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Kasauti Zindagi Ki

Fan fiction - by Sukhi

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A very warm hello to all of you… especially to all bajajians and kamlesh (who inspired me for this)… This is my very first attempt to a story… it's purely based on my imagination and I think u all will like it… Anuraag fans… please take this sportingly… it's just for fun…


Prerna Rajesh Sharma
Anuraag Moloy Basu
Rishabh Bhanupratap Bajaj


(Prerna, Rishabh and Anuraag are all in their early 20's… no age gaps…YAHOO!)

Rishabh Bajaj is a hotshot and studies at the prestigious Abbey Institute of Business Management. From the day he was born, he has been literally rolling money and thus he has no value for the same… he's ruthless when it comes to his rights, position and principles. He's rude and annoying to many people…but somewhere deep inside there lies a softer side to him…but Rishabh has never let people to get close enough to explore and bring out his true self. He poses to be a bully, but his heart cries every time he sees people happy and comfortable with each other. He's friendless and longs for one loyal and loving friend. After his masters, he wishes to set up his own chain of quality bookstores all over the country… under the name----Raging books'. He's lost both his parents in a terrible air-crash 7 years ago and is now the holder of large amounts of property and finances. Prerna Sharma is a sweet girl from tinsel town…she's sweet but mind u! She's not dumb…she likes to make friends and make people happy. Daughter of a middle-class clerk, Prerna is very close to her family and knows that she's nothing without her family's love and support. A very brilliant student, Prerna constantly thinks about how her dream-man will be. She is very sincere and earnest. Currently, she's studying at the Maniklal Dubey Institute for Business but is leaving no stone unturned for gaining the scholarship in the prestigious AIBM…(Rishabh's institute). She wishes to make her parents proud of her and to enjoy a respectable and comfortable life with her own family. Anuraag Basu...is someone who is a very down-to-earth person. He's got all the riches in the world but is left behind due to his inability to make friends and get along well with people. He's very soft-spoken and is rarely found losing his temperature. His father, Moloy, who wishes to hand over his Business Empire, the Basu Chain of Pharmacy Factories to his son, has groomed him very well. Anuraag is a mother's boy and likes spending all of his time with her and his family. Anuraag wishes to get due respect and love. His only weakness seems to be his irresponsible nature on crunch situations. This time around, Anuraag scored poorly in the entrance exams and was thus forced to take admission in MDIB…(Prerna's current institute)…that doesn't matter though… Moloy has nurtured his business skills from the very beginning and is gonna hand over business to him all the same. Prerna is getting ready for university. Her mother is constantly nagging and telling her to hurry up or she'll miss the bus. Prerna cares no less for her university and finally loses her temper after another round of nagging by her mom— Prerna- Oh come off it ma! U know I don't give a damn to that institute…good gracious…it's terrible. Mr. Shukla screaming his lungs off every other minute... Ms. Chawla lecturing students on discipline and self-respect… all the hooligans sitting and hooting at girls in the canteen…The principal is always absent…there are no black lists…no warnings…no nothing…u just wait ma! Just wait! I am definitely going to get the scholarship for AIBM this time…. I'm sure I will! Well I must leave now ma…no! not because you are telling me to but because I have promised my best friend, Judi that I will come for her…will be slightly late today…but don't worry…ok? Bye!! Prerna leaves for university…. her mother lets out a huge sigh and nods her head in disapproval. Meanwhile, Prerna's father, Rajesh comes and pats Veena (her mom) on the shoulder- Rajesh- Why are u so sad? Veena- nothing Rajesh…just thinking about our daughter…I do really hope that she gets the scholarship this time round… if there's anyone deserving enough…it's got to be our Prerna! Rajesh- why do you worry veena? The ones who give life their best get the best in return…so don't you worry. I know Prerna is going to make us very proud some day! Veena- I hope what you say comes true… oh no! I forgot the "sabzi". It must have burnt…Rajesh! Please go to office…you are terribly late dear!! Rajesh- going…going…whew! These women I tell u!


Cut to the Basu house, Anuraag- Ramu kaka!! How many times have I told you that I do NOT like getting late… why cant u just set the table for breakfast early for a nice change… this is too much…MA!!! Do something... I am going to have to leave… bye! Ramu Kaka comes almost running with a tray laden with fruits, toast and almond-milk. Anuraag is rushing to the door when Mohini comes from behind and stops him… Mohini- Son…don't leave your breakfast like this…have some fruits… Anuraag (impatiently)- No ma…I just have to go…look it's 10 minutes to 10…I have to be at the university at 10 or I am dead meat…! Mohini- Anuraag!! My sweetie-pie, aren't u? have your milk…there's a good boy! Anuraag (bewildered)- MAAAA! NOOOO! Mohini- only 1 glass Anuraag…. don't make a fuss now…have it…Anuraag nearly snatches the glass of milk from his mom and finishes it in two HUGE gulps. He runs to the car and rushes to University.

First things first…. Prerna and Anurag's university starts at 10 while Rishabh's starts at 11:30… So now cut to the Bajaj house… Rishabh wakes up with a start. He has just had a horrible dream. He dreamt of being alone…alone in this whole wide world with everyone with his or her backs to him and laughing cruelly. Rishabh (to himself)- That wasn't a dream, was it Rishabh? I think it has become the appalling reality of my life…how true the dream was! I am alone…. I have always been. Why did u leave me like this Mom? Where do I get another teacher like you Dad! Rishabh is on the verge of tears…his servant comes to his room and pushes the curtain aside for some sunlight…. Rishabh stares at the morning sun. So he has always done. God knows why…maybe out of anger? Maybe out of loneliness? Rishabh gulps down a solitary breakfast. He has a long bath and gets dressed in black…so he has always done…people say it's his favourite colour… people say he has no other colour in his life except black…no one knows the truth. He sits in his black Mercedes and zooms off to university. All the servants heave a sigh of relief…their "Saab" is never in a good mood.


Prerna and Anuraag are attending their first lecture…interestingly enough, they have chosen the same subjects over the others. Ms. Chawla has started her usual not-required lecture on discipline and self-respect, what else??? Prerna has put her head on the desk and is taking a nice look at the other students attending the lecture. Everyone seems to have almost gone to sleep…well I say "almost" because Prerna could see Anuraag listening in rapt attention to Ms. Chawla's much dreaded speech. Prerna was left with her mouth wide-open…half in admiration…half in pity. She didn't understand Anuraag…either he was too good…or too foolish. She agreed to the second option in her mind and dozed off in between the lecture.


this is an intro to the story...how do u like it!!!
do tell me-




hi ppl!!
Thanks for the awesome response to my introduction to the story...keep ur comments coming as to how u want the story to shape up...aka your nice and inspiring comments has resulted in a pretty quick writing of this 2nd part...so...all of you...enjoy the story...and do write back!!!

Recap – Prerna and anuran go to the same college and attend their lecture. Rishabh gets up and goes to his college...Prerna doses off
during the lecture.


Ab aage –

Prerna woke up only when the lecture had ended and Judi had been shouting for her to wake up since a good 2-3 minutes. Prerna- is Chawli gone? Judi- Chawli? Oh! Chawli!!! U sure are funny Prerna…yeah she's gone but what a bore she was today yaar. Did u see her sari…how miss-matched her accessories were…belch! Prerna- oh come off it Judi…you know I am least concerned…by the way, who was that chump listening to Chawli all the time? He sure needs a mental check-up!!! Judi- Prerna?!! He's not a chump yaar…he's kind of cute but yeah I think he IS a bit…(turns her index finger on the temple ) Prerna- Haha! You got me right this time Judi…anyways who IS he? Judi- He's the "saabzaada" of Moloy Basu…the owner of Basu chain of Pharmacy Factories…he's got to be damn rich you know…Prerna- I know all right…but then what the hell is he doing here…..he should have been somewhere in Oxford or Cambridge! Judi- seriously Prerna…do you care?? Come on. We have to finish this assignment…
Prerna- yeah sure Judi…lets go!

Prerna and Judi walk out of the classroom and bump into Mr. Shukla (the one who screams at the top of his lungs, remember?). Mr. Shukla is in one of his better moods and doesn't shout on Prerna and Judi for bumping into him. He has dropped some files. Prerna and Judi bend to pick up the same, but are assisted by Anuraag who has come to clear some doubts. Prerna hastily snatches the files from Anurag's hands and hands them over to Mr. Shukla. They apologize and move on. While they are walking forward, they hear Mr. Shukla leaving no stone unturned in praising Anurag's business knowledge. Prerna is impressed by young Anuraag. Prerna and Judi sit down under a tree and think about their assignment- Judi- yaar Prerna…I just don't have any answer to this problem here…can you please help me out? Prerna- Sure Judi…just give me two minutes…I am finishing the same problem here…Judi- Do hurry up Na? Umm...err... Judi is an average student and grows very impatient when she's unable to do one of the few things, which she is good at she, starts walking round the tree in search of a brain wave. Suddenly, Anuraag comes over there and get friendly- Anuraag- U know what? I know that problem by heart! Give that to me…I will help you… Judi- you are Anuraag right? Please back off dude, I don't remember asking you for any help…I have enough friends. Anuraag feels really bad after hearing this from Judi due to the very fact that he does not have any friends. Anuraag- I know that, but can you please let me help you with that…maybe you could help me in return…by helping me have enough friends…just like you!!! Prerna, who has been listening to all this, gets up and walks up angrily to Anuraag. Prerna- Can't you listen Anuraag? Judi DOES NOT want your help…(to Judi) maybe he can't understand English... (To Anuraag again) we don't know how to speak Bengali u know…so perhaps you can use your non-existent brains and get lost…we don't need u yaar! Anuraag now understands that once again his inability to make friends has caught up with him…he apologizes to Judi and walks away gloomily. Prerna- What a strange person! Don't know his problem!! Judi- never mind such weirdos Prerna! And now…PLEASE help me solve this problem before we encounter another Anuraag. Prerna and Judi have a hearty laugh and return to their assignment.

Cut to AIBM where Rishabh has just stepped out of his Mercedes and has attracted wistful looks of scores of females who would simply die to have Rishabh as their boy friend. As long as looks are concerned, he's the university hottie! Girls drool over him…for them his very attitude is his sex appeal. But Rishabh is least interested in a girlfriend…he has better things to do. Don't ask him what… he might not have any answers…it's just that having girlfriends is not the Rishabh Bajaj way. Rishabh slowly walks into the classroom and occupies his regular place, where he always sits…alone. The professor starts his lecture on business administration. Rishabh listens in rapt attention and notes down each and every detail in his small, scrawny handwriting. Just when the professor thinks that he's not paying attention, Rishabh treats him with his special cold gaze. His grey eyes are more than enough to send down a shudder through his spine. The lecture finishes and the professor calls Rishabh in his office for some important work. Rishabh tells him he'll be there. The class empties slowly. There are now only two people in the class, Rishabh and a newcomer. Rishabh recalls his name as Ronnie Gupta; he'd heard it during attendance time. Amazingly enough, Rishabh goes and shakes hands with Ronnie. He knows he has found some one just like him- ruthless, brainy and principled. Ronnie and Rishabh get together very well and come to know that they share almost all their likes and dislikes. Rishabh gives a smart smirk, as some one taking his first steps to drive out the loneliness in his life. Rishabh tells Ronnie to wait for him as he will come back after meeting the professor. In the professor's cabin, the professor tells him that he's going to take a surprise internal assessment…right NOW. Rishabh is stunned for a moment but soon enough, sits down on the chair and readies himself for the questions. His professor hands him a file with a company's financial status. He explains that if the company has to regain stability it will have to join hands with a drug company, which undertakes illegal trade and works only on it's conditions. He asks Rishabh that if he were the CEO of the company, what would he have done? It doesn't take long for Rishabh to answer- Rishabh- There's no need for my company to join hands with black-marketers sir! I would never undertake a merger, which requires me to sacrifice my principles and esteem. And one more reason sir…Rishabh Bajaj never…NEVER EVER works on others conditions. If life is a game…the rules are set by Rishabh Bajaj! After saying so, Rishabh smartly explains another way of stabilizing the finances of the country by clever marketing and re-evaluation of its shares. The professor is highly impressed by his business tactics but that doesn't stop him from saying- Professor- that was extremely brilliant Rishabh…but I would like to tell you that your agenda of setting your own terms and principles is not going to take you far…. young man…if you want a foothold as a business-man…keep your principles and conditions on paper…not for execution. This angers Rishabh who now knows no bound to it. Rishabh- I'm sorry sir…but that is not possible. For me, my principles are my God…never ever will I compromise on them. It's my father's most valuable teaching to which I will stick my whole life. It's only my principles, my grit and my belief that will take me wherever God intends to. Good afternoon sir…have a good day! Rishabh storms out of the cabin before completing the assessment. His professor, who's highly impressed by Rishabh's will and maturity, gives him good marks all the same. Rishabh and Ronnie find out that both of them are interested in the same business set-ups and so…they decide to setup a firm together after their masters. Ronnie is awfully bad-looking and the girls are left wondering as to how cud a bloke like Ronnie all of a sudden become Rishabh's best buddy!

so...did u like this part...I know some of you will be disappointed as Anuraag is getting less prominence...but don't worry he's to come back...with a BANG!
ok then...do write back...
but plz do NOT expect the next part in a jiffy...it's gonna take all my thinking...hehe...
hope u will enjoy this series-




The next day, at MDIB…Prerna and Judi are late for class…pretty late. The professor shouts on them and bars them from attending his class for the day. Anuraag, on the other hand is spared…he had managed to get in early. Prerna and Judi feel bad and stand at the door gloomily. Anuraag looks at their faces and feels bad. After the class is over, the professor calls them both in his cabin. Anuraag follows as he wants to clear his doubts. Little do the trio know that the professor was heavily drunk last night and is having a hangover. The professor sent off Judi but told Prerna to wait back. Judi smelt foul play but she could not do anything but wait. The professor was now completely out of his senses and started misbehaving with Prerna. She being alert and strong, managed to give a nice whack on the professor's head and he fell unconscious. Hearing the ruckus, many more professors entered the cabin along with Judi and Anuraag. Prerna started justifying but no one was willing to listen…Judi also started pleading along with her. The principal declared that such misbehaviour was worthy of expulsion. Anuraag secretly went to the principal's cabin and gave a detailed account of the incident. The principal trusted him as he was a very close pal of Moloy Basu and Anuraag referred to him as "uncle". He apologized to Prerna and Judi and expelled the professor for drinking and coming to college. Prerna and Judi were ecstatic. Judi informed Prerna that it is all due to Anuraag and his quick thinking. Prerna now gave a serious thought to how she felt about Anuraag. She smiled to herself.

Cut to AIBM, Rishabh once again steps out of his Mercedes but doesn't walk to class…he walks over to Ronnie instead. Rishabh pours his heart out to Ronnie and tells him about his dark and gloomy past and how he intended to brighten his life with the help of a friend, just like him. The whole day, Rishabh and Ronnie sit in the canteen <> discussing their lives and having a frank heart-to-heart talk. Ronnie gets a call on his cell phone. It's from his sister, Sia. Ronnie informs Rishabh that he has to rush to the airport as Sia has arrived and that she's just come from Auckland. Rishabh accompanies him to the airport. Sia is waiting impatiently for someone to come and pick her up…she's sweating and is yet to acclimatize to Indian weather conditions. Sia is a graduate from Auckland and is Ronnie's younger sister. She's come to India for the first time…every year Ronnie used to go to Auckland to meet her. Sia is a brainy and good-looking girl…it's not easy to get into Sia's good books soon. She's a very straightforward girl with a formidable "in-your-face" attitude. Rishabh and Ronnie are a little late at reaching the airport which has Sia very angry. Rishabh tells Ronnie to find a suitable place to park and that he'll try to search for Sia. It's not difficult for Rishabh to spot Sia. She's the only one standing still at the departure door of the Mumbai International Airport which is always buzzing with activity. It was a bit foolish on Rishabh's part to approach a girl without even confirming who she is, but nevertheless, he took the chance. Sia is wistfully staring at all the people who are going home with their family and now is sporting a HUGE frown on her face. Rishabh smoothens the non-existent creases on his black shirt and walks towards Sia. He approaches her and- Rishabh- hello! You must be Miss Sia Gupta…right? I am Rishabh…Ronnie's… Before he can say anything further, Sia cuts in- Sia- Yes, you have to be Ronnie's chauffeur! I thought he'd never get one…very good…I'm impressed…he's even set a uniform…very nice…but why the hell has he sent you? Where's my brother…wait till I get hold of you Ronnie!! Hey! What are you doing…don't just stare at me like an <> idiot…! Come on! Take my luggage and lets go! Rishabh- Yes Ma'am…as you say…Rishabh decides to have some fun and starts acting like a chauffeur…

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well sukhi its awwsome
good yaar rishu is sexy wowwww Tongue

n do add next part soon LOL
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waiting for the next part.
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haila that was amazing jaan u rock and please continue soon

Luv Noori
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Wow Its Good Sukhi!
Please Continue!!

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Thanks for putting this up Manasi:):) Sukhi is a fantastic writer No doubts...!!!
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Thanks for posting...
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