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Kahani Teri Meri~AK~Pg 50 10/3 ~The End~~ (Page 43)

sweet honey Goldie
sweet honey
sweet honey

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awesome plz cont soon Clap Clap

blah_blah IF-Rockerz

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awesome part Clap
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~Kahani Teri Meri~

Kripa was in a white sari, it sparkled, her hair was curled. She looked beautiful. Angad was also in the room wearing a a black coat pant with a blue shirt underneath.

K- Wow Angad, you look good
A- Thanks
K- What's the matter, you sound dull
A- umm nothing
K- Are you sure?
A- yeah
K- ...okay

Naina came in.
N- Come on, the guest have started arriving
A- okay

Naina left. After her Angad did. Kripa was kind of hurt, he didn't even wait for her. Something was surely wrong with him.

Kripa went downstairs, she saw Alliya and Josh, she went to them and hugged them.
K- How are you guys?
Josh- On top of the world today!
K- Really, any special reason?
Alliya blushed.
K- Okay this had to be good if Alliya is blushing.
Josh- Alliya is pregnant, I'm going to be a father Kripa.
K- OMG! Kripa hugged Alliya.
K- Congratulations!!! I can't believe it, this is incredible!
Alliya- I know Kripa, i'm so exicted.
K- Wow! Did you guys tell Angad yet?
J- No, I couldn't find him
K- I will!

Kripa left to find Angad. He was sitting at the bar.
K- Angad! What are you doing here?
A- What does it look like?
K- It your upset with me, you are aren't you?
A- Why would anyone be upset with such a great wife like you?
K- Angad.....tell me why your upset, maybe I can help----
A- NO!
Everyone in the party looked over at them. Kripa had tears in her eyes.
K- Angad---
A- Just shut up! I'm sick of you!
Josh came over to them.
J- What's the matter Angad, what happened?
Angad was drunk, anyone could tell.
A- You want to know what happened, alright, I'll tell you. This sister of yours cheated me.
K- Angad...what did I do to you?
A- You ruined my life, that's what you did.
Josh- Angad your drunk right now, lets go upstairs and talk about this, everyones watching----
A- Good! I want everyone to know what kind of woman this is!

Jai was also there. His blood was boiling, but he knew he had to keep quite for Kripa's sake.

K- Angad, at least tell me what my fault is?
Angad went over to Kripa and held her by her hair.
A- I married you thinking you were the right girl for me, thinking you loved me, thinking I could trust you, but cheated me Kripa!
Kripa had tears in her eyes flowing.
A- don't try to trick anyone with these fake tears, you know I didn't sleep all night, I can't think straight in the day, I can't even eat without thinking about your betrayal!
Alliya- Angad, what are you saying? What did Kripa do that's making you mad?
Alliya pulled Kripa away from Angad's grip.
A- Come on Kripa, at least tell them before me you used to love Jai.
K- Angad, I never loved him--
A- Oh so you sleep with men without loving them!
Jai who couldn't control his anger anymore punched Angad.
Angad got back up and punched Jai. Jai fell to the ground, Angad punched him more.
K- Stop! Stop!

Kripa pushed Angad away.
A- Saving your lover from me?
Kripa helped Jai up.
K- Angad this is between us, don't make a scene in front of the whole world
A- Fine you won't tell us, I'll just ask Jai. Jai you love Kripa don't you, tell me!
J- Angad go upstairs and stop all this drama, your just---
A- I asked if you love Kripa or not!
J- Yes! Yes I love her, probably more then you ever did or will! You say you love her, if you loved her you wouldn't be humiliating her in front of the whole world right now!
Angad was hurt. He had tears in his eyes. He tried walking but was about to fall, Kripa quickly held him.
Angad pulled her hand off of him.
A- Please Ms. Kripa,...don't waste your energy on me.
K- Angad I want to tell you--
Angad gave her a slight smile.
A- Your free to do what you want with who you want, don't let me stop you. I mean now you won't have to lie to me to go meet Jai, like you did this morning, I know Alliya didn't go shopping with you Kripa, you went to go meet Jai, in a hotel?
K- Angad you don't think I would cheat on you---
A- I do Kripa, your sleeping with him aren't you?
Kripa felt ashamed. How could he believe she was sleeping with another man.

A- Sorry everyone, for ruining the party, carry on!
Angad went to his room, all the guests left. Alliya and Josh were still in the living room. They convinced Jai to leave. Kripa went to Angad's room, he was sitting on the floor drinking. Kripa went and sat down next to him.
K- Don't do this to yourself Angad, don't drink.
A- What did I lack Kripa? I loved you more then anyone, but ruined everything... Jai even admitted he loves you today.
K- I never knew he loved me, I don't love him
Kripa and Angad both cried.
K- Angad where are you getting all this from? How did this come to your head?
A- I read your diary page Kripa, the one dated from when you were in America, going to Las Vegas--
K- You read it?
A- yeah
K- Why didn't you tell me?
A- I wanted to find out the truth before asking you, but Kripa every second after I read that I died, you don't know what went through my head---
K- I do, heck everyone does now, you think I slept with him.
Kripa got up and picked up her diary out of a shelf, and sat back down next to him. She read it aloud
     " I can't believe we did that. I hate myself. Stupid Jai! Why couldn't he drink less? Why couldn't I drink less? Why did Tannu's stupid boyfriend give us the drinks? Why did Tannu give me tickets to Las Vegas? Uggghhh!"

K- I want to tell you the truth Angad, you think I slept with him, you the only man I ever let touch me, I swear..... When we went to Las Vegas on my birthday, we were all partying in clubs and discos. Since it was my birthday Om forced everyone to drink. Everyone got carried away and over did it. After we left the club Om and Tannu were drunk enough they decided to get married in a Christian Wedding Chapel, so me and Jai went in with them. Tannu bought a ring for Om and vise versa. When it was their turn Tannu and Om got into a fight, Jai and I were so drunk that we ended up getting married. After the wedding we all partied even more, I fainted so they took me back to the hotel. The next morning when I woke up i saw Tannu, Om, and Jai sleeping on the floor. I knew what I did and regretted it. After returning back to New York we got a divorce, knowing we both didn't want to be in that relationship, that's all Angad, I swear, Jai and I have never slept with each other. It was wrong of me to lie to you that I went shopping, I went to go meet Jai, to tell him you should never find out about anything.

Kripa cupped Angad's face in her hands.
K- I love you and only you. I'm sorry I tried hiding the truth from you, maybe if I told you everything then you wouldn't have thought what you did today....Do you forgive me Angad?
A-.........It's not that easy Kripa, you lie, I suspect you, so then you tell me the truth, no Kripa, I don't forgive you.
K- Angad it was mistake, i'm sorry---
A- That's cool Kripa, say sorry the mistake is gone, right?
K- what now?
A- I can't...I can't trust you anymore, when theres not trust in a relationship there's nothing left there--
Kripa was crying.
K- don't say that Angad, I love you
A- I' m sorry Kripa,'s over.
K-.....I'm not leaving you Angad---
A- Then I'll leave Kripa
K- Angad don't do this
Angad got up, he got out a suitcase.
K- Wait Angad, this is your house, your family, if anyone should leave it should be me....
A- Whatever you want

Kripa threw some clothes in her suitcase. She took a picture of Angad. Tears never stopped her eyes. She went downstairs, where Josh and Alliya still were.
Josh hugged his sister.
K- I ruined everything Josh, he said its all over.
Alliya hugged Kripa.
Alliya- He's just mad right now Kripa, after he cools down he'll come himself to take you home.
Josh and Alliya took Kripa home with them. Kripa told them everything.
J- I know Angad, he'll forgive you, he's just a little mad right now, but he loves you, he'll come himself to take you back.
K- I hope so Josh, I can't live without him.

--------------Next part---------

A week passed, everyday Kripa would wait for Angad to come and take her home with him, but he never came. Kripa didn't let Josh nor Aliya go meet Angad, she wanted him to make the decision of taking her back himself. Jai said he would talk to Angad, but Kripa told him it would only make things worse. Jai apologized for loving her, he promised her he would leave soon.

Alliya went to Kripa's room with lunch.
Alliya- Come on Kripa, eat up.
K- I'm not hungry Alliya.....did you eat?
Alliya- How could I eat when you didn't?
K- Alliya, your pregnant, you can't do this to yourself
Alliya- Kripa if your happy then only can I be happy
Kripa wiped her tears.
K- Okay Alliya, starting today I'll stay happy, but this means I'm going to take full care of you, okay?
Alliya- Okay

Kripa started taking care of herself more. She took care of Alliya, Alliya was happy Kripa stopped crying. Josh would go to office now knowing Alliya was okay.

Josh came home. He called Alliya's name. Alliya was excited Josh was home, she quickly ran down the stairs. Not paying attention, she accidentally skipped a step and went tumbling down.
Josh- Alliya!!!
Kripa ran to see what was wrong, she saw Alliya on the floor unconscious.
K- Alliya!

Josh and Kripa took her to the hospital. After a while the doctor came out.
Josh- What happened to her, is she okay?
Doc- Yes, she's fine, but I'm sorry she had a miscarriage, she'll never be able to be a mother again.
The world froze for Josh. Kripa gave him water and made him sit down.

Josh- What happened Kripa, everything was going good, so why is God doing this to us?
K- Josh don't cry
J- My child died Kripa, and alliya, she'll be crushed.
K- If you turn weak, how will you be able to take care of her.
Kripa wiped away his tears.
K- Go meet her..........

After Josh met Alliya, knowing she was in deep depression, he took her home.
Kripa- Alliya, I know theres nothing I can say that will make you feel better but--
Alliya- Just leave me alone Kripa, please
Josh- Alliya---
Alliya- Both of you, please leave me alone, please
K- No Alliya, if you share you pain then it'll lessen
Alliya cried on Kripa's shoulder all night.

A couple of days later Alliya was still saddened. Kripa was bringing juice for her, when she got dizzy and fainted. Josh and Alliya heard glass breaking so they ran to her. They took her to the hospital.

Doctor- Congratulations your pregnant.
Josh- Wow Kripa, this is great.
The doctor left the room. Alliya came and sat next to Kripa.
Alliya- Congratulations Kripa
Josh- Let me call Angad
K- Wait Josh, don't!
Josh- why?
K- If Angad finds out I'm pregnant then he'll take me back into his life
All- Then that's good Kripa, why are you so worried?
K- I don't want him to take me back because I'm pregnant with his kid, It's been two and a half weeks, if he wanted to take me back by now he would, he obviously doesn't want me back. If he finds out I'm pregnant, he'll take me back, my whole life I'll be a burden on him, I don't want that.
J- But Kripa, he has a right to know your pregnant
K- No he doesn't Josh, he doesn't.
Kripa looked over at Alliya, who was nothing but happy for Kripa.
Alliya- Forget all this Kripa, your pregnant, this is the greatest happiness a woman can get, so what if I had a miscarriage, by you getting this happiness I'll think I'm also getting it.
K- Alliya if I keep this child with me then it will only get a mother's love, not a father's love. I want you, that is if you both want to, raise this child, both of you being the parents.
Alliya- Kripa, are you serious? You'd do that for us?
K- Yes, I love you Alliya, and I know you'll give this child more love then I could ever
Alliya hugged Kripa.
Alliya- Thank you, thank you so much Kripa, I'll never be able to repay you.
Josh- Wait, what if Angad finds out? He'll think we've deceived him.
K- Look Josh, Angad doesn't want me back, if he finds out that I'm pregnant, I'll be a burden on him, is that what you want? You want your sister to be burden on someone?
J- no! But....what if he finds out?
K- Lets go from here, no one knows about Alliya's miscarriage, no one knows about my pregnancy, we'll come back after I give birth to this child, everyone will think it's Alliyas.
J- i don't know---
Alliya- Kripa, don't do anything you don't want to, if your doing this for me, then don't, your happiness comes b4 mine
K- Shhh Alliya, this is what I want.
J- Thank you Kripa
Alliya and Josh both hugged Kripa.

     They decided to go to Canada until the delivery. Jai left to go back to America, apologizing for ruining Kripa's happiness. Kripa told him it wasn't his fault, he was still as much of her friend as he was before. Kripa went to the mall to go buy a suitcase before she left, there she saw Angad with another woman. Angad and her both looked happy. Kripa thought Angad moved on. She was happy he was moving on, at least one of them were. Now she could go to Canada knowing she wasn't doing the wrong thing by giving their baby to Josh and Alliya.

Sorry I didn't post for a week, I posted two parts to make it up to you. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Keep reading and do comment!
SNoorien92 Senior Member

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awww that's sad.

continue soon. can't wait.


thanks for the 2 parts. Smile
lucky-moon Goldie

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awesome part
geeri Groupbie

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i loved it please con.. soon and make angad and kripa back together please
crazy_princess Groupbie

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oh my god pls continue fast i cant wait for the next was sad but still was awesome...
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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he is just on the rebound or that girl is a friend..

continue soooooooooooooooooonnnnn!!!!!!!

wat will happen once they come back.. and when they do will kripa come back too?? please say yes!!!!!

please continue!!!sooooooooonn!! its toooo good to put it on stop for a looong timeee

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