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Kahani Teri Meri~AK~Pg 50 10/3 ~The End~~ (Page 22)

meme25 Senior Member

Joined: 09 January 2006
Posts: 260

Posted: 19 May 2006 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
plz continue...........i just started reading ur story and it's rocking!!!!!!!!

iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 August 2005
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Posted: 20 May 2006 at 11:33am | IP Logged
awesome part cont soon plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 January 2006
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Posted: 21 May 2006 at 1:46am | IP Logged
gr8 part yaar...
but i feel sorry 4 josh & kripa 4 loosing their father
CrazyChatterbox IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 January 2006
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Posted: 21 May 2006 at 4:53am | IP Logged
awesome part
please continue soon
i cant wait for angad and kripa to confess their love for each other
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 December 2005
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Posted: 22 May 2006 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
thanks for the comments, tomorrows my last day of school, so I'll be continuing very soon! Smile
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 December 2005
Posts: 2504

Posted: 25 May 2006 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Kahani Teri Meri-

The four went to Goa. In Goa Angad Josh and Kripa Alliya shared a room. Before going to sleep they were talking in their own rooms.
K- Alliya, can I ask you something?
Al- Of coarse, anything
K- Do you have any feelings for Josh?
Al- What?
K- please tell me the truth.... yes or no?
Al- I don't know, I mean I feel a whole different feeling when I'm with him, I don't know if its just friendship or if its love. All I know is he's a great guy and I enjoy being with him, I feel safe with him, I feel good with him......
K- Sounds like love to me
Al- Kripa!
K- What if he loves you?
Al- Then it would be hard......hard to tell him I once liked his best friend......don't you think that would be awkward?
K- He never has to know Alliya, besides love isn't supposed to be hard, it's supposed to be beautiful.
Al- Well if Josh loves me.... Then I would definitely give it a serious thought about him and me
K- that's great! If you don't mind can I ask you one more question?
Al- Sure
K- Do you still like Angad
Al- What! Kripa your my best friend, the second I found out you liked him all my feelings died for him. And today I don't feel anything more than friendship towards him, I swear
Kripa went and hugged Alliya
K- You're the best friend any girl can hope for
Al- Right back at cha

Meanwhile in Josh and Angad's room they were both talking too.
J- So how are things going with Kripa?
A- Umm good
J- Look Angad, I know whatever happened with Sneha and Prithvi is really affecting your guys' relationship, but if Kripa said or did anything you didn't like, then I apologize on her behalf. You guys are the only people I have in my life; I don't want to see any of you hurt
A- Josh, don't worry about us, we're great, our relationship is doing well too.
J- and I trust you
A-thinking- I'm sorry I lied to you Josh, I'm sorry
J- Angad, do you still love Sneha?
A- To tell the truth, I don't think I ever really "loved" her, I mean I cared for her a lot, but today when I think about it, it doesn't feel like love. I think she was just a really good friend.
J- That's good
A- Forget about me, when are you going to tell Alliya about your feelings?
J- Really soon and you know what, I think she likes me too!
A- Who wouldn't!

All four went to sleep thinking about each other.

The next day they were going to go roam Goa. Alliya and Kripa were up and ready, but Josh and Angad were still sleeping.
Al- Let's go wake them up
K- Okay!
Al- You get Angad and I'll get Josh
Kripa felt awkward about waking up Angad, but she didn't have a choice
K- Okay!

They went in their rooms and quietly entered.

Alliya went to Josh's bed; he had his head under the pillow.
Al- Sleepy head wake up
Al- Rise and Shine!
Alliya had no luck

K- Angad, get up!
A- sona do mama
K- Mama?
A- Five more minutes mama
K- Im not your mama, its me Kripa
A- Kripa?
Angad got up.
A- Kripa what are you doing here?
K- I came to wake you up, we're supposed to go roam Goa today, its 11:00 and your still sleeping!
A- Oh, sorry
Kripa turned around she saw Josh awake finally.
Al- Now you two get ready, me and Kripa are going to go eat lunch, we already missed breakfast because of you two
J- It's all Angad's fault, he was supposed to set the alarm clock
A- What? You were supposed to
J- No you!
A- You!
K- Okay whatever! Let's go Alliya

They left and Josh and Angad were getting ready.

Later four of them went out. They went to an amusement park.
J- Let's go on that fast ride!
A- Yeah
K- Isn't that a little too big?
A- Scared?
K-, of coarse not
Al- I'll stay with you if you dont' wan to go Kripa
K- No Alliya, we'll go,
A- Okay so let's go
Kripa was about to sit with Alliya but Angad pulled her back and made Josh sit there.

K- What was that for?
A- At least let them have some alone time
K- Ohhh yeah
A- Come on we'll go together

Kripa started praying that she gets off safe. Angad was looking at the innocence and beauty on her face. He smiled. When Kripa opened her eyes she looked at Angad smiling at her.
K- Why r u smiling like that?
Angad noticed Kripa saw him smiling at her, he tried to cover it up.
A- Oh...nothing, umm...I was just smiling at how scared you are, its funny
K- Whatever

The ride started, Kripa closed her eyes, without realizing it she got close to Angad and put her arm around his. Angad didn't mind at all.
K- Is it almost over!!!
A- Just a little longer

The ride stopped. Kripa was still really close to Angad. Josh and Alliya had got off the ride and came to Angad and Kripa.
Al- how cute!!!
J- Umm Kripa the rides over
Kripa opened her eyes and quickly got away from ANgad. She was blushing red.
K- Oh...umm...
A- Umm........well....
Al- You both look so cute blushing!
Kripa got up and started chasing Alliya
Josh was laughing.

While Kripa was chasing Alliya she bumped into someone.
The man's wallet dropped, Kripa picked it up and got up to say sorry, but by the time she did the man was gone. It was too crowded to look for him and find him.
She opened the wallet and to see if she could get his name, she saw credit cards with the name Akash Saxena on them. But what caught her eye was a picture of a girl, on the corner of the picture was the name Sneha Malhotra. (That was Sneha's last name, sorry I didn't mention it before)
Angad came to Kripa.
A- Come on their waiting on us...........
Angad looked at the wallet Kripa was looking at.
A- Sneha? Where'd you get this wallet?
K- I bumped into some man, but when I turned to give him his wallet...he was gone
A- I wonder who it was
K- Well by all the credit card names and stuff, its evident this wallet belongs to some Akash Saxena.
A- Whose that?
K- Like I know
A- Well we should turn this wallet into the security guard here, that man must be looking for it
K- yeah you're right
A- Theres something I've never heard from you
K- Whatever,......don't you care some guy has your love's picture in his wallet
A- You know, not that I have to tell you, but I will anyway, I know now I never loved her, it was just friendship
K- Are you sure about that
A- Positive
K- I don't think so, if it was only friendship then you wouldn't choose 1 friend over another, you wouldn't chose Sneha over Prithvi
A- Kripa, I wish just once you could understand me
K- Me too, but I can't.
A- We should go now
K- Yeah

They gave the wallet in to a security officer and left towards Josh and Alliya.
J- Where were u guys?
A- Umm nowhere
J- Okay
Al- I'll be right back, I have to use the restroom
K- Okay
J- I have to tell you guys something!
A- What?
J- I'm going to tell Alliya how I feel tonight, I just asked her out to a dinner tonight and she said yes
K- That's g great! And you know I talked to Alliya and she likes you too
A- Not that you'll need it, but good luck bro
J- thanks

They went to the hotel. As Kripa passed the receptionist she heard a familiar name, Akash Saxena
Kripa went over to the desk. She saw a man talking to the receptionist.
K- Your Akash Saxena?
Man- Yes, but sorry I didn't recognize you
K- you don't know me, but I'm Kripa Sharma, at the amusement park we bumped into each other, I found your wallet and turned in it.
Ak- Oh yes, I got it from the security guard, thanks a lot
K- No problem, umm I saw that picture in your wallet of a girl, Sneha, how do you know her?
Ak- She's my wife
K- What, she's alive
Ak- Yes she's alive, she's my wife
K- Umm.... Actually she's a friend of mine, I haven't seen her for a while, do you think you can take me to her, I really want to see her
Ak- Of coarse, In face we're in this hotel, she must be in our room, come with me
K- thanks

Kripa started walking with him.
Alliya called out- Kripa where are you going?
K- I'll be right back, Alliya
Al- Ok

Kripa had so many questions that only Sneha could answer.
They reached the room. Akash's phone started ringing so he left. Kripa knocked on the door and Sneha opened it.
S- Who r u?
K- You don't know me, Im Kripa....Angad and Prithvi's friend
Sneha froze.
S- Angad and Prithvi's friend?
K- Look I just want to know why you lied Prithvi raped you, and the kid, you said you were pregnant, and on top of that everyone thinks you commit suicide
S- Shhhh! Come in!
Sneha took Kripa in the room and closed the door. Kripa heard a kid crying. Sneha went and picked it up.
K- That's your kid?
S- Yes....look I have answers to all your questions, but please don't tell my husband anything, I'm very happy in my life
K- I won't, but you have to tell me everything honestly
S- I will, I know that night Prithvi didn't rape me, I lied. Look, I was pregnant with Akash's kid, Akash didn't want to get married, I was shattered. I thought what would the world think of my kid if he didn't have a father, the world would curse me and my kid, so I lied. I said I was raped and then pregnant, I didn't want to lie, but.....I don'tk now what overcame me. Angad was nice, he fought Prithvi and the whole world for me, he was a dear friend, but then Akash said he would marry me. I didn't know what to do, so I faked my own death and moved away and married Akash. Now I'm happy with my life, please don't ruin it.

K- I won't ruin your life, but do you know how many people's lives you've ruined? You ruined Prithvi's reputation and you ruined Angad's and Prithvi's friendship. Angad cared about you, he trusted you, but you broke his trust!
S-crying- I know! I want to make everything okay, is Angad here? I'll tell him the truth.
K- Yes he's here, come with me
Kripa took Sneha outside.
K- Wait here, I'll bring Angad

Kripa left to get Angad. Angad was watching t'v. Alliya and Josh had gone on their date.
K- Angad, come with me!
A- Where!
K- To find out the truth
Kripa took Angad's hand and led him outside. Angad was shocked to see Sneha.
A- Sneha? Your alive?
K- Yes she's alive, she's happily married with a child too! Come on Sneha, tell him the truth!
Sneha told Angad everything
S- I'm really sorry Angad, I hope you could forgive me one day
A- Forgive you? Do you know how much I've gone through because of your stupid lie?
K- Go Sneha, you did your part.
Sneha left.
A- Im sorry Kripa----
K- I know you are, but now you know the truth, make everything good between you and Prithvi.
A- I will, but Kripa, I really am sorry, I don't even know what I said to you because of all this, I hurt you a lot.
K- That's the past, if you forget it, then so will I
A- Thanks
Kripa gave Angad a smile and started walking back to her hotel room, but Angad started talking again.

A- Kripa
Kripa turned around- Yeah?
A- I take back everything I said
K- What?
A- I take back saying I never want to talk to you again after this game, I take back saying your not a good friend, I take back----
Before Angad could finish Kripa put her hand over his mouth.
K- Shhhh! Remember what I just said, If you forget everything then so will I.
Angad smiled. They both happily walked back towards their hotel rooms.
Angad and Kripa we're both called to a restaurant by Josh and Alliya.

It turned out Josh told Alliya he loved her, but not old that, he also proposed to Alliya. And as expected Alliya said yes! They were all happy.
K- Congrads!!! I'm so happy for you guys
Josh Alliya- Thanks
A- So whens the wedding?
J- Actually that depends on you two
K- What?
Al- Yeah, we both decided we won't get married until you two don't
A- What?
J- Look Angad, Kripa's my sister and your my best friend, it'll be perfect if us four get married the same day.
K- But Josh....
Al- No if's and buts, you both have to get married the same day we do, otherwise we won't. And if it's time you both want, then Josh and I will wait until you guys want to get married.
A- But Alliya---
J- Angad, I know you two are serious about each other, then why are you both objecting to this.
K- Josh you and Alliya get married, me and Angad will wait
J- No, if you guys want to wait then me and Alliya will wait too
A- Stop this childishness, me and Kripa dont' want to get married
J- Why? I mean can't you two picture your lives with each other in 10 15 years?
Angad could picture every second with this life with Kripa. Kripa could too. They both knew they could live happily with each other, but they didn't know what the other wanted.

Will Angad and Kripa get married?

I hope you liked it! Leave comments!
nabz8888 Goldie

Joined: 31 December 2005
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Posted: 26 May 2006 at 2:35am | IP Logged
omg!! bhai ho to aisa!!! jab tum shadi karogi to mein bhi karoga!! LOL n dear i mentioned sumwhere in my comments that u always surprise me and yet again u have done tht!!the whole twist was amazing! plz do cont. soon n take care!
ps: a very well written part, there was a flow to everything, nothing seemed out of place!
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 May 2006 at 7:27am | IP Logged
its great the misunderstanding is cleared i hope they get married

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