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1st February 2006

Mamta asserts that she will make decisions for everything to do with Krish. Tanisha agrees to the proposition. To prove that Mamta is careless, Tanisha changes the labels of vitamin bottles. However, her attempt is foiled. Hearing Krish cry, Akshay wakes up and fires Mamta.

Mamta shows him the interchanged labels. Krish's wails bring Mamta to Tanisha's room. She sees Tanisha forcefully feeding Krish. Just as Tanisha is about to slap Krish, Mamta intervenes.

2nd February

Karan argues with Babuji because Babuji wants to consult Akshay and Tanisha about Karan's business plan. Mamta gives Banwari tips on how to approach Phulwari. Karan storms into Tanisha's room and questions her about the money she has taken from Babuji.

Karan tells her that he knows everything about Krish's kidnapping. Tanisha manages to calm Karan down by offering him a partnership in her new project. To test Mamta, Akshay lays Rs 10,000 in the hall. Mamta is about to pick Rs 500 off it, thinking that Tanisha has left it there for Krish's tricycle. Akshay watches.

3rd Feb

Mamta is about to pick the money but at the same time Krish cries loudly and she left the money there and leaves hall. Here, Akshay comes out of his room and keeps watching the bundle to know Mamta will take it or not but doesn't see Mamta come back he goes to Mamta's room and see Mamta fast asleep he goes back to his room. But in night there is a woman hand flick a few 500 notes. In Morning, when Akshay find some money is missing he shouts for Mamta, Damyanti and Babuji also comes to hall after hear Akshay's loud voice. Akshay tells them about his plan to test Mamta, but Mamta is still missing. Tanisha can't control krish and neglects Dadi when she makes a nasty comment. In Mamta's without noticing Krish Tanisha smartly puts three 500 notes under Mamta's bed. Damayanti, Babuji, Akshay, Banwari, Tanisha all goes into Mamta's room after Tanisha says that they should search Mamta's room for money. Between these Krish pulled money from bed and toddled money out of room very quietly. After getting failed in her plan Tanisha madly throwing things and fuming where the hell money goes from here. All came out of Mamta's room and come to hall there Phulwari comes and tells that she had seen Mamta going to Dalichand Jewellers shop in morning.Akshay decides to check on the shop and Mamta. Mamta went to Jeweller's shop to sell her little jewellery And gets only 200 bucks but she tells jeweler that she wants some bucks more but jeweler becomes angry on her and he starts pushing her out. Same time Akshay comes and threatens him with dire consequences if he dares touch her or speak to her in this fashion. A grateful look on Mamta and Akshay tells her that he wants to ask her something.

6th Feb

akshay wonders where the money went,,, they all blame mamta, mamta says that she went to the jewelar's shop to sell her earings to buy krish's cycle. becuae tanisha didnt give her the money... the shop keeper confirms it... they wonder wehre the money really went then.. krish comes dancing with two notes of 500rupess and shaina says that she found krish with the money is tnaisha's room..akhady confirms that it is his money.. matter resolved... dadi cutely scollds mamta saying that she should have asked her for the money... then mamta goes into her room with krish... and finds a jeweallary box with jewelarry in it.. she suspects a trap by tanisha, she goes to tanisha's room to confront her,, she denies, akshay says that he got it as a tahnk-you... mamta is happy, tanisha is not... mamta goes to her room and admires the jeweally, tanisha taunts that she is going to take krish to the garden and walks off.. mamta follows her.. tanisha gets busy talking to a lday, krish sits in the cycle, and goes somewhere,, mata reaches there and sees that krish is on the main raod and a car is comming, she screams: KRISHHHH and we see the whole cycle turn upside down...

Preview: tnaisha is crying and her fatehr in law is asking her that when did she find out that krish was missing?

8th Feb

Akshay and Doctor takes Mamta to room quickly, Tanisha is left alone there but she is worried about the change of heart in akshay. Doctor and nurses quickly starts treatment of Mamta, Tanisha pretending, as she is worried about Mamta, Doctor says Mamta has to be monitored for few hours, Akshay is nervous and prays god for Mamta, Tanisha doesn't like it and she hopes Mamta will never recover. Akshay and Tanisha enters into Krish's room. Krish is now wide-awake but is howling, Tanisha hugs him, but nurse tells him that may be is howling because he is missing his mother. Akshay tells Tanisha in whisper tone that it is not good that people mistake the amid for the mother today, It's nurse, tomorrow could be your child. Akshay tries to calm Krish and doctor comes and says Mamta has to be monitored for another 12 hours Akshay she will and she has to recover soon, Tanisha thinks that it wouldn't be happened Mamta is now become a heroine in everyone's eyes and I will have a tough time. Mamta opens her eyesand asks for Krish, Akshay informs her that Krish is now allright, while in Krish's room Tanisha tries to calm Krish as he is weeping for mamta. Aklshay thanks Mamta for what she did and while talking he holds Mamta's hand. Mamta touched. Akshay tells Damyanti and Anant about Mamta's deed in hospital's corridor. Anant and Damyanti goes to Mamta's room for tell her thanks Tanisha is envious at the attention Mamta is getting from family. Damyanti informs Mamta that Krish is longing for her and Akshay informs them that Doctor ha spermitted to share room for Mamta and Krish. Akshay telling tanisha and informs her that he wants to be with Krish since you can't handle him and goes to Krish's room, Tanisha is helpless and she follows Akshay. By witnessing caring of Mamta towards Krish and Krish's disliking towards Tanisha, Akshay decides to find about Mamta.Akshay Tries to know more about Mamta and he asks her about her background etc.Mamta replies that she did it on humanitarian grounds etc.and Doctor comes and permitted to take both to home. Akshay is restless at night and comes in Mamta's room and finds an address of Mamta's uncle, and he dials his number…

9th Feb

akshay wonders where the money

Akshay tries to call mamta's uncle, but cant get thru.. He gets disappointed, and goes to sleep, the next day he calls up again, some girl picks up the phone but cant hear anything, he just hears the word: MAMTA… he cant hear here either… just then tanisha comes and hangs up… he covers up that it was a wrong number, krish and mamta come home, everyone take care of mamta a lot and thank her, tanisha gets jealous…dadima says that she is going to their holy place since krish has come back safely,, phool wari and banwari gifts mamta something as a thank-you…krish is sleeping next to mamta, aksahy is about to ask her about her relationship with krish, mamta interrupts saying that krish must me hungry, akshay leaves… he is a little disturbed,,, dadima is getting ready to leave, mamta assures that she will take take care of everything,,, akshay calls up that place again, and gives his number and asks mamaji to call up… the girl looks happy…aksahy is upset the next day becuase no one is at home, and there is no breakfast on the table… mamta hears this and goes to make breakfast, she comes with parathas and akshay scolds her that she is not well, so she shouldn't cook, but mamta says nicely that she saw that he was hungry, and she will take rest if he finishes eating, they have a cute eye contact,, mamta then walks off but she feels dizzy, and faints, akshay sees this and tun towards her and holds her…

Preview: akshay taunts tanisha that mamta was sick yet she cooked for him..


10th Feb

akshay takes care of mamta, they have a cute scene together,,, tanisha gets really irritated, akshay gets angry at her becuase of this... krish doesnt eat from tanisha's hand, he cries for mamta... mamta comes to get him, tnaisha insults her again.. akshay scolds her... akshay's sister comes home late, everyone is upset at her,,,  she lies that she went for a field trip... she goes to her room,,,, mamta reaches there, and says that she got some prasad, the sister is really tensed, mamta senses that something is wrong...


krish is sleeping. mamta is awake, suddenly aksahy comes in the room and mamta shuts her eyes, akshay says that he knows that she is awake,  she gets up, and akshay says that he wants to take krish, suddeny mamta remembers what tansiha said about her and akshay, akshay is abt to take krish, mamta screams at him, he says that he was just trying to help, mamta says that its her job, akshay leaves sadly.. in the morning dad is readying the paper, ma gets a call and gives him some money to keep in the cupboard, just hten tanisha comes there... everyone there ignores her... tanisha asks for money, ma asks Dad to give the money, he wonders what money is she talking about, ma blames it for the paper,,, he then sees tanisha and says why didnt she talk?  they have a  little joke.... there mamta tries to give akshay food, but he is a little angry... she tries to console him.. they have some good time together... akshay starts questioning mamta about her life... he says that he remembers seeing dulhan mehndi on her hand, suddenly krish stars crying and mamta leaves... aksahy wonders....tanisha disccuesses her plans, akshay doest like thr report...he tells her rudely that he hates the report, she leaves from there angrily... mamta tells banwari that she wants to go outside.. she asks him why is he tesned,, he says that its becuase of phoolwari, since phoolwari doesnt love him,, and she made curtains out of the saree he got her... mamta asures him that shez with him and everything will be ok... he is happy... there akshay tries to apologize to tanisha by taking her for a long romantic drive, she says that she has better things to do, such as make 100 core into 500 cores.....akshay feels dejected... mamta calls her cousin, she gets to know that someone wants to know about her... mamta gets worried and wonders who it is.. she then remembers the questions that akshay use to ask her... and she is shocked to realize that it was akshay who called...

Preview: mamta over hears akshay talking to someone on the phone that he wants to know about a girl from UP named Mamta... mamta is shocked!



akshay recollects the questions he asked Mamta about her wedding... there mamta remembers the cousin telling her about a phone call... she wonders who it is, and may be that person will find out about Krish.. there Akshay remembers when he asked mamta about her taking care of a kid... she deicdes that he needs to know the truth.. mamta says she will never let anyone know the truth... tanisha goes to her room... she asks akshay to shut the light, he says he doesnt want to... he asks her what is he thinking about? he says that he is thinking ab Mamta,, tanisha gets upset.. he says that he is thinkin abt Mamta's past.. tanisha gets more upset... they argue... tanisha asks him to keep quite, and goes to sleep.. akshay says he cant sleep until he finds the truth... tanisha is at office, karan comes there... karan reminds tanisha that she promised to work with him, tanisha says that this project shell work alone, and leaves.. karan is upset... there mamta is waiting in the line to make a call.. she is really tensed... tanisha and Dad talk about the meetings... she then asks him about the Mill project,,, he wonders what shez talking about.. he doesnt remember....tanisha is tensed... tanisha is worried, she gets a call... Dad still is confused... she says that she wil lcome back... dad is more worried taht he cant remember anything... there mamta is still in the line... tanisha gets a call from home.. Shaina calls her and is worried and says that she wants to talk to her about karan and herself... she says that she will discuss about it later... shaina is upset.. she says that she is not karan's type and hangs up... shaina is sad now.. Ma goes to Shaina with a new saree... ma doubts that something is wrong... shaina covers up by saying that she;d got a friend who has a joint family, who are nice but her husband doesnt care about her..... ma says that she should walk to the temple every tuesday, shaina is excited and says that she will tell her friend.... there mamta finally gets to make a call... there akshay at the same time decides to call the same one picks up when mamta calls, finally the girl picks up and asks her that if anyone calls for her, she should deny the fact that she doenst know her... and hangs up... akshay cant get thru... mamta goes to banwari and thanks him for taking care of krish... banwari is upet about phoolwari demanding money... mamta consoles him... at night, mamta sees krish's toys, and picks them up, and hears akshay talking to someone, to find out about someone, from UP... and says that the girl's name is mamta, mamta is shocked... akshay hangs up and mamta leaves... she runs to tanisha and tells her about akshay..... tanisha is a little worried...she begins screaming at her and tells that why did she have to be nice... mamta reminds her that if akshay finds out, then tanisha will be exposed... tanisha  is upset.. mamta leaves.. she then remember takeing care of krish... some of krish's real cute scenes are shown.... akshay is sleeping, tanisha takes his phone to find out the number.... and recollects the mamta telling her about UP.. she calls that number and finds out that its a detective ageny,, she runs towards mamta.. and tells her how can she be sleeping, and tells her about the detective agency... mamta is worried.. both the ladies are scared....

preview: akshay talks to the detective and is shocked...



Tanisha asks mamta to answer her question… mamta says that if she wonders that this situation is because of her, she will handle it.. Tanisha asks her if she will break her promise… mamta asks her to trust her,, tanisha wonders if she should there, Dad is thinking about something and tanisha enters the room with a file, she purposely drops the file, dad asks who it is… tanisha says its her, and shows him the file,,, she wonders that becuae of his forgetting habit, she can make the best use of this… he gives her the key to the cupboard, he goes to the cupboard and gives her some money… and sits back down without saying anything… and she wonders that if this guy doesn't remember this thing, her plan in successful… and leaves.. There mamta is worried about the situation… she hugs the toys and wonders what will happen if the dicetvie found out the truth… there akhay comes in and says that he has ben noticing her she takes the toys and rops them, again and again, a phone rings, mamta doesn't move,, akshay asks her to pick up the phone she says Hello and shuts it by saying wrong number… akshay is confued… he dials the number and asks for who that person wanted to speak with and is then angry….tanisha goes to dadiji and cross questions about the morning incident and is happy to know that he doesn't remember anything, and how can she misuse him… there mamta over hears this incident… there masuma gifts her boy friend a bracelet, and he thanks her for loving him without any questions… he asks her if she can be his girl friend, and she feel shy and says no, he smiles… and says that they should celebrate this relationship by spending an evening together,, she feels shy is about to leave… Vicky interrupts and then keeps quite, masuma understands and gives him money for paying the bill, she leaves… and he has a wicked smile…, mamta is making milk and asks phoolwari to take a saree box, she opens it and finds the same material, she says that it's the curtain… mamta says that banwari is a good guy, but foolwari says that one needs money to live in this world she leaves.. Mamta calls Nanda and asks her is someone called… and nanda says that someone is asking for her and says hat she wont be able to help her anymore, mamta is scared and asks her why, nanda replies that she cant tell her now, but from now on, she cant answer her calls…. Mamta is upset…

nanda in UP picks up a bag and goes to her dad's picutre and is sad that she is leaving and she will miss him and hope he forgives her.. she creis.. and leaves a letter near the picture... there mamta realizes that its the same detective and says taht she needs to do something quick and needs to talk to tanisha... there karan asks his mom for money, she opens the cupboard and finds money missing,, everyone wonder... the dad doesnt remember anything, and tanisha is too happy,,, mom remembers that she gave the key to Dad... he doesnt remember... karan suspects banwari.. tanisha says that she had come into the room and says taht when she came into the room she saw him lock the door... dad wonders what happened,, mamta comes there and asks her to come there... she then tells her that the detective has reached her house... she says taht they need to do something quick... tanisha is scared.... there the detective tells akshay that mamta was to get married and then moved to darjeeling, and there are rumors that she had a kid...akshay wonders what happened, and says that he needs to talk to mamta.... he leaves and goes home... and he goes to krish's room... he compliments her on her singing, and says that she cooks sweetly, sings sweetly and take care of krish sweetly, if she can do so much for krish, she can do much more for her own kid...

mamta is shocked, and akshay says that yea, the same kid who was born in darjeeling,, he says that she may hide from him now, but he knows the truth, mamta is shocked, he asks him to tell her where the kid is, and if she wasnt married, then who;s kid is it... and she says that now that he has known everything, she will tell him the rest, all the truth.. tanisha over hears this and is scared...

Priview: tanisha asks mamta to be krish's nanny only and not akshay's office...



Mamta tells Akshay that he has to listen to her complete past to understand. Tanisha gets scared, as she watches Mamta speak from the window. Mamta then starts her story. She tells that she was a girl who was innocent, naughty, full of life, with great dreams for her future. But then, bad luck hit, her father got a massive heart attack. He was struggling for life, when the doctor asked Mamta to get  5 lakhs rupees immediately. They show flashbacks in between, of her father in bed. Mamta searching for money in many places, but she is not lucky enough. Then, Mamta says she got in touch with Pratima mausi, who said there is a way out. Mamta then tells that Pratima mausi wanted her to be the surrogate mother, give a kid for a issueless couple. Akshay is hearing everything. Tanisha now gets very tensed. Mamta then says she agreed to be a surrogate mother, for which she got 5 lakh rupees. Mamta then says that as she went to the hospital to give the money to the doctor, she got to know that her father had passed away. She cries, Akshay is sad. Mamta then tells that her mamaji told her to abort the kid, as it will only give  her pain, as she is an unwed mother. Mamta tells Akshay that motherly love stopped her from aborting the kid, she gave birth in Darjeeling much against the society, who kept taunting her that she was an unwed mother. Mamta cries. She says that this is my story. Akshay asks where is your kid? Mamta says that as soon as i gave birth, i had to give away my kid, as i was not married. So i do not know where my kid is. Tanisha breates a sigh of relief. Mamta cries. Mamta tells that i see my kid in Krish. So i try to shower all my love on Krish, thats it. Akshay says i now understand. Mamta then tells that her marriage broke due to these reasons. Akshay is sad for Mamta. He goes out of te room. Tanisha runs to hide, so that  Akshay does not see her.

Tanisha comes into Mamta's room, tells that she got afraid that she might tell everything. Mamta says that she had promised to handle the situation. Tanisha asks mamta not to get over confident. She scolds Mamta for speaking about surrogate motherhood. Mamta says that i had to say that, or else, the detective would have been here, with full details about the kid and your address. Tanisha shuts her mouth.

Next morning, Karan is at the breakfast table. Shaina comes there, with vadas made by her. She gives it to him, he scolds her, pushes the plate aside, goes out in anger. Shaina cries. He tells her that vadas are not his taste. Mamta sees this. She comes to Shaina, consoles her. She tells her that Shaina should try to find out what Karan likes. She tells Shaina that Karan usually goes to the club in the evenings to play. She should go there, from ther,e they both should go to a movie, party etc. Shaina is excited, thanks Mamta to helping her out as a friend.

Akshay is eating his breakfast, when Mamta goes to him. Akshay smiles at her, tells her that she now needs to go to the doctor once, as they asked her to come for a review after few days. Mamta says she is completely fine now. As the ytalk, Tanisha comes there, hides and listens to their convo. Mamta then gives Akshay his handkerchief. Akshay sees it, sees that it has been pressed. He is happy, thanks her andc leaves. He thinks, if Tanisha also knew my taste, and gave me a pressed kerchief everyday. He goes. Tanisha is mad on seeing this. She asks Mamta to come to her room.

Masuma is getting late for college, but her mom asks her to have milk. Masuma says she does not like it, when her father comes and asks her to take care of her health, only then ,she can study. He telsl that he will drop her to college. But Masuma pretends that she will go after some time, asks her mom to get ksheera which she made. Damayanti goes in. Her father too leaves. Masuma gets a call from tha guy, she leaves. Her mom gets the ksheera, is upset to see that Masuma has left. She thinks whether her daughter is in love or something.

Tanisha is in her room, when Mamta  comes in. Tansiah taunts her that she has to stop her family drama. She asks her why she gave the pressed kerchief to Akshay? Mamta says he forgot to take it, so i just gave it. Tanisha tells her that she is just a nanny to Krish. So she has to stay in that level only. She warns her that if she tries to behave like her husband's wife, then she wil kick her out of this room firs, then out of this house itself. Mamta is in tears, as Tanisha screams at her. Mamta goes out.

Akshay is searching for a file, which has kept on the dining table while talking to Mamta. Then he realises that it must be in the house. He calls home. Mamta picks up. Akshay asks her to see in the dining table, whether he has left a green colour file. Mamta sees, gets it. Akshay tells her that he has a meeting in half an hour, so asks her to send the file thro Bhanwari. Phulwari says that he has gone to the market. Now Mamta thinks whether it is right for her to go to the office to deliver the file.

Tanisha is talking to the Urban Development officer regarding the project, which Akshay said would yield only loss. The officer says that this project is definitely risky. But Tanisha tells him that she is proceeding with it, as risks have to be taken in business. As she is barging out of the office, she bumps against a man. They both look at each toher. They both know each other. The person asks Tanisha, how are you here, Tanisha? He says that he came to meet the officer for some deal. He then tells her that he is staying in the same house, his phone number is also the same. He then gives her his card, tells her to call or drop in  sometime. He leaves saying this. Tanisha thinks, what is Sameer doing here?

Tanisha is sitting in her car, she sees Sameer's card. Tears flow out of her eyes, as she remembers the flash back. Tanisha and Sameer were in love. Scenes are shown, where Sameer openly tells Tanisha that he loves her so much. He lifts her in the air. Then they both are in bed, where Sameer asks Tanisha whether she will love him the same way, whether she will not leave him. Flashback ends. Tanisha cries. She then remembers the scene when Tanisha tells Sameer that she is pregnant. Sameer is very excited, says we will marry. Tanisha says that she is not ready to marry and give birth. Sameer is sad. This marks the end of their relationship. Tanisha is then talking to the doctor who tells her that after the abortion, her uterus has developed some problem bcos of which she will never be able to conceive again. Flashbanck ends. Tanisha now thinks, i had left Sameer for my own good, bcos i wanted to achieve success, money and fame. But now, after i achieve my goal, my destination will be Sameer. She then says to herself that she will use him for her future work.

Mamta comes to the office, asks where is Akshay's room. She is walking towards the room, when she sees Tanisha walking ahead. She remembers Tanisha's words, where she told Mamta to be just a nanny. Mamta asks herself whether she can go to Akshay's room ro not. Tanisha walks into Akshay's father's room. He is now again in an alzeimer state. Tanisha tells him that she needs signatures to draw money for the project. He asks who she is? Tanisha is shocked. Then she places the cheque book,asks him to sign. He does not know what he is doing. He keeps signing. Tanisha keeps telling him, one more cheque. He signs on all the leaves in the cheque book. Mamta sees all this.  She is shocked. As Tanisha is coming out, Mamta hides. Tanisha then sees the cheque book, tells herself that she will now use everything to her own benefit...

Tomorrow: Tanisha is dressed in a chudidhar, with goggles in her eyes. She has her duppatta covering her head. She goes to some office, gives the receptionist something, tells her that she is Parvati Singh..


Tanisha goes, without seeing Mamta. As she is going, she drops her handbag, to the ground. The cheque book and other stuffs fall out. She picks it up, puts them into her bag. As she is doing it, she sees Mamta. Tanisha asks her , why she is here. Mamta tells that Akshay had left the file at home. Nobody was at home, so she had to come to deliver this. Mamta asks Tanisha to give the file to Akshay. But, Tanisha tells her that she can go into Akshay's cabin and give it. Tanisha is in a hurry, she goes. Mamta is surprised, to see that Tanisha has put her duppatta over her head, is wearing her sun glasses,to hide her identity. Mamta says to herself, that Tanisha is somehow trying to hide her identity.

Tanisha goes to Janta Bank, deposits a cheque of 1 crore. The shque is written in favour of Parvati Sinha. She tells the person that she is Parvati Sinha. The fellow in the bank says that it will get passed in 2 days, as it is a big amount. Tanisha then walks out. She goes into her car, when she gets a call from her mom. Her mom is having a headache, she asks Tanisha where she was, as her network was not available. Tanisha says that she is in Panvel, was in Janta Bank. Tanisha says that after daddy rejected her project of buying that land, she had to do something different. Her mom asks, from where will she now get the 1 crore needed to buy it? Tanisha smiles, says that she has arranged for the amount. Daddy is having a habit of forgetting things now.. So i used that to my advantage. She then says she will talk later in detail, cuts the phone.

Banwari and Pulwari talking ... Banwari says that he accepts her condition of accumulating 1 lakh. Pulwari asks whether he will get it when they both get old. They have some talk and then Pulwari goes out of the kitchen.

Night. Mamta is sitting with Krish in the hall. Akshay's father is seated there. Mamta is about to give Krish his tonic. But, Damayanti calls her. So Mamta tells Anand to give the medicine to Krish, keeps it on the table and goes. Krish is sitting, crying. There are 2 tonic bottles in the table. But, Anand, takes the wrong bottle, takes the spoon, pours the tonic, goes near Krish to give it to him. The kid cries, as he brings the spoon near. Just when he is about to give it to Krish, Mamta comes there, pushes the spoon away, lifts Krish. She tells him that he was about to give the wrong medicine. Krish's tonic is there, on the table. This tonic which he was giving, is for elders, drinking which Krish could have got ill. She screams at him, whether he has not read all this before... Anand is confused, as Mamta goes in with Krish.

Mamta goes and reports about the incident to Damayanti, who is shocked to hear this. Akshay also stands there. Mamta tells her that they need to show him to the doctor before it turns really bad. DAmayanti is called by Anand, so she hides her tears, goes. Akshay thanks Mamta for telling them.

Damayanti and Akshay are talking about Anand's illness, the need to take him to the doc. Damayanti is crying, when Anand comes there. He asks what is the matter? Akshay tells him that he needs to see a neurosurgeon, as he keeps forgetting things oflate. Anand refuses, says he is fine. He does not forget anything. Mamta comes there, tells him that he actually forgot everything for a second, was about to give Krish the wrong medicine. So it is better that he consults a doctor before it is too late. Anand agrees. Akshay is relieved.

Anand is in office, when he gets a call from the bank manager, Pawar. He enquires whether he has given a cheque of 1 crore to one Parvati Sinha. Anand is all confused. He  says he wil verify and call him. Anad then calls Akshay, Karan and Tanisha into his cabin. He asks them whether they know a lady Parvati Sinha and tells that we have issued a cheque of 1 crore to her. All say they do not have any idea. Tanisha is now tensed. Karan tells that they should soon arrange for stop payment. Tanisha objects. Karan asks , why are you debating on this? Tanisha then says that daddy has been forgetting things oflate, so it maybe that he has stuck a deal with someone, he has forgotten. Akshay sees a point there. Anand says he will talk to the bank manager to issue the amount. Tanisha says he is getting late for his appointment with the doc. She says she will call. Anand goes with Akshay. Tanisha also leaves. Karan is now confused. Doctor's place.

Doc studies the reports, confirms that this is a case of Alczeimers. Akshayis shocked. The doc says that it has not gone serious, so thry need to take care of him, give him medicines properly. Akshay agrees.

Akshay and Tanisha come home. Akshay tells her that they will not tell this to anyone at home. Tanisha agrees. As they speak, Anand comes there. Akshay says that he was right, nothing is wrong  with him. He is stressed out, he will be alright on medication. Anand is happy.

Masuma takesa letter from the postman. It is from her college. She opens it, reads it. She is shocked to read that she has been expelled from the college bcos of very low attendance. She is shocked.

Damayanti, Akshay and Anand are seated. Damayanti asks Akshay whete his papa is alright. Akshay swears that he is fine. Damayanti is upset. Anand then blinks, says who are you to Damayanti? He then laughs, says he is perfectly fine. Anand and his wife go in. Mamta sees Akshay being tensed and restless. Mamta comes to him, asks him, what is really wrong with daddyji? Akshay says he is fine. But Mamta does not accept it. She says that if Akshay trusts her one bit, then he needs to tell her the truth. Akshay then tells her that he is suffering from Alczeimers. Mamta is shocked. Mamta sasy but it needs to be treated, before he gets worse. Akshay says that the problem has started. He tries to give Krish the wrong medicine. Now, he has issued a cheque of 1 crore to one Parvati Sinha, whom he does not recognise and remember.Mamta says that she will take good care of daddy from now.  Akshay goes saying this. Mamta realises that it could be Tanisha who was pretending to be Parvati Sinha, as she got those cheques signed..

Masuma is waitng for her lover, Vicky. She shows him the letter, tells himm that she has been blacklisted. Vicky asks her not to worry, tells her that he knows a place where she can forget all her tension. He takes her.

Masuma comes home at 11 in the night. She is feelnig dizzy, her head is heavy, she does not remember where she spent her time. She calls Vicky to ask  him whether she was with him till now. Vicky says that she left his house at 6 in the evening, saying she has some work. Masuma says i do not remember where i was all evening. I am returning home just now, my head is heavy, i am feeling tired. I do not know where i was. Vicky asks her to go and take rest.

DAmayanti is going out, she asks Tanisha to give medicines to Anand. Tanisha agrees.Tanisha goes to Anand's room, with a bottle of wrong tablets. Anand is again in a bad state. Tanisha tells him that it will be difficult for her if he gets well. So she will see to it that he takes the wrong medicines, gets worse. Anand keeps blinking at her, as she says this. Mamta comes there, sees Tanisha scheming. Tanisha opens the bottle which is there on the table, empties the bottle which contains the right medicines. She then puts her wrong medicines into the same bottle. She then puts the right medicines into the bottle she brought. She takes the bottle with the right medicines with her. She thn picks out a tablet from the wrong medicines bottle, is giving it to Anand as Mamta looks on...

Monday: Tanisha is rushing out of the house, driving her car... 



Tanisha gives those wrong tablets to Anand, who takes it unknowingly. Mamta keeps seeing all this. Tanisha then goes out of the room. Mamta now thinks whether she has to stop all this or not. She begins to go, when she stops, tells herself that bcfos i want to be with my son, i cannot allow all these wrong things to happen in front of my eyes. She tells herself that though hse cannot stop Tanisha from doing all this, she can definitely give babuji the right medicines. So she goes, takes the right tablets and gives it to them...(I wonder why, Tanisha kept those right tablets bottle there, after changing the tablets) Anand takes the medicine.

Tanisha is tallking to her mom , over the phone. As she talks, she is climbing down the stairs. She tells her that the Parvati Sinha is herself, she will be richer by 1 crore today, as her money is gonig to get cashed today. When she comes down, Karan is listening to her. Now, with  Karan there, Tanisha says i just hope my plan succeeds, then i will be the happiest. (Karan has not heard what she spoke before that.) Tanisha sees him, gets tensed, but then, tries to handle tells her mom that her plan is to put Krish is a very good school. When he is 5, she will send him to US. SAying this, she cuts the phone. Karan says your plan for Krisha is great. Tanisha gets tensed, starts to go. Karan tries to tell her something, but she does not listen. Karan is very much confusedasto what her plan was.

Tanisha again comes to Anand's room to give him the wrong medicines. She is having the bottle in her hand. Anand sees her, tells her that he is fed up of taking all these medicines. So he asks her to give all the medicines at one time, not at regular intervals. Tanisha is confused. Anand tells that you give me some medicines, later Mamta comes and gives me some other medicines. Give everything at once. Tanisha is shocked. Then she is forced to give the right medicines to Anand, as he says, those were the tablets Mamta gave me... As she is giving it, Damayanti comes there, is happy to see Tanisha taking care of her husband. Tanisha starts to leave, when DAmayanti is consoling Anand as he cribs to take those medicines.

Tanisha after realising that Mamta has actually given Anand the right medicines, she goes to Mamta's room, scolds her for doing so. She tells her to be in the house just as a nanny. She asks her not to interfere in her family affairs. Mamta says do you know the meaning of family? Family means love, unity and trust. But for you, family means just money, money and money. Tanisha and Mamta are arguing, when Akshay comes there. He sees Tanisha scolding Mamta just bcos she gave his father the medicines. Akshay tells Tanisha that if she knew her responsibilities well, Mamta would not have been here today. He also tells her that giving the medicines on time is more important  now, so we should not argue on who has to take care of father. I think  Mamta can handle this well. Saying this , he goes. Tanisha stares at Mamta, then goes too.

Damayanti is going out, she sees Mamta, hands a slip to her, where she has written a list of items to be bought. Mamta says she  needs to buy something for Krish. Damayanti tells her to take the money from the drawer, get everything written in the list.As she is saying this, Krish gets up. So Damayanti stays back to take care of him, while Mamta, with pulwari goes to the market. 

Tanisha in her room, is taking out a briefcase. Karan is watching her activities. She empties the box, which has files. She takes the empty suitcase with her. She even checks her handbag to see whether she has her sunglasses in it. Karan is confused. Tanisha gets into the car, leaves.

Anand is in office, he calls Damayanti and tells her that he is not feeling well. So she asks him to come home immediately. He argues, but then agrees to come home, as she cries.

Mamta and Pulwari have many bags in theri hand, they are walking on the road. Pulwari asks whether they can take an auto. As they decide to take one, they see Banwari. So pulwari gives all the bags to him. As they are walking, cracking jokes, a car moves very close to them, almost misses knocking them down. Pulwari screams some bad words at the dirver, who comes out. The person driving the car comes out. He is a young boy, he starts to scold them again. Then he says i was going to meet Abhi baba. Pulwari asks whether it is Abhishek bachchan, to which , he says, yes, i am his driver. Pulwari is excited. She wants to go with him to see AB's shooting. The person says his name is Pasha, he has his initials as rings on his fingers. Pulwari is exicted, she goes with him in the car. Mamta has got into to auto, but Bhanwari refuses to leave Pulwari alone, but Pulwari and Pasha go away in the car.

Anand is in his car, coming back home, when he asks his driver to stop at a point. The driver stops. Anand gets down, is walking on the road, when he gets blank. He stands on mid road, does not know what to do, people keep bumping at him.

Tanisha goes to Janta Bank, meets the manager, who gives her the cash, which she puts in her suticase. She is walking out. A person is shown following her. The person's jeans pant and shoes are shown. Face not revealed. Tanisha comes upto the car, is walking backwards, seeing whether anyone is there. Suddenly, she turns, this person is right at her back. He tries to pull the suitcase from her. The bag opens, all the notes fly in the air. There is a bed of notes there on the road, with Tanisha shocked. She removes her sunglasses in shock, sees the person who is standing near her, to get another shock...



The bag flyies in the air, and tanisha gets upset and turns back to see that its akshay… she gtes cared, akshay grabs asks her to collect the money and sit in the car,,,, she panicks, she tries to make some excuses, but akshay stops the car half way and scolds her… he screams that his family would have given her a lot more money if she had only considered them as her family,,, he then says that he takes away all the rights of her being his wife, and business partner, he adds that he could have divorced her, but he cant let krish suffer. Mamta finds babuji, and takes him home,,, maji is crying, karan tries calling a couple of people… fulwari offers her some water, saloni tries to console her, karan says that babuji is such a burden now a days, maji gets mad at him…. Tanisha and akshay come there, they asks them whats going oon, karan tells him about what all happened, akshay consoles his mom and says that they will go to the police, and just hten mamta comes there with him, everyone is happy… maji goes to him, and babuji is just quite, akshay asks mamta to take babji to his room… maji goes to mamta and gives her a hug and thanks her…. Tanisha is upset…mamta asks her to thank God and not her….. They all take babuji to the room…mamta removes babuji's shoes, and akshay gives him a blanket, mamta is about to leave, akshay stops her and thanks her, mamta says it was her duty, and akshay says no its because she is anice person and that's why she has a special place in this house…. There tanisha remembers what akshay said, and decides to make him change this decision…

There akshay remembers the times tanisha considered business more important than him, and other memories, tanisha enters the room with some juice, akshay just doesn't listen, she gives it to him, he says that after 4 years of marriage she doesn't know yet that he drinks milk at night,she says sorry for the juice and for the bank thing, he screams that how many things he should forgive her, for not being a good wife, a good mom, and a good woman, and the only reason he is with her is because she gave him krish… tanisha is upset... There mamta is putting krish to skeep, akshay enters the room, and sees both of them and has tears in his eyes, and leaves,in the morning, tanisha gets a call from some Mr. shroff, who gives her a proposal of a new project… tanisha says that she needs to talk to akshay, Mr. shroff says that how come she doesn't have the power of saying yes now… tanisha is a little upset…

Tanisha goes to akshay, he's talking to someone on the line, tanisha asks him if its Mr. Purohit, akshay stops her and says that he is busy, he hangs up and says that she has a lot of stuff to do… she says that she is busy too, but Mr. Shroff has a new deal, akshay calls his secretary and tells her to fix an appointment with Shroff and to cancel the apoointment with tanisha… there tanisha goes down and thinks about how she will teach akshay a lesson,, some guy comes there and says that "tanisha, you havent lost the habit of removing your anger on others" tanisha turns around and smiles….. He looks at her nicely and says HI.

Preview: mamta runs after tanisha saying that she had promised that tanisha wont take krish away from her, tanisha says that now she has broken her promise…



Tanisha tells sameer that she is in trouble. Akshay sees Mamta caring Anant and he tells her that she has become closer than their own people, Mamta smiles. Tanisha offers sameer to join hands with her to overtake the Srivastavs. Sameer is not ready to Tanisha's proposal but Tanisha tells him to think again and she is hopeful. Mamta and Akshay are stealing glances to each other while returning from clinic. Finally, Sameer tells Tanisha that he is not interesting in any kind of that and goes, Tanisha is fuming. Sameer is very clear in his thoughts that he will make her desperate for him. There is a little quarrel between Masooma and Ricky. Tanisha takes Krish and walks away as Akshay scolds her over she is not taking care of Krish. Tanisha's mother is not happy to see Krish in Tanisha's hand. Tanisha got an idea and calls up sameer to spend a weekend together. Mamta is so much restless because of Krish and Akshay too.



Tanisha lives with her mom now, along with krish, tanisha says that she is just fooling around with akshay and sameer so that her life can be easier. she gets a call from akshay, akshay asks her how she is, mamta says that why does he care, akshay asks her to come back home along with krish, she smiles happily…. In the morning mamta takes tea for akshay, he asks her why didn't she sleep all night? She replies that u didn't sleep either… there tanisha comes with krish, mamta is overjoyed, tanisha goes to akshay and says, here, take your son, and leaves, she gives a mean look to mamta, mamta the runs and grabs krish, akshay smiles, and she says that who ever got my son back, may god bless him… there phulwari is singing, and mamta comes inm and they sing bluff masters song: "ekk main aur ekk tu hain" and have a good time.. Mamta leaves and banwari comes in. the both have a cute argument, phulwari asks him if she looks good in plates or loose hair? She is happy, she makes him jealous that she saw someone in her dream who said that she looks good in open hair too, and smiles shyly, banwari is getting crazy jealous…. Everyone is having breakfast, maji comes and screams at papji for not having medicines, he says that if u can pray for me then why not eat my medices too? They all laugh, mamta comes up with a plan, and she suggests they should go to banaras, where she tells that diseases by yoga and aurvedic medicine, everyone agree, tanisha says that she cant go because she has a seminar to attend, akshay says that she will go to banaras, and that's final… tanisha gets up and leaves…

akshay screams at fulwari for some reasong, mamta walks in, he leaves, mamta comes in and starts cooking, she asks fulwari to not disturb her as she wont distrub her when she sings kajra re.... there tanisha calls sameeri, he gives her a whole lot of attitude.. she says that she cant go to the resort with him for some family issue,,, he says that if she wants to be with him, she should do something... there mamta calls akshay to ask if babuji had food, he said that he doesnt know, she hangs up, he thinks about something,,, there tanisha calls her mom and makes up some plan... mamta calls akshay again, and asks if she can talk to him, he asks her what it is. she asks again if babuji ate, he gets a llittle upset, then she says ok, fine, and hangs up, some guy comes there with food, he opens the tiffin and sees that its the food he likes, he then smiles, and says "now i understand why was the food was so important".. there dadiji gets a call and its tanisha;s mom who fakes it that tanisha had to go to the seminar, tanisha takes the phone and talks, and explains her what to do, and turns around to give hte phoen back to dadiji, but he is gone and akshay is n his place... he asks her not to create her a scene, she says that if her name is cut off from buisness what will people think, akshay says u should have thought about that first.... (hehe, well said)

there ma says that there was pulao and she didnt know, mamta is scared, phuwari says that mamta told her to sing her own kajra re, while she will make pulao, mamta is worried, akshay smiles that its ok, he loved the pulao, mamta excitedly says taht she will make it everyday then, akshay laughs that he doesnt want to put on weight by eating it everyday... karan wonders that its better if it only stays till the pulao and not anything else..

Preview: karan tells tanisha to take care that mamta's pulao might take over her...



Karan informs Tanisha about the pulao incident and suggests her to be careful from Mamta. Tanisha walks into kitchen and threatens Mamta to be in her limits or she will throw her out from home. Mamta call up her mami and tells her that she want to come there to home but Akshay instructs her to stay there. Tanisha finally convinces Anant and Damayanti to let her go to attend seminar and they also tells Akshay to let her go. Akshay doesn't say anything. Phulwari gives a cute gift-wrapped box to Banwari and tells him to hand it over to pashabhai, Banwari is hurt and disappointed. Tanisha gets into sameer's car and they are on the way to resort. All are ready to leave and at the gate Mamta and Akshay are left, an awkward moment of lonely togetherness between them.



Akshay Tells Mamta that feel free in home and make yourself comfortable and she has company of Krish. Tanisha and Sameer are in resort and takes two super deluxe room besides each other. A beautiful mother-father-son moment when Mamta and Akshay are feeding Krish. Tanisha tries to get close with Sameer but he ignores her and Tanisha is fuming. Mamta accompanies Akshay and Krish in morning walk. Tanisha discloses her plan to Sameer about Business and Srivastavs. At naturopathy center there is a quarrel between Mamta's Mami and Damayanti, Anant takes Damayanti away. Devika straightly falls into Sameer's Hand in front of Tanisha and she storms back into hotel. Mamta serves a plate and says " Ye Krish ke papa ke liye" but the person is Karan, he gives a puzzled stare….



Karan scolds Mamta and Akshay hears it all, Akshay protest Mamta and there is a fight between Karan and Akshay. Another time Sameer avoids Tanisha when she tries to come into Sameer's Room. Akshay apologizes Mamta about Karan but she said it's ok and beween their talk Banwari enters in kitchen and Akshay moves away. Mami gets emotional while talk about her daughter in front of Srivastav Family at naturopathy center. Nanda calls Mamta from producer's office and tells her about her success in auditions,Mamta warns her to don't trust much on them. There is a discussion between Pashabhai and Banwari. Sameer and Tanisha gets very close to each other at resort and fall into bed. Karan sees from background while Akshay and Mamta are taking a candlelight dinner into home. Akshay and Mamta decides to stop themselves and doesn't want to happen it again….



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