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"Dus" Fan Fic for saarthi members

Tashu Groupbie

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Posted: 31 March 2006 at 10:45am | IP Logged

Character List

Okay peeps, I want 2 start a new ff...Dus, it will be abt a gang of police officers fightin a crime. the gang of police members will b the saarthi members. This ff will include events that will test these officers, but as always there willl be love in it also.

But if u ppl dnt lyk it den tell me i wont continue.

okay here goes...let's start off with the guyz...

Shahrukh Khan

Well, he dresses wearing a suit at work, but wears jeans and shirt at home, major of the Police Force. Brother of Tashu and Zeeshan. Falls in love with Shirley. Cares for other lives more than his own. Is serious at times, during his work and at home. Lives with Zeeshan, Vivek, Shahid, Zayed and Tashu.

Zayed Khan

He jokes around, he usually wears jeans and a sleeveless shirt. He's caring. He, Tashu, Vivek and Shahid, Rajeev and Zeeshan are all childhood friends. Falls in love with Tashu. Is a police officer. He believes in true love. Cares for all friends, he has grown up with them and has no one apart from them. Lives with Tashu, Shahrukh, Zeeshan, Vivek and Shahid.

Zeeshan a.k.a Dashing Boy

A really nice caring guy. Loves action, which was why he took up his career as a police officer. Younger bro 2 Shahrukh, elder bro to Tashu. Childhood friend with Vivek, Rajeev, Shahid and Zayed. Lives with friends and siblings. Usually wears jeans and a polo neck shirt. Hates His boss Captain Roy…guess who that is yep…RONIT ROY!!

Vivek Oberoi

Very caring about his friends and whom he calls his own. Has no family or no one but like Zayed has been brought up by Shahrukh and others. Usually wears jeans and loose shirt. Is a police officer. Jokes with his friends a lot. Is always there for his friends. Is a harmless flirt.

Shahid Kapoor –

A caring guy, jokes a lot, and flirts with every girl he sees. Dresses with jeans and baggy shirt. Been brought up by Shahrukh. Lives with them lot as well.

Cezzane Khan –

Eldest of all, a brother to Shirley, Rajeev, Karan and Rahil. Starts liking amna at first sight. Brought up his siblings. Runs a business. Believes in true love.

Rajeev Khandelwal –


Second eldest to Karan, Rahil and Shirley. Starts loving Teesha at first sight. Helps Cezzane with his business. Believes in true love. An arrogant guy but changes after meeting Teesha.

Karan Grover –

The third child. Starts liking Marriyam after seeing her at first sight. Helps Cezzane with the business. Wears dark business suits.

Rahil Azam –

The fourth child. Starts liking Amal during love at first sight. Works with his three older brothers in business. Wears dark business suits. A guy who is free of tension and worry, and hardly ever strict.

Ok…now the galz….

Teesha –

Slowly falls in love with Rajeev. Later, starts a job as Rajeev's secretary. Changes his life, when she meets him. Wears trouser suits with short kameez and dupatta. Has shoulder-length hair. Friend of Shirley and Tashu. Room mate with Amna.

Amna –

Starts loving Cezzane. A childhood friend of Cezzane. Has loved him since childhood but always hid her feelings from him. Wears jeans and kurta style with a styled dupatta. Has long hair like Prerna. Friend of Tashu and Shirley. Room mate of Teesha.

Marriyam –

Childhood Friend of Shirley. Starts falling in love with Karan. Lives in a girls hostel. Has hair longer than should-length. Her hair is straight. Wears trouser suits with dupatta.

Amal –

Starts liking Rahil after meeting him. Wears short kameez and trouser suits with dupatta like Pooja from YMLH. Close friend of Tashu. Has gone for a beautician course, but lives with Tashu. Hair is longer than medium length and is curled from the bottom.


Helps her brothers in their business. Wears jeans and shirts. Starts to like Shahrukh Khan. Cares about friends. Takes interest in action. Youngest in the family. Has long, wavy, crimped hair.


Youngest in the family. A police officer. Jokes and spends time with mates. Wears churidaar, kameez and dupatta at home. Hair is medium length and curled. Later starts to fall in love with Zayed slowly. Friend of Teesha, Amal and Amna.

Plz tell me how you like it...and if you want me to continue.

Luv TashuSmile

diya7000 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 12:35am | IP Logged
It's nice.
Mischeivous IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 2:14am | IP Logged
Itz quite intersting..i soon... Smile
Tashu Groupbie

Joined: 09 April 2005
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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Episode 1

I'm entering a new character sweet_mita, she will be a frend of Tashu also...and will love mr suraj kiran...rahil's twin. i no shirley is going to kill me wen she noes i hav created a twin as well lol.

(a live telecast of a show is going on)
(The host is our sweet Mita)

Mita: So ladies and gentlemen we have here Mr Suraj Kiran, the dazzling performer in saarthi. So suraj ji kya aap humhe batayenge ke aap ko acting mein kaise dil chasp agaya.

Suraj: Well, it was my ambition from childhood.

Mita: okay kewl, so do u hav any siblings?

Suraj: Yes a twin bro and 3 other bros, hu are all business men, and one sister hu also runs our business.

Mita: Thats suraj ji.....(Mita is interrupted as 20 hijackers come and raid the building)

HJ leader: Everyone silent and put ur hands up (evry1 follows the order)...good...

(next in the camera room...Mr Roy a.k.a Mr bajaj is watching the scene and getting in contact with his officers)

Mr bajaj: officers come in, everybody go into the building in 2 mins...wait for back up i repeat w8 for backup.

Shahrukh: m goin in sir

Mr bajaj: no shahrukh jus w8 2 mins

shahrukh: sir 2 mins is 2 long, main andhar jaa raha hoon.

mr bajaj: oh God. zayed come in zayed.

zayed: zayed reporting sir.

mr b: shahrukh has gone in u n tashu enter in 1 min wen bakup is here. where is tashu?

zayed: tashu is behind me sir...but i'm going in, shahrukh is alone....over n out sir.

mr b: Zayed!! tashu report to the stadium in 45 secs, i repeat 45 secs and not b4!!

tashu: sir, but zayed and bhai r inside.

mr b: tashu!!

tashu: sorry sir, i mean zayed and major r inside.

mr b: thats better.

zeeshan: is ko kya hua, main bhi dekhoo zara ke yeh apne bhai ko major bulatha hai ke nahin

tashu: ( LOL ) zeeshan shhhh

mr b: tashu enter in remaing 20 secs, i repeat 20 secs.

tashu: sorry sir, m entering nw.

zeeshan: i'm going in nw 2 sir, mera bhi bhai andhar hai.

mr b: noooo zeeshan w8

zeeshan: over n out.

(inside the stadium...shahrukh makes a grand entry, along with zayed, zeeshan and Tashu)

shahrukh: oi, (starts shooting)

suraj: (jumps and saves mite, as the hj's bullet was gonna hit her) come one, run!

hj leader: oi they're gettin away afta them.

mita: where r we goin?

suraj: away from here (grabs her hand and runs, looks at mita's face continusly)

mita: look forward na, n watch ur step incase u hurt urself.

suraj: okay (smiles at her)

(they both exit the building, with the hj afta them...and then vivek comes)

vivek: oi u hj, ur under arrest, hands up!

shahid: pata nahin kahan kahan se ajate ho tum logh.

vivek: hey shahid yaar take him away, i'll tell the kusar bajaj. sir come in sir, shahid is reporting to station with a hj.

mr b: excellent. nw vivek enter the building and help the other 4 officers out.

vivek: yes sir!

(hj leader is arrested later on)

tashu: well thank God ke thats sorted...(starts to look around)

zayed: kya hua.

tashu: where's shahrukh bhaiya and zeeshan bhai?

zayed: oh they went to station to report the hj.

tashu: ok, let's go home.

(next scene...rajeev, rahil, karan, cezzane and shirley r together in the office for lunch)

rajeev: oh God!! abhi khaa ke i have to go and clean up my desk.

cezzane: yaar, if u find it that hard then get a secretary.

rajeev: dekh bhaiya, main ad dhe chuka hoon, bas koi achi secreatry mil jaye tho rakh lenge.

office manager: (rings rajeev) sir, there is a girl hu has come to apply for a secreatry job.

rajeev: send her to my cabin.

shirley: kisko send to your cabin?

rajeev: shirley bacha, shes applying for my secretary

shirley: har koi aise hi kehta hai

karan: haan rajeev har koi aise hi kehta hai

rajeev: meri jaan baksho (leaves)

rahil: bye rajeeeeeeeev

(all bros and sis laugh)

(next scene)

office m: ok sir, miss Teesha u may go in to mr sujals cabin

Teesha: thanks.

(in the cabin)

rajeev: so miss Teesha, this is ur second job. but y did u leave the first one?

Teesha: voh sir....

rajeev: hey neva mind u hav the job

teesha: really!! Big smile i mean thank you

rajeev: (laughs) yeah, okay c u 2moro Teesha

Teesha: ok sir

rajeev: hey no formalities, call me rajeev.

teesha: (Smile) okay

(next day...amna is having lunch with shirley, tashu and teesha)

amna: shirley meet tashu and tashu meet shirley

s and t: hi

shirley: so teesha i herd u applied for the job, miilee ke nahin?

teesha: well kya kahu...mujh ko miileeeee ( LOL )

shirley: kewl, aur tumhara boss kaisa hai?

teesha: acha hai, mazakhya hai, par thora sa garoor hai usse shayad.

(on the table near by, cezanne is having lunch with rajeev..and...2 guys go up to the girls)

guy 1: hi miss (tlkin to teesha) vaise mera number kho gaya hai, tumhara milega?

tashu: oi kya problem hai? jao maa aur behen se yeh savaal poochna phir shayad yahan se javab mile!

shirley: haina, ajate ho thang karne ke liye, batana pooch ke maa se ke kya khaa ke paidha kiya tha usne tumhe!!

amna: (laughs)

rajeev: (sees guys messing with teesha) oi, kya ho raha hai yahan par?

guy 2: yaar tumhe batao yeh sari larkiyan kitni fit hai hena?

rajeev: suna cezzu ne kya kahaaa? (getting angry Angry)

cezzu: (pulling his sleeves up) bilkul clean n clear

guy 1: main tho kehta hoon ke dho aap le lo aur dho hum


guy 2: ok, lekhin yeh wali tho aap ki kuch nahin lagthi na (looks at amna)


cezzane: are you okay?

amna: (hesitates) yeh, um tashu chalo mujhe ghar jana hai, btw thanx cezzane ji

cezzu: jus cezzane thanx.

shirley: call him cezzu if u want

cezzu: shirley

amna: i don't mind....cezzu

cezzu: (smiles at her) come lets go home together, i'll drop u off

sorry i ahve to go to my popos house, i will cont 2nite or 2moz

So howz that so far peeps?
amna malik IF-Addictz
amna malik
amna malik

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amina877 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 10:12am | IP Logged
gr8 Clap
aromi IF-Dazzler

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Mastang Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
its gr8 yaar.....luv it a lot......interesting hai....specially the language LOL ...& expressions.... LOL very kooool yaaar....
cant wait 4 da next ones....

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