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FF: Mysterious Murder at Manampur; Updt-Pg 44;5/2 (Page 26)

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Originally posted by justjayati

and BTW!!! woah!! meri aur ashu ki love story and all haann??? loved it,,,
and polly ne suicide kar liya??? case aur bhi complicated ho gaya... hope her diary helps!!

@ jayati :
       yeh kya hai Shocked?? bol to aise rahe ho jaise story ki character nahi balki main khud hi suicide karli ho !!D'oh

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hahah.. nahi re!!! actually story mein itna involve ho chuki hun ki bhul gayi ki polly koi real character bhi hai!!!LOL
ab yaad aa gaya!!

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Awesome parts
Sorry for replying late was busy 
just read all 
gud :)

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kahani ab tak. Yayy. Mein hu. Gr8

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Hi there,

I don't know how to describe this major overhaul of your writing style. You were clinical, used the pen as a surgeon's scalpel and made precise impact on the story. The best part is your twists are like Japanese horror films - we know its coming but still we are waiting for the surprise.

Story is fast paced, making scenario more intense and interesting. But keep this pace going; neither go slow nor get more fast.

Your story had been superb. The writing style just mesmerised me. Keep it up!

Best of luck.

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Originally posted by bengalscott

Hi there,

I don't know how to describe this major overhaul of your writing style. You were clinical, used the pen as a surgeon's scalpel and made precise impact on the story. The best part is your twists are like Japanese horror films - we know its coming but still we are waiting for the surprise.

Story is fast paced, making scenario more intense and interesting. But keep this pace going; neither go slow nor get more fast.

Your story had been superb. The writing style just mesmerised me. Keep it up!

Best of luck.

OMG i was really surprised to see ur this comment Scott and happy too. Big smile 

thank u very much. hope i will keep up my work in the same way as i did. 

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@ all thank u very much guys. next update will be 2moro mostl i.e monday Smile
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Chapter 7 Part 2: Sequence of Mishaps - 1

Recap: Polly committed Suicide...

Manish ji looked around the room carefully. His sight fell on the wardrobe in the corner of the room. 

With the permission of the police he opened it and focused on one of them. It was black suit. He closed it without a word. Then he looked around and found a blue canvas bag set between the desk and the book shelf. 

It was a type of bag carried by stewardesses. He noted the description of the bag in his book. By this time the medical examiner finished his work. He greeted him.

M: R u sure it was suicide?

E: There's no mistake. She'd taken about 200 sleeping pills. The empty bottle was by her pillow.

M: There's no need for an autopsy?

E: Absolutely none. It's clearly a suicide.

He asked the policeman and said: "There was no note, but there was a jounal. Could I take a look at it?"

The policeman handed over the journal to Manish ji. They were written in a cultured script.

According to the journal, all that was described were abstract feelings of love. It was written so that the writer herself could understand it.

P: So she committed suicide because she was heart broken.

But Manish ji's thoughts were elsewhere. It did appear as if this young woman had been disappointed in love. Could it be in addition to that, she had a sense of guilt had driven her to her death? He enquired about her with the manager and his wife of the apartment building, but didn't get any important information.

Manish ji remembered the Youngman wearing a beret who was loitering one night outside the girl's window. He asked the manager but the answer was negative.

Then he thought that it might be only that night and went outside. Had the girl he had been searching for, been living so close to him? Was the girl of the paper blizzard the theater staff member living in his neighbourhood whom he had seen several times? It was hard for him to believe.

Now he was thinking about the tall young man who had been hanging around outside her window. He had let him go at the time. Now it was too late.

The woman who managed the apartment said that Polly was always alone and never had visitors, so the Youngman must have been trying to call her out by whistling to her.

Then he remembered the stranger wandered in Sahu hills. It was just a thought. He decided to go to the Avanthi Theater and ask about Polly.

He visited the near by hotel on the main street and asked the owner whether he remember seeing any young man visiting his hotel some time before who may be a stage actor. Then the hotel owner said that he remembered him and he is Mr. Karan Chopra, actor of Avanthi Theater. I remember in particular as they took his autograph. He is upcoming leading actor became famous in recent days.


Manish ji left immediately to the Avanthi Theater. The front door was the main entrance to the theater. He asked for the directions to the office at the ticket booth.

Inside the office there were 3 staff members in the room.

M: I would like to inquire about something. Is Mr. Karan Chopra here?

The girl turned around and asked one of the staff.

S: Yeah, he should be in the rehearsal hall. Could I give him your name?

M: Yes, I'm Manish Rajan.

S: Wait a moment, please.

The girl left and after a while the door at the back of the office opened. The girl reappeared, followed by a tall man. Manish ji studied him closely as he came nearer. He was about 27 - 28.

K: I'm Karan Chopra.

M: Sorry to bother u when u're so busy. My name is Manish Rajan. I came because I want to ask u something. Could u please step outside with me for a minute?

At first Karan was displeased but after seeing his identity his expressions turned to surprise. They went to a coffee shop and took seats.

Manish ji started the conversation by making a small talk to make Karan relax.

M: I have no idea about contemporary drama, do u play leading roles?

K: I just started doing lead roles.

M: I'm sorry to have disturbed u during ur work. Were u in the middle of rehearsing?

K: I'm free right now.

M: Good. Excuse me for being so abrupt, but do u know a young woman named Polly, a staff member at the Theater?

Karan's face was twitched. Manish ji thought that the theater members must not have heard about Polly's suicide. But Karan flinched for a different reason.

M: Mr. Karan! Polly has committed suicide.

K: What? (His eyes opened wide. After staring at Manish ji for a while, he stammered, his face changing color,) Is... Is this true?

M: Yes, last night. I was there this morning. There's no mistake. Hasn't the theater been notified about it?

K: I didn't know anything?. Oh, yes, I did hear that the staff director went rushing out for some reason. I wonder if it was because of this.

M: It could be. Were u close to Polly?

Karan took a while to answer.

M: Well were u?

K: I certainly knew her well.

M: I see. What I wanted to ask u is whether u might have any idea as to the reason behind Polly's suicide. 

With a mournful expression, the actor put his fingers to his chin. Manish ji watched his expression intently.

M: This isn't a murder, so it may not be my place to inquire. Even though it may be impolite to the deceased, we would like to know any hidden reason for Polly's suicide. I say this because there is some connection with another case. I'm sorry I can't go into details about that, but I can tell u that is why I'm asking u these questions.

K: But, I ... I don't know why she would commit suicide. (He answered in a low voice)

M: We have found a journal that gives some explanation. I don't know if u'd call it a suicide not. From what she had written, it seems that she was in despair over a love affair. She had written some tragic lines to that effect.

K: Is that so. Did she write the man's name?

M: As a matter of fact, she gave no name. Probably Polly didn't want to cause any embarrassment after her death.

K: So, that was it, after all.

M: What do u mean, 'after all'? Is there something else u know about? (He watched intently so as not to let any change in Karan's expression escape him.)

Karan did not answer. Looking down again, he bit his lips to keep it from trembling.

M: I think u know the reason behind Polly's death.

K: What do u mean?

M: A while ago u went to a hotel near Polly's apartment, didn't u?

The actor was startled again.

Manish ji was asking sequence of questions about his visiting to Polly's apartment and whistling to her and so on.

Karan gave a pale look. And didn't agree that he visited Polly's apartment nor he whistled to her.

When Manish ji said he had seen Karan near the apartment, Karan's face lost all color. The actor was silent for a while. His face was full of pain.

M: How about it, Mr. Karan? I'd like u to tell me everything now. That doesn't mean that I intend to do anything to to u. Polly's death was a suicide. The police don't act unless it's a murder. But we are interested in Polly in connection with another case.

Karan looked afraid, but he still didn't answer. But Manish ji continued.

M: This is just my opinion, but I think the reason for Polly's death is connected to what we wanted to question her about. How about it Mr. Karan. Can't u tell me the truth? Why would she commit suicide? U must know. U seem to have known her very well. That is neither here nor there. All I want u to do is to tell me frankly what u think cause Polly to commit suicide. Will u cooperate?

Manish ji continued to stare at Karan. He had a look that seemed to pierce to the depths of one's soul. Karan began to fidget.

K: Yes. (He took out a handkerchief and wiped the perspiration off his brow.) I'll tell u what I know. But I can't talk to u now.

M: Why not?

K: Nothing is clear to me right now. As u said, I know something that might be of help in terms of Polly's suicide. But that's not all. I'd like to tell u about something else, but... I can't do that right now.

Manish ji nodded, never taking his eyes from Karan. It seemed clear that Karan knew a lot about Polly, that he knew secrets she kept from others, that Karan felt something more than friendship for her. Now was not the time to insist on answers. He was so upset. That it was unlikely he would say anything if pressed. So he felt to give some time.

M: I understand. Then when can we talk?

K: Please give me 2 or 3 days.

M: 2 or 3 days? Couldn't u make it sooner? I need to hear what u have to say about Polly as soon as possible.

K: Inspector! R u sure Polly had something to do with ur case?

M: We're not sure yet, but we hope that there's some tie-in.

K: (He stared at Manish ji) It's very likely that I can help ur investigation. I'll tell u everything I know about Polly 2moro. We shall meet at Caf Maris at 8 P.M. I'll have my thoughts straight by then.


Manish ji entered Caf Maris the next evening promptly at 8 P.M. It was crowded with customers, but he did not see the actor. He took a seat along the wall and ordered a cup of coffee. Each time the door opened he looked up. He sipped his coffee as slowly as he could but the actor hadn't showed up by the time he had finished.

He grew impatient but realized the actor might have been delayed. He waited for 20 more min but he didn't turn up. The waitress wanted him to leave. It was known from her facial expressions. An hour passed. He waited, determined to hear Karan's story about the girl who had cooperated with the murderer.

He became annoyed and finally left. He called the theater but no answer. So he had to give up.


Next day morning he woke up by 6 A.M and started reading the news paper. He started reading the city edition first. After reading some articles, he stopped suddenly at a small headline: Modern Drama actor dies at road side - Heart Attack on way home from rehearsal. He read: "At approximately 11 P.M. yesterday, a company executive discovered a dead body as he drove to his home near to fusion center. He reported his discovery immediately to the police station. The deceased was identified as Mr. Karan Chopra, 30, an actor with Avanthi Theater. The cause of death was heart attack. Autopsy will be performed today at the Lucknow police medical center."


Chapter 7 Completed

Next Sequence of mishaps - 2

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