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~Destiny~AK PAGE 51 (10/3)The End (Page 45)

Tania.k IF-Dazzler

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hi great part

cont. soon plzz

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2006 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
awesome part!! luved it..   but i dont get who he is and what did she find.. cntinue soon cuz these questins will eat me up.. haha
girlie18 IF-Dazzler

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awesome ff.jus read da whole of it.loved it ocnt soon poor kripa.angad iz sooooooooo sweet Clap Clap
IndianCutie13 Goldie

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plz.continue this ff rox
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nice long part contineu soon
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Right when the man was about to jump out of the window, Kripa grabbed his shirt and pulled him back.

K- What? You thought you would run away huh? After killing my father and burning down my house, taking my dad's money, business, property, everything?
Man- I had my reasons
K- Than you'll be telling your reasons to the police!
Man- Sorry sis, but I didn't do all this to go to jail
K- I know why you did it perfectly well and don't you dare call me your sister!
Man- I have to go right now sis, but I promise you we'll meet again and when we do, I'll tell you everything
K- How stupid do you think I am? You will tell me the police station
Man- Don't try to meet me, I'll meet you, when its safe, bye sis
The man pushed Kripa back and jumped out of the window, Kripa's eyes popped out. She rushed to the window, she was sure he was going to die because it was a 30 floor building, she got her breathe back when she saw he landed in a hay truck. He waved bye to her from the truck.

Kripa was about to call the police, but she found something on the floor, Kripa smiled a wide grin.
K- Now, I'll come meet you, bro

Today's Update:
Kripa saw a wallet on the floor. She picked it up, yes it was the man's wallet. Kripa looked at the name, Aaron Sachdev. Kripa knew she hit a jackpot, his license had everything about him on it, his age, birth, and most important his address. Kripa heard someone open the door so she hid the wallet.
A- Kripa! Where is he?
Kripa let out a sigh of relief.
K- Angad you scared me.
A- Where is he Kripa?
K- He jumped out of the window and landed in a hay truck.
A- So he escaped?
K- Well not exactly, look what he left behind.
Kripa showed Angad his wallet.
A- Aaron Sachdev.?
K- Yeah, I mean he was so weird, I told him to turn himself in, but he said he had his reasons to kill my father, he said he would meet me when its safe and I shouldn't meet him, what a weirdo. Anyways, lets go
A- You don't want to call the police
K- We will, but first I want to catch him, I want to hear the truth from his mouth, and after I do, I'll make sure he gets the punishment he deserves.
A- Then lets go, because according to this address he lives in the village
K- Your kidding right?
A- Nope, come on, if we go now, we should make it there before dawn.
K- Yeah, umm Angad, call your house and let them know you'll be late, they're probably worried.
A- Sure, but Kripa now it's our house, we're married remember?
Kripa smiled and hugged Angad. He was doing so much for her, more than she ever expected.

In the car:
K- Angad, how much longer?
A- Kripa honey, have you ever been to the village?
K- No, even if I did, I don't think I would like it, I mean I saw it in movies, it's just know...dirty
A- Well you'll change your mind after you go.
K- You've been there?
A- Yep, to tell the truth I was born in the village but then dad got a job in the city when I was four or five, so then we had to move there.
K- that case I love the village
A- Sure, and what I wanted to say was the village and city are far away from each other.
K- Okay, wake me up when we get there, I'm taking a nap

A- We're here Kripa, wake up
Kripa yawned.
She looked around. She saw the green hills, the beautiful views of the distant mountains, the gorgeous homes, the blue lakes, the farms which looked peaceful with small children playing on it.
K- Wow, your right, its beautiful
Kripa saw Angad was busy looking at the man's address on his license
K- Whats wrong Angad?
A- Well it just says the address of this village, not his home
K- What! So this means--
A- Yep, we're going to have to look for his home
K- Great, I swear I'm going to kill this man if I get my hands on him
Angad laughed.
A- Look on the bright side, its a small village
K- Yeah yeah

A- Okay, so we tell people we're looking for Aaron Sachdev, but we say we're looking for him because he's an old friend of ours.
K- That murderer and our friend!!! In his dreams
A- Calm down, come on

Angad knocked on a door. An old lady opened the door.
Lady- Yes?
A- Actually we needed your help on finding someone.
Lady- Sure, I've lived here all my life, I know everyone, but who are you two?
A- I'm Angad Khanna and this is my wife Kripa Khanna, we're looking for our friend Aaron, Aaron Sachdev.
Lady- Aaron lives here. I have to go now.
The lady shut the door quickly.
A- What's up with her?
K- She obviously does know him
Kripa knocked on the door and kept knocking, but the lady didn't open the door.
A- Come on, lets try the next house

Angad once again knocked on the door and told the man who he was looking for. He got the same response. The man got nervous and stuttered, and just like the lady before he shut the door. Angad and Kripa went to many other houses but they got the same response, they were both knew something suspicious was going on.

K- Angad no ones telling us and its getting dark!
A- Well we should just spend the night here, we could try finding him tomorrow
K- Yeah but where will be stay?
Angad looked around. It was apparent that no one in this village would give them a room to stay overnight.
On top of their bad luck it started raining.
K- Great, lets just go back to your car
A- Yeah, that seems like the best idea right now

As they were running to the car Angad noticed a small barn house.
K- We can't go there
A- Why not, come on lets check it out
Kripa and Angad quickly ran towards it and pushed the door open. There were nothing but hay packs inside.
A- Let's just spend the night here, no one will know, plus we'll leave early.
K- Yeah sure

Kripa was drying her hair when she felt a hand on her waist. She turned her head towards Angad who was looking back at her seductively.
K- Angad
Angad kissed Kripa's neck and face. Kripa did what she felt was right at the moment and held him back hoping and wishing to never let him go. Before she knew it she was on the ground and Angad was over her. Angad slipped his hands under her shirt and Kripa's hands were wrapped around his neck....................

Angad and Kripa left the barn the next morning.
A- Kripa last night was the best night of my life
Kripa blushed.
A- I love it when you blush! Remember the first time I met you, you were so stuck up then. Angad smiled to himself remembering the old days.
K- I wasn't stuck up, you were. I just lived differently and you made fun of me for it!
A- I didn't make fun of you.....oh wait I did.
K- See so it was actually your fault, hey what time is it?
A- 5:30
K- I can't believe these people wake up so early here, look everyones already working on the farms
A- Yep, cause this isn't the city
K- Yeah, hey lets go ask those kids myabe they'll tell us
A- It's worth a try
They walked up to the kids. The kids looked back at them confused and surprised by seeing them because they were dressed differently then the village people.

K- Hi
Kids- Hi
K- My names Kripa and this is Angad, whats your names?
Kids- Meenal, Ansh, and Taj.
K- Those are great names, you guys want to be our friends?
Kids- Sure
Meenal- You guys came here from the city?
K- Yes, have you ever been there?
Meenal- No, but mama says when I grow up I could go to college there.
K- That's great. Well this is a small village isn't it?
Ansh- Yeah, everyone knows everyone here
K- Oh well then you must know our friend Aaron
Taj- Aaron bhaiya, of coarse we know him, everyone knows him, he's the best!
K-thinking- Best my foot!
Meenal- Taj, mama said don't tell anyone about Aaron bhaiya, remember!
Taj- Woops
A- Why not, is there any problem?
Meenal- Well I don't know, but all the people in the village told the kids not to tell anything about Aaron Bhaiya.
K- Oh, well we're his friends, can you just tell us where he lives?
Meenal- But mom said----
K- Please, I really have to meet him, we came really far to see him.
Meenal- Okay
Ansh- He lives three houses down from the mandir.
K- Thanks, do you guys like chocolates?
Kids- Yes!!!
Kriap took some out of her purse and gave it to the kids.
A- Do us a favor and don't tell anyone we talked to you, okay?
Kids- Okay

Angad and Kripa left towards Aaron's house. When they were almost there, a lady came up to them.
A- Yes?
Lady- We thought you two left last night, what are you still doing here?!
K- Well we have freedom to go anywhere we like----
Angad put his hand over Kripa's mouth.
A- We were just leaving
Kripa bit Angad's hand so he let go.
Lady- Fine, go

As they walked away Kripa was furious.
K- How dare she ask us if we're still here or not, what does she own this village?!
A- Calm down, but theres something really wierd going on I have to admit.
Kripa and Angad stopped in front of the house the kids told them about.
K- This should be it.
Right when Angad and Kripa were about to knock on the door villagers gathered up to them.

Man- What are you doing?
A- Our friend lives here, Aaron, we just wanted to meet him for 2 minutes.
Lady(The same one)- Sure you are, you told me you were leaving.
Kripa was furious.
K- Well maybe we changed our minds.
Another man- No you must leave the village, you aren't welcomed here!
K- Oh really? You know what, I think you all are in on it!
Lady- (nervously)- What are you talking about?
K- You all are in on my father's death! You all knew about it! You all knew Aaron Sachdev killed my father. You know what, I dont need this **** from you people, one call to the police and they can decide who to arrest or not!
Kripa was on the verge of tears by now. The whole village's villagers were gathered.
A- Kripa calm down, Look just-------

A man came out of the house. Kripa and Angad's back was to him.
Man- What's going on here?
Kripa turned around.
K- Aaron Sachdev(Reminder: Played by Eijaz Khan, so yeah he's a hotty)
Kripa went up to the guy and grabbed his collar.
K- You ran away the other day, but today you won't. This whole village wants you safe, even when they know you killed my dad! All for money? All so you could get rich?
Angad moved Kripa away from the guy.
A- He's not worth your time Kripa,
A- You know your disgusting, a man who could kill someone for some money has no respect, nothing!

Village woman- Don't you dare say anything to Aaron beta!
Kripa went up to the lady.
K-softly- You people are worse than that beast right there, becaue you know the truth but your still giving him help, your still covering the truth, you still--------
Aaron- Shut up! Say whatever you want against me, but not these village people.
A- Why? Everything shes saying is true, everyone here knows you killed Vikram Sharma, but there still not giving him justice, instead their helping you out, his murderer!
K- You love these village people a lot don't you? Yet their only your neighbors and friends, imagine how much I must've loved my dad, he raised me, gave me the love of a mother and father, supported me, and today, he' gone. Only because you killed him.
Aaron- You loved him a lot?
K- He was my father, didn't you love your mom dad?
Aaron got tears in his eyes.
Aaron- Yeah, but they died long back ago.
K- Then you know the feeling of losing your parents, why did you call my dad then?
Village Lady- Just leave here ma'am, please, just leave. Aaron didn't do anything wrong, please just leave.

K- Okay if Aaron didn't do anything wrong? Then who did? My dad, the man who was killed for his money?
Lady- Yes, this all happened because of your father! Your father should have been killed years ago, that man should go to ****!
K- Shut up! I've had enough of this ****, Kripa took out her phone to dial the police station, but a man knocked her phone out of her hand and some people grabbed Angad and held him.

Man- Aaron beta, if you say we could lock them up in----
Aaron- No chacha, today I want Kripa and Angad to know the truth. You two want to know why I killed your dad right? Well I promise you it wasn't for his money. Hey let go of Angad.
The guys released Angad.
K- Don't lie! If you didn't want his money then you wouldn't have changed the will, you wouldn't have took all his money!
Aaron- Kripa just hear me out first.
Angad signaled Kripa to hear the guy out, so she listened.

Aaron- This story started a long time ago. There was a lady in this village. Her name was Kiran. Kiran was in love with a man from this very village, Manav. With the village people's consent Manav and Kirin were going to get married, but there was only person against the wedding, and that was Vikram Sharma, your father. Vikram Sharma loved Kiran, but Kirin didn't love him. Kiran and Manav got married, so Vikram Sharma, a richer man, married a woman from his own class, Gayatri. Everyone thought everything would be okay. Kirin had given birth to a daughter, Aarthi. A year and half later to another son, who was no other than me, Aaron. A couple of years passed and everything went by smoothly. Kiran and Manav were making sure nothing ever went wrong in the village, but who would know that their own lives would get ruined one day. Vikram Sharma came to the village one day, hoping to open a medical center here, but no one understood his intentions, no one knew what intention he came here for, so all the village people cursed him for coming here. Vikram got angry. So one night he came back, Manav wasn't home, so he crept into our home and he......he raped my mom.........After that he never came back. The whole village found out about the rape, they tried to make a police report of it. But using his status, power, and money, Vikram shut the case. Everyone helped and supported Kirin when they found out she was pregnant from the rape, dad supported her to, but he wasn't as strong as he appeared, he committed suicide. Mom became weaker and weaker day by day, her due date came near, she gave birth to a girl and I guess it doesn't take much to figure out that girl was you Kripa. Mom died a few days after giving birth. From somewhere, Vikram figured out his daughter was born, he came and took her away from the village. Gayatri who knew nothing of his doings, accepted the daughter. But what comes around goes around, Gayatri died a year later. His life revolved around his only child, you.

Kripa had tears in her eyes. Half of her believed Aaron's story and the other half didn't.

Aar- Everyday Kripa, I was told that story from the villagers before I went to bed, knowing one day I had to take revenge, I promised myself I would give justice to my mom and dad. So I killed him. I knew his money, property, business was everything for him, so I promised myself I would take it away from him. So I burnt his home........If you want to turn me in, then go ahead. I'll surrender.

K- .....Dad couldn't have done that, maybe it was someone else.........
Lady- I knew your mom very well, she told me herself after the rape he did it. You don't think your mom could have lied do you?
Aaron- Don't even think mom lied Kripa, if you would have known her you would have known she was nicest woman ever.

Angad- I'm sorry Aaron, I misunderstood you.
Aaron- No problem, maybe i would have done the same if I was in your place.
K- Let's go Angad
A- Kripa---
Kripa started to walk away. She had a flashback of her father
Vikram- happy Sweet Sixteen Kripa!
K- Thank you daddy, what are you going to give me?
Vikram- Today I want to tell you something about my life Kripa.
K- Dad I know everything about you, I don't need to know anymore
V- Please listen darling, theres something about my past I need to tell you.
Kripa carefully listened.
V- Your fathers not perfect Kripa. I've made big mistakes in my life, such big mistakes that God won't let me go to Heaven for. Today I want to tell you about them.
K- Dad! I'll hate God if he doesn't send you to Heaven. Your the best father, man, person ever! Nothing you can do can be so bad that God can give you such a bad punishment!
V- There's a lot you don't know about me Kripa and when you do, you'll probably hate me too.
K- Dad ! I don't want to hear this story, and if you dare tell me I swear I won't ever talk to you again!!!
V- But Kripa beta---
K- No dad!
V- Fine I won't tell you, happy?
K- Very, now lets talk about my party
V- Well your my daughter, so its obvious your going to get the best party in India
K- I love you daddy
-------------------FLASHBACK ENDS------------------------------

As Kripa walked away now she understood what her dad wanted to tell her. She knew he felt sorry over what he did, but half of her started to hate him. How could he rape someone? Did he never want to turn himself in? He always taught her never to lie or hurt anyone's feelings, did his action not contradict every word of value he taught her. Kripa finally reached the car. She didn't have a key though. She hoped Angad would come fast, she wanted to go far away, away from everything, all the truths and lies.

She leaned against the car and buried her head in her lap and cried. She wanted to let it all out, everything. Did one action of a man represent who he was? And if it did that would make her father a beast, but he didn't act like one. He was always a caring kind man. Kripa could never even think that he could be a rapist. Kripa felt a hand on her shoulder, without lifting her head she said:
K- Angad, what happened? Everything went wrong.
- It's the way you think Kripa, maybe if you think the other way you'll realize everything went right.
Kripa now could tell it wasn't Angad she lifted her head from her lap and noticed it was her brother, Aaron.

K- You? What do you want? Go away.
Aar- Angad's coming, but I have to talk to you, please
K- I'm not telling the police you did it, don't worry.
Aaron- That's not what I was here to talk about.
K- Then?
Aaron- Your my sister, I hate that man but its also true your his daughter, you don't have to hate him.
K- I don't know, half of me hates that man for what he did to your, I mean our mom, but the other half of me still loves him....
Aaron- It's only natural Kripa, you've spent your life with him, the people we love often we can't imagine them doing anything wrong.
K- Thanks for understanding
Aaron- No problem and Kripa, I also wanted to say I'm sorry for taking his money, you have every right on it now, if you want it back then----
K- No, I'm not that selfish. We'll do whats right and donate it.
Aaron- Yeah
Kripa hugged Aaron.
K-(crying)- I'm sorry for what dad did to mom, I'm sorry
Aaron made Kripa stand up
Aaron- Shhh it wasn't your fault, okay?
Aaron hushed Kripa.

K- I wonder whats taking Angad so long.
Aaron- You love him?
Kripa nodded her head.
K- Do you have a girlfriend or anything?
Aaron- Not yet, but yeah all the village girls are in love with me
Kripa laughed- I'm sure
Aaron- What, they are and by the way Angad is spending the night at my house meaning you are too.
K- But---
Aaron- No ifs or buts, your staying meaning your staying!
Kripa smiled.
K- So you, I mean we, have a sister, what was her name, Aastha or something.
Aaron smiled.
Aaron- Not Aastha, Aarti.
K- Aarti, thats a nice name, where is she?
Aaron- She's at her house.
K- Kool

Aaron and Kripa finally reached his house. Kripa saw Angad playing football outside the house with some other guys.
Aaron- Come in
K- Is this where mom and your dad lived?
Aaron- Yeah, I remodeled the house a little, but it's mostly the same.
K- It's beautiful
Aaron- That's because mom and dad built and designed it themselves
Kripa stepped in. She saw a picture of a couple.
K- That's them?
Aaron- Yeah
K- Wow, she's beautiful. And....I'm sorry about your dad.
Aaron- It's the past now.
K- So you and Aarti live here alone?
Aaron- No I live hear alone, Aarti didi lived with her husband.
K- She's married!
Aaron- Yeah, Come on, lets go meet her.
K- Okay

Aaron knocked on the door and a kid opened it.
Kid- Mamu!!!
Aar- Hey Adi!
Aaron picked up the six year old and kissed his cheek. Adi's glance fell on Kripa.
Adi- Mamu is this your girlfriend?
Kripa's eyes widened.
Aaron- Shut up! She's my sister!
Adi- But how she your sister, isn't mom your sister?
Aaron- Yes your moms my sister, but she's my sister too.
Adi- But I never saw her before
K- Well now you have. My names Kripa.
Adi- Hi Kripa...maasi
K- Wow, I never had anyone call me that b4, but sounds good.
Aaron- Wheres your mom and dad?
Adi- In the living room.
Aaron- Okay

Kripa, Adi, and Aaron headed towards the living room.
Aaron- Hey didi, hey jiju
Aarti- Hey Aaron.
Aarti's gaze fell on Kripa. She didn't recognize her.
Aarti- Whose she Aaron?
K- Hello, I'm-----
Adi interrupted Kripa- I know who she is mom, she's Kripa maasi
Aarti- What? Aaron whats Adi saying?
Aaron- Didi, she's Kripa--
Aarti- You mean to say "his" daughter.
Aaron- Yeah didi
Aarti was annoyed of Kripa. After all she was the daughter of him, the man because of who her and her little brother's whole childhood was ruined.
Aaron- And Kripa this is didi's husband, Vinit.
K- Hello, nice to meet you Vinit.
V- Hey, so I guess you've met Adi already.
K- Yeah, sweet kid.

Aaron- Well I'll go check on Angad and come right back.
K- i'm sure he's enjoying himself, football and him go hand in hand
Aaron- Yeah that's why i'm going to go play too, I'm sure he can't beat me
K- Good luck
Aaron- Of coarse you'll side with him your his wife
K- Then you should get married soon, that way you'll have someone who will be on your side!
Vinit and kripa laughed.
V- Well I'm going to go with you Aaron, I want to play
Adi- Can I come?
Aaron- Sure
The three left. Kripa stayed behind.

K- Adi is a very sweet kid.
Aarti- Thank you
K- It's weird right, I just found out today I have a brother and sister, my whole life I thought I was an only child. I was always jealous of all my friends for having siblings, but now----
Aarti- Look Kripa, I'll make it clear to you, I don't want to have anything to do with you. Your not my sister, and if your calling me sister over the half blood relationship we share, then forget it, because my mother didn't have a choice other than to give birth to you. All because of your father! He ruined four lives that day.
K- I'm sorry I shouldn't have came here
K- .....umm I should go now, bye

Kripa walked towards where the guys were playing football. The villagers were sitting around and watching them. Kripa watched. She couldn't tell who was winning because she didn't know whose team who was on and apparently neither could the people playing.

Guy- Time, time, time, I forgot Aaron are you on my team?
Aaron- No, Angad is.
Another guy- Is Krunal on mine?
Kripa- Wait, wait, wait. Okay how half the guys one Angad's team take off your shirts.
Angad came to Kripa.
A-(whisper)- Kripa, honey this is the village, plus there are girls watching.
K-(whisper)- Angad, honey, I know this is the village and that girls are watching, all the funner right?
The guys took off their shirts and Angad did too.
K-(whisper)- Angad, doesn't that dude look sexy without a shirt?
A(whisper)- Okay maybe the shirt idea was bad.
K- I'm joking, now go play!

The game ended with Aaron's team winning. Angad was bummed out but he was glad he met a challenge.
K- Wow Aaron, I didn't know you played this good football!
Aaron- See I told you I could beat Angad
K- You know you could come to the city and play professional!
A- Yeah dude you'd rock!
Aaron- No I'm fine in the village
K- Come on, it'll be awesome, your football career would reach the stars!
Aaron- Well maybe...I'll think about it.

They ate dinner and talked for hours before they went to bed.
Aaron- You two can sleep here, I'll be next door if you need anything.
K- Thanks bhai
Aaron- What did you call me?
K- Bhai
Aaron- I like that, good night
AK- Good night
Kripa and Angad were in bed.
K- Angad you know I met Aarti today
A- Aarti?
K- Yeah my sister
A- oh yeah I met her husband...Vinit.
K- I don't think she liked me very much
A- Were you acting stuck up?
K- Angad! I'm not joking.
A- Sorry, I was kidding, well just give her time Kripa, I mean she probably has a lot of anger towards your dad, which shes probably taking out on you.
K- You should have been a therapist
A- I know, I'm always solving your problems
K- we're leaving tomorrow?
A- Yeah, I have to meet some clients and stuff
K- oh
A- You can stay a little longer if you want
K- No, that's okay. You know the thing I liked most about this village?
A- What?
K- The guys, their pretty cute, next time I get married remind me to marry a guy from here.
A- Oh really?
K- Of coarse
A- In that case I'll get you a guy from here no problem, then I'll go back to the city and go to Mishty, I don't remember why I broke up with her.
K- Duh, she was a bimbo, remember?
A- Was she? I just remember she was hot.
K- In what world?
A- Your not jealous are you?
K- Me and jealous of her, in your dreams!
A- Okay well I'm going to go dream about her, good night
Angad turned around and pretended to sleep. Kripa was bugged.
K- Angad
K- Angad
K- Angad, if you don't say sorry then I'll....umm....I won't go back with you!
A- Kripa sweetheart, I know you can't live in the village
K- Of coarse I can!
A- Oh really?
K- Yeah, I mean why couldn't I?
A- Well I don't think you noticed sweetheart, but everyday you have to wake up at 5, milk the cows, cook, clean, feed the animals, clean after them, get water from a well-----
K- Okay, okay maybe I can't do all that, but if you don't say sorry then I won't sleep with you on the same bed for....a really really really long time, and I promise to that!
Angad knew Kripa was stubborn and would do what she said.
A- Okay sorry, but you say it too.
K- Sorry, not that we're on the same page tell me you weren't serious about Mishty
A- Were you serious about the hot guys here
K- Yes, but your way hotter then them.
A- Well Mishty was a pain in the *** and from no angle was she hotter than you.
K- Thank you
A- Your Welcome, good night
K- Sweet dreams

Angad hugged Kripa from the back and went to sleep.

Sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoyed this part. Do comment!

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ar rm aa when destiny meets love(note on pg 94)

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Author: mithilalovesksg   Replies: 743   Views: 82992

mithilalovesksg 743 82992 05 February 2013 at 7:46am by amandadsouza95

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Author: Rose92   Replies: 402   Views: 58879

Rose92 402 58879 05 July 2010 at 7:47am by love_KYPH
D FIST OF DESTINY [rajeev/priyanka] fic

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Author: rajeev's_reet   Replies: 108   Views: 12264

rajeev's_reet 108 12264 28 January 2010 at 7:42am by vvdn
DESTINY shot ff...

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Author: goodkashish   Replies: 19   Views: 7636

goodkashish 19 7636 15 December 2009 at 10:48pm by sania_58
-Lost AR- Part 1 Page 1 Note: Page 4 7/31/2009

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Author: Veiledbeauty   Replies: 30   Views: 20246

Veiledbeauty 30 20246 31 July 2009 at 8:04pm by Veiledbeauty

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