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p y and h r in anthony's house they see him dead and yash and hiten shout to P hey anthony mar gaya.... p is shocked to see this. and h and y run inside and shout at those men that are tumhara boss mar gaya hei usne tumhare boss ko mar diya aur tum log chup ho then suddenly anthony gets up and says mei mara nahi yeh sirf ek drama tha. and p enters the room and says wah anthony tum toh kamal ke actor ho. and p says to him ki agar woh ek scene karega toh use 10 lakhs dega. and says ki anthony tum anu ko bhool jane ke liye usse 1 crore mangoge aur us me se 10 lakh tumhara . anthony says utna pasia anu ke paas kaha hei then p says mei use doonga. then p explains anthony what to do and background music is on. then they say ok to each other and smile. anu is in th graveyard and lights a candle and prays to god plz itni mushkil se mujhe p mila aur meri life settle honi ja rahi hei plz god help me then anthony comes there and says excuse me machis hei kya anu opens her eyes and says tum yaha. anthony says haan kyon . she says plz mujhe chodo meri shaadi p se honi ja rahi hei.anthony tum mujhe bhool javo. he says tum meri patni ho aur kehti ho tumhe bhool jaoon. he says nahi mei jake p ko bataoonga ki tum meri biwi ho. and anu says kaho tumhe kya chahiye meri peecha chodne ke liye he says paisa . anu says kitna he says 1 crore. anu is shocked and says 1 crore toh mere paas nahi hei anthony says pur P ke paas to hei na . she says ok tumhe apne pasie mil jaenge. she goes into p's bedroom and p says itni raat ko anu tum mere kamre mei abhi thak G meri patni hei agar maa ne tumhe yaha dekh liya toh problem ho jaegi. anu says mei badi problem mei hoon and says p ki ek blackmailer use pareshaan kar raha hei aur usne paisa maanga hei mura peecha chodne ke liye. then p says thik hei ek shart pur mei tumhe pasia doonga and says tumhe aur v ko mere zindagii se hameshaa ke liye jana hoga. anu says ok. then p says kitna pasia chahiye tumhe anu says 2 crore. p is shocked becoz anu asked 2 crores. anu takes 1 crore and goes out of mittal home and p rings anthony and says anu paise leke nikal gayi pur usse tum 2 crore maangna kyon ki 2 crore iya mujhse . anu comes and gives anthony 1 crore and says use bhool jane ke liye. anthony says sorry mujhe aur ek crore chahiye then anu says mere paas nahi hei varna mei raaste pur ajaoongi. anthony says agar woh use paise nahi degi to p ko bataega. anu says ek minute mei lati hoon anthony and his gang go to movie and say to anu ki ane ke baad paisa ajana chahiye. anu goes and get the other one crore and p sees from behind the window and smiles. anu gives anthony money and he says ok tum chale javo hum tumhe nahi jaante. then p comes in smiling and says wah anthony tumhe kamal kiya do mere 17500000 wapas do . anthony says kounsa paisa chale javo and p is shocked. here in the restaurant p y and h come and p says woh use party dega and they say p tum itna cool kaisa reh sakta hei tumhe tension nahi hei kya. p says woh tension sirf deta hei pur leta nahi. and says jab thak samay aur natasha ayenge woh anu chali jayegi and they show anu packing the bags and p here in the restaurant says mei acchi tarah se jaanta hoon apni paise kaise wapas lena hei. and here anu packs everything and is about to leave then g enters the room and says anu tum kaha ja rahi ho anu says mei hamesha ke liye yeh ghar chodke ja rahi hoon. g says wah anu pehle tumne is ghar mei ayi aur p aur mere beech dooriya khada kar di ab jab sab kuch thik ho raha hei aur tumhe apna hakh mil raha tab tum chod kar chali ja rhai ho. anu says kya karu mei chali jaoongi. g says V ki parvarish kaise karogi anu says uski uncle ke paise bache hei na usse G says jab woh khatam ho jayenge tab. and asks anu to stay . anu says ok G agar tum itna kehti ho to mei ruk jati hoon.and G smiles. the door bell rings and G opens the door and sees p samay natasha and yash. samay and natasha come inside and mummiji also recives them. samay goes in to take rest. g says woh unke liye breakfast ready karegi. here p goes and sees anu has not gone yet. he shouts at anu kya tum abhi tak nahi gayi anu says G ne mujhe rokliya hei. p says haan dekh rahi hogi tum jab G tumhe rokegi aur nahi gayi. he says agar tum nahi ja rahi ho to mera 2 crore dedo mujhe . anu says woh usne anthony ko dedi. p says accha daan mei de diya. then g comes and says pehel usse ghar late ho aur pasie deke nikalte ho tum decide karo tum kya chahte ho P and p looks angrily at G. the door bell rings and the accounts manager comes in and sits in the hall. p sees him and says tum yaha he says yes sir woh samaj saab ne bulaya yeh file lane ke liye. unhone accounts check karna chahte hei. samay comes in and says haan woh sanskar ne files chesk nahi ki toh mei ne soch mei check kar loo. p says mei check karta hoon tum rest lelo samay says he will do the checking and takes the files with him. and p thinks are rest kaise lo mei agar pichle month ke accounts ke bad usne is month ki accounts ki dekha toh 2 crore ka pata chalega use. the clippings:_ samay talking to mummiji in her room and G sitting beside. anthony in jail. p and y and h in restaurant. p talking to anu. and p talking something......









1) Pratham comes to Samay who is checking the accts & tries conversing by saying was it hot in Jodhpur. S says Yes. Then P asks are'nt u going to DR S says 1hr is still there P says do the accts later first health. S says yes health is imp. Then pauses & repeats & pauses & repeats the same & closes the book.saying the accts r tallied. He says while checking the account I find u took 2 crores. Why did u do it. Do you plan to buy a bungalow & stay away frm us & if u hv such ideas then keep them away bec u'll have to stay in the same house. P says nothing like that. He explains says my friend wanted it for some bs for 1 week & he'll return it. S says why didn't u tell anyone. P says no one was here to ask & I did try to contct Dad at Kodhpur but cldnt get thru. &even if I did Dad wld hv said no. So it is a matter of 1 week. Lets cut it out frm the acct & I'll return it. S loses his temper & says how can I forget

it, how can I not tell anyone, even Badi Mummy, I'll go tell her right now & leaves


2) Gauri is with her MIL & Samay tells everything. Mummyji is upset & ask when did P do this & why hasn't he told anyone. S says 3 days back. Mummyji wonders why he needed the money. Gauri is stunned & decides to find out. She goes to Anu & asks her whether P gave 2 crs to her . She says Yes . G says return the money to me. Anu says someone stole it frm me.. G says I won't let you take

Mittal Khandan & Mittal Khandan's money frm her. No excuses give me

the money


3) Here Anthony is doing his mahurat shot for his movie. Yash & Hiten are watching & they then tell him they want to talk to him. He takes them aside & they ask him to return the money to P. They beg at his feet. A.G. says if I return the money what will happen of my movie. Y saysreturn the money Or else. When A.G. points a gun at him he says or else I won't stop begging at yr feet. A.G. gets fed up & says u guys act well why don't u both do a scene in my movies I'll pay u 5 lacs each when the movie releases. They are happy.


4) They meet P at the restaurant & tell him they met A.G. He shouts at them. They say why r u yelling we went to ask 4 yr money & he has agreed to give it to us. P says really when. They say after the movie. He will give us both 5 lacs each. P says what abt the 1.09 cr, They tell him its yr money u also do some work in getting yr money back. P shouts at them & says I will get the entire money & tells them his gameplan


5) P calls the police station & tells the police where Anthony is. The police ask u is he. P replies another person like u. police says 50,000 is the reward price for nabbing A. G. will u come to the police station. P says u keep it.


6) Anthony gets arrested & tries to tell the police that he is the wrong guy & like Amar Akbar Anthony they are 3 bros. Anthony is dead & the other is lost in a mela. & something abt them being twins like Ram-Shyam….. Duplicate


7) Y & H inform Pratham that A. G. is arrested. He says good I'll come & release him on bail. They r stunned & wonder why did he get him arrested if he wanted to release him.


8) As P puts the phone down he finds G listening who asks him its one week where is the money. P says why do u have to worry. G says mujhe koi pharak nahin padta, Yr mother will worry, & yr father will scream so much that the entire world will know abt it. P says you need not be so happy. before that in 2 days I'll get the money. G says I don't think so. You will not be able to. P says I am PM. & in my dictionary there is no place for No. & leaves. G stares

at him


9) P comes to meet A.G. in jail & says I went to meet u & came to know of yr new address. Do u plan to settle here permanently or want to get out. A.G. looks at him in surprise. So P says I have a very good lawyer who will get u out on any charges. A.G. says so pls ask him to fight my case. P says ok but on one condition. U return my entire money. A says ok but I am in jail. P says u r in jail but yr men r out call them out right now & gives A.G. the mobile.

A.G. calls his men & tells them to give the money to PM P butts in & says not me but my friend Y & H. & A.G. says the same. After putting the phone down P tells A don't worry my lawyer will fight the case for u. A tells him don't back out. He says no I won't


10) Gauri is sitting on the bed lost in thought when P comes & throws the suitcase money on the bed. Gauri jumps up & says what nonsense is this. P says the day has not yet ended & I got the entire money See 4 yrself. She says u got the money then why did Anu says u gave her the money. P says that is the diff betw u & A. Y only know how to blame me & A takes the entire blame on herself that is why she is my to-be wife. G says there is no point in keeping any relations with u. Today its Anu, Tmrw it will be someone else & day after. She stops. P says why have u stopped, I don't like to stop at one destination. I want to haave new & new relationship every moment. Aisa hi hu Main" The end


Tmrws Snipplets

1) P, H, H discussing something

2) Pratham & Gauri talking ( I presume continuing today's conversz)

3) Pratham shoes Anu some papers & she is happy

4) Anu puts her duppatta on her head in front of the mirror & smiles

5) P's mother is upset & shakes her head in frustration

6) P is in front of the mirror when G comes up from behind with a shocked look on her face

7) Gauri has tears (repentance) when talking to Pratham

8) Pratham smiling and talking to his friends










hi all the update is here g and p r in their room and natasha comes shouting P and G . they come out and she says samay ka tabyat bahut kharab ho gaya hei. then they r seen in hospital and P doc se baat karta hei. G consoles natasha. and p asks doc kya hum samay ko dekh sakte hei.he says ok . in the room p says samay to tke rest . and natasha asks p and G to go to house as badi mummiji ki dekhbhal karne ke liye. while p and G r going out from the hospital there p sees one patient ki maa is crying meri beti ki sasural walon ne use jalake marne ki koshish ki paison ke liye. p gets an idea. while they r driving home p smiles and those words r in his mind. then in the restaurant p plans with y and h and they says are g babhi to pareshaan karna kya P then P says mei kuch nahijanta waisa karo jaisa mei kehta hoon. and at home p gets the insurance papers to anu and says her its her gift for 5 crore issurance . anu says pur itna paisa koun bharega then p says mei tumhare liye kar raha hoon. and anu is happy and signing the papers and g sees from behind and p sees G. g rushes to her room and p comes and he keeps his hand on G and she immediately tirns back and he says G teri aankhon mei asoon ab koi dust toh nahi gira na ankhon mei. and P says mei anu se shaadi kar raha hoon aur mei sab ane thak nahi ruk sakta then G says toh tumhe yeh bhi maloom hona chahiye ki doosri biwi se shadi karne se pehle pehli biwi se divorce lena hei. p says dont worry G mei ne lawyer se baat kar li papers ready ho jayenge kal thak. aur mei yeh shaadi meri pehli biwi ke kehne pur hi kar raha hoon. and tears r rolling down G 's eyes and she looks at P./ then p says tumne hi kaha ki yeh hell hei aur mei tumhe chod raha hoon javo jaha tumhe accha lagta hei. and here in the hall y and h r there p comes and shows him his wedding card and they say yeh kya p tum shaadi then y says kahi tum bhi waisa nahi karoge jaise mei ne paper me padha. woh ek aadmi ne shadi kar li aur honey moon ko bhagwan ki darshan ko gaye aur waha pahad ke upar se use niche dhakel diya aur sab ko bataya ki uska pair pisal gaya. then p just smiles and this whole anu listens and is tensed ki kahi p bhi uske saath aisa nahi karega. p comes with the card and hugs anu from back and says dekho hamara wedding card. and anu says mei abhi shaadi nahi karoongi jab sab log ayenge tab karenge then p says nahi abhi karenge warna jab babuji ayenge tab kuch nahi kar sakte. and he says agar mei abhi shaadi karunga toh kabhi nahi kar sakta. and p sees mummij is listening everythng. mummiji goes iinto her room and p goes back of her. she says tum aisa nikloge mei ne socha nahi tum ne yeh baat mujhse chupayi. then he says maa plz mei aapko sab kuch batata hoon and tells everything. ansd says maa plz aap mera madat karenge na . she says ok. then he says plz maa G ko yeh baat nahi pata chalne chahiye ki aap yeh sab jante hei. she says ok. here anu is in her bedroom thinking about what p will do. and p gets her shaadi ka joda and says aisa mat beitho shaadi ki tayari kar. then anu says tum G ko bahut chahte ho na p says nahi mei ne G se shaadi isliye kiya badla lene ke liye. anu is shocked then p says haan mei jara different hoon mei apni dushman ko apne paas rakhta hoon . and goes away. and anu goes into mummij room and mummiji says are anu mei tumse milne wali thi . anu says mei aapse kuch kehna chahiti hoon woh p thneMIL says shadi kar raha hei na mujhe maloom hei. aur mei bahut khsh hoon. then MIL says aur tum mittal khandan ki bahu banne ja rahi ho aur tumhe sab ki khayal rakhna padega. anu smiles and goes away. then clippings:- p talking on his mobile and anu standing behind him. y and h tell something and anu is listening. anu ko MIL isshowing some jewellery. some party and p dancing with anu.







1) P is on the phone & Anu is listening to his converz. He says with kerosene & burning it becomes suicide. Murder by stabbing is old fashioned. Lets think of a new way of murder so that no one suspects. A is frightened and goes & P smiles 2) Anu goes to the room & says if P's plan is to kill me then he only will get the 5crs policy money. She is frightened. Suddenly she hears a knock. She pauses & then slowly opens the door to find Gayatri with a jewellery box saying I am knocking 4 so long. I want to talk to u. Come sit & take this. A sees a necklace & is happy. Gayatri says though I have 3 sons, I have made 4 sets. Never knew it wld come handy. Keep it safely it is the Khandani nishani. & goes. A smiles & thinks Good, some peace of mind. As long as u are with me mummyji nothing can happen to me 3) Pleased she goes out all smiling & overhears Y & Hiten talking. Y says that astrologer is too good. Whatever he says comes true. He said. P wld face problem in his marriage. He did. He said another woman wld come into P's life she did & he even said no matter what Riya & I wld marry we did. So now he says that P & A wld get married they will. Only thing is he said that after marriage P wld murder some one and that too a woman. Anu is listening to all this & gets frightened. Then Y says why shd we bother whoever is P's enemy she will be dead and they go 4) Anu goes to her room & packs her bag. She tries to open the door & finds it locked. Outside they show P smiling & twirling the keys on his finger. A goes to the window & with the help of a saree frm her bag manages to climb out of the window. As she reaches down she comes face to face with H & Y who say what happened why did u hv to use the window. O we know P must hv locked u. He has this habit he even locked G bhabhi in the bathroom once. Why do u hv to go out. Do u have to do any shopping don't worry. We are there for u. U & P are like Ram & Sita & we 2 r yr hanumans so we'll do all yr shopping. We'll get the shop here 4 u if u want. Now lets go in. V comes & says what happened Mummy we were supposed to go out. They say u were left now lets go in & force both of them to go into the house. 5) In the house Y & H are on the phone are inviting ppl. G hears Y tell someone. P is getting married and she gets upset. She goes to her room & cries bitterly with the song Jo Ho Raha Hai Wo Nasibo ki Baatein Hair. 6) P & A get married. Gayatri does the arti & the rice ceremony. G is watching all this & cannot handle it anymore. She leaves the house & Gayatri just ignores it & smiles & P watches her go. Here P & a are sitting on the terrace & P says so nice it is up Anu says Yes P says It will be better if I send u even more up. A says what P looks at her angrily & says "Get Lost" & throws her off the terrace. Anu screams & wakes up from her dream. She is frightened. P comes & says what happened she says nothing. He says ok after marriage where do u want to go Ooty ? High mountains. A gets frightened & says NO. He ssays Ok Kulu Manali. High snowy mountains, waterfall. She gets even more scared & says No. Ok then Darjeeling. A does the same. P says dejectedly what is this u r saying No to everything. But don't u worry after marriage we'll toss & decide. & he leaves 7) He meets Raghu in the hallway who has a plate of food in hand. He asks him what happened. R says G bhabhi is refusing to eat. P takes the plate & says u go. He goes to G & sits beside her & says Eat. She ignores him all upset. P says you're not eating will not change your fate. To stay alive u have to eat. She still doesn't listen to him. He says I don't know what u think.. But all that has taken place is mostly bec of u. Maybe our marriage was based on Nafrat ki Buniyaad pe. But on this buniyaad somewhere or the other we experienced love for each other. I still love u very much. But u did not respect my love. U made me change & take such steps. When u wanted to leave I stopped u 4 mother's sake. But now that she knows everything u can go. Both are very emotional. Take care of yr health. I'll miss u. G looks at him with tears. You hv my cell no. Do call me up sometimes. Then he takes the plate & gives it to her & looks at her & says "Eat, not for me but for that mother whom u respect the most". G swallows & takes the plate from him & begins to eat. P leaves 8) He comes out & sees A's door ajar & thinks Now the marriage will definitely take place "Aar ya Paar" 9) Gayatri & Gauri are sitting with a man in the living room. The man says if u wld come it wld be better. G asks Gayatri where r u going. Gayatri says every year I go to this place for blessings. But this year P will not let me go. P comes & says Yes I won't let u go. U r not well. The man tells P u don't worry abt Mummyji, my mother & sis is there to take care of her & she'll hv no problem & Gayatri also pleads with P to let her go & says don't let me miss the blessings this year. P says ok. G thinks P will be free to do anything if mummyji goes. She tells mummyji yr health will suffer why don't u stay. Gayatri says I'll be fine & the man takes their leave. G is upset & also leaves. P & Gayatri watch her leave with a smile on their lips. Then P looks at his mother & smiles & shakes her hands & says Thanks Ma. Your going is important. Because at the time of marriage if u are around then Gauri will feel bad. & I don't want her to be hurt. He tells his mother please do not let anyone know in Jodhpur u r not here. His mother smiles & pats his cheek & says Don't worry no will know anything. & they hug. 10) Gauri is upset. She wonders how she shd stop Mummyji. Then she thinks what is the use. I myself is a guest 4 a few days. Shd I tell Mum everything. She then thinks if everyone knows then everybody will be upset. She doesn't know what to do. P is watching her from behind. He comes & tells her "Go & pack for Mum. She says u have give all the haque to Anu why don't u ask her to pack. P says A is not the bahu as yet. When she becomes she will first yr bags off. G says I don't want to stay I am anyway leaving. P says Yes u can leave but after the said period not before & he leaves a upset G behind Monday's sniplets 1) Gauri is with mummyji 2) Riya & Yash r discussing something 3) P is smiling at something. 4) The house is being decorated 5) P & G are discussing something 6) Gauri is crying bitterly 7) Pratham is moved & emotionals 8) Gauri is stunned looking at the sangeet happening 9) Pratham is dancing with Anu at the sangeet









1) Mummyji is packing with the help of Raghu when G comes &

tells Raghu u go I'll pack. He says U sit with Mummyji I'll pack. G

says no u go & pack yr bags bec u also go with Mummyji. Both of

them are shocked. She says yes if Raghu goes then I'll hv the

satisfaction that someone is there to take care of. R goes. M

tells G to sit & says I am going to guruji to take blessings 4 u &

P. Take care of the house. Be brave & try & solve all the

little little problems. Don't lose heart. In so many years, yr the

1st person I am advicing. G is surprised & says why me. She says

bec I know u will not tell anyone yr problems. My blessings are with

u & she goes to the cupboard. G thinks to herself, if one problem

perhaps I wld solve, but how to solve so many problems together.

2) Anu is lost in thought in her room when Mummyji comes & sees

her clothes spread on the bed waiting to be packed & goes & then

comes again. She gives her the necklace set & says since I hv to go

on an urgent work, u take this. Good thing I am going or P's father

will get upset. Atleast I can tell him I was not here 4 the

wedding. Just as he accepted G, he also accept u. Anu touches her

feet & she goes.

3) Riya can't believe what Y is telling her & says what. Y says

if u want Anu out of P's life then do as we say. Riya says but

marriage. Y says I asked P the same quest & he gave me gaaalis, do u

want to know which one & then he stops. If u want P to be saved from

the sin he never committed cooperate. When Riya is hesitant he says

if u do not want to help yr brother, I am going ahead & Riya agrees.

4) Hiten calls P's father in Jodhpur & says that our college

exams r preponed & to inform Sanskritti abt it & send her soon to

prepare for it. UM tells Sanskritti to go.

5) Here Dr. tells Samay it will take 2-3 days 4 him to be

discharge & both Samay & N are surprised saying u said u wld

discharge tdy. Dr. says yes I did but now I find u need to stay 4

2-3 days under observz & under nurse care. The Dr then comes out to

P who was waiting out & says don't worry I have told them to stay on

4 2-3 days. P say Thank u Dr.

6) Hiten is driving Sanskritti home & tells her if u want to

help P quietly do as we say & he tells her the entire gameplan

7) The doorbell rings. R & S open the door to find a grp of

women who say "Mittal house" R & S r surprised & ask u hv sent u.

Meanwhile P comes frm behind & says I did. There is a wedding

happening & the house shd look like one. They all smile & G was

watching all this

8) Decorations & Singing are in full swing

9) Anu is kneading flour & R & S come & say Bhabhi don't do

this. These hands r not for kneading flour but for putting mehendi

on. Saying this they pull her away. G is upset & goes to her room &

cries bitterly

10) R & S take a reluctant Anu & begin to apply mehendi 4 her.

11) P is passing by when he sees G crying bitterly. He is moved

& says to himself. I am feeling bad for doing this. But I am doing

all this 4 u. I am really sorry.

12) He comes & to where the women r applying mehendi & asks Riya

where is Y & H. She says out somewhere. P then says oh u r applying

mehendi & comes & sits down in front of them. He tells Anu why is

yr lifeline so small. Then he says never mind. Who believes in all

this. Now u see someone told me that I have a line which indicates

I will murder someone. What will happen Do u think I P. M. will

get caught ? Never. Then he says put the mehndi well. Tmrw the

whole hand will be red. Anu gets scare & says what. P repeats

Red. Mehendi colour is red only na.

13) G is packing her suitcase & P is grooming himself when R

comes & says Bhaiya everyone is waiting 4 u down. She turns & sees

G's angry & hurt face & R feels uncomfortable & goes. P saw this &

smiles. He says Aren't u coming to give yr blessings to the Bride &

Groom. G ignores him. So he says atleast come & see the wedding

celebrations. G takes her suitcase & begins to walk out away from

the bed when P holds her hand frm behind with his back twds her

back. He says don't u want to come to the wedding. G looks

sideways angrily at him & says I don't like to see Nautankis. She

then says Leave my hand, I say Leave my hand. Pratham says I told u

b4 I would never leave yr hand but now, he pauses & leaves her hand &

says there I have left u. I am going to be tied with Anu so I now

release u from my bandan, forever. G. leaves the room. P gets

emotional & has tears in his eyes The background song is

playing "Roote hue pal" P then calms himself & angrily says Anu

because of u G & I have had to suffer a lot. I won't spare u. I'll

make u pay & that too with interest.

14) Everyone is dancing. R & S pull P to dance. 1st he refuses

then he sees Anu & pulls Anu with him to dance. G is watching

everything. Anu is hesistant to dance. P nudges her & twirls her &

she dances.

15) Anu is sleeping when someone comes & puts a pillow on her

face. She gets up with a start to find V who says Lets play this

game & she runs little away frm the bed. A gets up slowly & comes to

V & gives her a tight slap & at that moment P walks in & says "Anu,

what is this?" He asks V u are hurt badly ? & takes her away.

16) At G's place, her parents & brother & discussing the

jewellery they hv purchased 4 preeti's wedding. G is lost & so her

brother says. What has happened u r here but yr thoughts r in yr

sasural. G's mother holds out a mangalsutra & says G what a pretty

mangalsutra P's mom-in-law has picked 4 her. Then her mother notices

G's mangalsutra missing & asks her abt it. G says it broke & we've

given it to repair. Her mother says a suhagan shd not be without

one. Go to the cupboard & take a mangalsutra frm there & wear it.

G gets up to go & thinks No point in wearing a mangalsutra now. The

relationship which has broken now will never be able to be repaired.

17) Here P is sitting on the bed with the mangalsutra in his

hands & tears in his eyes. Thru the background song (a nice & new

one) he remembers all the good times he & G shared frm the wedding

day to the Goa scenes, the church, etc.

18) The song ends & P pulls out his cell frm his pocket & dials.

G pick up the phone & says Hello. P hears her voice & is in tears

wanting to say something. On the other side, G keeps quite & then

realizes it is P & is moved. Then she angrily puts the phone down.

P is in tears & it ends


Tmrw snippets

1) G's parents are discussing something & are upset over


2) Anu is being dressed into her bridal finery

3) G & her mother r discussing something & G is on the phone.

4) P & Anu r on the wedding mandap when G comes with the police

5) P & A are getting married (I think)

6) G has a shocked look on her face


============================================================ ====================





1) Yesterday's phone scene is repeated & when G puts the phone

down Background song "Jo Ho Raha Hai" showing both crying at their

respective ends

2) G is crying bitterly & her parents see this. They come out &

discuss why. G's mom says since she has come she is quite. Her

father says u ask her whenever possible & I'll go meet P tomorrow &

find out the problem

3) A is being dressed in bridal finery & R & S look at each

other, come in & says lets see how Anu looks like a bride after all

today is the last day. S says why do u say this. Riya bec tommorw

she'll be a housewife. S says yes but for how long. R says why do u

say that after all P Bhaiya loves A bhabi very muc. S says He also

loved G Bhabi a lot. A is stunned. Both of them leave

4) P & Riya are attending to the guests when P sees G's father

& he is stunned. Father asks a guest what's happening why is the

house decorated the man says bec of the wedding. He asks whose

wedding when P comes and says our servant Raghu's wedding. He says

such a big wedding for a servant. P says he's been with us 4 a long

time. He say oh ok. Father tells P I came to speak to u.

Yesterday we saw G crying bitterly in her room & want to know frm u

if everything is ok. No misunderstandings betw u. P says No not at

all. Infact she was missing u all so I only told to spend sometime

with u. The father is relieved & says he is going when P says since

u have come give the bridal couple yr blessing. Riya is watching

all this as he takes G's father to A & says this is G's father He is

come to give blessings to u. A is stunned & says "Namaste". G's

dad smiles & says Bless u, what can I say. Do take care of this

house as if yr own & all the best & he leaves. A is surprised &

thinks what type of man is P he has made G's father to bless me.

5) Here G's mom is trying to talk to her. G says nothing is

wrong. U think I am upset. 1 moment & picks the phone. P answers on

the other end. G say I P its me G. P is stunned. "How are u, I am

fine, This is not fair, 1 day I am away frm u & u can't stay without

me. Here G's mother is relieved & smiling. G continues to smile &

talk "I'll come soon. I miss u too, No NO u don't come" At this

point G's mom leaves the room & G tells P mummy was here. What to

do I had to make excuses after all excuses is all that is left in our

relationship and puts the phone down. She then thinks "Hope u

atleast one said Not excuses but reality" (Sorry guys, didn't get

this dialogure properly)

6) Here Anita tells G who is sitting quietly all upset "G why

aren't u doing anything. If P marrys Anu what will happen of u. Why

r u sitting so quiet. P is out to spoil yr life & yr fly's image & u

are not doing anything. Come with me. She pulls G & says Come wth


7) The wedding is taking place. Anita & Gauri r at the police

station. Hiten & P's mother are at G''s house & ask G's mother

where is G. She says with Anita. Hiten calls Anita & says G is

with u , where r u. She says police station. Wedding is on.

8) Hiten & P's mom go to the commissioner friend of the family.

On the other hand Anita smiles as the police inspector shakes his

head in agreement. At the wedding venue. The panditji has started

the rites. Anita comes with G & says Panditiji stop the wedding. P

& Anu are stunned. Anita says P u cannot marry. P says what is yr

problem. Anita says not my problem but till u give G a divorce u

can't marry. P says but I told G I'll give her a divorce. Anita

says first give her a divorce. P says just bec of the divorce, my

wedding mahurat can't wait. Inspector says there is something

called Law & u cannot marry otherwise I'll arrest u. P gets up. When

the commissioner comes & says Inspector u go I'll take care of

this. Mummyji tells the commissioner thanks u hv saved my khandan

izzat. He says P is like my son & this house is my family & goes.

G moves twds mummyji who tries to hold her but G angrily shoves her

hands away and says u knew everything & still supported P. I

tolerated all P's cruelties because of u. U called me a daughter &

u did this to me. She takes a deep breath and stops herself from

saying anything further. Mummyji cries & goes away.

9) Panditji recites the mantras. He tells P to put into the

fire. As P says U spoilt my life now its my turn. I am giving it

the end by marrying u. Not bec I Love u, but I hate u the most.

Remember the policy. 5 crs it will all come to me soon. How, we'll

marry I'll take u to Kulu Manali & kill u. Everyone will think it

was an accident & then I'll lead a new life In that life there will

be no u nor G.

10) The pandit says to tie the knot & stand for Pheras. Y & R

are trying to get up when A gets up in full force (3 times action

replay) & says I don't want to marry u. Anita & G were just leaving

when they hear her & turn. P says but I want to marry u. A says

NO I know u'll kill me. P says how can u think that I am giving u &

V yr haque. She says I don't want VANSHITA IS NOT YR

DAUGHTER. Everyone is stunned esp. G. P looks at G. Yash & the

others smile. P says I know Vanshita is not my daughter. I

just wanted to get the truth from yr mouth & make other ppl to hear

it too (looking at G). Now tell me why did u play such a game with

me. Why did u ruin my life???

11) A says My real name is Catherine. Yr friend Anu Saighal was

my room mate in the same hostel we were living. She was crazy abt u

but u never paid any attention to u. But she loved u crazily.

One day when she got no response frm u, dejectedly she left the city

& went away. (Guys doesn't this ring a bell frm my story) On the

other hand I got married to Anthony. When I was pregnant with V, I

came to know He was connected with the underworld and left him. I

later came to know that he died in a police encounter. V was born

& I went thru difficulties raising her up. Then I came to know

Anu Saighal was no more & I thought of u. I realised u were rich &

u cld help me & fulfil my every needs. That is why I did this. G is

stunned. P looks at her & with an upset look leaves the place.

12) Mummyji comes to G & says I knew my P was right & that is

why I helped him. G is upset & goes to their room. Pratham is

standing by the window all upset when G comes up from behind him &

stands close the end.

Tmrw Sniplets

1) Mummyji is talking to G & looks like G is convincing her on

something with a smile

2) G touches mummyjis feet & goes with Anita

3) G is standing near the open cupboard & smiling

4) Mummyji & G talking

5) G is on her bed (Mom's place I think) & thinking

6) P on a rocking chair & thinking

============================================================ ====================



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thanx for the grrrrrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt ttttttt


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