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TD Update - 31.03.05

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Tumhari Disha Update for 31.03.05


Oh wow today there was a surprise. Disha goes to Dk and tells him I love you Dk and DK is also happy and tells her comeon let us get married formerly.

Sorry friends this is April Fool…………ha ha… don't come to hit me now…wink…( it was not a part of the episode..) Embarrassed

Today's episode had nothing much to offer but no doubt excellent acting by DK, Gargi, Vedant and Porineeta and after a long long time they showed the cute Gautam looking even more adorable…Here it goes.

DK is in his house talking on his cell and screaming at one of the employees " If there were 2-3 more people like you in Kanaka empire then the company would have closed long back, no nothing doing from tomorrow you are not going to come to office.

Just then Gargi comes in and tells

Gargi : oh oh Sunny, why are you getting so hyper, be silent, now you need to control your anger, after all Disha is pregnant now.

DK : Stop this nonsense Disha is not pregnant.

Gargi : Offcourse I know she is not pregnant , it was only due to the Holi sweets that she had.  Dk stares at her.

Gargi : Ok tell me Sunny you were shouting at an employee isn't it?

DK looks at her disgusted.

Gargi : Oh oh I understood, I brought Parineeta home that's why you are behaving this way. But what was I supposed to do, I only gave shelter to an helpless, poor girl.

DK : People like Parineeta can never be helpless, but instead make others helpless.

Gargi : Oh you are saying that , you who took advantage of her helplessness.

DK just turns to leave. When Gargi holds him and tells him oh oh don't get angry sunny.

Gargi : What is it that is bothering you more, is it that Disha will know about your secrets or is it cause I brought Porineeta here? Now you are struggling like a bird whose feathers have been cut off, and I am really happy seeing on this…….

DK ( with his excellent expressions of anger, hatred, pain, disgust, helplessness ) just walks off from there.

Mummyji is telling nurse Meera ( who is offering her breakfast) that I told you once isn't it that I won't eat it. Meera is still coaxing her to eat when Vedant walks in. Behind him Pori also comes and just is about to go but when she sees Vedant walking towards Mummyji she too follows him… essshhh ( somewhat like Jaanbaaz film's music in the background when they show Pori ) .  She thinks to herself if I want to win Vedant's heart I will have to make this old lady happy. Vedant goes to Mummyji and asks her Badi Mom why are you not eating. Badi Mom says that I am waiting for Disha. Pori comes there ( Vedant's superb expressions )  and tells Mummyji come I will feed you, afterall I too am like your daughter. She takes the plate from Vedant and asks Mummyji do you eat with Kaanta ( which also means thorns ), Chamach or  Churi ( Fork, Spoon or Knife) . Sumitra looks at her and tells who are you? Vedant immediately tells Kaanta…I am Pori.. she is a guest for just a matter of few days here. Pori tells guest for a few days? Just then Disha enters. Mummyji's face lights up seeing her and she goes towards her and tells her where were you beti? I was waiting for you. Pori tells Disha that today I am going to feed Mummy breakfast. Vedant stands up and tells sweetheart feeding breakfast to Mummyji is not your cup of tea, give the plate to Dish. Pori insists that I will feed the breakfast today. Sumitra tells why are you simply trying to make the matters worse, you are a guest, just go to your room and take rest. Pori hands over the plate the Disha who smiles and takes it ( superb direction and acting by all) .

Gargi and DK( looking absolutely smashing wearing a turtle neck sweat shirt)  are sitting in the study and Gargi tells him don't you think sunny that you are very liberal with Disha, DK stares at her. Gargi tells yes yes you have given Disha so much liberty and she is making you dance to her tunes, she has full control over you..

Disha is feeding Mummyji breakfast , while Vedant and Nurse are watching them. Just then someone calls on Disha's cell and she tells him ah ah I am coming now, I will tell DK and just leave now,when she tells DK's name Vedant keeps looking at her.

DK tells Gargi what is this nonsense you have been telling me about Disha since a long time, DK Sehgal is not scared of anybody , just then Disha is coming there, Gargi notices it and is happy and wants DK to continue…DK keeps on telling , DK has never feared anybody in his life and least of all Disha, I am not at all scared of Disha, she is only here to take care of Mummy and once she becomes alright she will go away. Disha is hurt on hearing this. Gargi tells oh oh Disha you have come…DK turns and is stunned seeing her. Disha tells that I just came here to tell that I am leaving…. Gargi tells you are leaving the house and going, so soon…..Gargi thinks to herself, Pori has done my job so fast…..DK asks Disha where are you going? Disha just snubs him and turns to go….DK calls out Disha……..Disha….. Gargi tells that see she did not even bother to reply to you, how can she be so rude…. Dk just keeps looking wide eyed.

Pori goes running to Gargi and tells her that I think Disha has left the house and gone, I saw her leaving just now. Gargi tells her don't be foolish, Disha is not going to leave so easily and now I feel since you came her decision has become even more firm as to not leave the house. Look here I have brought you here with this mission. Pori tells Gargi aunty but it will take time isn't it, why are you being so impatient. Gargi tells how much time will you need, I want you to quickly create differences b/w DK and Disha by bringing her closer to Vedant and want her to get lost from here as early as possible. Pori thinks that Vedant I want to keep for myself but I want to see DK destroyed , but before that I will have to tackle this lady Arnold Schwaznerger ( Gargi)…

DK is sitting in his room and he takes a glass to drink, he thinks about what Disha told him last night about he meeting Pori behind closed doors, and then Disha telling him that she is leaving.. thinking all this he throws the glass in anger. He thinks what is this happening to my life, the more I am trying to hold on to it , the more its slipping from my hands.

Pori is sitting in the lounge, when Vedant is just walking past her. She holds his hands and stops him.  She tells him Vedant I am bored you know, Vedant tells her so what am I supposed to do.  Pori stands up and tells Vedant you know very well how much I love you even now, but wait a minute, hope you are not close to Disha and have not fallen in love with her. Vedant is about to leave from there, when Pori tells him I am sorry I have spoken a lot and have hurt you , I will never ever speak this way again. Vedant tells her you better not, people like Dish are very rare. She is a beautiful girl and very good human being. Pori tells that now I will get jealous. Just then Pori sees Dk coming there, Vedant has his back towards him ( why this happens in all the serials ?????) Pori tells Vedant , please tell me more about Disha , I too want to be like her. Vedant continues its not easy to be like Dish, she is like a flower, a beautiful soul, and to get a wife like her is very rare, she is every man's dream girl…….just then DK screams at him Vedantttt. You are talking about your Bhabhi ( SIL ) and how dare you talk about her this way. Vedant turns and tells that you are telling me all this when you yourself have spoken so much ill about Dish, you had even told that Dish is pregnant with my child. And now that you have come here let me tell you the truth, I have never ever considered Dish as my Bhabhi , and you have no right to tell me that I am wrong, that's cause ( looking at Pori ) Pori, my love, my life the person whom I loved to death , you knew that but still you did not respect my feelings….DK tries to tell something when Vedant stops him and tells DK need to give any explanations and don't expect anything from me.. Dk just goes away from there. Vedant too walks off from there. Pori is very amused on seeing all this and thinks to herself that at the moment I have to put ghee in the fire that has been burning inside DK.

Gargi and Pori are watching DK walking like a wild tiger in his room. Gargi tells Pori, saw how DK is struggling like a fish out of water and on top of that Disha has promised him not to have liquor, now its time for you to keep the fire burning, go and put some more oil.

Pori comes to DK and tells him I want to talk to you. She is about to close the doors when DK tells her let the door be open, tell me. She tells DK I am sorry, its cause of me there is a rift b/w you and Vedant, I want you'll to become friends like before. Dk tells her that is not possible now.  She then tells him shamelessly DK can I make a drink for myself, since maybe once I get a little high I can tell you what I wanted to tell…eessshhh… Dk ( with expressions ) asks her to go ahead. When she is taking the bottle to make a drink , DK cannot control his urge and tells her make a drink for me too. Pori tells oh really, ok as you wish. Gargi is watching this and tells oh you managed to break Disha's promise, Pori you are too… no no you are really good.

Now they show the cutie Gautam ( after ages and looking even more adorable). Disha tells him comeon tell me what did you want to tell me. Gautam tells him Didi first you tell me you look disturbed. Disha tells its ok nothing special, tell me. Gautam tells her that Mom and Dad have fixed my marriage. Disha's face lights up and she tells him oh wow Gautam this is really good news, and what is this why are you so upset, who is the girl? Gautam tells her that she is from some rich family, but Disha I don't want to get married, I am not interested. Disha tells him how come you can tell this even before meeting the girl and getting married, have you seen the girl? Gautam tells the girl and her family will be coming here tomorrow. But Disha you are saying this, look at you and Inder. I have seen you'll closely and know that both of you'll are not happy with your marriage. Disha's face is crestfallen.  Tell me Disha are you happy with DK. Disha tells him forget all that, tell me what can I do for you. Gautam tells her that tomorrow when they come I want you to be with me to support me in my decision. Will you be with me. Disha tells him yes and both of them hug each other.

DK and Pori are drinking. Pori tells him Life is so strange na, see now whatever we have done we are paying for that. DK tells not me, you.Pori tells ok ok, what I have done I am paying for it. Vedant does not love me.. but see what I am going through even you are going through the same thing…. DK tells her what am I going through? Pori tells him no no, I cannot tell… DK tells her tell me clearly what you are trying to imply… Pori tells no you will shout, scream at me and get angry with me , I cannot tell how can I tell  you as it is you are facing lots of problems… DK stands up and tells her comeon tell me what you want to…  Pori tells him but you should not blast at me for telling me all this  ok I will tell…… that day I saw Vedant and Disha together doing what only married couples are supposed to do….. DK looks at her aghast  Pori tells him shotthhi  ( I swear  ) and tells her beware, don't you dare tell anything about Disha….saying he walks off from there…. Pori thinks oh oh hami tumaake baaloo bashi pori.. I will anyhow get Vedant but I will see to it that you are destroyed Dushyant Kumar Sehgal….

Pori and Gargi meet near the steps and Gargi tells her bravo Parineeta….  Pori tells oh oh aunty Porineeta… is it so difficult.,, Gargi smiles and tells whatever, you are even a better actress than me Porineeta… now I want you to fill DK's mind with hatred for Disha as quickly as possible and kick her out of the house, since once Disha is out of the house then Sumitra will not regain her senses and by that time DK will not have the strength to take over me… Pori tells her rest in peace Gargi aunty… …ab chingari badak chuki hain, sirf aag lagne ke der hain, aur phir dekho  na rehagi Disha aur na rahegaa aapka Dushyant Kumar Sehgal ( the flames have been lighted now now only the fire needs to be burnt and once see there won't be Disha and no more will be DK Sehgal ) ……… Disha is watching all this from a distance.. ends on Disha's shocked face.

Happy Weekend.



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Thanks so much for the update Lata.

That witch Pori!!Angry  Making DK drink again and break his word to Disha!

ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
Big smilethanks for the kewl update lata
Bombgirl4eva Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
LATA..omg i was so excited to read teh first line........GRRRRR..anyway tahnks for teh fab update!
sanju Groupbie

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
did dk ever promise disa that he will not drink?
sadi Groupbie

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
hey thanx a ton lata for tht..btw dont u think dk is acting like those helpless males of ekta kapoors serialS??Ouch(hey no offence to neone)..our hottie should act morre like a man,,and smack gargi and company Dead,,rather than tolerating their crap..wat say?
jingle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
from now mostly lady D wil support dk and stand by his side like a good wife and make ved feel that she is his bhabi not just a  flower or a dish since she has heard the talk between gargi and pari
jingle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
men in this serial(dk,ved) have become jobless LOL

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