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Indian Idol 6

Final Countdown - TOP 3 CHAT

sumesh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 11:24am | IP Logged

sandy.sharmaa asks hey sandeep this time plz reply... well u r a very gud singer all the best u r ii2.....
idol-finalists says Hello! How're you doing?

sandy.sharmaa asks and i m very happy that i m chatting wid u...... u met ur idol udit n i m chatting wid my idol sandeep acharya
idol-finalists says :) It was an honour to meet Uditji

adorable_sheetu asks hi sandeep,this is sheetal,u really have a killer smile.alwys keep smiling and make others smile.u r goin to b in final 2
idol-finalists says Hi Sheetal. Thanks for your faith in me

adorable_sheetu asks hi karunya this is sheetal,u performance in delhi was mindblowing.i enjoyed only ur performance.u dont have a tough fight with both sandy and anuj.amey was a tough fight.
idol-finalists says Hi Sheetal! Thanks for watching me in Delhi

sandy.sharmaa asks hey sandeep tell me how was ur experience in ii2.... with contestants and with ur crazy fans(shouting sandeep sandeep sandeep)
idol-finalists says It's been wonderful to receive so much love from across the country and the world. Thank you, all!

ppk_58 asks Hi Sandeep , I like your Smile.
idol-finalists says Thank you :)

payal520 asks HII SANDEEP!!!!!!!!! I'm Zeeee, 14 yers old, from the US... and I AM YOUR BIGGGGESTTT FAN!!!! Noo matterr wateverrr happnss U R MY INDIAN IDOL!!!!! Iove youu!!!!
idol-finalists says Hi Zeeee! Thanks for that

payal520 asks Hiiii Sandeep!!! Its Zee!! What are your hobbies??? What do u like to do in your spare tiime???
idol-finalists says I love cricket, I love to travel, and yes...I love to eat chocolates and food cooked by my mom.

ppk_58 asks Well Sandeep , What is your Favourite Food ?
idol-finalists says Mom's cooking. I'm fond of pizzas too

payal520 asks Sandeeep if you can bring back one person that is voted out, who would it be?
idol-finalists says Yashashree

shilpasrao_2005 asks hi karunya how ru?
idol-finalists says Fine, Shilpa! How're you?

charanbir101 asks hi karunya,who was ur best friend in guys who r voted out?
idol-finalists says Sagar

ppk_58 asks Hi Anuj , What do you of your chances of becoming the Indian Idol 2 ?
idol-finalists says I hope to make my dream come true

adorable_sheetu asks hi karunya,dont u think only amey was the only suitable contestant to b in final 2 with u
idol-finalists says Quite frankly, I saw Amey, Meenal and Monali in the top three. I did not see myself there. All three were excellent singers.

charanbir101 asks hi sandeep,whom u miss the most from voted out contestants and why?
idol-finalists says All of them!

adorable_sheetu asks hi anuj,dont u think u should have stepped back when amey was out.the judges,indirectly criticized u so much.
idol-finalists says That was a shocking experience for me. Nobody asked me how I felt. I wanted to quit, but I felt so scared at that point in time.

charanbir101 asks hi karunya,Are u really good in studies too?
idol-finalists says Yes, I am :)

ppk_58 asks Hi Anuj , U have a nice personality.
idol-finalists says Thank you!

jALPARI asks Hello, Sandeep, I am Fariha from the USA, 1st of all I want to congratulate you on getting this far. How does it feel to be in the Top 3 and how does it feel to know that you have fans like me in countries besides India such as America? Best of luck to yo
idol-finalists says Hi Fariha! It's great being here. I've learnt a lot of lessons from Indian Idol and the love of my fans has boosted my confidence. I'm really touched to know I've been able to reach out to so many people across the world.

jALPARI asks Hi Karunya, I am from the USA, Wowwwwwwwwwwwww, is the word for you! Awesome&performances! So congratulations for getting to the top three! Best of luck in the coming weeks! Sorry wont be able to vote as much as I want to because I live in US&and have no
idol-finalists says Hi! Thanks for your wishes. Please tell your friends and relatives in india to watch Indian Idol and vote for me -- If they feel I deserve it.

Karufan asks Hey Karunya, this is Kruttika from Bangalore. U ROK MAN!!!!! ur performance yesterday was jus superb!!!!! U beat Abhijeet Sawant and many top singers in the film industry!!! Whether u win the Indian Idol itle or not, u will always b my India Idol!!! W
idol-finalists says Hi Kruttika! Do keep the support coming!

charanbir101 asks hi sandeep, what were u doing before coming into Indian idol
idol-finalists says I'd just completed my BSc

Karufan asks Wish u all the best Karunya from myself and my mom!!!!
idol-finalists says Thank you, and please pass on my regards to your mom! asks Hi Andee, Pat here. Great going dear and do continue. U r growing more & more better, whats the matter? Plz Answer.
idol-finalists says Hi Pat! Your support and love has helped me get this far -- and will help me improve!

charanbir101 asks hi karunya, i like ur choice of songs, who chooses the songs for u? u rock man specially holi one and wedding special.
idol-finalists says My parents, me and my music manager chooses the songs. Glad to know you like them

ppk_58 asks Hi Anuj , How about your Experience in Indian Idol ? Tell me something.
idol-finalists says Very good. I've been able to rise so much in such a short span of time

charanbir101 asks hi karunya, did u ever meet any contestant after they voted out?
idol-finalists says No, not yet. They've got back to their own lives and we're not allowed to go out and meet people right now. asks Hi Karunya
idol-finalists says Hi Norah! asks Karunya, This is Renu from Dubai, but I am a Sri Lankan. Ever since II2 started I've been watching you and Amey.... it didn't matter to me if you won or Amey....Now that only you are there, I really want you to win....So please do your VERY BEST
idol-finalists says Hi Renu! I hope I can fulfill your expectations. asks Hello karunya r u there??
idol-finalists says Yes, Norah asks Andee, There r so many girls in love with u. Is there any chance of u falling for one of these girls? plz reply. Always do as ur heart & mind says but now concentrate only in ur career ok dear.
idol-finalists says :) There are no girls in my life right now!

charanbir101 asks hi karunya, is Hemachandra from SRGMP is ur cousin?
idol-finalists says Yes, Hemachandra and I are first cousins. Both of us hope to bring fame to our family with our talent. He has a beautiful voice and is an excellent singer.

ppk_58 asks Hi Karunya , I like UR Voice.
idol-finalists says Thanks for that! asks Hi, back again Too much of Pizzas and Chyawanprash, continue but in limit, coz I dont want u to get sick dear. All the very very best to u from ur Friend. U can reply me at
idol-finalists says :)) I love to eat!

hsachin_123 asks hi karunya u will be the indian idol this year my god wish to u oaky bye have a grat sound and great fun in life
idol-finalists says Thanks for your wishes

charanbir101 asks hi sandeep, whose performance u liked the most in all the galas?
idol-finalists says Panna's performance in his last gala

ppk_58 asks Hi Sandeep , UR Definitely my Indian Idol.
idol-finalists says Thank you!

zar83 asks assalamalykum SANDEEP i am zar from pakistan i like ur voice and style of singing too much i would like to ask u that i think ur voice suits on mostly slow songs so why have u started singing only fast songs like jhalak dikhla ja jeeney ke hain char din?
idol-finalists says I'd like to experiment with my voice and range as much as possible. asks Karunya, when you win this II2, I want you to request SONY to send your Albem to DUBAI, because there are thousands of your fans INCLUDING ME RENU , to buy it....All the best, I really really wish that you win
idol-finalists says Thanks for your wishes, Renu

gopi_princi asks Hi Krunya how r u? best of luck
idol-finalists says Am fine! How're you doing?

charanbir101 asks hi karunya, how did u learn panjabi? ur excent is very good.
idol-finalists says I haven't learnt Punjabi. I get the help of cameramen and crew on the sets, who are Punjabi, to improve my accent. I just worked hard to perfect my accent, but I haven't learnt the language yet.

asks hi SANDEEP its zar, tell me about your future plans regarding ur studies will you continue ur studies?
idol-finalists says I hope to complete my MSc.

ppk_58 asks Hi Karunya , Who is UR Favourite Friend in the II2 ?
idol-finalists says Meenal

gopi_princi asks karunya u r my indian idol and i am a gujrati not a south indian so dont warry all indian with u ,best of luck,
idol-finalists says Thank you! I wouldn't encourage regional voting in any form, and it's good to hear you!

ppk_58 asks Hey Karunya , Have a Nice Day , Mate
idol-finalists says You too!

ppk_58 asks Hi Sandeep , Would U like to be my friend ? Well , my name is Pradeep kamath. I am from Mumbai.
idol-finalists says Hi Pradeep! Am already your friend :)

fariaalam22 asks hi sandeep!am faria how r u?
idol-finalists says Hi Faria! Am fine

ppk_58 asks Hi Sandeep , What's Your Favourite Song ?
idol-finalists says Sonuji's Is Pyaar Mein from the movie Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hain

ppk_58 asks Hi Anuj , How does it feel to you of being a part of top 3 in Indian Idol ?
idol-finalists says Very good! Am so grateful to the judges and janta for bringing me here

idol-finalists says Thank you, Gayatri

simply_sabah asks Hi Sandeep! this is Sabah from Pune(living in dubai). You really rocked in all the stage shows.It would be really nice to hear you sing some song from Main hoon Naa if given a chance. Esp the title track becos i think that song will suit your voice and pe
idol-finalists says Hi Sabah! I'll surely keep your suggestion in mind.

mrinu asks karunya hai, how r u? when u r coming to hyderabad? we are waiting for u?
idol-finalists says As soon as I can. If I'm lucky enough to get to the top two, we'll be doing a road show there.

najeebnwr asks Hey Anuj, How did you feel when everyone stood up for Amey as if they were abandoning you????
idol-finalists says Very scared and upset. I guess I was too stunned to react.

emily4ever asks hi karunya how r u? this is emily from bangladesh i really hope u become the next indian idol because ur the only deserving person who is left ur voice quality is amazing best of luck!
idol-finalists says Hi Emily! Good to know that Bangladesh is watching us, too.

ash_deep asks hi sandeep, i am biggest fan of yours.i request u to visit karwar atleast once
idol-finalists says I love to travel, and I'll surely try to make it to Karwar

ash_deep asks hi sandeep,this is ashwini.i am damn sure that u will be our indian idol.
idol-finalists says Hi Ashwini!

ash_deep asks hey sandeep,its me ashwini u have a girlfriend?
idol-finalists says No, I don't :)

sarwat_2005 asks sandeep will u marry me ?
idol-finalists says We haven't met yet, right? :)

pranavk asks karunya, i think you are the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. i agreed with farahji when she said, tumne indian idol 2 ka suspense hi nikal diya. this is karunya for me k-kamaal a-amazing r-rockstar u-underestimated
idol-finalists says Thank you so much for your kind words

bvpadmaja asks Karunya, I'm from UK.I sincerely wish u win the contest, want to c atleast one reality show where quality wins.Have been following u since ur 'chiru sarigamalu' best wishes with u!
idol-finalists says Thank you so much, Ma'am!

nadirizvi asks asalamoilikum, sandeep, karunya, anuj kesay hain aplogh .mera question yeh hai k kia ap logh in quetions ka answer dete hain????? kiu k meh nay abhi tak dekha nahi ksi bhi sawal ka answer
idol-finalists says Hello! We are here!!!

neha_bbsr2005 asks Hi Sandep.Im Neha,14 from Bhubaneswar.U'll b the next Indian Idol.ALL THE BEST
idol-finalists says Hi Neha! Thank you so much!

nilbadwe asks hi Anuj, Dont you think you should walk out at least on this tuesday if any of Karu or Sandeep gets voted out? I think even you should accept that both of them are quite better than you.
idol-finalists says I think the janta is the final judge.

idol-finalists says This is Sandeep here. No, Neha! No girlfriends yet for me!

cutemohit_916 asks hi karunya how do u feel 2 b reach to final
idol-finalists says Extremely happy!

sreya0419 asks Hi Anuj, I was wondering whether you felt ethnocentricity had anything to do with the descrepancy of votes between you and Karunya. Also, what you think could be done to alleviate it if you feel it exists? Good luck to all you guys !
idol-finalists says I don't approve of regional voting in any form. But I don't really have the answers right now.

sonalusonu asks hi sandeep you are big fan of sonu like me when you see first time sonu than what happen i mean how happy you are. if you have sonu's and your id than tell me please
idol-finalists says Yeah, It's been a dream to meet Sonuji and interact with him.

cool_tiger asks hi Karunya. i have been ur fan from the very beginning.right from the audition stage. which Indian Idol judge u fear the most ?
idol-finalists says I respect all judges equally asks Sandeep Doesnt matter my msg is not shown in the net but I hope it reaches u, answer it if it is ther plz. tc. Bye. Love u Andee. Pat from Kolkata.
idol-finalists says Bye, Patricia

guru_indian asks To Anuj, We know Great injustice was done to you when judges walked out of the show! But we are very glad that You have come back very strongly! Keep it up! We are sure that Judges have to eat their words and realise their mistake! But you always keep yo
idol-finalists says Thanks for standing by me

guru_indian asks To Anuj, You have got a very good control of very high pitch & low pitch songs! We are sure your talent will make you achieve your target!
idol-finalists says Thanks so much

guru_indian asks To Anuj, we have seen your immense popularity in North India & you will be thrilled to know that you have lots of supporters in Mumbai too!!
idol-finalists says Yeah, it's always good to know about the support I have. Thank you!

indiasstar asks hey, i dont have any question but i wanted to say that last time abhijeet,this time karunya..ur the best karunya
idol-finalists says Thanks so much!

mistuni asks Hi sandeep,dont u think Amey shud not have gone out of Indian idol
idol-finalists says I was heart-broken when he left. He had a great voice, was good-looking and had great presentation skills. If only I could bring him back!

adnia asks Hello Karunya how do u felt when Amey was voted out ?
idol-finalists says Shocked. I expected him to be in the top two.

zar83 asks SANDEEP Will u continue ur education ?
idol-finalists says I will surely try to complete my MSc

joyrajrisa asks Karunya, can u tell me why gals are not reaching the summit and it is only boys who are winning the tropy? Are boys better? All to best to all u guys
idol-finalists says I think it's because more women vote than men, and women have a tendency to vote for guys.

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priyav IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 11:34am | IP Logged
thanks sumesh
mans IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 October 2005
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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 11:38am | IP Logged
thanks Sumesh bro but what happened to sandeep bro..he had crush on yashashree or what ?LOL
..see below lines from chat

payal520 asks Sandeeep if you can bring back one person that is voted out, who would it be?
idol-finalists says Yashashree

Gobsmacked IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 February 2006
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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 11:39am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
anonmember IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 December 2004
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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mans

thanks Sumesh bro but what happened to sandeep bro..he had crush on yashashree or what ?LOL
..see below lines from chat

payal520 asks Sandeeep if you can bring back one person that is voted out, who would it be?
idol-finalists says Yashashree

LOL LOL Nothing like that. Yashashree is his favorite from the girls, probably cause of her down-to-earth nature and personality. He mentioned that in one of the RC interviews too.

Thanks for the transcript Sumesh.

sumesh IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 06 November 2005
Posts: 30901

Posted: 29 March 2006 at 11:54am | IP Logged
Donno Mans He always tells abt Yesh..

HE tells that she is the best singer among gals.... Confused

He feels Panna's performance was the best in all other galas Confused

He also feels to vote for Anuj over Karunya Confused

I am so disappointed with his comments ... Angry

Surprisingly in this chat he got mroe messages than Karu...More gals...

In Karu's TOP 3 ANTARA not there Cry Thast OK..Does that means he didnt deserved to be in TOP 3 at all? Confused HE shoudl have mentioned his name also in TOP 3...

priyav IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 March 2006
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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 11:55am | IP Logged

Originally posted by mans

thanks Sumesh bro but what happened to sandeep bro..he had crush on yashashree or what ?LOL
..see below lines from chat

payal520 asks Sandeeep if you can bring back one person that is voted out, who would it be?
idol-finalists says Yashashree

do you remember in last gala when they asked the voted out contestants who will win -- yashashree said sandeep .hmmmm

anjali.nair IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
thanks sumesh for the chat transcript.

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