Ek Ladki Anjaani Si (Ek Ladki Anjani Si)


Ek Ladki Anjaani Si (Ek Ladki Anjani Si)
Ek Ladki Anjaani Si (Ek Ladki Anjani Si)

March 30th WRITTEN UPDATE!!!

wildblossom IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2006 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

hi guyssssssss!! today we shall find out whether this story will keep dragging Cry or will we finally get some action!!Wink And you will also wish you could kill Tulika!!Angry

Thanks to dear nomi for the video!

....And this update is dedicated to our very own srk'z gal who has volunteered to make banners for the daredevils club members!! as soon as we get enough pics, she will get to work! thank you so much srk'z gal if you are reading this!Clap


  • The episode starts with a startled TulikaConfused staring after Nikhil who told her that the party should be at the house. Sweet Tongue little Sunny runs up to Tulika and asks, "Tell me, is Anu didi (sister) here? Is she coming? Tell me!!"
  • Tulika responds rudelyDead, "No, your Anu is not here yet. When she comes I will tell you. Now quietly go to your room and sit silently!"
  • Sunny replies, "Ok, until then I will finish my work. By the way, do you have red color?" She says, "Where do you want me to get red color from, you will have to use the colors you have!" SunnyOuch sadly responds, "Fine, I will find red color somehow, it is very important."
  • Tulika again sends him and says, "Now are you going to keep standing here? Go!"Angry Sunny replies, "Alright, alright, I will go, but as soon as Anu didi comes, tell me, but don't tell her about my workSmile!"
  • Tulika assures that she won't and Sunny runs off happily.
  • Tulika speaks aloud to herself menacingly, "Anu didi....what can I do with this Anu didi of his?!!"AngryDead


  • Laila is in her room getting ready for the party. She is wearing the red dress Nikhil gave her.Wink She reaches down to look for something at the table but can't find it. She says wonderingly, "It was right here...."Confused


  • Sunny is in his room working on the gift he is making for Anu. He is writing a message...with red nailpolish!!!! LOLLaila walks in and is astonished, she yells, "Oh my God, you ruined my very expensive nailpolish!!!"LOLLOL
  • Sunny says, "No, no Aunty, you see I needed red color for the card I am making for Anu didi.." Laila cuts him off and angrily replies, "This is why you ruined my nailpolish?? For a stupid card!!?? Come one,come with me, when Tulika finds out- you will get punished!"Angry
  • Laila pulls Sunny with him. Sunny is dragged along holding his card for Anu all the while telling Laila to let go of him.Dead


  • Tulika is with her mom in a bedroom. Tulika is pacing furiously, while her mom is sitting calmly on the bed. Tulika tells her, "Now the guests are arriving- what am I to do?!?! Ananya will be here any minute..."Confused
  • Her mom replies, "God, what kind of host will everyone think of me as?? (She is trying imitate her daughter and make fun of her sarcasticly) One moment I say the party is at home, then I call and say at the hotel, then they find out it is at the house..."LOL
  • Tulika replies, "Mom!!! Now we need to worry about how to keep Sunny from meeting Anu."Dead
  • Laila appears in the doorway with Sunny in tow. She screams, "Tulika!! Look at what he did! He used my expensive nailpolish like a paintbrush!! He has no manners!"Angry Sunny attempts to defend himself and tells everyone, "I really needed red color."
  • Tulika firmly says, "You are very bad. I told you not to make gift. Give me the card." Sunny reluctantly hands it to her saying that he has to give it to Anu. Tulika responds, "You are not giving anyone any gift."Angry
  • TulikaAngry rips up the card into shreds as an astounded Sunny watches. Laila looks confused and Tulika's mom smiles. Tulika tosses the shreds at Sunny. She says, "This is your punishment, if you ever do anything bad again- you will get a worse punishment!"DeadLaila rolls her eyes and Sunny's eyes fill with tears as he quietly leaves the room.CryOuchCry


  • The party has started downstairs and Abhimanyu, in a white suit, approaches Nikhil. They shake hands and Nikhil asks him what he thinks. Abhi replies, "It looks great here, but why did you change the venue?"Confused
  • Nikhil looks at his feet and is about to respond when Laila comes up to him. She puts her hand on his arm and says, "You are looking very handsome tonight..." WinkAbhi smiles and Nikhil shyly replies, "Thank you."Embarrassed
  • Abhi says to Laila, "You are not looking bad either." He looks her up and down and then he laughs. Laila tries to act amused, but goes on with, "I can not see Tulika anywhere?" Nikhil tells her that Tulika is getting ready still. Abhi has a funny look on his face as Nikhil tell them that he is going to go check on Tulika.
  • Laila is standing with Abhi. Laila thinks, "What is this?? Nikhil didn't give me any compliment after seeing me in this red dress..."
  • Abhi gets closer to Laila and slyly asks, "Should I get you something cold.....I mean should I get you something cold or hot?" Laila gets annoyed and walks away with a toss of her head. Abhi says, "Wow, what talk, I am very amused."WinkLOL


  • Anuj is at the party and is glances at his watch. He stands by the door apparently waiting for Anu.Dead
  • Sonya and Anu walk in just then and Anu is in a long blue skirt with a magenta top. Sonya is in pink. Anu is holding a wrapped package and Anuj asks, "What took you two so long?"
  • Sonya replies, "Anu wanted to stop and buy a gift for Sunny." Anuj then tells Anu that she is looking very nice tonight. Anu instead asks him, "Have you seen Nikhil? I am going to go meet and will be back."
  • Anuj is shocked and saddened as he watches her walk away.
  • Abhimanyu walks up to Anuj. As both are carrying drinks they say, "Cheers!" Abhi sees that Anuj is worried looking and asks, "Where are you lost!?" Anuj looks past Abhi and Abhi looks behind him. He understands that Anuj is thinking of Anu and tells him, "Oh, girls are like this, if not her, why not get another."Wink
  • Anuj replies, "Maybe you think like this, but I don't. In my life, I will love only one girl, and if not her, then no one else will be mineClap. Enjoy the party." Anuj walks away and Abhi stares after him saying aloud, "What he said is true..."Wink


  • Tulika's mom is pacing back and forth in the bedroom (Tulika is not there). Nikhil walks in and says, "Tulika....." Seeing her mom instead, Nikhil asks, "Mom, where is Tulika?"
  • She doesn't know what to say but responds hurriedly, Confused"Ummm....she was just here, but then she left....you know she just disappears like that- gets lost anywhere..."
  • Fortunately for her, Tulika walks in. Her mom leaves while whispering advice to Tulika telling her to say whatever she has to now. Nikhil is left alone with Tulika and asks her, "Where have you been? All the guests are waiting."
  • TulikaDead tells him, "How will I show my face to them. I don't know what to do- what will they think after I changed the venue?"
  • Nikhil tells her not to worry and that nobody is saying anything. Tulika goes on, "Nobody will say anything to your face, they will say everything behind your back. I wanted it to be a surprise for you. I thought it would be nice to have the party at a fancy restaurant."
  • Nikhil assures her, "I understand how you feel and that you tried to make this day special for me. But I have this party for my own staff who are like my family. And they will feel much more comfortable at home here than anywhere else. And if any of your friends got financially hurt by trying to arrange the party at the hotel, I will compensate them."Clap
  • Tulika is upset and says, "Its not about the money- they will still talk about me behind their back." Nikhil sadly thinks to himself, "Why is that neither of us can ever understand the other? If only you could understand me the way........." Embarrassed
  • Nikhil tells Tulika, "You get ready and I will wait for you downstairs."


  • Back downstairs at the party, Anu is looking for Sunny. She heads upstairs just as Nikhil comes down, but they still miss each other.
  • Nikhil goes to Abhi and says, "Ishita's phone came and she is sick, she might not be able to come." Abhi Ouchgets very worried and says that he will go check on her and see if she needs anything.Clap
  • Abhi leaves and Nikhil turns away to see Sonya. He says, "What are you doing alone? Where is Ananya?" Sonya tells him that she must be here somewhere.


  • Tulika is still in her room- her phone is ringing. Its her mom- she warns Tulika that Ananya is at the party and is looking for Sunny. Tulika tells her not to worry as Ananya will never find Sunny!Angry


  • Anu is walking upstairs and asks the servant where Sunny is. She gets directions to his room and starts walking there.
  • Just then Tulika comes out and says, "Ananya, how are you?" Anu tells her that she is okay. Tulika asks, "What are you doing here- why did you leave the party?" Anu tells her that she was looking for Sunny.Big smile
  • Tulika responds, "Actually, Sunny is sleeping. Sleeping early is a good habit that I have tried to get him into- you know, it will come in handy when he is older."Dead Anu says, "Oh well I got him this gift, I guess I will give it to him another time."
  • Anu begins to walk away but Tulika grabs the gift from Anu. She says, "I will give him the gift when he wakes up in the morning. Seeing the gift from his favorite didi will make him very happy."
  • Anu smiles and Tulika asks, "You do trust me that much?" Anu says yes and leaves.


  • The lights in Sunny's room are off and you can hear him crying.Cry Tulika walks towards the room with the gift. As she reaches the door she gets curious and opens the gift. It is a stuffed animal!
  • Tulika throws it out.Angry Sunny hears noises and starts screaming for someone to save him. He is very scared. It turns out that he is locked in the bathroom!Angry
  • Tulika opens the bathroom doors and tells him, "You better not yell! This is your punishment for your bad behavior. If you cry again, you will be here locked in all night!Dead And if you call Anu by her name in front of Nikhil, then no one will be worse than me!!!"Ouch She grabs him by the collar with both hands and Sunny pleads with her to let him out. She tells him to stop making noise and then pushes him into the bathroom. Sunny runs into the tub but tries to reach the door just as Tulika locks it again.Cry
  • He continues screaming for help, but Tulika shuts his bedroom door too. Sunny gives up and cries as he rolls himself up against the door.


  • Down at the party, Nikhil finally sees AnuTongue and asks her where she has been this whole time!! She is about to respond, but he grabs her by the hand and tells her to come with him! Both are excited as he leads her to the center of the room.
  • Tulika is walking down the stairs. Nikhil claps and says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please!?" Everyone quiets down and just as he begins to speak he sees Tulika. He calls her to come to him.Dead
  • He begins speaking again, "First of all, I would like to say sorry to Tulika because she went to so much work to set the party up elsewhere, but because of my stubborness nothing came of it. Tulika I am sorry." She tells him its okay and, "Your happiness is my happiness."Dead
  • Kulbushan is in the back and we watch him smile. Nikhil continues with his speech, "Now for the most important thing- the reason we are all here- Ananya Sachdev!"Clap Everyone claps and he says that what she did for him- he will probably not ever forget his whole life! Anu smiles. He says, "You have made a special place for yourself in everyones' hearts! And..."
  • Nikhil reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small wrapped package. He says, "And..this gift is from all of us to you!" Anu thanks him and everyone claps again.Clap
  • Everyone goes back to talking and Nikhil walks away with his arm around Tulika.
  • Laila is off to the side and thinks, "So what if Nikhil did not give me my gift in front of everyone- at least he gave me something I would like!"Wink Kulbushan comes up to her and says that she looks very nice. He hands her a drink and tells her that it "this night is in our name."LOL (I think thats what he said- sorry!)
  • Laila says no thanks so Kulbashan calls a waiter to take the drinks away. Kulbushan then adds, "I am glad you liked my gift."Wink
  • Laila is confused, "Your gift?" He replies, "What- I am talking about this dress that you are looking so beautiful in."LOL
  • Laila gets uneasy and asks, "You gave me this dress?" She turns away from him but he grabs her wrist. He whispers, "I will wait for you on the terrace..."WinkLOL
  • Laila pulls her arm away and walks off. Kulbushan looks after her but his wife appears at his side! She tells him, "At least care about your daughter and son-in-law's honor if not your own! Good thing only I saw what you did. If others saw, then the world would spit on you!" Kulbushan responds, "The world is smart, not dumb like you- they know who to spit on..." He walks away.OuchLOL


  • Nikhil and Anu are standing together. She says, "Thank you- I am feeling very special tonight!" Nikhil asks, "Thanks for what- you are special!"
  • Both Anuj and Tulika Ouchare watching. Tulika comes up to them and takes Nikhil away with some flimsy excuse. Meanwhile, the drunk looking Anuj watches.
  • Anu starts heading in Anuj's direction but Sonya comes in between and says, "Ananya! Where are you going now?!" Anu tells her that she wants to see Sunny one more time while he is sleeping before she leaves.Tongue
  • Sonya lets her go and Anu walks past Anuj without a glance. Anuj tries to reach out to her but is left alone.Ouch
  • Sonya sees Anuj and approaches him.


  • Sunny is asleep on the floor in the bathroom. Anu walks into his room sees a lump in the bed and thinks it his him. She looks at the stuff on the floor that he was using to make the card. She is looking at the papers but accidently knocks a box over with crayons in it.
  • Sunny hears the sound and wakes up. Anu hurriedly tries to clean up thinking Sunny will wake up.
  • Anu walks over to the bed to see Sunny and lifts the sheet. Their are toys under the blanket! She says, "SUNNY!"Confused
  • Sunny hears and starts tapping on the bathroom door furiously. Anu starts walking to the door. She gets scared but manages to open it!
  • Sunny and Anu see each other and stare wide-eyed! Anu is in disbelief and repeats, "Sunny?"Shocked

THE END!! Hope you enjoyed it!



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Thanks for the update,
Maha21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2006 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update! Thanks...

Maha21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2006 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
The scene where Kulbashan tells laila that the dress was a gift from him was hilarious... OMG you had to look at Laila's face... LOL LOL LOL ...

Tulaika ruined the whole episode though... She is such a Censored ... Angry
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thanks alot
buttercup IF-Stunnerz

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annu looked gorgeous tonite.. thanks WB for the awesom update.. Smile Smile
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thanks Smile Smile Smile
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awesum update..thanks Smile

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