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~Destiny~AK PAGE 51 (10/3)The End (Page 43)

~Angel~ Goldie

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awwwwwww that was sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee
Embarrassed greattttttttt jobbbbbbbb Tongue

koolaries4 IF-Dazzler

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wow yaar...
Rim_ Goldie

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awww datz such a sweet ff...plz cont soon...
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Kripa picked up her cell phone.
K- Hey Angad!
A- Hey whats up?
K- Nothing, I'm bored, what about you?
A- I have to go meet a client
K- Angad your always working, take a break once in a while
A- I'll tell that to my boss
K- Angad your a lawyer you don't have a boss
A- But I work for an agency silly
K- Oh yeah, anyways when are you free
A- Around 4:30
K- Okay, lets go watch a movie after your free
A- cool, what movie do you want to see


Kripa froze when she heard that noise. She was scared. She knew it was a gun shot.

A- Kripa, are you okay? What was that noise? Kripa...Kripa?
A- Kripa! Kripa! Kripa!
K- .....Ang......Anga....Angad.....I'll call you back
She was so scared she was shaking. She slowly with the support from the wall went downstairs, from where the noise came from. Her heart was beating faster than ever, she knew something big happened.

Kripa sofly whispered- Dad....Dad.....Dad..............Dad?
She went to the office. She saw her father sitting with his eyes opened on his chair. Kripa was relieved he was okay.
K- Daddy, are you okay? I was so scared, I didn't know what happened....Anyways do you know what the noise was? I thought it was a gun shot--------Daddy?
Kripa shook Vivek. His head hit the office desk and blood came gushing out of his mouth and chest.

Kripa sat in the corner of the room and cried her eyes out. Her eyes were red from her tears. All she said was "Daddy." Kripa took her cell phone out from the back of her pocket. She was sobbing. She called the police station.
Inspector- Mumbai Police Station
K- (Crying)- I need help!
Inspector- Calm down madam, tell me what happened?
K- My dad, my dad(sobbing), someone..... shot my ......father, ......please help me..
Inspector- Your address name and your name please
K- Kripa... Sharma and Sunal Road at Sharma Mansion, please come fast!
Inspector- Wait are you saying your father is....Vivek Sharma?
K- Yes, now( crying) please help!
Inspector- OMG Vivek Sharma is dead? We're sending help fast, we're coming!
Kripa hung up the phone. She was in the corner crying. Her phone rung. She didn't feel like picking it up. She glanced at who it was, it was Angad. Kripa picked up the phone.

A- Kripa, Kripa why didn't you call me back? ARe you okay?
K-(crying) Angad....
A- Kripa, what happened? Why are you crying?
K-(sobbing and crying)- Angad...................come home fast...I need you Angad
A- But Kripa.....I'm coming
Kripa put the phone down. She heard police sirens. Kripa kept crying. Her face was covered with her tears.

Police quickly rushed in to the room. The officers looked firstly at the body, they went towards him and checked his heart beat, he was indeed dead. Then they looked at Kripa in the corner on the floor, some officers rushed to her to make sure she wasn't hurt.

Officer- How did this happen?
The officer turned to another officer- Try to find any evidence possible, this is a murder case. Afterwards wrap the body and send it for the post modem report.
Man- Yes sir
The officer turned back to Kripa.- My name of Officer Fardeen, I need to know how this happened.
Kripa continued to ball her eyes out. She was in no condition to answer any questions.

Meanwhile Angad rushed to Sharma Mansion. He knew something was wrong when he saw police surrounding the area. Angad parked his car outside of the house and went towards them.

Officer- Who are you?
A- I'm Angad Khanna, whats going on?
Officer- Theres been a murder here, Vivek Sharma's.
A- What?! How?
Officer- That's for us to look into, not you. now you tell me what r u doing here?
A- Kripa Sharma is my girlfriend, I have to see her
Officer- You can't meet her, she still has to be questioned.
A- Please let me go inside, she needs me
Officer- Please cooperate with me, I'm only doing my job
Angad knew they wouldn't let him go inside. He helplessly stood outside.

Back to Kripa

Fardeen- For the millionth time, how did this happen?!
K- ......I want Angad
Fardeen- Whose Angad?
K- I need Angad
Fardeen- Okay, fine, I'll let you meet Angad, if you promise to tell me everything and answer all my questions.
K- Okay but I want to meet Angad first
Fardeen- Angad who?
K- Khanna
Fardeen - I'll be right back
Kripa continued crying. Fardeen went outside.

Fardeen- Officers, have you searched the whole area?
Man- Yes sir, no one was here, but they're still searching
Fardeen - Fine, look for any evidence possible
Man- Sure
Fardeen- Anyways, the girl wants Angad Khanna with her?
Another officer walked upto them after hearing the name.
Officer 2- Angad Khanna
Fardeen- Yes
Officer 2- He's right over there, actually he wanted to come inside, but we didn't allow him to.
Fardeen- Fine

Fardeen went up towards Angad.
Fardeen- I believe your Angad Khanna
A- Yes
F- Then come with me
Angad followed Fardeen inside, Fardeen led him towards Kripa.
Angad rushed towards Kripa and hugged her. Kripa cried on Angad's chest. did this happen? Y
Fardeen- Yes Ms. Sharma, do tell us

K- I was talking to Angad on the phone, I heard gun shots, I went downstairs to see what happened, I came in dad's office, his eyes were open..I thought he was alive, I was talking to him, but he wouldn't answer. So I shook him...and he fell down, he was dead.

Another Officer- Sir
Fardeen- Yes
Officer- He has a pen in his hand sir
Fardeen- What?
Officer- Yes
Fardeen- Okay, go find more evidence

A- A pen?
Fardeen- Maybe someone had him sign something...we'll find out

A week passed. The police we're still investigating the murder. In every headline was the title " The Richest Man In India, Vivek Sharma, Found Dead." Kripa didn't talk to anyone. She still wasn't over her father's death. She hated the person who killed him. Angad tried to talk to her, but she didn't want him to.

The Sharma House was sealed down due to investigation, so Kripa stayed in a hotel. Angad told her to come to his house, but Kripa didn't listen to him.

Angad went over to Kripa's hotel room. The door was open. Kripa wasn't sleeping, but laying on the bed.

A- Kripa
Kripa sat up.- Hey Angad
A- How are you?
K- Good
Angad sat next to Kripa and put his arms around her.
A- Kripa look at yourself, you've been crying nonstop for the last couple of days, you have to take care of yourself.
K- Angad, I just don't understand who could do such a disgusting thing, I feel like killing the person who killed my dad
Kripa got herself together. She wiped her tears. She went to the bathroom and washed her face. She redid her ponytail and than put her shoes on.
A- Where are you going?
K- The police station, come on

Angad and Kripa went to the police station. Kripa went straight to the commissioner's desk.

Commissioner Yes
K- I need to meet Inspector Fardeen
Comm- And who are you?
K- Kripa Sharma
Comm- Oh...I'm sorry about your father, he was a great man and---
K- Where's can I meet Mr. Fardeen?
Comm- His office is the first door to the right
Kripa walked straight to Fardeen's office, without knocking she opened the door. Angad followed her.

F- Miss. Sharma, just the person I wanted to meet
K- Did you find out who the killer is?
F- Well no, but---
K- Than what the **** have you guys been doing? It's been a week, by this time my dad's killer could have even left the country, huh? What the **** are you guys doing? If you can't do this job, than fine, I'll hire private detectives to do it, but---
F- Look, we're doing out best.
K- Than you better do better!
Fardeen looked at Angad for some help, Angad knew Kripa was getting angry, so he tried to calm her down.

A- Kripa lets sit down and talk
Kripa was still angry but sat down.

F- the post modem report says he was shot three times, all three in the chest, we asked all the guards, they said they didn't see anyone come in the house, so whoever got in, had to have planned this murder, and your father had a pen in his hand when he died, meaning either the killer got him to sign something, or your father had the pen in his hand before he died
K- Wait, do you have the pen he had in his hand
F- Yes but why?
K- Can I see it
Without further questioning Fardeen went and unlocked a safe, which had evidence and files in it, he took out the pen which was put in a plastic bag, he handed the plastic bag to Kripa.
Kripa was shocked seeing the pen.
A- What happened?
K- This pen, it can't be my dad's pen, my dad only signs with one pen, and thats the pen that my mom gave him, he always refilled the ink when it ran out, but never would he sign with a different pen....this must be the murderer's pen...
Fardeen- Than the murderer had him sign something...but what? What could be what the murder wants? All I could think of is his money and property....
A- Of coarse! His will!
F- Yes possibly!
A- Contact his lawyer right now
F- Yes
Fardeen made a couple of calls and got his lawyer to come to the police station
A half an hour later, he came.
F- Welcome Mr. Walia.
Mr.W.- Hello
F- You must have Vivek Sharma's will with you, like I told you to bring
Mr. W.- Actually I don't, Mr. Sharma e-mailed me and asked me to destroy his will, he wanted a different will made, I don't know what his reasons were, but I did as I was told
F- When
Mr. W.- The day of his murder to be honest
A- Than he did get murdered for his will
Mr. W.- In his first will all his money, business, and property went to his only child...which is Kripa Sharma, this means you have nothing now Miss. Sharma
Kripa was least interested that she had no money at the moment, all she wanted was to find her father's murderer.
A- So now what Fardeen?
F- The murderer left us no evidence, but we'll keep trying to find more....
K- That's all you people can do, try, yet you find out nothing, I'll find out who the murderer was, without your help. Kripa grabbed her purse and walked out. Angad said bye to Vivek and left with her.

When Angad reached outside, he found Kripa crying. He went to her. He cupper her face and wiped her tears. Kripa looked up into Angad's eyes.
K- Angad, thank you for being with me...I know I don't show it sometimes, but I really do love you
A- Shhh, you don't have to show or tell you love me, because I know you love me, I see it in your eyes...Kripa I promise I won't spare the person that brought tears in your eyes, I'll find him, no matter where he is, or who he is.
K- Angad, I'm scared...everyone that comes into my life leaves me, you won't leave me will you?
Angad grabbed Kripa's hand, he started walking. He took Kripa to a mandir.
K- Angad?
A- Shhh

There was a fire there, from a previous puja, Angad went and took the saat phera with Kripa. Kripa had tears in her eyes. After the phera he put the sindoor on her. Angad took off his necklace and placed it around her neck.
Kripa hugged Angad.
A- Kripa I know this wasn't the wedding you dreamt of, but this was all I could do right now, I just wanted to show you that we'll be together for 7 lifetimes now, because we truly love each other...which means I'll never leave you.
Kripa hugged Angad.
K- I love you
A- I love you too

In the car:
A- Kripa, now you'll have to come to my house
Kripa blushed.
K- Angad, can we go to my house first, I want to go there for the last time...
A- Sure

Angad drove to Kripa's house. When they reached there, they were both shocked. Sharma Mansion was on fire.
K- Angad, look
Kripa pointed to a car driving away from the mansion, they both got into the car and followed it.

Angad and the man driving the car ahead were both speeding. Angad managed to get to the side of the car, Angad banged his car against his, hoping he would stop, but he didn't. A truck came from ahead and hit was about to his Angad's car, but Angad swerved into a different lane. The man in the car though did get hit. The car flipped into the air and came back down and hit the ground, the car caught on fire. Angad got out of the car, he ran over to the car, Angad saw the man's hand, he pulled the man out of the car before the fire got to him. The man was unconscious. His hand was burnt and blood was gushing out of his forehead. Angad and Kripa took him to a nearby hospital and admitted him.

At the hospital:
A- Kripa fill out his form, and I'll take him in the emergency room
Kripa unwantingly filled the form.
Kripa made up stuff, since she had no idea who he was. Under name she wrote Shane Sharma and relationship she wrote "brother." Kripa quickly signed the form and submitted it.

In the waiting room:
K- Angad, why did you save him, you should have just left him there to die!
A- Kripa, don't be so hard hearted
K- I'm being hard hearted, that man killed my father!
A- Than the police will give him his punishment, not us
The doctor came out.
Doc- Did you two bring him here?

A- Yes
Doc- We treated his wounds and burns, but he's still unconscious, he'll be awake any minute now.
A- Thanks
After the doctor left, Kripa rushed to Angad.
K- Angad lets call the police
A- Kripa if the police come, they wont' give us a chance to question him, let question him before the police do and---
K- Whatever

In the patients room:

The man slowly regained conscience. You see his face and see he's a good looking man who is played by Eijaz Khan.
Man- God, how's I get here?
Doctor came in the room: Your awake, good
Man- Umm who brought me here?
Doc- Well Shane, your sister and brother in law did
Man thinking- Shane? Sister and brother in law?
Doc- You rest, I'll be right back
Man- I should make a run for it, before my "sister and brother in law" get here

Meanwhile, the doctor went outside to Kripa. Angad went to get medicine for the man. Kripa rushed to his room, on hearing he was awake.

Right when the man was about to jump out of the window, Kripa grabbed his shirt and pulled him back.

K- What? You thought you would run away huh? After killing my father and burning down my house, taking my dad's money, business, property, everything?
Man- I had my reasons
K- Than you'll be telling your reasons to the police!
Man- Sorry sis, but I didn't do all this to go to jail
K- I know why you did it perfectly well and don't you dare call me your sister!
Man- I have to go right now sis, but I promise you we'll meet again and when we do, I'll tell you everything
K- How stupid do you think I am? You will tell me the police station
Man- Don't try to meet me, I'll meet you, when its safe, bye sis
The man pushed Kripa back and jumped out of the window, Kripa's eyes popped out. She rushed to the window, she was sure he was going to die because it was a 30 floor building, she got her breathe back when she saw he landed in a hay truck. He waved bye to her from the truck.

Kripa was about to call the police, but she found something on the floor, Kripa smiled a wide grin.
K- Now, I'll come meet you, bro

Next part soon.

I'm sorry I took so long to update, but I was working on my summer reading, for which I have to read 3 books, It really sucks. I hope you liked this part. this took me really long to write, i dont' know why, I guess it's because I'm not good with murders and stuff lol. I made it kind of long, hopefully that'll make you guys forgive me about the delay, bye!

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Rim_ Goldie

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kool part...plz cont sooooooon...angadz so sweeeeeeeeeet!!!! lol
Rajeev fan Senior Member
Rajeev fan
Rajeev fan

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great part
Clap Clap
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nice n long part
desiigirl19 Goldie

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great part

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