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 Contd frm yesterday G comes up behind P & says P. He looks

sideways. I am

sorry P. Pls forgive me. Without turning he says For what? If I

was in yr

place probably I wld have done the same thing. I don't hv any

complaint agst u.

G says Thanks P. He still has his back twds her. G hesitates &

says Can I

ask u something. P in the same emotional tone says If u think I am

yrs then

ask. G says Don't u think Yr past is responsible for this problem.

Yr image.

P says no Gauri. How I lived before I had to live again the same way

& get out

of this . By clothing my past I cld get out of this problem. This

problem has

made me realize that no one shd ever change for anyone. By changing

he loses

his identity, his confidence. I don't intend changing again. I will

live as I

lived before. Like Pratham Mittal. G says I am really sorry P.

But Anu had

convinced me P interrupts & says where am I blaming u for anything.

Only thing

in trying to get out the truth I hurt u badly and I am very sorry abt

it. G

goes to him & faces him & says its ok. U hurt my heart but saved it


breaking. P says If u don't mind G, please leave me alone for

sometime. I am

really disturbed by all that has happened. G goes out

2) She meets with a repentant & crying Anu who says I am really

very sorry. P

comes from behind G & says. Its not yr fault completely. Its


Y & H join them. P says So that u get a better circumstances I am

sending u to

Panchgani. I know someone there. They'll give u a job & place to

stay & V can

study there too. He tells Y u know Mr Bhatia. Y says of Bhatia

resorts. P says

Yes call him up & arrange 4 A to stay with them. A cries bitterly &

says Please

forgive me. I am not worth forgiving, in my greed I thought

relationship was a

game. I was alone & wanted to get something out of this. She

cries. P is

moved. He & Y & H leave.

3) Here Mummyji is seeing off the guests. Anita is waiting. G

comes & says

Mummyji I am going. She says G u are really going. G says Yes But


forever. I'll come back soon & this time it is forever. She touches


feet & leaves with Anita. Gayatri folds hands& prays to God. Pls

continue to

keep blessing this Kutumb & take away the bitterness betw P & G


4) Samay & N have got into another argument re his health & he

wants to work &

set up his own bs since he feels he is not achieveing anything at

Mittal house.

N says first health do it later. He says everytime u think –ve.


atleasst think +ve Dr. comes & tells him u r better but not as

better to do

work. Hand over. S is dejected

5) G is at her mother's place all smiling. Goes to the cupboard,

pulls out

clothes again smiling. Packs her backs smiling (once again Ihope 4

the last

time). Arrives at the Mittals doorstep with suitcase. Gayatri

waiting says I'll

do yr grihapravesh once again. Makes her wet her feet in red

colour & step

inside. G smiles & asks for P . Gay says he is in his room.

6) G enters the room & looks around. No one there. Finds P's

jacket on the

bed. Picks it up sees a red envelope drops the jacket on the bed.

Picks up the

envelope which has the mangalstra & a note in it. She stares at the

mangals &

then reads the note by P which says " G u broke our relationship.

For me this

relationship is everything" She puts down the note, goes to the

mirror & puts

on her mangalsutra. At that time P wearing the black Tshirt enters &

sees her

thru the mirror. He goes behind her & helps her in clasping the


Their eyes meet in the mirror. P says "Don't ever keep this away

from u again.

This is not our nafrat ka bandan but our pyar ka bandan hai na??

He smiles &

says I love u G. She smiles & says I love u too P. They stare at

each other &

slowly hug. The most unromantic hug I ever saw!!!! Background song

plays Teri

Nigahoen ne kya kar diya hai. After the song. P says let us

celebrate the

evening together. She says yes. He says lets go to the club. G

says Club.

Lets go for dinner. He says dinner later lets go to the club. She

says I don't

want to go, I am uncomfortable there. P sighs & says Ok! I'll go

then & picks

up his jacket

7) Here Y & H are surprised P is coming to the club & wondering

he changed to

his old self to get rid of Anu & V they have gone forever & he still

wants to go

to ther club. P comes from behind (wearing the clothes & glares

which he

danced the Nikkama song) & says Hi friends. I am very happy today.

Let us

celebrate. They say don't u think u shd be with G Bhabhi atleast

today. P says

really she is with me. They say where P says there & points to the

car. They

see G stepping out of the car. She says Hi Y Hi H. P says Chalen &

takes G's

hand & goes ahead.

8) Next morning G touches Gayatri feet. She gives her blessings

& says "Happy

Birthday. Keep smiling always. She then asks G u & P hv some plans

of going

out. G says dejectedly No Mummyji. I don't think he knows its my


Mummyji says what. G says pls don't tell him anything. Mum says I

won't but I

know he won't forget yr birthday. G says I don't know But pls u

don't tell him

anything & she goes. Mum prays " God pls let my P remember G's


9) G goes to their room & sees P sleeping. She keeps the tea

she brought 4 him

on the side table & says P wake up I brought u tea. P doesn't

budge. G turns

to go when P gets up & in his typical style holds her hand & smiles.

Sitting up

he makes her sit on the bed. He stares at her. She says what. He

says "Good

morning" G says GM & is abt to get up. He holds her hand down &

says u r

looking really beautiful tdy. She smiles & gets up. He says "Suno

to Lets go

out for dinner tonight. I'll call u frm office. G turns to go. She

turns back

and says anything else. P is puzzled & says yes "I love u". G

gives a half

hearted smile & leaves the room. P says to himself looking very

boyish "I've

said everything, yet why do I feel I've forgotten something. He then


"Ah yes I have to get ready"

10) At the breakfast table Mum & G are exchanging glances one

asking the other

whether P wished. G asks P u want another Paratha. P says no

thanks. Mum

tells P G has specially made the aloo parathas 4 u only tdy. P says


thanks pls do it everyday. They are disappointed. Mum says P are u

& G going

out to dinner. P says that is betw me & G Ma. P then says Oh I am


late, I'm leaving & gets up. Mum gets worried & says P hv'nt u


something. He says no I hv my wallet, my cell Yeah everything. Bye

G, Bye ma &

goes. G is sad. Mum says pls give him a chance he'll definitely

wish u in the

evening. G says I hope so. Mum makes her smile & she goes.

Mummyji is

worried & it ends


Tmrow snippets

1) P in a meeting

2) G on the phone & says P

3) P & G sleeping with backs to each other with upset faces

4) P putting a ring on G's finger

5) Looks like they r celebrating & P, G & Mum are discussing


============================================================ ====================








1) Yash & Riya are fighting bec Y is not giving her any time.

She says u only come home to sleep. Why don't u even sleep out. Y

says I had to get P out of this prob so had to spend time more on it,

and the work too. Meanwhile Hiten comes & R is all the more upset.

She says now go make a program with him too go. Y takes H out and

says stay I'll come in few moments. R says u haven't gone as yet.

Here H is laughing at Y plight when the door opens & Y is thrown out

by R. H laughs & says marriage does what to ppl. Y says u laugh

now later u too r going to marry soon. Think properly. H says

forget this how r u going to cajole R. He says no point she isn't

listening. H says ask P for help after all it is his sis. Y

hesitates saying what if she gets all the more upset. H says no its

better to ask P & he says Sanskritti is waiting 4 me & goes.

2) Sanskritti is waiting impatiently at a restaurant for Hiten.

The waiter comes 4 order she says later. She calls up his place &

finds out he is not there. After some time unable to take it

anymore, she leaves.

3) P is in meeting with his staff when G calls. He tells her a

moment & tells his staff we'll discuss it later. When they go he

smiles cutely & talks to her. She says Do u remember of our evening

program. He says oh yes of course. U meet me at 9.30 at Golden

Treats Restaurant. She says anything else u want to tell me. He says

no we'll talk when we meet. G is disappointed. Just as P puts the

phone down there is another call & it is Y. P says Y, how r u. Is

everything fine. Y says no. Riya is upset with me I need to talk

to u. P says ok meet me at the club at 7.30 pm.

4) Y & P are discussing the Y's problem. P says since bec of me

u've got into trouble I'll talk to Riya, but now u pay total

attention to her. Y says but will she listen? P says yes, she loves

u. This small nok-jhok is necessary betw husband & wife & the love

grows stronger with it. Don't worry everything will be fine, I'll

talk to her but u pay full attention to her henceforth. H comes all

smiling & they look at him. ask where he is coming frm. He says I

went to meet Sanskrtti. Just then Hiten spots the match playing on

the screen & says what a match. Both Y & P get roped in and they are

cheering & enjoying the match.

5) Here G is waiting impatiently at the restaurant. She keeps

trying his mobile. Sees a couple all lovey-dovey on the next table &

gets even more upset.

6) Suddenly P looks at his watch & says oh god I am late &

leaves in a hurry, to the surprise of Hiten & Yash.

7) Gauri opens the door to the house. It is dark as she walks

in . the light comes on & she sees the whole house decorated with a

cake on the table. She finds P in front who says "Happy Birthday

Gauri". She sulks. Gayatri comes & says I didn't tell him

anything. He wanted to give u a surprise G smiles. P comes & says

Happy Birthday Gauri She says Thankk u. Gayatri says if u ppl waste

so much of time like this then G's birthday will get over. Come on

cut the cake. P invites G to cut the cake & she does the same &

feeds them. Gayatri leaves the room & P & G are all alone. The

song "Jab koi baat bigaad jaye, jab koi mushkil". They dance

beautifully to this song, just looking into each others eyes.

8) They enter the room & I think bumped into each other while

entering, & smile nervously at each other. G goes to the dressing

table & begins to remove her jewellery & P goes to the cupboard &

removes his jacket. They turn to look at each other & smile. Then

P takes something in his hand & comes to G who stands up. Giving her

a ring he says this is 4 u. G smiles. He puts it on 4 her. This is

yr birthday gift. Happy Birthday once again. She says Thanks. I too

bought u something. She bends & removes a packet & hands it to P. P

opens it to find a bluish-black shirt. He smiles & says Thank u.

I'll go & put it on. When he comes & asks how do I look. She says

good. Formal shirts suit u very well. He says there is a lot of

other things that suit me. She says what. He says u in my arms also

suit me very well. G smiles & says Very Funny. I am feeling

sleeping I want to sleep. P resigns & says Ok. He looks as if he is

going to sleep in the shirt. So G says Go & change the shirt. He

says I don't feel like keeping it away frm me. She says Go on P, Go

change. He says ok I am going & goes to change

9) G's mother (the greatest person on earth) calls & says G I

have bought u some outfits which will reach u tmrw. G says ok. Mom

says Arre did P finally wish u or not. G say yes he did. Mom says

what a forgetful guy he is. He called a little while ago & didn't

even remember it was yr birthday till I told him. This upsets G.

10) P comes dressed in his night clothes & holding the shirt in

his hand. He says "I'm thru, u go change" G angrily asks him Did u

remember my birthday or not? He says what ? She repeats all the more

angrily. He says Yeas that's why …..She stands up & ask him what

date it is. He hesitates & says Er..Er.. He says what the diff, its

yr birthday tdy. She says u don't remember tdy's date & what will u

remember my birthday. U told me a lie. Mummy told u its my

birthday. He says I'm sorry G, I remembered till last night, but I

don't know how it slipped my mind tdy. G says Yr really too much.

P says pls forget it. Don't make an issue out of it. I am really

sorry. He keeps pleading & G gets angry & shouts at him. says u

don't care abt anyone, U never care for anyone's feelings. P loses

his temper & says Haan, I don't care & the shirt falls from his

hand. G sees it & is hurt & P also regrets his action. He picks up

the shirt & G snatches it frm him saying "Its gone dirty" & goes away.

11) When she changes & comes to bed, P is very remorseful. G

sits on the bed & P says "I am sorry Gauri" She doesn't look at him

& lies down on the bed. P says Gau……she turns her face. P keeps

staring at her for sometime. Both of them take turn at looking at

the other when the others is facing the other side (I hope u guys

understand what I'm trying to say)

12) Its morning. G mysteriously lands up on P's side of the

bed. The other side is empty. She wakes up to find a rose & a note

by the bedside table. She reads I AM SORRY" . She sulks once

again. Here P was watching her & is dejected. THE END.

Tmrws Snippets

1) Anita is on the phone

2) Y & Riya are arguing on the road

3) P & G are discussing something

4) G is lost in thoughts

5) G & Mummyji in kitchen

6) P & G in the bedroom (I think are fighting)








1) P tells his mom that G is very upset with u. She says

obviously anyone wld. She is yr wife. How did u forget her

birthday. P says what to do, I just can't remember birthdays at

all. Ma why don't u talk to her & cajole her. Ma says me? No way

this is anyway a husband & wife matter, I don't want to interfere. U

upsetted her now u only will ask for forgiveness. I am not at all

interfering in this matter & she gets up & goes. P is sad. The

phone rings & irritably he picks it up. Anita is on the line. She

asks for G. P says I'll get her. As he was abt to put the phone

down, a thought strikes him & he picks up the phone & tells Anita, I

want to speak to u urgently. Anita is stunned.

2) Y & R are buying vegetables & Riya refuses to listen to a

pleading Y. Meanwhile H was driving thru & sees them & laughs at Y

saying that Bhabhi is still upset. Y tells him to go from there.

3) Anita & G have entered a restaurant. G looks around & tells

Anita, this restaurant looks to be empty. No one is here. A says

this is a new restaurant. U go down & wait 4 me, I'll just come. G

moves ahead & sees the decorated restaurant. She spots a Bouquet of

flowers & goes & picks it up. Just then a violinist begins to play.

G watches him play the "Humko humise churalo" frm Mohabattein. She

sits down at one of the table & watches the violinist, little knowing

she is being watched by Pratham with a sad face. When G lifts her

head to the other side, she finds P standing there. He comes and

sits opp. Her saying I am really sorry. Pls forgive me. U see I

just can't remember b'days, I am really bad at that. G says if u

love someone u will change. P says I am like that only. G says u

can atleast change bec someone loves u. If u can't change yr nature

atleast change the haalat. P says I told u've got to accept me the

way I am. U decide. When we start talking, never know when it wld

end in an argument. I don't want to spoil such a nice environment

with our fighting. Now tell me are u forgiving me or not. This

makes G burst out laughing & she gives him a smile. He smiles back

and says "That's better" They order for food & G feeds P some

noodles. After the meal P says lets go to the club

4) They land up at the club, mysteriously dressed in the same

clothes they were dressed in when they made up after Anu incident &

celebrated their comeback at the club. P introduces G to his

friends. They then dance. Two women were watching them & one of

them (She is Akram's UK aunt in Heena) tells the other that these 2

hv just come out frm a fight. Woman II asks why do u say that. 1st

Woman, because u can see they are so different. Look at the Lady (G)

she loves her husband so much but she does like this environment.

And here husband he loves his wife very much but he also likes this

type of environment. Both are egoistic & trying to mould things

their way and yet trying to keep each other happy. Both are born on

this earth but from different soil.

5) As they enter home they are happy to see everyone return from

Jodhpur. Choti D. says here comes the best couple in the world. P &

G smile & take blessings. CD says P how was yr honeymoon. Badi D.

says u r mad, we went to Jodhpur to attend the wedding, how did they

go 4 the honeymoon. CD says I know normally every1 goes for a

honeymoon, but did something diff. We left so they cld hv the

honeymoon. Say P, how was it. He says Very interesting. & abt the

best Jodi ki baat…….he pauses and look at G who glares at him &

smiles at the others.

6) Samay tells his parents & Ajay Chachu who are visiting him at

the hospital of his interest in starting his own event mgmt. Co.

His father hestitates at first & Ajay Chachu makes him understand, to

which the father concedes. Ajay Chachu's parting shot that in

anycase Pratham is handling the businesss very well, irritates Samay

all the more.

7) Umesh Mittal & Gayatri decide to get Sanskritti married &

decide to invite Hiten's parents over. They also invite Yash &

Riya. The guests arrive (minus Hiten) & both the parties agree for

the wedding to take place soon.

8) G is in the kitchen & tells Raghu to take the soft drinks to

the guests while she gets the sweets. All of a sudden she feel like

bringing up & goes to the wash basin. Suddenly a thought hits her &

she blushes.

9) Gayatri comes to the kitchen with Sanskritti & as she is abt

to leave, G tells her she wants to tell her something. Gaytri sends

S with the sweets & ask what. G is blushing & trying to tell her

when Sanjay Chachu comes & says everyone is waiting 4 u, & scolds

Gayatri & takes her.

10) Here P asks Hiten's father where is Hiten. He says I don't

know, He is so busy at work, I don't get to see him myself. This

annoys Riya who looks at Y in irritation, & leaves the room. Y

follows her & tells her not to make the others know, let her anger be

betw them. Meanwhile P comes & apologises to R saying it is bec of

my problem & his work., Y cld not pay attention to u. Pls forgive

him on my behalf. Then when she doesn't answer, he tells Y ok from

tdy I will never share my probs with u. R says no, I hv no

complainst agst anyone. P says r u saying from yr heart. She says

yes. He says in that case u can say it with a smile. R smiles & P

puts his shoulder on both of them on each side & says don't ever

fight. As he leaves, he says Y tomorrow, u hv to be with me 4 the

whole day, 1st we'll go to work, then club, then & Riya playfully

hits him & tells him to go.

11) G is in the kitchen all exhausted. Mummyji comes & tells her

to rest. G tells her to send P to the room since she got some urgent

work with him. Mummyji agrees

12) Here P is busy with the guests

13) G is pacing their room half blushing, lost in thought,

looking at wall photograph of P. Raghu comes with medicine. G

tells him to call P

14) Here UM receives a call & he says ok I'll check the file.

Calls P & ask him to get the file. P says ok

15) Here G is sitting on the bed. P enters, goes to the

cupboard, takes the file & as he is checking Gcomes up behind him &

says P I want to tell u something. He says G later, Babuji wants the

file. G gets upset & says go. P was leaving when he smiles & turns

back & says ok tell me. She says no, Go & give the file to Babuji

all irritated. P says Now I hv waited u, so pls tell me. G smiles.

She blushes & says "I, then pauses & says "Main ma banne wali

hoon". P says "teek hai" smiles & goes, leaving a stunned G behind.


Tmrw Snippets.

G & Natasha are discussing something.

P is exercising with dumb bells in front of the mirror & is smiling


G is watching him & she too smiles

N & G, I think are with Samay & G is upset with what she hears

Later she is telling it to P

P is upset

G is stunned









1.pratham comes in to take the file(yesterdays scene and the nok jhok)

then pratham comes in running (the promo)unable to believe but was

really very happy.lifts g up turns round &round like a small kid.

2. he goes out and tells his mother 1st that g is pregnant.gayatri

them tells his father.and then the whole kutumb comes to know abt

it.and they congratulate them.(god knows from where g.mom appears.)

then our duo look at each other in the background the song plays

bheege hue pyaar ...........

3.p is in front of the mirror with his dumbells and is very happy and

proud an d keeps on saying pm ab baap banane wala hai.gauri comes in

from behind and is starring at pratham. p does'nt know hes being

watched.then he takes 1 of the dumbells

and carries it like a baby and says (looking very cute) ale..lele

tumhare maa pata nahi kahan gayi.par tumhare papa to yahan hai.tum

kyun ro rahe ho.then gauri comes in from behind then says mein chup

kara loon he looks at her and smiles hands her the dumbell.since it

is heavy g cannot hold it properly then with a micheivious smile on

his face tells "bhari hai"g says haanhe then says tum pe jo gayi hai

4.at the breakfast table natash complains abt samay to his father.

s'father calls &tells him that he will not handle the project since

he was not well.then pratham comes up with the idea that they should

let someone else handle the project.gauri volenteers and convinces

eveybdy that she will be able to handle it.after hearing this pratham

gets upset and leaves with gauri followung him in their room.

prathm then tells her that she has to be careful since shes pregnant

and so will not do the project.and then again they a fight over

it.and then pratham leaves

5.now gauri is in her room thinking on wat pm had said then natasha

comes in &thankx her for taking the project.gauri is abt to say no

but just then archana chachi comes in with the bag and tells natasha

to leave. natasha tells gauri to come along so that she could pick up

details from samay.pratham calls from the office when g left a chachi

picks up the phone.he asks for g but she says that she has gone to

the hos to meet samay and pick up the imp details.pratham gets

angry,thepeon comes in with the tickets 4 the show which in anger he

tears.ajay chachu witnesses this incident.

6.samay is frustrated and says something.g&n try to console him but

suddenly he getd an attack or somthing .in the mean while natasha

gets a call from s'clients that if the prestation should be ready in

2-3 days or else they will drag him to the court.

7.the kyutumb is present at the hos. when the doc comes and says that

samays both the kidneys have failed and they have to keep him on

dailysis until they find a donor.

8.at home pratham comes in and asks g abt samayas health and gauri

tells him.the whole family is upset abt samay ajay suggests that

someone from the family donate the kidney but umeash refuses and

gives an explanation.

9.p comes to his room to find g talking on the phone confirming

something.p gets angry and tells her that he doesn't want her to go

through stress and shows his concern in his pm style.again they have

a fight over it.g tells the reason (abt the clients) he then says

agar aisie hai to mein project sambhaloon ga tum aram karo.gauri is

adamant.she wants to do it.he then says"mein bhi dekhta hoon tum ye

project kaise karti ho".they stop.



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yeah thanxs. i loved it. it was all in english today, no hindi dialogues!LOL
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awesome can't wait to read the next partSmile

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