on the table. She told herself that she should be strong and ask Maan about all this. She was sure that it was the work of someone who wants to create misunderstanding between them. She also remembered Sam's words of how husbands cheat on their wives behind their backs. She brushed the thought away.

"Maan, I trust you more than anyone and anything in this world. Main apko apne aap se zyaada samajhti hoon. I love you Maan."



Scene 2:




Dadima gains some strength, and starts responding to the medicines much better. She wanted to tell Maan something, but was still unable to convey it through words. Maan understood it was related to Ms Kapoor rendezvous with Dadima. He didn't put pressure on Dadima to tell him the truth. He wanted her to get well first.




He was feeling uneasy when he retired to his room late that night. He just couldn't stop thinking about Geet being in some danger. He tries to call her, but her phone was broken. He calls at the haveli. Papaji picks up and wonders why he has called so late at night.

"Papaji, woh Geet se baat karni thi. Uska phone nahi lag raha hai, aur mujhe usse urgently baat karni thi. Please aap usse bula denge."

"Maan puttar, ki gal hai, koi tension wali baat to nahi hai na?"

"Nahi...agar woh so gayi hai toh..."

"Nahi puttar, uske kamre main light on hai, main abhi bulata hoon..." he then calls her, "GEET, Maan ka phone hai tere liye."



Geet comes down, looking a bit shaken. Papaji senses it but decides to leave her alone.

"Geet, tum theekh ho na? Pata nahi, mujhe aisa kyun lag raha tha ki tum pareshaan ho aur mujhe yaad kar rahi ho."

"Maan, main bhi aapke baare main soch kar pareshaan ho rahi thi...Aap abhi kahan hai?"

"Geet, main ghar main hoon. Aur tum kyun pareshaan ho rahi thi? Kya baat hai? Kisi ne tumhe ya baby ko phir..."

"Nahi Maan, aisa kuch nahi hai. Main to bus yun hi...Aap phikar mat kijiye. Aapse baat ho gayi, bas ab mera mann theekh ho jayega."


Scene 3:


Morning/ KM


Maan calls Geet, who tells him that she's in Hoshiarpur and won't be able to come home on holi, since everyone at Haveli wants to celebrate holi with her. Maan is sad, but he understands her duty towards her family, and doesn't force her.


Scene 4:


Maan goes to office, and he still broods on the incident that happened the day before at his home. He was furious at her.

Sasha enters with Sam's company's file.

"MK, Ms Arora wants to fix a meeting today to discuss the future deal and some consignments."

"Okay...but today I am busy. Iss haft eke end tak I can't meet her. Give her a date next week. And before informing her, mujhe zarroor bata dena."

"MK, but she is an important client, and unhe aisa wait karwana theekh nahi hoga."

"Sasha, I know how to deal with my clients. And you know that too. You know very well that Maan Singh Khurana kisi ke liye apne rules change nahi karta."

Sasha nods and silently walks out of his cabin. She bumps into an ecstatic looking Pinki and Manisha who were discussing wedding plans.

"Oh God, dekh kar nahi chal sakti, stupid?"

"Oh, sorry Sasha, woh main Manisha se baat kar rahi thi toh dhyan nahi diya. I am sorry."

"Oh shut up, main sab samajhti hoon iss office main kya ho raha hai. Sab pagal ho gaye hain. Sa buss Geet ke nakshe kadam par chal rahe hai. Pinki tumhe toh main dekh loongi."

Manisha interrups angrily...

"Oh com'mon Sasha, itni zor se bhi nahi lagi hai. And isme Geet baby ko lane ki kya zarroorat hai...You are just jealous."

"Manisha" she shouts...

"Yeh kya ho raha hai yahan pe...why aren't you people at your places? Manisha, bring me the files of Wonder Home Apartments...quickly."

"Yes Sir...Oh...chal hat..." he pushes Sasha aside and runs away in his usual way.

Pinki too escapes...leaving only Sasha.

"Sasha, what happened? Tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha?"

"Yes MK..."


She too leaves...


Scene 5:



Nakul and others are preparing for holi like every year. Even though Dadima is unwell, she would want the festival to be celebrated like before. So the preparations were on the high.

Maan returns from office...

He looks disinterested since Geet won't be with him on holi. And she had made him promise that he won't come to her, and would be with Dadima. He was really missing her and baby. Last year, she was carrying their baby during holi and it was real fun cuz he was excited about the baby...


~End of Episode 60~



Precap: Maan receives a surprise...

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mind blowing maan ka surprise i hope ki geet aur bsk ho waiting eagerly for next part continue soon

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hahahahaha two time commented first time its not showing o i thought to comment then realised its double

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nice updt yar
maan ko surpsr
i thnk baby nd geet wapis aa jayege.. yeeeBig smile
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pls make the surprise a pleasant one...pls..pls...Thumbs Up
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nice update ,this time geet & bsk give surprise to maanSmile
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awesome update
are yaar ab to geet aur maan koi milao
missing their romanceCry
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~StarEpisode 61Star~


Scene 1:

KM, Maaneet's room


Maan is still asleep. He is disturbed in sleep by some water drops falling on his face. He wipes it casually and goes to sleep again. When again the same thing happens, he angrily wakes up and finds Geet with wet hair watching over himEmbarrassed. He thinks it's just a dream, cuz he is always thinking about her.

"Geet, mera sapno main aana band karo. Mujhe sone do, waise bhi tumhare bina toh yahan koi holi nahi hone wali..."

"Accha Maan, itna miss kar rahe ho mujhe?Embarrassed"

He doesn't answer, already gone to sleep.

"MAAN!Angry" she shouts and Maan sits upright wondering how he is hearing her voiceConfused.

But, he found out soon that he wasn't imagining. Geet was really there, looking as beautiful as everEmbarrassed.

"Geet? Tum yahanShocked?"

"SurpriseBig smile, main aur baby toh kal raat ko hi aa gaye the. Aap so rahe the, aur hum aapko disturb nahi karna chahte the. Maan aapne yeh kaise soch liya ki Geet apne Maan ke bina holi manayegi. Aap ho toh mere liye sab kuch hai aur apke bina kuch bhi nahi."

Maan hugs her...Embarrassed

"Geet, tum nahi jaanti tumne yahan aa kar mujhe kitni badi khushi di hai. Tumhare bina main ek pal bhi nahi rah sakta. Abse main tumhe kabhi apne se door nahi karoonga."

"Accha, Mr Maan Singh KhuranaLOL, yaad rakhna iss baat ko. Baad main bhool mat jaana," she laughs and hugs himEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

He holds her in front of him and slowly slides his hand into her wet strands of hairEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. She blushes and closes her eyes.



They separate suddenly and look at the doorConfusedConfusedConfused. It's Nakul...Angry

"Good morning Sir, Good morning Ma'am...woh pooja ka samay ho gaya hai..."

"Tum jao, hum abhi aate hain..." tells Geet to Nakul and then she turns to Maan," Maan aap bhi ready ho jayiye and neeche pooja main aa jayiye."

"Alright Patni ji...par where's my junior? I missed him terribly."

"He's with Dadima and Vicky...Aap jaldi neeche aa jayiyega."


She leaves and Maan goes to get ready...


Scene 2:



Maan comes down and does the aarti with Geet. Dadima happily looks on.



Friends and guests arrive to celebrate holi...

Romeo, Pandey ji and Manisha are the first to arrive. They were beyond recognition with colours smeared all over them. They put colours on Maan apprehensivelyConfused and then turn to attack the girlsLOLLOLLOL, especially Sasha, Tasha and Pinki. Adi enters all dressed in whiteLOLLOLLOLLOL(Bali ka bakra)LOL. Everyone stops playing holi and stare at him...Adi stops and gulps sensing the danger...ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused

"ATTACK!!!"LOL screams the trio and chases him all around Khurana Mansion. He bumps into Pinki and screams fearing her to be some ghost with all the colour and weird hairLOLLOL...

"Adi Sir, it's me aapki Pinki..."

"Ohhh!Embarrassed"LOLLOLLOL taunts the office staff...

"Pinki, sab dekh rahe hainConfused...tum kya kar rahi ho?Confused"

"Kya kar rahi hoon?" she then smears colour on him, "Bura na mano Holi hai"

"Pinki...yeh kya kiya..." he then takes something from his pocket and throws at her screaming "HAPPY HOLI"

They were water balloons...The entire KM had turned into a wild colourful world, with everyone chasing everyone around, throwing colours, balloons, and even dragging people into pools dug out in the garden especially for holi.

Everyone was having fun, even Dadima (she had started talking a bit), except for Maan. He looked around but couldn't see her, his Mishty.

"Romeo," he called, "Tumne Geet ko dekha hai?"

"Geet, is in the kitchen...she told that she'll come later."

"Theekh hai, jao tum."

"Accha, madam holi ke din kitchen main jaa kar baithi hain. Abhi dikhata hoon."


Scene 3:



"Nakul, mithai bahar lagwa do. Sabhi ko bhook lag rahi hogi."

Nakul turns and sees Maan. Maan gestures to him to get out of the kitchenAngry and leave him and Geet aloneEmbarrassed. Geet is unaware of his presence.


She turns and sees Maan, who suddenly holds her and puts colour on both her cheeks.

"Maan, aap bhi na...mujhe darra diya.Confused"

"Kyun, tumhe sirf main hi aise pakad sakta hoonAngry...You know that, phir kyun?"

"Oh Babaji...mujhe maaf kar dijiye, maine kuch nahi kaha. Accha ab bahar jayiye, kitchen main rang not allowed."

"No, tumhare bina main yahan se bahar nahi jaaoonga," he pulls her close.

"Maan, koi dekh lega, please bahar jayiye. Main abhi aati hoon."

"Pakka promise."

"Haan baba...promise, ab jayiye yahan se..."

Maan leaves and just when Geet turns he comes again and kisses her on her cheek. She smiles and he leaves...




~End of Episode 61~

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