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~Destiny~AK PAGE 51 (10/3)The End (Page 18) IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2006 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
g8 part

niyati2004 Groupbie

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Posted: 17 April 2006 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
wen r u going to continue plz plz continue soon cuz ur fan-fic plz continue soon as possible!!!
Sour Skittles IF-Dazzler
Sour Skittles
Sour Skittles

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plz plz pzl cont soon i cant wait..dis part waz superb Clap Clap Clap cont soon!!!
himani Big smile
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fab parts
cont soon
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awww...ur fanfic its really really good....i just read the whole thing..plzz cont..
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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 4:55am | IP Logged
it was amazing!! Embarrassed so sweet Embarrassed
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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There were four hours left before Kripa would go to the party. For some reason she wanted to impress Angad's parents. She didnt know what she should wear there, she thought she should wear something indianish, since Angad does like indian clothes. Kripa thought a sari would match the occasion perfectly.. She didnt have any saris so she went to the mall looking for the perfect one.

Kripa then found a beautiful sari. It was pink with diamond embroidary. She bought matching pink bangles, and a beautiful diamond set. She paid the bill and left for home.

Kripa got ready. She put on her sari and all her accessories. She had just the right amount of make up on which made her glow. She had her hair curled which made her look like an angel.
Kripa was ready to go. She was about to walk out the door but then she started thinking something.
K-thinking- I know I'm forgetting something, but what?
Kripa kept thinking but it didnt come to her.
K- Maybe I'm not forgetting anything.

Kripa was about to walk out the door, but her cell started ringing. She noticed it was Angad.
A- Hey Kripa!
K- Hey, I was just about to come to your house, why'd u call?
A- I was just wondering why u weren't here yet.
K- But its only 6:30, the party starts at 7 right?
A- Yeah, but friends should come earlier!
K- I'll remember that next time
A- Okay, so you and your dad are on your way right?
K- Yeah me and my da----
A- What happened?
K- Thats what I forgot! I forgot my dad!
A- You what?
K- I'll call u back, bye
A- Okay bye

Kripa called her dad
K- Dad, where r u?
Vivek- Im coming home from the office right now, any problem?
K- Dad, I forgot to tell u, its Angad's parents anniversary today and they invited us to the party.
V- Oh, okay. But why didnt u tell me b4?
K- Im so sorry I forgot to tell you
V- No problem, I'll be home in 5 minutes then we can go
K- Thanks dad, I love you
V- Love you too

Vivek came home and changed into a decent suit and they left in his Mercedes.

In the car:
V- Kripa did I tell you, you look gorgeous today
K- Thanks dad
V- You remind me of your mom when I first saw her in a sari, you look just like her
K- Really?
V- Yes, but prettier of coarse
K- I know you miss her and dad, I just hope I could be there for you in your hard times, like she would have been if she was alive.
V- You are darling, you are.
Kripa smiled at her dad.
V- So I finally get to meet Angad huh?
K- Yeah dad, your going to love him, he's really nice
V- Im sure

They finally reached Angad's house and went inside.

Vivek and Kripa were greeted by Angad.
A- Hi Kripa, hi uncle
V- Hello, you must be Angad
A- Yes, nice to meet you
V- I've heard a lot about you from Kripa
A- In that case you probably hate me
Vivek laughed- No, good things of coarse
A- Good, Follow me, I'll take you guys to meet my parents
K- Sure

Angad- Dad, this is Kripa, my friend
Dilip- Hello
K- Hello, nice to meet you
Naina recognized Kripa
N- Kripa, how are you? Im so happy your here!
K- Im happy to be here too, Happy Anniversary
Kripa handed Naina a bouquet of flowers.
N- Thank you so much beta and I must say you look gorgeous in that sari.
K-shyly- Thanks
A- And mom, dad this is Vivek, Kripa's dad.
D- I've heard a lot about you in the business world.
V- Good things I hope?
D- Of coarse.
The grown ups got engaged in a light conversation.

Angad pulled Kripa out of there.
A- Hey u dont look that bad?
K- I know, I look mindblowing!!!
A- Wow, you dont need anyone to compliment u Kripa.
K- Why not?
A- Because you already give yourself enough
K- Very funny, hey but u look good too.
A- Thank you very much.
K- No problem, anyways lets go outside, Im hot.
A- There you go complimenting yourelf again...
K- Shut up, r u coming or should I go alone?
A- Okay okay, gosh what a temper problem u have!
K- Come on!

They went outside and sat on the bench. It was dark, the stars gave them light.
A- Can you believe it, this is the last year of college, and then.....then we have to grow up.
K- No we dont.
A- And why dont we?
K- We're rich, we could live off of our parents money our whole lives!
Angad looked at her like she was a maniac.
K- What?
A- U know, I think I understand you, but then you open your mouth and I feel as if I dont understand you at all.
K- What? did I say wrong?
A- Kripa, we're not rich, our parents are rich. They're just raising us, and then one day we have to face the world on our own.
K- Speak for yourself Mr. GROWUP
A- Kripa, all I know is you have great talent. Your one of the smartest girls I've seen. I mean how many people can write a 15 page essay in half an hour? You could be anything u want.
K- -----------
A- Kripa, one day your going to have to face the world, your going to have to go out their without your father's money, and than what will you have?
K- ...........I never said I wouldnt get a job, I guess I can work in my dad's business.
A- Good, thats not a bad start.
K- Start? My dad already has a billionaire business, all I have to do is keep the money coming.
A- Why do I even try, your impossible!
K- Hey we should both start our own business!
A- Us both?
K- Yeah, with my brains and your brain put together, we would rock the business world!
A-smiled- Are you planning to run our dads out of business?
K- Hey, I got a better idea, we should merge yours and my dads businesses.
A- Well think about this stuff after we graduate.
K- Okay, see it yourself.

K- ANgad, tell me something about yourself.
A- Like what?
K- Um, okay what was your first pet?
A- Pet?
K- Yeah, you've had a pet before right?
A- This is India, nobody has a pet here?
K- I know, but you must have at least wanted one when you were a kid, right?
A- No
K- OMG! You never wanted a pet?!!!
A- Tell the media will ya
K- Sorry.
A- So have you?
K- Yeah
A- What was it.
K- Its funny actually, for my ninth birthday I begged my dad to get me a.........a pig
A- A pig?
K- I know, its weird but they make great pets!
A- Pigs?
K- Yeah
A- Why'd u want one?
K- I dont know, I was home schooled, and I guess I just got lonely. So for my ninth birthday my dad asked me what I wanted and I said a pig.
A- What was his reaction?
K- Well he wasnt happy, thats for sure.. He said other kids want Barbie doll collections, but I want a pig? Then he wouldnt get it for me...
A- So howd u get it?
Kripa laughed- I locked myself in the bathroom. I wouldnt let anyone in.
Angad smiled- So your dad fell in your trap?
K- Yep, I got my pig, she was from Thailand. I loved her. I named her Minni.
Angad laughed- Gosh! I cant believe you had a...a pig!
K-sigh- Yep.
A- So wheres "Minni" today?
K- I dont know, Minni ran away.
A- She ran away?
K- Yes, I guess someone left the house door open or something, but I never saw her again.
A- That sucks
K-sadly- Yeah, I know.
Angad looked at Kripa upset. He couldnt help but laugh.
Kripa looked at him laughing and got mad- Why r u laughing?
A- Im....(laughing), im...sor (laugh)sorry. Its had (laugh) a pig!
K- So?
A- A dog I understand, maybe even a cat or golfish, but a pig?
K- I should have never told you!
A- Okay sorry, sorry.
A- Hey Kripa do you eat hot dogs?
K- Yeah....why?
A- Nuthing, I was just thinking, one of those hot dogs could have been Minni! Angad started laughing again. Kripa got mad and she started hitting Angad really hard.
A- Hey stop!
K- You had it coming!
Angad started to run and Kripa ran after him. She would every now and then pick up a stick or something and throw it at him.
Kripa couldnt run and balance herself at the same time because she was wearing a sari, because of which she fell over right into a pile of mud.
Angad who was still running turned around to see if she was close by. He didnt see her around. Then he looked down towards the ground and there she was, lying in a pile of mud. Angad walked up to her.
A- What happened?
K- angry-What does it look like?
A- Like you fell in the mud.
K- Wow Angad, I didnt know u were that smart.
A- Okay, okay dont get mad.
K- Angad, can you help me up.
A- Sure, just dont get any mud on me.
Angad rolled up his sleeve and gave Kripa his hand. He least expected what Kripa would do. Kripa took his hand and pulled it towards her, so he fell right in the mud with her.
A-mad- What the ****?
When he looked towards Kripa she was laughing. She looked so peaceful to him laughing. It was as if she didnt have a care in the world. Angad smiled at her.
Kripa finally stopped laughing
K- smiling- Now the mud isnt that bad is it?
A-smirk- Now I understand why u like the mud so much.
K- Why?
A- Well living with a pig was bound to rub off on u.
He once again started laughing.
Kripa started throwing mud at him. He in return did the same. They had a mud fight. Soon they were both covered in mud.
K-smiling- Okay, stop.
A- Fine, gosh I'm covered in mud because of you.
K- Because of me?
A- Yeah, you started it.
K- Sure I did!
A- Okay, so now what do we do, we're covered in mud, we cant go pack to the party like this.
Kripa looked around and then she had an idea.
K- Follow me!
Angad and Kripa tried to get up but every time they would slip back down.
Kripa- Okay I'll go first.
She tried getting up, but she slipped right back down. But this time right in Angad's lap.

They both kept looking deep into each other's eyes. All they could see in the dark was the spark and twinkle in the other's eyes.
For Angad she was different from all the other girls he knew, even if he weanted he couldnt describe her in one word.
For Kripa he was the one guy she was comfortable with, she could tell him anything.

Well this friendship change into something else?

I'll Continue soon. I know I said I would introduce a new character in my last preview, but I couldnt fit the character into this part. Maybe in some of the upcoming parts. I know this part isnt very well organized, so sorry. My brain wasnt working, so I typed stuff and I myself didnt realize what I was typing, lol. But trust me, It took me a really long time on it, though it might not show, lol. Do comment!

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hey...nice prt...plz cont soon Smile was funny with the mud part LOL .lolz

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