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NEW SS:It was just.meant to be.PG 93/13th JANlstpt (Page 93)

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Originally posted by princess_xeelan

That was very interesting Tora... so now Piya is an immortal human. Akansha is so powerful to handle os many things at her own... unknowingly though...superb...Jeh died but poor Ishaan... where will he go now? waiting for the next update...superb Embarrassed
thanx tanzie..glad u enjoyed it..don't worry ishaan will be safeSmile

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Originally posted by ilove99

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!i guess akansha and ishan made for each otherLOLlol!!
abhiya were superb!
thanx meera!!Embarrassednai nai..they r too young,.not going to start their love storySmile

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Originally posted by pkyekfanclub

awesome Tora n poor Ishan he has no 1 now Cry n Akanksha is way 2 powerful man thanx for PM waiting for next Smile ok 1 wild guess about Ishan extremely wild pehle hi warn kar rahi hunLOL he is reincarnation of Armaan ROFL
thanx no armaan and ishaan r completely differentLOL..but nice oneSmile
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Chand stiffened suddenly."The werewolves r coming back"he said.They all were instantly on alert,turning to look at the grounds. Indeed they could see the faint outline of werewolves running towards them."What now?"Piya asked in fear."There's someone else."said Haseena suddenly.They could now see Ishaan clearly. He had almost reached them."He is the son of a werewolf"said Chand frowning."But his powers r not developed yet.He's still young.But there's something else about him--"he frowned.Ishaan had stopped now,tears still falling from his eyes,wondering why he had even come here."He's Jeh's son"said Haseena quietly."I can feel the connection.""Oh dear,"said Piya."Jeh's dead,right.Poor boy."she said approaching Ishaan,who looked at her fearfully.The werewolves were quite close now. "Oh "Chand gasped."His aura,i-it matches that of Akanksha's!"Everyone looked at him,surprised,including Ishaan."Now what does that mean?"asked Abhay."Akanksha's soul and Ishaan's r ancient friends."said Chand."I m guessing that Ishaan's soul is younger than Akanksha's,so it recognizes the bond better.Did u feel any pull, child?"he added.looking at ishaan."Did u feel someone calling u?"Ishaan nodded looking scared."Y-yes. That's w-why I came here.""Hold on"said Abhay,"What do u mean by bond,exactly?"Chand sighed."The souls have a very old relation Abhay.More like that of a brother and sister.Unless I am very much mistaken Ishaan and Akanksha r soul siblings.""Soul siblings?"Piya asked,confused.Ishaan and Akanksha were now looking at each other,both looking equally confused. But unknown to them,their souls were singing together,rejoicing in the union."Child,what is ur name?"asked Piya.Ishaan turned his gaze back at her,and the love and care in Piya's voice shook him.He burst into tears."I-Ishaan"he murmured in between sobs."Shh,Ishaan,don't cry dear"said Piya,pulling him into a hug.Ishaan clutched her tightly and wept. The loving way in which Piya was talking to him was something he wasn't used to."Do u want to stay with us,Ishaan?"asked Piya suddenly. Abhay gaped at Piya."But-"he began,when Chand stopped him."I don't think u can separate soul siblings once they re-unite Abhay"he said."And this is an innocent child. So what if he belongs to the werewolf clan?I think Piya's right,Abhay."Abhay sighed and nodded."I guess u r right."he said.Ishaan looked at Piya with big eyes."L-live with u,u mean?"Piya smiled"Yes."Ishaan hugged her again,tears falling down his cheeks."Oh yes,yes,I want to"he said. He could already feel the love here,which had been so absent in his home."Maybe here he would find his true family at last. "Welcome to the family, Ishaan"said Abhay,smiling and going over to hug Ishaan.At a distance the werewolves watched."Ishaan has chosen to live there"one of them said."shouldn't we stop him?He belongs to us."another said. The first werewolf shook his head."Let him go where he wants for now. Once his powers develop,he will come back. But we can't harm that family nor that hybrid now. They r important to Ishaan. We don't destroy anything important to our members.The werewolves turned and left silently,leaving the family in peace..


It was almost a month since Abhay and Piya had married and Piya couldn't honestly be happier. She had all the people she loved with her and each day seemed better than the next. Sometimes she felt tears in her eyes for no reason when she saw all the love that she received.Maithili had stopped haunting her dreams, which meant that there was no danger around her. She felt so happy, she wanted to scream with joy and tell the world how happy she was. She felt someone wrap his arms around her,giving a pause to her thoughts."What r u thinking about,wifey?"asked Abhay."Piya smiled,wrapping her arms around him too."Just the fact that I love u."Abhay smiled and kissed the top of her head."I love u Piya."he said"More than the amount of love love is capable of holding."
Abhay lay on the bed on his stomach,Akanksha sitting on his back. Ishaan was a little distance away, playing a video game and occasionally turning his attention to Abhay and Akanksha. Akanksha was tracing letters on Abhay's back for Abhay to identify."That's an O"said Abhay, a smile in his voice. "No,No"said Akanksha squealing in excitement,"U lost Daddy,it was a C!"Abhay let out a laugh,turning around and catching hold of his daughter.Still holding her,he brought her close,rubbing his nose with hers,making her giggle."No use being naughty with Daddy"he said in a loving voice."That was an O, or maybe u curled the ends of the C too close!!"Akanksha grinned,her eyes shining in mischief."No,No that's a C""Daddy is as naughty as Akanksha,I warn u"said Abhay,now tickling her stomach,making her squeal."Oh Daddy,Daddy!""Papa is right,u cheated Akanksha"said Ishaan from where he was sitting.Akanksha stuck her tongue out at him."U would always side with Daddy, I know!"Ishaan rolled his eyes."Oh please I'd rather side with Papa than a monkey like u."Akanksha glared at Ishaan."U called me a monkey!"she yelled launching herself at Ishaan before Abhay could stop her."Ow,"said Ishaan, as Akanksha hit him with a pillow."Don't disturb. I'm close to winning."Akanksha paid no heed,hitting him again and again with a pillow."That's the limit!"said Ishaan,glaring at Akanksha"U made my car crash!!!I almost won!!"Akanksha made a face at him,dancing out of his reach."Catch me if u can, Ishaan"she yelled holding the pillow as a shield. Ishaan grabbed another pillow,and the two started to fight,with shouts and yells. Abhay tried to stop them,but needless to say,the strongest vampire in the world was powerless in this matter.Piya entered the room just then,to call them for dinner,and was shocked to see a war going on."What's going on?"she shouted,at last. Akanksha and Ishaan both paused,pillows raised."He called me a monkey!"shouted Akanksha,glaring at Ishaan."And my car crashed because of her!"said Ishaan,glaring back. "O God"said Piya,exasperated. She walked upto the children and snatched the pillows from both their hands."Dinner time"she snapped at both of them."I don;'t want to hear anything!"she added,as both of them opened their mouths to argue. "Pillows r meant for sleeping,NOT for fighting."she said sternly."Now GO!Or else their will be no video games for u ,Ishaan neither will I let u watch The Little Mermaid,Akanksha!"At this threat,both the children exited the room,looking suddenly like obedient kids.
"And U!"continued Piya rounding on Abhay,who raised his eyebrows at her."What r u doing here,watching them fight? Couldn't u control them for even some time?"
"U r much better at these things"Abhay murmured innocently."I like to keep these things for u to solve."Piya glared at him,hands on her hips"U r hopeless"she said,before turning away from him,preparing to leave the room.To her surprise,Abhay caught hold of her from behind,so that her back was pressed to his chest."Hopeless huh?"whispered Abhay in a hoarse voice,his breath tickling her ear."There are other fields where I am not hopeless at all!Wanna try?"he murmured,kissing her neck."L-let go Abhay."Piya murmured,but she leaned back into him,gripping his hands tightly."T-the dinner.""R u for dessert?"Abhay whispered,now kissing her earlobes,almost making her lose her senses.It took very ounce of strength Piya had to control her overpowering desires for Abhay and push him away."The children are waiting Abhay"she murmured,not meeting Abhay's eyes,her face burning. She turned quickly and hurried away."U can't run forever Piya"Abhay thought,smiling to himself.
"Abhay,where r we going?"Piya asked blankly,as she clutched Abhay's neck tightly,as Abhay ran,as fast as the wind,carrying Piya on her back.Abhay had blindfolded her so she had no idea where they were going."U will see Piya"said Abhay,as he ran."Let me surprise u,at least once."Piya pouted."But Abhay,the children...U just picked me up from bed and ran..they don't know anything..And I am still in my nightdress!!"Abhay laughed."Relax Piya,relax. Haseena has come to stay for the weekend and look after the children while we r away. And for ur clothes,u'll find them where we r going. I've arranged everything. Although,u may not need any clothes at all."he added,laughing,as Piya gasped,feeling herself blush.After a while they stopped,and Abhay gently set Piya down."R we there yet?"she asked,curious."Almost"said Abhay smiling.Piya could hear a stream running nearby,and the call of birds but other than that,everything was eerily silent."Where r we ,Abhay?"she asked."Right where I want u"murmured Abhay,a smile in his voice,as he started to lead her in the right direction,holding her hand.After a few moments,Abhay opened the blindfold."Do u like this?"He asked,wrapping his arms around Piya. Piya gasped.They were in the middle of a dense forest,in a secluded wooden cottage. Everything was quiet all around. Piya could see the hills in the distance,and hear the river flowing even more clearly now.It was a beautiful place"Its wonderful!"Piya exclaimed hugging Abhay in joy. "Why did u--??"Abhay smiled and kissed her forehead."Because I love my wife."he said."This is a gift for u,as a completion of one month of our wedding.And this whole weekend,we r going to celebrate,away from the  world.Just U.."he whispered softly,kissing her nose.."and me"he murmured as he gently kissed her lips."Mmm"said Piya,sighing,as she kissed him back,"I like the idea.."The kiss slowly became more intense as they pressed themselves against each other,trying to get more of each other."I love u,Piya"Abhay murmured,as he gently pushed Piya backwards,till they both hit the bed and tumbled into it,still not letting go of each other.Finally Piya broke the kiss."Abhay"she gasped,trying to catch her breath."Let me get fresh."Abhay gazed at her, eyes clouded with passion,and then rolled off her,sighing."Hurry Piya"he growled.
As Piya came out of the bathroom,wrapped in just a towel, Abhay felt his mouth go dry. Piya saw his look and felt herself blushing."Abhay-"Before she could say anything more,Abhay had closed the distance between them,kissing her passionately."U r making me crazy,Piya"he whispered,his hands sliding up and down her back, as he kissed her lips,down her jaws,to her neck,and back up to her lips. Piya responded with equal passion,feeling the heat from both the bodies,as with trembling fingers,she slowly started to unbutton Abhay's shirt. Abhay's hands reached the knot that held her towel in place,undoing it,letting the towel slide down her body to the ground.Piya pressed herself to Abhay,kissing him frantically,unable to control any longer."I love u soo much Piya"Abhay gasped against her lips."Let me show u how much"Piya merely nodded,unable to speak,as Abhay carried her in his arms to the bed.That day,there were just the two of them,and their love for each other,and in the silence of the forests,among the whisper of the trees in the wind,the sound of the river and the song of the birds,the world witnessed the union of two bodies,minds and souls. Of course it was destined that this would happen. After all,Abhay and Piya were forever...meant to be...

SmileTHE ENDSmile


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Rasgulla...aww end of ss...Cryhappy for ishan he got a family...Big smileakanksha and ishan fighting...LOLakanksha monkey and ishans car crashedROFL...abhiya were superb in the end haye nice romance ha...Winkkoi na every good thing comes to and end...and i enjoyed this ss...and ur welcome...Hug

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Awesome update, nice ending tora... god its end soon but still i am ok with it... ishan akansha so sweet yaar. nice brother sister relationship and abhiya is too good Embarrassed

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awesome update ToraHug...It's so great that akanksha made everything alrightClap...Pia is now immortal!! hurrayyParty...but feeling very bad for poor Ishaan...waiting for next update...Hope it will b a rocking one as it's the last update.Day Dreaming

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