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update: Episode#19

widluv2aryan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2006 at 10:53am | IP Logged
hi guys...few days ago,i had suggested episodic updates...sorry cudnt give them rite away...
followin is not the latest episode,but the one be4 it...will post update of the current episode later...i have tried to put down most of the dialogues...do tell me if u guys like it!.....newes,here goes.....
A school van is returnin from school and a few kidnappers surround it...thats how thw case starts...
At the ss office, an old man, the principal of sunny's(shaina's son) school has come to meet her...but neha tells him that shaina's father is not well,and hence, she is not comin 2 office, and takes him to aryan... the principal tells aryan that one of the students of their school,arnav jha, had not yet returned home and he was really worried for him , as his parents were also behavin wierd...he cudnt express himself. aryan says,'i understand sir,thanx so much for informin us...we will look into the matter...' he then asks neha and ajay to find out about it from jha's house...
neha and ajay go to jha's house and see that mr.jha is reluctant to say anything... so ajay tells him, 'dekhiye,agar aapka irada hai ki police is maamle mein na aaye...to ab aisa nahi ho sakta...kyonki humlog is baat ki jad tak pahunchke hi rahenge..' they question arnav's parents in the office.
after that,aryan and neha are in the office when he gets a call and then tells neha,'sabse kaho ki ready rahe,ek aur crime hua hai...' and he enters his cabin and gets another call... this time-
a voice:khannasahb, ek advice hai aapse,is case mein gehre mat utariyega...
aryan:(smiles knowingly)acha...nahi to?
the voice: namashkar...(and hangs up)
aryan and the team goes to the next crime scene...a jungle...where an engineer has been shot dead with 7 bullets...the search the crime scene for evidence,etc... papaji tells them time of death was 4pm. they also find tire tracks which shotgun takes. ajay checks out a place near the crime scene where there's a public loo and finds tire marks there too.aryan asks shotgun to take them for safety sake. aryan feels they must return to the crime scene, but he thinks the case is high profile, and the media ppl may come and tamper it.... ajay tells aryan not to worry as he would make the other place(near the loo) the crime scene. aryan and shotgun laugh as ajay asks the inspector to put tape around the fake crime scene.
they return to office when aryan asks ajay-boxer to find out about the man gyanendra pande and tells papaji to start the autopsy...'lagta hai aaj sari raat kaam karna padega' he then asks neha whether there was a call at the jha residence...neha says no...
aryan:ransom ke liye ab tak call nahi aaya...yeh kis tarah ke kidnappers hai?....
In the autopsy,papaji is drinkin......
shotgun: kyon papaji...night shift ki tayyari ho rahi hai?(and laughs)  papaji offers him the bottle and he says no thanx...
They question gyanendra's driver who says that he was to come by the train at 3, but by the time he went to the stn at 3.15, he cudnt find his boss and thought he had left…
after 3 days...they are watchin the news in the pantry...the press knows about arnav's kidnapping…Aryan looks accusingly and angry.. Aryan:yeh baat bahar leak kaise hui?  Ajay says maybe some parent of arnav's schoolmate had told the press…
the chief vigilance commissioner, baldev yadav, comes to see Aryan about the case…he tells him that gyanendra was workin on a Metrocity lead project wherein he had exposed corrupt officers and polititions,and had written a letter to him about it…and now,otherse had come to know of the letter…
Aryan:but how?
Baldev:I don't know…
Aryan:u don't know…?
Baldev:shaayad who leak ho gaya…      hearin this , Aryan angrily gets up…
Aryan:shayad leak ho gaya? Ek insaan…apni jaan jhoki mein daalke, apne system ki corruption ko fight kar raha tha, aur aapne uske effort ko itna lightly le liya? Aapke carelessness ki wajah se uski jaan chali gayi…aur aap kehte hai shaayad leak ho gaya?     Baldev says he felt sorry about and submits the cfonfidential report…
Ajay says that he found out abt Gyanendra but all his frnds r scared…only 1 guy(rahul mishra) is willin to say something off the record…sittin in the interrogation room…
 Aryan: off the record! Shaina nahi hai interrogate karne ke liye…otherwise the guy would've spilt his guts out…! (I really loved the way he praised shaina like that…sigh!and yeah loved aryan's dialogues in this following scene…)      Aryan goes and asks him for the names of the ppl gyanendra was tryin to expose… but rahul says he cant give the names as he values his life too much… 
Aryan:agar naam nahi bata sakte to aap yahan aaye kyon? Why r u wasting our time? 
 Rahul:gyanendra mera bahut achha dost tha…lekin yaha aane ke baad mere biwi bachon ke chehre mere saamne ghoom rahe hai… 
Aryan: dekhiye…dhamkiyan hume bhi milti hai…dar hume bhi lagta hai…lekin iska matlab yeh nahi ki sab apna kaam chodke baith jaye…! Agar sab aapki tarah sochne lage to phir democracy,law and order, adalat, in sab ka kya matlab hai? Phir to har aadmi ko criminal banna chahiye…phir to gunda raaj karega..!!(he then leaves the room)
Aryan goes to his cabin and opens the confidential report… he checks all the names and is totally shocked…
 Aryan: my god…isme to politics aur construction business ke who's who ka naam hai…this is gonna be difficult…(he gets a call just then…)
a voice: khannasahab…hum aapko jaante hai…lekin aap hume nahi jaante…  
Aryan: hallo…is galat faimi mein mat rehna…main tumhe aur tum jaison ko bahut achhi tarah se… 
the voice: galat faimi to aapko hai… system se panga nahi liya jaata… Aryan: take ur bloody system…and SHOVE IT UP YOUR…
 voice: namashkaar…!  
   Aryan tells ajay abt the call and also that now they WILL solve the case…
Aryan is watching the news in the pantry and they r reporting abt gyanendra's murder… he goes to shotgun askin abt the tyre-tracks, then draws the route on the board statin that gyanendra was trvellin out of route, based on where his body ws found…they think he was in a taxi, knocked out, but ajay says tht no taxi at the station is missing… Aryan thinks its related to arnav's case..coz that's the place where arnav's van was gone…  Aryan asks neha abt the checkposts, but she replies negative…
Aryan: questions…questions…na gyanendra ka case solve ho raha hai…na arnav ka… ek bacha apne school se lautte waqt kidnap hota hai… ek officer apne system ki corruption ko expose karma chahta hai…aur use maar diya jaata hai… aur hum kya kar rahe hai?...(smiles sarcastically..) kuchh nahi! Nothing at all..!
The driver of school van is brought 4 questionin… he is too scared but says that he was dropping off arnav, when some gundas pushed  him out and took the van away… he ws about to go to his village as it was his wedding…
aryan: (fumes) abbey sale tujhe sharam nahi aati..?? waha ek bacche ki jaan jhoki mein hai…aur tujhe apni shaadi ki padi hai?
He then tells everyone his theory…that the kidnappers took the van coz they needed a vehicle to go kill gyanendra… but boxer says they still don't know why the driver was let scot-free as he was an important eye-witness. Aryan says his gut-feel strongly tells him the two cases are related…just then, ajay comes and informs that the press ppl had come… be4 aryan leaves…
Neha: Aryan, I don't know mujhe yeh kehna chahiye ya nahi…lekin jab tum apna statement doge,please remember,ki arnav ki jaan abhi tak khatre mein hai… kahi aisa na ho, ki hamare statement ki wajah se , he's put into danger…      Aryan looks at ved who nods and then leaves…
The press ppl question him that since it was a maruti van in both the cases, were the cases related…? Aryan thinks a lot…then replies..'yes'… the entire team is watchin this from outside the cabin…they shake their heads in disappointment,and ved says, 'he's lost it!' and they all leave…one by one…
In the autopsy room,ved checks the time of death and is shocked and asks papaji to read the bulletwound analysis again… papaji realizes he goofed up and hits the notepad on his head… ved calls Aryan to the autopsy and tells him that time of death was 4 pm , but the bullets were fired at 11am. Aryan is shocked as till 3pm, gyanendra was in the train… but ved explains that his wounds had started repairin and he died eventually ay 4pm. Aryan asks papaji who looks down guiltily
 papaji: Aryan…
Aryan: kya….?
Papaji: woh… I'm sorry!
 Aryan: papaji how could you…?     He then realizes his mistake of his statement to the press and leaves
Neha is tryin to convince a worried mr.jha on the phone…after that, she goes to aryan's cabin, where he is sittin dejectedly… neha tells him abt the call and scolds him…
Neha: tumne kyon presswalon ke samne kaha ki gyanendra aur arnav ke case mein connection hai? Now the situation has become even more desperate…
 Aryan: meri wajah se….. (he tells neha abt the time of death) shayad meri wajah se us bacche ki jaan….. (gets up) I SCREWED UP!... I SCREWED UP!...                he sees shotgun and boxer outside who tell him there was no booking on the 3pm train for gyanendra…infact, he came at 10 in the morning… aryan is depressed when he gets another threat call….  
Voice: khannasahab…mujhe baar baar samjhane ki aadat nahi hai…behtar yahi hoga…aap is case ko chhod de…  
 Aryan: (yells) aaey! Sun meri baat! Special squad is case ko chhod de …. Taqi yeh case system ke hi kisi enquiry commission ke paas jaaye…aur results aate aate….. nahi! Aisa nahi hoga….aryan khanna aisa hone nahi dega… tujhse jo ban paata hai na…tu kar le! (and he hangs up)       the phone on neha's desk rings…it's the kidnappers ransom call for 10 lakh rupees….  After the call, Aryan is not convinced…  
Aryan:koi bahut desperately yeh prove karne ki koshish kar raha  hai ki yeh dono cases separate hai… guys …is waqt subah ke chaar baj rahe hai…never in my whole life, have I seen a ransom call at 4 in the morning…..aur mange bhi to kya…sirf 10 lakh rupaye? 
He realizes its not right… the call was made from a dadar pco…
he asks shotgun for the other set of tracks they found... then he ass neha for mr.jha's itinery... she says that day mornin he had gone to vapi 4 a meetin... aryan says that means he had used the ahemedabad highway...and that was where the murder took place... which meant there was a chance that mr.jha had seen the murder take place...and his son was kidnapped 3 hours later...
Aryan:that means ...in dono cases mein connection hai...aur agar main galat bhi hoon...i still want to take that chance...
ajay and shotgun go to jha's house to get the tire-prints of his car... they get him to ss office, where he confesses to aryan abt havin seen the crime take place... aryan asks jha if he remembers the faces and asks zubin to make an id sketch....
after the sketches are made, aryan and the others realise that the culprits are baldev yadav,chief vigilance commissioner and rahul mishra, gyanendra's so-called friend...
 Aryan:come on guys...lets get the bas***ds...!
aryan , ajay, and boxer nab the culprits...who threatens to get back at aryan and ruin his career.....
aryan, neha, boxer and ajay go to jha's house with arnav...and return their son...and its a joyous moment.....
Boxer:(smiling at aryan) gut-feeling bhaiyya ki.....jay!!Wink

Maverickaryan Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 1:47am | IP Logged
Hey cool and thanks alot you are amazing and I like the dialogues thing.
widluv2aryan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 March 2006
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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 2:04am | IP Logged
u r most welcome.....do tell me if i should keep givin the updates...it feels nice to be appreciated Smile
praveenam Goldie

Joined: 12 February 2006
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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 7:50am | IP Logged
thanx a lot reshma.although i did c d episode i loved 2 read ur description.i was recollectin d images while readin.
wt did u do?took runnin notes?gr8 work.
and of course v wnt u 2 continue.
akanksha1125 Newbie

Joined: 03 November 2005
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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 10:04am | IP Logged
hey reshma! great work yaar! i like the way praveenam asked u 'did u take running notes?' really u've written the dialogues word by word. damn good reshma
keep up ur good work and do keep us updated.
Lovely-Maiden IF-Dazzler

Joined: 04 September 2005
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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
of course do keep giving updates, nice work. Smile
widluv2aryan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 March 2006
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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 8:25pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by praveenam

wt did u do?took runnin notes?


no dear...i dint literally take running notes...but yeah,...i think i had mentioned earlier that i'm writin a journal on ss...so i write a description after evry episode... i watch an episode thrice and then i know almost all the scenes and dialogues...then when the last repeat is aired on friday,i can check what i've missed and correct myself....i dont know if it sounds crazy...but i love doing that...

widluv2aryan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 March 2006
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Posted: 01 April 2006 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
and thanx again to all for appreciating Smile .... wil definitely try to keep up with the updates...

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