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GEET..hui IndiaForum ki pyaari:epi6/7/8-9:28/30/31 (Page 30)

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good one dear...hope they find the baby soon

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Big smilePartyHAPPY B'DAY SALMAN KHANPartyBig smile

~StarEpisode 7Star~


Khurana Mansion

Dev walks in with Geet and the babyCry...Everyone is happy to see the babyBig smile...They rush to Geet and babyBig smile in excitement.

Daadi notices that Geet is unconscious...

"Dev, Geet ko kya hua?Confused"

"Woh Dadi...OuchCry"

"Accha...pehle usse andar le jao...Nandini please take her in.Confused"

Geet's mum and aunt also go with them...

She then takes the baby from Dev's hand and kisses himEmbarrassed.

"Aditya...aapke bina hum ab ek pal ke liye nahi rah sakte...kitna pareshaan ho gaye hum sab...Bhagwan ki kripa se aap humein wapis mil gaye...Embarrassed" she thanks God...Daar ji too comes and shows his love for the baby. Suddenly Dadi realises that Maan was not with them...

"Dev...Maan kahan hai? Woh aapke saath nahi aaye...Confused"

"Dadi...Bro...woh..." he fills his bespectacled eyes with croc. tearsCry.

"Kya hua Dev...Maan theekh toh hai naa...aap itne pareshaan kyun hai...Confused sab theekh hai naaConfusedConfusedConfused" she asks restlessly.

"Dadi...Bro humein chod kar chale gaye...Uss Brij ne unhe maar diya...he's dead," and he breaks down cryingCry.

"DEADShocked! Nahin...humare Maan humein chod kar nahi jaa sakte...Cry"

"Dadi this is the truth, he's no more...CryCry"

Dadi gets a heart attack and is taken to the hospitalShocked...


Scene 2:


Maan and Geet's room...

Geet is lying unconscious on the bedCry...

Geet's mum is taking care of the baby and they all are in Nandini's roomConfused...

"MAAN!Embarrassed" she wakes up crying out his name. She looks around desperately to find himShockedConfusedConfused, but he's not there.

Hearing her scream everyone comes to her room...ConfusedConfusedConfused

"Maan...woh yahin theConfused...maine unhe mehsoos kiya haiEmbarrassed...Maan aap kahan haiConfused...please saamne aa jayiye...mujhe pareshaan mat kijiyeConfused..."

Geet's mum holds her and jerks herCryCryCry,

"Geet puttar, hosh main aaCry...Maan ab kabhi nahi aayega...Cry"

"Ma...yeh aap kya kah rahin haiConfused...Woh zaroor aayengeConfusedEmbarrassed...Mujhe aur baby ko chod kar woh kahin nahi jayengeEmbarrassed...Maan??" she continues looking for himConfusedConfused.

Her mum cries and looks at her in grief...CryCryCry

"Babaji...kya aapne meri bacchii  ke kismet main khushiyan likhi hi nahi???CryCryCry Ab main iss pagli ko kaise samjhaoon iska Maan ab kabhi wapis nahi aayega.Cry"

Geet picks up her baby and smiles at him...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"Appke Pappa abhi aate hi hongeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...woh bas humein tang kar rahe hainConfusedConfusedConfused...Dekhna jab woh aayenge toh hum dono unse bilkul baat nahi karengeAngry..." she puts the baby on her shoulder and shakes him lightly to sleep, singing the lullaby which Maan always sang to him.

"Aa ri aa aaja...nindiyan tu le chal kahin...udann khatole main...eee...door door door...yahan se door..."


Dev is in the hospital with Dadi...Adi comes there looking in complete shock...

"Dev Sir...Shocked Maan sir kya..."

"Haan Adi...I couldn't save him...ab Geet aur Baby ka kya hoga..." he wipes his tears, "Jab tak main hoon tab tak unhe kabhi koi pareshaani nahi hogi..."

"Adi looks at him in shock and...says,

"Maine Maan sir se baat ki thi...aur unhone bataya ki unhe Brij aur uss aadmi ka pata chal gaya hai...aur woh jald hi Geet aur baby ko lekar wapis aa jayenge...phir..."

"Kya matlab hai tumharaAngry...Main jhooth bol raha hoon...Police ko poori tarah se burnt bodies mil chuke hai...And I've seen Bro. lying dead in a pool of blood, with my own eyes. Geet bhi thi mere saath...Confused"

"You saw the body in a pool of blood...then who burnt the whole place down...I mean...Did you see anyone?"

"Nahi...Geet was really not well and I thought I'll bring them home first...And tum mujhse aise questions kyun pooch rahe ho...tum apni aukath main raho samjhe...I've lost my brother and I am in no position to satisfy your curiosity now..."Angry

"Arre Sir...aap gussa mat hoyiye...Main toh bass...Mujhe bilkul vishwaas hi nahi ho raha that Maan Sir humein chod kar chale gaye..."

Adi then leaves...and Dev is suspicious of Adi now...

"Why was he asking me those weird questions? And Bro. ke jaane ka toh isse kuch zyaada gham bhi nahi hua hai...Kahin??ShockedConfusedConfused"


Precap: It's suspense!!!Wink

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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oh gosh hope this Dev does not harm Adi...

I asure adi knows maan is alive
abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome dear
i know adi knows about maan
and maan is doing all this to find who was behind brij
waiting for the suspense
pj2012 Goldie

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~Episode 8~


Scene 1:

Next Morning

Devini's room

Nandini is restless and very upset... ConfusedConfusedConfused

"Babaji...Ab Geet didi se kya kahoongi?ConfusedCry Adi abhi body lekar aate hi honge..Cry."

She gets out of her room and looks for someone from the family...She sees Geet carrying the baby towards the garden outside. She was smiling and singing to the baby soflyEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed, completely lost in Maan's thoughtsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

"Chanda hai tu, mera sooraj hai tu...oo meri aankhon ka taara hai tu...Jeethi hoon main bas tujhe dekh ke...mmm...Embarrassed" she pecks on her baby's soft cheek.

 Nandini wipes off her tearCry and walks to herConfused.

"Didi, aapse kuch kehna haiConfused."

"Maan aa gaye kyaEmbarrassed," she asks looking excitedBig smile.

"Didi woh...Confused" she hesitates, "woh jijaji ki...Cry"

"Arre Nandini ji aapne abhi tak tayyariyan nahi ki?Confused" enters Adi disrupting her.

Adi sees a completely lost GeetCry, he feels really sad for her condition...

"Geet...Maan Sir told me...he'll be in the terrace garden...tum jaake unse mil kar aao...Big smileBig smile"

"Maan...terrace par haiBig smile...Main abhi jaakar unse milti hoonEmbarrassed...woh aa gaye...Big smile" there were happy tears in her eyes and she was overwhelmed with happinessBig smileBig smile.

Nandini looks at Adi in disbeliefOuch.

Adi gulps and walks Geet to the stairsConfused...

After coming back...

"Adi...aapne jhoot kyun bola...?Confused"

"Nandini...she's already weak and in a really bad condition...agar Geet ko body ke baare main kuch bataya toh woh apna santoolan kho dege, she'll lose her sanity...and then what will happen to her and the BABY...We'll have to hide it from herCry."

"OkayCry...but aapne Dev ko toh bata diya hai na?? Ghar main sabko main bata doongi...But karma and pooja vidhi ke liye toh Baby ko laana hi padega...after all he's the son,tab kya karengeConfused?"

"Nandini, Geet abhi bhi yeh manti hai ki Maan Sir zinda hai...and that is why she's still hanging on...with that one hope...and at any cost we have to hide the truth from herConfusedConfusedConfused."

Dev entersAngryAngryAngry...

Adi sees the tension in his eyes...but was that for Dadi ma? Maan? Or for the fear of being exposed???

"Dev! Thank God aap aa gaye...Cry" Nandini hugs him and cries out on his shoulder.

"Nandini...shaant ho jayiye...Confused" he holds her and wipes her tears. He then turns to Adi...

"Adi, sab arrangement ho gaya hai na??" he asks with a doubt in his sound.

"Yes Sir...almost...bas Pandit ji ko bulana hai...Main abhi jaakar unhe le aata hoon...ConfusedConfused"

"Adi?Stern Smile"

Adi stops, and turns trying to hide his nervousnessConfused...

"Police ne body verify kiya hai na??"

Adi goes into a stammer attack mode sweating profusely,

"Y...y...yesConfused the initial v...v...v...erificationConfused...I mean we don't want a post-mortem or anything? He's suffered enough...Cry"

Dev looked sceptical for one moment and then composed himself, "Yeah ...yeah...ofcourse...We don't want to see Bro's body all mutilated..."

"Sir...Ab main jaoon...It's getting late...Confused"


After Adi's departure...Dev goes into a pensive mood...

" can't be...and yeh Adi toh hamesha hi nervous rahta hai...I saw Bro's body with my own eyes...He's dead Dev...he's dead...and Geet..." he suddenly realises that Geet is yet to know about the Antim Samskaar kriya for Maan...and he didn't wanted to miss the golden opportunity to be near her and console her, "Geet? Kahan hai woh...? Apne room main hogi...I'll go and see her...Dead"


He halts halfway on the stairs, and turns...


"Aap upar kahan jaa rahe hain...Office se phone hai aapke liye...Woh Jijaji ke clients hai...and they want to talk to you..."

"Okay...Main abhi aata hoon..."

Dev breathes a sigh of reliefShocked..."Yeh Nandini bhi...iska bhi kuch karna padega...Agar mujhe pata hota ki yeh mujhse aise chipak jaati toh main isse kabhi pyaar ka dhong karta hi nahi..."

For him girls were only beautiful objects...and he never understood the true meaning of win over every girl he met was like a cheap challenge for him...He ruined Geet's life once...and he could never take her out of her mind...not because he was in love or anything...he wanted to claim her as his which he could not do earlier...Geet didn't fall for him in the first place, she had only married him because her family wanted her to...she never loved him...and this time he wanted her to love be his prized possession.Angry

Dev decides to go and talk to the clients first...


Scene 2:

Dev talks to the clients who inform him of a multi-million deal that Maan was supposed to sign with them...Dev's eyes widen at the scope of profit...He calls them home to the funeral ceremony...

" mujhe iss deal ke baare main kuch bataya hi nahi?? But kya farak padta hai...Now everything is mine...Business bhi and Geet bhi..." he gives his evil grin...Evil Smile



Scene 3:

Geet left the sleeping baby in his cradle in their room and rushed towards the terrace...longing to see her MaanEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

Terrace Garden

"Maan?ShockedEmbarrassed" she called out his name restlessly looking all over the place... "DekhiyeConfused...bahut ho gaya...please bahar aa jayiye...warna main ro doongi...Cry" she pleaded and warned together.

But Maan doesn't come and for the first time she had fear in her eyes...the tears danced on the brim of her eyelashes...and a tear drop leaks out trickling down her soft cheeksCry while she longingly looked at the sky...

Before the drop could touch the ground, a hand catches it on it's finger tip...Geet is still unaware of the act...She closes her eyes...and a soft breeze ruffles her hair locksEmbarrassed, tickling her skinEmbarrassed...and glides over the bare skin of her neckEmbarrassed...she feels himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...his touch on her soulEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. She shivers under his breath on her skinEmbarrassed, feeling his kiss on her neckEmbarrassed, moving down her bare backEmbarrassed, the small beads dangling from the threads fastening her kurti's back tinkled when he untied itEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed, causing a shiver down her spine EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Her hands tremble under his hands gentle touchEmbarrassed...She feels his hands wrapping around her waist gentlyEmbarrassed, taking her into a world of pure loveEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...She smiles when he places another kiss on her cheekEmbarrassedEmbarrassed, her eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...she turns, her eyes still closed, holding him in a tight hug, her hands running through his hairEmbarrassed...

"MaanEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!" she utters as if she had found her life back...her eyes still closed...


Geet is confronted with the truthCry...that Maan's no more...Adi looks on...Dev is the only one speaking, screaming at her to forget Maan...whereas Geet simply looks on at the white cloth covering the body...She screams like mad and runs out of the hallCryCryCry...

Dev is having nightmares about the murder of Maan...he wakes up in sleep, drenched in sweat...Nandini gives him water and asks him what's wrong?

Dadi slaps??????Angry

Geet slaps and hugs???CryCryCry

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epi 8 is really nice

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