Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

REAL JJKN Update - 31 March 2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 12:40pm | IP Logged

Happy April Fool, EveryoneHug from certain sweet and funny people at I-F!!!! (guess whoWink!!!)


Now for the Real Update!!!LOL



Raj and Purab are stunned to see each other. Raj says to Purab, "Tum??" Purab is thinking to himself, "What is Raj doing with Jassi? Does he know that Jessica is actually Jassi? Has Armaan sent Raj to follow her?" Meanwhile, similar thoughts are going through Raj's cute head, "So this 'mahashayji' has reached here too? What is HE doing here!?" Purab says a gentlemanly Hello to Raj.. and Raj responds in kind. Raj asks, "What are you doing here in Goa?" Purab replies, "I have both a business and a home in Goa. But you.. here…? On work?" Raj says, "Actually, I have come here trying to forget about work." Both are looking at each other suspiciously. Raj fumbles, "Oh, er, and this is Jessica, and Jessica, this is Mr. Purab.." (Well, no one thought Raj was a genius, but he still doesn't get it…! TongueTongue) Purab smiles benevolently and says, "Actually, Jessica is the face of my fashion house." Raj almost doubles up with the verbal blow. He finally begins to understand that there is something here he can't quite.. understand.

Purab continues, "So how is Gulmohur doing now?" Raj tries to avoid the question by vaguely saying they were getting back on track. He gives Jessica a hard look and says harshly, "All because of that Jassi! We are not going to spare either her or her family!" When there is an uncomfortable silence, Raj asks Purab, "Do you know where she might have run off to?" Purab replies coldly, "Excuse me!" and is about to spill the beans on Jassi/Jessica when he catches sight of Jassi frantically motioning with her eyes and quietly mouthing, "NO!" Purab looks back at Raj and says, "Jassi WAS a part of my past. Now my life has changed, and in this new life, Jessica and I have a lot of work to accomplish. If you don't mind…" Jassi looks very relieved. Raj gets the hint and says, "I'll take your leave now" and gets up with a cursory nod at Jassi, "we'll meet again sometime!".

Jassi and Purab exchange a look as they watch Raj walk away.. she looks like a schoolgirl who knows she's been naughty and he shakes his head, "What is this you're doing, Jassi?" Jassi replies carefully, "Nothing! He himself started talking to me and.. he didn't even recognize me!" Purab sees right through her excuse and thinks to himself, "But you havn't forgotten Gulmohur. And you won't, if these people keep bumping into you. They will try to suck you into the same whirlpool. I will have to try and send you far away from here…."


Jassi is writhing in her sleep, dreaming of Armaan Sir. In her dream, she is Jessica, and she is standing in a clear, grassy area watching Gulmohur from the outside, the wind blowing gently through her hair. Armaan Sir comes up behind her and starts talking to her. "This is where I first met Jassi. There are so many memories attached to this place. Now neither Gumohur remains nor Jassi." Then he tells Jessica that he wants to meet Jassi, can she help him to meet his Jassi? Jassi has a tirtured look on her face. Armaan is so very earnest...  then Mallika makes a dramatic entry and grans hold of Armaan. "This IS Jassi! She has betrayed you once before! She has come here today to do it again. No Armaan, I will NOT let you do this again!" Jassi pleads with Armaan, "No, Armaan Sir, Mallika Ma'am is lying! She is a liar!... And begs Mallika to let go of Armaan Sir, please Ma'am, please!" Mallika tugs at Armaan and says, "Don't listen to her! She is deceiving you!" Jassi is left pleading with Armaan to listen to her while Mallika keeps calling Armaan to come with her and pulls him away forcibly, telling him not to listen to Jassi… until all Jassi can see with the copious tears rolling down her face is the fog… Armaan has gone against his will, but he is gone anyway...CryCry

Jassi wakes up with a jerk, saying aloud.. "I have to.. Armaan Sir, are you OK?" She realizes it was just a dream and depressed and defeated, whispers, "At least now let me live in peace, Armaan Sir! I am trying to start a new life…"Ouch



Purab is sitting in a darkened room watching a slide-show of Jessica's pics on his TV. One by one – he watches her in her dazzling outfits, his eyes intent on her. Then he casts his remote aside and begins a monologue in his head, "Raj is not going to abandon Jassi so easily. If he were to recognize her, it could even be dangerous for Jassi." Then he shrugs off his thoughts and grimaces. "At least be honest with yourself, Purab! What are you REALLY afraid of? If Jassi keeps meeting Raj, will she never be able to forget Armaan? The man who destroyed her life? The man she still could not cast away from her heart! What if Armaan reaches here somehow, behind Raj? No! This cannot happen! All my efforts will go down the drain! Yes.. I will have to keep Jassi away from all this… from all her old memories.. from Raj, from Armaan.. I know she wants this too! I will have to send Jassi somewhere far, far away. I will send her to Paris, where she will rule as the queen of the fashion world!"



Bebe is sitting in Jassi's room, hugging Jassi's blanket in her arms and weepingCry. "Puttar, if you had come here, at least you could have met me once! You don't know how I am going crazy without you! Billu is only angry with you because he loves you so much! Once you come back, everything will be OK again! Come back…" Bebe buries her head into the blanket and starts sobbing uncontrollably. On impulse, she goes towards Jassi's drawer and turns over the things lying in it until she comes to Jassi's graduation picture (the one we have seen many times, with the black robe and hat). Big tears roll down her cheeks as she caresses the photo with love. "Jassi puttar, please at least send a message somehow that you are all right. I will console myself with that…."


Suddenly, while Bebe is holding the photo, she starts feeling woozy and faint. The room swims around her and she sinks into the chair in a heap, the photo clanging to the floor. She clutches her head and calls out for Billu in a weak, breathless voice, but there is no one to hear her…


Downstairs, Billu wakes up with a start and sits up. Amrit gets up too, feeling his restlessness. "What happened, Ji?" Billu asks, "Did Bebe just call me?" Amrit is surprised, "Bebe? No, I don't think so?" Billu asks where Bebe is and Amrit sighs, where else but in Jassi's room, where she stays all day these days, thinking about her and crying. She tells him to go and check on Bebe but he says brutally, "I will not go into that girl's room. This must have been just my wehem (false belief)" and he goes back to sleep.



Armaan is talking to Raj on the phone. The conversation goes like this:

Armaan (looking hunky as usual): "Raj, you're having so much fun in Goa.. do you have any idea how many problems we're having in Gulmohur?"

Raj: "That's why I called you… to give the solutions to those problems!"

Armaan: "What kind of solution!?"Confused

Raj: "What about the production, howz it going?"

Armaan: "Well… around 70% ready… but we need money for the rest. Have any bright ideas?"

Raj: "Not an idea, my friend.. I have the full and final solution! Just think as if your problem has been solved already!"

Armaan (skeptically): "Oh! You, sitting in Goa, have solved all of Gulmohur's problems!! Hmm…?"Tongue

Raj (remembering Jassi's unthinking words of wisdom in the coffee shop): "Get insurance for all the ready products. Get a loan from the bank against that insurance. And use that money to get the rest of the production going!!!!"Clap

Armaan is flabbergasted!! He can't believe it. He asks Raj if it is really HIM who has thought of this.. and Raj shamelessly takes the credit for the idea, "Occasionally I think too, you know!!!" Armaan is still disbelieving… he is thinking about Jassi, "for a moment I thought that this idea, this solution can only have come from one brain.. Jassi…!" Raj tries to bring him back to Earth, "She is not the only one in the world, yaar, there are many other financial geniuses in this world..!!" Armaan smiles skeptically and asks, "Is that so? Who?" Raj bluffs loudly, "Arre me, Who else?!?! I have solved one of your problems my friend… the other problem you have, you've got to solve it yourself!!!" Armaan asks quizzically, "Doosri problem?" "Raj replies, "Jassi!!" Armaan immediately kicks into defence gear…"Raj, Jassi is not a problemEmbarrassed. Rather, jassi is the solution to my problem. She is the answer to all my questions…now if only she would come backCry…" Armaan sighs dreamily… Raj hangs up and says to himself cynically, "not just Jassi, even her shadow wouldn't dream of coming back…!"



Aryan is sitting behind his desk but starts pacing in his frustration. "I don't believe this! For the first time in my life, I'm am having to beg, to bend, to plead helplessly, all because of that Armaan! I don't think he will be able to arrange for the money. I will HAVE to do something. He dials the number of his Inspector friend who is sitting comfortably in his police jeep. "Hi Inspector!" After exchanging greetings, he comes to the point. The Inspector asks, "What can I do for you?" Aryan replies, "Oh, same old thing. You will have to complete what you left half-way last time. Find out about Jassi. "The Inspector interrupts, "But she is…" Aryan cuts him short, ".. But her family is still here. Go to their home and question them on Jassi's whereabouts. And don't worry about a thing – I have spoken to your Senior about this." The Inspector gives a nasty smile, "I understand perfectly, Sir! We have only been waiting for your intimation. Now wait and watch what I do." Aryan says, "One more thing! This time, go with full preparation, the works.. jeeps, constables, sirens, everything! Handcuff them and drag them out on the street. Let everyone watch the spectacle. I will send the TV and newspaper crews, that's my responsibility. This time, Jassi will have to come out of her hiding hole." The Inspector asks, "and then?" Aryan replies evilly, "And then what? We'll take the money from Jassi and throw her in jail too, to fry." The Inspector is smiling with his oily lips and says, "OK Sir!" Aryan wishes him all the best.



Nandu walks into the Walia home where Billu and Amrit are having a sullen breakfast. Bebe is sitting nearby. Nandu takes one look at their set faces and thinks, "Ever since Jassi has left, the laughter has evaporated from this house! Let me do something.." He walks over to them and makes a bright and cheerful face, "Good Morning Uncleji! Good Morning Auntyji! It's been many days since I gobbled up anything from here. I'm damn too hungry today. Wow… Aunty's fried eggs! Yummy!" They hand him some of it. Billu still has that closed expression, prompting poor Nandu to giggle some more and say, "I am going to have my afternoon lunch here today as well. Is that ok?" No one gives him a reaction. Billu gets up to go. Nandu desperately wants to stop him. He says, "Uncleji, I need some advice from you." Billu makes a sorrowful face. Nandu asks him what happened. Billu replies, "Beta, I love you very much. Look what happened when I used to advise my own daughter. I am too afraid that my advice will harm you." He pats Nandu's shoulder and walks off looking downcast.


Police Siren! The siren screams its way down the street and stops outside the Walia home. Everyone jumps on hearing that familiar sound, wondering if their fears are coming true. Nandu walks across the room and takes a peep through the glass door. He is stunned to see two constables opening the gate for a police jeep to enter. He tells them, "The police are coming!" Everyone looks very worried and Amrit pleads, "Babaji! The police is back at our home again! You have tested us enough!" Nandu exclaims that they are coming here only. Bebe wonders why they keep coming back, whatever they needed to know and understand has already been told to them! What could it be now?" Billu gets an attack of bravado and marches across the room, "I won't leave those %$^%$'s today! I won't leave them!" Bebe insists that Nandu stop him, so that the situation does not get worse! Nandu blusters, "Uncleji, let me handle this!" Billu says sarcastically, "YOU will handle it!?? You who doesn't even know how to handle his pants!?!?Tongue Move aside!" Nandu tries to talk to Billu against losing his temper, as if that happens, they will be harsher with Bebe and Amrit." Billu keeps insisting he is going, but Nandu holds him and convinces him to let him go and see what's up. Billu stands there while Nandu opens the main door. (Thankfully the police are taking their own sweet time to enter the gate, allowing the family infinitely rechargeable talk time).

Bravely, Nandu thinks of calling the one person he knows will help – Armaan. Armaan is behind the wheel when Nandu calls. Nandu says, "Hello?" Armaan replies, "Yes?" Nandu awkwardly says, "Armaan this is Nandan .. Nandu here." Armaan asks in a hard voice, "Nandan Verma? Why have you called me?" Nandu says, "Listen.. I need your help!" Armaan is disbelieving. Nandu rattles on, "Please don't keep the phone. It's not me, it's Jassi's family that needs your help." Armaan asks worriedly, "Her family?" Nandu asks, "Do you know any higher-up in the Police?" Armaan asks, "What happened to her family!?!?" Nandu resplies, "The police has come to Jassi's house!" A bomb falls around Armaan's head. Nandu goes on, "and this time.. and this time they've even brought handcuffs!!!" Another bomb falls on Armu's head. He says to Nandu, pleading, urgently, "Nandu, somehow, just keep the police waiting there for just 2 minutes. I am reaching there, OK? Just 2 minutes!!"

Nandu is relieved to hear this, but then the nasty inspector walks up and Nandu walks over to and blocks his way. "You cannot go inside!" The Inspector asks roughly, "YOU will stop us?" Nandu replies, "Look, we have spoken to our lawyers, and they will be here shortly. You can stay outside here till then." The Inspector threatens him that if he stops a Policewaala from doing his job, he will have to go 'in' (jail) too, understand??? Nandu looks unfazed. "But this is no way to do your work!" The Inspector says, "Then what is the way!?!? Huh?" Nandu replies unflinchingly, "Well, I do have some knowledge of Law. Do you have a warrant?" The Inspector asks nastily, "You want a warrant, huh?"


Just then, another police jeep drives up and a shorter, older Senior Police Office alights from the jeep which is now parked behind the first one. All the other policemen salute him. (He looks equally slimy and corrupt.) The Inspector says again, "You want a warrant huh?" Then turning around to his Senior, "Sir!" The SP asks, "Why haven't you started your official duties yet?" The Inspector responds, "We are waiting for the news and TV crew to turn up. They haven't reached yet." The SP replies, "That's OK. Let them come too. The public will also know how diligently the police carries out its work." But it's not the TV crew who arrives next, it's ArmaanEmbarrassed.. and he is horrified to see the two police jeeps parked inside the gate of the Walia house. He makes his way into the home slowly.. as if in slow motion… wondering how to set things right…


He reaches the spot where Nandu is standing with the officers and asks them what they are doing there. The SP recognizes him and advises him to let them do their work. Armaan says, "Inspector Sahib, I will not let any of you touch any of them." Impasse! Just then, the infamous media crews hop out of a van outside the home and rush towards the action. A reporter question the police and the SP begins in a self-important tone, "As you all very well know, a girl from this house Jasmeet Walia has stolen money from Gulmohur. We believe that her family is fully aware of her whereabouts. We are here to arrest her parents and question them regarding the same." Armaan is shocked to hear this and can't bear it anymore. "Jasmeet Walia has done no such thing! And neither has she stolen any money from Gulmohur." Billu sees Armaan is the center of attention and is drawn to where he is. Bebe and Amrit follow suit. Armaan swallows and continues, "In fact, I'm the one who has done the scam!" Everyone is open-mouthed to hear this… Billu, Bebe, Amrit, Nandu can't believe his confession! "And today, in front of all of you here, I want to confess to my crime. Jasmeet Walia was my Assistant. And she did everything exactly as I told her to do. She has always done what I told her to do! It's not her fault and it's not her family's fault. Her family is innocent!"

The SP asks him to keep Quiettttt!!! Armaan looks at him and says vehemently, "I will NOT be quiet, Inspector sahib! Because this is not the time to be silent! In fact, I think you are bothering these people just for the money!" The SP boils on hearing this and says in a silky smooth voice, "Allow me to do my duty." The SP asks him if there is something wrong with his head and shouts at him to leave.. they start grappling with each other and then it becomes quite violent and then, as if Armaan can't control himself, he gives the SP one tight SLAP!!!!!!!!! Everyone is amazed and Armaan himself looks surprised at his impulsive act. Billu, Bebe, Amrit look fearful for Armaan. The SP's bruised ego says, "You have not raised your hand on me, but on the sacred police uniform. ARREST HIM!!!!!" Immediately Armaan is surrounded by constables who handcuff him in the blink of an eye. The camera freezes on Armu's face as he is led away…CryCryOuch

rouble Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 12:41pm | IP Logged

omg queenbee.u gave everyone a heart attaack there. it was really good though LOL

thanks for the update again. i hope this is not another joke Wink

anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Thanks Queenbee. I was about post on the other one " Good April fools UpdateWink"

But then saw this one and decided to post here..

Thanks for taking your time to do both...Big smile

Clap great update.
krazee_gurl Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 12:43pm | IP Logged

you got me good, i was practically Cry.


thanx for the update, now i gotta think about how to get u back for this oneDead. just kidding,LOL im not very good at pranks.

Sugar&Spice Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 12:45pm | IP Logged

Wow! you almost gave me a heartattack!!!!


white_rose Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update and clever april fool's joke
pretty Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 i dont believe this..........how much does this poor guy has to suffer man...........i can't take it anymoreCry
*Shona* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
thanx queenbee....u have saved from dying!!!....my mom had to put ice on my head to cool me downSmile

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