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check out these mistakes discovered by readers and submitted on mugglenet

Book 1 Mistakes

  • We know that Harry's birthday is on July 31 because that is the same day as the break-in at Gringotts. From the second book, we know that Nearly Headless Nick's 500th Death Day Party was on 10/31/1992. Doing the math, we know that Harry's 11th Birthday was 07/31/1991. In The Sorcerer's Stone, Harry says his birthday is on a Tuesday, the day after Dudley's favorite TV show (The Great Humberto). The mistake is that July 31, 1991 fell on a Wednesday, not a Tuesday like the book said.

  • On Harry's equipment list in the letter from Hogwarts, "1 wand" is listed twice. This was corrected quickly and only appears in the earlier versions. Thanks Kerry!

  • On page 133, 4th paragraph, it says that Hermione lent Harry Quidditch through the ages: "She had also lent him Quidditch Through the Ages, which turned out to be a very interesting read." On page 46 paragraph 3 of QTtA, it says "The most successful Japanese team, The Toyohashi Tengu, narrowly missed a win over Lithuania's Gorodok gargoyles in 1994." However, Harry borrows QTtA in Book 1 which is set in 1991. Thanks Rajan!

  • Arguable: When Hagrid brought Harry to Diagon Alley for the first time, Harry heard a woman say "Seventeen sickles an ounce for Dragon Liver. They're mad." But Hagrid told Harry that there were seventeen sickles in a galleon. So that would be like saying "100 pennies" instead of a dollar. Think of it this way: if the Dragon Liver weighed three pounds, a galleon (or for our purposes, a dollar) per ounce is quite a lot of money.

  • When Hagrid comes and gets Harry out of the little hut on the rock, they use the boat that the Dursleys used to get to the rock. So how do the Dursleys get off the rock?

  • Harry buys the book "One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi", but later in the book it says Harry looked up 'dittany' in "One Hundred Magical Herbs and Fungi."

  • Petunia Dursley says that Lily would "...come home every vacation with her pockets full of frog spawn, turning teacups into rats...," but according to ministry rules, this is illegal. If she did this in her Muggle home she would most likely be expelled as Harry almost was.

  • Arguable: Just a thought but...security for the Sorcerer's Stone could have been much better. If three first years can get past it, you'd think any full-trained wizard could too. The only thing Quirrel did for them was take out the troll, but they proved earlier in the book that they are able to take on trolls.

  • In chapter 7, page 122, it says that Harry looked up at the Sorting Stool, there were only 3 people left to be sorted, Professor McGonagall calls the names of 4 more people instead. Submitted by Mac.

  • In Book one, Prof. McGonagall brings out a 4 legged chair with the sorting hat. In book four, she brings out a 3 legged chair with the sorting hat. What happened to one of the legs? Thanks, Ryan!

  • In Harry's letter from Hogwarts it says he could bring a cat, an owl, or a toad, but Ron brings his rat, Scabbers.

  • It says in the American edition of Book 1 that Marcus Flint is in his 6th Year. He is still at Hogwarts in Book 3. This would mean he was in his 8th year and students only have seven years at Hogwarts.

    Explanation: JK said in an online interview "He had to do a year again! :-)"

  • During the chess match, it said that Ron was the knight in the giant chess set. However, it later said that he had to 'move ahead one' so the Queen could take him, opening the path for Harry to checkmate the king. If he was a knight, he could only move 1) ahead one, sideways two, or 2) ahead two, sideways one, like an "L".
  • Arguable: In the first book, it said that by drinking the Elixir of Life the drinker would be made immortal. However, later in the story Dumbledore says to Harry that the Flamels had enough Elixir stored to set their affairs straight. But, if drinking the Elixir of Life makes you immortal then if you had some, you would never die. You can't just be immortal as long as you have a certain item, then that would mean you could still die. You would be still mortal like Achilles. Immortality means you can never die.

  • In book 1 when Harry is under the Invisibility Cloak and running away from Snape, he says that he thought he was near the kitchens. However, in the fourth book, Fred and George have to tell Harry where the kitchens are. Thanks to Michelle!

  • In book 1, on page 27 (American paperback), it mentions that the snake in the zoo winked at Harry. Harry can't be blamed for being so surprised, as snakes don't have movable eyelids. Thanks Bethany!

  • On page 123, in the chapter The Sorting Hat, Nearly Headless Nick says that he hasn't eaten in "nearly four hundred years", but in the second book, Harry goes to Nick's 500th Deathday Party, meaning that Nearly Headless Nick has been dead for 500 years, not 400.

  • If Petunia Dursley had already gone through the experience of having a family member leave for Hogwarts (her sister Lily), why did she stare (page 89) when Harry named Platform 9 3/4 as the departure point of the Hogwarts Express? They didn't keep Lily's talent secret: "...my mother and father ... were proud of having a witch in the family!" (p 53) Thanks to Loren!

  • Arguable: In the American edition of SS page 184 hardback edition, it says that Ron, Hermione, Neville, Seamus, and Dean make a banner for Harry that reads "Potter for President." They don't have a president in England. They would have a Prime Minister.-Thanks Kaybella

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Book 2 Mistakes

  • At the end of the second book Dumbledore tells Harry that Lord Voldemort is the last remaining ancestor of Salazar Slytherin. But it should say that Lord Voldemort is the last remaining descendant of Salazar Slytherin.

  • Arguable: When Harry goes back in Riddle's memory, Hagrid was expelled when Dumbledore wasn't headmaster - Professor Dippet was - but Hagrid said Dumbledore let him stay as gamekeeper at Hogwarts.

    Explanation: Dumbledore convinced Dippet to let his stay on. Page 230, Riddle says "Only the Transfiguration teacher, Dumbledore, seemed to think Hagrid was innocent. He persuaded Dippit to keep Hagrid and train him as gamekeeper."

  • Rose tells us: "In the first book, Nearly Headless Nick says that he hasn't eaten in "nearly four hundred years." But, in the second book, he's celebrating his "five-hundredth deathday."

  • Page 283 at the start of Chapter 16, very last word on the page is Professorr, it should be Professor, with only one R. -Submitted by Ryan.

  • Dobby seems to be apparating and disapparating inside the grounds of Hogwarts. He also seemed to apparate and disapparate while Harry was in the hospital wing recovering from his arm accident. But in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione states numerous times that it is impossible to apparate and disapparate inside the grounds of Hogwarts. How can this be? -Thanks to Nick. Possible Explanation: House elves have their own magical powers and can disappear at will in a different way to apparating.

  • There is a typo on page 157. It says '"Get-- away--from-- there," Perry said striding towards them.' It's supposed to say Percy not Perry.

  • In their Hogwarts Equipment list, it says the Lockhart book "Wanderings with a Werewolf." However, later in the book, it mentions "Weekend with a Werewolf." -Thanks Tali

  • In Lockhart's equipment list, it says "Year with the Yeti" but on page 78 (British version), he mentiones his book "Year with a Yeti." -Thanks Kerry

  • On page 133 at Nearly-Headless Nick's deathday party, Harry and Ron were standing by the ghostly, mouldy food. Harry asked the ghost, "Can you taste it if you walk though it?" It should say through instead of though. -Thanks Krystal

  • (NOTE: This mistake applies only to the US versions.) When Professor McGonagall took Harry to Professer Dumbledore's office, the password was "lemon drop", but then in the 4th book when he's going to tell Dumbledore about Mr. Crouch in the forest it says "...five minutes later he was hurtling towards a stone gargoyle standing half way along an empty corridor. "Sher-sherbet lemon" he panted at it. This was the password to the hidden staircase to Dumbledore's office- or at least it had been 2 years ago."

  • On page 95, it states that Nearly Headless Nick "took several deep breaths, and then said, in a far calmer tone, 'So what's bothering you?'" However, on page 506 of GoF, Myrtle says that ghosts do not breathe: "When I can't ...when I haven't...not for ages..."

  • At Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday party, Hermione says that Myrtle haunts the bathroom on the first floor. However, she should say on the second floor. Just before they find the writing on the wall, it says "Harry hurtled around the whole of the second floor" and when Hermione is talking to Myrtle, she says "because a cat was attacked just outside your front door on Halloween." Her bathroom is on the second floor, not on the first. -Thanks Phillip

  • In the back of the paperback version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, on the last page where it gives a preview of the next book, it reads: "Harry Potter has to sneak back to his third year at Hogwarts after accidentally inflating his horrible Aunt Petunia." It should say he inflated his Aunt Marge.

  • The chapter picture for the chapter "The Rogue Bludger" shows Harry's left arm deboned, but in the story, his right arm has been deboned. ^ Thanks to Amy

  • On page 166, Hermione is telling Ron and Harry that one of the ingredients for the Polyjuice Potion is lacewings, and that they have to be stewed for twenty one days. But on page 184 it says Ron pours dead lacewings on top of the leeches. They couldn't add the lacewings already, it being only their first day making the potion. ^ Thanks to Sharon

  • On page 96, 1st paragraph, it says that Colin Creevy held an ordinary Muggle camera. However, in the magic world, muggle technology doesn't work. ^ Thanks to Sudha

  • The books state ghosts cannot eat or drink, yet Nearly Headless Nick is revived with the Mandrake Potion. How could he be revived if you had to drink the potion? ^ Thanks to Brooke

  • The people who were petrified in book 2 because of the basilisk were not killed, because they were looking through some type of lens, mirror or glass. So why would Moaning Myrtle have died? She was wearing glasses at the time of her death, with glass thicker than the matter that makes up a ghost, so logically she would have been petrified, not killed. ^ Thanks to Victoria

    Possible Explanation: If Myrtle was crying when she died, she would most likely have her glasses off. And when she heard a noise she probably wiped the tears off her eyes and then she saw the basilisk. - Thanks to Spargmiester

    Fan comment: If simple glasses are adequate protection, then Harry would be in no danger since he wears glasses, and I don't think JKR would have made it that easy. There's adequate mythological precedent for mirrors/reflections preventing "paralyzation by stare" (i.e. Medusa), but none for simple lenses. - Thanks to Bob

  • On page 4, the day of Harry's Birthday, Rowling says, "and then, exactly a year ago, Hogwarts had written to Harry..." but they had actually written before Harry's 11th birthday. He'd been receiving them before, he just never had the chance to read one. So technically he had been written to before his 11th birthday. ^ Thanks to Kelsey

  • In CoS, when Dumbledore finds Colin Creevey petrified, he immediately opens the back of the camera to see if anything is there. However, when someone opens the back of a camera, with the film advanced, the exposure to light will immediately destroy any image that may have been on the film, leaving even the print completely black. And even if there was a reason for that, until the film has been developed, nothing but the blank film (which is a very unhelpful puce color) can be seen. - Thanks to Kiara

  • In CoS, on page 119 of the American version, it states, "...Harry was dragging his feet along the SECOND floor corridor to Lockhart's office. He gritted his teeth and knocked." However, on page 141, after Mrs. Norris is found petrified on the second floor, Lockhart urges Professor Dumbledore to use his office to examine her, saying that it is just upstairs. That would mean that his office is on the THIRD floor, not the second. - Thanks to Christina

  • Not a mistake, but...: At the beginning of Chapter 4, Flourish and Blotts, in the American version, there is no picture above the chapter. (This is corrected in later versions) - Thanks to Keith

  • In chapter fourteen (Cornelius Fudge), it says, "Harry had inherited just one thing from his father: a long and silvery Invisibility Cloak." However, we learned in Sorcerer's Stone that Harry also inherited a vault of gold from his parents, so the Invisibility Cloak was not the only thing he inherited from his dad. - Thanks to Melissa

  • On page 153 (Chapter 9 - The Writing on the Wall), Colin Creevey's last name is spelled "Creevy." - Thanks to Hannah

  • In the first American edition of Chamber of Secrets, there is a page at the beginning of the book that says, "Also by J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone." It should say "sorcerer's" instead of "sorceror's." - Thanks to Cole

  • At the end of book two, Professor Dumbledore cancels exams. However, just how easily can you cancel everyone's end-of-the-year exams? 5th and 7th years' O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s are extremely important to their wizardry future, and if they are canceled, how will that affect their careers? - Thanks to Vishrut
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Book 3 Mistakes

  • In Chapter 19, The Servant of Lord Voldemort, page 370, it states that Voldemort had been hiding for 15 years. If his power was lost only twelve years ago, why was he hiding that extra three years?

  • In chapter 3, The Knight Bus, the driver Stan told Harry that the price to get to London was 11 sickles. But in the book it said Harry shoved some GOLD into Stan's hands. Sickles are SILVER, not gold.

    Response from Amy: Although in the American version it says the Harry shoved some gold into Stan's hands, in the Australian version, it says that he shoved some silver into his hands.  Thanks to Amy

  • In chapter 15, The Quidditch Final, it said Madam Hooch's whistle rang out as she soared over to Montague and began shouting at him. A minute later, Katie had put another penalty past the Slytherin SEEKER. It should say the Slytherin Keeper.

  • Page 428, chapter 22: it took a moment for Harry to realize what a person called "Dumblefore" had just said.

    Note: This was fixed in later versions.

  • Arguable: Harry, Ron, and Hermione identify Lupin by his trunk, on which could be read PROFESSOR R.J. LUPIN in peeling letters. But he was only a professor from then on, so why would the letters be peeling?

  • On page 341 (American Hardback edition) it says "Ron crawled to the four-poster and collapsed onto it" but then when Professor Lupin comes in, it says "His eyes flickered over Ron, lying on the floor." This cannot be, as Ron is lying on the bed. -Thanks Kaylyn

  • After Harry and Hermione get back from saving Sirius and Buckbeak, Dumbledore locks them inside the hospital wing. However, it says "Harry and Hermione slipped back inside the dormitory." It should say hospital wing. -Thanks parselmouth_11

  • When they first leave the Shrieking Shack, Crookshanks went first, followed by Lupin, Pettigrew and Ron, and then Snape, Harry and Hermione and finally Sirius. However, when they go back in time and see themselves come out, Lupin, Pettigrew and Ron come out first, followed by Hermione, then Snape, then Harry and Black. -Thanks Jeli.

  • On page 285 (American edition) somebody called "Snap" picked up Harry's Zonko bag. The e on Snape is missing.

  • On page 429 (American edition), it says that for a half hour Harry believed that he would be staying with Sirius at his home. Yet in the Goblet of Fire (page 23, American edition) it says that for one hour Harry believed he would be staying with Sirius. Either the Prisoner of Azkaban should say one hour, or the Goblet of Fire should say half an hour. ^ Thanks to Zachary

  • On page 199, chapter 10, the second paragraph after the Ministry of Magic notice, the sentence reads: "Yes, but, but" Hermoine seemed to be struggling to find another problem. Hermione's name is spelled incorrectly, the "o" before the "i". ^ Thanks to Kayla

  • In book 3, page 174, it says "...Harry fumbled for his alarm clock and looked at it." However, alarm clocks are muggle technology, and therefore should not work within Hogwarts grounds. - Thanks Crystal

  • It says on page 250, (American hardback), and page 185 (UK edition) chapter thirteen, that all of the players on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team ride on Cleansweep Sevens. However, on page 254 (American) and page 188 (UK) it states that Wood told Harry that Cho Chang (Ravenclaw Seeker) rides a Comet Two Sixty. - Thanks to Jordan and Vaidehi!

  • In Book 3 on page 133 Lupin says, "Nobody knows what a boggart looks like when he is alone..." However, in Book 5 Mrs. Weasley believes there is a boggart in the drawer of the dresser upstairs. She then asks Mad-Eye Moody what it is and he says that it is a boggart (he can see it because of his magic eye). He would be seeing what a boggart looks like when it's alone, wouldn't he? - Thanks to Pearce R.

  • On page 175 of the British version, Professor Lupin heaves a large packing case on Professor Binn's desk. It should be Binns's or Binns', not Binn's. - Thanks to Steve

  • On page 352 (Chapter 18), Lupin says he is to take the potion a week before the full moon, and he is able to lay in his office without hurting anyone. But in Chapter 19, page 358, Snape states he came to Lupin's office to give him the potion. Why was Snape giving Lupin the potion on the evening of a full moon? - Thanks to Stacey H.

  • The cover of Prisoner of Azkaban (American version) clearly depicts the night that Harry and Hermione save Sirius and Buckbeak. That night is also supposed to be a full moon, as stated in the book. However, on the back side of the cover, the moon appears to be crescent when it should be a full moon. - Thanks to Laura

  • On page 324, it says that after his exam with Professor Trelawney, "Harry got up, picked up his bag and turned to go" but then Professor Trelawney began her prediction. The book then says, "Her eyes started to roll. Harry sat there in a panic." How could Harry be sitting when it states that he got up right before Professor Trelawney began her prediction? - Thanks to Melissa

  • In the third book, Neville feeds his toad Trevor a Shrinking Solution which he made in Potions class (with Hermione's assistance). His toad then turns into a tadpole. However, the toad merely should have shrunk, and should not have gotten younger. - Thanks to Sam

  • In the Prisoner of Azkaban (American Hardcover), page 430, it says, "Percy had got his top-grade N.E.W.T.s; Fred and George had scraped a handful of O.W.L.s each." How do they know their grades when they shouldn't receive them until the summer?

  • Throughout the series, the future Hufflepuff prefect's last name is spelled "Macmillan." However, on page 244 of the American hardcover edition of PoA, it is spelled "McMillan".

  • On page 374 of the PoA, Hardcover Scholastic Edition, Lupin says, "I watched you cross the grounds and enter Hagrid's hut. Twenty minutes later, you left Hagrid, and set off back toward the castle," explaining to Harry, Hermione, and Ron that he was watching the map. Later in Chapter 21, Hermione's Secret, Harry and Hermione's future selves hide in a closet and can hear themselves walking out to see Hagrid. They then run out the entrance doors, to the greenhouses, and along the edge of the forest to just outside eye range, but still within hearing range. Both Lupin and Snape should have known that there were two Harrys, and two Hermiones by watching the map, but neither one mentioned it.

  • In the United States hardcover edition of Prisoner of Azkaban, page 392, Dumbledore says, "There is not a shred of proof to support Black's story, except your word -- and the word of two thirteen-year-old wizards will not convince anybody." It has been confirmed by JKR, however, that Hermione was almost twelve when she started Hogwarts, since her birthday is September 19th; she would be fourteen when this occured, not thirteen. -Thanks Emily

  • US Scholastic paperback version of book 3. On page 65, when Mr. Weasley is arguing with Mrs. Weasley at the Leaky Cauldron, he says, "You know what Harry and Ron are like, wandering off by themselves--they've ended up in the Forbidden Forest twice!" Ron has only been in the Forbidden Forest once--to see Aragog in CoS. In CoS on page 269 it says: "Ron had never been into the Forbidden Forest before. Harry had entered it only once and had hoped never to do so again."-Thanks Doug

  • On page 66 Mr. weasley says: "Fugde went out to Azkaban the night Black escaped. The guards told Fudge that Black's been talking in his sleep for a while now. Always the same words: 'He's at Hogwarts... He's at hogwarts'
    Later in the book on page 362-363 when Sirius is asked how he knew of Pettegrew's whereabouts it says: " Fudge," said Black. "When he came to inspect Azkaban last year he gave me his paper. And there was Peter, on the front page...on this boys shoulder... I knew him at once.." But sirius couldnt have been saying "He's at Hogwarts" in his sleep for a while because fudge had only gone out to Azkaban that night.-Thanks Rebecca

  • n Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, chapter twenty, The Dementor's Kiss, the illustration shows Harry trying to product a Patronus with his left hand when we know Harry's wand hand is his right hand.- Thanks Marianne

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Book 4 Mistakes

  • Mistake in American version of Goblet of Fire ~ On page 23 when Harry is writing to Sirius about his scar hurting, it says he was "marveling at the fact that he hadn't thought of Sirius straight away. But then, perhaps it wasn't so surprising -- after all, he had only found out that Sirius was his godfather two months ago." Harry actually found out Sirius was his godfather about 8 months before. He heard it that day in the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade.-Thanks Audrey

  • On page 111, The Quidditch World Cup, Bagman calls flying deliberately to collide "skinning". The correct term is "blatching", according to Quidditch Through the Ages by Kennelworthy Whisp. ^ Thanks to Rachel

  • In chapter nine, The Dark Mark, page 121, it says: "What happened?" said Hermione anxiously, stopping so abruptly that Harry walked into her. "Ron, where are you? Oh this is stupid- lumos!" However, Hermione is an underage wizard and is not allowed to use magic outside of school. Two pages later, Ron uses the same incantation to light his wand. Although you are allowed to use magic if you are in a life-threatening situation, they were in no immediate danger. - Thanks to Ashley

    Possible Explanation: The Ministry was overwhelmed with the Quidditch World Cup, and then, when the Death Eaters came, they were all probably preoccupied with restoring calm to notice that there were underage wizards using magic. Or, since there was so much magic going on, they may have not noticed that some of it was coming from underage wizards.

  • On page 152 in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire it says, "'Well, Father feels he's got to make up for his mistake at the match, doesn't he?' said Percy. 'If truth be told, he was a tad unwise to make a public statement without clearing it with his Head of Department first--'" The thing is, is that Arthur Weasley is the head of his Department so who was he supposed to clear it with? -Thanks to "Snuffles"

  • On page 169 (American edition), it says, "A gleeful smile spread across Malfoy's pale face" with no period at the end of the sentence. - Thanks to Laura

  • In book four on page 181, it says "The Bloody Baron was the Slytherin ghost, a gaunt and silent specter covered in silver bloodstains. He was the only person at Hogwarts who could really control Peeves." It states twice that the Bloody Baron is a ghost, then calls him a person. -Thanks to Elizabeth

  • In Goblet of Fire, page 229 (UK edition), Dumbledore speaks to Fred and George after they've tried to cross the Age Line: "'I suggest you both go up to Madam Pomfrey. She is already tending to Miss Fawcett, of Ravenclaw, and Mr. Summers of Hufflepuff, both of whom decided to age themselves up a little, too.'" But on page 371, at the Yule Ball, it says: "'Ten points from Hufflepuff, Fawcett!' Snape snarled, as a girl ran past him."

    Possible Explanation: Fawcett in Ravenclaw has a brother/sister/cousin in Hufflepuff.

  • On page 618: "I will settle, in the short term," said Dumbledore, with a bite of impatience in his voice, "for lack of hostility. You will shake hands. You are on the same side now. Time is short, and unless the few of us who know the truth stand united, there is no hope for any us." The "of" is missing in the last sentence. -Thanks Kyle

  • In GoF on page 232 it reads, "Moody had insisted on putting Harry through his paces four times in a row, until Harry could throw off the curse entirely", referring to the Imperius Curse. However, on page 661 it says, "And Harry felt, for the third time in his life, the sensation that his mind had been wiped of all thought..." Wouldn't that be the fifth time instead of the third? - Thanks to Annette Possible Explanation: The first time Harry's mind was wiped clean was at the Qudditch World Cup, the times that Moody tested the Imperius Curse on Harry count as one time. Therefore when Voldemort placed the curse on Harry, it was the third time he experienced the sensation that his mind had been wiped of all thought.

  • On page 256 (UK edition) when Harry is writing a letter to Sirius telling him about the Triwizard Tournament he says "I don't who put my name in the Goblet of Fire because I didn't." It should say "I don't know who put my name in..." -Thanks Kirsten

  • In book four, during Priori Incantatem, Voldemort's victims came out in reverse order. BUT, James came out BEFORE Lily. That would mean that James died after he killed Lily and it said all over in the books that he killed James first. (Fixed in later versions of the book.)

  • After Hermione dropped Muggle Studies, she said she had the same amount of subjects as Ron and Harry. But she still had (besides the mandatory ones) Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, and Ancient Runes. Which is more than Harry and Ron who each had only Divination and Care of Magical Creatures.

  • In the second book it says that Moaning Myrtle haunts the U-BEND of the toilet. But in book four, it says that she haunts the S-BEND of the toilet.

  • When Fudge, Dumbledore, and Moody are talking about Crouch, instead of Fudge yelling to Dumbledore, it says: "...said Crouch angrily". He wasn't in the room, they were talking about him, not with him.

  • Portkeys are supposed to transport whoever is touching the portkey at a prearranged time. But, Harry and Cedric were transported to Voldemort and the Death Eaters the second they touched the Triwizard cup.

    Possible Explanation: They were set to transport at a prearranged time at the Quidditch cup, but that doesn't mean that they are always set to transport at a prearranged time.-Thanks to Max

  • How does Dumbledore know to summon Winky to Moody's office when he doesn't yet know that Moody is really Barty Crouch Jr in disguise?

    Possible Explanation: Dumbledore realised after Moody took Harry that it wasn't actually Moody, but it's unlikely he knew exactly who it was.

  • In one of Harry's letters to Sirius, he mentions that Dudley got angry and chucked his Playstation out of the window. However, the playstation was not out at this time. GoF is set in 1994; the Playstation came out in 1995

  • In The Goblet of Fire, Chapter 35, Veritaserum, there is an error on page 594. Dumbledore asks, "How did your father subdue you?" The book then states: "The Imperius curse," Moody said. Yet the Polyjuice Potion has already worn off and Barty Crouch Junior is speaking! - Thanks to Laura

  • In GoF, chapter 26 (page 505) Krum tells Hermione that she has a beetle in her hair, "but Hermione brushed away the beetle impatiently". In Chapter 37 on the train after she had captured Rita Skeeter Hermione says, "and Viktor pulled a beetle out of my hair...". Hermione says Viktor pulled the beetle out, yet the book says that she brushed it away. ^ Thanks to Emma

  • Just before the World Cup began, when Ludo Bagman was taking bets from Fred and George, he handed them a piece of parchment pertaining to the details of their bet, which Fred "carefully slipped into his robes." At the time, Fred wasn't wearing robes, he was wearing muggles clothes just like the rest of his family. - Thanks to Jaimy

  • Hermione says that muggle technology does not work around Hogwarts. However, Harry's watch (being muggle technology) still works after four years at Hogwarts. It then stops working in the second task of the fourth book. ^ Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Possible Explanation: The technology that doesn't work at Hogwarts is most probably digital and electronic devices. But if Harry's watch is not digital it could work. For example, if his watch had hour and second hands and it required him to wind it, what could stop it from working?

  • In Quidditch through the Ages it says, "1473 saw the first ever World Cup...the World Cup has been held every 4 years since". But at the start of the 1994 World Cup Final Ludo Bagman says, "Welcome to the Four Hundred and twenty-second World Cup Final." How can there be 422 World Cups into 521 years with a four year gap between each? - Thanks to Eilif

  • If Harry does indeed begin school in 1991, and the Goblet of Fire ceremony takes place on a Saturday in 1994, then Halloween, which is when the book states that the Goblet ceremony happens, does not fall on a Saturday in 1994. It falls on a Monday. - Thanks to Eilif

  • In book 4, when Cedric Diggory dies, Voldemort says, "Kill the spare" to Wormtail. Later, Cedric comes out of Voldemort's wand, even though Wormtail killed Cedric. - Thanks to Kristoff

    Possible Explanation: Wormtail could have used Voldemort's wand to kill Cedric.
  • During Harry's first task with the Horntailed Dragon, the goal was to collect the gold egg. He went to the trouble to use the Summoning Charm to get his broom, which he then flew around on and picked up the egg. Wouldn't it have been much easier to simply have said, "Accio egg"?

    Possible explanation: Harry's task was to collect the golden egg. There were dozens of eggs and saying "Accio egg" would have brought all the eggs towards him, enraging the mother dragon. With eggs rushing towards him, he could have also fall to the ground. He also would have earned less strategy points by merely saying "Accio egg." - Thanks to petronus

  • In this excerpt from Book 4, why was Mrs. Weasley was worried at all? Didn?t she had the grandfather clock which showed all the Weasley family and what they were doing at any given time? If they were hurt, injured, or in danger, the clock should have been at 'mortal peril.' As they were traveling from the World Cup site, the clock hand should have been on 'traveling'. She should have been more worried about Harry or Hermione for that matter, because there was no hand for them in that clock. - Thanks to petronus Possible Explanation:The grandfather clock would show that her sons were in danger when they really were in postion of dying or getting injured but the car could develop engine problems suddenly and crash. In a matter of seconds the clock would move to mortal danger and the next second her sons would be dead. Thanks to Ab

    Another Possible Explanation: Magic isn't perfect, things can go wrong and it's a mother's intuition to worry. -Thanks to Elysa

  • When Rita Skeeter is interviewing Harry, she calls herself a "Daily Prophet reporter." However, her article on the Harry-Hermione-Viktor love triangle appears in Witch Weekly, not the Daily Prophet. - Thanks to McDonnell

    Possible explanation: She is a reporter for the Daily Prophet and occasionally writes articles for Witch Weekly, as well.

  • Mistake in UK edition: On pg. 586 when Harry is talkng to Barty Crouch Jr. he says "But then-he [Karkaroff], didn't put my name in the Cup?" It should say Goblet, not Cup.

  • On page 701 (American edition), toward the middle of the page, it says "...the warmth of the feather matress." "Matress" should be "mattress."
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Book 5 Mistakes

  • The cover of OotP shows Harry in the Department of Mysteries holding his wand in his left hand. However, it is clearly stated that his right arm is his wand arm.

  • In OotP, page 60, it is describing Number Twelve, Grimmauld place by saying: "The silver door knocker was in the form of a twisted serpent. There was no keyhole or letterbox." However, it clearly shows on the title page (the drawing of Snuffles exiting Number Twelve) that there is a keyhole, and no letter box. - Thanks to Cindy.

  • In chapter 5, page 86, third paragraph, it reads: "... and then," choked Mundungus, tears running down his face, "and then if you'll believe it 'e says to me, 'e says, ''ere, Dung, where didja get all those toads from 'cos some son of a Bludger's gone and nicked all mine!' And I says, 'Nicked all your toads, Will, what next? So you'll be wanting some more, then?' And if you'll believe me lads, the gormless gargoyle buys all 'is own toads orf me for twice what 'e paid in the first place--" But two paragraphs down, he says "But, you know Molly, Will nicked 'em orf Warty Harris in the first place, so i wasn't really doing nothing wrong--" How could Will buy all his own toads of Dung for twice what he paid in the first place if he stole the toads? He wouldn't have paid anything! - Thanks to Milo.

  • On page 166, chapter 9, "The Woes of Mrs. Weasley", it says: He pretended to be rummaging for something while Hermione crossed to the wardrobe and called Hedwig down. A few moments passed; Harry heard the door close but remained bent double, listening...He straightened up and looked behind him. Hermione and Hedwig had gone. Harry hurried across the room, closed the door...Yet, Harry had already heard the door close. ^^ Thanks to Amy.

  • Second-year student Dennis Creevey goes to the Hog's Head for the first DA "meeting", but only third-years and older are allowed to go to Hogsmeade during term.

  • In Order of the Phoenix, UK Edition Pg 340 it says "...But Harry pulled out his Charms books and set to work on finishing his essay...' However, the excerpts from the Charms book have nothing to do with charms - they sound like potion ingredients. '...Therefore much used in Confusing and Befuddlement Droughts...' Then, after his conversation with Dobby on page 342, 'He (Harry) bent and picked up his Potions book. He'd have to try and finish the essay tomorrow.' It appears that Harry's Charms essay magically tranformed into a Potions essay.

  • Educational Decree 24 bans all clubs, defining a club as "a regular meeting of three or more students," so shouldn't Harry, Ron, and Hermione get in trouble just for studying together every night? - Thanks to Melissa.

  • Before the first Quidditch match, Harry is relieved that it's cloudy as he won't have the sun in his eyes, but moments later the stadium is in "dazzling sunlight".

  • Chapter 21, page 454, American edition: At the last DA meeting prior to Christmas, the DA members are reviewing the stunning spell and the book states, "Space was really too confined to allow them all to work this spell at once: half the group observed the others for a while, then they swapped over." Since the Room of Requirement gives you exactly what you need, wouldn't it give them the necessary space as well? - Thanks to Jasper.

  • In OotP, pg 477 of the US paperback edition, it says that Sirius "raised his wand as he spoke and half a dozen bottles came flying toward them." If Sirius went to Azkaban, the Ministry would surely have taken his wand away from him. It would still be in their possession. He didn't have a wand in PoA, so he had to use Ron's or anyone else that dropped theirs. Where did his suddenly appear from? - Thanks Shelby.

  • In the British version of book 5 on page 480, when naming the death eaters who escaped, it says, "Algernon Rookwood, convicted of leaking ministry of magic secrets to he who must not be named." and in the British version of book 4 on page 512 it states: "Rookwood? said Crouch, nodding to a witch sitting in front of him, who began scribbling upon her piece of parchment. Augustus Rookwood of the Department of Mysteries??? ^^ Thanks to Laura.

  • When Cho and Harry walk into Hogsmeade together on Valentine's Day, Cho recalls their first Quidditch match against each other. She reminds Harry it was in "the third year"--but that was Harry's third year and her fourth.

  • On page 625 (UK edition), 1st paragraph, it says: "You will sit the theory papers in the mornings and the practice in the afternoons." The word practice should be practical. - Thanks to Dan.

  • In book five, chapter 30, Grawp, pages 683 and 684, at the Gryffindor/Ravenclaw Qidditch match, it says: "They (Harry & Hermione) found seats in the topmost row of the stands." Later on, when Hagrid comes to take them to see Grawp, it says: "Apparently he [Hagrid] had squeezed his way all along the row behind." How can that be if Harry and Hermione were in the top row? - Thanks to Cassie.

  • In the Astronomy O.W.L. exam, Harry is completing his drawing of the constellation of Orion. At England's latitude Orion would only be visible approximately from November until March. However, they are taking their exams in June. - Thanks to Stuart and Sailor Unicorn.

  • On page 709 (UK edition), 4th paragraph, it says: "Harry flung the prophecy across the floor, Neville span himself around on his back and scooped the ball to his chest. Malfoy pointed the wand instead at Neville, but Harry jabbed his own wand back over his shoulder and yelled, 'Impedimenta!'" It should read "Neville spun himself," instead of "Neville span himself." - Thanks to Dan.

  • POn page 710 it says that Parvati and Lavender were practicing basic locomotion charms making their pencil cases race each other. They use scrolls and quills, what would they be doing with pencil cases? - Submitted by Kim.

  • When Harry and Co. are in the forbidden forest trying to find a way to get to the Department of Mysteries, Ginny says that the Thestrals will be attracted to the blood on Harry and Hermione's clothing because Hagrid uses meat to attract them. However, Ginny is a fourth year and Hagrid said specifically that he had been saving the Thestral lesson for his fifth year class, so how did she know?

  • On page 842 of the American edition, it says that Harry escaped Voldemort four times so far. Well, he defeated him as a baby, in his first year, second year, fourth year and fifth year. That makes five times. - Thanks to Lisa.

  • There's an illustration mistake in chapter thirty-eight, The Second War Begins. Nymphadora Tonk's t-shirt is supposed to say 'The Weird Sisters'. In the illustration, you can't see all of the writing, but if you look closely you can see that only an 'erd' is visible on the first line. Since 'weird' has an 'i' after the 'e', the 'i' should be visible as well--but it's not. - Submitted by Laura.

  • Harry is able to see the Thestrals at the beginning of Order of the Phoenix. It is later explained that you can see them after you have seen death. Harry had seen the death of his mother and possibly his father before he saw Cedric Diggory die, so why didn't he see the Thestrals before? - Submitted by Kerry.

    JKR's response: You can't see them until the death "sinks in."

  • In Chapter 1, Harry hears a sharp crack, the sound of someone Apparating. Later in the book, when he arrives at Grimmauld Place, Fred and George are also Apparating in and out with sharp cracks. However, in previous books the sound of someone Apparating was a *pop*. - Thanks to JoJo.

    Possible Explanation: In Order of the Phoenix, it says "Glittering jets of water were flying from the ends of their wands, the point of the centaur's arrow, the tip of the goblins hat and the house-elf's ears. so that the tinkling hiss of fallng water was added to the pops and cracks of the apparators and the clatter of footsteps..."

  • In the OotP Chapter 5 Ginny "was sitting on the floor cross-legged on the floor, rolling butterbeer corks for him (Crookshanks) to chase." But later in Chapter 10 saw that Luna Lovegood "had chosen to wear a necklace of butterbeer caps..."

    Possible Explanation: There are different types of Butterbeer bottles with different types of tops. - Thanks Deirdre.

  • Page 120: "'He came last night, while you were in bed,' said Mr. Weasley. Harry dropped his own eyes to his plate. The thought that Dumbledore had been in the house on the eve of his hearing and not asked to see him made him feel, if that were possible, even worse." But the hearing is the following morning from that. So Dumbledore wasn't there on the eve of the hearing, but two nights before! - Submitted by Thyme.

    Possible explanation: It's possible that Dumbledore came after midnight, which would be considered the eve of the hearing, but is still sometimes referred to as "last night" by people. This is more than likely because the book also says that Harry was not sleeping well, and maybe he could not fall asleep until past midnight. - Thanks to Petronus.

  • In the chapter The Sorting Hat in the first book on page 121, a "Perks, Salley-Anne" is sorted before Harry; however, in the fifth book (page 713) she is not called to take her O.W.L.S. - Thanks to Nathan.

    Possible Explanation: Salley-Anne Perks may have left the school between books 1 and 5.

  • Page 147: "'Dumbledore was having real trouble finding a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this year. Not suprising, is it, when you look at what's happened to the last four?' said George. 'One sacked, one dead, one's memory removed and one locked in a trunk for nine months.' Quirrel is dead, Lockhart's memory's gone, Moody was locked in the trunk but Lupin didn't get sacked, he resigned. - Submitted by Tegan.

    Possible Explanation: George, like most of the students, probably didn't know whether Lupin resigned or was sacked. In the book, the trio are told that he resigned by Hagrid. It's quite possible that Dumbledore did not go into the details about Lupin's departure being so close to the end of the year and since classes had ended.

  • In book 5 on page 185, the Sorting Hat sings: For instance, Slytherin Took only pure-blood wizards, of greay cunning, just like him. However, Voldemort wasn't a pure-blood and he got sorted into Slytherin. ^^ Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

    Response from Lisa: The key word in the above phrase is "took". It doesn't mean that the house only allows pure-bloods anymore, it means that it USED to only allow pure-bloods. Also, Tom was the heir of Slytherin. So there is no doubt he would be in that house, even if he was a half-blood.

  • O.W.L.s are taken in fifth year and N.E.W.T.s are taken in the seventh year. On page 228 Ron is talking to Harry and Hermione about what Bill had told him about the career advice meeting they'd be having that year. Ron says, "...so you can choose what N.E.W.T.s you want to do next year..." Next year they'll all be in the sixth year not the seventh, so they wont be taking their N.E.W.T.s next year. ^^ Thanks to Casey.

    Fan response: Harry, Hermione & Ron are able to choose what N.E.W.T. subjects they want to do next year, not necessarily that they are doing the exams. They prepare for their N.E.W.T. testing 7th year by taking the courses 6th year and 7th year.

  • In the US copy of Order of the Phoenix, in chapter 15 pg 308, it says "Wizengamot elders Griselda Marchbanks and Tiberius Ogden have resigned in protest at the introduction of the post Inquisitor to Hogwarts". Later, in chapter 31 on pg 710 Griselda Marchbanks comes to Hogwarts to examine students in O.W.Ls. Hadn't she resigned earlier? - Thanks Elliot.

    Possible Explanation: Griselda could have resigned her position on the Wizengamot, but still held a position within the Ministry that would allow her to conduct or oversee the exams. - Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • In book 3, when Neville lost all the passwords and Sirius gained entrance into the Gryffindor tower, Neville was banned from all Hogsmeade visits. But, on page 339 of book 5 he is in the Hog's Head with the DA. - Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

    Possible explanation: Neville was only banned from all Hogsmeade visits during that year, and not for the rest of his career at Hogwarts. Another explanation may be that when it was found out by Dumbledore that Sirius Black was innocent, the ban on Neville was lifted.

  • On page 530 at Harry's first Occlumency lesson, Snape says "Only Muggles talk of 'mind reading.'" But on page 382 Ron states, "Harry, you're reading You-Know-Who's mind..." - Thanks to Melissa.

    Possible Explanation: It's probable that magic folk unfamiliar with Occlumency would believe that reading minds is possible. - Thanks to Michael.

  • Page 583, Seen and Unforseen: After Harry had given his interview in the Quibbler about the night Voldemort returned, a disgruntled Umbridge banned the artical after its release, though this didn't keep students from finding out and reading it, including Seamus. Umbridge was monitoring the mail, both in and out of Hogwarts, as she said elsewhere in the book. Seamus, however, informed Harry that he beleived him and he'd sent the article to his mother. Obviously, there's a glitch here because Seamus surely would have been punished for being in possession of the article, had Umbridge come across it in the outgoing mail. - Thanks to Gracie.

    Possible Explanation: Earlier in the chapter it was noted that all the copies of the Quibbler were bewitched to look like other texts. Seamus would presumably have sent out a bewitched copy.

  • In Chapter 27, "The Centaur and the Sneak", Professor McGonagall says that "usually when a person shakes their head, they mean 'no'. So unless Miss Edgecombe is using a form of sign language as yet unknown to humans..." Actually, in some countries and cultures, like in Bulgaria, you shake your head when you mean "yes" and nod when you mean "no." - Thanks to LEPrecon.

    Possible explanation: JKR has said, outside the books, that these are British and British Isles kids only and that foreign students are not present at the School. McGonagall, then, in the context of the story would be naturally referring to the culture they all presumably grew up in. The 'humans' reference is clearly a moment of hyperbole brought on by her contempt for Umbridge. (She also exhibits this tendancy around Umbridge when they are arguing over Harry's career path in her office.)

  • The Order of the Phoenix, chapter twenty-seven, page 614: "Oho!" said Fudge bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet again. "Yes, do let's hear the latest cock-and-bull story designed to pull Potter out of trouble! Go on, then, Dumbledore, go on ---- Willy Widdershins was lying, was he? Or was it Potter??s identical twin in the Hog??s Head that day? Or is there the usual simple explanation involving a reversal of time, a dead man coming back to life, and a couple of invisible dementors?" Fudge never knew about Hermione and Harry using the Time Turner to go back in time to save Sirius and Buckbeak. ^^ Thanks to Carrie.

    Possible explanation: As Hermione stated in POA, McGonagall had to obtain permission from the Ministry to gain use of the time turner. It's quite likely Fudge would have had to sign off on it, so he would have known of a time turner being in the possession of someone close to Harry. We're presuming a link to Sirius because of the adjacent reference to Wormtail.

  • In chapter 28, "Snape's Worst Memory," Harry sees his father in the Great Hall, taking his Defense Against the Dark Arts O.W.L. It says that James "turned in his seat and grinned at a boy (Sirius) sitting four seats behind him." But in an exam they would be sitting in alphabetical order, so why is "Black" four seats behind "Potter"? - Thanks to Beth.

    Possible Explanation: The students weren't in alphabetical order.

  • Chapter 28, pages 625-626, Malfoy starts docking points from both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff after becoming part of the Inquisitorial Squad and Ernie Macmillan says, "He can't be allowed to dock points...that would be ridiculous...It would completely undermine the prefect system..." But in the second book, chapter 9, page 158, Percy, a prefect at the time, takes 5 points from Gryffindor after finding Ron, Hermione, and Harry looking around Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. So how was Percy able to take points from Gryffindor if prefects aren't even able to?

    Possible Explanation: The prefects may be allowed to dock points from their houses, but not from other houses. - Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

  • In chapter 28, page 626, Malfoy docks Ron five points because his shirt's untucked, but since they were in between classes, Ron would being wearing his robes, not a shirt. - Submitted by Thomas.

    Possible explanation: Malfoy was referring to the shirt that Ron wears underneath his robes. - Thanks to everyone who sent that in!

  • When Harry is talking to Professor McGonagall about career advice and Aurors, McGonagall says: "I don't think anybody has been taken on the last three years." But, at the begining of the book, Tonks says, (about her becoming an Auror) "I only qualified a year ago." - Submitted by Sarah.

    Possible explanation: McGonagall meant that no one had been accepted in the advanced Auror training program, not as an Auror, in the past three years. She had mentioned that for Harry to be an Auror he had to first attend another more advanced training that takes 3 years. That means that Tonks was accepted into the training for Aurors 4 years ago. She was a fully qualified (for one year) Auror when she met Harry. - Submitted by Larissa

  • Page 714: It says that when they are taking they O.W.L.s practical exam that Harry is performing for his judge and he says that Hannah Abott was trying to vanish a iguana! But they wre called in in alphabatical order by last name, so why would Abott and Potter be together? - Thanks to Chelsea.

    Possible Explanation: The students weren't in alphabetical order.

  • When Harry is taken to Dumbledore?s office by Dolores and Dumbledore escapes, it says that next day that talk was going around about how Dumbledore had overcome two Aurors, The Minister of Magic, The High inquisitor, and Fudge's junior assistant. However, Percy had left minutes earlier to send his notes to the Daily Prophet. ^^ Thanks to Kristoffer.

    Possible Explanation: This was just a rumor, and rumors are often changed to make things seem more impressive.
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General Mistakes

  • Every year, students board the Hogwarts Express on September 1, and the next day when their classes start, it's always a Monday. How can September 2 be a Monday EVERY year? - Thanks to Koffee!

    In Book 1: US, paperback edition, pg. 96. It says that Percy had a silver prefects' badge. Book 5: US, hard-cover edition, pg. 161. Here it says that the prefects' badges are scarlet and gold. -Thanks Cristina

  • Dumbledore was Transfiguration teacher before he was Headmaster, and Remus Lupin was born in/around 1960 (in OotP Snape is 35 or 36, so we can make an estimate on Remus' age in PoA from that). Now: On page 352 of the hardback (Ch. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs), Lupin says "I was a very small boy when I received the [werewolf] bite," and on the next page says "It seemed impossible that I would be able to come to Hogwarts . . . But then Dumbledore became Headmaster . . . " and of course Dumbledore allowed Remus to attend Hogwarts. Now skip ahead to OotP. On page 321 (Ch. The Hogwarts High Inquisitor), McGonagall says she has been teaching at Hogwarts for "thirty-nine years this December." Assuming that McGonagall has always taught Transfiguration (never any other subject) at Hogwarts, and also assuming that at this point Remus would also be 35 or 36 (based on Snape's age), then Dumbledore would have been Headmaster for at least three years before Remus was born. So why did Remus say he wouldn't have been able to attend Hogwarts if Dumbledore hadn't become Headmaster after Remus was bitten?-Thanks Christine
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