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Kahani Teri Meri~AK~Pg 50 10/3 ~The End~~ (Page 13)

angadlover<3 Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2006 at 12:02am | IP Logged
omgg..this fanfic is rocking..i love it..i just finished reading all the parts, they were awesome...plzzzz cont....

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Sour Skittles IF-Dazzler
Sour Skittles
Sour Skittles

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Posted: 19 April 2006 at 12:22am | IP Logged
yay i caught up!!i luved the last part!!!ANGAD AND KRIPAARE GETTING CLOSER!!YAY!!
cont soon
amneetkaur_24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2006 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Kripa got ready for the dinner. She was wearing a pink top with a silk white skirt. She looked gorgeous and innocent. She went downstairs and saw Josh sitting on the coach. She sat down on one of the coaches and watched tv with him, he was watching a basketball game. Kripa wasn't too into basketball, but tried to look interested.
K- Hey whats the score?
J- ....It's 19 to 25.
K- Wow! like Alliya huh?
Kripa noticed Josh blush a bit, she smiled to herself, she got her answer.
K- Don't worry, I'm sure she'll like you too.
J- Thanks, and thanks for letting me come with you guys..
K- Don't be so formal, your my brother, this is the least I can do for you.
Josh gave Kripa a small smile.
The door bell rang
K- That must be Angad, I'll get it.
Kripa went to the front door and opened it.
Angad was stunned by Kripa's beauty, like always.
K- Hey Angad!
K- Stop staring!
A- Oh this is for you.
Angad handed Kripa a rose
K-Thanks, but what was there was really no need for this.
A- I just wanted to show this rose how incredibly beautiful you are
K- Angad, your such a big flirt!
A- What can I say, flirting is my attitude
Kripa smiled at Angad.
K- I'll be right back, I forgot my cell
A- Okay I'll go get Josh

Angad walked over to Josh and sat next to him.
A- Ready?
J- Yeah, I'm just a little nervous, God knows what she thinks about me.
A- Don't worry, she'll love you pretty soon!
J- So your saying she doesn't love me now?
A- ....Josh, relax, you'll do fine! Trust me!
J- Your right...
Kripa came back into the room-Ready?
J- Yeah I guess
K- Great!

The three drove to Alliya's house.

Outside Alliya's house:

K- Umm Josh, do you want to go get her or should I?
J- I think u shoud, I dont want her to feel uncomfortable
K- Okay

Kripa went and got Alliya.

As they were walking to the car:
Al- Kripa, Im still not too sure about this
K- Oh come on Alliya, we'll have a great time, trust me.
Al- If you say so, Josh is going too right?
K- Yep!
Al- Okay, at least now I won't feel like Im getting in the way of you two
Kripa smiled at Alliya and said: Alliya, your my best friend, I love you and you can never get in the way.
Al- Kripa, your like a sister to me, I love you too.

They reached the car
Al- Hi Josh....Hi..Angad
J- Hi, you look gorgeous Alliya
Al- Thanks

The four went to a restaurant. Angad wanted to go to a club, but Kripa said no.
Inside the restaurant-
Waiter: What drinks can I get for you people?
Al- Same here
J- And I'll have wine
A- Make it 2
Waiter: And for dinner?
K- Pasta with breadsticks please
Al- I'll have a chicken salad
A- I'll have chicken with rice
J- Ill have spaghetti with meat balls
Waiter- Okay it'll be here in a little while

K: So Angad, who do you have in your family?
A- My mom, dad, and sister Priya
K- Cool
Al- I wish I had a sibling, it gets lonely being an only child and everything
K-thinking- I know how you feel
Prithvi, who was behind their table the whole time, finally turned around. Prithvi had came with a couple of his friends.
P-Sarcastic- Hey!!! I didnt know my best friends were here!
A- What r u doing here?
P- Angad I'm hurt! Anyways, haven't you been paying attention in history class, the british left, its a free country now.
A- Whatever
P- Hi Kripa, how are you?
K-I'm go-
J- Whats it to you?
P- Im sorry Josh, I thought I was talking to Kripa
J- Why dont you just buzz off, I really want to know what makes you so stupid, but whatever it is, its really working
Angad and Josh gave each other a high five.
Alliya- Excuse me I have to use the ladie's room.
Alliya got up and left.
P- So Kripa, have they poisoned your mind against me yet?
P- I didnt think of you as the type to believe in rumors
A- Whatever Prithvi, why dont u get it that no one wants you here
J- Do you want me to spell it out for you?
P- Anyways, Kripa I just wanted to invite you to my birthday party, I would really feel good if you came.
J- How old are you now Prithvi, 6?
Angad started cracking up.
K- I dont know Prithvi, I dont think I can make it.
P- Well try to come. Bye

Angad and Josh were both still cracking up.
K- Okay thats enough.
A- still laughing- Yeah Josh stop laughing
J- laughing- You stop first
K- U guys r so immature
Alliya cam back- What did I miss?
K- Nothing Important

Waiter- Here's your food.
Everyone had a light conversation, it was mostly Josh and Alliyah talking as Angad and Kripa watched.
J- U like basketball too?
Al- Im crazy about basketball, in fact I was on the girls basketball team in highschool.
J- Awesome! I never knew we had this much in common.
Al- Me niether.
A- Well this is going great!

A man started playing the piano with backup from violinists.
A- Hey Kripa, may I have the pleasure of having a dance with you?
K- Sure
J- Alliya, you want to dance too?
All-yeah, why not.

The four were dancing
For the first time that night Kripa looked into Angad's eyes. She saw the innocence and affection in it. He looked at her as she looked right back into his eyes. She wanted to move her glance, but it was as if her eyes were glued to his.
K- So Angad, tell me one thing, your cute and smart, so why haven't you found Miss. Perfect yet?
A- I could say the same about you
K- No you cant, I've found my Mr. Perfect
A-nervously-What, you have?
Kripa was just pulling Anagd's leg, she really didnt love anyone, but she thought might as well have fun with him.
A- Who is he?
K- He lived in America, we went to the same college. His name was....Ronit.
A- Ronit?
K- Yes, he's really cute and nice
A- Im sure, actually I found my Miss. Perfect too.
K- Who?
A- Alliyah
K- What, you cant like Alliya
A- And why not?
K- Well because.....because Josh likes her.
A- Well she likes me and I like her, so dont you think Josh is just getting in the way.
Angad was also joking, but he liked seeing Kripa freak out so he started to go along with his lie. To make kripa even mad he started to stare at Alliya
K- Stop it!
A-still staring at Alliya-Stop what?
K- Stop staring at Alliya
A- Whose going to make me?
K- I am?
A-still staring at her- Isnt she beautiful?
K- Stop!
A- And look at her eyes, there so pretty
K- Stop, you cant like Alliya!
A- And her lips, so juicy and...
Before Kripa knew it she kissed Angad, so he wouldnt look at Alliya anymore. Angad didnt know why she kissed him, but he enjoyed the kiss. It was the first time he felt something run inside his body, it was the first time he felt shivers down his spine when a girl kissed him. But why?

They both slowly pulled away from the kiss.
K- Shut up, I didnt kiss u because I wanted to, I did it so u would stop looking at Alliya
A- For the record Kripa, I was just joking about Alliya, but if every time I look at Alliya you give me a kiss, then I swear I'll never take my eyes off of her.
K- Very funny, but why'd you lie about having the hots for her?
A- I dont know, you were all talking about Ronit and....
K- Awwwwww, did my Angad baby get jealous?
A- Hey Angad Khaana doesn't get jealous, got it?
K- Got it! And for the record, I was kidding about Ronit too. He was just an imaginary character I made up in my head.
A-relieved- I knew that
K- Im sure. By the way, I had my reasons when I kissed you, but why did u kiss me back?
A- Hey Im a guy, what do u expect?
K- Oh Angad, your 2 much! Let's go.
A- Where?
K- Hello? The songs over, lets go back to our table.
A- Wait, I have a plan
K- This cant be good
A-Just play along.

Angad and Kripa went back to the table.
A- Sorry Alliya, sorry Josh, but me and Kripa have to go.
J- Why?
A- Kripa just has some stomach pains, thats all.
Al- Oh are you okay Kripa
K-confused- Umm. yeah, I'll be okay
A- But she has to go, you know she should rest and all
K- Yeah, Im tired.
J- Well then we'll go too I guess
A- No!
J- Why?
A- We dont want u guys to ruin your night because of us, you guys carry on.
Al- No its okay
K- No really, please carry on. Me and Angad will take a taxi, you guys can come back in the car.
A- Yeah, so bye
J and Al- Bye

Angad and Kripa started to leave.
K- What the **** did you do that for?
A- Well I thought we should give them time alone, so....
K- Ohhhhh! Angad your so clever.
A- Thanks
K- So I guess we should go home now
A- Home, no no no, your not going home
K- But why?
A- Let's go out somewhere, afterall this is our "date"
K- Umm okay, where do you suggest going?
A- How about the beach.

Preview: Feelings revealed!!!

I'll continue later guys. I hope you liked the part, sorry if theres any grammar mistakes in it, I didnt get a chance to edit it. Well bye, and enjoy the part!
Rhydima Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2006 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
amazing part. Clap
lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2006 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
nice part way to go Clap
griffy.fz IF-Sizzlerz

Friendship Animated Sig. Winner
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Posted: 19 April 2006 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
that was such a mindblowing part
i just loved evry line of it
it was PERFECT Clap
cont soon
can't wait Embarrassed
Sour Skittles IF-Dazzler
Sour Skittles
Sour Skittles

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Posted: 19 April 2006 at 5:22pm | IP Logged
ooo *kripa kissed angad* cont soon!!!
himani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2006 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
that was fantastic

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