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~Destiny~AK PAGE 51 (10/3)The End (Page 25)

Pooja922 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2006 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
hey!! omg awesome part!!! continue soon

amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2006 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the great comments!
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Kripa went home and got dressed up for her interview. She wore a suit that she thought would be appropriate for the occasion. She told her drive to take her to Angad's house first though. Angad's mom opened the door for her.
Naina- Kripa beta, what a surprise!!!
K- Hi aunty! How are you?
N- Good, you look great!
K- Thanks, I have an interview today with a magazine company, thats why I dressed up
N- Well seeing your appearance I'm sure they'll give you the job just looking at you!
K- Aunty your too nice!
N- Well come in, I'll go call Angad
K- thanks

Kripa went and sat on the coach. A few minutes later Angad came.
A- What are you doing here?
K- Hello and nice to meet you too.
A- Oh sorry, so whats up?
K- Nothing, Im going for my job interview today and I needed some good luck
A- Good luck?
K- Yep.
A- Where are you going to get it from?

Kripa went up to Angad and kissed him on the cheek.
K- See I got my good luck now!
A- Angad gave Kripa a kiss too.
K- And what was that for?
A- Umm....More good luck!
K- Thanks
A- But I'm sure you wont' need it, you'll do great!
K- I hope so, well I have to go, bye
A- Bye and call me!
K- I will

Kripa left to her car and her driver drove her to her destination. Kripa was nervous but then she conquered her nervousness and decided to have confidence in herself. She walked up to the reception desk.
K- Hello, I'm Kripa!!
Receptionist- So?
K- I'm here for an interview
R- Why didn't you tell me before?
R- Just fill out your name and I'll call you when its your turn
K- I have to wait?
R- Well your not the only one here for the job
K- Oh, so I have competition?
R- Yes!
K- I'm sorry for not asking, whats your name?
R- Mona
K- Hi Mona, so do you like your job?
R- Just go sit down
Kripa noticed how grouchy she was.
K- thinking- Cranky, Cranky!
Kripa went and sat down.
After a couple of minutes Mona called Kripa and told her to go into a room where her interview would be taken. Kripa walked in and saw a man. He was no other than Prithvi Bose.
K- Hello
P- Have a seat
K- Okay
P- May I see your file?
K- Sure
Kripa handed her file to him. She noticed he seemed like a workaholic. She couldn't stop herself than ask him questions.
K- You seem young
Prithvi looked up at her.
P- Your point being?
K- You own this business?
P- Yes
K- Did your dad pass in on to you because its just your so young and you set up an entire magazine production company? I'm sure your dad helped you right??
P- No! I got wherever I am by myself, he had nothing to do with my success!!
Kripa was taken aback my his behavior. she regretted saying anything.
P- I'm sorry
K-sofly- It's okay
P- I didn't mean to scare you, its just I dont like talking about him
K- No problem, I shouldn't have asked
P- Well seems like you have all the qualifications to this job, but I just have a few more questions
K- Yes?
P- Why do you want to be a journalist, I mean what interested you about this job?
K- Well this might sound kind of stupid to you, but .....but I want to learn the value of money
P- What?
K- Yeah, all my life I spent money like it was growing on trees, but recently I met this someone. That person made me realize not to take things for granted.
P- Oh, well I'm sure that person is very special
K-smiled- Yes!
P- Well do you like writing?
K- Yes, I love writing. I could write about almost anything, you give me a topic and I'll give you an article!
P- Well that sounds fair, you got the job!
K- Really?
P- Yes, congratulations Ms. Sharma your hired
K- Oh call me Kripa
P- Okay Kripa
K- Thanks Prithvi
P- Call me Mr. Bose
K- Sorry
P- Im just kidding
K- Oh, okay, well I should go now
P- Don't you want to know when you start?
K- Oh yeah! I knew I was forgetting something
Prithvi smiled at her silliness.
P- You can start next Monday.
K- Sounds great, but I can only work after college is out!
P- Okay, thats fine with me
K- Thanks, bye
P- Good day

Kripa left and she felt on top of the world. The first person she called was Angad.
K- Guess what?
A- Well your happiness only tells me one thing, and thats you got the job!
K- Your right!
A- Well lets celebrate
K- Okay!
A- You stay there Ill come pick you up
K- Cool

Angad was happy for Kripa. He liked how she cared about him so much. He liked her silliness, her laughter, her crying, he loved talking to her and being with her. He didn't know what overcomes him every time he's around her. He didn't even realize that he was speeding to get to her. When he did he smiled at his craziness.

Angad stopped the car and Kripa got in.
Kripa was so happy she hugged Angad.
A- Congrads
K- Thank you! So where are we going?
A- I have a spot in mind
K- Okay

Angad drove and Kripa stole glances at him. She thought of how he was the perfect guy. She knew any girl would be lucky to be with him. Kripa smiled.
A- Why are you smiling?
K- Me? Nahin to
A- Okay, if you say so
K- Angad we've been driving for an hour, where are we going?
A- You'll see

Finally Angad pulled up to a home.
K- Where are we?
A- This is my grandma's house.
K- Your grandma?
A- Yeah, I love it here. She has a farm behind her house too.
K- Really, lets go!
A- Okay

They both walked to the door and a lady opened the door without them ringing it.
A- Dadi, how do you always know I'm here before I ring the doorbell
Dadi- Because I can recognize you without you giving me a signal
Kripa smiled at their loving relationship.
Dadi- Whose this?
Kripa bowed down and touched dadi's feet.
Dadi- If you really want my blessing then give me a hug.
Kripa smiled and gave Dadi a hug.
A- This is Kripa and Kripa meet my dadi
K- Wrong, this is my dadi too, right Dadi?
Dadi- Of coarse, now you two come in.

Kripa looked in the house and it was small but it was the sweetest and most loving house she ever saw.
K- Wow your home is beautiful!
Dadi- Thank you beta. Now you two go sit in the dining room and I'll make you guys some dinner.
K- I'll help you Dadi!
Dadi- Sure beta come on
A- Wait Kripa, you don't know how to cook
D- So? She'll learn
Kripa smiled at Dadi and gave Angad a killing look.

They both walked into the kitchen and Dadi showed Kripa how to make stuff. As Kripa was cutting vegetables Dadi was talking to her.
Dadi- So you and Angad are friends?
Kripa blushed.
Dadi- I understand, so you guys are going out.
K-shyly- Yeah
D- You know, your the first girl Angad ever introduced me to
K- Really?
D- Yes and I know why too.
K- Why
D- Because your special to him
Kripa smiled.

Kripa and Dadi laid the food. Angad switched off the tv and came to the dining room.
A- Wow smells good!
D- Now taste it and see if it tastes good too
Angad tasted it.
A- Wow Dadi! Your cooking is the best!
D- For your information Angad, Kripa made that.
A- No wonder theres too much spice in it!
Kripa hit Angad.
A- Sorry meri maa, I was just kidding. It taste great!
Dadi laughed at them.

They all three sat down and ate dinner. After dinner Kripa went to the restroom.
Angad went to Dadi and hugged her.
A- So you like her Dadi?
D- Kripa? She's okay I guess
A- Just okay?
Dadi smiled at Angad.
D- No, shes the best. I love her and I think shes perfect for you!
Angad blushed.
A- Dadi!

K- So what are you guys talking about?
A- Umm nothing! Let me show you the farm Kripa
K- Okay!

Angad and Kripa walked to the farm. There were a lot of animals.
K- Wow! Dadi takes care of this all by herself?
A- No she has some workers here, but yeah, dadi puts a lot of work into this farm.
K- Wow!
Angad grabbed Kripa's hand and led her somewhere.
K- Where are we going?
A- You'll see
They stopped in front of a small pen of pigs.
K- Pigs!!!
A- Yeah, I remember you telling me about your pet, so I thought why not let you meet your friends!
K- Aww there so cute, Just like you!!!!
A- Honey, don't compare me to the pigs!
Kripa kissed Angad and then she went and picked up a baby pig.
K- Wow! Angad lets name him.
A- Kripa, its only a pig
K- Angad! Pigs have feelings too
A- Fine!
K- Lets name him.....
A-sarcastic- How about Piggy?
K- Angad, do people name a babies baby?
A- No
K- Then why name a pig piggy?
A- I dont know
K- Come on, be serious.
A- fIne, name him.....Kushal
K- Kushal, not bad. Okay so his name is Kushal!
Angad smiled at Kripa's childishness.

Afterwards Kripa put the pig down and they walked around in the barn where there was hay. Angad was joking and Kripa was playfully hitting Angad, when they both fell backwards in hay! Kripa was on top of Angad.
K- Oh sorry!
A- Don't be
Kripa looked in Angad's eyes. She saw attraction and love in his eyes. They were soft and anyone would fall in love with them. Kripa realized then that he was the one who she loved. He was the guy her fortune cookie was talking about. She smiled at herself for not realizing it was him. It all made sense now "The man you will love has stepped foot into your life and you have welcomed him." She loved Angad!!! She felt her heart beat faster as Angad came closer to her.

Angad looked into her eyes, he wondered why he didn't realize before that she was his dream girl. She had been in front of him the whole time and he didn't realize this was the love of his life. Kripa was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. She was the one he wanted to grow old with.
At the same time they both said the three magic words they never said to each other.
AK- I love you!
They both blushed which led to a long passionate kiss.

Well I tried to put a little romance in at the end. I hope you liked it!!! Leave me comments!

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awwwwwwwwwww thatttttttttt wassssssss sooooooooo cuteeeee yaarrrrr
very nicely written
Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed greatttttt jobbbbb
keep up the good work Clap
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nice part cont soon Big smile
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Clap awesome part plezzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon Big smile
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now this FF JUST ROXXXXXXXXXX i just love it i finally caught up plz cont sooon and just keep up the great job i just love it
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awesome part plz do continue love it

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