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Kahani Teri Meri~AK~Pg 50 10/3 ~The End~~ (Page 24)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 May 2006 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
its great

Love''sAngel Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2006 at 8:13am | IP Logged
are bhai sneha buri aur prithvi acha kab se ho gaya...
nice twist by the way...
continue soon
Pooja922 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2006 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
awwww omg...poor angad...cotniue soon ...make him tell her his feelings!!
shwetzbag Newbie

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Posted: 16 May 2006 at 4:12am | IP Logged
awesum part....plz continue soon........
zehra05 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2006 at 5:52pm | IP Logged
awsome part Clap
con. soon
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2006 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the comments!! I'll continue in 2 minutes
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2006 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
~Kahani Teri Meri~

Recap:Angad felt as if his heart was being torn to pieces when he told Kripa he didn't want to talk to her anymore. He thought she would choose him over Prithvi, but she didn't. He felt betrayed by her, he asked himself why Kripa mattered to him so much, but he didn't get his answer. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine Sneha, but he saw Kripa. He realized he was falling in love with Kripa, but he didn't know how to stop himself.

Todays Update:
Kripa went home. She went to her dad's office. He was working on something.
Surbhan- Kripa beta, come in
K- Thanks

Kripa went and sat down across from him in a chair. Surbhan noticed Kripa looked dull.
S- Whats the matter?
K- Oh...nothing, nothing much
S- Beta, Im your father and I know everything about you. Just like right now I know your upset.
Kripa started crying. Surbhan went and sat next to her. He hugged her. Surbhan was confused on why she was crying.
S- Honey, whats the matter?
K- Dad, promise me, promise you'll never leave me
Now even he was crying a little.
S- You know I can't do know I have cancer----
Kripa hugged him tighter.
K- I won't let you go anywhere
Surbhan cupped Kripa's face and wiped her tears, but it was no use, the tears still kept flowing.
S- I can promise you one thing honey, I promise you after I leave you won't ever feel lonely.
K- I have no one besides you dad
S- Shhh.. You have a brother, who soon will love you more than anything. You have a friend like Angad, who cares for you so much.
Kripa looked into her dad's eyes and saw tears in his eyes. Kripa stopped crying and wiped his tears.
K- Sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry too
S- I'm...I'm really going to miss you
Kripa and Surbhan heard a vase break behind them. They quickly turned around to see Josh, who had tears in his eyes. Josh couldn't believe his ears, his father had cancer.
K- Josh
He went to his dad and hugged him. Surbhan hugged him back.
J- Say its not true dad, say you dont' have canc----
S- I wish I could say it was a lie,'s not.............. I only have a little time left
Josh cried harder.
S- Can I ask you for something before I die
J-crying- anything
S- Give Kripa all the love in the world, be each other's strength. You guys will only have each other, so please, please forget the past.
J- Forget the past?
Kripa went to Josh.
K- Josh, can I tell you something
K- Your mom committed suicide, you blamed my mom for it, which isn't your fault at all. Anyone would have done and thought what you thought. But my mom never came to your lives to get her position back into dad's life, she only came to give me to you guys. Then she came back a couple of months later because.............
J- Why?
K- She had cancer, she just wanted to see me before she died, she never wanted to take your mom's place.
Josh couldn't believe his ears.
S- Yes son, its true. I always thought you would forget everything, but you didn't. As the years went by, your hatred grew even more. But now, now its time to break and get rid of all that hatred.
Josh hugged Kripa.
J- I'm sorry, I always thought you----
Surbhan hugged both his kids.
J- I promise dad, I'll never let Kripa feel alone, she'll always have her big brother here for her.
Surbhan- I know I can count on you beta
K- And Josh, I'll always be there for you too.
Josh smiled at Kripa. They both hugged their dad, the dad who was the happiest man in the world that night, that very night which would be his last night in the world.
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------
Surbhan's body laid in the room. People were coming and paying their respects. Alliya came and sat by Kripa and tried to consol her, but it was no use, Kripa couldn't stop crying. It was the same thing with Josh, but he tried to hide his tears.

Angad came with his family. When he heard about Surbhan's death, he was shocked. He felt bad for Kripa and Josh. Josh came and hugged Angad. Angad tried to control Josh, but it was no use. Angad couldn't see Josh like this. But Josh did calm down.
It was time to take the body. Angad and Josh were carrying it out. But Kripa didn't want to let him go.
K- No, dont take him!
Angad couldn't see Kripa's condition. He closed his eyes. Alliya held Kripa back. They left with the body. Later everyone left. Kripa was sitting, she stopped crying but her eyes were still numb. Angad and Josh had come back too. Josh went to go make a call and Angad sat by Kripa, who wasn't paying attention.
A- Kripa, Kripa
Angad shook her and Kripa got out of her trance
K- huh
A- ...........I'm sorry
K- ...Me too
A- Things will get better, it'll just take time
K- You know Angad, last night Josh and me cleared all our misunderstandings
A-happy- What?!
K-dull- yeah, but look at my luck. My dad couldn't even witness a day where both his kids get along.
A- Stupid, he is witnessing it, the only difference is he's witnessing it from heaven.
Kripa looked at Angad and gave him a slight smile.
K- thanks and...and sorry too
A- For what?
K- At the beach, everything I said, I didn't mean to hurt you or anything, I hope you forgive me.
A-happily- I was never mad at you, a little disappointed, but not mad.
K- Thanks
Josh came in the room and sat by them. Angad noticed his eyes which were red.
A- Josh, you okay?
J- I'll be fine, don't worry about me
A- I'm sorry, but I have to leave you, I have to go home real fast
J- It's okay, go
Angad left. He didn't really have to leave, but he couldn't see Kripa and his best friend like that. He didn't want to love Kripa, but he did. He thought the sooner Kripa and him get Alliya and Josh together, the sooner he never has to see her again. And maybe if he's lucky, his love would fade away with time. Angad thought if Kripa loved him, but he was clueless.
He went home and saw his mom who in the puja room. He went in it.
N- Come in beta, what brings you here?
A- You blieve a lot in his don't you?
N- Everyone should, he's the one that gives us all our happiness
A- Then he must be the one that gives us a our pain too
N- Well, with happiness comes pain, but honey why are you talking like this all of a sudden?
A- No, nothing, it's just.....everything was fine a couple of days ago, when she wasn't in my life, but I can't eat right, I can't sleep, I can't even think straight---
Angad realized he was saying everything out loud, he quickly looked to Naina who smiled.
N- Beta, your in love? With who? Do I know her?
A- Wait mom, stop right there. It's no one.....umm...I should go to my room...
Angad was about to leave when Naina grabbed his arm.
N- Don't lie to your mother in front of God. Now I'm your mother, don't you trust me?
A- Of coarse I trust you, I love you
N- Then who is it?
A- It's....It's Kripa.
N- Josh's sister?
A- Yes
Naina smiled
N- She's so pretty, smart too, also traditional, just the bahu I need! Ohh she's perfect for you!
A- Wait mom, hold your horses! It's not necessary everyone gets their love.
N- But beta, you love her and I'm sure if she doesn't now, soon she'll love you too
A- Stop it mom, this is exactly why I didn't want to tell you!
N- Sorry beta, but I don't understand why you can't be with her
A- Because she would rather choose Prithvi over me! Because after a coulple of days we won't even be talking to each other! Were only talking to each other until Alliya and Josh dont get together........then,.....then it's all over.
Naina saw the anger in Angad's eyes, but even more than that she saw the pain and tears. She wiped them.
N- Angad, I don't know if you and Kripa are meant to be or not., but....but if you are then God won't ever let you two separate. If you aren't then your paths will be different.
A- And our paths are different mom, they are
N- You'll never know until you see for yourself Angad
Naina smiled at Angad. She gave him prasad and left the room.

A week went by. Angad and Kripa barely talked. Josh and Alliya noticed this. They decided to get them together at lunch.
Al- Kripa come on, lets go sit with them.
K- No, I don't feel like it you go
Al- Please Kripa
K- No..I like this seat better
Al- Fine, I'll just go call them here
Before Kripa could protest Alliya called Josh's name.
Al- Josh, why don't you and Angad join us.
J- Sure

J- Come on Angad
A- No dude, you go
J- I'm not taking no for an answer.
Josh pulled Angad toward the table.

They both didn't talk to each other.
J- Alliya don't you think it's a little too quite?
Al- I was thinking the same thing!
J- So Kripa, angad break it, why aren't you two talking??
AK- We're talking!
Al- Apparently, for the last week you guys haven't said a word to each other.
J- So we're going to leave you two here, so clear out all your problems okay
Al- See you guys later
Josh and Alliya left.
A- So
K- Yeah....umm....we should work on making them closer
A- Yeah, I was thinking the same thing
K- So, what should we do now?
A- Well, we're having a--------------
Before Angad could finish Prithvi rushed to Kripa.

P- Hey Kripa! You won't believe what just happened, I aced my science test, its all thanks to you and your great notes!
Prithvi then noticed Angad next to Kripa.
P- Oh sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you two
A- You have a habit of doing that
K- Oh, your not, well congrads
P- Yeah thanks, I think I should use your notes more often
K- Anytime
P- Well I'll go now, c ya
K- Bye
A- So you are talking to him
K- I don't need permission from you to talk to someone!
A- I never said you did
K- God you impossible! Let's just finish this stupid game and put an end to this stupid relationship
Angad was hurt by Kripa's words. How could she call what they had between them stupid. Did he and his feelings really not matter to her. He tried not showing Kripa his pain.
Kripa regretted her words. She didn't want to say that, she didn't know why she let her anger overcome her. She was about to apologize, but Angad started talking.
A- Your right! The sooner we end this the sooner we don't have to ever talk to each other again! I'll be able to live in peace!
K- Fine, but what do we do next?
A- Well we have a three day break, lets go to Goa. They can get closer and fall in love
K- And after that we can seperate and go in our own paths
A- Sounds great to me!
K- Me to! And it won't kill you to talk to me in front of Alliya and Josh, I mean we still have to act like boyfriend girlfriend
A- I know that, your the one thats been ignoring me
K- It's always my fault! Anyways, your dropping me off home
A- What?
K- Yes, it'll lessen their suspicion
A- Oh...okay
They both walked through the hallways smiling and holding hands. No one could ever tell it was supposed to be fake, maybe because their smiles were real. Angad was smiling because he was glad to be close to Kripa, it would be one of his last days with her. Kripa was smiling because she was holding "his" hand. She didn't even realize when her friendship turned into something stronger, love. But he didn't love her, he loves Sneha.
Would they ever come closer? Would their distances decrease, or with time increase?

Well thats it for today. I really think that last sentence sounded like a math problem, lol. Well I hope you liked the part. Leave bunches of comments!

sgokli IF-Dazzler

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