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Sidlum Goldie

Joined: 15 April 2005
Posts: 1856

Posted: 28 March 2006 at 9:58pm | IP Logged

Hellowwwwwww my lowelies..sooo, today..barely any JandA..& judging by the random Paris trip, probablie no Dimps or JandA 'til Thursday or Monday..Cry..unless they have phone cuts. BUT OMG..Maddy was the KING of the episode!!! I laughed like a hyena on a sugar high! LOL

1) CUTIE CHINKY: Okie, first of all, as I've already mentioned, I WANT TO EAT THIS BABIE!!! She's just so freakin' cuteee & today was absolutelie her day in the spotlight. The girl is reallie doing so well as a child star..& the way she speaks..G-ddd..seriouslie, I think tomorrow's breakfast is going to be Chinky Jaiswal.  But even poor Chinku had a cheat shoot in today's episode..the part where Shrieks is talking to her after coming home from GM, notice the hair length b.w Chinku & the gurl who actuallie gets up to get her Mamma water. Confused And awww the way she was w.Jaggy B. in GM was sooo adorable..especiallie when J.B. calls her "2 by 2"..Embarrassed I was laughing so hard when I watched him try & say "Chandu ki chaachi" & thennn do "kachha papad, pakka papad." LOL And BOTH Wallie & Chinku were adorableee in Wallie's cabin..I think I would totallie play w.the babie alllll day long..forget shooting!!! Tongue And excuse me, WHY do they makes Shrieks keep talking about her impending (but in JJKN world, impending means 2.23053 years from now) death around her 5 year old daughter!? WHO DOES THAT!? Dead

2) NOSY NANDU: Seriouslie, Wallie so lucked out w.having a BFF like Nands.  He was so on point when he heard Shrieky mention Dimpie's name to Maddy..he was like, "Heyyy nowww..hang on there, homeslice..not ANOTHER random issue in JandA Land!" Angry And he's smart enough to feel that something is off in SS's storie..well, no one ever called Nandu a dummie. Tongue Plus, when he was eavesdropping on Maddy & Shriek's conversation, I LOWEDDD when Maddy compared him to Joginder..lol..the "SHOOOOOO Nand Kishore!!!" was priceless!!! LOL In any case, obviouslie Nandu Bandhu sees that something is fishie (as someone had posted earlier today) so hopefullie when the time comes, both Nands & Maddy will come to JandA's rescue..Embarrassed

3) MAGICAL MADS: OMGGG, Maddy OWNED today's episode. Today's EMMY Award also goes to Rajesh Khera.  I mean, I'm always in Hilaria Heaven when the man is on screen b.c I just cannot stop laughing, but today was the bestest! It started w.his "tum toh kabhi kabhi bilkul housewife jaise hojaate ho" to Nandu..lolll..ONLIE he could pull something like that off w.a straight face! LOL And his pronunciation of Hindi words sounds like mine sometimes..Wink..but the way he carries himself (& asks Nands in amazement how he could POSSIBLIE think that Maddy would be after a female! LOL) is unparalleled.  The BESTESTESTEST scene today was when Magical Mads told Shrieks in no uncertain terms that he wouldn't tolerate anyone getting in the middle of JandA.  He was so specific & to the point when he said that they are in lowe, they're married, & MADE FOR EACH OTHER, & that he wouldn't stand for any "nayee museebat" to come in their way. Clap YAYYY!!! You tell her, homie! Thumbs Up 

4) So, as I said before, I'm seeing that the future holds another JandA misunderstanding & perhaps it will be none other than the Magical Mads & Nosy Nand Kishore who come to their ultimate rescue.  What I DON'T understand, however, is that when Maddy was telling Nandu Bandhu about the Goa partie, he said that he saw Shrieky w.another man but HE DIDN'T KNOW WHO IT WAS..? Now..Maddy wasn't drunk..Dimpie was..& Shrieky was..so, if it was Mindless A. Senior, wouldn't he realize it? Plus, the reason for making AnA wearing the same shurt hasss to be b.c of what we all already assume. I am just hoping that they do not find it necessary to show any more Goa flashbacks (yeah yeah I know..wishful thinking)..but seriouslie, after seeing those shirts, I think I may need another eye exam..all I see everywhere are garish pink flowers & 2 gurlie men..both of whom are reallie gorgeous in real life!!! Shocked Big smile 

5) As far as I saw, SS never mentioned that Chinku/Vedika was 5 years old..so how would Maddy know her age? Unless I missed something, it must've been a blooper..A BLOOPER!? On JJKN!? NEVERRRRR!!!! Wink

6) NOBS (CC) NOTE: Okie, seriouslie, is there ONLIE blue eyeshadow available over in Powai!?!?  Blue is the one eyeshadow that every girl/woman/female knows to ALWAYS use SPARINGLY..so why is it the onlie one that they give Shrieks!? That too, w.BROWN..no, not even brown..BEIGE lipstick!? She looks like a chocolate covered blueberrie that's been smooshified!!! Ay yi yiii..this reallie hurts the NOBS (CC) Chairwoman in me..what a heartbreak! Cry [/L] Tongue

7) During the ONE, MEASLIE, MINISCULE JandA scene, notice the look Wallie gives Ruby Mom when she tells my Dimpie to enjoy the "evenings in Paris"..it was so queet..I'm definitelie a fan of Mona's eyes..Thumbs Up I have yet to see a pair that expressive! Big smile

8) As far as Shrieky so convenientlie getting a designer's job @ GM, how lowely.  If onlie employment was SOOO simple in real life that it just fell into your lap!!! Then all of us out here wouldn't be like --> Wacko when we go on interviews & such! Tongue It's like, heyyy, I want a job..let me just go to a random hospital & maybe if I'm as luckie as Shrieky, they'll hire me as their next neonatologist! Stern Smile Huh..I wonder how Shrieky got the JJKN gig..maybe getting a job reallie IS that easy. Ermm (Right, Jas!? P.S.-->Where the heck are you!? Cry)

9) The onlie good part about this storyline is that they're using the fact that my Dimps met SS FIVE years ago..aka pre-Jasmeet Jassi Jessica Neha Tina Walia Bedi Shastri Suri. Embarrassed At least we don't have to deal w.Wallie's heartbreak if she were to find out that he was w.this chick when she was in lowe w.him! Confused

10) NOBS (CC) NOTE: Anddd we have the return of the CHLIPS..sheeeeeeeeesh..the people on set realllllie need to stop teasing me! Sometimes it looks like Mona's chin is the one doing all of the talking b.c her damn lips are the sameeee colorrrr assss herrrr skinnnn..I want to know how many times I have to say the same thing..or to WHOM..to evoke a change!? Ouch

11) Uhhh..in the first scene w.Maddy & Shrieks, what's w.the random island/steeldrum band music? Guys, just because your past was in Goa & you're speaking, doesn't mean you have to add the relevant music as well! The USM would ABSOLUTELIE do the job here! Wink

12) Heehee..okie I feel bad for saying this b.c he's my friend, but try to catch Homie G.'s "Alfalfa" hair in the first scene. Evil Smile He so looked like one of the Little Rascals. It's like a little fountain on the back of his head.. LOL 

13) Random note..I reallieeeee want them to start showing @ least PART of the original title song again..I KNOWWW that Wallie isn't the same Wallie, but @ least shoot a new title sequence w.our old song!!! Ouch Everyone sing together now: Ek ladki haiii, Ek ladki haiii, aasmaan ke neeche..sab baaton mein hai aagey, roop rang mein hai peecheee, duniya toh uskiii, hassi udaaye, par woh hasti kehti jaayeee..TUM JAISE LAAKHON HAI PAR..(you guys finish it off..Tongue).

14) IOTE of the evening goes to SS aka Visionary Vidhi..I mean, I understand she has cancer & all of that..she's waiting for her vacancy in Jassi's Jannat..fine. We get it.  BUT, is there reallllie a reason to show approximately 59483 1/2 headaches per episode??? And was there REALLIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE a reason to show her jumping & leaping out of a rickshaw & running like a maniac after my Dimpu's car!? I would never take her as a cancer patient..more like mental (NOT I-F Sanitarium PLEASE!)!!! Wacko And plus, she should've taken the chance & told Wallie when she was thinking to do so in her head..now we're going to have an unnecessarily prolonged storyline when we SHOULD be having NECESSARILY prolonged JandA! Dead

15) NOBS (CC) NOTE: Oh, Celestial Colorist..Divine Dyer..after working on Dimpie's mane, PLEASE OH PLEASEEE get to work on the ladies' roots!!! Although I would prefer a WHOLE HEAD of black hair color on Shrieky's head, just dying her roots to match would be lowely..& as much as I heart Mona, her too! Black roots & brown/orange hair is just sooo Dead.  It looks raccoon-like! Ouch

16) NOBS (CC) Award of the evening goes to Wallie & her black suit..I loweee the black/blue combination & the high collar looked reallie nice too. YAY Seasons! Your promos are worth it since my cousin designs for you & dresses Wallie..lol..so I guess I shoulddd like them, huh? Clap Not to mention that black/blue sari on all of the Seasons hoardings..the one Mona wore to Aap Jaisa Koi..I was so in lowe w.that one that my MamaSwati & I had my cousin make one for us too! LOL

17) I wonder about Mother Rods..do you think she's going to be important @ all or is she just serving a random purpose as SS's landladie?  Or maybe she gets paid per every "My child" she utters..? Wink She COULD also end up being the one who tells JandA that Shrieks has cancer should things get messie what w.her thinking that Dimpie's the father. Stern Smile

18) One other question..granted, Shrieky was drunk in Goa off of the special strong ladylike cocktail or whatev, but doesn't know who she ahemmed & blah blah blah..but what about the morning after??? Wouldn't she have woken up to the man & realized that it was Dimps or do you think that Mindless A. Senior just up & bounced on her?  Awww..I reallieee hope that he's not THAT bad!!! Ouch

19) As I mentioned up above, looks like we'll either be getting phone cuts or no Dimpie @ all until Thursday or Monday considering his annoyingly unnecessarie 4 day business trip to Paris. <SIGH> Looks like all we have to look forward to is Chinku, Maddy, & MaSS scenes..me want JandAAA. Cry

20) The MaSS scenes again..there were a LOT of cheat shots as a lot of you mentioned today..the one in Wallie's cabin & when Wallie goes to show her around GM..I think it must just be time constraints..I think..perhaps..maybe..? Embarrassed Never minddd..I promdressed Minnie that I'd be good. Evil Smile Plus, as I mentioned yesterday, SS never mentioned her name as Vidhi when Wallie met her on the road that day..bloopsss..there've been MANY of those latelie! Confused

21) As for the preview..I dunno..it just seemed like a reallie unnecessarily lengthie speech by Shrieks..I mean, if you want to buy time, focus it on Joginder B. & his lower Magical Mads..add a little Nandan & we're good to go! And if there's ONE preview that you want to cut during the actual aired episode, O Bhagwan, please let THIS ONE be IT! Tongue O, anddd, the "Hum Tum" cutouts in the back are from Mona's dressing room..she hearts them. Heart

That's all for today..hoping for a more interesting episode tomorrow..BRING ON MADDY!!!!!! LOL

Nite lowes..




Edited by Sidlum - 29 March 2006 at 1:19am

priyaaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 December 2005
Posts: 4705

Posted: 28 March 2006 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
hahaha..nice Tongue
Sharmii IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 April 2005
Posts: 14058

Posted: 28 March 2006 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
the kid is too cute...i seriously want knwo how aryan and vidhi's child turned out sooo cute! Tongue

aryan + vidhi=vedhika..awww.. Embarrassed
Tomiko IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 October 2005
Posts: 22104

Posted: 28 March 2006 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
LOL thanks for the fab commentray sidlum!!...and i jut noticed your avi now...you look gorgeous!!!
sweetsorrow18 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 May 2005
Posts: 7718

Posted: 28 March 2006 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
awwww  i agreee the kid is just too cuteLOL
Ambrosia IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 August 2005
Posts: 18063

Posted: 28 March 2006 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
great as usual. Thumbs Up
ZOOR Goldie

Joined: 26 February 2006
Posts: 1107

Posted: 28 March 2006 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
i think maddy should every thing to jassi or vidhi and ss she should go ot of this dramma.....whenever she got know everything.cuz she said she stay when armaan s not comeback......
Sidlum Goldie

Joined: 15 April 2005
Posts: 1856

Posted: 28 March 2006 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
Thanks lowes..I think I may finallie be getting back into the groove of daily commentaries.. Big smile We have a LOT to thank Shrieky for! Wink




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