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FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 36)

Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by tangam

So is there a chance of a fri update...

Sorry tangam.. I just came back from dinner .. Will have to update tomorrow morning.. Don't wait up. I will send a pm as soon as I make the update...Smile

munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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just read part 19... amazing update... i love ur way of writing

love jigar deepu scennes... they are gonna set the house on fire... tooo cute

gohem's relation is taking a new turn with ahem planning to have a baby Wink

wiil have to read chap 20
munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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loved it part 20 amazing...

deepu and gopi's conversation was very warm... loved it...
ahem and jigar tooo god discussing things without involving elders
now u r gonna deal with the modi brothers
Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by munnihyderabad

loved it part 20 amazing...

deepu and gopi's conversation was very warm... loved it...
ahem and jigar tooo god discussing things without involving elders
now u r gonna deal with the modi brothers

Thanks Munni for your comments on both the chapters :) Yeah.. Modi brothers are a formidable pair. LOL I love them together too.. The Deepu and Gopi relation was always how I wanted Raashi and Gopi to go with. A sister is a really good friend to have. I am so sad that in SNS only Gopi ever does justice to her relationship. I hate how Raashi uses Gopi. So Deepu was going to be exactly opposite Smile Pleas keep reading and commenting.. And Thanks again.

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Chapter 21... A late night update.  I just had to get this done as I was already writing the next part before this was completed. LOL  So without further adieu, Chapter 21 for your eyes...

Chapter 21

 "Jigar.. You are here. They are looking for you downstairs.." Deepu came into the terrace to see Jigar looking at the stars. He seemed to be forlorn. "Jigar.. You alright?" Depu asked him concerned. She knew that Jigar was worried about the divorce next day. He had been very reserved the past couple of days and he had persuaded Deepika not to come to court the next day. Deepika had first  told him she would not change her decision. But Ahem had talked her out of it by pointing out that her presence could lead to difficulties. She had finally agreed to stay at home.  Gopi had also assured Deepika that she would be there with Jigar all the time and support  him throughout. Deepika knew she could trust Gopi and had agreed reluctantly to stay at home.

It was decided that Parag, Aham and Gopi would accompany Jigar the next day. The house was tensed but the elders were also hoping for a closure.

 "By this time tomorrow we will know how our lives will be in the future.." Deepika heard Jigar talk softly. "One night.. and it could go anyway. I may be with you tomorrow Deepu grateful for the new lease in life or this may be the last night we will be together and I will know there was nothing more in my life to live for.." Deepika placed her hands on Jigar's. "Jigar, nothing bad is going to happen. You yourself know that the judgement is just a formality.." Jigar smiled humorously. "Yes. I thought it was.. Just like I thought two months back. Just like I thought 6 months back.. Oh Deepu.. I am so tired of fighting. You don't know how much all this is hurting Mom and Dad and the rest of the family. They do not say anything. But how long will they fight? I want it to end one way or the other tomorrow." "It will Jigar. You just have to fight one more time and this time you have me with you. I will be there to fight for you Jigar. Just let me.." Deepika choked seeing Jigar's sorrow and laid her head on his shoulders.

"I wish all this was different Deepu. I just wish I could already give you what you deserve now.  Every day of this uncertainty, I am adding to your difficulty. We cannot move forward without this being finalized."

"Jigar, I am happy where I am. Don't ever feel guilty that you are wronging me. You gave me my most prized possession Your friendship and love. I consider myself very lucky Jigar. So forget all this and just concentrate on tomorrow. After tomorrow you will see.. We will be dreaming about our future together. Trust me.." Deepu looked into Jigar's eyes and could see tears in it. She wanted to remove all his sorrow and guilt and make him the old Jigar again. She clasped his hand tighter.

"I hope so.. Deeps. I really hope so.. But I want to tell you one thing. Whatever happens Deepu, I will always treasure these months with you. Always.." Jigar said and immediately left turning to hide his tears.

Deepu starred after him and felt her tears find a way down her cheeks. "Oh Jigar.. It will be alright. I know.. God cannot be cruel with you again.." Deepu let herself cry her sorrows away that night..


"Gopi.. Don't ever leave my side tomorrow. I want you with me every minute.. Promise me.."  Gopi sighed and held Ahem's hand. Both faced each other sitting on the bed. "Ahemji, I will never move from your side and will always be with you or devarji or papaji all the time."  Gopi understood Ahem's concern but she still did not believe her Maami or Raashi ben would hurt her. But she did not want to disappoint or worry Ahem unnecessarily. He was already worried about Jigar.

"Ahemji Did you talk to devarji?" It was Ahem's turn to sigh. He sat, his back against the headboard and pulled Gopi against him. She laid her hand on his chest as he continued to answer her question. "Hmm.. I did. I do not think he will be able to take it anymore Gopi. He is at the end of the tether. I hope just for everbody's sake nothing untoward happens tomorrow. But Gopi.. I am worried. Tell me everything will be alright.." Gopi looked up at her husband and again realized how much he loved his younger brother. His face reflected Jigar's pain and beneath his anger was the helplessness he felt at not being able to help Jigar any other way.

"Everything will be alright." Gopi said with conviction and smiled softly. Ahem kissed her on the head. "Let us sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.." He said as he laid down along with Gopi. But sleep evaded both of them.


Modi Bhavan stood silent that night. But the inmates were awake with their thoughts on the past or the future. Every person wanted the next day to end. The uncertainity of the future loomed darkly over all in the house.


"Dad.. You stay with Jigar. I am going to see the lawyer with Gopi. Maybe he has some news." Ahem told his father and held his brother's shoulder for a second. Jigar looked up and nodded. They were in recess and Raahi had not shown up for the session. Raashi's lawyer had pleaded that they were delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. Although the judge seemed to be doubting it, he had ordered to reconvene after recess. But had made it clear to Raashi's lawyer that the judgement would be passed with or without Raashi being present in the afternoon. Ahem knew Jigar was worried sick. But he was helpless. "Dad, make him eat something." Ahem told Parag softly and took Gopi with him to the lawyer.

"Gopi, wait here for a minute. I will get us all some water." Gopi just nodded. Their lawyer had nothing new to say and the session would start in another hour. There was no news of Raashi yet.

"GOPIII.. You are here too. I am so glad to see you.." "Yes Gopi Dikra.. Will you not wish us?" Gopi tensed as she heard the voices behind her. Her hands started getting cold involuntarily. Gopi slowly turned around to see her Maami and Raashi ben standing in front of her. Her Maami had a smile that Gopi had learnt to fear and her Raashi ben was... Gopi did not understand the emotions on her face. She looked not very happy. But she had sounded so different. As Gopi stood there unable to say anything, she felt an arm go over her shoulders. A calm descended on her suddenly.

Raashi was fuming inside but hid it. She saw the girl she had ruled all her life standing there enjoying the luxuries that she considered her right.

"Why is it not a surprise? Raashi... So you are here. Great. Come on Gopi." Gopi felt Ahem pull  her closer to him and was grateful for the contact. She turned along with him to go back the way they had come.

"Ahem Jiju, I just want to talk to my sister." Gopi heard Raashi tell her husband. Gopi stopped. Habits die-hard. She turned towards Raashi to hear her speak. "Tell me Raashi ben." Gopi gave Raashi an opening. "Gopi.. Can we talk somewhere alone? Just one sister with another." Raashi looked from Gopi to Ahem and could see that her request would immediately be vetoed. Before even Ahem could say anything, "No Raashi ben. This is fine. I would like Ahemji to be here." Gopi's reply surprised and irritated Raashi.

"Now what is this gawar playing at? Is she rubbing in that her husband is with her? I need to be really careful now"  Raashi thought but kept smiling. She turned around to see her mother seething in anger but put her hand out to control her. It had been a blessing to see Gopi come to the court. Raashi knew Gopi could give her a ticket back to the luxuries.

 "Ok Gopi. If that is what you need. You know that I always wanted you to be together with Ahem Jiju. I am so happy for you now.." Ahem heard Raashi and wanted to lash out. She was so obviously trying to play Gopi with her emotional speech. He looked down at his wife and found her face surprisingly neutral.

"Thanks Raashi ben. You wanted to say something.." "Gopi.. What can I say?.. Life has been cruel to me. It did not give me any chances. The chances you got, to have a family so high up or a husband who liked me. You got my place in Modi Bhavan but I never let you feel guilty for that fact. I have always protected you and loved you even though you have always brought me bad luck. You know how only because of you your parents died and also only because of you I was passed over as DIL the first time. Did I ever blame you for that? No. I helped you and because of you Kakiji has always scolded me. But I took all that in for you Gopi. And you know how because of various circumstances my life changed. It was all a mistake, a misunderstanding Gopi. I now just want one chance to say sorry to everyone at home in Modi Bhavan, Gopi.  You have to help me. I know you love me. And Kakiji and Jigarji will listen to you. I just want to prove that I am not that bad Gopi. I want to prove that I am the right person in Jigarji's life. You will help your Raashi ben right. Remember how much I have done for you Gopi. This is one way you can repay me. Help me Gopi"

 Raashi seethed inwardly as she talked to Gopi. "That Gawar is your only way to the Modi house now Raashi Dikra." She remembered her mother tell her as soon the lawyer had told them that the judge would not postpone the hearing.

 "Raashi ben.. Do you really mean what you are saying?" Ahem tensed as his wife started speaking. He prayed Gopi was not taken in by her sister's act. 

"Don't you see my tears Gopi? I am begging you to help me.." Raashi moved forward to take Gopi's two hands in hers. "Raashi ben. If what you say is true. I will help you make Maaji and Kakiji realize you have changed." Gopi saw Raashi's face light up. "The best way to prove you have changed is to let this divorce go through Raashi ben. It is for the best for everyone involved."

"GOPI..." Ahem heard Raashi shout and he moved still closer to Gopi if that was possible. Gopi's answer had stunned him too. He looked down proudly at his wife.

"Raashi ben, its time you moved on with your life. Life gave us both chances Raashi ben and we made our choices. I want you to be happy and I do not think that your happiness is in Modi Bhavan." Gopi concluded. She took her hands off from Raashi's and turned to look up at Ahem and nodded. Both started to walk away.

"You Gawar...How dare you?.." Gopi heard her Maami angry pounce towards her. But this time she felt no terror. Instead she watched as her husband stepped forward and glare at her Maami. "You said something to my wife?" Ahem asked and watched as Urmila's mouth stayed open. In less serious circumstances he would have laughed out.

Somebody pulled Gopi's hand and turned her forcefully around. Gopi saw Raashi clutch her hand. "You cannot do this Gopi. What do you think of yourself? That I will let you take my happiness away from me? Now listen.." Raashi thundered only to see her hand forcefully tossed away from Gopi's. "And that goes for you too Raashi. Don't you dare touch my wife." Ahem stood towering over the two women in front of his wife.

"Ahem Jiju. This does not concern you. This is between Gopi and me. She knows what I am talking about. She owes her everything to me.. My mom gave her a home, food and this marriage of hers to you. It is her time to repay every debt she owes us." Ahem looked down disgusted at the people who called themselves Gopi's sister and Maami.

Gopi looked guilt stricken again. Ahem wanted to just take her away from all this and assure her that what Raashi said was untrue. Gopi owed them nothing. "Raashi. Shut up right now.." Ahem started.

Raashi found her mom signal her. She knew she had to target Gopi. If Gopi would not help her get into Modi Bhavan then Raashi wanted Gopi out of there too.

 "I will not let them all live there happily when I am left here. I will make them pay mummy. I will .." Raashi remembered her promise to herself.

She changed tactics, as she knew Gopi was not going to help her get in.

"What do you think Ahem Jiju..that I do not know what you are playing at? I know you have Gopi fooled with all your loving acts but I know what you really want. Do you think you for one-minute fool me? The hatred you have for Gopi is not that easy to overcome. Don't tell me you conveniently forgot the way you treated her.. Oh no, not treated but Ill-treated her.. How dare you use her for your pleasure right now? You are just making sure that your back is covered during this trial. I know that once this is over you will toss my sister out like Jigarji tossed me out.."

Raashi turned to Gopi and continued her rant as Ahem looked on.. He was unable to defend himself. His past was starting to haunt him again..

"Gopi, listen to me.. You don't know these people. You know me, right? How much I love you and how I ruined my life to help yours. All the Modi's care about is their prestige. They do not care about you. They never did. Now listen to me and help me get the justice I deserve Gopi. All you need to do is tell the judge how we were mistreated at Modi Bhavan. Then we can make them pay. Gopi. Ahemjiju will never be able to mistreat you again. How do you think you can take Anitha's place in his heart Gopi. Or did you forget, Gopi?  Won't you listen to your Raashi ben? Remember how this man slapped you and tossed you out of his home without even a second glance? That will happen to you again if you don't listen to me now. And when you come back to our house after they abandon you we will be the ones who support you. Talk to me Gopi. Mr. Modi, I know you have terrorized my sister. You Monster..." Raashi stepped forward when..

"STOP. Raashi ben.. How dare you?" Ahem saw Gopi angry for the first time in his life. "Do you even have an idea as to what you are talking about? And how dare you insult MY husband and MY family?" Raashi looked at Gopi in surprise. This was the first time Gopi had talked back to her in this manner.

"Raashi ben. I am grateful to Maami and you for taking me in when I was young." Ahem flinched at her words. "I need to talk to her" Ahem decided.

 "But I will never do anything to harm my family. Ahemji is my family now Raashi. His family is my family. Whatever happened in the past does not matter anymore. My husband loves me Raashi ben and there is nothing in this world that you can say to make me believe otherwise. So please... " Gopi's voice broke and she pleaded, "Please don't let your anger blind you. Please go ahead with the divorce. Please Raashi ben." Gopi finished.

Ahem watched her closely to make sure she was ok. She was trembling but was still standing bravely. Ahem wanted to take Gopi away from all this. But he knew she wanted to do this. He would support her through this and he would make up for all she had to undergo he decided and stood his ground supporting her silently.

"She is right Raashi." Everyone looked up to see Jigar coming to a standstill near Ahem. Parag was right next to him. "Bhabhi is absolutely right. Don't make it difficult for yourself. I will personally make sure that you are arrested if you continue to stand here any longer. You are still under restriction order. You cannot come within 500 yards of Gopi Bhabhi. " He said and without a second glance at Raashi or her mother marched straight towards the courtroom.

"Ahem, it is time for the judgement." Parag uttered softly. Ahem nodded and took Gopi along with him towards the court leaving Raashi and her mom seething.


"Are you alright?" Ahem asked Gopi for the hundredth time that day. Gopi just nodded. It was a week after the divorce. To the outside world Modi Bhavan had returned back to normal. The divorce went on without a hitch after the showdown at the court.

When the judge pronounced his verdict Jigar sat silently unable to believe he was finally free to start his life. Ahem saw Jigar break down in the car. He hugged him giving him his support and ran his hands up and down his back to soothe him down. Raashi and her mother had been previously removed from the premises as they had accused loudly that the judge had been bought. They faced contempt of court charges again and nobody gave them a second glance.

 That was a week ago. Jigar had been overcome with happiness and relief. It had taken him some time to get over the trauma. But Deepu had pulled him through. Everyone had supported him and he had recovered amazingly well.

But Ahem was getting worried about Gopi. She outwardly did not display anything. But Ahem knew something was killing her inside. She had become more silent, her smile did not have the spark it usually had and seemed to be in deep thought when she was alone. He did not want to pressurize Gopi into saying anything. He wanted her to tell him when she was ready. He knew that it had to do with what Raashi had said. But he just did not know what was troubling her.

"I will make her talk today." Ahem thought to himself as he drove home that day. He had seen Gopi cry when she thought he was sleeping that morning. He had wanted to console her immediately but her face displayed her emotions clearly. Gopi was confused and frightened…. Ahem thought back and hoped he had read her wrongly.

"I will make it right Gopi. I will.."  He promised Gopi silently without knowing that his wife would surprise him yet again.


There.. Urshi will never trouble us again..( I hope) I am already fed up with them in one update.. And will Ahem be able to help Gopi? In the next update please.

So let me know how you found this? Comments and Feedback please...

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-JollyJabeen- IF-Sizzlerz

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yay im the first oneEmbarrassed

That was absoutely fantastic and emotional!

Poor poor Gopi,she's been through so much but im over the moon,she stood up for her lovely Ahemji,that was def my fav bit,and awww my Jigarj broke downCry I felt so emotional!,thank god my pyaari Deepu bhabhi was there though to console himEmbarrassed

This SS is going to a lovely direction!Tongue

Please update soon & thanks for the pm!!!Heart

aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update
Kavya.S IF-Dazzler

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finally jigar is free...thank god
and poor gopi had to go through so much again
and this urshiAngry...well i'm glad they wont be able to trouble the modi's again...
love the update it was brilliant
cant wait to see how ahem will help gopi

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