Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

~*OS:Arnav's Chikni Chameli Khusi*~with song

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Arnav's Chikni Chameli Khusi

Arnav and La's engagement had been broken but however Arnav, La and Khusi managed to make Aakash and Payal married. They went for honeymoon to Nainital. But due to excessive cold Payal fell ill. And Aakash was unable to either manage her alone or to come back to Delhi. So he called Khusi from Delhi to take care of her. Arnav didn't let her go alone. So he gave her a company in the long way.
The story starts now:
Here we go''
Khusi: Bye amma, bye babuji,
Buaji: Have you forgotten me Sanka Devi??
Khusi: [being a little scared] No, no buaji. I was just about to bid you goodbye but before I proceed you have stopped me.
Buaji: Okay, okay you should leave now. Arnav is waiting in front of our door for past 30 minutes. You take so much time to get ready Khusi! You should not let him wait for so much time. It's just not good.
Khusi:[being restless] Uff'buaji I know but I should I do when he reached before time everywhere?
All the other members of her family bade her and Arnav a goodbye and wished them a happy journey. Especially Khusi's mother made her remember to go consciously, to make phone calls after every 2 hours and not to take any food from any unknown person on the way.
But Khusi is not a person who lives according to the rulebook. So when the car came to the highway she started to do her duty which is obviously annoying Arnav with various acts. But surprisingly Arnav was not reacting as much as she hoped because Arnav started to love even her foolish acts as well as her. So Khusi's trip was not becoming good for her. So she started annoying him saying him that she was feeling hungry. But this trick also went into water as Arnav handed her a packet full of cookies.
So she was finding a way to annoying him.
Suddenly something happened what was really unexpected to both of them. The car suddenly stopped in the middle of the way and the place was situated in the middle of a jungle. Arnav failed to restart it. He tried to call to his home for another car but it was a no network zone. He checked the parts and tried to repair the car by the help of his limited repairing knowledge. But he failed. Even Khusi tried to do something but the car gave no sign to be repaired. Now Arnav became furious. He thought that it might be Khusi's trick to annoying him.
Arnav: Khusi, what the hell? What's your problem? You've done it again?
He yelled at her.
Khusi: believe me; I didn't do anything this time. Why do you blame me all the time?
Arnav: I blame you because you try to do something wrong every time. Do you understand Miss Khusi Kumari Gupta?
Khusi: Okay Mr. Raizada. If I am your problem then why did you promise to come with me? You were not forced to give me a company here. Then why?
Arnav could not find any appropriate answer but he also carried on fighting with her saying that it was the chivalry that forced him to come with such a nonsense and foolish girl.
Khusi: What? What did you say? I'm nonsense? I'm foolish? Okay then you must be very wise and intelligent. Can you please tell me what can we do to get out of this problem now?
Arnav: How do I know? It's been created by you so it will be solved by you also.
Khusi: Hmm, at last you are knocked by me. Okay I think its better to find a Dhaba here just like we found the last time.
Arnav: yup its better. So let's find. Okay?
Then both went in search of a place where there were people. But that just increased their problem. Both were hungry, thirsty and tired for overwalking. All their snacks and water were finished. They seemed to be in a great danger. Soon the sky started to become dark to darker. Khusi was scared because she is afraid of darkness. Arnav tried to console her.
Arnav: Don't worry Khusi. We'll surely get someone here. Please don't worry.
While Arnav was trying to cheer up her both saw a Dhaba on the way.
Khusi sighed.
Both of them rushed to the Dhaba and planned to have something to eat at first. After finishing their dinner they were in search of a place and also a garage so they asked the owner of the Dhaba for it. The Dhaba owner said them that they might get a car servicing place on the highway about 2 km. far from here. So they had to stay there for that night.
They agreed to stay and took two rooms in the Dhaba. At night all people of the Dhaba started to sing Punjabi songs and doing Bhangda dance.
Khusi was interested in dancing with them. But Arnav dragged her to her room and told her to sleep.
After half an hour Arnav heard some cheerful noise out of his room. He came out to check the matter and when he reached to the Dhaba he was stunned seeing Khusi. She was dancing there with other males and females there. She was drunk. But abruptly all stopped dancing and the place became dark.
Arnav could hear the sound of a bottle and a glass that collided by none other than Khusi. Suddenly he could hear Khusi's voice saying,
Bichhu mere naina, badi zehereeli aankh maare
Kamsin kamariya saali ik thumke se lakh maare
[He was speechless, Khusi carried on her song and dancing,]
Bichhu mere naina, badi zehereeli aankh maare
Kamsin kamariya saali ik thumke se lakh maare
Note hazaaro'n ke, khulla chhutta karaane aayi
Husn ki teelli se beedi-chillam jalaane aayi

Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa chadha ke aayi
[Arnav: What the hell she is doing here]
Jungle mein aaj mangal karungi main
Bhookhe sheron se khelungi main
Makkhan jaisi hatheli pe angaare le lungi main
Haaye! gehre paani ki machhli hoon Raja
Ghaat Ghaat dariya mein ghoomi hoon main
Teri nazro ki leharo'n se haar ke doobi hoon main
[Arnav: Now she is going out of her limit. I have to stop her]
Hoye jaanleva jalwa hai
Dekhne mein halwa hai
Hoye jaanleva jalwa hai
Dekhne mein halwa hai
Pyaar se paros doongi toot le zaraa
[She found Arnav in the crowd and went to him to pull him to the stage for dancing with her]
Yeh toh trailer hai poori fillam dikhane aayi
Husn ki teelli se beedi-chillam jalaane aayi
[She pulled his hand]
Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa chadha ke aayi
[When she saw that he was not coming then she started to dance in front of him]
Banjar basti mein aayi hai masti
Aisa namkeen chehra tera
Meri neeyat pe chehke chhote na hai rang gehra tera
Joban ye mera crazy hai raja
[Someone whistled from the crowd and screamed with a sl*g word]
Saare pardo ko kaatungi main
Shaame meri akeli hai sang tere baatungi main
Haaye! baat mein ishaara hai
Jisme khel saara hai
Haaye! baat mein ishaara hai
Jisme khel saara hai
Tod ke tijoriyon ko loot le zara
Choom ke zakhmo mein thoda malham lagaane aayi
Husn ki teelli se beedi-chillam jalaane aa.yi
Aayi Chikni..chikni...aayi..aayi
Aayi Chikni..chikni...aayi..aayi
Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa chadha ke aayi...
[She tried to go to dance with other males in the crowd. But Arnav pulled her hand and rushed to her room.]
She was humming Chikni Chameli  but Arnav was in his worst mood then. He started to yelled at her saying how dare you to do such things before all?
Khusi was not listening to him then. She was drunk and her whole mind and also she was singing Chikni Chameli again.
Now Arnav burst into anger. He screamed at Khusi saying just shut up Khusi. Don't you know how I feel when someone looks at you in such a nasty way?  Don't you know that I can't tolerate any other guy to look at you?
Khusi became surprised though Arnav was talking in a angry way. She was just getting out of the hangout.
Khusi: What? What did you say?
Arnav: What you heard.
Khusi: But why?
Arnav: Don't you know why?
Khusi: No. I don't know.
Arnav: Because, because,
He could not be able to express his feelings again but this time Khusi didn't let him go without completing the word. So she played a trick.
Khusi: if you'll not tell me then I'll again go to dance there.
Arnav: What? Again? No way I'll not let you go.
Khusi: Then tell me..
Arnav: please forget it na.
Khusi: No.
Arnav: please.
Khusi tried to go back and then Arnav pulled her hand again and closed the door. He got close to her and brushed his lips on her lips.
Khusi; What are you doing?
Arnav: I'm going to complete my sentence. I can't tolerate such actions because I love you Khusi. And you are only my Chikni Chameli. Did you get that?
Hey all please hit the LIKE button and do comments...otherwise meri dil tutegi..CryCry
 here I'm posting the song for thoses who haven't hear it...its from the new film 'Agneepath"..starring Hrithik and this song Katrina..

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loved it ... 

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please,, hit the LIKE button and do comments...
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luvd it... if possible write one oS where arnav is drunk but dats possible wen he will be extremely sad may b after knowing snake's truth... 
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Originally posted by mystic@

luvd it... if possible write one oS where arnav is drunk but dats possible wen he will be extremely sad may b after knowing snake's truth... 
I thought to make him drunk here but then thought that it will be a disaster because then the story was not coming in the shape I problem dear..I'll try it in my next one...surely...Wink
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please, please do comments friends...
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Luvd it!!
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Originally posted by -Gautami

Luvd it!!

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