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FF: Mysterious Murder at Manampur; Updt-Pg 44;5/2 (Page 32)

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Chapter 9 - Part 1: State of Confusion

Two days later after the meeting

Manish was busy with some other case and going through the details. He received a package along with a letter.

He opened it eagerly and surprised to see that it was from Kishori Lal ji, the man whom he had met in Sahore.

My Dear Manish!

Greetings. I wonder how u have been faring since our meeting. I have been keeping quite myself in this area, as usual.  My son had designed a new model of Wall clock at our factory. I'm sending this small gift. If it reminds u of ur visit here, I would be greatly pleased.

Kishori Lal

Manish ji was touched by seeing his letter n gift. He recalled the garden, the estate and the poetry he wrote.

He had gone all that distance and returned without accomplishing anything. But he was acquainted with that old gentleman. Remembered the dialect he spoke which had been the cause of much confusion. Carefully putting the gift in his drawer, he rested his chin on his hand. Then he decided to write a thank u letter to Kishori Lal ji.


Next day

Manish ji got the details of Sid, Sumit n Mohit.

Sid: His birth place was somewhere in M.P. His parents died when he was 8 or 10. He was adopted by his uncle and he later moved to Lucknow. But his uncle's details are not mentioned clearly. He's graduated from Lucknow University and recently became famous as a Critic.

Sid n Charu were in love for almost 5 yrs and broke up recently. Sid's parents didn't like their relationship and they fixed his match with a big shot's daughter.

Charu met with tragic accident recently. But it was a hit and run case. Suspicions arise on this as it was near to Sid's place. His attitude changed a lot in recent days.

Manish ji started thinking about him. Let's think Sid killed Charu for his personal gains, but he didn't own a car. But why did Charu went to that place? Did she go to meet him and while returning the accident occurred?

Sumit: His is from Lucknow. His parents are govt. employees. He is also from Lucknow University. He became famous with his architecture works. According to the sources he is friendly but very reserved person. Some times unpredictable behaviour.

Mohit: He is from Bihar. They Moved to Lucknow when he was 16. His father is a business man and mother is a school teacher. He is a famous painter. Very jovial person and is a close friend of Rohit.

When the murder of Sethuraman occurred, all these group guys were attending a stage show performed by Avanthi Theater artists. It was 5km away Manampur.

(Manish ji thought) This case is getting complicated than before with lots of suspicions. Now we have to get Rohit's details.

The murderer probably lived not too far from Manampur. Perhaps he murdered Mr. Sethuraman in the rail road because he was familiar with that area. He must have been covered with blood after he killed the victim. if so, he probably did not take a train afterward. He might have taken a taxi without attracting the attention of the driver, particularly since it was dark. it was possible that he could have used a private car.

The murderer had to dispose his blood stained clothes. Polly had cut a bloodstained shirt into bits and scattered out of the window of a night train. She must have had some connection with the murderer. So far nothing tied her with anyone. Yet since she was quiet person who wasn't gossiped. 

It's clear that the murderer and Polly had met because of the Victory group was a supporter of the Avanthi Theater. They could have been seeing each other without knowing anyone about it. Could her suicide have been caused by guilt over her cooperation with the murderer, and not by grief over a love affair?

Karan seemed to have been attracted to Polly. He may have suspected that there was something between Polly and the murderer. Karan wanted to tell me something, and it seemed to be so important that he had asked for 24hrs to think it over. Then he died suddenly in a lonely place.

The more Manish ji thought, the more confused the situation seemed. As he tapped his chin with his pencil, he realised with a shock that he was reconstructing, a death that wasn't even a murder.  His mood changed, he grabbed the telephone on his desk and dialed a number.

M: Is it Aditya?

A: Yes, it is. Oh Manish sir! How are u? I'm sorry, i haven't called u after that meeting.(His voice sounded friendly). How about getting together on the way home from work tonight?

M: I'd be glad. At the same place.

When Manish ji's shift was over, he headed straight to the bar near to the headquarters. The lady of the bar recogniszed him who always drops in as a pair.

L: Welcome. He's waiting for u.

A: Over here. (He waved from the corner)

Manishi ji took the seat next to him.

A: It's been a long time.

M: (He ordered beer and in a low voice to Adi) How is it going? Any thing new on the case?

Manish ji didn't like to talk about their work in this kind of environment, but when he saw Adi's face, he couldn't help asking. He had been thinking about the case.

A: Nothing has turned up. I'm trying to follow up leads in my spare time. How is it going from ur side?

M: Well no clue yet. Got the details of 3 among 4 of the Victory group guys. But suspicions arise on all. Must wait for one more details. Its getting complicated day by day.

While he was about to say something, there was a tap on his shoulder. It was his friend. He went out for couple of minutes with him. Meanwhile Manish ji was reading the newspaper and he glanced at the headlines to pass the time. There was an article on arts music. As he was looking at this, his eyes rested on a familiar name: Sid. He put down his glass and concentrated on the article. The title of the article was "The work of Rohit Kashyap".

The entire article was about the music, how he started liking Rohit's work, his criticisms before and now, and the way Rohit had succeeded and all. It was full of praises on Rohit.

Manish ji was perplexed. He didn't understand a thing about music, but still it seemed that this piece was written different from the previous criticisms of Rohit's work. He just started to read the article to clear his doubt while Adi rejoined him.

A: Forgive me.

M: Look.

A: It's about Sid isn't it? (As he finished to read the article) I see.

M: What do u think? I couldn't follow the arguments too well but don't u think he's praising Rohit?

A: Of course he is. He's showering him with praise.

M: Hmm. I wonder why critics change their opinions so quickly. When i compare his article with previous articles about Rohit, it seems that he he didn't praise him like this.

A: Really?

M: I can't remember the wording but it didn't sound that impressed. This is completely different from that other pieces.

A: Critics sometime change their minds. My journalist friend says that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes politics. They are humans too.

Having finished the beer they left the bar and dispersed.

After reaching home, he showed the gift of Kishori lal ji to Shilpa ji and said that he was planning to write a thank u letter to him.

She suggested to send a return gift to him and she will be buying one the day next and post to him. He agreed to it and started writing the letter. While he was writing, he felt something else to write too and wrote that he want some details from Kishori Lal ji and mentioned them in detail. Also he thought of calling Mr. Arjun Sethuraman, the son of the victim to find the details of his trip for pilgrimage.


Four days later

He got the details of the places Mr. Sethuraman visited. Looking at it, he started analyzing the facts. Mr. Sethuraman intended to go to Shirdi from Nasik. But he didn't and found dead in Lucknow. So something must have happened in Nasik which changed his plan.

The same day he received one more letter from Kishori Lal ji.

After reading the details he wrote a letter to the inquiry office. That afternoon at 3, he went to see his chief - Suraj ji and asked for 2 days off.

S: That's unusual. I don't think u've ever asked for a 2 day leave.

M: No. I'm feeling a bit tired.

S: Take care of urself. U can take 3-4 days if u like.

M: No, 2 days will be enough.

S: Are u going somewhere?

M: I was thinking of going out of the town.

S: That's a good idea. U've been working straight through. Unless one gets some rest, one can get really sick from overwork. Go and get some fresh air and get some sleep.

Manish ji submitted his letter in the section office and left the headquarters early. He rushed to home.

M: I'm off on a short trip and I'm leaving right away. Would u help me get my things ready?

S: Is it a business trip?

M: No its not for work. I'm taking a short break. I feel a sudden urge to get on a train and go somewhere.

S: R U leaving alone and to night's train?

M: Yes, alone and to night's train.

S: It sounds strange. R u sure u don't have some work there?

M: No, I'm not going on work. I just need some fresh air.

He took Lucknow Mumbai - Superfast express to Nasik and the journey was a long one of 20 hrs.

Chapter 9 Part 1 Completed

Next: A thread

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interesting things happening

so somehow someone from victory group is connected with the murder

poor manish ji he is going in circles  but this time with his trip i think he has stumbled upon  a clue

so now according to ur story  3 more parts are left. am i right or am i right?

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Great !!

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@ swetha :
              this story is getting interesting day by day, in the last update i was suspecting Sid Ouch thinking that he was the murderer & Polly had a connection with him & the murder caused, Charu somehow got a hint of Sid's crime & so she had to die Ouch..par yaha to kuch aur hi lag raha hai !! after racking his brains, manish ji found out the link between polly & the murderer and now he has set his eyes on Nasik..hope he gets a strong lead thereBig smile !! update soon !!Smile

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yeah Polly 4 suspicions n the murderer will be revealed at end. 

Its real good suspense thriller. 

Guys 3 more updates for the suspense to reveal Embarrassed 

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Interesting part 

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@ swetha :
           i may be getting demanding..but, when is the next update coming Wink?? i cant get this FF off my mind !! Big smile

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Chapter 9 - Part 2: A Thread


It was 4.30 PM on Friday when he reached Nasik. He checked in the same Inn where Mr. Sethuraman had checked in when he visited this place. After changing, he went straight to the reception and asked for the owner of the house. He showed his card, and asked about Mr. Sethuraman, if he remembered him when he visited. He showed the photograph.

After some time, the owner said that he remember him.

O: He booked the room for 2 nights. It's the maid who received him and took care.


Then he called the maid and asked her about the vicitm's wareabouts..

Maid: Yes sir, it was me who received him. I remember him very well as he seemed to be very friendly by nature and spoke to us in a good manner. After visiting the temple, in the evening, He went to see a movie on the day before he left as he was bored. But after returning he said he changed his mind and would stay till the next evening.

M: How did he sound? And how were his expressions? And what time was it?

Maid: He sounded normal sir! Looking at him I felt he was a bit worried of something. When he returned, it was 10 PM. Sir.

M: Worried? Hmm. But why did he change his mind suddenly and what did he do next day?

Maid: Don't know the reason. But he said to serve his breakfast at 9 A.M. and in the afternoon he went to the movie theater again.

M: Again to the same movie? Looks like he was interested in the movies.

Maid: Even we were surprised to hear that. After he returned he said he had made up his mind and now he will be going to Lucknow as he had some business there. He seemed very worried of in some deep thought of something. He left to Lucknow to that evening train.

M: Where is the theater located?

Maid: Its right there sir. Just opposite street to this building.

M: Thank u. I will let u know if I have any questions.


He visited the movie theater, showed the card and asked the in-charge about the show that was telecasted on November 30, 2010.

M: I know it's a bit difficult for u to recollect but can u plz check it. I think u will make a note of each and every show details?

I: Yes sir! We will make a note of all the shows. Could u plz wait for some time so that i can check the register and give the details.

M: Sure! Take ur time.

After some time the in-charge came with a register and checked and gave the details. Manish ji noted the details of the show and the movie company too. Then he asked whether they played the same show the day next. The in-charge replied it was a different show that they played. Both the shows were of 2 hr duration. Both were Documentary type movies, one was modern story and the other was about some history related.

Manish ji was a bit surprised. He became anxious to see what was in those shows. He asked them whether these shows are been playing anywhere else. The in-charge said 'no'.

He couldn't make out what dragged Mr. Sethuraman to visit the theater the next day.


The result of the visit were negative. He was disappointed and returned to the evening train.



After returning, the next day he enquired in the movie company about the 2 shows whether they can telecast them. But they didn't reciprocate as its difficult to telecast 2 movies for 4hrs just for one person. But he explained the urgency of it. Then the in-charge said that 'in that case we will let u know when the screening rooms are free'.


The next day, he got the details from the enquiry office of which he requested and also the details of Rohit too.


Rohit: Place of Origin: 1-123, Chattribagh, Indore, M.P.

Present address: 5-346, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

DOB - 5th October 1983.

Parents: Ranjit n Rajni Kashyap; Both died in a tragic accident in 2002.

Graduated from Bhopal Universtiy.

After coming to Lucknow, studied under professor Ramadasan of Lucknow University.

Another letter came from Bhopal University confirming Rohit's Education there.


On the night of murder Rohit also attended the play performed by Avanthi Theater Artists.


This line really made Manish ji puzzled. All the 4 attended the Play. It can be any one but who was it? Placing the details carefully in the file, he then opened envelop he received from the Enquiry office.


The Enquiry details that he recieved were of Mr. Abjit Behera.


Dear Sir,

According to the inquiries we made, Mr. Abjit was admitted in the center by Mr. Sethuraman 20yrs back. He is undergoing treatment here & not doing well these days.


The details of Mr. Abjit are:

Name: Mr. Abjit Behera

Age: 54yrs

Wife - Aabha Behera (Second D/o of Mr. Anand Lal, No. 3/21, Madhuban, Jharkhand)

Died 22yrs ago due to illness.

Son - Aadarsh Behera

DOB: 26 Sep, 1982

The couple separated when their son was 6months old due to Mr. Abjit's disease.

Mr. Sethuraman and Mr. Abjit wrote letters to each other for couple of years and all of them were about Aadarsh. Later there were no letters from Mr. Sethuraman nor heard from him.


Manish ji was in deep thought after reading these details.


The next day he got a call from the in-charge of the movie company that the screening room will be free the next day. Manish ji was glad to hear that.

The next day Both Adi and Manish ji visited the company and watched both the movies but were clue less. They watched it very carefully each and every character and every scene without missing any one.

Then Adi pointed out whether there are any Promo's or Ad's been shown before or after the show? They said no.


They went with utmost disappointment thanking them for taking time for playing those movies. They went to near by hotel and ordered for lunch.


M: Now I wonder, if Mr. Sethuraman is not interested in watching the movie, is there any particular thing that dragged his attention? Now he decided to contact the owner of the Theater to give the details of the things that were displayed at reception during that time.


After having lunch, they immediately went to the headquarters and gave a call to the Theater owner. He said that there were some inauguration photos, few photos with his friends and other misc. photos. Again they were clueless.



Few days passed and both Adi n Manish ji were busy with some other new cases. One day when he was free, that afternoon looking at the calendar he thought that coming Monday is a holiday. So he planned to visit Madhuban once and immediately left to home.


M: I'll be going to Jharkhand.

S: Is it a business trip?

M: I don't feel I can ask again since I don't know if I'll get any results.

S: Where r u going in Jharkhand?

M: Madhuban.

S: Oh its hill side place covered with forest.


Manish ji was determined this time to come up with positive results. He telephoned Adi to come and meet him in the station. Shilpa also decided to see him off at the station. They reached the station by 4.30 P.M. Adi too reached there.


A: Sir! There are many connections all over the places isn't it?

M: Yes, I guess so.

A: If there's anything I can do, let me know sir.

M: I do have and it's mentioned in this letter clearly. U don't go but assign this work to those girls. I hope we will come up with any positive results. We will meet on Monday evening at my residence. If they can get the details by then, it will be good. No hurry and ask them to be careful and alert too.


Meanwhile Shilpa ji bought some food stuff for his journey. They waved him and the train left the station.

A: It must be tough for u too Mam. There aren't many like him though.

S: He really loves his work.



It was 8.30 in the morning when Mr. Manish Rajan reached Hazaribagh Rd railway station. He checked in the near by Lodge.

At 9.30 he had breakfast and took a taxi to Madhuban. He enquired about the address on the way. They replied that it's on a hilly area. The taxi driver at first denied of going but later he had to agree. They reached the village and asked about the residence of Mr. Anand Lal. The villager said Anand Lal passed away 10yrs ago, now his daughter n Son-in-law stays there and pointed to the residence.


When Manish ji knocked the door, an old lady in her 50's received him. Though her face was not pleasant, she spoke him pleasantly. She was Aastha, sister of Aabha Behera. After introducing to each other;

A: Please be seated. My husband is out for work. U said u r a friend of Abjit. How can I help u?

M: Yes, I'm acquainted with Mr. Abjit Behera when he was in that center near Lucknow. He was very friendly. Well I would like to know more about his family. He always spoke about them.

A: Hmm, now that u know everything there is nothing to hide from u sir! My sister Aabha was married to him without knowing that he had that disease. When he fell ill, she was shocked. Later when Aadarsh was 6months old she had to leave them. She couldn't take the kid with her. She was worried that Aadarsh might catch the disease as Abjit dragged him around with him on his travels. She had worked in a restaurant as a waitress and died 3 yrs later due to illness. When Aadarsh was 6yrs they left this place. Later when there was an enquiry about him after 2yrs, we got to know that they were in Sahore, M.P.

M: Didn't u hear about them again?

A: No. We don't know about his whereabouts. My sister suffered a lot because of him sir. (She burst in to tears) I'm sorry.

M: I'm sorry to trouble u mam! But were there any enquiries about Aadarsh's registry of residence or evidence for family register?

A: No, we haven't.

M: (After asking few more questions) One last question, can u recollect Aadarsh, and say if he is one among these. If anyone resembles ur sister or brother-in-law.

A: (Scratching her head) well he was 6 when they left this place. I can't say exactly. (After gazing at the photograph for a while)  I think this guy looks a bit like my sister.


Manish ji was surprised after seeing the person whom she pointed out. The lady saw him off at the door way and Manish ji drove off in the taxi. Then he returned to the restaurant and had some food. 

He saw the financial news and some other on "Ultrasonic Sounds" on the TV. He remembered the paper they got near the dead body of Karan. He finished his food and thought: Does it got to do anything with stock market values and read out the values. How can it relate to Karan's death?


He boarded the 7.30 train that evening at Ranchi station. He bought gifts for Shilpa ji and Rushi while returning. He had known what he had come here for and gone into deep thoughts about the case. And the train passed the stations and the cool breeze blew through the compartments……..


Chapter 9 Completed

Next – On the Track

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