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Update for 31st March - Kasamh Se!

mistletoe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2006 at 9:44am | IP Logged

Hey I am back with the update for today!  I thought I would have a heart-attack today!!! Jai's performance broke all records today, he was breath-taking….it was a completely heart-stopping episode!!! I am finding it impossible to even write it! Way too good, just way too good! I think today's episode was by far the best in Kasamh Se till date. Everyone acted to superb perfection, even Pia!


The Party is going full force, while Jai is looking glum and lost and Pushkar is still standing like a statue with him. Bani also come's in and join Rano. Mohan announces that his project has pulled off very well and that he is going to show a small presentation on the same. The lights go off and the screen alights with the CD of Pia and Pushkar's make-out scene. OMG, the way Jai's expression changes from being a glum disinterred one to one of complete horror and shock, his eyes fill with tears and then his face turns into a deadly one. I just cannot express the look on his face in words; it has got to be one of the best acting pieces I have seen! Pushkar is frozen on the spot, while Bani looks thunder-struck and her eyes are glued only on Jai! Jigyasa and Ranveer break into a victory smile. Mohan is equally shocked and shouts for the DVD player to be shut.


The Camera initially focuses on Pushkar's face, then on Bani and Rano, then on Mohan, then on Jigs and Ranveer and finally it comes to rest on Jai's face. Jai is standing in a limbo, with no expression on his face, except his eyes are completely moistCry Jai is paralyzed with shock and so is Pushkar with fright. Jai then breaks from his reviere and turns towards Pushkar, who looks as if the Earth would eat him up. All the past scene between Pushkar and Jai flashes in front of Jai's eyes and then he remembers Pia and Pushkar together and then he remembers himself breaking down crying infront of Pushkar just a while back. He also remembers the scene where Pushkar had told Jai that he would never let Jai fail in life! Cry (Seriously, my heart broke at seeing Jai in such a state!) In a very surprising scene, Jai goes near Pushkar and punches him real time hard on his stomach. Everyone is shocked and Bani is just rooted to where she is, she looks really, really scared out of her wits. Pushkar holds back his tummy in agony and then Jai says in an unnaturally loud voice that I was just joking and hugs Pushkar in an incredibly tight embrace and whispers into his ears, "Ehsaan faramosh" you turned out to be the snake in my house, I had given you food, shelter and a life to live and you back-stabbed me in this manner. Jai says that he was the one to give Pushkar a life and now he will make Pushkar life a living hell and no one on heaven or earth can stop Pushkar from getting destroyed. Jai then lets go of Pushkar who still has no expression on his face except one of complete shock and terror. Pushkar really looks frightened out of his wits. Jai gives one final cold look at Pushkar and walks off from the party hall. Bani who has been staring at Jai, runs behind him, calling out his name (Mr. Walia) and both of them come to a secluded corner. Rano also runs behind Bani, then sees both Jai and Bani together and goes out of that place.


Jai grabs Bani by her hands and roughly pushes Bani against a wall and both of them face one another, while Jai comes extremely close to Bani. It was such an unbelievable scene, Jai has the most staggering expression on his face, of naked hatred and such vicious anger, while Bani looks as if she is going to die any moment of terror. Jai holds her tightly in his grips and tells her with clinched teeth that she knew everything about Pia and Pushkar, everyone knew about it, yet she kept it away from him. Bani just keep staring at Jai's face and she looks shocked out of her senses and tears keep flowing from her eyes, while Jai keeps tightening his grip on her. Jai tells her that all the three sisters and Pushkar have manipulated Jai and made an utter fool out of him; Jai says that Pia and Pushkar were having an affair right under his nose and Bani hid the fact from him. Jai says that all the three of them have used him and done and achieved what they wanted to, and now its his turn to reply back. Jai says that he is not like them and his reply to Bani and her sisters will direct and he will tell Bani beforehand what he is going to do to her(OMG, what is he thinking?) and he won't stab her in the back like she and the others did. Just then Pia comes from behind with Rano and Jai lets go of Bani, who still looks in a daze. Jai turns towards Pia and stares at her with seemingly no emotion on his face and then gives one cold look at Bani, and lets go of his grip on her. Pia looks horrified with fear and breaks down crying, with folded hands and falls on Jai's feet. Pia just utters with great emotion and trepidation that she is his real culprit and not Bani and that he should punish Pia and not Bani for all that happened. Pia tells Jai, "Aap please meri didi ko chod dejiye." Jai keeps staring at Pia without any expression on his face and then gives one looks at Bani, who is frozen on the spot and is constantly crying and then breaks into a malevolent and bitter grin, as Pia's face freezes with dread. After this, Jai, Bani and Pia do not utter a single word, but their face tell the whole story....amazing moment, captured to perfection! Jai's silence was perhaps the most chilling aspect of the whole scene! As Jai walks off from there with a steely determination, Bani completely breaks down crying and Pia also sobs like anything. Rano comes near them and all the three sisters look petrified with fear and crying togetherCry


Bani, Pushkar, Pia, Rano and Mohan are in the Party hall after everyone has left. All of them have tears in their eyes, except Mohan who looks furious and worried. Bani apologizes to Mohan for all that happened in the party, Mohan tells her coldly that he doesn't care what happened in the party but he does care about what all of them have done to Jai. Mohan says that Jai is immensely hurt and he is worried that something shouldn't happen to him. Bani's face immediately gets tensed up and she tells Pushkar and Pia that their action has caused too much hurt to Jai and that she is feeling very worried for him (Lolz…she is already behaving like a wife!) Mohan goes away from the spot, then Bani tells Pushkar that at this moment, Jai is very wounded and very angry and that it would be impossible to explain anything to him at the moment and that the only way to face Jai's wrath would be to marry Pia. Pushkar doesn't look convinced but tells Bani that they will do whatever she tells them to, but before he gets married, they have to take his family's permission.


Jai is shown driving in his Car in fury as all the past incidents flash in front of his eyes and his eyes are completely moist, while his face is filled with pain and hurt. Jai is shown driving very rashly and he bangs his Car against a pavement and takes a long breath. Then he gets a cool, cold and determined look on his face as he gets out of his Car and place a call to someone and says that its Jai Walia calling.


Bani tell's Rano to go home and she leaves with Pia and Pushkar. While Pushkar's house is being shown ransacked and Pushkar's mother, brother and sister-in-law are trying their best to stop the guys who are throwing all their stuff out. The goondas go out after destroying the whole house and locking it from outside. All the three are standing out, when Bani comes with Pia and Pushkar. Pushkar's bhabhi immediately accuses Pia of being the root cause of their destruction and tells Pushakar that she is going to her Parents house along with her husband and Mother-in-law and Pushkar might join them only if Pia doesn't come with them. Just then Jai's Car sweeps in front of them and Jai pulls the window down, and with a dead cold look in his eyes he tells in a calm voice that wherever Pia goes, destruction will follow, he will destroy everything that Pia touches! All of them look stunned, while Bani is thunder-struck. Jai rolls back his Car window and drives off from the spot (I wish he had asked Bani to join in for a long drive!) Pushkar' bhabhi says that whatever she said was true and that they would have to pay for Pia's mistake. Pushkar keeps quiet (coward) while Pia is constantly weeping, Bani looks lost and desperate and tells Pushkar that he cannot marry Pia until and unless his family approves of it. Pushkar very slowly and sadly tells Pia that they would have to wait to get married and as of now they have to part ways. Pia looks too stunned to react, while Bani looks resigned and sorrowful.


Summary and Comments:


Gir Gaayi Bijli : Pushkar toh gaya kaam se! I had guessed that the way Jai would come to know about Pia and Pushkar would be through the CD (I mean so much of natak had happened for it, Bani had almost killed Ranveer for the CD!) but I had no idea that it would happen so soon! But atleast now Jai knows the whole truth!


Bani is Jai's WMD : WMD stands for Weapon of Mass Destruction! The way Jai looks at Pia when she falls on his feet for forgiveness, gave the viewers an indication that Jai has done with Pia for good and now all his revenge against Pia and Pushkar would be through Bani! Also, Jai tells Bani that whatever he will do to Bani will be infront of everyone, he says only Bani and no one else…..kyun haath dho kar pad gaya hai bechaari ke peeche!


Jai is the Abhimanyu of Kasamh Se : The way Abhimanyu (Arjun's son from the Hindu Epic Mahabharat) was betrayed by all the people nearest to him, Jai is in the same position. He has been betrayed by all those whom he cherished and loved the most. Jai is a wounded tiger who has tasted blood, the way he says that destruction will follow wherever Pia goes, gives an indicator of all that is going to happen! I dunno about others, but my full sympathies are with Jai, imagine to be betrayed like this....it was really heart-breaking to see his eyes fill with tears!Cry


Bani's commitment: See that is why we all like her so much. In spite of everything that happened, her first concern is for Jai and that is why instead of remaining with Pushkar (Who had just got a full blown punch from Jai) or going out to join Pia, she runs behind Jai, not because she wants to offer him an explanation (she knows that he won't listen to anything, not the least from her!) but because she knows how hurt, betrayed and lonely Jai is! It is Bani's innate goodness which makes her so endearing! Even though she is primarily concerned for her sister, she is equally worried for Jai!Smile Though the tragedy is that he cannot see it......Ouchor rather refuses to see it!


Jai's Vendetta: Jai has decided once and for all that whatever he does to Pia and Pushkar will be all through Bani. The way Jai reacts to Pia, or rather his non-reaction to Pia's appearance after such a long time, shows that she is as good as dead for him and that Bani will have to pay up for what Pia and Pushkar have done to him! Jai specifically tells Bani that whatever he does to "her" would be infront of everyone…he doesn't say whatever he does to "them".


My heartfelt condolences : Only and Only to Jai! After watching today's episode, even the most hard-core Pia-Pushkar fans won't be able to support them. Jai's agony and hurt was seen to be believedShocked I fully support Jai in his anger towards everyone, except Bani...I still cannot see why Jai is making her the pawn in his deadly game! On top of that he now blames her for hiding everything from him! I wish someone would tell him that even Jigs, Ranveer and Aditya knew about Pia and Pushkar, that way he won't keep bombarding Bani! But as of now, Jai has become "Dead Man Walking"....Unhappy


Best Scene: Most definitely the one where Jai sees the CD….his expression's were beyond definition today. My Thesaurus is failing me today, I simply cannot express in words how good he was! The second best scene was the one where he pushes Bani against the wall and tells her that she along with the others betrayed him right under his nose and that she would be the one paying for all of them. The way Jai looks at Pia when she falls on his feet was simply Bone-chilling!


Performance Barometer: Ram Kapoor rules again! Kekta Maayi has suddenly woken up and started giving some real time dramatic and high-voltage scenes to him and is he doing justice to them or what! Simply Superb!!! The rest of the gang completely paled in insignificance, today was totally Jai's day! But Bani, Pushkar and the others were good as usual!


Predictions for Next Week: Eeek, this serial is just too good right now….the focus is now going to shift on Jai's revenge that means poor Bani getting crucified! Can't wait till Monday!


Have a rocking weekend guys and do post your comments!


Lots of Love,


MTBig smile

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Posted: 31 March 2006 at 9:58am | IP Logged

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redrose Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2006 at 10:00am | IP Logged
thanks for upadate it was great Clap
pink500 Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2006 at 10:00am | IP Logged
thanks so much, Clap
xsimzxchickx IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 March 2006 at 10:06am | IP Logged
omgggggggggggggg what a amazin episode was this!!! totally Mesmerizing !!!!!!!!!!!

MT u totally rock with ur tremendous updates!!!!!!! Clap Clap Clap

man i can't wait to c this episode!!!

>>>>>>>>poor bani, pia and the rest! jai wil destory them all!!! Cry

i wonder whats to happen next!!! god bless everyone!!! Cry

cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!! for the update Clap Wink
Kadwiphool Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2006 at 10:06am | IP Logged
hey awesome update!!! wow this show is getting highly unpredictable at this moment. your updates are witty and fun to read! keep updating! Clap Clap Clap
nightingale Groupbie

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Posted: 31 March 2006 at 10:06am | IP Logged

Your updates are superb. I can feel everything before even seeing it. I want to thank you on behalf of everyone who reads IF. You take out the time to inform us of our fav. show.

Thankyou so much and please keep up the amazing work.


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