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~Destiny~AK PAGE 51 (10/3)The End (Page 48)

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 September 2006 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Chandini

hmm nice - and no girl wants to accept that her dad was bad - plus no matter what happened in the past - he shouldnt have killed her father- there is a thing called talking - and the money should have gone to K - and those other kids too I guess - I didnt like them.... killing is no soloution for anything - why does no one get that?

lol - sorry not trying to get all emotive on u - grt fanfic - n nice story continue soon!

ic where ur getting but that isnt his dad!! because of him his real dad died and his mom too..   i c y he killed him. i mean if anyone hurt my mom i would kill them too.. no reallly.. i would!!!!!   but ur rite, killing isnt the answer but put urself in his feet...

when are u continueing anywayz??

mansi1219 Goldie

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Posted: 28 September 2006 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
OMG!! i just this.. it was awesome... u better cont. it.. its sooo good... i hope u do it fast...
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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When Kripa woke up Angad wasn't next to her. She got ready and went to the living room, she found Aaron in the living room.
K- Good Morning
Aaron- Good morning
K- Wheres Angad?
Aaron- He left half an hour ago, he said he was going to go on a walk or something
K- oh, okay, Anyways have you decided if you want to go to the city with us?
Aaron- I don't know, I've grown up here, don't feel like leaving everything behind
K- You won't be leaving anything behind, I mean you could back here anytime you want to visit, you'll be giving yourself a better future if you go there
Aar- I don't know...
K- Okay, then come there for a couple of days and try things out, on the plus side football practices are coming up, try them out and if you don't make it, then its okay, but if you do, which you tottally are, then you'll BE ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM AND STAY IN MUMBAI!!!
Aaron- Kripa
K- I know I know, its a hard decision for you, take your time, I mean you have like one hour to take your decision, no rush
Aaron- Kripa your not funny
K- Sorry, anyways ------
Kripa and Aaron heard the doorbell ring.
K- It's probably Angad, I'll get it
Kripa opened the door. To her surprise Aarti was with Angad.
K- ...hey
Aarti- How are you?
K- Good......
Aaron- Didi, good morning, come in
Aarti- Good morning,
Aarti came in with Angad.
Aaron- So Angad I thought you went on a walk, what were you doing with didi?
Aarti- He found my house
Aaron- Cool, did you meet my nephew
Angad- Oh yeah Adi, he was an awesome kid, hey Aaron do you think I could borrow some clothes of yours, these kind of got dirty from football yesterday
Aaron- Yeah come on, follow me
They left, Kripa and Aarti were left sitting down.
Kripa thought it would be best to remain quite, hopefully she wouldn't get on the bad side of Aarti.
Aarti went and sat next to Kripa,

she titled Kripa's face so she looked at hers.

Aarti- Kripa, I want to apologize to you
Kripa was shocked.
Aarti- I was being unfair to you, I took your dad's mistakes and put you at fault for them, but the truth is your one of the last people to blame for anything, please forgive me
K- Aarti, I understand your reaction, it was only natural, no need to ask for forgiveness, I was never mad at you.
Aarti- Kripa, your my sister, if you ever need anything tell me, ....I love you
Aarti hugged Kripa.
K- Thanks Aarti, but did you forgive me, I mean.....all of a sudden---
Aarti- Kripa, your husband, Angad came and explained to me the difference between right and wrong, he made me realize my mistake
K- Angad?
Aarti- Yes, your very lucky to have him
Kripa smiled.- I know
Angad and Aaron came back into the living room.

Aaron- What do you think didi, should I go to the city?
Aarti- To visit?
Aaron- get a career there and...and settle down
Aarti was quiet. But then she smiled.
Aarti- I think that's a great idea, you can make something of yourself.
Aaron smiled.
Aarti- And I won't have to worry about you with Angad and Kripa with you.
Aaron- Then its set, I'm going with you guys to Bombay
A- Awesome dude
Aarti hugged the three, and bid them goodbye. She had to leave due to sending Adi to school.
Aaron- I'm going to go pack
K- okay

K- Angad
A- yeah?
K- I love you
Angad smiled- I know
K- No I really really really really love you!
ANgad- Kripa, trust me, I know
Kripa pulled Angad close to her and kissed him. Angad held her and kissed her back. The kissed turned to a passionate one. They both broke away from it slowly.
Kripa blushed- I'm going to go, umm help him pack
A- I'll go with you
Kripa smiled and Angad smiled back at her.
K- Aaron you have really good clothes
Aaron- That's because I have style, I only wear the best
Angad(talking to himself0- so it runs in the family
K- What?
A- nothing
K- Where do you shop?
Aaron- I make a trips to Bombay to buy designer wear every month or so
K- cool

The three went to the city.
Aaron- Just drop me off at a hotel or something.......
Angad- What are you crazy dude, your staying with us
Aaron- Come on, I can't stay with my sister's in laws
A- Dude, your my friend and Kripa's brother, your not staying at some hotel when you have family in town,
K- Angad's right, your staying with us, and that's final!
Aaron- Fine....
K- Good

They reached the house. Angad Kripa and Aaron reached rang the doorbell. Naina and Dilip came to the door.
Naina- Angad Kripa, welcome home
A- Thanks mom
Naina told the maid to go get the arti plate. She did the arti to Kripa. Kripa was happy. They both took Dilip and Naina's blessings.
Dilip- Angad beta, who is this?
A- This is Kripa's brother
Dilip- Brother? But Kripa is an only child
A- It's a long story dad, I'll tell you later
Naina- Anyways, Welcome beta, this is just as much as your home as Angad's and Kripas'
Aaron- Thank you aunty
Naina- Your welcome now come inside you three

Angad told his parents parts of the story on Aaron and Kripa. They gladly accepted him. Kripa and Angad met with the officer to Vikram Sharma's murder case. They couldn't find the murderer so they asked if they could shut the case and Kripa gave them permission to do so. The three split Vikram Sharma's money and distributed it all to different orphanages and shelters across India.

---------------Later that night----------------
K- Okay Aaron, your going to have to start working out and stuff
Aaron- No problem, I already do
K- Okay, then practices start in a week
Aaron- You think I'm good enough?
K- One second let me check
Kripa punched Aaron in the arm
Aar- Ouch, what was that for?
K- It hurt?
Aar- **** yeah
K- Okay, then your not ready because guys are going to be tackling you down like 5 times that
Aar- God Kripa, I think you should be on the football team
Angad came into the room.
A- Hey what are you two up to?
Aar- Other then your wife punching me, nothing much
A- Kripa, why are you punching Aaron?
K- I didn't punch him, it was more like a ..........tap
Aaron- Okay, show Angad your "tap"
K- okay
Kripa punched Angad in the arm
A- OUCH!!!
K- Oh my god, you two are big babies
A- God Kripa, I didn't know you hate me that much
K- Shut up Angad, anyways your finally back from your lame meeting
A- yeah , and it wasn't was very...interesting
K- Whatever, anyways I have to do some career research too
Aaron- Well what do you want to be?
K- I don't know....I'll think about it tomorrow

Naina and Dilip came in the room tensed.
K- Whats the matter?
Dilip- I have some news,
Angad- What is it?
Naina- Actually you know Priya (Angad's sister) is in America, looking for colleges, she picked one out in New York, so your father and I have to go there with her. You know shes still young and immature, so we're going to move with her, for six years
K- What? Six years?!
Naina- I know, I don't want to leave you kids, but.....
Dilip- We have no choice, unless you guys want to go with us
Angad- No......
Naina- Then we have to go, I'm going to miss you kids
Naina went and hugged the three.
K- mom, when are you guys leaving?
Naina- Tomorrow morning
Aaron- Woah, that's quick
Dilip- I'm going to transfer the business there so I can take care of stuff from there, guys will be okay?
A- Yes dad, don't worry about us
Dilip- Okay, come on Naina, lets go pack
Naina- okay

They left.
K- I'm tired,
Aaron- Me too
K- Let me show you a room
Aaron- Cool
Kripa showed him a room and then went to Angad's room.
K- Wow awesome room Angad
A- Thanks
K- Your so....clean
A- I was always organized and clean
K- oh....okay....that's......nice, just to warn you I'm a ....little....messy
Angad grabbed Kripa by the waist and pulled her on the bed with him.
A- oh really?
Before she could respond Angad kissed her. His hands wrapped around her waist, she put he arms around his neck. The kiss went on for five minutes. When he pulled away she was out of breath.
K- wow
A- I love you
K- I love you too and.....thank you
A- For what?
K- For everything Angad, this happiness, its all given by you, I don't know what I would do if I ever had to separate from you
A- Kripa I love you, you mean the world to me!
K- Well your my universe
A- Really?
K- Of coarse, why, you don't believe me?
A- I do, I do, now give me a kiss
K- Another one?
A- Kripa, your my wife, we could kiss all day and-----

Before he knew Kripa kissed him. She was on him as they both hit the bed. Angad took off his shirt. His arms wrapped around her waist. He kissed her neck and made his way to her rosy lips again, his tongue touched her.. Kripa loved his warm breathe taking kissing. Angad reached over and shut the lights off.

The next morning Angad got up and had to go drop off his parents at the airport and then go to work. Kripa hugged them goodybe and Aaron wished them a safe trip. After they left Aaron went back to his room and slept. Kripa went to Aaron's room after a while. He was still sleeping. She went beside him and tried waking him up.
Aaron-mumbling- let me sleep
Kripa knew it was kind of early so she decided to not wake him up.
K- okay, but I'll be downstairs, okay
Aaron- okay

She left and made her bed. Then she read the newspaper, which was very unlike her, she discovered she didn't like reading the newspaper.
K- Why do people read the newspaper when they could just watch the news?
After her new discovery she made herself a coffee. She tried thinking of a career. She wanted to be independent and not rely on Angad for everything.
K- Maybe I should be a----

Before she knew it Aaron plopped down next to her.
K- You finally woke up.
Aaron- Yeah I'm used to getting up early but that bed was really comfortable, I didn't want to get up.
Kripa laughed.
Aaron- What are you doing?
K- Well I'm trying to think of a career to join
Aaron- Well maybe I can help you
K- okay
Aaron- Your going to have to answer a couple of questions
K- ...okay no problem
Aar- Whats your favorite hobby?
K- Shopping
Aar- Are you good in math and English
K- yeah got an A plus in them throughout school
Aar- good, now do you like designing things
K- ...yes
Aaron- Okay then you should be a..... fashion designer, besides they get big bucks too
K- Sounds fun, but ....well I don't have enough money to open my own firm
Aaron- What about Angad
K- No, I mean I know he would give it to me, but I don't want to rely on him for every little thing
Aaron- If you don't want to take money from Angad to start your own firm, just get a job working for someone
K- You mean working under someone?
Aar- It's just a start
K- Your right, okay, thanks
Aar- No problem
K- So what do you want for breakfast?
Aar- Your cooking?
K- You know I don't know how to cook, we'll go out
Aaron- Good deal

Kripa and Aaron went to a cafe for breakfast, afterwards Kripa and him went to look for firms and made appointments for interviews.
K- Let's go shopping now
Aaron- I don't feel like it
K- Come on, it'll be fun

They went to the mall and went inside. Kripa went to go look at clothes. Meanwhile, Aaron bumped into a girl. The girl fell down and all her shopping bags did too.
Girl- OMG!
Aaron- I'm so sorry, here
Aaron extended his hand to pick up the girl, the girl got up herself and rubbed her bum.
Girl- Stupid Idiot, can't you see!
Kripa came there.
K- Anjali!
Anjali- Oh my god Kripa! After so many years!
K- I know, we lost contact after college, anyways how are you?
Anjali- I was fine before this idiot bumped into me and made me drop all my bags
K- Who Aaron?
Anj- You know him?
K- He's my brother, anyways forgive him and be friends
Anjali- Fine, if you say so
Aaron- I'm really sorry I didn't mean to--
Anjali- It's okay
Aaron helped her pick up her bags. She was beautiful. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. Kripa noticed Aaron staring at Anjali.
Anjali- Thanks
Aar- No problem
K- Hey you want to get some coffee
Anj- Sure

The three went to a coffee place.
K- Anyways did you get married yet?
Anj- No I didn't find Mr. Perfect yet
This brought a smile to Aaron's face.
Aaron- Look around maybe you'll see him
Anjali- What?
Aaron- oh nothing
Anjali- So I'm guessing you married Angad?
K- Yeah
Anjali- That's great
K- so where have you been for so many years?
Anjali- I went to London and became a fashion designer and then I came back here a couple of months ago and joined an Indian firm
Aaron- Wow, you know Kripa wants to be a fashion designer too
Anjali- Really?
Aaron- Yeah, but she didn't join a firm or fashion house yet?
Anjali- Kripa, you should join me, I work for Fusion Fashions, it's great there, besides my partner just left me so I was in need of one, you'll be perfect
K- Are you crazy Anjali? Your a professional, I don't even have any experience---
Anj- Then you'll get experience with me, please Kripa it'll be so much fun
K- Are you sure?
Anj- Positive
Anj- Awesome!!! By the way Aaron what do you do?
Aaron- Well meanwhile nothing
K- But he's going to be a professional football player in a couple of days---
Aaron- That is if I make the team
K- Don't listen to him Anjali, I've seen him play he's definitely pro material
Anj- Oh my god, football! I love football! Can I come to your practice?!
Aaron- Sure, I mean if you want to
Anj- Of coarse I do! Thanks, I should be going now, I'll call you
Aar- Okay
Anj- Kripa
Aar- huh?
Anjali- I'll call Kripa, not you
Aaron- Yeah,....I know
Kripa smiled. She could tell he was in love, and if not in love with her yet, then soon he would.
Anjali- Okay well bye guys
AK- Bye

Anjali left. Kripa and Aaron headed home.
K- You like her don't you?
Aar- No, what would make you think that?
K- Come on, don't lie to me, your eyes sparkled around her, you love her, dont you?
Aar- ...okay, not love, just attraction
K- Well I have good news for you
Aaron- what?
K- Well Anjali is crazy about football, she loves it. She told me football players also turn her on.
Aaron bluhshed.
K- Aww your blushing!
Aaron laughed. When they reached home Angad was home.

Aaron- Hey Angad
A- Hey, so what have you two been doing all day?
Aaron- We went to the mall
A- Cool
K- Yeah, I was checking out guys while Aaron was busy picking up girls
A- Very funny
K- Okay, but Aaron did find a girl he likes
Aar- Kripa, did anyone tell you, you can't ever keep secrets!
K- No, why would anyone say that to me?
Aaron- Kripa!
A- Was she hot?
Aar- Dude, she was drop dead gorgeous!
A- ohhh, tell me more details about her------
K- Shut up Angad, and Aaron keep Anjali's details away from my husband
A- Anjali......sounds familiar...
K- Yeah, remember Anjali, she went to college with us
A- Oh yeah, now I remember, good choice Aaron, shes a nice girl
Aar- Thanks, but I really want to know if she likes me too
A- Let me tell you one thing, don't play hard to get with someone who 's hard to get
Aaron- She is?
K- No, he's just scaring you, Anjali is awesome, besides she loves football and---
Aaron-smiling- And I play football
K- There you go!
Aaron- God, I love Mumbai!
Kripa laughed.
K- Angad, my stomach just growled, I'm hungry
A- Kripa that's supposed to be my line
K- I know, but Angad you know I can't cook, if you want I'll order something
A- No, its okay, I'll cook
K- Don't worry Angad, after Aaron marries Anjali she'll help you cook
Aaron- My Anjali is going to be perfect, shes going to cook, clean, love me, in short, the perfect wife
K- Aaron, are you saying I'm not the perfect wife?
Aar- No your, umm...your,....a little help Angad
A- What Aarons trying to say is, Anjali would be perfect, but your .......over perfect
K- What in the world is "over perfect"?
Aaron- Come on Angad, I'll help you cook
A- okay

Aaron and Angad quickly left before Kripa could say more. After watching some tv Kripa went into the kitchen.
K- Wow, it smells good in here
A- Thank you
K- I'll go set the table
A- okay, the foods almost ready too
K-Oh yeah, by the way, I hope you made extra Anjalis coming
Aaron- Anjali!
K- Yeah, I invited her
Aaron- God I love you Kripa
K- I know I'm the best

Kripa opened the door for Anjali.
Anj- I hope I'm not late
K- Of coarse not, come on in
Anjali put her coat away and followed Kripa to the dinner table.

Aaron- Hey Anjali
Anj- Hey
Angad came to the dining table
Anj- Angad!
Angad and Anjali had a friendly hug and departed

Kripa helped Angad serve the food.
Anj- Wow Kripa, the food is great
K- Actually Anjali, I didn't make this, I don't know how to cook yet
Anj- Really? Then who made this?
K- Angad and Aaron of coarse
Anj- Wow you two are good cooks
Aaron- Thanks
A- But dont you think Anjali, that Kripa should learn how to cook?
Anj- No, I mean you know how to cook, so you can cook for her. Besides, I don't know how to cook either, my husband will be doing all the cooking
Kripa looked at Angad and Aaron and wanted to laugh in their faces, but she managed to calm herself down.
K- Some people think that woman who know how to cook are only the perfect wives
Anjali- Who? Gosh Kripa I tell you, people still think woman should cook and clean, when the truth is that we're moving forward in life, so what if we don't know how to cook, guys should cook to, what do you think Aaron?
Aaron- Umm of coarse, I mean if you were my wife, I'd problem cooking
Anjali- Awww how sweet
A-mocking Aaron- Yeah. how sweeeeet!
Aaron stepped on Angad's foot
K- What happened?
Aaron- Angad, I told you we can't have our screaming contest when guests are over
Anjali laughed.

After dinner Anjali went home. Aaron, Angad, and Kripa hung out while watching movies and tv. Life seemed great, maybe because it really was, for all three of them.

Thank you for all your comments, they were lovely!I hope this part wasn't too boring. Sorry if it was, sorry for the late updating too. Do comment!

prakriti IF-Dazzler

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i just caught up! its really good! cont soon!
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2006 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
LOL LOL LOL i luved this part.. it was halarious!!!!!!!! Big smile Tongue

continue sooooooooooonn.dont take so long like u did to continue writing this part!!!

IndianCutie13 Goldie

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Posted: 29 September 2006 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
great part i can't stop laughing the end was so hillouris LOL
candyprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 September 2006 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
great part
Numera89 Goldie

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Posted: 29 September 2006 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
That was seriously soooooooooooooo good! omg i totally cant wait to read more so i hope u continue soon!

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